Why everyone so worried about seeing path message

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    PATH ACT message all that means is that your taxes were being processed the computer recognized you had either EIC or ACTC or education credits. Nothing more. Once it recognized that then your status went from received to the bars disappearing with the PATH message. It doesn’t mean approved or denied. It means you’re still on the first bar. Once Feb 15th hits your bars will return to the WMR site and will move accordingly. If the IRS needs something from you you’ll get an error code or a letter. If they don’t need anything then you’ll process accordingly and move on to the second Bar meaning approved then the third bar meaning deposited or sent to your bank.

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    I Filed 2/1 & Accepted same day. Showing 1 Bar on WMR with Act 152 then on 2/12 got the PATH Message which I never experienced before and No bars on WMR. On 2/15 Woke up to No PATH message but Only saying “your return is being Processed” ect. no bars No act just that Message. on 2/17 (today) Woke up to a DDD. Good Luck everyone.

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    Need my money


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    I don’t have last year’s experience as everyone else. But I was so relieved to see path which only came after my transcripts were finally updatedecided and filled in with figures and codes instead of 0s. To me it means that my return was finally pulled to be worked on or that my verification was completed. I am just that hopeful.
    Lance is right, I could order the transcripts but it’s blank before that path message. It was kinda like a ha ha moment for them to say u thought you had a friend lol.
    But anyhow, I spoke with someone who actually opened my account to let me know that I will have no reason to file a hardship because I will have my funds WELL BEFORE the opening date advocates accept hardship cases which was the 27th . I am praying for a ddd this Saturday and a deposit my account on any day of next week but by Thursday… Amen lol

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    Are there different path messages? I have path and 152. What’s the general consensus say that means?

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    @scage. Everyone is able to order transcripts. Lance wansnt implying only people with path could order them

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    I think she is saying it because even with the path..you can receive a letter..id verify, under review, additional info..etc..

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    @ladyv awesome!! “girl, move along and have a seat “

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    I’m confused why does people wanting a better understanding of their taxes and how the process works, bothers some. This year they’re allowing you to order both transcripts even it’s not done processing, I think it’s their way of proving we’re wrong about the transcripts lol. Based on last year most of us assumed that the path meant you were done processing and being able to order the transcripts was the added bonus that you were indeed done and just waiting on a ddd. I personally agree it’s a relief to see the path message and tt 152 to me it says nothing is wrong with my return. There are a lot more people seeing the a date will be provided when available message this year.

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    I like my path message. Im sticking to what many suggest. Last year my WMR didn’t update till after I got my refund which was the 16th of Feb and I had the path act message. So you think what you want and we shall follow our own minds. LMAO who thinks that just because you say it that it is true. Girl move along and have a seat.

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    Well for my own peace of mind i have decided that getting path is a good thing until I learn otherwise. Last year I never updated to Path, lost bars with the generic refund date will be available etc. Ended up getting ddd of 2/23 but after that received an ID verify letter. This year I have path and ordered transcripts today…not sure if they’ll come blank or if I will get ddd before they arrive. But for me, seeing the path message was a relief. We shall find out soon.

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    Are they complete or blank?

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    @lance. That is actually incorrect. I was able to order both transcripts last week and do not have the PATH message.

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    I hate to agree with the others but I do because your spreading false information! It clearly says on the IRS website that those who filed early and have the PATH Act message doesn’t mean your taxes aren’t processed already. They aren’t waiting to the 15 it’s just that funds can’t be released prior to the 15 of February.

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    Wow!! How does other people concerns about their taxes effect you? This site is for people who are trying to get answers about their taxes not for being criticize about asking tax questions. If you can’t be Positive then don’t say anything at all.

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    Thanks for the obvious. Those without path aren’t able to get transcripts yet, and those with path are able to so I think that’s a good reason people want to see path

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