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    Hello All,

    So, I filed my taxes on 1/12 and was accepted on 1/19 for Federal and 1/23 for state. I claimed HOH, EIC, ACTC (had a daughter this year). Well, I figured with this new law, that I would just check back in on the 15th and see how things are going because I probably wouldn’t see any movement. However, having a nice return coming this year, I have been ever so anxious to get processed, approved, and get my refund. So , being patiently impatient, I decided to check on igotmyrefund.com to see what people were saying and what was going on in the “Refund world” (I come here every year religiously until I get my refund). Well, I see people talking about the new law, talking about getting DDD’s (without EIC) and people able to order their Transcripts.

    So, I decided what the hell, I will go try to order my transcripts. I can’t instantly view them online because I don’t have a credit card or mortgage for verification, I do have a debit card and a car load but I would have to go through and find my car load account number. So, I decided just to try to order them through the mail. This is what I did last year and as soon as I was able to order them, I got a DDD within a few days.

    Well, I call the number and enter all of my information and BAM!!!! What do you know?? I can order my ACCOUNT and RETURN transcripts for 2016. So, basically my return has been handled and processed. Instantly I was EXCITED… Until reality hit… Am I really going to have to sit here for another 19 DAYS just waiting for my funds to get released KNOWING that they are processed and waiting to be sent to me???!! Man.. that is a tough pill to swallow. I really hope that something happens and they get released or it doesn’t apply to everybody or something to that effect. However, I fear the worst, and if that is the case… The year is going to be EXCRUCIATINGLY UNBEARABLE!

    Is anybody else in the same position as me? Has anybody else filed, that falls under the new law, that can order both account and return transcripts?? Thanks!

    Filed: 1/12
    Accepted: 1/19
    Claimed: HOH, EIC, ACTC
    Preparer: TurboTax
    WMR: 1 Bar, TT152
    DDD: N/A
    Fees: Deducted from refund
    Transcripts: Can order both as of this morning (couldn’t last night)

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    I filed with eic on 1/13, accepted on 1/13… 04/05/2017 cycle..still nothing…can order transcripts but with still processing..



    Its says starting the 16th, with the vast majority updated by the 18th. The wording is everything, it says “by”




    Also, the government did warn us that this would happen in their press release. They specifically said that there would be an update the 18th and that people may see a slight change to their WMR page or “An intermittent message”.. I am assuming that this “Processing” message is that intermittent message.



    @AM88 ah ok. Well that seems to be a good thing then. I am not expecting the bars to be relevant this year for my PATH circumstance anyway.
    I just saw someone in another thread say that she spoke to an irs rep and they aren’t going to be depositing anything until the 27th.
    I don’t understand why they bothered saying the 15th they should have been realistic and just said. “you all aren’t getting your money until march” lol




    Ya, it seems like that is what most people have! Mine updated to that, I know a lot of others have as well. I haven’t seen a single person with 2 bars, not one. Although I have seen some people who still have the PATH message.



    Hey…so the path message is now gone and it now says:

    “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.”

    The amount is back up on the site too. It was removed for a while. Anyone else get that one?



    To the little administrator that took my comments from here just because I was telling the truth..which is proven now…fuck you. You allow all of this fake info to get people’s hopes up, this site is garbage




    Actually if you are able to order complete transcripts then you are finished processing. If they are blank then you are still being processed but your return has been opened to start, so, yes, it does mean something if you are able to order both transcripts. I have heard this information from multiple IRS Reps over the years and tax professionals. Now, I’m not saying that you are going ro receive your refund by a certain date, this year things are very different. But just that transcripts signal your return has been processed.



    Transcripts and being able to order them does not mean anything. for some its a go, but it definitely does not validate anything, so don’t go by someone else yippies about ordering TS you’ll be extremely disappointed. As a matter of fact I order transcripts last year and was successful, and what came in the mail. some blank info. :{ This year i have the PATH message as normal, and was able to order



    I’m with @Shwa, last yr for me..
    The sad part is the ones that think their word is the “only word”, was just asking everyone else questions maybe 3-4 days ago!!! Smh


    G.I. Jane

    So I just can’t phantom the thought of being able to order BOTH transcripts &
    Updating on WMR to path act message
    To only ending up getting a letter for review or audited… Don’t make sense to me at all🤔



    Yea, I had to get approval. This is my last year in this forum because it gets too personal year after year. Been around for about 3 now and sad that we can’t eloquently express how we feel without someone trying to get you to see and own their perspective. I just take the approach of hear info, research it, and report. I’m not anyone’s parent, debate moderator, WMR police, or even trying to obtain credibility through forcing my opinion or reports on others. I think we all learn from each other, and I’ve learned enough now where I don’t have to come back. I hope that trend continues or they start moderating more not to supremes opinions like others have suggested, but to keep it clean. That would make this forum friendlier. In my opinion of course :p



    All I know is I have both transcripts , filed on 1/7, accepted 1/12, bars went away on the 24th, path message the 24th also, but couldn’t get transcripts until 1/28. Processing date the 13th, so I like many others expect to get my refund by the week of the 15th (next week). I hope you all get yours fast! Peace ✌️



    @tnmomof4 🎉🎉🎉👌😍… The law is law, but the algorithms in place need to be tested (as they do every year) to ensure accuracy of those systems. Just as the IRS agent told me opening week. A+ to you. A feaking +.




    I have cycle code 0405 and processing day of 2/13 as well. I know I am weekly but do you think its possible for an update Saturday with a DDD for Wed(15th)..OR will I not see an update until Saturday (18th) for a DDD on Wed (22nd)?? Please and thank you



    We all shall see in the days to come. I don’t disregard anyone’s comments when it comes to the IRS or government in general. Things change all the time. Rules are broken every day. Let’s just hope that everyone get some money coming their way next week.



    @Tom hasnt been on today i dont think but he would also be able to confirm.



    I have read a few comments on this thread and I just want to share some information. The IRS runs test cycles in their systems every year. This is done especially when new systems are in place for obvious reasons that testing needs to be completed. Those who state they have received a refund, with EIC and ACTC, before the recognized release date of Feb 15…….well it is possible that they have received a refund. If some remember a few years back when several credits were effected, including education credits. “Some” people were caught in early filing cycles and became recycled causing them to not see a refund for over 30 days. Meanwhile some who filed closer to the second week of Feb. were processed through quickly. The moral of my comment is to respect all and not assume that someone is falsifying information simply because the IRS give a certain date. TEST cycles must be ran. Happy Tax Season to All!



    Ty, it took three days for WMR to recognize the main social from a MFJ return (the other social showed as accepted as soon as it was). So it may be some type of glitch in the system, but it should correct itself.



    WMR is saying the information entered does not match our records. I called my tax preparer and she said due to the PATH act that’s why it is not showing up and that I have been accepted. I filed HOH with EIC and child credits.
    Should I make sure they put all my information correct?



    At this point I’m starting to feel like Jeff in the sense that people will believe what they want so I’m letting it go. We all aren’t lying , everyone isn’t crazy, seeing things etc. it’s on multiple forums like TT, etc. Yes we know it shouldn’t happen. Yes we know it’s the law lol. Yes we know someone will slip through the cracks because if you believe anything is 100% in our country you’re foolish. And just in case anyone came into the conversation late, no one is saying people are getting their money before 15 February. We are reporting that people have gotten direct deposit dates set for January 30, and Feb 1st that have a combination of either EIC and ACTC, EIC and No ACTC, and even EIC and ACT. Either way it goes by law this should not be happening. So obviously some people are getting through. If they get their money that’s another story and I’m not particularly concerned about that. I am personally concerned with the fact that the system is not 100% and this is the reason why we have to wait longer for money? My argument is not with anybody in the forums. It’s an inquiry as to why this “hiccup is happening g.” And when I spoke to the IRS last week (and I have documented it well in various topics in this forum), they didn’t have an answer as to why it’s happening, and told me that the system decides how the process goes unless they have to manually process it themselves. They have a very elaborate system in place that checks and balances itself. I need everyone to fully understand what that means. Do I’m done with the conversation lol. We spent hours talking about it last night. At this point I feel like I’m talking in circles, and there is zero understanding from the newer people that posted, because they’re not reading the earlier posts just as the community rules suggest everyone does, nor are most of the commenters fact checking. And I do appreciate those that have. Thank you have a great day and good luck everyone! :)




    Yes I will definitely let you all know!!! I just checked on WMR again to be sure and when I logged in, all it says is:

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    If you filed a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. Processing may take longer under certain circumstances.
    Please check here or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go, to check on your refund status.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    • Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    IRS Privacy Policy

    So, fingers crossed!!!!!!!!




    I agree with 99% of what you’re saying. The only 1% is about your 90% lol. I am in the exact same bias as you except I don’t have the PATH ACT paragraph (as of 1PM EST). I just have the regular TT152 messsge and the 21 days….. return may take longer under certain circumstances, etc… Nothing about the PATH ACT that’s obviously referring to the ACT itself.




    The person you’re responding to is Tam, not Tom.

    Tam is the one who knows what everyone should or should not do with their tax refunds.



    I was able to order my transcripts two days ago for both return and account transcript for 2016 via mail bc I had never requested one before I needed to get a pin sent via mail.

    My question is wether the IRS would mail a blank transcript? I haven’t received them yet and was wondering if the transcripts that are in mail are only mailed if they have info on them or if there is a possibility that they are blank? Has anyone requested them via mail and received a blank transcript?




    Filed/Accepted late on 1/27/17
    1 bar on WMR, TT152 General Refund Info message
    Return Transcript not available as of this morning.

    MFS/ACTC/W2/Business, Medical, Real Estate, Charitable Deductions … TurboTax
    Direct Deposit – Fees PrePaid – No State (FL)

    There is a forum specifically for 1/27/17 filers and almost ALL of them who don’t have EITC or ACTC woke up to DDD of 2/10/17.

    Please keep me posted if you have any changes and I will do the same!


    …. and the negative people on here need to get a grip. If you have a problem with the purpose of this site, which is to bounce ideas and questions off of each other so we don’t go nuts waiting, then go troll somewhere else or sit quietly in your mom’s basement and eat your Totinos. I don’t see a post where anyone asked for your nasty opinions.



    Anyone only able to order account transcripts? Or any one was only able to order account can now order both return and account transcripts?

    Filed/accepted 1/28
    H.o.h Eitc education credit
    I know a few people who filed the exact same way as me eitc hoh education credit and they have the path message and are able to order both transcripts.



    We’re all here to help one another. I’m only here to get info and provide info where I can. If you dont know I suggest you dont respond. Every tax situation is different. I don’t appreciate the fact I have to scroll through y’all nonsense to find what im looking for. None of us would be here unless WE ALL NEEDED OUR MONEY!!! PERIOD!!! STOP JUDGING AND PLZ NO FEEDING THE TROLLS!!



    Oh and Michael,

    I did note in my post it wasn’t from the IRS…..



    I swear it seems like the rudeness level increases here every year. All I was saying was IF people wanted to do that, they should explore that option. I’m not anyone’s financial advisor so I it’s not personal man. Y’all IGMR police need to chill…. It’s almost like you guys have an auto response ready to go as soon as someone posts lbvs.



    There are some people getting refunds through a RAL. Liberty tax service is doing it. People with path credits are getting loans (not from IRS ) up to 1,300. Call and confirm. So next year maybe folks should explore that option to take the edge off the wait a little.



    I filed 02/06/17 and was accepted the same day! I have EITC , ACT, AND EDUCATION CREDIT .

    When I checked “wheres my refund” it cant find my info . it could up until today ? anybody else in the same boat



    Cool. Thanks @Tom. Keep us updated :)



    I’m not 100% sure, but I think employers are required to send W2’s to Social Security, not the IRS. I don’t truly believe they are cross checking W2’s. Could I be wrong? Sure… Just like mostly everyone, most of this is new to me.




    Thanks for the quick reply! No, I did not try to order my AT. Like you said, it doesn’t really make a difference. Last year, I got my DD before it ever updated in WMR and it took another week for it to show as such, which makes it pretty clear there is no such thing as ‘up-to-date across the board’ where the IRS is concerned.

    It is one thing or another EVERY year and it is nice to have these forums to know I am not the only one in a state of anxiety over the annoyingly long wait.

    While I have your ear, here is a quick question …. if the IRS is now requiring W2/1099 be furnished to them by 1/31/17 under PATCH, why can we not get access to Wage and Income Transcripts until the end of April/beginning of May this year? Just curious…



    @Tom so right on it is sad just sad to see people cling to false hope..transcripts is just a shot in the dark yes it could mean this or that but in no way does it mean anything other than progress hopefully, that’s it!

    Look to error codes or instruction to call on WMR or a letter in the mail box that’s the only time to be concerned or if none of that has transpired then only call after 21 days has passed other wise the irs just give anyone a complete bs answer.



    I’ve come to learn ordering transcripts is not an exact science and does not mean there is something wrong with your return. Usually, people have little success ordering their transcripts before they hit the second status bar OR get the PATH Act message. However, 1 is NOT dependent on the other. Can you order your account transcript? Not that it matters, I’ve already received my refund before I could order my transcripts, but it does indicate progress is being made. Keep in mind that if there is an actual problem, the IRS will ALWAYS send you a letter.



    @Tom (definitely NOT Tam) ….

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27 at 330pm EST
    1 bar, TT152
    Claiming ACTC, itemized, business/medical/homeowner deductions
    FL – No State Filed

    Hi Tom. you seem to have a good grip on things and I like your no bs responses. I wanted to pick your brain.. I know I have to wait until after the 15th for my (hopefully) approval and DDD but should I be concerned that my RT are not yet available to request via mail yet based on my filing/acceptance date? I see that a LOT of people are able to request their RT but some filed a week or two before I did. any feedback from you (or anyone) would be REALLY appreciated.



    The PATH Act message basically just means… there will be no movement until Feb. 15th, so please STOP checking it until then.

    As far as being under review… yeah, maybe that’s the case. But if you have a processing date and the amount is what you are expecting on your transcripts, you’re good to go. The IRS will NOT put a processing date on an account that is under review. Once the processing date is given, you’re in queue for your refund. Mind you, PATH Act now starts the queue on Feb 15th.

    In most cases, the review is as simple as them verifying your identity… in other case, there may have been an error… most of the time, it is resolved quickly. Will it hold up your refund? It could, yes.



    Why do people think that they will get a DDDbefore the 15th??? Lol cracks me up. When you can see both completed transcripts and have a processing date then you are done.



    I have the path message. I was told that just because you can order your returns doesnt mean it was approved or processed. Just what I was told. I was also told if your amount is gone on wmr that means your under review. Not speculating but was told by an IRS rep.




    My understanding is only early filers are being held. The explanation is it is because that is when a lot of fraud/ID theft occurs. By holding the funds, it allows the real filers to get their returns in before the fraudulent ones get deposits and spend the money.

    Obviously, there’s more to it, but that is the primary reason.



    What I don’t understand is this new path law to hold our refunds until feb 15? So what happenes to the people who file after the 15? What happens to them there funds don’t get held up? This is so unfair they should have held everyone’s refund for x amount of days that would have been a better law. I filed 1/13/17 accepted on 1/17/17 first I had topic 152 on the 19th then path message on 20th I called my emerald card thru H&R Block called costumer service and had a recording my funds will be deposited on 2/8/17 I’m not getting my hopes up



    @No One In Particular

    I’m a little confused as to how I was rude… I didn’t pay it much attention earlier because there were actual questions. Is being matter-of-fact now a form of rudeness?

    I mean, if you would rather me bs you and tell you whatever you wanna hear just so you can bitch, whine and call me a liar later when it doesn’t happen, fine… this ones just for you! EVERYONE effected by PATH Act will receive their DD’s tomorrow, the IRS realized that an April Fools Joke works better on April 1.

    For those who prefer factual, pointed answers… Ask away.

    If it comes across as being rude, sorry in advance, but the truth is often neither pretty or welcomed, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s well, fact. Maybe you should just be better at being an adult and realize you will NOT get your way more than you will get your way.



    Thanks so much!! :)




    Thanks! I just tell it the way it is.



    Boom!!! Lol I see others are not a big fan of yours but I am!! Thanks for all the helpful info, keep it coming!!




    I am aware of some people getting letters, I’m unsure on how this affects anything. One person in particular, got a letter from the IRS but also has a processing date on their transcripts.

    If you have the PATH Act message on WMR, don’t worry, this is exactly what is suppose to happen. You are being processed as normal, your payment is just being held. If you can order transcripts, it is in my experience that you should be fine. Anyone affected by the PATH Act will not see movement until, or after Feb 15. Your status bars should return then… and if your processing date is Feb 13th, you should see your refund in your bank by the 15th, depending on your bank.



    Since you work in the Tax business have you heard of anyone that has the path message, get a letter from the irs? Or has it just been people with no movement? Ty :)



    Wow!! Why all the nastiness people??? No one knows anyone’s situation so don’t make rude comments and accusations. Some of us desperately need this money to pay tuition for our kids, some things you can’t plan and save for, like broken bones and taking time off work because your Mom gets sick and passes away. This guy Tom and Michael are giving us good accurate information. Not crazy stories about test deposits and stuff. Most of us are on here to hear the kind of info they are giving us…not the other bs

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