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    Please only post here if you’re IRS WMR has updated. Please use the format below in order to keep this organized for everyone to use.

    This is my information, please change the information when you post your own.

    1 bar
    11:00am Illinois.
    Filed: 1/09/2016
    Accepted: 1/12/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000

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    Meh, still on DDD for me and I got accepted the 19th.


    Underpaid Overtaxed

    Filed: 1/25
    Accepted: 1/25
    Updated: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10

    I bank with Chase so I expect a deposit delay. So would not be surprised to not reciece deposit until 2/15




    Lol I was waiting to see if you had any changes and now that I know you are good. The celebration of DDD can begin!!! Lol

    For everyone who hasn’t gotten theirs just be as patient as possible. As long as their isn’t a code, you are good just got to wait for that sequence to fall.

    Good luck everyone


    Checked this morning for some family (we owe..so holding off on filing that particular return)…
    Family 1: filed 1/23, accept 1/23, updated 2/6 with DDD of 2/10
    Family 2: filed 1/25, accept 1/25, updated 2/6 with DDD of 2/10
    Family 3: filed 1/29, accept 1/29, updated 2/6 with DDD of 2/10




    Sorry girlie I went to sleep early Lol. But woke up this morning at 6:40 central time and check the IRS 2 go app and it had been updated to approved with a DDD of 2/10 as well. YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! finally we will get our money. Hehe. ????????????????



    @ everyone

    Didn’t I tell you guys! Really happy for all!



    Merry Taxmas to us early birds…never again? Lol I filed 1/22…bars and amount on wmr went missing 1/29 for over a week..got ddd for 2/10 =) was able to order return transcripts with new address yesterday

    Thanks to all those who posted and helped keep me sane the last two weeks!!

    Happy spending and SAVING :)




    FILED 1/15
    ACCEPTED 1/19
    DDD 2/10

    So there IS a correlation between being able to order return transx and approval.. BC yesterday I d finally and to order transx online after getting a message about information not matching records. So I guess their “broken” system was just an attempt to catch up?
    Good luck everyone!!




    Good morning everyone I pray everyone is having a beyond blessed morning.

    My situation:
    Filed 1/19 using Tax Act
    Accepted 1/21( which I found out by calling the irs on 2/2)
    Ordered account transcript 1/29
    Ordered return transcript 2/5
    Refund Approved 2/6 w/ DDD of 2/10 my bars never disappeared????

    Ok so while im grateful that it updated, im sad because my sister filed the same way, but this is her first year filing. She cant order either transcript and her bars have disappeared and no tax topic no reference number, it just says still processing a date will be provided. WTW IS going on im freaking out for her ????????????



    Yes!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! Our cycle finally went through. The patient we had all along hahahhaha but next year I am going to make sure, I am busy and working to where I am not sitting like this anymore hahahahahahah Feb 10 or sooner —2nd bar—Well I enjoy being in here with you all. I had to come check first and when I saw everyone jumping for joy, even tho i was nervous to check mine, but hey look at the Tax Gwads hahahah we did it ya …..thanks IRS, you rock!!!!

    Special shout out to Joe and Dangal, that update was right on time:))))) You made that bar move huh, shhhhh I want tell no one hahahahahhaha



    Accepted :1/20
    Used TT
    DDD: 2/10



    It’s been a long frustrating ride but I finally got my second bar! Yooooo Hooooo!
    File and accepted 1/22, eztaxreturn in SC, order account transcript 01/29, order return transcript 02/05, WMR on second bar just morning with ddd of 02/10 and I’m a weekly 05. Hoping everyone gets their refund soon!



    Filed on:1/11
    Lost all bars 1/29
    Able to order transcript 2/5
    Got approved 2/6 with a ddd for 2/10 :)



    forgot to mention, refund approved as of this morning…2 bar glory woohoo



    same as many this morning, dd of 2/10. filed and accepted 1/22. funny i also was able to order return transcript yesterday for what its worth. a week later than expected but then again irs having delays and mess ups should be expected every single year. good luck to all and go pay those bills…



    Filed 1/11

    Accepted 1/19

    Ordered return transcript 2/5

    2 bars on 2/6

    DDD 2/10

    Not even looking for state refund since NJ is so slow.



    Yay!!! Filed 1/19, accepted 1/21 with H&R Block. Was able to order account transcript last week and account transcript yesterday. Just checked WMR, 2nd Bar Refunded Approved, 2/10 DDD!!! This year has taken the longest!! That’s my 20th day! Hopefully everyone else will see some movement soon!!


    Efiled 1/13/2016
    Got accepted 1/19/2016
    An more waiting
    good luck to everyone else who hasn’t been approved



    Yes ! Finally got a DDD of 2/10 after being able to order transcripts yesterday.
    Filed 1/11
    Accepted 1/14
    Ordered account transcript 1/29
    Lost bar 1/30 didn’t come back until 2/6
    Ordered return transcript 2/5
    Got DDD 2/6
    Good luck everyone !!



    FINALLY!!! An update!

    Before I even put any info, I looked at the bottom of IRS.gov and saw that it was updated. Put my info and there it was friends… The orange bar of glory :’)

    In Texas baby!
    Filed: 1/21
    Accepted: 1/21by email (according to IRS accepted 1/25)
    Return scripts available: 2/5
    Approved: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10

    Still no check deposited to eps financial which is the bank 1040.com uses to ecollect. So I’ll just be watching that like a hawk now lol



    Filed 1/19
    Irs received 1\19
    ddd 02/10



    Now we’re all about to be checking our bank accounts constantly! Lol



    Yay!!!!!!!! @everybody!!!!



    Yassss me too FINALLY! !!



    I finally got it 1/22 accepted DDD 1/10 yes Finally jumping for Joy… Until next year guys have an amazing year…..



    @ Kayla Yay! Me too!



    WMR has finally updated, at least for me it has, and it’s showing the same results. DDD by 2/10.

    Prayer works you guys!!!! :)

    Good luck everyone



    LOL! @patientlywaiting, you silly! Crossing my fingers! My State refund was deposited yesterday and is already almost gone. So I need the big bucks!



    So I called the IRS HOTLINE

    DDD 2/10




    So wheres my refund is down right now we gone have a date everybody. Anybody whose been stressing and trying to figure out if they will have a date a date


    Ms Tiffany

    I’m hopeful that I’ll get a WMR update in the morning! The update happens around 3am correct? Wonder if that’s east coast or west?! I’m in WA, so no state tax but hoping this goes through and I get a DD of the 10th!!

    Efiled TT Jan 28th 130pm
    Accepted Jan 28th 205pm
    Transcripts ordered Feb 5th
    Still at one bar but hopeful!!



    @ Joe and Dangel

    Thank you for providing us with some sort of update. It’s much appreciated….



    I just checked my bank account and it is showing my federal tax refund is available already as of 12:30 am.
    WMR is still at 2nd bar.

    Filed 01/24/2016
    Accepted 01/24/2016
    Approved 02/04/16
    DDD scheduled for 02/08/16
    Used HRB

    Still no movement on my state. Good luck everybody!



    Does anyone know what the difference is in these two scenarios:

    1. (no bars) Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    2. (no bars) Your tax return is still being processed.

    Tax topic 152




    Filed on or after 1/19/16 *Official and before 1/29/16, direct deposit 2/10/16-2/12/2016 mail check 2/13/16 if this was the process for the filer. WMR might not even update until your refund hits the bank or your preferred DD



    @joeANDangel does that go for the ones of us that filed on the 24th too?



    Ok thanks @joeANDangel hopefully 2/10 i already claimed that day????




    Doesn’t mean that 1/24 will have to wait either. A big push is on the horizon. For 1/24’s you all are in the same push for DDD on 10 or 13th latest 17th. Most likely next week though



    Ok glad im not alone now i seen something for 1/19-1/22 but about 1/24 lolbs i been hoping and wishing something has happened moved or changed but still nothing lolbs



    @patientlywaiting I also called offset and didn’t get a DDD

    1 bar
    Filed: 1/24
    Accepted: 1/24
    DDD: 00/00/000



    That’s if you owed something… Just means that you’ll get the full amount.



    Filed 1-24
    Accepted 1-24
    Ddd 00-00-0000

    Went through taxact. Been following this forum for the last couple of days. I called offsets didnt give me a date. I dont remember who mentioned it but how did you get a date through offsets. Still no bar update but as we all have no other choice but to wait. Can someone assist me on finding my state return from my knowledge they werent issuing out until march 1



    Hello all. Filed on Jan 22 and received confirm same day. Not real big on checking in on the refund since our student debts always intercepted our refund the last 3 years but couldn’t help looking at this website and wanted to shed some light.

    As most of us know, the IRS did have a glitch (figure of speech). What actually happened was that so many refunds were sent in that it did overload their workforce. Not the machines. It was too much to process at once. How do I know this, well a birdy from the inside slipped a chirp to us. They what they call it “shuffled the cards” putting everyone between the 19 (even if you filed earlier) to the 22 into a line that was already formed. If you received it earlier than you just happened to cut into the line when the shuffle was completed. Basically set everyone on these file dates one week behing on receiving your refund and DDD.

    I can confirm to you all and mark my words, a DDD for anyone that hasn’t received their refund that filed on these dates will have a DDD on the 10th or earlier. Absolute latest is the 13th. I know mine without even having to go there. Thanks to the birdie!

    Hope this can ease your mind, I know it did mine especially when we’re getting 9k back this year without any interceptions.




    Call the IRS and see if the address is correct in the system and sometimes it might just be a system glitch. I hope it straightens itself out if you don’t solve it first.

    Let me know if anything updates overnight/in the morning for you. I felt a slight ray of hope since being able to order my return transcript finally.



    @kayla oh okay…well still haven’t gotten mine filed and accepted 1/24…can’t figure out how to request the transcript keeps saying my information is wrong…probably will get a DD of 2/13 which is 20 days after I filed



    Wasn’t sorry




    Thanks. I didn’t have any offsets so date was given. Lol




    They are in the equation but I know people who have way more dependents than me and got theirs on Tuesday with a DDD of 2/3. And more people are getting DDD of 2/10 that I’ve seen are 4,000 and above in their refund. It’s just how your sequenced now I believe



    It seems like to me they may be doing lower refund amounts first…anyone else think so??




    Nothing yet. Nothing but rude IRS representatives. Hopefully something will update tonight. ????????????????????????

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