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    Please only post here if you’re IRS WMR has updated. Please use the format below in order to keep this organized for everyone to use.

    This is my information, please change the information when you post your own.

    1 bar
    11:00am Illinois.
    Filed: 1/09/2016
    Accepted: 1/12/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000

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    My HRB says 2/10/16 for my “expected date”. I am also hoping to get deposited this friday on 2/5/16. But so far still one bar, unable to order return transcripts, and still waiting..



    Checked on hrb and it shows a expected date of 2/11/16 but refund calendar shows 2/5/16


    Ashley Monroe

    Filed on 1/17
    Accepted on 1/19

    Check WMR this morning and it now shows a DDD of 2/3…..I have been checking religiously with no changes until today.



    I file on 1/23/16
    Accepted 1/23/16

    Still at one bar
    Still no DDD .. Hope to get it Friday tho…

    I know somebody said it updates on Wednesdays…



    Filed and received by Irs and state on 1/22/16.. Wmr is still on the first bar and my state went into further review which can take up to 90 days.My return transcript not availabe yet . All i can do is twiddle my thumbs and patiently wait. I can use some fairy dust and a lil bit of luck right now. Anyone have some!? Lol



    Wish all the best



    filed 1/19
    accepted 1/19
    1 bar
    Topic 152

    can only order account transcript on 1/29/16




    @ the meme um I checked every single day 2 times a day once in the am once in the pm so no its not because I didn’t check every day they just never updated mine until after I got it. well even so I am just hoping for the 5th .



    Submitted 1/18/2016, accepted 1/19/2016, DDD of Feb 3.

    I already see the deposit pending to my bank Feb 2nd.



    does any one know when they will update refund transcripts also wmr next



    Filed on Jan 12th, accepted Jan.14th… Had one bar for about a week. Then on Jan 29th bars were gone and said “Still being processed, DDD will be sent when availble.” I heard some people say that means their under review. What does under review mean? Also, I heard some people say it doesn’t mean anything and got there DD shortly after. I checked this morning it says the same thing. Im almost positive last year I got my refund before bars moved. Just anxiety inducing, wondering g if anyone is in same boat or has more info.



    I filed 1/29. Got receive bar the next morning. Haven not got approved yet. Is this normal? Will I get my refund on the 5th?



    filed with tax act on 1/11 accepted 1/15 (I thought) WRONG, I thought the email that I was accept came from IRS no true TAXACT sent it to me.

    I just got off the phone with IRS, a Mr. Nettle researched my return, come to find out the email I got showing I was accept by irs, is not from irs it is from TAXACT. So that could be out problem, come to find out IRS DIDNT received my income tax forms until days later per Mr. Nettle. He told me that there is nothing wrong with my return, it was accept from IRS days later. I went and tooked at the accepted letter and it is from TAXACT. Wow was I surprised. He did not give me a ddd date. so that could be other people problems. I was surprised. told me to call him back on a certain date if I don’t get approved this week



    Accepted 01/19 still at 1 bar with topic 152…was able to request both account & return transcripts on 01/29 but no update on wmr. Called irs today made up a reason saying I received a letter but lost it just to see if I was being reviewed rep said im ok right now. Smh hope my money is magically deposited on 02/03.. PRAYING!!!



    1 bar
    8:00 AM PA
    Accepted: 1/29/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000



    Still no movement

    E-filed 1/19/16

    Accepted 1/21/16

    Checked wmr 1/31/16 and today 2/1/16 and no update on wmr,I check the refund schedule and it says I showed get mine the 5th of this month,just curious if any one is goin through the same thing,only one bar on wmr,only able to order account transcript



    I filed on 01/25/2016 accepted on 01/25/2016. WMR has not updated to a DDD. I am not able to order transcripts either. If the transcripts are not available does that mean my return hasn’t been processed? I have been seeing different answers on this. I was thinking I would have a direct deposit this week :/ ???? Any help appreciated.



    @Kansas City PLEASE HELP!

    In Texas
    Filed: 1/20/16
    Accepted: 1/20/16
    No DDD
    Filed as Head of Household with 4 dependents. No Offset on my record, but do have un-paid child support from the non-custodial parent who has an Offset in his SS.

    Today I was able to order a Tax Account Transcript for 2015, but I was not able to order a Tax Return Transcript.

    Any advise?


    Nichole Stanley

    @kansas city: On my mothers WMR it has no codes or anything, it simply says its processing (no bars). Do you know what that means? Its frustrating when there is nothing to go off of.


    This meme again

    I keep hearing people say that deposits come in before WMR even updates but that has never been my experience. I suspect these people simply don’t check WMR daily.


    Kansas city

    Melissa I’m just giving u guys the information she gave me I even told her I’m not able to order a transcript and she was able to tell me everything I told her that I don’t even have bars..on wmr it just say topic 152 that’s when she said I will b able to tell u exactly where your refund at she said if I had a net spend card it will b deposit sooner but I don’t have one ? she said she said it never take long to approve your refund it just take time..to update because they don’t enter them in the system one by one they do them n bulks



    okay it says I have no offsets of today so I guess that’s good ive never called that number before to check but I guess that’s a good thing hope mine is approved and in the pending stages to be deposited :)



    that’s what I was saying to Kansas im usually dead on :P and I don’t work for them I just have been following these fourms for years learning daily vs weekly and how that wmr never updates last year mine didn’t update until after I got my money well heres hoping its the 5th cuz I gotta move closer to my mom she isn’t in good health the faster I get there the better



    In Texas
    Filed: 1/20/16
    Accepted: 1/20/16
    No DDD
    Filed as Head of Household with 4 dependents. No Offset on my record, but do have un-paid child support from the non-custodial parent who has an Offset in his SS.

    Today I was able to order a Tax Account Transcript for 2015, but I was not able to order a Tax Return Transcript.

    Any advise?


    Kansas city

    Melissa offset number 800-304-3107


    Kansas city

    Melissa she said the 5th



    Kansas how far was ur money out after your were approved


    Kansas city

    Also I filed on 1/28/16. Approved same day 15 min later no bar no DDD no nothing can’t order transcript either.. Called her she looked and told me it is approved even though it has not update on the website she was able to tell me what I filed and what I was getting back with out me giving it to her that information.. Also last year I bugged the heck out of her and she told me exactly when I was getting it and she was right on the money.


    Kansas city

    My aunt work for the IRS been there for 20. Plus years she said even if the website saying no information found don’t mean nothing she said it might b approved and on its way to your bank but it might not show on the web site or the 800 number she the IRS is entering millions of information in the computer at one time so its not updating fast enough



    does anyone know what the offset number is?




    I hope your right every year I have always had my refund on the suggested scheduled date. I’m hoping for Friday.

    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23

    Can order account transcripts

    Have a offset

    NYS updated this morning to further review which is typical for them



    windford? I don’t remember if that’s what ur name is lol what state are u in? and how did you file?



    @ Kim most people that filed the 19th through the 30th of the month are now just getting ddds of the 3rd or haven’t gotten ddd’s but have a pending deposit of the money in their bank . you should get your no later then the 5th hun. that’s gonna be the closest deposit date by the 21st day but you will prob be the 3rd as long as all ur tax info was correct and u don’t owe moneyinto taxes.



    Everyone read the comments people that filed on the 15th are now just getting ddds …. for the 3rd some got the 29th the rest us in jan are gonna be the 5th im telling you they always wait until the last of the month to start updating and sending out refunds. now its gonna been hit the ground running because they will doi everyone at the end of jan in bulk I bet you 10 to 1 that all of us that are waiting on a ddd might not even get one and we end up getting calls on the 5th of deposits by the 6th. or even the 3rd.



    My husband and I filed joint on Jan. 29 and have a DDD of Feb 3…the app and the where’s my refund tool updates after the fact for some reason. I know several friends that their status say refund approved and already have their refund in hand. So I wouldn’t worry to much about where you stand on the app you will probably get your refund before it updates.



    @ Mike I was the 27th and got approved on the 27th 20 minutes after they sent it in. Im in ohio and I still have no ddd but last year I filed on the 30th and had my money on the 6th deposited which means they sent it the 5th my bars never moved until the 8th so maybe we will all get some good news soon hopefully……



    Okay so I talked to my tax place , and the people that were suppose to be the 29 or the 30th are probably being pushed to the 3rd then the second back of people are being pushed to the 5th or the 10th which is 2nd wed of the month but you guys remember that wmr never updated for a lot of people last year and they got their money before it updated because they can only update so many at a time and there are some many people that people get pushed aside when it comes to updating them. Im in ohio I filed the 27th with liberty tax I have been filing with them for 6 years and I was accepted on the 27th so 21 days from that is the 17th now I don’t think its gonna take that long I think think with so many filing early this year and the new software the people that filed early are waiting longer because of the lack of funds to have more people on staff. Im hoping right along with you guys that my refund gets here by the 5th because I am in need of it so bad but people that have filed on the 19th your 21 days are up on the 9th so you money should be available by the 5th. Unless there was something wrong with your taxes but not always sometimes it takes longer then 21 days if it required more processing. its a stressful situation I know. I wish we could call up there and say its our money we want it now. but that’s not how our government works they are slow and they don’t care if its our money. I know a lot of people that have filed on the 24th that have gotten a ddd of the 3rd so im not sure what that is suppose to mean but im pretty sure they don’t update that thing 1 time a day I think maybe once a week and that’s why people are getting there money before there bars even move. but if anyone filed in ohio please let me know if you have gotten a ddd yet im curious to see if anyone in ohio has gotten their money or have gotten there ddd yet. we are all playing the waiting game and im sure the irs is just laughing but it will come I think we will all get very good news by the 5th Hang in there guys its always your 21st day



    Filed on the 28th of Jan accepted same day. Wmr site says no information the it had tax topic 152. Few days ago o think had tax topic 151 and 152. Anyone accepted ontge 28th and got a ddd yet



    Filed and approved on 1/19. Still one bar as of this morning…..no DDD. Last year went alot quicker! I don’t remember waiting this long. I’m starting to worry, nothing has changed for me either, same job, only 1 child…..same address. I just don’t understand! :(


    Kiara Fields

    Okay I filed 1-19-2016
    And was accepted the same day 1-19-2016
    I still only have 1 wmr bar I filed threw free tax USA I been filing with them for 5 years but this is the 1s time in one week that my at hasnt change should I be worried



    I filed on the 19 got accepted on the 19 and still only one bar so how are they gone to give anyone their money by the 3rd or the 5th.


    Nichole Stanley

    My sister filed on the 17th and was accepted the 19th and still only has one bar, and cant order transcripts because it says information is wrong.
    I filed on the 22nd and still nothing, also cant order transcripts but it just says they aren’t available.
    My mother filed on the 20th and it took away her bars last week and says its processing, no transcripts or anything available.
    I know that they have their hands full, but I have never waited this long to hear something about my returns and it is frustrating. I would like to know about the extra processing process, though. Should my mom call them? She doesn’t want to but if its necessary then I guess she will have to… *shrug*



    I filed in 1/26/2016 and it was accepted the same day. Still no DDD. Grrrrr. I filed with a CPA firm. Has anyone who filed around that time been approved yet? I can order an account transcript but not the return. Does the transcript upload throughout the day or just over night like WMR?



    I dont think it really matters the amount one gets. I am usually at 8k every year never had a problem. Last year I got my return in the bank before WMR updated….I filed 1/18 accepted 1/19 still one bar.



    @ Sue.. I used TacAct.. Filed 1/15.. Accepted 1/19.. Still ONE BAR on WMR this mornng.. Buh… Such bs



    @sue – Multiple ppl that used H&R Block have been accepted and DDD made available for them. I’ve personally seen at least three. Two filed early like yourself and one later on. They all got paid last friday. I don’t think it has anything to do with H&R block at this point, I think its all the IRS right now..



    I woke up this morning with one bar still



    Good morning,
    It seems that most of you did not use H and R Block. Does anyone know if the no DDD and one bar still on WMR has anything to do with H and R Block? I filed 1/7/2016 and accepted 1/19/2016. Still no movement and cannot order return transcript. I had my return 2/9/2015 last year and had it in the bank on 2/17/2015. Is it just me or does it seem the ones who filed later are getting their returns first? Any answers would be great.



    Anyone wake up to a DDD? I’m still at the one bar of DOOM :(



    Someone in another thread said she got a surprise deposit and that he wmr never updated for her so theres still hope for those of us who don’t have DDD’s yet


    Tracy Draa

    I filed with H and R Block, I was accepted on 1/19, I have a DDD of 2/3, as of right now I have a pending deposit in my account!



    I filed as HOH and had EIC. I’m also expecting over 8k .. I thought that could be the reason why its taking so long but seeing as others have been approved maybe not.. IDK.. This is the most I’ve ever gotten back, usually its around 6k, so I’m wondering if they’re looking a little closer because of that.. I filed with H&R Block, and I heard they’re having lots of issues this year. Any one else with H&R block with a DDD?



    My federal is over 8k and I’m wondering if that’s why its delayed

    E-filed 1/19/16

    Accepted 1/21/16

    1/31/16 no movement on wmr

    No offsets

    Filed head of house hold

    Wmr just says return is still being processed


    Sarah Voss

    Filed on 1/5 with free tax USA.
    Accepted on 1/12.
    Able to order transcripts as of 1/29.
    All bars on wmr disappeared at midnight on 1/29-1/30.
    Approved on 1/30 when I woke up.
    DDD of 2/3.
    My refund was more than 8k.



    Im curious to know if anyone who has gotten approved has had an amount greater than 7000? One bar on WMR.

    Filed 1/18/16
    Accepted 1/20/16



    I filed my taxes early morning on 1/30/2016. They was accepted with-in 10 minutes of me filing. I received notification today that they are completed. Did this happen to anyone else.



    I filed my taxes early morning on 1/30/16, They was accepted within 10 minutes of me filing. I received notification today that my 2015 taxes are now completed. Has this happened to anyone else?



    Shut—tfu!!!!! Just plain Rude!!….. people can ask what they want!


    Lora hubbard

    Filed 01/11 accepted 01/12
    ANYONE know what this message mean

    We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    The date you mailed your return.
    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    IRS Hours of Service:
    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
    From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059



    Also, I can get my account transcript, not my return transcript yet.

    thats why im curious of the difference.



    Whats the difference in the return transcript and the account transcript?

    I filed 01/19
    accepted same day within minutes.

    No approval.
    no DDD yet.




    not one person on this forum can explain why YOU don’t have a DDD yet, or what’s going on with your specific return. Stop asking. If you are within the 21 days, which we all are as it began on 1/19, STOP stressing, it will come!

    My situation:

    Filed and accepted 1/24 at 6:34 pm
    Ordered BOTH transcripts on 1/29 at 8:15 am
    WMR updated on 1/30 with 2nd bar
    DDD set for 2/3



    Submitted thru TT 1/20.
    Accepted: 1/20
    One bar on WMR
    Able to order acct transcript since mid week last week. Still can’t order return transcript.

    Has anyone in TX received their fed refund or an approval!



    Federal Filed: 1/21/16
    Accepted: 1/21/16
    State Accepted: 1/28/16
    WMR still on bar 1
    no offset amount owed
    tried to order transcripts through website, but it keeps telling me information doesn’t match records. Yesterday I call to order transcripts, could order for old address but automated said was unable to process my request for new address. tried again this morning and afternoon, now system is saying something about technical difficulties. I don’t know whats going on TT says there were no errors on my return and everything looks good. Maybe I don’t have any patience, but now I can’t help but worry. I pray for an update tomorrow.



    Here is the copy and paste

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 3, 2016.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 8, 2016, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.



    Filed on the 15th

    Got approved finally on the 30th with a DDD for February 3rd!




    i found this and thought it may help some people



    Filed and accepted 1/22
    Ddd 00/00/0000 can only order account transcript not return as of yet.
    Service used tax act
    Education credit, Eic..



    Filed on 1/19 still one bar as of 1/31

    I was able to order my account transcript only, is that a good sign?? Texas



    @Tan don’t feel bad, I can’t order my transcripts either



    Well I tried to order my transcripts they are unavailable but I did contact Republican bank which TaxACT use it still says that they are expecting my Refund with in 21 days so good luck everyone including myself did anybody get any changes as of this morning



    @bill I know this isn’t the IRS so stfu. @jenell no I can’t order my transcripts its says records don’t match



    Did anyone get a DDD This morning 1/31/2016???



    Have anyone in illinois been approved for federal return an they only holding back state till March



    My tax refund was accepted by the IRS on the evening of 1/29/16, as of today when I check the status on WMR it say my info is entered incorrectly, I double checked the information before entering it, so i know i am entering the correct social security number, filing status and amount. I figured because I was accepted on a Friday night the system may not have updated, Has this happened to anyone else?



    Filed the 19th
    Accepted the 19th
    Still 1 bar and no return transcript



    Tried to order transcripts

    Says not right now
    Temporarily Down..

    Still one bar on Wmr



    Filed w/HRB 1/20 Rejected 1/22 for incorrect SSN for one of my dependents. Resubmitted same day and accepted within 20 minutes.

    WMR updated Saturday with DDD of 2/03.



    @minnie hahaha I know right:) I am claiming the first week of Feb, we will all get some happy news. Best wishes everyone:}



    @ella im glad you’re Cleared too lol. ik this is all stressful and can’t wait until its all over with and deposited. gl.



    Thank you Minnie,

    I just called the Irs offset number and I am cleared [800-304-3107] wipes forehead

    But from my understanding, this is the testing phase right now. For some reason, I think we all will see some progress next week and hopefully we all get it before the 7th or the following week. Mines did come early last year, but you know every year is different so hey. Im just hoping it is the first two weeks of Feb.



    @ella i wouldn’t worry. don’t think they’ll make you wait since they over paid you. if no error codes and able to order account transcripts then no worries yet. gl



    Filed 1/23/2016 Federal Accepted 1/23/2016
    1/23/2016 State Accepted 1/24/2016

    Filed with TaxAct…… 1 bar:)

    Last year I filed 1/23/2016 accepted 1/23/2015 and had my taxes
    deposited into my account 1/30/2015

    I did get a letter about an overpayment 2015 for $18.26..should I be worry or no



    Its irritating to see people on here with DDD’s already worrying about it coming early wtf are you worrying about at least you know you’re done processing and you have an idea of when its coming. those of us with no DDD have no idea of when ours is coming can’t you just be happy you have a definite date and go sit down somewhere and wait for that day damn



    Filed – 01/27/2016
    Accepted- 01/28/2016
    DDD – 00/00/0000

    1 bar :)



    Filed 1/19/16

    Accepted 1/21/16

    Wmr 1 bar

    E-filed with hrb

    Any one have any movement or have got theirs



    @tan are you able to order your account transcripts? and as long as you aren’t rejected or have any error codes then I wouldn’t worry yet,there are alot of us at one bar that got accepted 1/19. let’s hope for update tonight




    Wth do u expect anyone on this forum to do? We aren’t the IRS nor are we psychic. Just chill, your refund will come.



    I don’t know how often this updates. My refund was accepted on 1/21/2016. Woke up this morning wmr vanished and my return is still processed…this is so frustrating!! Help, anyone!! I’m in NC..BTW sister’s was accepted on 20 her DDD is 2/3/2016…her bars never left



    Filed: 1/24/16
    Accepted: 1/24/16
    Hasn’t been approved as of 1/31 at 1:43 a.m.
    Filed through turbo tax as i have been doing the last 3 years. I’m in SC



    E-Filed 1/24/16 1:32 AM
    Accepted 1/24/16 7:23 AM
    NOT accepted
    NO DDD
    No offset when i called the automated line

    Was able to order ACCT transcript yesterday
    Could not order refund transcript as of 11:45PM 1/30/16

    Hopefully something will change tomorrow or monday, i have seen many people that filed and accepted same day as me and already have DDDs



    FILED 1/27/2016
    ACCEPTED 1/27/2016
    DDD 0/00/2016



    Filed 01/11/2016
    Accepted 01/19/2016
    DDD 02/03/2016
    Went from 1 bar to 2 bars on 1/30/2016 I checked at 3:30 am it still didn’t update. When I woke up at 9am it had updated!

    Used HR Block Tax Cut



    Filed 01/11/2016
    Accepted 01/19/2016
    DDD 02/03/2016
    Used HR Block Tax Cut



    9001 is not an audit code if you use a ss number on your return for one of your dependents to check know status that is the code that will show. Make sure u r using the right ss number if you are call the irs right away as some one may have claimed u or worse I’d theft. Just search Google and u will get the answer. Hope this helped



    @megan How do you know it is an audit code? Been trying to find out info all day on it, people saying a few different things, but your the first to say audit. Getting nervous :( Any insight would help. TY



    @nikki code 9001 is an audit code. Hope you get it figured out soon.


    Nichole Stanley

    Filed with Taxslayer.
    Accepted 1/23 On 1/29 my bars disappeared. I am concerned but I hope that the IRS gets passed it and moves on! I will keep watching this forum and updating!



    H&R Block in office
    Filed: 01/23/2016
    Accepted: 01/23/2016
    WMR: 1 bar
    DDD: 00/00/0000



    Please help!!-

    I was able to order my tax transcripts yesterday, Jan. 29. Today I looked at WMR and is shows the following: Your Personal Tax Data Social Security Number or IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number: ***-**-**** Filing Status: Head of Household Your Expected Refund Amount: ******** Refund Status Results Print. Take the survey. Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. Please Note: For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.”

    I was told today by a tax professional since I was able to order both 2015 transcripts yesterday my refund was approved and it should update soon. Thoughts?



    Filed: 01/11/2016
    Accepted: 01/12/2016
    Status: Single
    DDD: direct deposit scheduled for 02/03/2016

    Hope this will help some anxious ones out there.




    FILED 01/19
    ACCEPTED 01/19
    FILED WITH : free tax USA

    I have been checking WMR twice a day since the 20th and have seen no movent at all ..checked lastnight 01/29 a little after 1:30 am and still no movement ..checked this morning around 8:30 and had 2 bars with a DDD of 02/03/16 ..HOPE THIS HELPS



    Tried to order on trans. on IRS site.. It said nformation doesn’t match records.. But I checked and my info matched what i entered on the site. Called.. The recording said sorry unable to process your request.. please check your records and try to order online..

    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/19
    One bar and generic topic 152

    Any ideas on what to ? Thanks!



    @ladi, you’re going to need to do more than pray. Once a refund is approved, it’s at least 5 days for the deposit. You will NOT have it by Tuesday.



    I’m praying for new status in the morning I claim in the name of Jesus my refund will be approved by morning and n my bank account by Tuesday God is Good
    Amen keep faith everyone everything is going to fall n place He knows Your needs he will never put nothing on you that u can’t handle Amen..



    I filed 1/23/16
    Accepted 1/24/16
    Approval none
    DDD None tax topic still the same 1 bar
    No movement expecting delays but it looks like pple who filed the same day has received their approval and DDD .
    Filed the same way last year and got my refund in 5 days not understanding what’s the hold up maybe the amount differs



    @Adria, that’s the dumbest question I have ever seen on this forum. It’s not the IRS that pays you, it’s the treasury. They release the funds on the date they state on your WMR, it’s up to your bank as far as when the funds actually post. OMG.



    and that long post was for OHIO EST TIME and Went to Liberty Tax Been going there for almost 7 years now and also they told me 2/5/16 too and I trust them they are always dead on



    I filed Head Of HouseHold Jan 27th 2016 at 10:10am
    They Irs Gave me One Bar Before Jan 29th at 7am in the morning
    As of today 1/30/16 I still only have 1 bar

    Last years tax return went like this
    filed: Jan/30
    Never approved…..
    Got my return 2\6\2015

    Then my approval came in 2\8\2015 with a ddd of 2\8\2015

    I know a lot of sites are saying if you filed before the 19th that ddd’s are going to be 1\29\16 2\3\16 and the other half on 2\5\16 People that filed & irs got them between the 19th and 29th of jan. DDD is 2\5\15 I don’t know if this helps anyone im hoping I get mine soon because I have to move closer to family and start looking for a job down there im hoping to see a update between tomorrow morning and Monday morning to be honest. but I think the delays are because so many people filed so early and they were still working out the kinks of the new system and being low staffed due to funds. Congrats to the people with ddd’s of 2\3\16 wish I was right there with ya I really need ours… the only thing that has changed in my refund is my address I moved into a new house in the same town with same zipcode right down the street and my job . so heres hoping and praying my ddd will be the 5th of feb or before Pray for us all.



    Filed : 01/21/2016
    Accepted; 01/21/2016
    Approved : 01/30/2016
    DDD: 02/03/2016

    Where’s my Refund updated this morning!!!



    Filed 1/20
    Accept 1/20
    Ddd 00/00/0000

    I was able to order my account transcript today is that a good sign



    @Shantelle I’m from SC. Filed 1/14 approved 1/15. No DDD yet either



    Update from yesterday.
    (Was able to order refund transcripts yesterday, not morning but after noon)

    Filed HR block
    Didn’t itemize
    Child tax credit/standard deduction only

    E filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Today 1/30 have approval and DDD of 2/3



    2 BARS
    03:00PM TEXAS
    Filed: 1/09/2016
    Accepted: 1/11/2016
    DDD: 02/03/2016



    My tax return was accepted on 1/14 now no bars. No DDD. However, my sis filed after me and was accepted after me she got an approve bar and DDD for 2/3. TX



    If you have a direct deposit for 2/3/2016, what day will the IRS deposit the funds in your account?


    Has anyone not gotten their prepaid debit card

    I was wondering if anyone has not received their prepaid debit card but there Refund is due


    Kim Parker

    Used Turbotax

    Filed 1/7/16
    Accepted 1/11/16

    DDD: 00/00/0000



    @ peppermint black I know I am out of line but what a wonderful name



    shantelle i dont think they have got to indiana yet. im in indiana too.i filed on 1-21-16. accepted about 5 mins later and no movement om wmr. getting my state 2-3-16.



    I owe $727 to student loan this debt is being taken care of by my state tax refund and the difference from my state refund is supposed to be direct deposited on Wednesday does this have an effect on how long it takes for my federal to be process because it seems like its taking a really long timewhere’s my refund is a joke and isnt moving at all



    1 bar
    1pm Indiana
    Filed: 1/14/16
    Accepted: 1/15/16
    DDD: 0/00/0000

    Annoying at this point..



    Filed with Free tax USA
    Accepted 1/26/2016
    Approved 1/29/2015
    DDD 1/03/2016



    Found this for those that received a stand still on there WMR, maybe you should try this (fyi I’ve already been approved just want to possibly helps those that received a we still need more info message via WMR)…hope maybe this will help, good luck!

    So… I called 800-830-5084 and was told that my refund was on hold due to an ID Theft Indicator. He took the time to review my account to see what was the delay. He verified my ID based on questions my tax history (note I did this almost two weeks ago as well) He advised he will be releasing the return as of today and that could take up to 6 additional weeks. What bothers me is that this should have been done two weeks ago when I called and talked with IDPU and they verified my ID… smh So if you are stuck on processing call them and let them clear it up



    Filed with HRB and accepted on 1/21. Able to order acct transcript yesterday morning and got a ddd of 2/3 on WMR this morning. On a side note, HRB isn’t showing a ddd from irs, just a generic 2/11. I’m guessing they don’t update at the same time. But, whew, I made it. I’m in the clear.



    Filed on 1/25/16
    Accepted 1/26/16

    Had one bar saying refund received and within 21 days I’ll receive my refund. Now today 1/30/16 the bar has disappeared and now it’s saying my refund is being processed and a refund date will be available when available. HOW FO I ORDER MY TRANSCRIPTS? PLEASE HELP!



    2 bars
    09:21am Sacramento.
    Filed: 1/12/2016
    Accepted: 1/14/2016
    Approved: 1/29/2016
    DDD: 02/03/2016



    I FINALLY GOT IT!! YESS! Filed and accepted 1/19 checked WMR today and BOOM DDD of 2/3/16 !!!



    To those who would like to see a screen shot here is mine via Google Drive:





    2 bars
    8:30 am PST California
    Filed: 1/13/2016
    Accepted: 1/14/2016
    DDD: 2/03/2016
    Transcripts: Never able to order online but ordered via phone morning of 1/29/16



    2 bars
    10:30 AM Kansas.
    Filed: 1/18/2016
    Accepted: 1/19/2016
    DDD: 2/3/2016

    Note: was able to order both transcripts as of yesterday.



    Filed 1/24/2016
    Accepted 1/24/2016
    Filed using turbo tax…1 bar until this am, now get reference code 9001. Freaking out a little because i can’t find when the info is updated. Normally have a dd date by now. Anyone else seeing this error message this morning?





    Dina DeLorenzo

    My bar did disappear on the WMR tool, and I was very scared because I read a million different things on why this could have happened. I woke up this morning and my bar is back with two orange bars and a DDD of 2/3. So if yours disappears too, stop worrying!! Your refund will be there any day!!!



    Used H&R Block got accepted on the 20th, Still 1 bar…. Starting to worry.



    Filed: 1/24
    Accepted: 1/24 6:34 pm

    Transcripts ordered 1/29

    WMR 2nd bar 1/30

    DDD set for 2/3



    I am wondering will WMR update tonight?



    2 bars
    5:38 New Jesey
    Filed: 1/7/2016
    Accepted: 1/11/2016
    DDD: 02/03/2016



    Bars had disappeared for me a few days after I filed actually and never came back. So I was worried for a minute. So yesterday I was able to order BOTH my transcripts but didn’t have any bars and then at 5:38 am this morning, I had two bars and a DDD for 2/3!



    Have anyone that filed around 1/19 got approved yet. I know im a weekly and feb 8th will be my 21 days so if im weekly how is it possible that i get approved on 2/6 and a ddd for that following monday?? Or is tonight update will include ppl thats weeklys. Im soo confused on how ppl getting approved and my weekly day was suppose too been friday/Saturday morning. Hopefully something happen tonight


    1/20/2016 no trans, no DDD

    My bars disappeared (this is the first for me). No TT but refund amount still showing and no tax off sets. Guess I will wait and see. Congrats to the 2/3 dates. Those who will be approved next will have a DDD of 2/5. Please let me know if you have ever had bars disappear but still received a deposit within days.


    FLGal Waiting

    TurboTax (boyfriend)
    Accept: 1/12/2016
    1/12/2016 thru 1/28/2016: 1 Bar
    1/29/2016: no bars: message stating processing
    1/30/2016: offset, DDD 2/3/2016
    Mine: 1/10/2016, 1/12/2016, 1 bar, as of today being processed message with no bars



    Filed and accepted on 1/24
    Showed 1 bar for 1 day then no bars & topic 152.
    1/29 I was able to order both transcripts.
    1/30 (today) approved
    DDD: 2/3



    Yesterday bars had disappeared. This morning I have a DDD of 2/3!



    I filed early 1/11/16
    Check wmr updated this morning with a ddd 2/3. Thursday was not able to order refund trans. So Friday morning tryed again and was able to. Now sat with ddd



    Man this is driving me crazy.

    Filed 1/18/2016
    Accepted 1/19/2016

    Still not approved. I was able to order my return transcript yesterday and I called the offset line and confirmed that I had no offsets. I feel like the IRS is toying with me at this point. The only reason I can thing this is taking so long is because I filed as self-employed for 2015. I only took the standard deduction so they would have no reason to hold me up for an audit.



    Filed 1-7-16
    accepted 1-11-16
    ordered transcripts 1-29-15
    one bar dissapeared at midnight & i was approved 1-30-16 after 3 am!!!
    $$ finally on the way good luck everyone!
    2/3 dd turbo tax user with netspend so it might come later on today



    Efile with TT on 1/19/16 @ 3:25
    Accepted by IRS on 1/19/16 @ 5:05
    Only 1 bar on WMR, still can’t order transcript as of 5 mins. ago.

    It is frustrating but, I am noticing that the ones that filed earlier then myself are just now getting approved, so there must have been a delay of some sort. Hoping by Monday there will be an update.



    Filed 1/7
    Accepted 1/11
    Approved 1/30
    DDD 2/5 !!

    I was able to order transcripts 1/29 – I think it is directly related despite what others have reported.

    My SSN .. last four, first number is 9. Not sure if that is why I am 2/3 instead of 1/29. ?? Anyways, it does happen, thank goodness.



    Filed and was accepted on 1/22/16.
    Refund status shows as approved on 1/30/16
    DDD 2/3/16


    Feeling Abused

    I have an approval and refund ddd of 2/3/16…my refund was also reduced…I suppose that was the issue that my bar went away. But what I don’t understand is that the code is 9021 stating a mathmatical error…INCORRCT…now I have to wait til Monday and probably hold for 2 hours to figure out why the IRS deducted $1485.70 from my refund!



    MY sisters return:

    State: Texas
    Filed: 1/11
    Accepted: 1/11
    DDD: 2/3 Showing on WMR



    GUESS what guys???


    State: Michigan
    State refund: (haven’t received any info as of 1/30/16)
    Filed w/: TaxSlayer
    Filed Federal & State: 1/19/16
    Accepted: 1/21/16
    Ordered/became available (both transcripts): 1/30/16
    Approved: DDD 2/3
    *NO offsets
    *Bars NEVER disappeared



    Just checked and DDD 2/3
    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    Approved 1/30 3:50a.m est
    Ordered transcripts both 1/29 by noon
    Moved to new address figured that was the hold up. Transcripts only took old address with no ordering til 1/29 then took new address and could order. Now just to wait on money. Good luck all.



    You’re right! I filed and return accepted 1/23. Was able to order transcripts on 1/29. Called offset number you listed and I had an offset of $400 for state taxes. The system said this offset for the “irs payment” dated 2/3. So that must be the date of my dd.
    However!, wmr still shoes 1 bar as processing.






    I’m in Florida

    Filed 1/12
    Received 1/13

    I check everyday and it’s still on the 1st bar not update at all from WMR and definitely nothing approved and most definitely no DDD



    I tried to get my transcript and it said didn’t match the information on file. What does that mean?



    Filed HR BLOCK 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    No movement on WMR
    Ordered refund transcripts today successfully.
    Caknot download pdf like last year as they say they are attempting to cut down fraud :/
    But that they have a transcript available for mG refund is good. I didn’t order my return as it’s basically what I already have a copy of



    @jay see if u can order your refund transcripts. Google IRS REFUND TRANSCRIPTS and put in your information…. Be sure to click on 2015- REFUND TRANSCRIPTS. Let me know if it lets you.



    Did my taxes on the 14th, since the beginning I thought I was going to get it on the 5th but then I saw everyone getting in on the 29th and then I got worried, if I don’t see movement Wednesday morning imma be really really scary



    @rtbartonie Thank you I will keep this post updated…. Hopefully its coming soon!



    @jason it mean ddd/ dd are in the next couple of days to follow the tax return transcript is a record of what they did to process your refund!



    I was able to order my refund transcripts this evening 1/29/2016 does this mean my return has been processed? I still have one bar on WMR. Filed Jan. 11 accepted Jan. 12 2016 used TT.



    Just got off the phone with IRS, they said that wmr is updated daily. She couldn’t tell me what time it updates, but anything can happen any day, just keep checking. Hope this helps.

    Filed with TT- 1/18
    Accepted- 1/19
    Wmr- 1 bar



    U say there have been “movement” for some people…I’m not talking about transcripts I’m talking about WMR..I haven’t seen one person say WMR updated and gave them a date..I could be wrong but we’ll find out soon enough but im guessing we wont see it move til wednesday regardless of when transcripts become available, I even read it on turbotax site that you dont need to check WMR daily as it only updates Wednesday


    Peachy Persuasion

    Filed 1/7/16
    Accepted 1/11/16
    From Dallas,TX

    Super Frustrated???


    a person

    can you not download transcripts online this year? all i can find is by mail. i know i downloaded pdf file last year



    By the way i filed and was accepted 01/22



    I called the offset line  800-304-3107 to check on a 200 offset i got for this return, and it informed me that my offset was applied to my IRS Payment dated Feb 03, 2016, so im guessing thats when i should be receiving my DD (maybe even Feb 2 since my bank posts a day early). For those with an offset, this just might be a nice way to get around waiting for your WMR for a deposit date



    Unless they changed things from last year, which we have already seen they have changed a few things, updates occur more frequently than just Wednesdays. That is why the system is unavailable from 3am-6am. I filed on Saturday 1/31 last year, received my DDD for Monday 2/8 (it hit my bank Friday 2/6 though).

    Last year the weekly and daily thing did play a significant role in processing and posting. Since we can no longer see our transcripts online, it’s hard to say if people are on a weekly or daily schedule.

    There has been movement for people (this is gleaned from transcripts becoming available) today. So tomorrow there could be an update, which just from transcript availablitu dispels the Wednesday only theory.



    Me and my Fiancée both filed 1/19 and were accepted 1/19. Both of us filed with TT, Both of us claimed Head of Household (her with her son, me with mine), Both of our last names start with M, Both of us have not seen a single update, movement, nothing!! No refunds, no DDD, no change on WMR.. I don’t know WTF is going on, I am pretty patient and understanding when it comes to this kind of stuff, but it has NEVER taken this long before for me to get my refund and DEFINITELY NEVER this long for a WMR update. We have filed the same every, single, year and we ALWAYS get updated on WMR before this and always get our refunds before this. Neither of us has offsets, neither of us should have ANY problems with our returns, yet we still have seen NOTHING. So don’t worry, you’re not alone and the IRS is just taking its sweet time this year.. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow and Monday, if I don’t have an update by then, I am gonna freak out. lol. Impatiently waiting….. I want my money.



    Well, I filed on 1/15 as head of household and still havent received anything (and still on one bar) so…



    Sorry… Email also stats ill receive it between 1/28 and feb/17.. Filed thru turbo tax



    I agree! I think it’s just Wednesdats for updates and Friday’s for DDD! Last two years, funds were released in Friday’s both times. So maybe next Friday will be a DDD for most people



    Filed: 1/28/16
    Got an email saying it was accepted 1/29/2016
    But i
    WMR and irs website still says its processing… Any ideas?



    I don’t care what they say about WMR updating every night. I just find it hard to believe it updates every night but nobody got a DDD except for on Wednesday. I willing to bet that it only updates on Wednesdays for DDD’s on Fridays and they just tell us it updates every night. I have not seen one person say they were approved with a DDD since Wednesday



    I filed Head of Household! And so did my boss! Not only did she get accepted after me, she also got her refund this morning!



    Hello everyone I think the irs is only paying people who filled head of house hold for now… Maybe they are paying alphabetically



    In the past I got my refund within 9 days! But I filed after tax season officially opened. This is the first year I filed before it began. I wonder if early filers are being penalized or flagged for review and that’s why it’s taking longer..



    I filed 1/19 with H&R block, I was accepted 1/21. Still only 1 Bar on WMR. Usually I’ll have my money by now, I’m not sure why it’s taking so long. Also, I tried to order transcripts and they’re unavailable




    To my understanding the transcript that is the make or break is the return transcript. The account transcript means nothing really. But to go from not being able to order one then being able to order one seems like a pretty nice step in the right direction to me. I read on the turbo tax form that one lady was able to order her account transcript but not her return transcript this morning and as of one hour ago she was able to order her return transcript and has A direct deposit date. So what we are looking for is the ability to order the return transcript.



    Just read online on the Irs website that being able to order a transcript means nothing :(


    dic hung lo

    @happygirl they are actually physically started processing your return so yes its good as long as you know you dont have any offsets…



    I got accepted on 1/20/2016, still 1 bar. I was able to order a 2015 Account Transcript today…. Is that a good sign?



    I filed on the 8th got accepted on the 11th and I’m still at one bar no ddd at all but today it let me order my 2015 return so hopefully I get my money soon I think it’s been processed already cuz it’s updated address and all keeping fingers crossed



    I E-FILED ON 1/07/2016 it was accepted on 1/22/2016 but it still the received on my h&r block it said expected date 2/12/2016 how is they giving an expected date if it hasn’t been approved



    Files 1/12 accepted 1/12 1 bar till 1/16 then no bar. Still no bars and no approved and no DDD. BUT yesterday I was not able to order my account transcript or my return transcript for 2015 but today I can order account For 2015 but not return so HOPEFULLY this is a half ass decent sign of progress



    1 bar
    Filed 1/07/16
    Accepted 1/11/16
    ddd: 1/19/16-2/05/16

    Still have not been approved accepted by irs 18 days ago as of today.




    My bars have still not appeared. HOWEVER :) I am now able to order my 2015 return transcripts. I am hoping this is a good thing.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!



    Filed 1/23
    Received 1/24
    1 bar only
    No ddd yet.



    Is it true the bigger the deduction and refund, the longer the irs takes. Filed 1/20 accepted 1/20. Still only one bar



    Accepted: 1/20/16
    DDD: 0/00/0000



    filed 1/14/16
    accepted 1/19/16 still no change….my wheres my refund app(nt irs one) said i should expect my dd today and still nothing….idk wats going on….my status on the wmr site is still at one bar and turbotax (where i filed) said 1% of people have gotten their refund already….im stressin out now



    I filed on the the 14th accepted on the 14th and still no date and I am from sc. I filed with taxslayer



    filed 1/14/16
    accepted 1/19/16 still no change my wheres my refund app(nt irs one) said i should expect my dd today and still nothing….idk wats going on my status on the wmr site is still at one bar and turbotax (where i filed) said 1% of people have gotten their refund already….im stressin out now



    filed 1-7-16 at 11:30 am
    accepted 1-11-16 at 4:38 pm
    1 bar stil as of 1-29-16 at 9:14 am
    im in florida i called one of the numbers says i have no offsets, waiting patiently!!!:)



    2 bars, as of:
    3:45 am EST on 1/28.
    Filed: 1/25
    Accepted: 1/25
    DDD: 2/1



    I am in Texas, Filed on 1/17 and accepted early morning 1/19. I am still on bar 1! I feel like I remember last year receiving my refund before it updated on the WMR site? Has anyone else had this experience? Could the IRS site be backed up with it being the first few days of refunds being pushed out? Wishful thinking :)



    Does anyone know when we find our cycle number at

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