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    Please only post here if you’re IRS WMR has updated. Please use the format below in order to keep this organized for everyone to use.

    This is my information, please change the information when you post your own.

    1 bar
    11:00am Illinois.
    Filed: 1/09/2016
    Accepted: 1/12/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000

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    Any 2/10ers, using Rush Card for DD, received their funds yet? Thanks in advance



    Also there is a 2-15 expected date from hr block.com,but that the same date from the time that I filed.does this date really mean anything?



    How do I try to order transcript?
    1 25 file date with no movement but initial acceptance on same day.
    Still at one bar at wmr.



    @keesha no I haven’t yet…I seen someone say that the irs releases funds twice once at 12am then at 2pm…I remember last year I got my deposit around 2pm on my netspend card



    anyone with ddd of 2/10 have tt funds deducted out their dd recieved funds yet



    Oh yea, it was deposited on a Netspend Card



    Filed and Approved: 1/25
    Ordered Return Transcript 2/5
    Received DD Date 2/6 for 2/10

    Received refund about 25mins ago! (8:44pm pacific)… A SUNDAY night :)

    I expect this will be the case for many people
    Good Luck All!



    @kevin @Jasmine I also I have netspend with a a DDD 2/10 but mine hasn’t hit :(



    Anybody on here with a ddd of 2/10 with a woodforest account that knows if we will get it early? Thinking we will get it tomorrow or Tuesday but not sure. First year with a woodforest account so idk if it will come early. Any advice will be greatly appreciated



    It hit my netspend account about 25 minutes ago..

    Bad news, now my account is locked or something and I have to call customer service.

    This is the same card I’ve got my direct deposit on for my job for over a year

    I am so screwed I just know when I call tomorrow (they’re currently closed) that they are going to give me the runaround

    I need this money and I need the money from my job also!




    UPDATE : DD just hit on my Netspend Card 2 days Early! WMR still at 2 bars.. Happy filing!



    OK so I was Accepted on 1/20, was UNABLE to order RETURN transcript until 2/5, Approved 2/6, DDD for 2/10. Yay! To all those still waiting, I do believe there is SOME TRUTH to the fact that being able to order RETURN transcripts are a sign that a DDD will come soon.



    Still no update on wmr and I got accepted by the IRS on 1/21/16,hr block says expected date is 2/11/16 which is in 4 days and I can’t even order my return transcript any one have any info



    I filed 1/25 and still havent received anything but one damn bar. How do you know when the IRS accepted? Taxslayer sent me a message the same day saying that it was accepted, but does the IRS tell you?



    Hey guys, I know that the posts on here are dwindling because lots of people got their ddd, but if you go to the “I got my refund” Facebook page, there’s still tons upon tons of info and updates, lots of activity. Just a heads up, happy trolling!!



    Hey guys, I know the posts here are dwindling cause lots of people got their ddd, but if you go to the I got my refund Facebook page, there’s still tons upon tons of activity and info going on. Just a heads up. Happy trolling!!



    @joseph you may have filed on the 25th and they accepted you on the 25th but according yo the Irs they didn’t start working on people’s returns until two days after I filed 1/15 accepted 1/20 and according to the Irs never started working my return till the 23rd I just received my DD on 2/10 you will probably be getting your refund on 2/12 have you tried to order your transcript?



    @HappyGirl the irs website says “by” the certain date not on that day so it sounds like it could be possible



    @Happygirl I believe I seen someone say they got theirs before the date it was supposed to be in there



    So everyvody got their date nobody helping out anymore lol guess i need another forum



    Filed 1-25/accepted same day/still on 1 bar at WMR/HR Block online/NC



    Is it possible to get your money before the DDD date given to you on the irs website



    Filed: E-filed 1/18/16 with HR Block
    Accepted: 1/21/16
    Account transcripts: Able to order 1/29/16
    Return transcripts: Able to order 2/5/16
    WMR: updated to 2nd bar (approved) on 2/6/16 with a DDD of 2/10/16



    Checked the hr block website and it shows a expected date of 2/11/16 still no movement on wmr

    Filed 1/19/16

    Accepted 1/21/16

    Can’t order return transcript



    Filed 1/8
    Accepted 1/28
    Able to order account transcript 2/6
    Still not able to receive return transcript.. Starting to get upset because a lot of people that filed on the same day I did , are receiving a DDD of 2/10 .



    Approved: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10



    Accepted :1/23
    Used TT
    Ordered account transcipt 1/29/16
    Ordered return transcipt 1/5/16 FINALLY!
    Received DDD: 2/10 on 2/6/16 at 2:30 am PST

    I am hoping we will receive it early, maybe monday. I know a few who had a ddd of 2/8 and recived theirs 2/5.
    I noticed someones mentioned having a chase account and that will take it longer. I’m thinking 2 years ago we had to call to get them to clear the amount, so we will do the same this year if need be.

    I recived the account transcipt today which was basically blank, no info on it, and says no tax returned filed. So I assume being able to order account transcipt means diddly squat.

    The end is in sight, and I am so greatful this stress is almost to an end. Last year we had some major offsets, we didn’t see a dime. Which honestly was fine, we were going to use the refund for the offsets. It saved us a few phone calls. But it is still stressful, this year I’m having flash backs of the horrendous wait of not knowing what was going on last year. Then I found the offset number and called it a million times just to be sure!


    Quake quake

    I got e file 1/19
    I got accepted 1/19
    1 bar
    And I miss I think and the send me a letter and I write them
    Back and I fax them and yesterday now I hear from them so I my refund



    Filed; 1/24
    Accepted: 1/24
    No activity until this morning at 3:30
    Approved 2/6
    DDD: 2/10 but it says will be deposited by 2/10. Does that mean it could be there before the 10th?



    Filed: 1/24
    Accepted: 1/25
    Approved: Not yet
    DDD: No date
    Filed with Turbo tax



    Filed & accepted late on 1/29/16..bars disappeared earlier this week. Was able to order return trancsript on 2/5, wmr updated this morning with ddd of 2/10..filed with tt, nothing updated on tt but thankful we have a ddd now! Hoping everyone else gets good news soon!! Btw we had dependants, had couple 1099’s & hubby cashed out 401k last yr if that helps anyone



    Ok sorry you kind of confused me @joeANDangel so i will know monday if im in the 2/10 que or im getting a date on the 10th



    Accepted : 1/24/16
    Order return transcript : 2/5/16
    DDD: 2/10/16

    Finally after waiting all this time. Hope everyone that needs to get their DDD gets it soon.




    Sorry to hear that. Again you were inline and simply got pushed back because of shuffle(resequence). Next update will be next week 02/10/2016. You should receive the update Monday. Any left over 1/24’s that didn’t receive the 10th will have theirs update on the 10th. Sorry for bad news.



    Filed 1/22
    Able to order trans 2/5
    Ddd 2/10



    Filed 1-25-2016
    Approved 10 min later
    Still on one bar at wmr
    North Carolina and hr block



    Filed: 1/19
    Approved: 1/20
    WMR updated today 2 bars (at 3am CST)
    DDD: 2/10/2016

    I was beginning to give up it never took this long.



    Thank you everyone for all the updates, it helped.

    Filed: 1/24
    Accepted: 1/24
    Approved: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10/16

    Was able to order my return transcript on 2/05.



    Filed 1/20
    Received 1/20
    Still only have one bar. No DDD as of this morning.
    Fiancé filed 1/29 and was received 1/29
    As of this morning he got approved and DDD of 2/10
    We both used Liberty tax
    Why am I still waiting and I filed before him?????



    Well i guess i wasnt in that que????? glad to give everybody the update still no ddd for me i filed 1/24 abd accepted 1-24 their still reviewing it im sad but glad you all dont have to wait any longer anybody know when the updates for the next que comes out i just got sad all over again?????



    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 10, 2016.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 15, 2016, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:
    I filed on January 20.2016
    Accepted on January 22, 2016

    finally got the 2nd bar today 2/6/2016



    Yayyyy!! You were right.. Thanks for being our voice of reason during these mentally draining days. :]



    My sister (filed 1/19) was accepted and has a DDD of 2/10 this morning. Still nothing for me and my mother (filed 1/23 and 1/25). I hope we hear something this week!



    Filed 1/18/16
    Accepted 1/19/16
    Approved 2/6/16
    DDD 2/10/16

    I used TaxAct and claimed AOC on my income tax and had my own insurance. I also had EIC and 2 dependents. I was not able to order my Account and Return for new address until 2/5/16. I contacted the advocate line a few days ago and was told that the IRS didnt start processing my return until 1/21/16 and to give it 3 weeks from that date. Thank you Jesus its over….Good Luck ALL.


    Lisa K

    Filed: 1/15 with freetaxusa
    Accepted: 30 mins later 10:36am
    24 hours later checked IRS site, bar was on received.
    1/31 all bars disappeared, no codes, no alert to call, nothing. (check every day 3 times a day- morning, noon & at night)
    Try to order transcripts online: Tells me cannot complete request to call their automated line to order.
    Call the automated line: says technical difficulties (can’t order)
    Call IRS: was told if there was an issue there would be a code or something stating to call them on WMR or we would’ve gotten a letter by now…. but still won’t look into my return until 21 days from the 19th……… which is Feb 9th.
    WTH is going on here????

    South Carolina (so I didn’t even bother to file state yet being as they’ve announced no refunds until after March 1, due to all the fraudulent crap last year.)



    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/20
    Email from Hr Block thanking me for using them on 2/4
    Able to order return and account transcript with new address on 2/5
    Approval (Second Bar) on 2/6!!
    DDD is 2/10
    Can everyone with a 2/10 DDD who used HR block update is on when you actually got your money???
    Lesson learned! NEVER FILING EARLY AGAIN!! I’m even gonna wait and file the day after tax season starts next year!! I’ve been a nervous reck the last two weeks! For the last 8 years always got my money in less than a week! Not sure if filing early caused a delay, but just in case… NEVER AGAIN!!
    Now I’ll be waiting for H&R Block to deposit my funds! Lol!
    Good luck to you all! I’ll be using this sight next year when I need “support” for tax season anxiety!
    Merry Taxmas! :)



    Does the irs send funds out on the weekends? ddd 2/10 hoping to grt it a little esrly since i. Using netspend card, but nothing pending in account



    Filed and accepted 2/2
    Able to order both transcripts 2/5
    Approved with DDD of 2/10 today!
    That was fast!!!




    What was the date she filed? I’ll get you an exact answer




    Yes girl Lol and it makes me feel a little better that hubby is taking a small vacation this week so when the money hits he will be on vacation and we can go get our vehicle. :) now just to watch the bank account Lol. I have read on here that people that have already gotten their refunds that they got deposited early.? If so, can we expect them as early as Tuesday?? Lol but again thanks for checking girl we are good,and good to know you are good as well. Lol hubby says we will never file early again.!! Lol

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