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    Please only post here if you’re IRS WMR has updated. Please use the format below in order to keep this organized for everyone to use.

    This is my information, please change the information when you post your own.

    1 bar
    11:00am Illinois.
    Filed: 1/09/2016
    Accepted: 1/12/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000

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    I filed with TurboTax 1/27
    Irs received 1\28 still on 1st bar… Called irs hotline and says its still processing…. Grrr lol ??



    Filed on Sunday 1/31 with TT
    ordered my transcripts Tuesday night 2/2
    woke up to a DDD of 2/8 this morning 2/4



    E-File: 1/26/2015
    Accepted: 1/28/2015
    DDD: TurboTax
    WMR: 1 Bar

    I called to attempt to see if I had some sort of problem seeing as how there are people after me who have been refunded now after being accepted on or after the 28th. Is there any way to get any other sort of information to see if I have another problem? I got the 21 day talk which I don’t mind if there isn’t something I need to do to speed this process along. Also TT said I was accepted on the 26th, but the IRS said it was the 28th. Any insight, or am I worrying over nothing?



    When I talked to Irs yesterday and the day before. On Tues, the irs lady said, my taxes has not been pushed through the system yet, meaning it was not received. Okay…so when I called back yesterday because that was bull-sh*t the next IRS lady said, my returned has been accepted Jan 26, but I filed and was accepted on Jan 23, through TaxAct. I just got off the phone today with GA and my taxes been received but it takes 30-45 to be processed. This is completely bs, on all levels. Last year, I filed on the 23 of Jan through TaxAct and received my money on Jan 30th. Last time I will ever work or file in the state of Ga again. 30-45 days, you have got to be kidding me. That is why I am so focused on getting a real good job this year, so next year, I won’t be relying on my taxes. I got patience, and believe in the saying…stay positive. Next year, they should test the systems with people who salaries are $100,000+ or more. That way we won’t bump into issues or delays like this. Some of us need this for a home. March smh!!!!



    Filed and accepted 1/24
    No transcripts
    1 Bar, Tax Topic 152



    Filed and accepted 1/29
    No transcripts
    1 Bar, Tax Topic 152



    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 1/30
    Approved 2/4
    DDD 2/8



    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    One bar WMR
    generic topic 152




    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    One bar and generic topic 152

    You know at this point I don’t give a damn about the IRS and their excuses! All this “resequencing” is making me loath! They should be able to pull our returns that have been “pushed back” because of their error and manually process them! How convenient they are holding thousands (maybe millions) of dollars because of a damn CODE! I call BullShit!



    Just letting everyone know I talked to the IRS today. I was told lots of people tax returns were resequenced. Resequenced means reviewed however its only really being reviewd if you have a CODE. Most of us were resequence with no code because theres nothing wrong with our returns we just happened to send them in at a time where alot were being pushed through so the master file overloaded so instead of our being infront bc we filed early they pretty much were through back in the system to be reprocessed and not in the order they were recieved. SO its delaying us one week past the 21days. She told me my return was fine my projected refund date is 2/7 so itll be that date or within the 7 days following that date. Filed 1/20 accepted 1/21 one bar no movement tax topic 152. I hope this helps!




    Were you able to order your transcripts prior to today?




    Were you able to order account and return transcripts before today?



    Checked WMR this morning and finally had some movement!!

    Filed 01/24/2016
    Accepted 01/24/2016
    Approved 02/04/16
    DDD scheduled for 02/08/16
    Used HRB

    This is the longest it has ever taken me to get my refund – last few years, I have had it in the bank within 9 days of filing. My state refund still hasn’t budged. Good luck everybody!!



    1 bar
    8:57 AM Colorado
    Accepted: 1/20/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000

    I was thinking that possibly the refund would still deposit tomorrow, 2/5, even though WMR wasn’t correct. However, the fact that I’m unable to order my return transcript makes me think otherwise.



    Filed: 1/15/16
    Accepted 1/15/16
    No change: 1 bar
    Been filing taxes since 1993, never have I ever seen anything like this before, there are no answers, WMR should have been updated, Monday will be 21 days…..



    Filed 1/13/16
    Accepted 1/19/16
    Still one bar on WMR
    Am I being audited or will I receive my refund tomorrow?


    Sarah Voss

    You can Google 2016 tax refund and select the news section and you will see at least half a dozen different reliable sources saying that the Irs reported outages. Hope it helps.



    Filed: 01/15/2016
    Acpt: 01/15/2016
    WMR: One bar
    DD: 00/00/0000

    Spoke with irs rep 1015am. I was told that as long as did not receive error code or had message to call irs then refund is processing. Didn’t mention anything about irs outages. She also stated that with all the updates to deter identity fraud is why the wmr website is slowly updating. Still doesn’t ease my mind being that ppl i know have filed after me and have a DD for 2/5/2016


    Sarah Voss

    A “hardware failure” forced the shutdown of several tax processing systems, including the e-file system, the IRS said in a statement. The IRS.gov website remains available, but “where’s my refund” and other services are not working.

    Some systems will be out of service at least until Thursday, the agency said. “The IRS is currently in the process of making repairs and working to restore normal operations as soon as possible,” the IRS said.

    Article taken from http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/02/04/irs-computer-problems-shut-down-tax-return-e-file-system.html



    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    One bar and generic topic 152

    Woke up this morning and STILL NO CHANGE! WTH is going on???? How can they keep processing new returns when prior returns are still sitting in outer gotdamn space!! I really wanted MY MONEY for super bowl weekend (lol to be honest). I have kids, a household to run and bills to pay! Give me my GOTDAMN money! All jokes aside this “resequencing” is driving me mad! I am highly irritated at this point and my patience has diminished!


    shanell fulton

    This is so damn frustrating!!!



    @ahhhh I was told the same thing until I talked to a tax advocate and they told me a lot of returns have been resequenced without codes do to the master file is full I asked why couldn’t the IRS agent tell me and she said they are not allowed!!



    Still no damn change. Last three years it took ten days to get my return back. I filed three returns this year: One for myself, one for my sister, and one for my mother, through Tax Slayer.
    Sister filed 1/19 still at one bar with no DDD, cannot order transcripts. Says info is wrong.
    Mom filed 1/23 bars went away last week and has a generic processing message, cannot order transcripts.
    I filed 1/25 still at one bar and no DDD. Was able to order account transcripts Friday but thats it.

    I dont know what is going on, but I have to agree with everyone else calling this bullshit. It’s not so much the wait that has me anxious as it is being in darkness, not knowing what is going on. I sincerely doubt that these DD dates that everyone is assuming will be correct, which is going to make for a lot of disappointment…



    How much you wanna bet their “systems broke down” so that they could catch up on all of the already filed returns and everybody who filed early? They can’t accept E-file returns for the next 2 days but it wont affect the people who already filed? Sounds to me like they will take this time to process our returns, give us a DDD of Monday 2/8 (like some ppl are getting) and have our money to us 1 day before the end of the 21 day period..
    Basically, they probably figured “oh shit” there are so many people filing right now, we are never going to be able to catch up to all these, and now they cant accept e-file. That gives them a reason to be late on the people’s that are filing right now and the que wont be anywhere close to full, so they will be able to drop us 1/11-1/20ers in there and get us processed before the 21 days.





    So im am confused I was accepted 1/22 h and r block still no movement and no update feeling pretty down about this but I will live I went all year with out it but was still hoping for it this weekend but with no ddd im sure that’s not gonna happen. I did call the irs this morning asking if I had gotten sent to the back of the pile like I have read others had the lady said that she had no clue what I was talking about and that its 21days period no extra days and as long as you don’t have a four number code you are good. I can not order my transcripts for return yet so I know mine has not been done and I am sure if I call another ext. to the irs I will be told something diff.



    1 bar
    7:30 Texas
    Filed: 1/23/2016
    Accepted: 1/23/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000

    This is bullshit, I’m just saying. My dad filed 2 days after me and got his refund yesterday, 2/3, and I’m still stuck on 1 bar. No offsets or anything. What’s going on. It’s like one person said, if we owed money, the Irs would be quick to take it.



    Does anyone know if the IRS will continue to process what they have even with some of their services down?



    Some time to tell you guys if you would listen the IRS where’s my refund their system has broken down the system broke down early yesterday and you cannot order transcripts and think that it’s going to give you a return date this is not true go on their site and check it out you also can no longer see your transcripts online because of identity theft go check it out on their site



    @jenn when did you get your 2 bars?



    IRS computer problems shut down tax return e-file system
    By AP Author
    Posted: 9:34 PM, February 03, 2016
    Updated: 9:34 PM, February 03, 2016
    WASHINGTON – The IRS stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns Wednesday because of problems with some of its computer systems. The outage could affect refunds, but the agency said it doesn’t anticipate “major disruptions.”

    A “hardware failure” forced the shutdown of several tax processing systems, including the e-file system, the IRS said in a statement. The IRS.gov website remains available, but “where’s my refund” and other services are not working.

    Some systems will be out of service at least until Thursday, the agency said. “The IRS is currently in the process of making repairs and working to restore normal operations as soon as possible,” the IRS said.

    Taxpayers can continue to send electronic returns to companies that serve as middlemen between taxpayers and the IRS. But those companies have to hold on to the tax returns until the IRS systems are up and running again, the IRS said.

    While the IRS said it is still assessing the scope of the outage, it expects 90 percent of taxpayers will receive refunds within three weeks.

    People who have already filed returns don’t need to do anything more, the IRS said.



    I am truly stunned at the Irs this year it seems us early filers are being penalized for filing early 1/19 to 1/23 a lot of us were resequenced how about work on our returns first before accepting new returns I still don’t know why we were resequenced and what it really means!!!



    Yeah I was able to order my transcripts yesterday morning.




    @ Jen – Were you able to order return transcript before your second bar appeared?



    2 bars
    6:30 a.m. Michigan
    Filed 1/31
    Accepted 1/31
    DDD 2/8



    Is it possible if I currently have one bar, and according to the schedule I should get my refund tomorrow, that I will get the last two bars and my refund tomorrow?



    i know i had to be one of the 1st ro file. why r ppl that just filed getting paid & im not. i got kids to feed & bills to pay and its real fucked up that the early bird doesn’t even get the damn worm. u cant actually talk to a real person when u call of u just stay on hold 4ever. i want my fucking money! i earned it now pay ip



    Per the IRS.gov yesterday ….
    IRS Statement on Experie/ncing Systems Outage
    Feb. 3, 2016
    The IRS experienced a hardware failure this afternoon affecting a number of tax processing systems, which are currently unavailable. Several of our systems are not currently operating, including our modernized e-file system and a number of other related systems. The IRS is currently in the process of making repairs and working to restore normal operations as soon as possible. We anticipate some of the systems will remain unavailable until tomorrow.
    The IRS remains in close contact with e-file software transmitters and the tax community during this period.
    A number of taxpayer and tax practitioner tools are unavailable. IRS.gov remains available, although a number of the services on the site are not, including Where’s My Refund.
    Taxpayers can continue to prepare and file their tax returns as they normally would. Taxpayers can continue to send their tax returns to their e-file provider; these companies will hold the tax returns until the IRS resumes accepting electronic tax returns. Taxpayers who have already filed their tax returns do not need to take any additional action.
    The IRS is still assessing the scope of the outage. At this time, the IRS does not anticipate major refund disruptions; we continue to expect that 9 out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days.



    filed: 01/20/16
    accepted: 01/20/16
    WMR: no bars since 01/25/16
    Turbo Tax

    No updates at all I will call today



    im so freaking upset right now. how can they just hold ur money like this? we all know what would happen if we were late paying them! im expecting nearly 9k and i want my money! i cant understand why its tsking so long. i’ve when filing at the same place for years last year it took me 6 days to get my refund now it’s been like 19 days no refund no movement on WMR no answers from IRS no nothing



    I filed on the 24th accepted same day. I thought I was weekly and wouldn’t know anything til Friday. I was able to order my acct trans last Wednesday but when it got here the following Monday it was blank. I called several times because I do have a problem from 2013 but it hadn’t became a bill yet or something like that. Woke up yesterday and was able to get my return trans. Called the offset number because I knew I had a small offset but thought it would come out of my state. The offset line today me it was paid with my federal that was set for Monday the 8th. Still thinking I wouldn’t see anything til Friday into Saturday but woke up with a ddd for Monday the 8th. So it’s not just Wednesday’s and Friday’s for ddd dates. I usually get mine back within a week. This year apparently it’s taking 2 weeks. Hope every one starts seeing their ddd soon. I do remember last year I lost my bars right before I got a ddd. That didn’t happen this year.



    Filed on 1/21 with TT
    update recieved 2/3 with DDD of 2/5



    Filed Jan 19th accepted the same day
    Still 1bar
    Topic 152
    Still no dd



    Still at bar 1.. accepted 1/20/16 – 14 days at bar 1.. no transcripts..no anything.. oh well guess i’ll check tmw..



    Filed 1/29. Accepted later that same morning. Nothing. Wish I was a lucky one lol



    @kay it was updated when I checked around 4:30. I was still at one bar around 1.



    They gave you a new update this morning?



    Filed- 1/23
    Return transcript – 2/3
    DDD – 2/4 for 2/8



    I filed on turbo tax for myself and my sister.

    Hers were filed
    Received 1/20
    1 bar on wmr

    Mines were files
    Received 1/21
    Approved 2/3
    Expected Ddd 2/5


    Trevor P

    Filed: 1-14-2016
    Accepted: 1-20-2016
    Offsets: No
    DD: ????
    15 days at 1 bar……..



    IRS computer problems shut down tax return e-file system
    By AP Author
    Posted: 9:34 PM, February 03, 2016
    Updated: 9:34 PM, February 03, 2016
    WASHINGTON – The IRS stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns Wednesday because of problems with some of its computer systems. The outage could affect refunds, but the agency said it doesn’t anticipate “major disruptions.”

    A “hardware failure” forced the shutdown of several tax processing systems, including the e-file system, the IRS said in a statement. The IRS.gov website remains available, but “where’s my refund” and other services are not working.

    Some systems will be out of service at least until Thursday, the agency said. “The IRS is currently in the process of making repairs and working to restore normal operations as soon as possible,” the IRS said.

    Taxpayers can continue to send electronic returns to companies that serve as middlemen between taxpayers and the IRS. But those companies have to hold on to the tax returns until the IRS systems are up and running again, the IRS said.

    While the IRS said it is still assessing the scope of the outage, it expects 90 percent of taxpayers will receive refunds within three weeks.

    People who have already filed returns don’t need to do anything more, the IRS said.



    I filed on the 21st with TT & was accepted on the 21st… So i thought.. ive been checking my status since Monday & still at 1 bar… I finally called the irs today to see whats going on & the man told me mines was delayed & was actually accepted on the 25th… So my 21days started from the 25th… So i dont know if im getting mines friday the 5th? or next week…



    2 bars
    Filed: 1/19/2016
    Accepted: 1/19/2016
    DDD: 02/05/16

    recieved DDD this morning on 2/3 and WMR has worked fine for me today.



    so IRS is having issues and is supposedly down, i’ve been unable to try to order transcripts since 8am.. I usually get refunded on Fridays (which means im a weekly.. i think) so hoping that I’ll see an update on Saturday or before..



    FILED IN TEXAS: 01/16
    ACCEPTED: 01/19
    NO DDD
    STILL @ 1 BAR.
    *crying softly* lol



    FILED: 1/27/2016
    ONE BAR!!! UGH!!!




    Filed 1/17

    Accepted 1/19

    Updated this morning (2/3 @ 530am)

    DDD 2/5

    Filed H&R Block online



    2 bars
    7:00am washington.
    Filed: 1/21/2016
    Accepted: 1/21/2016
    DDD: 2/5/2016



    @jennifer thank you!



    @Nikkinollie – Resequence means, that your file processing is pushed back a 1 week, because of the amount of tax forms they have received so instead of 21 day period, it is 28 days from when you filed.



    @candy I call the tax advocate line and told them I got a letter from the IRS witch I really didn’t made up a code they research my account and told me 1/19 thru 1/23 and so on a lot of us were resequenced due to master file being full I was pushed back a week!



    Ughh @sara the Irs told me the same thing I also called [email protected] block and had to tell them what resequenced meant will never file with them again filed 1/15 accepted 1/20 IRS said they did not pick up the return till the 22nd!!



    How do u find out if u be resepuences



    Hi All fellow resequencers, Spoke to an agent two days ago who told me i was resequenced. Filed 1/21, accepted 1/22. Irs shows accepted 1/25. Requires an additional 7 days with resequence with no error codes or anything showing wrong with my return. If you filed 1/21 or 1/22, you may have been shuffled back into back of the line. H&r block is ridiculous, didnt know what resequencing meant and no one who filed with them has got a refund. So we are looking at the 19th for DD. Agent also said it means additional 7 days on top of the 21. This is bullshit.




    @Dorene it could be that you were resequenced like me and a lot of others I got pushed back a week and I filed 1/15/16 and accepted on the 20th IRS told me people with dates 1/19 thru 1/23 a lot of them were resequenced the master file for this batch was full so instead of getting it on the 5th we will either get it on the 12th or the 19 the!



    @Awry mine from [email protected] block says the same thing I called tax advocate and IRS and both said a lot of returns are being resequenced including mine they are putting me behind a week and I filed 1/15 and accepted on the 20th they did not start on my return till the 22nd called [email protected] block and asked why I have that message when my refund hasn’t been approved and he said because you were accepted and its processing!



    Did anyone who received their refund still have one bar at the time of the deposit?

    One bar still
    Filed: 1/27/2016
    Excepted: 1/27/2016 (5 mins later)
    No DDD



    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    One bar and generic topic 152

    HR Block is useless, calling them and asking questions made me even more frustrated…all the rep kept saying was “your refund will process within 21 days, its not delayed”! WTF, hello???? It has never taken this long before every prior year for the past 4 years I received my return within 10 days!
    I am tired of waiting, they don’t wait to take my money…lol sorry I am ranting but seriously this is getting out of hand now!



    Well looks like any hope of getting a DDD tomorrow for Friday is out the window….




    @ Bonnie -I just called the H&R block number filed and accepted on 1-25 is said your taxes are complete we are will update your when the IRS has released your RAL. Does this mean my refund is being sent today?? Thanks so much



    Question to those that have a refund already. Did you see nay update on WMR or it was still at one bar?



    Filed: 1-29-16
    Accepted: 1-29-16 per TT
    one bar on WMR-no DDD



    Filed online with HRB on 1/14. Accepted 1/15. Still stuck on 1 bar, only able to order account transcript and no IRS DDD. Called customer service for HRB today because their website shows expected DDD to be 2/5. HRB associate told me DDD is 2/10. I questioned why the HRB website says 2/5..first said he could not explain and then admitted that he was looking at Refund Estimate schedule that is provided online…that he had no definite information from the IRS. Total waste of time! So, I sit and wait..and hope.



    @amber I am also in Texas and [email protected] block also stated that to me as well I filed on 1/15 and was accepted 1/20 I called the tax advocate line to get a status of my return I was stuck on the processing bar and come to find out the dates of acceptance are wrong the IRS took the return but did not process them till two days after and most people who have not received dd from 1/19 and 1/22 and later have been resequenced and pushed back a week do to the master file is full instead of getting diirect deposit on the 5 the we are now getting pushed to the next two batches witch would be the 12 th !or 19 th!



    2 bars
    Filed: 01/20/2016
    Accepted: 01/20/2016
    Ordered Acct Transcripts: 01/30/2016
    Ordered Return Transcripts: 02/02/2016
    WMR Updated: 02/03/2016
    DDD: 02/05/2016



    Just FYI there are a lot of us who field 1/19 to 1/23 who are delayed a week and resequenced as I found out today please do not listen to [email protected] block when I told them I was resequenced they didn’t even know what that meant there apparently was two million filer’s on the 19 it overloaded some master file I am now pushed to the 19 instead of the 5th!!!



    WMR is down for me in PA right now, as is the transcript service. Had no updates this AM, here’s our info.

    Filed and accepted 1/28 with TT
    PA, no transcripts, 1 bar

    My sister:
    Filed and accepted 1/24 with TT
    PA, only account transcript, 1 bar



    So if we filed with hrb and they tell us that we will get our refunds DDD on the 5th or 6th then I would think that their would be some kind of update with the IRS,I e-filed with hrb and have checked both the hrb website and the IRS website with no changes

    My info

    E-filed 1/19/16

    Accepted 1/21/16

    No offsets

    Refund is over 5k

    No updates on hrb and wmr

    Was told I would get it the 5th




    That’s what I was told, by the office manager of the hnr block office I went to. She said that the first batch of returns for people that filed with them from the 19-29th will get their direct deposit on the 5th or 6th depending on who you bank with and how their deposit system works. Either day is good for me but the 5th would be great.Lol anyways hope this helps and gives you some reassurance.



    Accepted- 1/14/2016

    Org. from 1/14/2016- 1/30/2016 1 Bar on WMR.

    On 1/31/16 all bars gone and as of 2/3/16 still going with message .

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information.
    However- WMR Says is currently down. Could this be the cause of the error / bars missing?

    I called State on 2/2/16 and they told me my return was accepted and processed with DD date.

    I have never had State processed before Fed.

    I have never wait more than 7-14 Days.

    Last year I was accepted and paid with in 7 days and I have a simple return not complex.



    So if I filed and was accepted 1/28 at h&r block, would I get a DD on Friday? WMR hasn’t updated neither has h&r block.



    E-Filed 1/19/2016
    Accepted 1/19/2016
    NO DDD
    No offsets
    First bar still….UGH



    @kayla your welcome. I know how frustrating it is to wait so long without knowing anything. Last year we got it so fast but we didn’t file till the beginning of February last year and this year we filed early. But it takes a little stress of us knowing we just have to wait a couple more days. ???



    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25 with Turbo Tax
    Still one bar not Ddd
    State taxes are scheduled to be DD Monday 2/8
    I’ve never in my life received state before federal…. Wow



    @xoxo808xoxo The exact same thing happened to me this morning. I closed the app and reopened and it said I’ve exceeded the daily limit. Im like wth I couldn’t access anything. So lets hope its something good




    Thank you. That’s exactly what I’m going through. I called HRB and my SSN wouldn’t work so I hope that it comes within a couple of days.



    Hey guys just wanted to share some information with you in case y’all are still stuck on one bar and no update on WMR like I am. Okay so my info is filed 1/22/16 got accepted 1/22/16 filed at h&r block office in Texas. I called the 800 number for h&r block to check the status of my refund and it said that there was no account with my social security # so I called the local office where I filed and the lady that helped us was there and was able to let me know that if you filed with H&R and got direct deposit to your own bank account and filed between the 19-29th then you will be getting your refund on 2/5 or 2/6 depending on how your bank works. H&r hasn’t received any money from the treasury yet to release to it’s clients that have filed with them because they won’t release it till the 5th. She did assure me that our refund was sent in and accepted on the 22nd so we will be getting ours by the 5th. That is such a relief because I’m still on one bar on WMR and tax topic 152 and no other info. Just wanted to let y’all know and hopefully it helps and we can rest a little easier knowing we just have to wait 2 more days.!! ???



    Filed and accepted 1/23
    Oredered transcripts on 2/1
    Approved 2/3
    DDD 2/5



    I’ve been checking like crazy. Finally this morning I called HRB. It says my refund was accepted and is being sent to the bank and will let me know when it’s deposited. It didn’t give me a DDD. I didn’t even know it was approved cause the IRS website still shows one bar. Been stuck on one bar for the past week. I think your better to call HRB if you filed with them.


    Submitted: 1/29
    Accepted: 1/29
    DDD: none according to the IRS

    If you



    Filed- 1/22/16
    Accepted- 1/22/16
    Approved- 1/30/16
    Scheduled DDD 2/3/16
    Deposit received- 2/3/6

    The deposit never updated to “sent” on IRS website.


    Brie from STL

    ACCEPTED 1/20

    152 TAX TOPIC




    Filed 1/19/15 got accepted 1/21/16,refund schedule says I should get my refund on 2/5/16 but hrb says expected DDD is 2/11/16,checked wmr today with no update



    Filed : 1/25
    Accepted: 1/25
    Still only one bar.
    No ddd


    Bella B.

    FILED – 01/24/2016
    ACCEPTED – 01/24/2016 (5MINS LATER)
    DDD – 00/00/00




    Quick question,

    I am going overseas for over a week and I am afraid IRS might send a letter. I filed using TT.
    My question is how would I know whether or not IRS have sent any letter?

    Please advise :)



    I file on Jan 23
    Accepted on Jan 23

    I’m still on one bar…..
    Hoping for an update Friday with a DDD for Wednesday..

    My people that file before me have DDD for Friday 2/5

    I’ll keep y’all posted



    filed on 1/22
    accepted on 1/22
    still one bar on WMR

    New York



    Filed 01/24/2016
    Received 01/24/2016
    Still on 1st bar
    Used H&R Block


    ruth bonifacio

    I e file on 19th accepted on 19th … only one bar no dddd yet …. please help


    ruth bonifacio

    1 bar
    Filed: 1/19/2016
    Accepted: 1/19/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000



    I’m a bit confused this morning. My boyfriend filed on 1/25 and got accepted 1/25 TT. 1 bar. Ordered account transcript.

    I filed 2/1 and got accepted 2/1 TT. 1 bar. Ordered account transcript.

    I went to check his account on WMR and still 1 bar as of today.

    I checked my account and it say WMR unavailable.

    It will let me in his account, but not mine. Anyone else experience this???



    I checked this morning and it says my refund is being processed with no bars and 152 topic ….is this bad ?

    accepted 1/13/2016
    submitted 1/7/2016
    no ddd



    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    One bar and generic topic 152

    Still on one bar! No movement, checked WMR this morning and no update. However, my brother and my co-worker both filed 01/23, had offsets and have DDD of (today) 02/03/16. WTH I have no offsets and filed before them and no action….
    I am very inpatient at this point, I also called the refund hotline and the system doesn’t even recognize my SSN….this is such BS!! I can order account transcripts but no return! FML



    @kellyspecial I can not order my return transcripts yet.. :( I think I see the regular ones but ill try again, and ive talked to the irs and the financial company that liberty tax uses and they said pretty much what wmr said, because they wouldn’t know until the deposit I would assume. and I have no idea if my liberty tax office has started to see deposits or not. ugh this is so frustrating I need that money and im tired of not knowing… mine never updated last year either so… still hoping for the 5th :(



    Idk.. I’m not holding out hope for this wk.. But I guess it could change.. And omg!! I’d be freaking about moving, too!! Can you amend your address?



    filed 1/22
    accepted 1/22
    one bar still



    Same thing no change 1/19 filer accepted 1/20 5mins after I filed and account trainees last week no return transcripts yet last year I received my ddd on 2/11 whic was a Wednesday year before that got it on a Friday my last year’s cycle code was an 0505 so I’m hoping and wishing for a ddd of this Friday or Wednesday lost hope of getting a ddd this Friday wmr just isn’t moving for me c’mon 1/20/16 filers time for irs to que us a ddd



    BECKY~~~~~>>> why so rude? some folks do not put the time into leaching onto the IRS. Maybe you and all of your fabulous knowledge can dress up like lady liberty and wave at cars,, represent girl.

    your attitude stinks..i smell it thru my monitor!

    Leah, no question is stupid… (cannot say the same for people)




    What foes it mean when the IRS resequenced your return I called this morning and they told me they need a week more to process my return! Please help



    Mine updated this morning.

    Filed: 1/16

    Accepted: 1/19

    Approved: 2/3

    DDD: 2/5




    What does it mean when the Irs resequenced your return ! I called them this morning and they tolled me they resequenced me 1 week?please help!!



    @kelly Im assuming this to mean we wont get a dd on Friday? I want to call the irs so bad but someone in another forum said avoid calling until day 21 atleast. I just want to know if there is a problem with my taxes. Im moving to another state tomorrow so if they send a letter it will be held up for a couple of weeks until my mail is forwarded. Ugh this is maddening.



    I KNOW RIGHT?! I’ve never got mine past the first wk of Feb.. This is beyond maddening.. They’re playing with our money.. Which is basically saying that they’re playing with our lives! Ugh



    I filed my taxes on Jan, 19th was accepted on Jan. 21. I checked wmr this morning its on the 2nd bar and stated my refund should be in my account on Feb. 5th



    @kelly this is beyond frustrating. I always get a Friday ddd. But nothing this year.



    WMR just updated for me this morning!!!!

    2 bar
    Washington State.
    Filed: 1/17/2016
    Accepted: 1/19/2016
    DDD: 02/05/2016



    I am on the same boat.. Filed 1/15 accepted 1/19.. Nothing. But I just called and the lady said wait till Feb. 9.. So.. I guess that makes 21 days.. Maybe we’ll have a refund before then.. We can only hope..


    2016 Tax payer

    Filed 1/27
    Irs received 1\28

    Still at 1 bar…. Hoping for a 2/5 deposit and just wmr app glicting and hasnt updated for me



    I am a little concerned this is my first post here i am wondering if anyone else has seen any wmr bar movement yet i filed 1/202016 and was accepted 1/20/2016 still no update on wmr could order my account transcript but not my return as of this morning thanks in advance for anyone who replys to me



    filed on 01/20 , accepted in 01/20 i have one bar i am still unable to order my return transcript i know that i have an offset, but please take the money that is owed and give me the rest omg….is there anyone who had an offset, yet has still gotten their refund or at least a ddd?



    Filed on 18th accepted on the 19 no update last night. Wth is going on? Help should I call the irs yet?



    How often does the wmr websit update? I filed on 01/26/2016 and it was accepted the same day and still has no DD date.



    @ melissa are you about to order both transcripts?




    When checking Republic Bank and entering in my Info… under refund amount, is it the same number I use when checking WMR? Or the total after fees? I filed with Jackson Hewitt.



    I got an email from HR Block thanking me for using them and asking me to take a survey. But I’m still at 1 bar on wmr. Is getting that email a good sign?



    well it never updated for me but my office is cutting me a paper check so maybe I will get a surprise call today or Friday but mine never updated last year so im still hopefully for the the 5th


    Feeling Abused

    2 bars on wmr, but was deposited today. DDD states deposit for today. I suspect I could’ve had it earlier, but I went through EFILE.COM and they held my funds until IRS told them to release on the exact date.

    I will not use EFILE.COM again…they have no live customer service, have never responded to my emails, and did not update me whatsoever as to my refund being received or that they were depositing funds…plus the only reason o chose to use them is because their estimated return calculator stated that I should receive close to $10,000 back after I plugged in the same exact information I eventually used to file my taxes..too bad it was approx $5000 less. I think they use this tool to bait people into using the product, but I’m good now…For 2017, I will be taking my happy butt and my W-2s to the IRS office and filing for free.


    Feeling Abused


    800-829-0582 ext 332



    Anyone know of a good number to actually speak to someone? Filed the 18th, accepted the 19th and still no DDD. Checked and there are no offsets. Been able to order my return transcript since last week.


    Sarah Voss

    Filed 1/5 with free tax USA
    Accepted 1/12
    Ordered both transcripts 1/29
    Got DDD on 1/30 for 2/3
    Received refund on 2/3 at 6am
    I bank with Wells Fargo



    mine is suppose to direct deposit today also and it has not showed that it sent but I called my bank yesterday and it was pending for coming into today.



    What does this mean i just checked

    TPG has not received your federal tax refund.
    Your expected IRS funding date of 2/3/2016 has passed, and the IRS has delayed the processing of your tax return. Check the status of your refund by calling the IRS at 800.829.1040. If we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions.



    Accepted 1/22. NO Movement until this morning, finally got to a second bar with a DDD of 2/5. I have BOA, has anyone else with a DDD 2/5 received today?



    Accepted: 1/20
    Method: TurboTax

    I say there is no method to
    How they process returns. Just the luck of the draw. Le sigh.



    Wmr says approved and it will be sent by 2/3/16 & if not received by 2/8/16 contact bank. But it is not showing sent today as it says. When will it be sending?



    Mine is still 1 bar as well filed 1/15 accepted 1/19 so stressed out my fellow Americans

    TOPIC 152
    Can order account trans but not refund trans



    Filed jan 18 accepted Jan 19th still one line my girl friend filed the same time I did same day and hers was approved this morning with a ddd of Feb 5th



    If you filed with TaxAct & or Jackson Hewitt and opted to pay your fees with your tax return then Republic Bank will receive it and take the fees out before sending the remaining funds to your debit card or whoever you chose.

    You can check to see if Republic Bank received your refund simply by entering your info at




    Updated wmr overnight said refund will be here 2/5

    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 1/30
    Wmr was 1 bar TT 152 until this morning updated to 2/5 ddd two bars



    Checked this morning no updated.

    Filed 1/21
    Accepted 1/22 according to HRB
    Accepted 1/25 according to IRS
    Approved: waiting DDD: none

    Im trying to be patient but when my coworker files two days after me and receives his refund yesterday with a DDD of 2/3. I’m might start to get slightly irritated. Especially when he has way more dependents than me lol



    What’s the hotline #?

    Found it.




    Just checked wmr no update like they said it would,getn kind of tired of waitn for wmr to update,any one get their update


    Quiet Observer

    Call the hotline…. DDD 2/5. File 19th, accepted 21st. Able to order RETURN transcripts yesterday morning. H and r block user. Good luck.



    @ Angela – it has up to 6am to finish i think..



    Is WMR already done updating for the day?



    Just checked wmr and it says information not available, try again later,I think its updating



    I filed Jan 25 accepted the same day. No ddd. No update to wmr still on one bar. Can’t order transcripts it says technical error. Boooo! If filed on the 25th and got refund of $5000 or more post please!



    Accepted 1/23/16
    1 Bar
    No DDD

    I can order trans by mail, what does that mean?



    Well it looks like I still have the one bar.. Maybe it hasn’t had a chance to update yet.. *wishful thinking* I need my money like yesterday.. WORST TAX YEAR TO DATE



    Filed 01/11/2016
    Accepted 01/19/2016
    DDD 02/03/2016
    Went from 1 bar to 2 bars on 1/30/2016 I checked at 3:30 am it still didn’t update. When I woke up at 9am it had updated!

    Used HR Block Tax Cut



    Last year I filed on Jan 27th and my deposit was at 2:41 am on Feb 4th.
    My WMR did not update last year, it was one the receive bar the whole time, and it did not update until two days after I received the deposit. So if your WMR is not updating give it time, and keep checking your bank, and if the 21 days is up than I would suggest calling IRS.

    I filed this year on Jan 25th. My WMR has not updated yet it’s still on the receiving bar being processed. However on Turbotax where I done my taxes, 20% has already gotten their refund back who filed on the 25th, now just hoping I am in the next percentage tomorrow.



    The transcripts don’t have anything to do with it the fourm on facebook tuns of people got there money before they could order them that system is new and takes a long time to update. just like wmr doesn’t update always I always get my money before it does atleast I did last year and I believe the year before.



    @jasmine — I can’t wait!! =)



    @jasmine look in the forum 1/28 Filed and Accepted POST HERE

    At the very top I was talking to a guy tonight about the transcripts..you may find it reassuring



    @BrittanyD – Fingers crossed for some GREAT news in the AM




    I’m glad I’m not the only one that HASN’T been able to but no I don’t have a DDD yet! I’m hoping tonight that WMR will update!! =)




    No return transcript means your return is not finished processing. Once you can order it, you’ll have a DDD within 2 days.



    @jasmine thats a good question!



    Filed 1-22-16
    Accepted 1-23-16
    Still only one bar has not been approved yet. No ddd



    Has anyone who HASN’T been able to order their RETURN TRANSCRIPT RECEIVED a DDD? I’m unable to order mine. Hoping that this means nothing and WMR updates tmw with a DDD for Friday.



    Filed 1/16/16
    Accepted 1/20/16
    One bar
    No ddd
    Filed with H&R Block



    Filed Jan 18
    IRS received Jan 19th
    Still one bar as of Feb 2nd @ 8:00pm
    State: Georgia

    I hate waiting!



    So I did some lookn around about when wmr updates and heard a lot of different answers but the one that came up the most was that wmr updates on wensday only,I also did some dign on deposit dates and pretty much if you filed the 19th and get accepted between then and the 29th of January that you’ll get your refund on the 5th of February,my question is has any one gotn their refund with out wmr updating

    Also hoping that I see a update tomorrow on wmr I’ll post if I get an approval



    What does it mean when I can’t order either transcripts but I was able to order the account transcripts a couple days ago?
    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    Still at 1 bar on wmr



    1 bar
    Filed: 1/15/2016
    Accepted: 1/15/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000

    I’m still at one bar, and my bars never disappeared, but I was able to order a return transcript. I’m hoping this is a good sign.



    Filed: 1/16

    Accepted: 1/19

    Approved: N/A

    DDD: N/A




    FILED: 1/14/16
    SUBMITTED: 1/20/16
    ACCEPTED: 1/20/16


    **HOWEVER, talked to 2 other people, (we all filed differently) and yesterday, we all had the same WMR status, but I checked with my tax preparer’s website just moments ago and it stated, “The IRS has accepted your return and your federal taxes are complete. The IRS is currently preparing your refund. We’ll update our systems when your Refund…. NO DATE WAS GIVEN, but it didn’t say that this morning.

    One of the other individuals I checked with had the EXACT same message from their preparer, only their WMR was still at 1 bar as well.

    The third individual now has 2 bars, but no DDD given.

    I think the electronic communication between the IRS & these companies is out of sync.

    I believe there have been some setbacks with the extreme weather and perhaps the IRS is being even more cautious given the previous years fraud & theft committed however, I believe if you don’t see an update in the morning, check both the WMR and your preparer’s website to see if they both are giving you the exact same information.







    When I did my taxes with taxact, I opted in for the text message status updates. So, I got a text message from Republic Bank to my cell phone with the message.



    Filed: 01/22/16
    Accepted: 01/25/16
    DDD: 01/29/16



    Seeing lots of updates. Here is one from the various ones I have in a related article:

    I filed with jackson hewitt for the first this year due to turbo tax taking over the 21 days last year. I filed 1/21 and was accepted 1/22. Still on the 1st bar for federal. I checked my pa taxes and they have been processed since 1/25 and says your refund has been processed but not yet deposited please allow 3-6 weeks for depsit. Jh said in fine print i would receive state in 3-5 days when i filed and said most receive refund in less then 10 days for federal. IM TIRED OF THE WAITING GAME!!!!! UGH…



    @yes…. I too go through Republic bank but I’m not sure how to check to see if have a deposit coming through. Are you able to help me out with that???




    so im pretty much hoping for the 5th…. :( if not then I guess oh well I give up



    So I just got a text message from Republic Bank & Trust that says my tax return was deposited in my bank account and it should be available from 1 to 5 days!

    I originally filed with taxact.


    2016 Tax payer

    The Santa Barbara tax payer login says it cant log me in bc it doesn’t have anything match my ssn… And i cant order transcrpit bc it keeps saying my address doesn’t match. Filed with TurboTax 1/27 irs received it 1/28
    Still at 1 bar (processing) it has NEVER taken this long for an irs approval before. And I filed with same dependents and everything as last year.



    The only thing that has changed this morning is that I am able to order account transcripts, but not return transcripts. Still at one bar. I filed 1/23 am at one bar.
    My sister filed 1/19 and is still at one bar.
    My mother filed 1/21 and has no bars, just a generic message saying they are processing. When I try to order her transcripts it says, “Your request cannot be completed. Please contact us at 1-800-908-9946, our automated telephone self service, to order an account or a return transcript.” This is her first year filing, do you think that could be why?



    @ella where did you see that info on your efile order? Can’t seem to find it on this years or last.



    I officially gave up this morning. I don’t care anymore. When I get the money, I’ll get it. If there’s an issue, it will be worked out. It mentions on the irs website not to make plans according to when you think you’ll receive the money and boy! They weren’t lying! I’m tired of getting stressed out and acting like a crack head constantly checking and rechecking the progress of a friggin bar! I never wanna hear the word “Bar” again unless it’s referring to candy! Lol!



    Filed 1/26/2016. Accepted same day but can still only order account transcripts. Hoping I get a DDD soon



    1 Bar
    Filed 1/19/2016
    Approved 1/21/2016



    @ Travis – it could mean you’re going to get your DDD soon. I’ve seen multiple ppl lose their bars only to have the bars return and have a DDD the next day, but then again sometimes the bar disappears and reappears still on the same bar. Its a waiting game.



    Bars missing and it says your refund is still being processed and a refund date will be given when available. Tax topix 152. Anyone have any idea what this means



    Filed 1/11
    Accepted 1/14
    Could get account transcripts 1/28
    WMR changed from one bar/topic 152 to no bars and return date will be given when processed overnight/this morning
    Still can’t order return transcripts…thinking that’s coming in the next day or two.



    Filed on 1/19/16
    Accepted on 1/19/16
    STILL NO CHANGE IN BARS…… still processing


    T Wiggins

    EFILE 1/10/2016
    ACCEPTED 1/12/2016
    DOD 02/03/2016

    I believe there is a processing delay, which caused it to be backed up. Many wont receive refunds until later part of this week. Or maybe early next week.



    I’m in TX, as of 2/2/16 5:22 am CST, WMR is available again and I am still stuck on one bar. FML



    The wmr has been saying it unavailable for me since 3am,hoping for an update and a dd day,I’m in Ohio so I don’t know if the wmr changes by the states.



    Just tried checking WMR and its unavailable right now.. Fingers Crossed for a DDD finally.



    I have a submission number of 20160233 Does this mean

    Can someone help me figure out my DD please.
    I read elsewhere that they are processing cycle 2 taxes

    I dont know how I can view my transcripts online, but I got this number off my efile stating irs accepted my returns.

    thanks everyone


    stacey sassy

    1 bar
    3:24am, Florida
    Filed: 1/27/2016
    Accepted: 1/28/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000



    Filed: 1/24
    No DD yet.
    No offsets
    Tried to order tax transcripts it says information doesn’t match.
    I’m in SC.
    Last year I filed on 2/2
    DD: 2/12
    It didn’t updated until the Tuesday or Wednesday before deposit date



    Well a change. Lost bars, generic will post date when available. Let’s me know something is happening finally. No offsets, not under review per IRS. Just “going through the motions.” per very nice IRS agent earlier today.



    @sarah Voss Thank you for that post! Wow…helps to shine a more practical light on some of this stuff.



    Sent to IRS
    January 20, 2016
    IRS Accepted
    January 22, 2016
    1 bar


    Lora hubbard

    What did this MEAN????

    We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    The date you mailed your return



    I fill my taxes on the 21st morning..
    Acceptes the same day around 8:00pm
    Still 1 bar.. I want to know in wich circle im at,



    Heh.. There’s no explanation as to why myself and many others got our returns accepted two weeks ago.. And some even longer, and there’s no movement.. Nothing is happening.. And yet there are others who get processed all the way through in 3 days.. I’ll never understand..


    Sarah Voss

    I hope this helps.

    I found this on another site

    Sara WyrickWe are the original TAX FAMILY!!
    9 mins ·
    Good Morning!!!! I am going to explain somethings here so everyone please read this very carefully!!
    1. Transcripts will begin back processing this evening into tomorrow morning fro the daily returns.. this is cycle 02… around 6am we will start seeing people with access to both transcripts… this is a good thing.. meaning your return is finsihed processing.,,, Wednesday morning, WMR will update for a deposit day of 2/5!!! If you are a 02 cycle (daily cycle) and lost bars etc, last week,,, this is your chance to resquence and process….. if the batch is not full they may process other post hold returns.
    2. Post hold returns are returns that posted but did not process yet… example… you can order account transcripts but no return transcripts… you are considered in a post hold which is also called system idle. what does this mean? This means that your return was indeed posted but has not been worked and is now sitting there waiting for your next cycle process to repost and process….Thes reason you lose your bars, tax topic, 21 day message, etc…. is because you are sitting in the post hold (idle) waiting for your next cycle… Now… today is an elongated day… meaning a day for long processing due to the deferred day Friday which is a non posting day for daily retuns and yes they have to post as many as these returns as they system allows…. so some of these returns will begin to process tonight into tomorrow morning… the system will shut down between 330 and 6am to download the return transcripts etc, so after 6am we will start seeing this updates.
    3.Address Issues: Now if you can order your account transcripts with your old address then this means your return is posted but has not been worked… the new address will not update until your return has been processed and indeed posted… this is when you will be able to access transcripts with your new address and your return will be finished processing. It will only change when your return transcript has been processed and updated.
    4. Resequencing: This is due to the returns posting but not being able to process… reasons for resequencing… early filing, full cycle which causes post hold, error on return, etc…. each return that is resequenced goes to the next date for that cycle to process and waits for its turn… now returns can be resequenced over and over due to amount of returns already being processed.. They do have a daily processing limit.
    5. Weekly returns post on Thursday for processing on Friday… Wmr on Saturday for ddd of Wednesday… Weekly returns will not process until Friday….
    6. Daily vs Weekly… Cycles 01 02 03 04 are daily cycles. 05 is the only weekly cycle!
    7. The word cycle has 2 different meanings when it comes to the IRS manual. Cycle is used for days and weeks… so example 20150304 the 03 is your weekly cycle number to where 04 is your daily cycle and so on….
    Now I know this is alot to read and concept….. and I know I have left tons of things out but this is were we are gonna start today…. so ya’ll work with me and we will make it throw this!!



    Filed 1-6
    Accecpted 1-11
    Sat on one bar till 1-30 @ 3:55 am approved
    Ddd 2-3
    Normally doesnt take this long fri the 1-29 i was able to order transcripts . i lost my bars an it said no info still further processing. Then the update. I then went in sbbt and checkd for second time and lockd out hoping my depo there tomarrow( 2-2) i have netspend i use regularly.

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