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    Please only post here if you’re IRS WMR has updated. Please use the format below in order to keep this organized for everyone to use.

    This is my information, please change the information when you post your own.

    1 bar
    11:00am Illinois.
    Filed: 1/09/2016
    Accepted: 1/12/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000

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    Hi! I am wondering if anyone can tell me if when you try to get your transcripts and it says unable to locate your info… Does this mean they want to verify your identity??



    I mailed out my tax return on 3/16. Checked WMR on 4/1 and There is one bar saying return was accepted and is still processing. Idk if my refund will be approved tho. I also have topic 152 on the bottom of the screen as well. I dont know if that even means anything. We will see though



    I mailed my returns but forgot to include child tax credit form.Returns was accepted but later all bars disappeared.Today I tried to check WMR but my informations don’t match with ITS record.I called IRS and was told that I didn’t include child tax credit form and that they will send.me a letter on how to send it to them. Is rhwrw anyway I can fax it before they send.the letter and please is their any fax number I can use.



    I wanted to make another comment. I have seen several posts of ppl stating they will never use tax slayer again, H & R Block, Turbo Tax or Tax Act. The issues with the returns have nothing to do with the software used to transmit them. I think they are processing them in batches. Because as stated before my daughters filed on the same day, accepted the same day, however one daughter lost all bars and the other one didn’t, however both refunds were deposited into their accounts on the same day. I hope that’s the issue. I have seen on my local news of several reports of the IRS during extra screening for id theft.



    Just a bit of information, both of my daughters filed their tax returns and were accepted on 01/19/16. One daughter status stayed on 1 bar and had no movement, which was unusual because normally the approval shows up within 3 or 4 days. The other daughter’s bars completely disappeared a week after filing and being accepted. After reading several comments on the internet she we were convinced that she was pulled for maybe id verification or something of that nature. We just couldn’t figure it out because she has claimed her same 3 children, I mean there was no drastic income changes, we just couldn’t imagine why this happened. I read that when you check your status too often that cause this to occur or if there was heavy traffic on WMR this causes it to occur. The only thing is my other daughter didn’t lose her bars, she was just stuck on one bar. Then the IRS put out a statement that their was a software or hardware issue which has created a delay in processing refunds. But several ppl sated that they hear the IRS was running behind with processing and that was the true issue. IDK but on 02/07/16 we check and both daughters were approved and DDD dates of 02/10/16. So its really hard to pin point what is really going on when bars disappear.



    WMR is showing approved and DDD 2/18. However, the funds did not hit my Netspend card on 3 days early. Which is unusual. Is there anyone having this same issue?


    Jody Johnson

    Filed 1/7/16
    Accepted 1/13/16
    IRS Accepted actually 1/19
    Called 2/8/16, Advised my return was Unpostable as of 1/29/16
    ID Verify 2/10/16 – Unpostable closed and all questions answered.
    2/16/16-Called again today to check the status, The IRS Agent said the Unpostable is closed, but the return is like hung up somewhere, and for me to call ID Verify again to see if they need to do something else to release my return. So for an entire week it’s been sitting in limbo, not being worked on, not in process, nothing! This is pissing me off seriously! I need my damn money!



    I’m lost,if wmr shows no error codes and when I call the automated system it says theirs no codes then why when I talked to a IRS rep says their is



    What I don’t get is I never got any error codes or anything so how is it when I call all of a sudden theirs errors



    So just got off the phone with the IRS and theirs an error on my return, sure does take them a long time to send out letters,I had two different w2’s to file but one came late so I used my last paycheck stub as the w2 but I was off by 100 dollars



    My bars disappeared yesterday. Called IRS today ,
    Select English , then 2 then keep hitting 0 and it will take you to someone.
    I’ve been chosen for ID verify.
    Safe to say I won’t be getting my return no time soon. I’m so irritated.



    Still can’t order return transcript, kind of worried,wmr still hasn’t updated,when I do call the IRS its all automated and can’t talk to a real person,I’ll keep trying until I find something out



    My scenario :
    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Bars went away
    Verified ID 1/29
    Ordered return transcript 1/30
    Bars reappeared and DDD 2/10
    Funds sent to bank on WMR 2/12
    Today 2/13 still no money in bank
    Called and said refund is on hold 2/13
    Tried to see if u can order my trascript again and it went thru. Was told by IRS rep that i may or may not receive a letter, but do not call until after 28 March. I need my money!!



    Me and you are literally in the same boat ! My bars disappeared too. I filed /accepted 1/25 ! Hope this is good news !! Sheesh took them long enough



    Finally some movement! My bars went away with a tax topic 152 which is great, because when my sisters done that hers updated with a DDD right away. So I have some hope that I will be getting a DDD this week!!!! Filed 1/25



    Filed: 1/29/2016
    Accepted: 1/29/2016
    Bars Went missing 2/4/2016
    DDD: 02/13/2016

    I freaked out when my bar disappear. But I watched all of your comments and it made me feel good to know I wasn’t alone. I woke up a few minutes ago, 6:34 Eastern, to see my DDD and the bar return. The bar now says REFUND APPROVED. In a message below it says my refund may be reduced due to past debt(federal). In my case the info is valid. I hope this helps someone



    Identity Theft alert is what caused my delay…..

    30 days to receive my DDD

    I hope my information help the next person.

    IRS accepted my return on 1/14
    IRS processed my return 1/20
    WMR bars went missing 1/30
    I ordered my Acct Transcript on 2/4
    No Topic message
    I ordered my Return Transcript on 2/12
    WMR bars returned on 2/13 showing approved
    My DDD for 2/18 (going to Netspend Acct)


    Brittney B.

    So FINALLY today I was able to order my 2015 RETURN transcript from my NEW address!!!! Really hoping this means I will get my DDD soon!!! Hoping for an update in the next couple of days! I filed on 1/11 accepted 1/14 (IRS stated) when I called and they said that unfortunately my return just got pushed back and the processing was delayed and to give it until the 15th before calling back but there were no errors, no need to verify my identity, and also no codes or letters being mailed out. Now that I can finally order my return transcript and also order it from my new address really gave me hope!!! I almost gave up!



    Cody, I got off the phone with the IRS today and they said no errors and that I don’t have to verify id (for me personally). She said they just need one more week of processing.

    -1/21 filed
    -No Bars
    -Tax Topic 152 present



    So the 11th was the 21st day so what I’m hearing is Tuesday is when we should see some kind update



    So not only did us 1 25ers get stuck in the loop, President day is Monday so we actually have to wait till Tuesday, ie,22 days,not 21…..



    Filed 1/25 STILL NO MOVEMENT! Are you f*cking kidding me?!?



    Filed 1/16/16 TaxAct
    Accepted 1/17/16
    Bars disappeared 1/30/16

    Still no bars as of today, however yesterday was my 21 days so I was able to actually call the IRS and get some answers. Turns out I had to prove my identity and my refund is officially being processed… Could be 9 more weeks before I receive it. : (

    Also if you would like to get an actual human being on the phone @ IRS, call 800-829-1040 press 1 for English then 2 for personal and keep hitting 0 until it says your call my be monitored. They will transfer you to someone who can help you!

    Also, you can google your state’s department of revenue and check to see whether your refund is even being processed too. For NC is says Where’s My Refund-Individual.

    Hope this helps…



    Today is the 21st day and no refund,no bars on wmr I’m freakn out bad right now I need my money wtf



    Filed 1/25 accepted the same day (according to Taxslayer) and still NOTHING. One bar. Cant order return transcripts. Pissed off.


    Brittney B.

    I filed on Jan. 11th with Turbo Tax, got accepted on the 12th, but when I talked to the IRS they said I was accepted on Jan. 14th but then again reminded me that they did not officially begin processing until the 19th. My bar stayed on 1 for awhile then all of a sudden I had no bars and as of this morning still no bars. I called the IRS 2 different times and got the same answer both times. They researched all the screens and didn’t see any codes or letters being mailed out and told me that it was still being processed and to give it until the 15th but not to call until the 16th because they are closed for Presidents Day. I am really hoping something updates soon, I have always filed with Turbo Tax and have never had a problem and always received my refund fast. I am starting to worry now as I see a lot of people with DDD’s and already receiving their refunds. I am able to order my 2015 account transcript with my old address but not the return transcript. Seems like I am not the only one with this problem. Hoping something changes really soon.



    Now I’m officially gonna start to freak out,tomorrow is the 21st day and I have no bars still on wmr and haven’t gotn a email that my refund was approved,I have no offsets or codes,haven’t gotn any letters,ordered my account transcript but can’t order my return transcript ahhhhhh what the hell is goin on


    Gimme My Mula

    No tax topic DOES NOT necessarily mean you’re under review and having a tax topic doesn’t mean you’ll get a DDD. I don’t think the appearance of Tax Topic 152 means anything at all since there are some ppl who lost bars and TT152 and received their refund BEFORE someone with TT152. The only way to know what your Missing bars means is to call, wait for your letter, or just check your bank account.



    If yall have bars disappear but the topic code is still there, your return is coming. If you have your bars disappear and no topic code is showing, you will need to verify your identity.
    I filed on 1/25 and still at one bar. This is ridiculous. If it doesnt update this week Im giving up. I have absolutely nothing nice to say about the IRS right now.



    I’m really hoping for good news later or tomorrow, my return is 8k so I’m hoping that doesn’t have anything to do with the delay,god I hope I get good news



    filed and accepted on 1/22/16 its going on 19 days and now the wmr shows the bar gone ,still processing and a date will be provided later .? all my tax info is still there on the left side. I am guessing they are running behind as usual



    Exact same situation as Cody.

    1/21 – TT – 4k refund – bars until two days ago – Processing message with all information on left and code 152 below. 11th is my 21 days.



    OK you guys I really need some help or info

    E-filed 1/21/16

    Accepted 1/21/16

    Stuck on one bar till day before yesterday now no bars,I have no offsets no codes,my refund was on the higher side this year and its supposed to be dd tomorrow and I still can’t order my refund transcript,any have any info please



    I’ll never use HR Block again! I’ve used them the last 8 years with no issue, but this year, they were more like captain obvious! I already saw that my refund was accepted and approved by the irs on thier website. I checked my account and my money was there and several hours later, I got an email from HR block saying my funds were “in the process” of being deposited! Lol!! Gee thanks HR block! I’ll be trying turbo tax next year!



    Still only one bar
    Still can’t order transcripts
    Filed 1-25



    Good Morning all!

    I filed 1/20 with FreeTaxUsa
    WMR DDD 2/10
    and I received my DD this morning around 3am Central time

    Praying everyone else gets theirs soon!



    I definitely expected to see some movement by now, and I am pretty pissed off that it has been 16 days since filing and I cant order a return transcript and have been stuck at one bar. ONE BAR. NEVER has it taken this long. I dont understand it at all.



    Live in PA.

    E-Filed 1/29 and accepted the same day after 2PM.

    NO movement since the notice it’s being “processed” on the WMR website.

    Was able to order my account transcripts 2/9 not able to order return transcripts. HELP!



    Filed:Jan 29
    Accepted :Jan 29
    Turbo Tax
    Still on one bar
    No offset
    Fees to be taken out
    Just checked WMR and it says it is temporarily unavailable and too try later….anyone else getting this ?????



    I filed 2/2 through taxact accepted the same day and received a ddd of 2/10 on 2/6. Republic updated for me this morning and they have taken there fees out and sent the deposit to my netspend checking account. Hopefully it comes through by about 4pm cst as that is the time I’m used to getting my deposits. I believe they’re updating a lot this morning so those who haven’t updated just keep checking as they update all day.


    Jody Johnson

    1 bar
    Filed: 1/07/2016
    Accepted: 1/13/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000

    Had the “pizza bar” until the last week of January. Called the IRS yesterday. They told me that there were no holds or letters generated, but my return is UNPOSTABLE as of 1/29. I asked for clarification, he said could be that i moved, or that i claimed 2 children this year instead of one like the previous year. I confirmed with the agent that i recently moved, and i have it in my divorce papers that i am able to claim both children if he’s behind on child support. Said to call back in two weeks, but it could take 8 weeks for processing! This is BS!!! Never had this happen before and always had my money in 10 days or less!



    Filed 1/23 accepted 1/25 ONE bar. No update can’t order transcript. My sister filed 1/29 got her deposit today. A friend filed 1/27 got their deposit today. -_- so frustrating



    Pissed off that there is still NO WORD on my taxes. Filed 1/25. Still cant order return transcript, either. I was really hoping to hear something this week.



    Can’t order transcripts as of 6 am
    Filed 1 25 with still no movement from wmr
    Does the “1-15″date on the hr block site mean anything or is that just the 21 day limit?




    I have Regions and I still haven’t seen a DD yet. So if i don’t see anything in my account today, I pray I see something tomorrow since that’s the actual DDD.



    I am really hopeful that the update tonight provides me a DDD tomorrow. I filed on 1/25, Taxslayer said I was accepted the same day but Im sure the IRS says differently so who knows. Still cant order a return transcript. I dont mind waiting, but I wish I knew SOMETHING.




    I will and I’m so sorry that sucks. I’m so happy we have our ddd already, and I understand how it feels to be waiting with no information other than to wait it out… this year was the longest we have ever had to wait. I’m hoping we get it tomorrow considering that woodforest is pretty good at depositing funds a day early. Hubby uses it for direct deposit from his job and he gets it every Thursday and he’s suppose to get paid Fridays but Thursday morning it’s there so since our ddd is BY 2/10 I’m hoping we get it a day early. I will definitely let you know the update tomorrow.



    @amber I have a woodforest account but no dd date yet please let me know if you get it the same date as your dd date, a day early or a day late id love to know thanks. Filed 1-25 with TT i can order account but not retirn transcript and still on one bar irs lady said give it til the 15 th whoch is my birthdaylol i



    Accepted on 1/14
    WMR- still processing and refund date will be provided once available
    No Topic message
    No DDD- its being deposited to Netspend no $
    No letter
    No offset
    I was able to order the account transcript for 2015 under my old address. Unable to order the return transcript

    I called IRS this morning can’t give me any info other than its being reviewed.

    Still waiting for an update






    Any 2/10ers, using Rush Card for DD, received their funds yet? Thanks in advance



    Also there is a 2-15 expected date from hr block.com,but that the same date from the time that I filed.does this date really mean anything?



    How do I try to order transcript?
    1 25 file date with no movement but initial acceptance on same day.
    Still at one bar at wmr.



    @keesha no I haven’t yet…I seen someone say that the irs releases funds twice once at 12am then at 2pm…I remember last year I got my deposit around 2pm on my netspend card



    anyone with ddd of 2/10 have tt funds deducted out their dd recieved funds yet



    Oh yea, it was deposited on a Netspend Card



    Filed and Approved: 1/25
    Ordered Return Transcript 2/5
    Received DD Date 2/6 for 2/10

    Received refund about 25mins ago! (8:44pm pacific)… A SUNDAY night :)

    I expect this will be the case for many people
    Good Luck All!



    @kevin @jasmine I also I have netspend with a a DDD 2/10 but mine hasn’t hit :(



    Anybody on here with a ddd of 2/10 with a woodforest account that knows if we will get it early? Thinking we will get it tomorrow or Tuesday but not sure. First year with a woodforest account so idk if it will come early. Any advice will be greatly appreciated



    It hit my netspend account about 25 minutes ago..

    Bad news, now my account is locked or something and I have to call customer service.

    This is the same card I’ve got my direct deposit on for my job for over a year

    I am so screwed I just know when I call tomorrow (they’re currently closed) that they are going to give me the runaround

    I need this money and I need the money from my job also!




    UPDATE : DD just hit on my Netspend Card 2 days Early! WMR still at 2 bars.. Happy filing!



    OK so I was Accepted on 1/20, was UNABLE to order RETURN transcript until 2/5, Approved 2/6, DDD for 2/10. Yay! To all those still waiting, I do believe there is SOME TRUTH to the fact that being able to order RETURN transcripts are a sign that a DDD will come soon.



    Still no update on wmr and I got accepted by the IRS on 1/21/16,hr block says expected date is 2/11/16 which is in 4 days and I can’t even order my return transcript any one have any info



    I filed 1/25 and still havent received anything but one damn bar. How do you know when the IRS accepted? Taxslayer sent me a message the same day saying that it was accepted, but does the IRS tell you?



    Hey guys, I know that the posts on here are dwindling because lots of people got their ddd, but if you go to the “I got my refund” Facebook page, there’s still tons upon tons of info and updates, lots of activity. Just a heads up, happy trolling!!



    Hey guys, I know the posts here are dwindling cause lots of people got their ddd, but if you go to the I got my refund Facebook page, there’s still tons upon tons of activity and info going on. Just a heads up. Happy trolling!!



    @joseph you may have filed on the 25th and they accepted you on the 25th but according yo the Irs they didn’t start working on people’s returns until two days after I filed 1/15 accepted 1/20 and according to the Irs never started working my return till the 23rd I just received my DD on 2/10 you will probably be getting your refund on 2/12 have you tried to order your transcript?



    @HappyGirl the irs website says “by” the certain date not on that day so it sounds like it could be possible



    @Happygirl I believe I seen someone say they got theirs before the date it was supposed to be in there



    So everyvody got their date nobody helping out anymore lol guess i need another forum



    Filed 1-25/accepted same day/still on 1 bar at WMR/HR Block online/NC



    Is it possible to get your money before the DDD date given to you on the irs website



    Filed: E-filed 1/18/16 with HR Block
    Accepted: 1/21/16
    Account transcripts: Able to order 1/29/16
    Return transcripts: Able to order 2/5/16
    WMR: updated to 2nd bar (approved) on 2/6/16 with a DDD of 2/10/16



    Checked the hr block website and it shows a expected date of 2/11/16 still no movement on wmr

    Filed 1/19/16

    Accepted 1/21/16

    Can’t order return transcript



    Filed 1/8
    Accepted 1/28
    Able to order account transcript 2/6
    Still not able to receive return transcript.. Starting to get upset because a lot of people that filed on the same day I did , are receiving a DDD of 2/10 .



    Approved: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10



    Accepted :1/23
    Used TT
    Ordered account transcipt 1/29/16
    Ordered return transcipt 1/5/16 FINALLY!
    Received DDD: 2/10 on 2/6/16 at 2:30 am PST

    I am hoping we will receive it early, maybe monday. I know a few who had a ddd of 2/8 and recived theirs 2/5.
    I noticed someones mentioned having a chase account and that will take it longer. I’m thinking 2 years ago we had to call to get them to clear the amount, so we will do the same this year if need be.

    I recived the account transcipt today which was basically blank, no info on it, and says no tax returned filed. So I assume being able to order account transcipt means diddly squat.

    The end is in sight, and I am so greatful this stress is almost to an end. Last year we had some major offsets, we didn’t see a dime. Which honestly was fine, we were going to use the refund for the offsets. It saved us a few phone calls. But it is still stressful, this year I’m having flash backs of the horrendous wait of not knowing what was going on last year. Then I found the offset number and called it a million times just to be sure!


    Quake quake

    I got e file 1/19
    I got accepted 1/19
    1 bar
    And I miss I think and the send me a letter and I write them
    Back and I fax them and yesterday now I hear from them so I my refund


    Angela Conder

    Filed; 1/24
    Accepted: 1/24
    No activity until this morning at 3:30
    Approved 2/6
    DDD: 2/10 but it says will be deposited by 2/10. Does that mean it could be there before the 10th?



    Filed: 1/24
    Accepted: 1/25
    Approved: Not yet
    DDD: No date
    Filed with Turbo tax



    Filed & accepted late on 1/29/16..bars disappeared earlier this week. Was able to order return trancsript on 2/5, wmr updated this morning with ddd of 2/10..filed with tt, nothing updated on tt but thankful we have a ddd now! Hoping everyone else gets good news soon!! Btw we had dependants, had couple 1099’s & hubby cashed out 401k last yr if that helps anyone



    Ok sorry you kind of confused me @joeANDangel so i will know monday if im in the 2/10 que or im getting a date on the 10th



    Accepted : 1/24/16
    Order return transcript : 2/5/16
    DDD: 2/10/16

    Finally after waiting all this time. Hope everyone that needs to get their DDD gets it soon.




    Sorry to hear that. Again you were inline and simply got pushed back because of shuffle(resequence). Next update will be next week 02/10/2016. You should receive the update Monday. Any left over 1/24’s that didn’t receive the 10th will have theirs update on the 10th. Sorry for bad news.



    Filed 1/22
    Able to order trans 2/5
    Ddd 2/10



    Filed 1-25-2016
    Approved 10 min later
    Still on one bar at wmr
    North Carolina and hr block



    Filed: 1/19
    Approved: 1/20
    WMR updated today 2 bars (at 3am CST)
    DDD: 2/10/2016

    I was beginning to give up it never took this long.



    Thank you everyone for all the updates, it helped.

    Filed: 1/24
    Accepted: 1/24
    Approved: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10/16

    Was able to order my return transcript on 2/05.



    Filed 1/20
    Received 1/20
    Still only have one bar. No DDD as of this morning.
    Fiancé filed 1/29 and was received 1/29
    As of this morning he got approved and DDD of 2/10
    We both used Liberty tax
    Why am I still waiting and I filed before him?????



    Well i guess i wasnt in that que????? glad to give everybody the update still no ddd for me i filed 1/24 abd accepted 1-24 their still reviewing it im sad but glad you all dont have to wait any longer anybody know when the updates for the next que comes out i just got sad all over again?????



    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 10, 2016.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 15, 2016, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:
    I filed on January 20.2016
    Accepted on January 22, 2016

    finally got the 2nd bar today 2/6/2016



    Yayyyy!! You were right.. Thanks for being our voice of reason during these mentally draining days. :]



    My sister (filed 1/19) was accepted and has a DDD of 2/10 this morning. Still nothing for me and my mother (filed 1/23 and 1/25). I hope we hear something this week!



    Filed 1/18/16
    Accepted 1/19/16
    Approved 2/6/16
    DDD 2/10/16

    I used TaxAct and claimed AOC on my income tax and had my own insurance. I also had EIC and 2 dependents. I was not able to order my Account and Return for new address until 2/5/16. I contacted the advocate line a few days ago and was told that the IRS didnt start processing my return until 1/21/16 and to give it 3 weeks from that date. Thank you Jesus its over….Good Luck ALL.


    Lisa K

    Filed: 1/15 with freetaxusa
    Accepted: 30 mins later 10:36am
    24 hours later checked IRS site, bar was on received.
    1/31 all bars disappeared, no codes, no alert to call, nothing. (check every day 3 times a day- morning, noon & at night)
    Try to order transcripts online: Tells me cannot complete request to call their automated line to order.
    Call the automated line: says technical difficulties (can’t order)
    Call IRS: was told if there was an issue there would be a code or something stating to call them on WMR or we would’ve gotten a letter by now…. but still won’t look into my return until 21 days from the 19th……… which is Feb 9th.
    WTH is going on here????

    South Carolina (so I didn’t even bother to file state yet being as they’ve announced no refunds until after March 1, due to all the fraudulent crap last year.)



    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/20
    Email from Hr Block thanking me for using them on 2/4
    Able to order return and account transcript with new address on 2/5
    Approval (Second Bar) on 2/6!!
    DDD is 2/10
    Can everyone with a 2/10 DDD who used HR block update is on when you actually got your money???
    Lesson learned! NEVER FILING EARLY AGAIN!! I’m even gonna wait and file the day after tax season starts next year!! I’ve been a nervous reck the last two weeks! For the last 8 years always got my money in less than a week! Not sure if filing early caused a delay, but just in case… NEVER AGAIN!!
    Now I’ll be waiting for H&R Block to deposit my funds! Lol!
    Good luck to you all! I’ll be using this sight next year when I need “support” for tax season anxiety!
    Merry Taxmas! :)



    Does the irs send funds out on the weekends? ddd 2/10 hoping to grt it a little esrly since i. Using netspend card, but nothing pending in account



    Filed and accepted 2/2
    Able to order both transcripts 2/5
    Approved with DDD of 2/10 today!
    That was fast!!!




    What was the date she filed? I’ll get you an exact answer




    Yes girl Lol and it makes me feel a little better that hubby is taking a small vacation this week so when the money hits he will be on vacation and we can go get our vehicle. :) now just to watch the bank account Lol. I have read on here that people that have already gotten their refunds that they got deposited early.? If so, can we expect them as early as Tuesday?? Lol but again thanks for checking girl we are good,and good to know you are good as well. Lol hubby says we will never file early again.!! Lol



    Meh, still on DDD for me and I got accepted the 19th.


    Underpaid Overtaxed

    Filed: 1/25
    Accepted: 1/25
    Updated: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10

    I bank with Chase so I expect a deposit delay. So would not be surprised to not reciece deposit until 2/15




    Lol I was waiting to see if you had any changes and now that I know you are good. The celebration of DDD can begin!!! Lol

    For everyone who hasn’t gotten theirs just be as patient as possible. As long as their isn’t a code, you are good just got to wait for that sequence to fall.

    Good luck everyone



    Checked this morning for some family (we owe..so holding off on filing that particular return)…
    Family 1: filed 1/23, accept 1/23, updated 2/6 with DDD of 2/10
    Family 2: filed 1/25, accept 1/25, updated 2/6 with DDD of 2/10
    Family 3: filed 1/29, accept 1/29, updated 2/6 with DDD of 2/10




    Sorry girlie I went to sleep early Lol. But woke up this morning at 6:40 central time and check the IRS 2 go app and it had been updated to approved with a DDD of 2/10 as well. YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! finally we will get our money. Hehe. ????????????????



    @ everyone

    Didn’t I tell you guys! Really happy for all!



    Merry Taxmas to us early birds…never again? Lol I filed 1/22…bars and amount on wmr went missing 1/29 for over a week..got ddd for 2/10 =) was able to order return transcripts with new address yesterday

    Thanks to all those who posted and helped keep me sane the last two weeks!!

    Happy spending and SAVING :)




    FILED 1/15
    ACCEPTED 1/19
    DDD 2/10

    So there IS a correlation between being able to order return transx and approval.. BC yesterday I d finally and to order transx online after getting a message about information not matching records. So I guess their “broken” system was just an attempt to catch up?
    Good luck everyone!!




    Good morning everyone I pray everyone is having a beyond blessed morning.

    My situation:
    Filed 1/19 using Tax Act
    Accepted 1/21( which I found out by calling the irs on 2/2)
    Ordered account transcript 1/29
    Ordered return transcript 2/5
    Refund Approved 2/6 w/ DDD of 2/10 my bars never disappeared????

    Ok so while im grateful that it updated, im sad because my sister filed the same way, but this is her first year filing. She cant order either transcript and her bars have disappeared and no tax topic no reference number, it just says still processing a date will be provided. WTW IS going on im freaking out for her ????????????



    Yes!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!! Our cycle finally went through. The patient we had all along hahahhaha but next year I am going to make sure, I am busy and working to where I am not sitting like this anymore hahahahahahah Feb 10 or sooner —2nd bar—Well I enjoy being in here with you all. I had to come check first and when I saw everyone jumping for joy, even tho i was nervous to check mine, but hey look at the Tax Gwads hahahah we did it ya …..thanks IRS, you rock!!!!

    Special shout out to Joe and Dangal, that update was right on time:))))) You made that bar move huh, shhhhh I want tell no one hahahahahhaha



    Accepted :1/20
    Used TT
    DDD: 2/10



    It’s been a long frustrating ride but I finally got my second bar! Yooooo Hooooo!
    File and accepted 1/22, eztaxreturn in SC, order account transcript 01/29, order return transcript 02/05, WMR on second bar just morning with ddd of 02/10 and I’m a weekly 05. Hoping everyone gets their refund soon!



    Filed on:1/11
    Lost all bars 1/29
    Able to order transcript 2/5
    Got approved 2/6 with a ddd for 2/10 :)



    forgot to mention, refund approved as of this morning…2 bar glory woohoo



    same as many this morning, dd of 2/10. filed and accepted 1/22. funny i also was able to order return transcript yesterday for what its worth. a week later than expected but then again irs having delays and mess ups should be expected every single year. good luck to all and go pay those bills…



    Filed 1/11

    Accepted 1/19

    Ordered return transcript 2/5

    2 bars on 2/6

    DDD 2/10

    Not even looking for state refund since NJ is so slow.



    Yay!!! Filed 1/19, accepted 1/21 with H&R Block. Was able to order account transcript last week and account transcript yesterday. Just checked WMR, 2nd Bar Refunded Approved, 2/10 DDD!!! This year has taken the longest!! That’s my 20th day! Hopefully everyone else will see some movement soon!!


    Efiled 1/13/2016
    Got accepted 1/19/2016
    An more waiting
    good luck to everyone else who hasn’t been approved



    Yes ! Finally got a DDD of 2/10 after being able to order transcripts yesterday.
    Filed 1/11
    Accepted 1/14
    Ordered account transcript 1/29
    Lost bar 1/30 didn’t come back until 2/6
    Ordered return transcript 2/5
    Got DDD 2/6
    Good luck everyone !!



    FINALLY!!! An update!

    Before I even put any info, I looked at the bottom of IRS.gov and saw that it was updated. Put my info and there it was friends… The orange bar of glory :’)

    In Texas baby!
    Filed: 1/21
    Accepted: 1/21by email (according to IRS accepted 1/25)
    Return scripts available: 2/5
    Approved: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10

    Still no check deposited to eps financial which is the bank 1040.com uses to ecollect. So I’ll just be watching that like a hawk now lol



    Filed 1/19
    Irs received 1\19
    ddd 02/10



    Now we’re all about to be checking our bank accounts constantly! Lol



    Yay!!!!!!!! @everybody!!!!



    Yassss me too FINALLY! !!



    I finally got it 1/22 accepted DDD 1/10 yes Finally jumping for Joy… Until next year guys have an amazing year…..



    @ Kayla Yay! Me too!



    WMR has finally updated, at least for me it has, and it’s showing the same results. DDD by 2/10.

    Prayer works you guys!!!! :)

    Good luck everyone



    LOL! @patientlywaiting, you silly! Crossing my fingers! My State refund was deposited yesterday and is already almost gone. So I need the big bucks!



    So I called the IRS HOTLINE

    DDD 2/10




    So wheres my refund is down right now we gone have a date everybody. Anybody whose been stressing and trying to figure out if they will have a date a date


    Ms Tiffany

    I’m hopeful that I’ll get a WMR update in the morning! The update happens around 3am correct? Wonder if that’s east coast or west?! I’m in WA, so no state tax but hoping this goes through and I get a DD of the 10th!!

    Efiled TT Jan 28th 130pm
    Accepted Jan 28th 205pm
    Transcripts ordered Feb 5th
    Still at one bar but hopeful!!



    @ Joe and Dangel

    Thank you for providing us with some sort of update. It’s much appreciated….



    I just checked my bank account and it is showing my federal tax refund is available already as of 12:30 am.
    WMR is still at 2nd bar.

    Filed 01/24/2016
    Accepted 01/24/2016
    Approved 02/04/16
    DDD scheduled for 02/08/16
    Used HRB

    Still no movement on my state. Good luck everybody!



    Does anyone know what the difference is in these two scenarios:

    1. (no bars) Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    2. (no bars) Your tax return is still being processed.

    Tax topic 152




    Filed on or after 1/19/16 *Official and before 1/29/16, direct deposit 2/10/16-2/12/2016 mail check 2/13/16 if this was the process for the filer. WMR might not even update until your refund hits the bank or your preferred DD



    @joeANDangel does that go for the ones of us that filed on the 24th too?



    Ok thanks @joeANDangel hopefully 2/10 i already claimed that day????




    Doesn’t mean that 1/24 will have to wait either. A big push is on the horizon. For 1/24’s you all are in the same push for DDD on 10 or 13th latest 17th. Most likely next week though



    Ok glad im not alone now i seen something for 1/19-1/22 but about 1/24 lolbs i been hoping and wishing something has happened moved or changed but still nothing lolbs



    @patientlywaiting I also called offset and didn’t get a DDD

    1 bar
    Filed: 1/24
    Accepted: 1/24
    DDD: 00/00/000



    That’s if you owed something… Just means that you’ll get the full amount.



    Filed 1-24
    Accepted 1-24
    Ddd 00-00-0000

    Went through taxact. Been following this forum for the last couple of days. I called offsets didnt give me a date. I dont remember who mentioned it but how did you get a date through offsets. Still no bar update but as we all have no other choice but to wait. Can someone assist me on finding my state return from my knowledge they werent issuing out until march 1



    Hello all. Filed on Jan 22 and received confirm same day. Not real big on checking in on the refund since our student debts always intercepted our refund the last 3 years but couldn’t help looking at this website and wanted to shed some light.

    As most of us know, the IRS did have a glitch (figure of speech). What actually happened was that so many refunds were sent in that it did overload their workforce. Not the machines. It was too much to process at once. How do I know this, well a birdy from the inside slipped a chirp to us. They what they call it “shuffled the cards” putting everyone between the 19 (even if you filed earlier) to the 22 into a line that was already formed. If you received it earlier than you just happened to cut into the line when the shuffle was completed. Basically set everyone on these file dates one week behing on receiving your refund and DDD.

    I can confirm to you all and mark my words, a DDD for anyone that hasn’t received their refund that filed on these dates will have a DDD on the 10th or earlier. Absolute latest is the 13th. I know mine without even having to go there. Thanks to the birdie!

    Hope this can ease your mind, I know it did mine especially when we’re getting 9k back this year without any interceptions.




    Call the IRS and see if the address is correct in the system and sometimes it might just be a system glitch. I hope it straightens itself out if you don’t solve it first.

    Let me know if anything updates overnight/in the morning for you. I felt a slight ray of hope since being able to order my return transcript finally.



    @kayla oh okay…well still haven’t gotten mine filed and accepted 1/24…can’t figure out how to request the transcript keeps saying my information is wrong…probably will get a DD of 2/13 which is 20 days after I filed



    Wasn’t sorry




    Thanks. I didn’t have any offsets so date was given. Lol




    They are in the equation but I know people who have way more dependents than me and got theirs on Tuesday with a DDD of 2/3. And more people are getting DDD of 2/10 that I’ve seen are 4,000 and above in their refund. It’s just how your sequenced now I believe



    It seems like to me they may be doing lower refund amounts first…anyone else think so??




    Nothing yet. Nothing but rude IRS representatives. Hopefully something will update tonight. ????????????????????????



    @ kayla 800-304-3107 offset number let’s you know if you have an offset, if you don’t, it won’t give you any other info




    Any update yet girlie? When do you think we will have our money deposited?



    My state refund has just showed up in my account… And it said the 9th



    @amanda I have also called the irs refund offset hotline and I do have an offset and it told me the amount and that it have been applied from my 2015 tax return which is 02/10/2016. But I did order my return transcript this morning no update on wmr still stuck on 1 bar



    @Jason it let me order my 2015 return this morning




    What number did you call?



    @amanda do you have to have a offset to get that information? if not what option did you press?



    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    One bar
    topic 152

    was able to order refund transcript today




    @ Nichole the refunds are not based on who filed first. It could be the tax amount, your SSN, your birthdate etc. But not filing first. Check your state refund site



    My DD is 2/10 I just called the offset number and it told me



    File & Accepted 1/20/16 11:15pm
    DDD: N/A at 1 bar as of 2/5/16
    I was able to order return transcript this morning.

    Hopefully deposit will be here before 2/12/16



    I am really annoyed! I have filed through Taxslayer every year for the past five years and I have never waited more than 10 days for DD. My sister (filed 1/19), mother (1/23) and I (1/25) have seen absolutely no movement at all! Im the only one able to order account transcripts and that happened last week. I just do not understand what is going on and I hate being worried. They could at least tell us what the hold ups are.



    @cindy – Sorry I just saw your post – I didn’t try to order my transcripts again, because when I checked WMR yesterday morning it finally gave me a DDD of 2/08/2016 – so I am thinking if you try to order transcripts and it gives you the error message that might mean they are being processed because that was one day before my WMR updated.



    OK so I just checked my state refund site and after allbthat time of it saying ” wait 14 days for update” I now have an update!!! It says my state refund will be direct deposited on 2/9/16

    My federal refund is still on one bar with no DDD
    Filed: 1/27
    Accepted: 1/27
    Transcript finally went through this morning.

    I think the transcripts going through are a good sign people! Check you guys state refund site.



    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    One bar and generic topic 152

    It seems a lot of people are able to order “return” transcript for 2015…I believe that is a good thing! Maybe we will all be surprised with a Direct Deposit in our accounts! As of this morning I am able to order my return transcript, but still no change on WMR. Has anyone checked their account to see if they have a deposit now that we are able to order return transcripts?



    i filled 1/20 accepted same day no update on wmr have not been able to order return transcripts till this morning hoping thats a good sign



    Still waiting on my refund I was accepted on 1/13/2016. Bars have disappeared and still no ddd. No offset tax topic 152 still showing and my refund amount is still showing



    Ok so I always use tax act.com for the last 15 years like clock work in the middle of Jan I file & have my taxes by the 1st of feb

    This is the first time I have ever experienced such a delay I filed 1/19/16 got approved via text 1/20/16 have 1 bar on WMR & as of today no movement & no deposit GRRRRRRRR! I did read the headlines stating that ” the irs had a malfunction with the site ” and that 9 out of 10 it will not effect. So really I’m the 1 percent :( according to the release date my deposit was supposed to be TODAY!

    So I was able to order transcripts for 2014 & 2015 now correct me if I’m work I read on here if transcripts can be ordered for this years taxes it’s approved so 2015? Or am I putting in 2016? Bc 2016 was unavailable? Thanks for your help



    Ok so I always use tax act.com for the last 15 years like clock work in the middle of Jan I file & have my taxes by the 1st of feb

    This is the first time I have ever experienced such a delay I filed 1/19/16 got approved via text 1/20/16 have 1 bar on WMR & as of today no movement & no deposit GRRRRRRRR! I did read the headlines stating that ” the irs had a malfunction with the site ” and that 9 out of 10 it will not effect. So really I’m the 1 percent :( according to the release date my deposit was supposed to be TODAY!

    So I was able to order transcripts for 2014 & 2015 now correct me if I’m work I read on here if transcripts can be ordered for this years taxes it’s approved so 2015? Or am I putting in 2016? Bc 2016 was unavailable? Thanks for your help



    Ok so I always use tax act.com for the last 15 years like clock work in the middle of Jan I file & have my taxes by the 1st of feb

    This is the first time I have ever experienced such a delay I filed 1/19/16 got approved via text 1/20/16 have 1 bar on WMR & as of today no movement & no deposit GRRRRRRRR! I did read the headlines stating that ” the irs had a malfunction with the site ” and that 9 out of 10 it will not effect. So really I’m the 1 percent :( according to the release date my deposit was supposed to be TODAY!

    So I was able to order transcripts for 2014 & 2015 now correct me if I’m work I read on here if transcripts can be ordered for this years taxes it’s approved so 2015? Or am I putting in 2016? Bc 2016 was unavailable? Thanks for your help



    When I try to order transcript it’s saying my information is incorrect…but I believe it is does that mean it’s not ready?



    When I try to order transcript it’s saying my information is incorrect…but I believe it is does that mean it’s not ready?



    Filed 1/22 no update on wmr, but was able to order tax return transcript 2/5. Whew almost done, now waiting on due date yahhh. Good luck everyone!



    Filed 1/17
    Accepted: 1/19
    DDD 000000

    I only have one WMR bar and it has been that way since it was accepted. I was just finally able to order both transcripts this morning. I don’t know what is going on but people that filed way after me already have theirs. Hope ordering transcripts actually mean that money is coming soon.

    Question has anyone else received refund without WMR bars moving?



    Several people got a 2/8 DDD yesterday.

    No date for me yet, but I can order both transcripts as of this morning.




    I noticed after people were able to order their transcripts, it was either one or two days before they got a DDD. I’m hoping to see some good news soon. I will definitely keep you updated if I get any information




    I also was able to order my return transcripts. I’m hoping that means we will have our money soon. This is the first year I do the transcript thing. Lol I was able to order mine as of 5:30 a.m. central time Lol it would be nice to check the account later on and see it in there even if it’s pending. How long until we see a ddd or our money?


    No not necessarily, last year hubby and I received our money 3 days before the wmr system was even updated for us. I found out by checking our account. I just woke up one day and was like I’m going to check our card and BAM.!! it was on there Lol. Hope this helps.



    Yayy!! Thats soo good girl I’m hoping we get our money in our bank accounts soon. And same here as of 5:30a.m. central time I was able to order my return transcript. Lol hubby was nervous because we always get ours 2 weeks after we file which would be today and nothing in the account but was able to order return trans. So hoping there is something there later,tomorrow or Monday.?? Please let me know if you get a ddd soon or when you get your money..


    Yes it’s possible. It happened to hubby and I last year we received our money in our account before getting any updates or text or email. We had our money in the account and were already spending it for 3 days before the wmr actually updated. The best way to know is to keep checking your bank account.



    Yayy!! Thats soo good girl I’m hoping we get our money in our bank accounts soon. And same here as of 5:30a.m. central time I was able to order my return transcript. Lol hubby was nervous because we always get ours 2 weeks after we file which would be today and nothing in the account but was able to order return trans. So hoping there is something there later,tomorrow or Monday.?? Please let me know if you get a ddd soon or if and when you get your money..



    Yayy!! Thats soo good girl I’m hoping we get our money in our bank accounts soon. And same here as of 5:30a.m. central time I was able to order my return transcript. Lol hubby was nervous because we always get ours 2 weeks after we file which would be today and nothing in the account but was able to order return trans. So hoping there is something there later,tomorrow or Monday.??



    1 bar
    Filed: 1/24/2016
    Accepted: 1/24/2016
    DDD: 0/00/0000

    Able to order account transcript last will and Was finally able to order return transcript this morning. Is this a good sign???



    ok so i filed on 1-21. no movement on wmr at all. was able ro order transcripts this morning. still no movement on wmr. has updated today already? is ddd coming soon?



    Filed 1/17/16
    Don’t know the acceptance day
    Still at one bar with generic topic152
    Was told by preparer Jackson Hewitt that we would get our refund in the first week of February here we are last day of the work week and no approval yet I am really getting ticked off.

    I just checked to see if I could order transcripts, and I was able to so…. does that mean I am close to approval? I have never had this happen before usually I get approved on a WED with a deposit on or around the Friday after, according to the call I made to the IRS Yesterday Sunday will mark 21 days… so WTH is my $$



    Accepted: 1/19
    Due Date: 000000

    No movement at all on wmr stuck on one bar since 1/21..Was able to order both of my transcripts as of this morning.. Hopefully I get a due date soon!!!!



    Was finally able to order transcripts at 3am filed 1/20 accepted 1/22 hopefully I’ll get a DDD soon. Wmr been on one bar since 1/22 I was told I was resequenced.



    Filled : 1/9/16
    Accepted : 1/12/16
    As of 2/5/16 I still don’t have my WMR bars , No DDD either , is anyone else going thru this I’m worried this didn’t happen last year , when I did it.



    I’ve asked before and no one responded, so I let so time go by because I really need to know if anyone received a refund while only having one bar? Or did it quickly go from one bar to two and three when your refund was deposited?



    Finally was able to order my return transcript this morning. I’m hoping that’s a good sign!!!



    Just got my refund in the bank!!!
    filed 2/21
    approved 2/2
    DDD of 2/5



    @srodgers go to the irs.gov website and click on the filing option at the top and on the page theres an option that says Get a transcript of your return. Click that



    How do you order a transcript?



    @ everybody who is trying to order a return transcript… The IRS rep told me if your transcript says unavailable for this year, then your still truly in the processing stage or it hasn’t been 21 days. So its only available if you’ve received a deposit date or its been 21 days since you’ve



    Filed 1/24 like 9pm
    Accepted 1/24 20 min later
    Still no DDD
    Filed with TurboTax large refund amount



    @collin your suspension is absolutely correct… I spoke with an IRS rep today who informed me the the refunds aren’t always “file first, serve first” the have different ways every year, sometimes the same way. He said they could handle returns and deposits based on the last four digit of your SSN, your birthday etc. It differs and he couldn’t tell me this years sequence because its against their policy.



    2 bars as of 2/3
    9am Missouri

    Filed: 1/21/2016
    Accepted: 1/21/2016
    DDD: 2/5/2016

    I wasn’t able to order my return transcript until tonight. Do you think I’ll actually get my deposit tomorrow?



    Update: So I talked to about 15 friends and coworkers and some of them have gotten there’s and some haven’t. The only trend I noticed in all the dates is the refund amount. It seems like anyone who had a refund of $1000.00 or more was delayed and anyone under has been processed already. I CAN NOT confirm this as factual information but it was a pattern I seemed to notice. I hope this information helps the people who’s tax return was “ACCEPTED” before 1/29/2016. Good luck to everyone hopefully we get SOME sort of update tonight lol. ?



    Tried to order my refund transcript still can’t order them

    Filed 1/19/16

    Accepted 1/21/16

    Still no movement on wmr,wth is goin on




    I used taxfreeusa and I’ve been patiently waiting with no bars since the 29th of January. I filed the 5th and was ” accepted ” the 11th. Still nothing. I don’t think the tax company matters. It’s obviously the irs not having control over their system. There’s nothing we can do till 21 days after you were accepted.



    Filed Jan 25th Accepted Jan 25th too, still No damn update, still on bar 1 and can’t order transcripts because it states they do not have any yet for 2015.
    This is just bullshit. People who filed later than the 25th has received their refunds, and everyone behind the 25th is still sitting at bar 1, IRS should have done first come basis, but I don’t know if it is IRS or the tax company, because Turbotax is who I used I read many from FreetaxUSA has already got their refund, looks like next year I will be using their service.




    I filed 01/22 and was accepted 01/22, still one freaking BAR!!!
    Talk about GRRRRRRR…… :(

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