Turbo Tax – Fees Deducted – SBTPG – Update Here!

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    WMR says DDD 2/23

    Used Turbo Tax and had fees deducted.
    Checked SBTPG 6:45am EST on 2/21 and still nothing at all. Just the generic message stating they haven’t received my funds yet.

    Anyone using the same methods please update with your DDD and if you received your funds please!

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    Santander Bank Hit at midnite. Til Next year everyone. God Bless and Good Luck!!



    DDD 2/23 through sbtpg just deposited



    Filed 2/2 accepted 2/2. DDD 2/23. Received deposit through Amex Serve at 6pm tonight after SBTPG took fees this morning. Thank all y’all for the updates. See you next year!


    Shawn A Nichols

    Glad to hear it! Mine should be post overnight at the latest I’m guessing then. You all have a great year and don’t spend it all in one place! See you next year!


    Never say nothing

    I usually don’t post I just want to say how great this Website is. But I have a DDD of 2/23 and used TT had fees taken out and the money hit my serve count at 7 pm tonight. Just want to thank every one here you have eased my mind for two years straight now. Till next year I wish you all a fast refund.



    Got my money fees taken out Amex serve card good luck people



    DDD 2/23





    Shawn A Nichols

    DDD 2/23, sbtpg had gotten my refund and had sent it off by the time I woke up. I bank with Academy Bank and it hasn’t shown up in my account as of yet. I’m expecting it overnight.



    DDD 2/23
    Sbtpg updated for us this morning also

    We have AccountNow and our deposit hasn’t actually posted yet but it literally just showed up as pending on AccountNow!



    NetSpend is stating they don’t see anything pending. Advise me to get the tracking number from SBTPG.
    But showing on SB site refund received funds taken out 2/22 refund sent to NetSpend.

    Anyone getting this answer from NetSpend?

    I know I had acct and routing correct used the same info last year



    2/23 Pather

    TPG showed my transfer this morning (the 22nd)

    My bank account is showing the pending ACH for tomorrow morning.



    Gl everyone. I filed 1-14 and was accepted on 1-15
    Message went from path to processing to a ddd of 2-23 on Saturday the 18th. I checked Santa Barbara around 1200 pm today 2-22 and my refund was received with fees taken out.
    Hasn’t showed on my Walmart money card yet or no pending deposit but I know it will post tmrw morning around 6am.
    This was a frustrating year and has been an awful wait for all of us. I’m sorry to all the people who have been stressing out like I have. I don’t need the money as bad for bills this year as previous but I’m excited for a vacation and to move from our apt to a home bc of the refund. We all deserve it and I pray for everyone on here is is behind bills and sleeping in their car or whatever hard times you are going through. If you have a ddd of tomorrow your money will be there in the morning and I hope it helps you through these tough times. Anyone without a ddd you are next for your refund. Don’t spend it all in one place and for gods sake, go get a meal at Olive Garden with a pitcher of beer u deserve It for the trouble this path act has put us through. I’ll be thinking of you all tomorrow and pray for your money to show as I know it will.
    I’ll update when it shows to spread some relief around so you know it’s real. Good luck!!!



    I was worried and didn’t have it for the longest but then I woke up with one where it says mine will be deposited 1 to 2 bus days. DDD 02/23/17. That normally means it will be in my account in the morning. Its normally not late. Don’t even know what I was freaking out about really!! lol Guess this whole Tax season has been cray cray that’s why i was so freaked out.

    They update all day long so it will eventually show up im sure. They are bound to certain rules they must follow I was told by TT



    In the afternoon. Either 1:45 West or 4:45 East Netspenders could be anytime today. But I know not to check my Bank Santander til morning. Already checked and not even a pending so its coming in AM.



    @Kitskycat is that 445 eastern time?



    You netspenders will start seeing deposits about 4:45 p.m. Banks like Santander, TDBank, BOA wont see it until the morning. Sorry but Banks post 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Mother is Vice President of Bank, deposits come in through ACH between 12:00 and 6:00 A.M. But Good Luck everyone. The Path was long but this was fun to hang and watch again.



    Filed & Accepted 1/27 using TT
    “processing” message until 2/18
    DDD of 2/23

    Just checked SBTPG and it has been issued. Has not hit my bank account yet but this is normal every year… Usually hits around 6am on the day the IRS says it will.



    Still waiting to hit my account, it will feel real good knowing this vacation is finally will be paid off..my kids deserve it!!



    Woke up this morning at 4AM PST and SBTPG has already taken fees out and sent to the Walmart Money Card that I have my taxes loaded onto. Last year, SBTPG didn’t show money received and fees taken until later in the day around 11AM PST and I didn’t actually see it on my card until the next morning. SO, I am HOPING that because it hit SBTPG so early this morning, that it hits my card today and not tomorrow. Either way, I will just be happy to get it, regardless. But, I am hoping for today because they got my money so early this year.


    Just be patient, even though I know it is HARD. Lol. Last year, IIRC, SBTPG didn’t receive and transfer until about 11AM PST and the year before that it wasn’t until about 3PM PST. I got my money on my card the next day. So, it is nothing to be concerned about, there was plenty of people with 2/22 DDD’s that were on this site yesterday that were stressing out because SBTPG didn’t receive and send their money out until way later in the day. Up until about 2PM PST.



    DDD 2/23

    Well sbtpg updated for me over night and have sent the funds to my account as of 2/22 but I bank with Huntington Bank and I don’t think it will be made available even if it does hit sometime this afternoon. Sucks because I’ve literally stretched out what little money I had and today I’m not sure if I will have enough gas to make it home from work. I guess I can always sleep in my car at the job site until the money hits tomorrow morning.




    Yeah, nothing for us yet at TD.
    My wife is a Head Teller for them and she said that 2pm time doesn’t really make sense bc shes never seen a deposit post at that time.

    She thinks our best bet is money in the bank tomorrow morning when direct deposits post around 3:30am (some 6am)

    The wait continues



    We made it guys!!! Unlike previous years my money wasn’t in my acct yesterday but today I woke up 6am PST to find TPG sent me my money. I’m expecting it to be authorized in an hour or so as I have a credit union that is on top of things! See you all next tax season!



    Woke up to seeing the money was sent, fees have been deducted, and TPG has issued me money….now the final stretch of when my money will hit my prepaid card!!!!

    God please let it be today!!! Need groceries for my babies!!!



    First time using Turbo tax. Fees being taken out of refund. Bank with chase. DDD 2/23. What should I be expecting? SBTPG still says they haven’t received my refund/ kind of nervous!!



    @Jared I have TD Bank as well. I contacted them this morning (7:15 EST) and they didnt see the deposit pending as of yet. They only saw my payroll deposit pending in the account. The woman asked that I try back after 2pm for the deposit.

    DDD 2/23
    SBTPG Updated today as funds sent
    TD Bank sees no deposit as of yet



    Yes my ddd is 2/23 sbtpg has received money an sent to my card which is netspend wu. I still haven’t got the money on my card yet though. man I ready.



    Sbtg updated money sent , thank u God 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃



    Sbtg updated money sent , thank u God 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃



    Whoohoo. SBTPG finally updated mine.
    DDD 2/23
    Fees deducted
    Also had an offset taken out from IRS.
    Remaining balance sent to bank.
    Will update when I see it in my account.
    But definite progress finally :)



    TPG has sent funds!!!!
    DDD 2/23. Bank w/ Chase


    Heather n Brown


    DDD 02/23



    Hooray Hooray!

    Mine updated overnight as well. I went to bed not stressing about it and woke up to good news.

    TPG has issued you money!
    It does however say they paid me on 2/22 (Today) so hopefully it hits my TD Bank account in a few hours (Only 6:15am here)

    I’ll update when / if it does.



    I have literally been checking SBTPG on and off for the last 2 hours, decided to try one more time and it was there!!

    DDD 2/23
    Traditional Bank
    CT Zone (IL)
    TT with filing fees

    I never thought this day was coming! Good luck everybody!



    Hey guys, TPG just updated for me, dd is for 2/23, check TPG website for yours, peace out and will likely see you next year…



    DDD 2/23 money was sent to my bank which is greendot. Greendot is on west coast time so I won’t see it till later today. Cool this is I get my paycheck today as well as my refund. Lol. Gonna have a fat account today

    Filed on1/27
    Accepted right away
    Pathact credits as well

    Good luck everyone! Don’t be mad about your money because it is coming.



    HI folks, just an update for folks sbtpg updated. they recvd and sent my refund. my ddd was 2 23 used turbotax and walmart moneycard. nothing on the card yet but not expecting it to show up till morning. will update if it shows.


    self employed

    Received mine waiting on brinks……..



    Sbtpg just updated for me at 1:08am now just waiting for Wells Fargo to update on there side.



    Dont know when it showed up but SBTPG has recd and sent my money!!



    Received deposit!!
    Filed 1/31
    DDD 2/22
    Used tt



    Received deposit!!
    Filed 1/31
    DDD 2/22
    Used tt



    My bf said deposited by 2/22/17 it showed up this afternoon 2/21/17. But our credit union is usually always one day early. Mine shows a date of 2/23/17. But we had our fees taken out and direct deposited.



    OK guys…my refund has a DD date of 2/22. Sbtp revived the funds today at some point (2/21) and I have a pending deposit on my pee paid card that is posting on the 22ND. So you guys with a DD date of 23rd, they will get your money from the irs tomorrow and we’ll send your money that day so it will be available for you on the 23rd. Now, if your bank has polices that hold your money then it could be more waiting. Thought I’d let you guys know that are asking about the deposit schedule.




    February 21, 2017 at 7:15 pm Reply

    There are people with DDD of 2/23 who used TT and got fees taken out by SBBT getting deposits on IGMR facebook threads. ALSO THE SBBT site never changed from saying they did not recieve their deposits!!

    Hopefully we will all get this lucky?!



    My refund Ian pending and I had a ddd of 2/23



    I meant update tomorrow****



    DDD 2/23, turbotax fees taken out through SBTPG and netspend card. SBTPG still nothing received on website, so let’s all hope for ours to be updated today. Seems like most/all of 2/22 people who had fees taken out had it done today and then the funds were sent so let’s all hope ours is tomorrow and we will get it before we wake up on 2/23!



    I have a question. I went to try and check the sbbt website and it keeps saying the amount I’m entering is invalid. Has this happened to anyone else? I know that the amount I entered is correct as I also double checked via TT.



    Still the same here to no update TT DD 2/23 maybe tomorrow



    Still no update on sbbt. DDD 2/23 fees taken out from TT

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