Turbo Tax – Fees Deducted – SBTPG – Update Here!

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    WMR says DDD 2/23

    Used Turbo Tax and had fees deducted.
    Checked SBTPG 6:45am EST on 2/21 and still nothing at all. Just the generic message stating they haven’t received my funds yet.

    Anyone using the same methods please update with your DDD and if you received your funds please!

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    Santander Bank Hit at midnite. Til Next year everyone. God Bless and Good Luck!!

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    DDD 2/23 through sbtpg just deposited

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    Filed 2/2 accepted 2/2. DDD 2/23. Received deposit through Amex Serve at 6pm tonight after SBTPG took fees this morning. Thank all y’all for the updates. See you next year!

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    Shawn A Nichols

    Glad to hear it! Mine should be post overnight at the latest I’m guessing then. You all have a great year and don’t spend it all in one place! See you next year!

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    Never say nothing

    I usually don’t post I just want to say how great this Website is. But I have a DDD of 2/23 and used TT had fees taken out and the money hit my serve count at 7 pm tonight. Just want to thank every one here you have eased my mind for two years straight now. Till next year I wish you all a fast refund.

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    Got my money fees taken out Amex serve card good luck people

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    DDD 2/23




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    Shawn A Nichols

    DDD 2/23, sbtpg had gotten my refund and had sent it off by the time I woke up. I bank with Academy Bank and it hasn’t shown up in my account as of yet. I’m expecting it overnight.

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    DDD 2/23
    Sbtpg updated for us this morning also

    We have AccountNow and our deposit hasn’t actually posted yet but it literally just showed up as pending on AccountNow!

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    NetSpend is stating they don’t see anything pending. Advise me to get the tracking number from SBTPG.
    But showing on SB site refund received funds taken out 2/22 refund sent to NetSpend.

    Anyone getting this answer from NetSpend?

    I know I had acct and routing correct used the same info last year

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    2/23 Pather

    TPG showed my transfer this morning (the 22nd)

    My bank account is showing the pending ACH for tomorrow morning.

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    Gl everyone. I filed 1-14 and was accepted on 1-15
    Message went from path to processing to a ddd of 2-23 on Saturday the 18th. I checked Santa Barbara around 1200 pm today 2-22 and my refund was received with fees taken out.
    Hasn’t showed on my Walmart money card yet or no pending deposit but I know it will post tmrw morning around 6am.
    This was a frustrating year and has been an awful wait for all of us. I’m sorry to all the people who have been stressing out like I have. I don’t need the money as bad for bills this year as previous but I’m excited for a vacation and to move from our apt to a home bc of the refund. We all deserve it and I pray for everyone on here is is behind bills and sleeping in their car or whatever hard times you are going through. If you have a ddd of tomorrow your money will be there in the morning and I hope it helps you through these tough times. Anyone without a ddd you are next for your refund. Don’t spend it all in one place and for gods sake, go get a meal at Olive Garden with a pitcher of beer u deserve It for the trouble this path act has put us through. I’ll be thinking of you all tomorrow and pray for your money to show as I know it will.
    I’ll update when it shows to spread some relief around so you know it’s real. Good luck!!!

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    I was worried and didn’t have it for the longest but then I woke up with one where it says mine will be deposited 1 to 2 bus days. DDD 02/23/17. That normally means it will be in my account in the morning. Its normally not late. Don’t even know what I was freaking out about really!! lol Guess this whole Tax season has been cray cray that’s why i was so freaked out.

    They update all day long so it will eventually show up im sure. They are bound to certain rules they must follow I was told by TT

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    In the afternoon. Either 1:45 West or 4:45 East Netspenders could be anytime today. But I know not to check my Bank Santander til morning. Already checked and not even a pending so its coming in AM.

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    @kitskycat is that 445 eastern time?

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    You netspenders will start seeing deposits about 4:45 p.m. Banks like Santander, TDBank, BOA wont see it until the morning. Sorry but Banks post 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Mother is Vice President of Bank, deposits come in through ACH between 12:00 and 6:00 A.M. But Good Luck everyone. The Path was long but this was fun to hang and watch again.

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    Filed & Accepted 1/27 using TT
    “processing” message until 2/18
    DDD of 2/23

    Just checked SBTPG and it has been issued. Has not hit my bank account yet but this is normal every year… Usually hits around 6am on the day the IRS says it will.

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    Still waiting to hit my account, it will feel real good knowing this vacation is finally will be paid off..my kids deserve it!!

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    Woke up this morning at 4AM PST and SBTPG has already taken fees out and sent to the Walmart Money Card that I have my taxes loaded onto. Last year, SBTPG didn’t show money received and fees taken until later in the day around 11AM PST and I didn’t actually see it on my card until the next morning. SO, I am HOPING that because it hit SBTPG so early this morning, that it hits my card today and not tomorrow. Either way, I will just be happy to get it, regardless. But, I am hoping for today because they got my money so early this year.


    Just be patient, even though I know it is HARD. Lol. Last year, IIRC, SBTPG didn’t receive and transfer until about 11AM PST and the year before that it wasn’t until about 3PM PST. I got my money on my card the next day. So, it is nothing to be concerned about, there was plenty of people with 2/22 DDD’s that were on this site yesterday that were stressing out because SBTPG didn’t receive and send their money out until way later in the day. Up until about 2PM PST.

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    DDD 2/23

    Well sbtpg updated for me over night and have sent the funds to my account as of 2/22 but I bank with Huntington Bank and I don’t think it will be made available even if it does hit sometime this afternoon. Sucks because I’ve literally stretched out what little money I had and today I’m not sure if I will have enough gas to make it home from work. I guess I can always sleep in my car at the job site until the money hits tomorrow morning.

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    Yeah, nothing for us yet at TD.
    My wife is a Head Teller for them and she said that 2pm time doesn’t really make sense bc shes never seen a deposit post at that time.

    She thinks our best bet is money in the bank tomorrow morning when direct deposits post around 3:30am (some 6am)

    The wait continues

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    We made it guys!!! Unlike previous years my money wasn’t in my acct yesterday but today I woke up 6am PST to find TPG sent me my money. I’m expecting it to be authorized in an hour or so as I have a credit union that is on top of things! See you all next tax season!

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    Woke up to seeing the money was sent, fees have been deducted, and TPG has issued me money….now the final stretch of when my money will hit my prepaid card!!!!

    God please let it be today!!! Need groceries for my babies!!!

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    First time using Turbo tax. Fees being taken out of refund. Bank with chase. DDD 2/23. What should I be expecting? SBTPG still says they haven’t received my refund/ kind of nervous!!

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    @Jared I have TD Bank as well. I contacted them this morning (7:15 EST) and they didnt see the deposit pending as of yet. They only saw my payroll deposit pending in the account. The woman asked that I try back after 2pm for the deposit.

    DDD 2/23
    SBTPG Updated today as funds sent
    TD Bank sees no deposit as of yet

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    Yes my ddd is 2/23 sbtpg has received money an sent to my card which is netspend wu. I still haven’t got the money on my card yet though. man I ready.

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    Sbtg updated money sent , thank u God 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

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    Sbtg updated money sent , thank u God 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

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    Whoohoo. SBTPG finally updated mine.
    DDD 2/23
    Fees deducted
    Also had an offset taken out from IRS.
    Remaining balance sent to bank.
    Will update when I see it in my account.
    But definite progress finally :)

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    TPG has sent funds!!!!
    DDD 2/23. Bank w/ Chase

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    Heather n Brown


    DDD 02/23

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    Hooray Hooray!

    Mine updated overnight as well. I went to bed not stressing about it and woke up to good news.

    TPG has issued you money!
    It does however say they paid me on 2/22 (Today) so hopefully it hits my TD Bank account in a few hours (Only 6:15am here)

    I’ll update when / if it does.

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    I have literally been checking SBTPG on and off for the last 2 hours, decided to try one more time and it was there!!

    DDD 2/23
    Traditional Bank
    CT Zone (IL)
    TT with filing fees

    I never thought this day was coming! Good luck everybody!

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    Hey guys, TPG just updated for me, dd is for 2/23, check TPG website for yours, peace out and will likely see you next year…

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    DDD 2/23 money was sent to my bank which is greendot. Greendot is on west coast time so I won’t see it till later today. Cool this is I get my paycheck today as well as my refund. Lol. Gonna have a fat account today

    Filed on1/27
    Accepted right away
    Pathact credits as well

    Good luck everyone! Don’t be mad about your money because it is coming.

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    HI folks, just an update for folks sbtpg updated. they recvd and sent my refund. my ddd was 2 23 used turbotax and walmart moneycard. nothing on the card yet but not expecting it to show up till morning. will update if it shows.

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    self employed

    Received mine waiting on brinks……..

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    Sbtpg just updated for me at 1:08am now just waiting for Wells Fargo to update on there side.

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    Dont know when it showed up but SBTPG has recd and sent my money!!

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    Received deposit!!
    Filed 1/31
    DDD 2/22
    Used tt

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    Received deposit!!
    Filed 1/31
    DDD 2/22
    Used tt

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    My bf said deposited by 2/22/17 it showed up this afternoon 2/21/17. But our credit union is usually always one day early. Mine shows a date of 2/23/17. But we had our fees taken out and direct deposited.

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    OK guys…my refund has a DD date of 2/22. Sbtp revived the funds today at some point (2/21) and I have a pending deposit on my pee paid card that is posting on the 22ND. So you guys with a DD date of 23rd, they will get your money from the irs tomorrow and we’ll send your money that day so it will be available for you on the 23rd. Now, if your bank has polices that hold your money then it could be more waiting. Thought I’d let you guys know that are asking about the deposit schedule.

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    February 21, 2017 at 7:15 pm Reply

    There are people with DDD of 2/23 who used TT and got fees taken out by SBBT getting deposits on IGMR facebook threads. ALSO THE SBBT site never changed from saying they did not recieve their deposits!!

    Hopefully we will all get this lucky?!

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    My refund Ian pending and I had a ddd of 2/23

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    I meant update tomorrow****

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    DDD 2/23, turbotax fees taken out through SBTPG and netspend card. SBTPG still nothing received on website, so let’s all hope for ours to be updated today. Seems like most/all of 2/22 people who had fees taken out had it done today and then the funds were sent so let’s all hope ours is tomorrow and we will get it before we wake up on 2/23!

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    I have a question. I went to try and check the sbbt website and it keeps saying the amount I’m entering is invalid. Has this happened to anyone else? I know that the amount I entered is correct as I also double checked via TT.

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    Still the same here to no update TT DD 2/23 maybe tomorrow

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    Still no update on sbbt. DDD 2/23 fees taken out from TT

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    Shawn A Nichols

    Nope, still showing it as not received.

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    Anyone with a 2/23 DDD have anything change on the SBTPG page?

    Mine is still showing as TPG has not received your funds yet.

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    Looks like it only updated for 2/22. 😢😢😢 not us 2/23ers

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    Filed and accepted 2/1
    Path Message
    2/17 received DDD of 2/22
    Sbtg updated 1000 this morning saying they received the refund and sent it to my bank.
    445 pm got my refund :) netspend

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    DD just hit netspend. (2/22 ddd)

    havn’t even gotten a deposit text yet as I type this. happy spending

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    Filed 2/4
    Path both credits
    DD 2/22
    SBTG as of NOW shows deposited and fees show taken out.

    It says expect your payment in 1-2 business days.

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    I had ddd of 2/22 filed thru tt and sbtpg has received adjusted and “sent” my refund to my bank (citi). Called banker says nothing pending, that sucks. sbtpg does say allow 1-2 days in fine print tho. Next time I pay upfront for sure!

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    checked SBTPG–up and running very slow now. no funds rcvd. Just going to let it be till later tonight and hopefully (fingers crossed tightly) something will come in or maybe tomorrow morning. would be a nice surprise to wake up to refund on my prepaid card. trying not to worry too much until necessary…

    will update when I see my refund move to next step.

    good luck to all!

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    It’s not working for me… just tried. The main page works, but when you click on For Taxpayers, it doesn’t load the page to enter your information.

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    Realistically, I wouldn’t expect to see any movement until tomorrow for those with TT and who are getting fees taking out like myself.

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    Shawn A Nichols

    Alright update:

    The SBTPG.COM website is now working and it is not showing that they’ve received the money yet. For reference, my DDD is 2/23.

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    SBTPG update for me at 7:17 am est. I went through TaxSlayer with fees being taken out. My bank has not received a pending deposit. SBTPG website says to allow 1-2 business days for funds to be received by my bank.

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    Since the site is down I’m just gonna go with what previous years has been for me. Usually, I get my refund deposited into my bank acct around 2-3pm PST two days prior to the DDD. I have a credit union in California and I have fees taken out. Hope this helps someone and hopefully this is correct. If it is my DDD is 2/23 meaning at 2-3pm PST I should have my money. Will update (:

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    I looked over my last years transcripts. Same set up as this year. TT with fees taken out deposited onto my greendot card. Deposit posted 12 days before the processing date so for a processing date of 3/06 that would be tomorrow 2/22. Only question is if that’s when it posted or when it was deposited. Paychecks that are deposited on the card show as pending until the actual paydate. I’m crossing my fingers for today but not expecting it until tomorrow.

    Luckily I’m good because today was payday. ;)

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    I see someone said they get an update 10a central time and that is actually correct, I think I’ve read that is the time that they SBBT updates

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    I’m using bluebird. I think it’s not the card, it’s the release of the money. A lot of people that has a DDD for 2/22 got their money last night (no fees) or are just seeing it and SBBT and Republic today (fees) My sister has a DDD of 2/15, it didn’t show up at SBBT till 2/14 and she was using a regular bank so she got it right on 2/15. Us 2/23ers will probably see it tomorrow and hopefully it will also go to our Amex or any prepaid card sometime tomorrow as well as long as they release it tomorrow.

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    I know want pull up or let you talk to anyone it’s just gone completely

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    Wtf..sbtpg is down

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    Mehgan pookie is right they have done nothing wrong. my god when no one had a DDD they were all saying “all I want is a date” and Ill be happy. Now they get a date and they are calling the irs, and the biggest joke is Calling the TREASURY are you all serious? You got a date why dont you all just wait. You waited this long what the heck is wrong with another 24 hours. Soon they will be ripping the doors off of companies to get their money. WE ALL want our money, but to stoop to the level of ABSURD is beyond me. Have a nice day.

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    My wife and I are using refund to go to Louisiana

    #4181451 Reply


    I’m in Louisiana it’s 10:07am here

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    Is anyone using the bluebird amex…i did last year and filrx with tt and had feed deducted like this year but I got my refund last year 2 days early…did they change something with their bank..

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    I have 2/23 ddd, and have used TT and sbbt for years..each year I always get an update at 10 central time. This is just my experience..

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    I went back through my prior years’ deposits and they’ve happened all throughout the day. The past three years: 11am, 2pm, 6pm. Always before my ddd. Filing w TT fees taken out. Ddd 2/23. Nothing yet.

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    Hopefully I am only wanting it to come within next two hours cause of buying something for my daughter that she needs and she is 7 months old

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    I wonder how long it takes for it to hit our cards

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    Last year mine showed up with sbbt to have fees taken out around 10am and it was deposited to my account around 1130am so with my past experience it usually will be there by the end of day depending on bank or account money is going to

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    you and I are in the same boat

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    My DDD is 2/22/17 last year I got my refund fees taking out same way with sbtg same card a day early

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    @southerngirl when is ur ddd

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    Finally my fees taking out just waiting for it to hit my account with NetSpend. Anyone know how long that takes to transfer from sbtg to NetSpend?

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    PATH filers also posted screenshots of deposits as early as the beginning of Feb… when clearly they didn’t get them. Just because it’s on Facebook doesn’t make it true.

    Not saying you or they are wrong, just saying in general. It could very well be true, but I doubt they opened @ 4am.

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    It still baffles me, I want/need my refund too! The IRS made us all aware of the fact that refunds would be delayed until week of the 27th so the fact that we are getting ddd of 2/22, 2/23, 2/24 be happy instead of complaining that you have a ddd of 2/23 and no money yet…..it will come – BY THE 23RD!!!! All the conflicting updates of “How things work” is turning these forums into one big madhouse, people arguing and stuff….come on people seriously. We are all here for the same reason, so let’s be civilized…why not share how we plan on spending money, instead of knocking people for wanting that new phone or big screen tv… ya know the old saying “if you don’t have something nice to say….” most people look forward to this money to catch up and get some nice things nothing wrong with that!!!

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    Regina j

    Checks sbtpg and it says tpg has issued money to you, it looks like they received my refund today and took their money out and issued the rest. Checked my bank nothing but I’m sure I’ll wake up tommorow with a deposit.

    File 1/24 with TT
    Accepted 1/24 fed
    DDD- 2/22
    And I have WF

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    Filed and accepted 1/31
    DDD 2/22
    SBTPG updated RECEIVED refund took out fees 2/21 this morning
    Deposit bank WF
    Still waiting for the bank to post deposit

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    I used EZ tax return.com. I’m a path filer and my ddd is 2/23/17,and so far nothing.Hoping for an early deposit lol…prolly wont be til weds at earliest,UNLESS someone else is seeing a deposit in the bank.Most of it will vanish with bills that piled up ,but still would be nice to get all caught up and even with the water lol.

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    Hahaha @Pookie
    I never did that but my parents did.
    I remember them being more concerned about the mail delivery than usual around a certain time of year. Lol

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    How do i find these facebook groups?

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    No change here either. So nervous, first time using SBTPG and still nothing showing. Kind of nerve-racking!

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    @tom SBBT started updating about 7:45 EST this morning. Many 2/22 filers are already seeing transfers. Just look at the FB groups. They have screenshots and proof.

    Personally, I wish we’d go back to paper filing. Send in a copy of your W2 and fill out your paperwork with a No. 2 pencil. By the time you got your refund, you’d forgotten all about it.

    Less fraud and problems and no one was griping and complaining when they didn’t have their money at least three days early.

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    @lacy I tired clearing out everything and trying from a diff IP address and nothing, a little odd. Maybe they are doing a bug update or something?

    #4181212 Reply


    I think its due to traffic to their site. I couldnt just now either, but refreshed and its fine..no change…

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    I feel as if SBTPG does NOT update for us 2/23 people today, then they are HOLDING onto our money and not releasing it intentionally.

    The ONLY reason I say this is because I KNOW that Walmart Money Card doesn’t post funds unless they are actually sent and received. They do NOT post on prenotes, the money has to be physically sent and I have seen a BUNCH of people with WMC that received their refunds this morning.

    So, that means that they sent out the 2/23 refunds last night, as well.. Which means SBBT should have the funds just like the netspend users do, WMC users do, etc. etc.. Everybody that didn’t have fees taken out and has a prepaid card has gotten their money.

    Last year, SBBT didn’t receive my money until 2/9 and I got it on my DDD of 2/10, but also, last year ONLY the Netspend, Rush card, and companies that post off prenotes had their refund before 2/9, iirc.

    Clearly our money was sent out last night and they are not waiting until tonight to send it… I also remember that SBBT didn’t update to show they had received it on 2/9 last year until after 830AM I believe.

    #4181206 Reply


    Nicole, I’m wondering as well, I can’t get on either now.

    #4181204 Reply


    Thank him again because he was awesome. Wish we couldve got 4 more yrs!!

    #4181197 Reply


    I’ve used SBBT every year for the past 5 or so years and never had an issue. I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with them. They are just following procedure from the PATH ACT. I filed on 2/2 very basic 1040ez and still have no DDD. My fiance’ filed at the same exact time with EIC and had a DDD of 2/23. There is literally no rhyme or reason to it. The IRS is clearly in over their head this year. Thanks Obama!

    #4181195 Reply


    I am trying to log on but the site is not loading for me…… I wonder what’s going on. I have a ddd of 2/23 as well.

    #4181189 Reply


    @tom You could very well be right. I just know that a few people have screen shots of their update on SBTPG update about 3 hours ago. I was told by several people that they open at 4am. Whatever the case, I just hope they don’t F anyone over this year.

    #4181183 Reply


    SBTPG does not open until 6am PST…


    Scroll 3/4’s down the page, states the business hours right there…

    #4181179 Reply


    You did Meghan, just like the 22nd folks through SBTPG, if they even see it tomorrow, its gonna be 23rd they receive and us 23rd gone get it the 24th…like its always been but like I stated early, I thought they changed their workflow from what I’ve read on their site but obviously they didnt or I wouldnt have used then.

    #4181172 Reply


    @pookie1971 my mother did her taxes through TT last year and SBTPG held her refund for almost 3 weeks after she had already verified who she was. Last week, my boyfriend had the fees taken out by SBTPG on the 16th and funds were supposedly sent to his bank. He still has not received a deposit from them as of this morning. That’s why I think they’re awful. This is my first time dealing with them and i’m just hoping I didn’t make a huge mistake.

    #4181170 Reply



    They dont read comments on here, u want get your refund early..joking

    Thats her opinion and im sure everyone elses, we want it sooner and thats why there are choices for consumers. I’ve never had a good experience with them and should have learned my lesson.

    Always get money a day after but due to them stressing the whole fact about prenotes it made me stick with them. Not knowing they receive prenotes from IRS but dont send one to your bank…

    #4181167 Reply


    Yeah it’s all good. We are all human. This is like a soap opera to me lol I love scrolling through the threads and reading the drama lol

    #4181160 Reply



    How is SBBT awful? What have the done wrong? Yesterday was a federal holiday. They’re spitting out deposits right now as I’m typing this. Your DDD isn’t until the 23rd, as is mine. They’re going through their 22nd DDD’s now and will start on the 23rd DDD’s sometime during the day. They update all day long so chill. I want my money yesterday as well but this company has done nothing wrong and has always been completely reliable for the last 13 years that I’ve used them.

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    @irscankissmyass some people just like drama. Other people are here to give legit advice, get answers and share experiences with the IRS. others are just assholes. -_-

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    They must have special hours today..during peak season they are open 6am-6pm pst

    Well its good they have special hours today, maybe they can get caught up.

    Sorry if im wrong!!

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    Btw, SBTPG is awful. I will never do taxes through TT again and have my fees taken out. I will pay upfront or go somewhere else. I have always received my refund 2-3 days early when it comes from the IRS straight to my bank. My DDD is for 2/23 and i’m assuming (by everyone else’s updates on fb) that mine will update tomorrow.

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    First time I’ve made a comment and I’m like wow already some guys jumping down my throat hahaha

    #4181139 Reply


    @willbeas SBTPG is open. They open at 4am PACIFIC TIME. A lot of people on Igotmyrefund facebook page have had updates this morning. Mostly those with deposits for 2/22. So, they are open.

    #4181137 Reply


    Was for @Randy sorry, haha

    #4181135 Reply


    I don’t understand this guy willbeas has posted that “isn’t open bro” on every thread talking about sbgpt……Mine updated sometime in the last 2 hours to money sent and “they weren’t open bro”

    #4181132 Reply


    What you mean? Wasn’t saying anything towards anyone just making statement

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    cheryl e kendrick

    some people with ddd 2/20 are showing fees updated on facebook with sbtpg, I have ddd 2/23 so no update yet for me
    They dont open for another 30 mins but thier website is still updating and a few have already gotten funds with fees paid

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    Sbtpg isn’t open bro, whats ur point!!

    #4181118 Reply


    This is the first year I’ve used tt and I know my nephew used it had no credits and he got his dd the day it said not sooner. He had fees taken out. So I’m guessing if I have a ddd of 23 that means ima have to wait. No big deal for 2 days but the irs and the bank tt uses can kiss my ass. I’ll bet if owed them money they would be knocking on my door and leaving thousands of voice mail lol.

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    It still doesn’t show that they’ve received funds but my message did change. It went from the We haven’t received your refund… treasury offset-message to

    TPG has not received your federal tax refund.
    Check your refund status at (WWW.IRS.GOV/REFUNDS). Once we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions.

    So I’m only assuming that I should that they’ve received a deposit next and hopefully soon.

    My DDD is 2/23

    #4181104 Reply


    I had a DDD of 2/22 and used TT with fees being taken out and sbtg has updated to “money sent” but nothing is showing on my WF account and they can’t see pending deposit……..

    #4181102 Reply



    Thats the thing sbtpg doesnt send prenote to your bank, like the irs does to them. its only an option for the originating bank. They wait until they actuLly receive your money. If I would have known this, there is no f’in way I would still be using TT..they informed us last yr that the irs was behind on sending…but why is always just sbtpg…IM DONE

    #4181089 Reply


    SBTPG is not open. So I don’t see how anyone shows up on there.

    #4181076 Reply


    Filed with Turbo Tax and still waiting. DDD isn’t feb 22. How do I check Turbo tax to see if they took fees out yet

    #4181066 Reply


    F TT and SBTPG, should have learned my lesson yr over yr, SBTPG has a f’d up work flow and its not working. Im done with TT unless they switch banks…Im paying fees upfront with whatever service I use..

    #4181041 Reply


    Remember they are on West coast time so check later in the day.

    #4181038 Reply


    @lacy don’t be nervous it will be there

    #4181036 Reply


    Oops, I mean 2 days before DDD. (2/23)

    #4181030 Reply


    I’m getting a little nervous, this is my first year using SBTPG and still nothing received a day before DDD? Migot be a little early yet but man I’m nervous!

    #4181015 Reply


    Wouldn’t they at least send the pre notification to them so we can see that they are to get the money? I keep reading about how the IRS will send a pre notification so you can see that the bank will get the money and it will show as pending????

    #4180993 Reply


    Alright so Marie had a 2/22 date and SBTPG is now showing as funds received.
    So I’ll just assume tomorrow they’ll receive the 2/23 people as they obviously wouldnt be making deposits throughout the day. Has to be one chunk each night.

    #4180980 Reply

    Marie D.

    Filed TT, fees taken out of refund, DDD 2/22 Checked SBTPG at 7 a.m EST 2/21 and they finally have received funds. Still not showing in my bank account, but since it’s Wells Fargo, it probably won’t show up until the 22nd.

    #4180978 Reply


    We are going to have to wait till they open more than likely. West coast time but I’m pretty sure they sent the treasury sent the money over last night . DDD 2/23 let’s hope today is the day!!!

    #4180976 Reply


    Same here. Filed with TT, on 1/17 fees being deducted, DDD 2/23. no updates on SBTPG or WMR other then approved with DDD. Hopefully we will all see ours later today or tonight.

    #4180974 Reply


    Same here. WMR DDD 02.23

    Checked with SBTPG now and they have not received my funds. Hope IRS sends update today to them and money ASAP. : /

    #4180967 Reply


    Same situation as you Jared. Anyone know exactly when does SBTPG receive the funds from the IRS?

    #4180958 Reply


    Same exact thing for us and saying not received funds yet :-( please update if yours changes :-)🤞🤞🤞🤞

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