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    Give us any updates you have. I filed on 1/26 accepted 10 minutes later. NA on transcripts but I know it is a bit early . 152 topic since Accepted .

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    bad cutlass

    ok i really filed late on 1/25 allmost midnight i was sent a email saying irs accpeted so up till today nothing on wmr or transcripts i called irs three times today sorry not a waiting person first two times no info in would not let me talk to superviser i call around 530 talked to a very nice lady said about when i was accepted was told on the 27 two days later she said maybe because it was rejected a couple time messed up on the last digit of kids ssn so u think u was accepted on the date but maybe not ??????



    I filed on the 26th and was accepted 10 minutes later however I have yet to see any DDD. Anyone think it could be based on how you filed? i.e. Single vs head of household? Or size of refund? Last year I submitted prior to the 15th and was also held up that time. I tried to wait a little this time and seems to still be taking forever.



    I haven’t got any updates on mine yet transcripts still say n/a


    bad cutlass

    man i dont get it i was accepted on 1/26 simple return 1099g in a 1099 mis still no ddd and checked trans nothing says no tax return filed which is bs



    DeeDee if you come back lol what bank? fees?



    oops 1/30



    Called the emerald card customer service got a nice lady that told me they received my refund 1/31 and it will be released 2/3.



    Here’s my update:

    I filed on 1/26 and was accepted the same day. I was not able to order any transcripts via online or by mail until midnight this morning. I’m still not able to view them online because of identity protection. I was sent a letter from the IRS to use an IP Pin. I was, however, able to order my transcripts by mail on the IRS2Go app. I woke up this morning and checked my status and was approved.

    Filed/accepted: 1/26
    Transcripts order by mail: 1/31
    Approved: 1/31
    Mailed check being sent by: 2/6

    Does anyone know how long it usually takes for checks to be received in the mail? I opted for mailed check because my previous bank account is no longer active. I’ve heard 3-5 days after the date it will be sent.



    I was accepted 1/26 with a ddd of 02/02 and received my refund this morning!



    All transcripts yesterday afternoon, woke up to 2 bars on WMR and DDD of Feb 4th. It would be nice to have it earlier since its sub-freezing and my furnace is dying a slow death.



    2 bars WMR. DDD by 02/04/2015.



    *DDD I meant



    @zannahbanana same here. Filed 1/26 yesterday viewed transcripts and cycle code 20150404. Woke up to 2 bars on wmr and did 2/3



    And all my sections are completed for 2014



    Question fellow 26ers! Has any of you alls transcript appeared on all sections yet? Just wondering because I just happened to go back and overciew my account transcript



    I figured it might set it back a few days. Just got off the offset line, and it has already been deducted from my refund, the automated service also said my DDD is 2-4, so maybe it won’t slow me down too much since it’s already been deducted. WMR doesnt show it as being deducted yet, but it will (dealing with this 3 years). So since they’ve already taken it fingers crossed its a smooth transition. Thank you though :D



    an offset will probably delay you. Hopefully not too much




    I’m good with that DDD, no bad codes as of yet. I know that there is an offset, so i’m waiting to see it. Its not my whole refund so I don’t mind if it adds a few days!



    Hooray! All transcripts available! Now we’re cookin.



    Finally! Checked my transcripts at 12 only account was available. Checked it again to review about 10 minutes ago and all my transcripts are there. I’m hoping that means things are moving along quite nicely. From what I’ve read on other posts, a date of 2/16/2015 would mean I would get my refund anywhere from 14 to 10 days before that, think that’s right? WMR hasn’t updated yet, but I think it will over night! FYI I had an offset from past federal taxes that showed on my transcript and the remainder was issued to me with a code 846. I had it sent to a Walmart money card, hoping it’ll release it a little early, but just so thankful to see some progress. Anyways, thought I’d share to prove that transcripts update all day long obviously and that in my case with an internal offset, it doesn’t seem to have delayed me. Filed 1/26, accepted about an hour later, last year was in 05 cycle!



    @daveyhouse I’m still unable to order my transcripts or view them but did get a DDD of 2/3 this morning.



    @mike was you cycle date 20150404 ?



    i meant 20140605



    my cycle last year was 2010605



    I see all of you getting yours but I still cant access my transcripts or get more than one bar on my wmr. Starting to get concerned



    I filed late 1/26 accepted within 10 minutes. Got a DDD date for 2/3 using NetSpend.



    @cilla your DDD should be 02/04 according to your cycle date as long as you DONT have any bad codes



    I believe hr block is slow playin me. I bet they have my refund and are waiting to deposit it



    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    Transcripts available 1/29
    Refund approved 1/30 with ddd of 2/3



    I filed and was accepted in the morning on 1/26. Nothing available on transcripts as of midnight mst last night but today one transcript was there BUT no information outside of our names. (not the wage one… the one in bottom left corner… I think it was account) Does that mean anything? WMR still one bar.



    Filed 1/26/15
    Accepted 1/26/15

    1 BAR TAX TOPIC for 2 days
    Able to order transcripts 1/29/15
    Approved 1/30/14
    DDD 2/3/15




    Filed: 1/26 @ 8:00pm with TT
    Accepted: 1/26 @ 8:30pm
    WMR Still only 1 Bar

    This morning I could view my Account Transcript! Cycle Number : 20150405
    846 Code : 12-16-2015

    WMR hasn’t updated, and I don’t have any real idea about DDD but atleast there is SOME progress. I’ll just check the transcripts again later in the evening.



    I also have a new update on my transcript that says feb 16 but no data and still says no tax return filed. I filed at about 11 am cst on 1/26 an was accepted within an hour. No changes on WMR.



    Any info on blank account transcript? Feel like I read a thread about it but I’m too lazy to do the research…. Go figure…. I do have a 2-16-15 date on there….. Finally something more than N/A


    TT user in Cali

    Filed at 9:30 pst on 1/25 which made it 1/26 est and was approved within minutes. Yesterday 1/29 I got my second bar with a ddd as “by 2/2”

    This morning 1/30 I awoke to state refund in my Golden 1 Credit Union bank acct.



    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 3, 2015.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 8, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received.



    woke up with a 2-3 deposit date, hell ya,,,,9700$ tax return!



    Still no transcript or wmr updates



    Good Morning all! Well its a great morning From what im reading….my transcript updated with 20150405 around 5am mt time..I was accepted on the 26th as you all and I think this is the fastest the IRS has ever processed anything for me, so im happy…I can actually add some money to the “savings account” hot damn! Haha



    Good morning fellow 1/26ers. I got up at 630am eastern and checked WMR….nothing on there was updated…still one bar. I checked my transcript and 2014 is finally there. I have a cycle of 20150405 and code 846 refund issued date of 02-16-2015. Whats the go by on when it should be actually issued? I have seen some people say subtract like 10-12 days from the refund date and that’s when it should be refunded. That would be 2-4-2015 or 2-6-2015……mid next week….is that correct?



    @samantha I think that means next week you will be getting your refund.



    So on a whim, I decided to check transcrips again. Had to use the husbands info lol but this time there was an update. But not sure how to read it.

    The code is 846 and the cycle date says 20150405

    Any insight?



    Well Good news someone is working on my now. My 2014 account transcript Just updated. It looks like a generic transcript because no information is on my transcript, well except for the basic name number ssn. So they are totally BSing when they say that they only update Once every 24hours. Just curious as to how long before I can view my refund date now.



    Well, nothing moved on my end. Still at one bar and I think I locked myself out of transcripts lol here’s hoping I see an update on Monday.



    filed and accepted 1/26 transcripts became available yesterday with the code 20150404 WMR updated this morning with DDD of 2/3



    filed 1/26 accepted 1/26 and still no movement on my end. Maybe I will get an update next week



    You guys were right it updated. 2/3 I will get my deposit. $8400 here I come lol



    Well, I waited a bit and still nothing on my transcripts. Even so, hopefully I’ll see a bar move later today. Fingers crossed!



    Same here. Also no updates as of now. Hopefully I wake up to a nice refund I have a pretty long to do list and it’s driving me nuts. Gn all best of luck!



    I hope so too



    off to bed no change as of now but i expect to see something around 6 am central time. i am thinking wmr update but refund in bank is welcome



    cant wait to get my refund and have this year over. so far it seems better than last



    I wouldn’t be too worried some people never see anything until their money’s there, just keep checking….



    I filed and was accepted around 3pm Monday and still no transcript and one bar. Should I be concerned?



    lol Wichita is aight



    I made 22k 3 different employers plus 3800 unemployment. My refund for fed is 5700 I had 950 withheld from state and even with the credits I’m only getting 6 of it back which I think is screwy still below poverty level but yet I’m still paying my state. Don’t ever move to WI unless your rich every system here is screwed they all just suck. MN beats us in every category but sales tax. Mns unemployment max is 200 more than ours and their ebt benefits are twice ours and they get “ebt cash” not that I want to live off the state but damn this system sets us up for failure. I obviously like venting about how fd up WI is. Sad part is I doubt I’ll ever leave… lol



    the master file will update tonight so i expect alot of action by tomorrow morning



    still got only 1 bar



    dad not grand



    I made about 15 grand this year, pathetic..refund is 4300, get my student loans back next week for 2500, and payday is next Friday…lets just say ill be up all night everyday next week lol



    i am a stay at home grand with 700 social security a month. i am locked out for a bit longer



    waitinginwi i feel you though here in kansas if you have an offset filing joint they send you a form to prove each spouses income to find out how much can be applied to the debt. getting the letter can take up to 2 weeks. then when you send it back it can take 2-4 weeks to get your refund



    @straysoul that’s gotta be tough. I made 22 this year and it was still tough then again if I got married it would add 1200 to my refund and I don’t have ed credits. Has your wmr updated? I’m still on the first bar I’m hoping it changes at midnight



    @waitinginwi 4 kids married filed joint with 1000 ed credit. 17 grand in income



    I would check your acceptance date bc it may be the 27th since you were accepted at midnight eastern time. Irs tends to work on eastern time



    My phone kept dying every time I tried responding. Anyway the transcripts update randomly I was able to view my return trans before noon yesterday then was able to see the rest at roughly 4pm yesterday

    Filed and accepted with TT 1/26
    Transcripts 846 0404 cycle date as of yesterday
    Wi approved and gave unemployment their money at midnight but won’t issue my portion until the 3rd which I’m disgusted by and the main reason I will no longer be giving them a free loan.



    @straysoul I’m in Louisiana, so Central.



    1/26= Filed / Accepted 2 hours later.

    WMR: 1 BAR

    Can not pull transcripts. I only see wage and income.

    I used TT



    Does that mean it updates thru the day? Or just once every 24 hours like the tracker.



    @samantha that means they probably haven’t gotten to yours yet keep checking though mine updated fully around 9 last night central time



    I decided to look into the transcript thing but there was nothing there for me. It just said N/A

    Accepted on 1/26



    @straysoul not that its any of my business but how do you guys get such a big refund? I’ve never hit over 7500 with two kids.



    yay, i finally have access to my trans



    FILED 1/26/2015
    ACCEPTED 1/26/2015

    1 BAR Tax Topic 152

    Unable to order transcripts until this morning
    cycle code 20150404
    846 refund released 2/16/2015




    Hey guys, Netspend just did my DD about 15 minutes ago, scroll down for my filing info.

    Good luck everyone and see you next year!



    @saywhat what is your time zone?



    We filed 1/26, still only one bar but was able to order return and account transcripts today. Is that good news?



    Still can’t order transcripts, filed 1/26 accepted 1/26



    Filed 1/26 (around 10pm)
    Accepted @ 11pm
    WMR still 1 bar
    N/A on all transcripts except 2014 wage, which only says “No record of Return Filed”




    1/26 filer received a dd today for 2/2



    i believe we will see some movement tomorrow



    Sorry @waitinginwi I on the other hand could not afford to plan my taxes out i would lose alot of money for example i paid in arond 550 in taxes with all of my credits my refund from fed is around 9800 and my state around 1200.



    I’m still seeing one bar on wmr. Nothing new at sbtpg website state updated to say approved and unemployment their money and my refund will be issued on the 3rd. I hate how this state works. I asked why unemployment gets their cut 6 days before I get mine when it is my money? She didn’t really have an answer other than ” it could take up to four weeks before unemployment acknowledges they received the money” I honestly don’t care it still doesn’t seem fair so this year I’m going to plan out my taxes so I don’t receive a refund or pay in giving them a free loan all year for them to pick when they pay it back is kinda bs. Done with my vent now good luck to everyone hopefully we see something new tonight at least on wmr.



    Hi everyone. How do I obtain all of the information that everyone is receiving regarding their DDD? I made an account on the irs site for transcripts and I filed on the 27th and was accepted the same day. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you



    20150404 and 846 as of this morning.

    Happy Groundhog Day to all of us. Maybe we can wake up every morning to a huge refund


    WaxyTaxi Filed 1/27 Update:

    Filed 1/27 Accepted 1/27 Update:

    PROCESSING DATE Feb. 16, 2015
    150 Tax return filed 20150404 02-16-2015
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015
    846 Refund issued 02-16-2015



    account transcript has refund issued and cycle date of 20150404 since yesterday but wmr still at one bar lol



    I am thinking a lot of refunds will be sent tonight



    @blackman2kids Your New address is not working because your Transcripts are not ready yet. I did that a few years ago. Until they process your taxes your New address won’t work



    @shawn netspend ussually deposits ealier so i would check your card every day. I would almost bet youll get it tomorrow but who knows .



    Look at your tax return . type it in as it appears



    pretty much gave up on my transcripts, i moved from 213 south 20th street to 418 4th street sw and it doesnt recognize any of my addresses



    • Efiled on 01/25/15 (late night) using hr block online
    • Accepted 01/26/15 (Early am)
    • Processed for a couple days
    • Approved on 01/28/15 (not early morning) & my status shows 2 bars
    • DDD scheduled is 02/02/15

    * I always seem to get my dd on the date the it’s scheduled it to be on*



    Mine was filed and accepted on 1/25 but it’s been on the first bar since. It’s interesting that so many people that filed after are getting DDD’s.



    Apologies, I entered today’s date into the filed date, it’s late…

    Filed 1/26 | Used HRB | DD Netspend
    Transcripts now available, with 846 & cycle of 0404
    WMR one bar



    Figure I will add onto this:

    Filed 1/29 | Used HRB | DD Netspend
    Transcripts now available, with 846 & cycle of 0404
    WMR one bar



    Filed on 1/25 no DDD yet or transcripts. The waiting game continues.



    Filed 1/27/15
    My transcript is now available



    Just checked the WI wmr and it says my refund was intercepted to cover (garnishments? However you want to put it) which I knew and I should have it by 2/02 I’ll try updating in the am to confirm it hit my account (bank doesn’t update deposits until between 3-9am it’s a weird one)



    Filed and accepted 1/25 ….. Still no transcripts…



    If you had a different address last year they will go by that until the info is updated. And @janjan the more I think about it I don’t quite get it fully either I mean I get the first numbers are the year then week then day but the more I do it in my head 0404 should mean today from everything I’ve read. I’m not to worried anymore now that I know it’s at least through processing for the most part.



    Thanks my worries are gone now! Hopefully all 1/26- people get theirs next week gn



    whew my anxiety went down tremendously now off to bed. will check wmr in the am centeral time. assuming it will update tonight as well



    I filed on the 16th, it was accepted on the 20th, WMR still has it as pending, yet my friends filed later than me, and already have a date. I tried to get my transcript, but it locked me out for 24 hours because information wasn’t correct, even though I triple checked it and everything was correct. :\



    if you have netspend you will get it early



    Monday or tuesday



    Ok @straysoul relaxing lol cause I’ll bect understand those cycle number thanks for all your help



    Same as us between mon-weds depending on bank



    Ok @waitinginwi Thursday1/29/15 so Thursday after that



    Ok so I just checked again to see if I can look at my transcripts. 2014 is available with 20150404 so what day now will my refunded to my bank account?



    @janjan relax it will be there by tuesday



    Yes @straysoul it say feb 16 2015 so if I subtract I do get feb 2nd which is a Monday so that is when I should expect funds?



    Best way to explain it would be count 4 weeks from 01/01/15 and that Thursday to the next is your week. So same as us



    04 is tuesday



    Oh and refund date says 2/16/2015 maybe if I don’t receive it by then call date ? Idk :-S



    if you are interested look at your deposit date on your account transcript by the 846 code and subract 14 days and it will tell you Feb 2nd



    Hey guys so I filed 1/26/15 accepted same day
    Can see all my transcripts have 846 (refund issued) under account transcript
    20150404 cycle
    WMR one bar just accepted
    So 2015
    04 = not January feburary right
    04 = Wednesday ?
    I im still confused on this
    Can anyone break it down ?



    Oh and sbptg site still doesn’t show anything received but I have a feeling they might have and just not updated it yet. Before any of my transcripts were available today I received an email around 3-4 central time from audit defense with my confirmation code (shouldn’t that come once it’s paid for?) On top of that earlier today the sbptg page said 69.95 or 99 for turbo tax fees with 0.00 by refund processing fee. After my first transcript became available it changed turbo tax fees to 66 and the processing fee to 3.95. So I’m hoping I’m just hung up between systems til it all updates again.



    i even had an error on my return that i will have to amend. But the Lord is good



    I just rechecked wmr still at one bar rechecked transcripts and they were all there now with the 846 code. I don’t think it’ll be any later than Tuesday morning. Usually I have my refunds in about 5-7 days after being accepted. First year getting my transcripts. I think there has only been one time wmr updated my ddd before I had already gotten it normally by the time I check and see I have a date it’s already in there.



    got all 4 of my transcript s with 846 cycle of 0404




    keep an eye on your bank though



    I would say tues maybe wednesday dependent on the fees.



    I switched to a different credit union this year but I believe my deposit should be the same. I’m going to check again shortly and see if it says anything new. I’m just curious if they deposit 2 days before ddd that would be Sunday so would the actually release it Fri sat or mon? It’s also going through tt fees.



    I switched to a different credit union this year but I believe my deposit should be the same. I’m going to check again shortly and see if it says anything new. I’m just curious if they deposit 2 days before ddd that would be Sunday so would the actually release it Fri sat or mon? It’s also going through to fees.



    2014 is the transcript you are looking for



    Below are the transcripts and years available.

    Return Transcript
    2013 Return Transcript
    2012 Return Transcript
    2011 Return Transcript
    Record of Account Transcript
    2013 Record of Account Transcript
    2012 Record of Account Transcript
    2011 Record of Account Transcript

    Account Transcript
    2013 Account Transcript
    2012 Account Transcript
    2011 Account Transcript

    Show All Show all
    Wage & Income Transcript
    2014 Wage & Income Transcript
    2013 Wage & Income Transcript
    2012 Wage & Income Transcript
    2011 Wage & Income Transcript



    How do you know if you can order transcripts? All I seen was last yrs and and yr before. Filed 1/26 in the morning and was accepted in 30 mins. One bar and topic 152



    i would check wmr tonight after 12 eastern and tomorrow morning i would say it will update once within 1-2 days



    Sorry i meant to ask who is your bank. i use the emerald card and the past 2 years i got mine on the date the sent it



    it really depends on the bank?



    Yeah my account transcript is not available yet. So I should have my money by Tues or that’s when the irs will release it?



    846 will be on account transcript



    Looks like your refund will be available tues the 3rd



    I filed on Monday was accepted Monday return transcript just popped up all I see is my cycle date is 0404 I don’t see 846 anywhere



    I think we should have ours by at least next Wednesday or Thursday, lady at work filed on the 20th and has her DD on Friday



    Im assuming we will be ok by Feb 6th because that is some of the news ive heard. Not sure how true but anyone accepted from the 24th-30th is the 6th..I honestly dont know, but this year I will relax and not grow any additional grey hairs! Hahaha



    I ussually check before bed when i wake up and every 4 hours in between . As to the time it is ussually overnight but in the past I have seen it during the day. if you filed single you might want to do every 6 hours or you will get locked out. if you filed joint use both socials throughout the day. i use mine till it locks me out and then my wifes



    I filed on 1/25 @ 7:51 pm EST accepted @ 8:23 pm

    Still no transcripts….

    Any idea when those are updated…..

    Frustrated!!!! I’m seeing folks that were accepted on 1/26 able to retrieve theirs….



    what time does WMR update each day?



    Sorry, didn’t mean to post that three times, it kept showing me an error.



    @blackman2kids I wouldn’t use any special characters, like a period. So I’d just put 4th st sw, but keep in mind if your transcripts for this year aren’t showing yet and you had a different address on last year’s return, they will only accept the address on last year’s return.



    @blackman2kids I wouldn’t use any special characters, like a period. So I’d just put 4th st sw, but keep in mind if your transcripts for this year aren’t showing yet and you had a different address on last year’s return,they will only accept the address on last year’s return.



    @blackman2kids I wouldn’t use any special characters, like a period. So I’d just put 4th st sw, but keep in mind if your transcripts for this year aren’t showing yet and you had a different address on last years return,they will only accept the address on last year’s return.



    Filed 1/26, 6 pm. via TT. Email at 6:50 pm that it had been accepted. One bar.



    filed 1/26 in AM, accepted 1/26, can’t access transcripts, says address is wrong… what address do i put if i live on *** 4th street sw? do i put 4th st. sw or 4th street southwest lol



    Filed 1/25, accepted within minutes, WMR shows I filed 1/26 (I did it late at night, so I’m guessing this is all Eastern time), still 1 bar TT 152, was able to see all my transcripts today , they were dated 1/28 (today), code 20150403.

    Is that a Monday deposit? (and if so, how does that work? My bank BOA generally only updates/processes at midnight Mon-Fri. Will I not actually have access to it until Tuesday morning? Or will it just “go through” Sunday night/Monday morning?)



    I flied my taxes 10am the 26th got accepted at around 10:20. Mine shows the first bar on the WMR site. I cannot order my transcripts yet. Last year I got my refund April 28th. As Long as I get mine before then I am going to be perfectly fine =) Had an offset last year for student loans and to file injured spouse form and all that. This year no more student loans WOOHOO so Hopefully I get my refund in Feb.



    I also filed and Was accepted on 1/26.
    Currently have a tax topic 152 at the bottom of WMR. What does this mean exactly? Are they finished with my taxes? I noticed also that a lot of people that filed up until the 20th have received their refund or have a pending deposit. People from the 21-23rd have a refund date of the 30th. Could that mean we possibly might be the next to receive our date? Help me out^_^ btw I’m in Hawaii



    WMR will update tonight. Dont go by WMR go by your transcripts. WMT is late updating



    I filed 1/25 before noon and was accepted before noon

    i was able to access my transcripts at midnight yesterday that shows the 846 code refund issued. So Im thinking my refund should be in my account which is a credit union tommorow morning. from what I here when you get a 846 that means the irs sent the money and just waiting on the bank. My job sens my check via DD on Tuesdays as well and I was get it thursday morning so since IRS sent it the same day im going to assume i will get it thursday



    I filed 1/25 before non and was accepted before noon

    i was able to access my transcripts at midnight that shows the 846 code refund issued. So Imthinking my refund should be in my account which is a credit union tommorow morning



    @Meredith, thanks for the link. That’s a big pill to swallow but i follow it well lol. i guess i’ve always been one of the weeklies.



    Check this out, it’s from another thread. This gives me hope that we will be in that next batch that processes on Thursday.



    But seriously, which one comes first. This is the first time EVER (not yelling, but emphasis on ever) i was able to even access my transcripts and nothing is on it : (



    I hope we are updated tonight. But what’s this I hear about weekly and daily updates for I’m guessing wmr? Oh, and which come first the transcript or the second bar on wmr? Lol, i made a funny……



    i think a lot of us will update tonight



    if you look down by the tax return filed at the bottom it says date 2-16-2015. which someone correct me if i am wrong is 21 days from the day you filed . i looked at my last 2 years transcripts and this added up



    @sierra: Where does that indicate when you filed?



    Let us know if you have a Wmr update or get a deposit



    looks like a next week deposit for us correct me if i am wrong



    I am jealous ! maybe tonight



    prove it


    I filed morning of 1/26 accepted like an hour later checked transcripts yesterday had 846 code with cycle date 20150403.



    Accepted: 1/26

    Approved for state (CA) on 1/27.

    One bar on WMR, Tax Topic 152



    Filed 1/26,
    Accepted like 30 mins later-

    1 bar on WMR with TT152…

    Lord I need this money!!!



    I filed the evening of 01/25 (Sunday) and was accepted fairly quick. I had gotten a letter to apply for an identity PIN, which I did and used. WMR showing 1 bar. However, can’t get transcripts because of the PIN. I called the identity protection line, waited on hold for 53 minutes, and was abruptly told to call back in a few weeks as there was nothing they could do. I asked if he could at least check to make sure it’s ok (thus far) and was flat out refused.



    filed 1/26 accepted immediately (literally) and one bar, 2014 transcripts still n/a



    Filed and accepted on the 26th around 6pm!! One bar on WMR



    same boat here (Maine) filed on the 26th and was accepted within minutes… only 1 bar on WMR and transcripts for this year reading N/A. I know it’s early, I just like being able to track things and know dates!



    I filed 1/23 but finally accepted 1/26. Also showing 152 topic. As of last night, transcripts were not available. Somehow I can’t get back in. Hoping to start seeing people from our acceptance time start to get a DDD!!



    Same here, filed on 1/26, accepted about an hour later. No transcripts available,topic 152. Ahhh.



    I filed 1/26m accepted 30 min later…..just 152 topic… waiting.

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