The 1/28 Club?

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    Anyone else here file and get accepted yesterday? I can’t be the only one. No DDD as of yet, but I’m hoping for one soon. I have one bar on WMR, and Topic 152 immediately popped up, so my fingers are crossed. Any thoughts as to when you guys think we’ll get ours?

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    Renee Golovacha

    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    Used turbo tax paid upfront
    Just one bar, I normally have it faster, I saw the refund cycle chart saying I would have it on 1/30, starting to get concerned.

    Any 1/28’s get a ddd yet??



    Filed 1/28/15 and still have no DDD yet. I’ve been checking where’s my refund site everyday with no bars. Has anyone else got a DDD? I’m just stressing out I guess when you don’t need the money it comes soon but when your down and out and depending on it, you wait and wait.



    WMR’s been down for me for the last 2 days…I’m hoping I’ll wake up to a DDD tomorrow. Good luck to the rest of you lovelies!



    Yup…filed 1/28 with Jackson-Hewitt…accepted same day…no movement beyond that yet though…just here waiting.



    Filed 1/28 3:01pm, accepted 1/28 3:16pm (eastern)

    Transcripts are n/a, 1 bar.
    Trying not to be impatient but I cant! Lol
    hope we see an update tonight.



    Filed on the 28th HRB Online..still not accepted or rejected…guess my return is floating around in space somewhere hopefully tomorrow I can get some answers from someone..



    Heres to hoping Calvin gets reviewed LMAO! He’s being a dick to everyone, Lets pray to the IRS gods that he gets pulled for review, and then has to wait for a paper check!



    Calvin, obviously you read as bad as you spell. This post is for 1/28’s not 1/9’s. Move along dude!



    Its still down for me too. Hoping we have updates in the am. Anyone got t’s yet?



    LOL @ Calvin….man get out of here! It’s not our fault you decided to file BEFORE the season started. It is always best to wait at least 2-3 days after…. Never before you get shuffled and mixed in.


    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    education credits
    WMR: 1 bar tax topic 152

    currently WMR is down for me . Hopefully when it is back up I will have a DDD!!!!



    ok thanks




    No one is being disrespectful towards those who filed early. The IRS doesn’t start accepting returns until 1/20 regardless of the date you filed prior to that.

    There are so many factors and variables that go into completing a refund on the IRS end of things – cycle groups, ACA penalties, EIC, holds, etc. To say that 1/28 filers are being disrespectful because a thread exists for those wondering about the money they loaned to the government, tax-free, is not fair.

    Having said that, update on my end: WMR still at 1 bar, only able to see wages on transcript. Hoping for an update tomorrow.



    I believe that is why this group was created. I feel awful for everyone. I wish i could have had my w2 so i could file earlier my company was late. Everyone should respect everyone because u dont know there situation no matter the file date. Who ever created this group prob didnt want to offend anyone that is why its not in the main thread.



    Not to b rude or anythin but y u on a 1/28 thread an leaving comments like that we all want our refunds we r all waiting some longer then others yes but that dosent give u the right to leave comments like that maybe u shouldn’t file so early iv seen multiple times in yrs past that people file real early an get pushed back wen filling opens so maybe u should wait a lil longer nxt time an we r not complaining we just want to kno if other people who filed on the same day have seen any progress



    im sory but you all should have sopme respect for those of uds that are still waitint, that files on the 9th accepted of 12th , and dont have a dd ye, all of you keep gettint thrown on top of ours slowing us downw,
    disrespectful the ones that are complaining hasnt even been a week



    I am not able to get on wmr at all. Wonder what thay means.



    We also filed 1/28 accepted 1/28 an no transcript yet. I am able to get on WMR but it is still at one bar as of an hour ago.



    Wmr is still down im a 1/28 filer an as if this morning still can’t c my transcripts



    have any one gotten a update on refund



    File 1/28 Accepted 1/28 No updates. Just checked transcript and not available.



    I filed my own taxes this year with HRB online on 1/28 at 9 pm. I was accepted about five minutes later. Married filing jointly as always and new education credits this year. Last year we received our deposit on 2/11 but filed on 2/1. The new education credits may slow ours down this year but not sure. Anything goes with the IRS!



    howdy all!

    been lurking the past few days figured I’d post:

    Filed 1/28 around 8pm, accepted an hour later.

    Currently locked out of transcripts (oops!) but as of yesterday could only see wage transcripts.

    WMR at 1 Bar with TT 152

    Hoping for good news this weekend, put on bed rest yesterday for remainder of pregnancy for complications, so, if the little guy decides to come early then the financial fallout won’t be so catastrophic :)

    Congrats to 1/28’s with DDDs!



    I filed and was accepted on 1/22. one bar saw trans, they are blank, no movement, no DDD nothing.



    Filed 129 Round 2pm. Accepted immediately..immediately had one bar…some are getting their money quick



    *UPDATE* Filed 1/28 accepted 1/28 through TT paid fees upfront was able to get account transcripts early this AM with cycle #20150405 code 846 refund issued. Called my bank (SUNTRUST) to see if they have any pending deposits for my refund and they did, but hey are holding it till the 4th! that was so fast, wish I could have my money now but just knowing its there makes me feel better. Done with the IRS this year. Good luck to all!



    Me again. Keep us(me) updated on that status of your refund if you were accepted 1/28 as I have been locked out of my account until tomorrow. Patience is not my forte. :)



    Ok ..I see movement ..the 1/26ers are seeing Transcripts and getting DDD of 2/3,2/4,2/6

    1/27ers 2/4.2/6 , 2/9 ??

    I suspect the 1/28ers will see DDD of 2/9,2/10,2/11 ??



    I filed 1/29 at 4:30 pm accepted half hour later. One bar as well. That was quick! Hopefully they pay out quick too. Last year I filed on the 1/24 and didn’t even get accepted until 1/28.



    I filed on 01/29 around 6pm and was accepted about an hour or so later is when I think I checked WMR. I filed with as I do every year – with funds taken out of refund. They said most refunds will issue in 8 days so I am hoping for a 2/6 DDD :) I have one bar on WMR.



    I too filed yesterday and was accepted yesterday around lunch time. No updates as of now.



    Filed on 1/28, accepted 1/28. Code 152, cannot view transcipts as the IRS website SUCKS and locked me out because their identity verification SUCKS. Dude who built ACA website is working on IRS one as well so that’s just wonderful. /end sarcasm

    Hoping to get some updates from you guys. :)



    I also filed on 29 accepted the 29. Nothing going on yet



    Hey guys!

    So I’m a day off but I figure we’ll be in the same batch of ddd’s :-)

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    wmr: Tax Topic 152

    I filed education credits…..did any of you have that? I remember because of that my refund was a little later.

    I hope I get it before 2/20 or ahhhh lol.



    File 1/28/15 got accepted in minutes, Today I check WMR still tax topic 152… Hopefully by next week I get some good news.



    Filed 1/29 accepted 1/29
    Anyone know when we will start to see movement and/or progress? Anyone else on 1/29



    I am a 1/28er Filed Turbo Tax -prepaid Fee Accepted 1/28 (within 45 min) DD to NFCU Exempt on Healthcare ,EIC
    WMR 1 bar Tax Topic 152 -not able to view 2014 transcript yet

    God I hope I get the refund by the 9th.. I have a floating cash advance to pay back -quick

    any ideas ??

    last year I was 20140603 .. Is that daily or weekly??



    Filed 1/28 accepted 1/28. I was able to view my account transcript this morning with a cycle code of 20150405 with the refund release date of 2/16/2015



    Filed the afternoon of 1/28. Accepted and shown in WMR in 5 minutes!

    TT 152. No transcripts yet. There are people that filed on 1/28 with DDDs already?!? Wow!

    I’m hoping us 1/28ers get updates this weekend!



    WMR bar hasn’t moved, and still can’t view transcripts. Boo… :-(

    Maybe I’ll get lucky over the weekend?

    Congrats to those with DDD’s. =)



    *UPDATE* Filed through TT on1/28 accepted on 1/28 paid fees upfront. I was able to look at my account transcripts this AM and have cycle # of 20150405 I am guessing that I will get a DDD of 2/4. Also have code 846 refund issued.



    Filed 01/28/15 accepted same day. Unable to get transcript and 1 bar on wmr. Will check again tomorrow morning.



    Is tax topic 152 a good sign? Sorry, my first year on this site. WHERE HAS IT BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?



    Filed 1/28 accepted1/28.wmr 152



    I filed on 1/28 with TT got accepted on 1/28 WMR has 1 bar with tax topic 152! Let the waiting begin!



    Im sorry I ment 846 refund released 2/16/2015



    @Phick Diva how can I get paid tomorrow if WMR doesn’t show approved yet??

    My transcripts show 846 refund released 2/26/2015 and cycle code 20150404



    I filed 1/28 online with TT, education credits, accepted 1/28, 1 bar and tax topic 152 on WMR



    Phick Diva, I use a prepaid Chase Card for all payroll and taxes bc I always get my payroll one day before everyone else’s and it’s usually the same with my taxes. I *do* believe we just made it. I can’t order my return transcripts yet but will check back late tonight/early tomorrow morning. In the past several years, it’s taken 4 or 5 days before my returns were accepted by the IRS (maybe it’s who I use), but it was fast this year, so hopefully we’ll get them back quickly. It’d sure make up for a crappy 2014. :)



    Christina, I’m pretty sure that means you will get paid tomorrow or Monday. I’m jealous!!!



    Can I join your club? :) I promise to play nice and share my sandbox toys with everyone.

    I filed late January 27th, it would have been almost midnight in the east and never know what time these things go by. So far I have one bar, the usual code (don’t want to say for sure but I think 520). This is the first year I haven’t paid fee’s. I have had my bank card hacked four times in less than a year and would rather pay a little than wake up to a negative $1000+ balance and calls from fraud alert at 5 AM.

    Some are saying we could see deposits next week? I tried transcripts yesterday and all that was available was wages.

    When I filed I expected sometime around February 10th as I normally file earlier than this year. Anytime before that will be a pleasant surprise.



    Who do you have, Paige? I’m with NetSpend {been with them for ages}, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get it fairly early. They never disappoint me.

    I think we just made the cutoff for next week. Doesn’t tomorrow start a new batch?



    I filed on the 28th and still haven’t been accepted..beyond frustrated. I have always been accepted the same day.



    FILED 2/26/15
    ACCEPTED 2/26/2015


    Im able to order transcripts today… cycle code 20150404… WHAT DOES THAT MEAN
    it also says refund release 2/16/2015



    I filed 1/27 and was accepted 1/28. I’m following this thread. I have the same results as you PhickDiva. If I get it next week I’ll be ecstatic!

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