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    Filed on 1/21 accepted 1/22
    Eic married joint
    Does being accepted already mean im in test batch?

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    The accepted date that your tax service states isn’t always correct, especially before opening day. Your cycle code on your transcript is the day the irs really accepted it. I filed 1/26, got notice less than hour later it was “accepted by the irs” (in reality it means it was sent)
    My transcripts cycle code is 20180503 which means the irs accepted it into the system on Jan 31.

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    I was in the test batch when will I receive my refund 1/18/2018 I was accepted

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    I meant test batch. 🙄 How do you know if you’re in it?

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    How do you know if you’re in the rest hatch?

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    I filed via Jackson Hewitt on 1/5/18 and accepted 1/19/18. However, i still can’t pull transcripts. Is anyone in this boat? They show N/A.

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    Someone mentioned to me that my estimated date is 21 days from my acceptance, so it’s just Turbo Tax’s estimated date.
    @RRR I’ve only read that being accepted before opening day, in this case this year it would be the 29th, that you are in the test batch. I don’t know if there is truth to this. I was also accepted early though.

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    I got the same refund date information from Turbo tax. I filed on 1/19 and accepted on 1/22. I am not rushing it, it will come when it comes lol

    Happy 2018 Taxes everyone :)

    Filed :1/19
    Accepted: 1/22
    NJ Accepted: 1/24
    Head of household

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    I actually just went to check Turbo Tax, and I’m showing an estimated refund date of Feb 12th. Again, I have the EIC.

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    @RRR I imagine so. I also have the EIC. Filed on the 20th and return accepted on the 22nd. We will probably be waiting awhile for our refunds with that law still being in place. Late Feb or after. It would be nice to get it sooner though.

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