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    So I woke up with a DDD for Wednesday, but also Tax Topic 203 (Offset) for a student loan. Nobody would give me info about an offset. I checked my transcripts online because I was finally able to this year. It’s not showing the offset, just the 846 Refund Issied with the full amount I’m suppose to receive, along with a few other normal codes. Can this change since it’s been approved? Or would it already show the offset if they were going to take all or part of the refund?

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    Hey! I had an offset in the past and I do again this year. I hope this helps someone.

    ***Typically once you have been given a DDD then the offset is no longer on the Offset line because it was already paid. If you have a DDD and the offset line still has a debt, then that debt is likely taking your full refund. You will get a letter in a few weeks explaining what was taken and why. What remained of my refund still came on the DDD I was given, so no delay.

    **As far as the student loan company saying you don’t have an offset, but the line says it, may mean the student loans requested it be taken off. The IRS can take up to 8 weeks to do that. I had this experience also, smh

    **I tried hardship through my student loan company the year my entire taxes were taken. It was approved but not for nearly as much as they took. And it was about a 3 week process with lots of paperwork.

    I call the offset line every year before I file taxes now. I noticed that companies like to add offsets close to tax season.

    Hope this helps!

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    The offset line says I have an offset but WMR is NOT showing code 203. Will I receive an offset if WMR isn’t showing it?

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    Tall Drink

    I had a surprise offset for student loans as well.

    Im curious to know if anyone out there has attempted, or had any luck with filing for a hardship to get the return back?? I would like to try, but I’m just wondering if it’s even worth my time : /

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    So it shows a code 203 for me as well. Called the hotline and there is no offset listed for my ss#. Even checked my credit report and there’s nothing there. There is no way that I owe child support to anybody as I have full legal and physical custody of my child. No unemployment nor state tax owed. Heck I just got a check from my state for like $15 they owed me for 2015 a few months ago randomly. LOL if anything they probably owe me. I have searched and searched and can’t find anything saying I owe anyone anything. I am wondering if it is a glitch of sorts?

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    That’s crazy the offset line has information listed for some people but others have had their debt information removed from the system. I have the topic 203 so I know they are taking it I just wish we knew why it’s not listed anymore.

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    Got my ddd of 2/22 but have 203 when I call the offset it doesn’t give me the amount just taxes could be offset call Alabama Department of Revenue…one issue whenever you call during business hours it says they have a high call volume and to try again later…so I have no idea what they will take…no codes on transcript except the usual?

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    I had no idea I was going to be offset…. Nothing from the IRS, nothing from the student loan people, but they took every penny (or so they IRS says on the hotline) of my refund. It seems like this year there have been a lot of these kinds of things going on. This truly stings. I would had been taking care of this if I’d known it. Instead they probably put this on me during PATH when I couldn’t see or do anything about it. Scumbags.

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    I got 203 for an offset too. When I call they say I don’t have one?

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    I checked my refund etc got a DDD date of 2/22 checked this morning because I couldn’t remember what the date was for if it wasn’t deposited by suddenly I have a 203. Called offset line basically all of my amount then THEN I went to this loans I owe on and ive been paying them through rehabilitation so not sure why they’re taking it. I got my state. I think there should be some sort of court order etc before theyre allowed to do that so people know its coming. Id like to be able to get a little bit of it.

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    Got my ddd of 2/22 but have 203 my issue is my taxes this year include my deceased husband who died last year when I call the offset it doesn’t give me the amount just taxes could be offset call Alabama Department of Revenue…one issue whenever you call during business hours it says they have a high call volume and to try again later…so I have no idea what they will take…no codes on transcript except the usual

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    I’m so confused. WMR says code 203 and when I call it says I have an offset for students loans. Called the company they say no but the offset hotline gives me their info. Does this mean they will take my refund or is it a wait and see? Help, lol.

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    I got my date of 2/14 for my DDD but on the bottom it says topic 203 I only owe $200 when will I get the rest of my refund still on my DDD??

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    Tax God

    I think the offset hotline is BS……you have to give people something to check to see if they may have a delay in taxes but it really offers no help…..I know I owe taxes that will offset my refund because they sent it to me a year ago but when i call the number there is no record of it……but wait until that refund is approved and all of a sudden it will be showing……that’s why the recording says offsets are added daily…..yeah right it’s sitting there and they just don’t want to make us aware of it so they can crush people dreams of getting a refund.

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    The offset line never listed my offset but when I looked at my transcripts and was updated on WMR it showed the offset and the difference that I’d be receiving.

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    I was in a similiar situation. I got the 203 on WMR but nithingnon transcript or when i called the # . I done some research and found out i owed Unemployment from 2012 . My WMR updated today to show my offset amount .

    I have a DDD of 02/06 .

    So I say check WMR again today

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    I don’t know I owe shit now my stat has been offset an it’s all it tells me wtf the hotline don’t have any judgement agenst me I’m stressed

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    You ever find anything out? I’m in the same boat.

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