Tax Topic 203, is everyone seeing this?

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    Does everyone see Tax Topic 203 or is it informational? My refund was approved & set for deposit 2/14?

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    Yes unfortunately

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    Brittany Holliman

    I’m seeing the same message but I called the offset line and they say I have a offset of my while refund amount but I haven’t gotten any notice can they still take them

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    Husband and I filed on 2/03 and WMR DD 2/14 with topic 203. This is our 2nd year filing jointly. Knew of the non tax debt so IS form 8379 was sent out before Bureau of Fiscal Service can send out a notice regarding the off set. We still should have received a portion since it was less than the refund amount but instead the whole refund was garnished. Contacted all agencies to find out where was the remainder. Spoke with IRS to make sure it wasn’t tax related. Rep cleared any tax debt. Called Bureau of Fiscal Services and did the automated and it stated no debt owed. Called back the Bureau to speak with someone live because I knew there was a non tax debt owed. Their rep confirmed and gave the info. Correct agency but wrong amount. It was doubled the amount stated in the letter sent to me before the year ended from the agency. I contacted the agency and they stated it was the amount requested from the IRS. Well now we have to wait till they figure this out for the remainder or hopefully the whole refund with the IS form 8379.

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    @Blu the offset line only reports non IRS debts now. If you owe the IRS it will not show on the offset line. That was the 1st number I called when I saw my refund was reduced.

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    @mari228 my ddd is 02/22 yes I’m getting a partial refund. The IRS stole almost $2k. I went through my transcripts and show that’s where the money is supposedly be going to. I’ve received my full refunds since 2013 and I have never received a notice saying o owe any money. The rep even said no notices was never sent to me. The transcript said that the full amount that was taken from my return is for interest and late payments. Literally the full amount was interest and late payments so I’m like what am I paying interest on.

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    sorry for the typos.. ughhh

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    Hey y’all! From past experience with offsets, the line won’t show any debts once you have been issued a refund because it was paid off already. If there was still a debt owed, then it means it took your whole refund. Letters about the money came about 2 weeks later explaining what was taken and why. So now every year before I file taxes, I call the offset line to be sure. A lot of companies know you plan to file taxes and will add the offset Dec and Jan. Hope this helps someone🤓🤓

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    @vee… so are yiu gettung your entire refubd if its a glutch? or are yiu getting a lesser amiunt and are you showung a lesser amount? do you have a ddd?

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    Same thing here. Offset number has nothing for me but showing tax topic 203. Kind of relieved I am not the only one, may be a glitch.

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    I have tt201 I called 18008290582 EXT 652 and was told it was for a past due collection that IRS not myself is aware of. She couldn’t find where the money went but stated it’s mostly a glitch.

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    I have the same tax topic 203. When i called the offset line says i dont owe anything and wmr still shows my full amount. Hoping its just a glitch.

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    Might be a glitch. Had tt152 then switched to dd 2/22 now says tt203. Called hotline and entered mine and wife’s SS# and says no offset found.

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    Stacie mine says same thing call offset everyday to see if it changes for you i pray its a error

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    I have same code we don’t owe nothing its weird I hope its all a glitch cuz I called offset and says none foind we have deposit date Feb 22

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    I have same code we don’t owe nothing its weird I hope its all a glitch cuz I called offset and says none foind we have deposit date Feb 22

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    I pray it’s a glitch.

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    I just got my DD of 2/22 and have the code as well but when I call the hotline it says I have no offsets? Did anyone recieve there refunds? Or is everyone seeing this message??


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    Call the offset number.

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    where are you seeing this?

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    Looks like you owe some money somewhere. Could be a glitch, but if not and that’s on your wmr, someone somewhere is taking their cut of your return.

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    @katie I don’t see it. What site are you seeing it on and did you get a Path Msg. I filed 1/23 And my transcript say a process date of 212

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    Interesting…it states:

    The Tax Topic 203 is for Refund Offsets for Unpaid Child Support, Certain Federal and State Debts, and Unemployment Compensation Debts. … A refund offset is when an IRS refund is reduced or intercepted to pay off delinquent debt, such as past-due child support, outstanding student loans, or unpaid state income tax

    Where are you seeing the code?

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