"STILL PROCESSING" message anyone?

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    As of this morning (2-17-17) at 10:55am – I have this message:

    “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.”

    HOWEVER, a friend of mines status now says: “Refund Approved: Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 22, 2017. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 22, 2017, check with your bank to see if it has been received”.

    Should I be concerned that I don’t have a DDD and that mine says it is being processed? My taxes were accepted on 1/25/17.

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    Ashlee, Nothing to do but wait. I was stuck on processing from 1/24 until 2/21 or so, when I got an ID verify letter in the mail. Maybe you also got lucky and have to ID verify, if so, you have to wait for the letter with the control numbers to be mailed to you, you need those numbers to verify. If you do have to ID verify, they give you a 9 week time frame to receive your return, but usually it’s sooner, I am on week 3 after verifying, still nothing for me. Hopefully, after you verify, you don;t get pulled for a review. I too used HR Block free online, just like I do every year, no job change, no dependent change, no address or phone number change, my return is going to the same bank, same account number as the last 10 years, my return is within a few dollars of last years return, yet I still got pulled for ID verify. So, sit back, relax, nothing you can do now.


    Ashlee King

    I filed on 2/21 and the WMR still says refund is processing. Tried to order transcripts online but error message says the phone number I entered isn’t associated with my name when I’ve had the same number for years. I’ve never had an issue getting a refund and it’s been almost 3 weeks. Used HRB online to file like usual. I don’t know what to do next.



    I was stuck on this message for 3 weeks. I filed and accepted on January 17. No eic or ctc. My WMR updated today for DD 2/23.
    I had called the IRS and was told that there was a problem initially processing my refund and it would take 4 more weeks. I was told that last Monday.



    I did indeed wake up to a DDD of 2/23 – For those of you who did not, don’t worry too much. I’m here to tell you that after speaking with the IRS you’d be suprised how many people actually have a DDD of 2/23 or soon thereafter and their status just isn’t updating online for whatever reason. Do yourself a favor and call the number:

    1 800-829-0582 and when it asks for the 3 digit ext you enter 652



    Filed and accepted 1/29, through TT, education credit, had someone file a fraudulent return in 15 so I had to submit a pin, owed some money as well to the IRS, no eitc or additional child tax credit, finally updated from the processing message to a DDD of 2/23. Good luck to you all.



    Woke up to lots of ppl saying they were updated to DD – good for them and finally! Me? Still processing…



    Really quick….my Aunt processes returns for the Feds. She told me people should file the day before the IRS opens. She said early filers are usually flagged because scammers are mainly the ones who file false returns early to get it in before you. It only makes sense right that if someone has your identity, they wanna file and get your refund before you file. She said that why you see a lot of ppl saying I filed on 1/12 or 1/13 saying I still don’t have my Refund and ppl who filed after me already did. Just a thought. Good luck everyone. IM GOING TO VEGAS BABY!!!! PUTTING IT ALL ON RED!!!!!







    I still have the message too. Starting to get nervous. If it doesn’t update for me on the 18th I’m going to be extremely nervous.

    Filed 1/29 accepted same day. Had the path message now it just says processing.



    The majority of the PATH filers should have their WMR updated tonight.



    Oh yeah and I filed with Taxact



    @Dame – Yes that’s what I’ve heard, too.



    So I called the irs # today 1-800-829-0582. Ext. 652. Talked to a lady named Mrs. Heath. After I was on hold for an hour and 40 minutes. I filed on 01/17/17 and accepted on 01/18 ( knowing they didn’t officially begin processing until 01/23 ). I am still at the WMR’s your return is still being processed message and a date will be made available. I have NO credits whatsoever. Told her it had been 25 days . She said I was pulled for a manual review but now everything was fine and it had been reversed. I was able to order acct. Transcript last week but no return trans. I tried this evening and was able to finally order my return transcript thru mail. So here’s hoping on some progress. She said if I haven’t received my refund direct deposit by 02/23 to call back. But wait til the end of that day. We shall see!



    File 01/30
    Accepted 01/31
    PATH message 02/04
    Both Transcript 02/04
    Processing message 02/16 still on there
    I checked my transcript on today at 1pm transcript have code 846 refund issue 03/06/2017
    cycle 20170505 date 02/20/17

    If u can check ur online transcript it may have code 846 mine do and wmr still have the processing message


    Vanessa Jimenez

    Well I just received a letter today apparently I had forgotten we receive PTC for January before works insurance kicked in so we didn’t file form 8962 now we just filed he correct forms and submitted via fax but the letter said refund could take 6-8 weeks!!!!!!! Ugh



    So is it just a rumor that there’s supposedly a big update tonight??? I seen a lot of people talking about Saturday the 18th. Most of those people said an IRS rep told them when called.




    Your ok the 1099 is just the form for healthcare. Your job is required to give you both the W2 and 1099 whether you got health care thru them. Also if you have got aide from your state of residency like government health that agency will also send you a 1099 in the mail usally a 1099-c.
    So if you had healthcare just send the proof and they might not even fine you for it



    filed and accepted 1/26 …… dd date 2/22


    Coquis 224

    Still have processing message as well


    Coquis 224

    I finally got mY tranacript faxws to me it had an 846 code for 3/6/17. Hoping I get it next week.



    Got the still processing message for about a week now, no more path act message just a lot of what people are saying with late Jan filers tax amount to the side and, generic message of you are still processing.

    We work in a hospital setting so we can’t be on hold for long time with the IRS.
    here’s in hopes to getting an official update this weekend



    I filed on 1/17 got accepted on 1/18. Mine still says processing. I work the same job as last year and I claimed my daughter, which I do every year. I see people who filed after me that got a DDD for 2/22. I don’t understand why mine isn’t changing. It’s now been a month. So frustrating!



    Thank you for all for this helpful information!

    I had called the number and ext noted here and the IRS rep was helpful but I got good and bad news. I told him I was concerned as over 21 days and I filed under my recently changed name (back to maiden few months ago). I thought maybe that might be holding things up. He said my return is processed and refund issued for 2/23 however he said a letter was sent on 2/13 saying I had a 1099 that wasn’t reported from previous year…ugh! It was from a previous job with a cable company I was with just over a year. I have no idea what it could be, only thing could think of is maybe my free cable benefits? Anyhow…he said it’s very possible this refund gets deposited and I will get billed for 2015. So, one question answered but another can of worms opened.

    Background: I filed and was accepted same day of 1/25 and WMR changed from Path to ‘received and being processed’, EIC credit.



    @matthew i have no idea. Thats just what the irs rep. said. “It could take 9 weeks”



    @Harris – Why would it take 9 weeks?



    @matthew no its direct deposit



    @Harris – I’m assuming you’re receiving a paper check?



    To all. I was in processing with no bars two days after i was accepted. Just recieved verification letter today. Had to call and answer questions. Said everything is ok that it could take 9 weeks before i recieve my refund. Good luck everyone



    @Matthew66762 and @Toots

    I’m happy it worked for you both! And yes it took a lot off my shoulders as well :)



    Stupid spell check. I did not speak to Mr. Calibration :/ However, I did speak to Mr. Califra. Geez!



    I took @Ashley advice. First call was unsuccessful, second call, I talked to a very helpful Mr. Calibration. When I told him my concern, he tried to avoid it by giving me the same pad answer of “February 27, PATH hold, blah, blah.” I told him that I was concerned about the refund, but more concerned and worried about it being flagged for whatever reason due to ID theft in the past. He was more than willing to check my account. After giving him miles of information and maybe even a portion of my DNA (LOL, joking!) He told me there were no flags on the account and that I had a DDD of 2/23. He told me to expect the WMR to reflect that on 2/18 when the mass update occurred.

    So with that said, a little less worry and thankful for these sites that make me crazy, but all in all keep me level. :)

    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Used TT with fees
    EITC and ACTC
    W2, Self employed



    @Ashley – Thanks for the tip and phone #, Ashley. Took a lot of stress off my shoulders today.




    The lady I spoke to said it was approved and everything was fine that my DDD is 2/23

    I guess if there were anything wrong at all they would have a DDD at all and would’ve referred us to another number to call. Just guessing.



    @Ashley – I’m assuming if there were any hiccups, withholding or anything like that she would’ve mentioned those on the phone, eh? I’m just seen some people saying they’ve called in and were told it would be deposited on the 23rd but may have some withheld =\ She didn’t say anything about any of that to me… just said it would be the 23rd…




    Glad it worked for you! There’s always a loop hole lol :)



    I have the processing message as well i filed 2-1-2017 was approved same day have both credits but im getting mine sent in a paper check i want to call irs but idk if they might give me some info



    UPDATE – I did as Ashley suggested. Waited on hold for approximately 25 minutes. The rep was very kind and looked it up for me. She said it should be DD by the 23rd! She also said she felt like the “Where’s my refund” tool is just not real accurate at this point in time.




    I know it’s frustrating but try again. It sounds like they routed you to the wrong extension. They’re definitely open.

    If you try again I hope you get an answer :)



    I called the number, with 652 extension. Said 10-15 minute wait, at 16 minutes it transferred to the tax advocate unit? I answered the questions, told me my call would be monitored and recorded, please hold and then “I’m sorry, the office you are calling is currently closed.” WTH?! Talk about adding on to the current stress. :/



    Im still stuck on the “still processing” message but was able to view my transcripts online and saw code 846.

    While I completely understand the frustration with message, i wouldnt put a whole lot of stock into it. Last year i received my refund, two weeks later for s**ts and giggles i logged into WMR and checked to see, still processing!!

    So either WMR is super slow to update, or the IRS does this on purpose so when you get your refund early they’re Big Damn Heroes and allows them time to work in the background.



    I’m in the same boat 😭 Hopefully we get updated tonight


    meeka cali

    So I just was able to order my transcripts today do you guys think I will I updated with a 846 code? I had to order them in the mail…………Thanks



    @Toots GOOD LUCK! :)




    Our tax situation seems to be a lot alike in many ways! I have really avoided calling the IRS, but I guess I will give it a try. Wish me luck!



    @LaciMama lol glad it worked for you!



    I did what Ashley said.
    Called and got a nice lady. She looked up my account and told me my DDD is February 23.




    Check out this thread http://igotmyrefund.com/forums/topic/only-eic-and-actc-filers-updates-here-plz/

    do a control+F or command+f if on mac and type in 1/25 into your browser search box and search that page and see the other people who filed early are also stuck on processing. You can also type in 1/26 and search the page.


    Kendall Jones

    @tmo when did you file did you have credits



    I still have the processing message WMR.. So I called this morning and told them that I had an issue with my State Refund and that it didn’t schedule for DDD, even though my bank information was on my return, they sent it by paper check and that my local state IRS told me I needed to call the Federal IRS and verify that my federal refund was ok and wouldn’t be impacted..

    He looked up my SSN, said it “looks OK to me. It is scheduled to be Deposited on 2/22″…

    BOOM! Thanks for the info boss…




    @matthew66762 call 1 800-829-0582 and when it asks for the 3 digit ext you enter 652. It will tell you a wait time of like 15-30 minutes but it’s worth the wait if you get someone helpful. Make sure you tell them a date that’s 22 days since you filed or they won’t help. I filed 1/31 but told her I wasn’t sure and that I thought I filed 1/26. I also told her that several people I know had updates on WMR and we’re given a DDD and that I was worried maybe something was wrong. She asked for some info from me and looked it up and gave me my DDD.

    Good luck! Let me know if you get any help :)

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