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    Share your experience with filing your South Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    My ddd was the 17… Its now the 18th still nothing….

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    @Pinkpanther ahhhh good to know! Thank you!

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    @jo …. Probably not. :-) The SCDOR website doesn’t update to received and processing until they actually begin processing your return. I didn’t get any type of update showing mine had been received for a couple of weeks. I guess that’s just how they operate. Hang on in there!

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    Hello all! DDD of 2/21 however I received it today. I bank with Wells Fargo. Filed 1/28 and accepted on 1/31.

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    I filed on 2/3 and the DOR site says a refund is not in process yet. Does that mean something went wrong?

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    I had a ddd of 2/22 but it was really n my account this morning (I bank at a credit union)

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    Today, the 17th, was the date I was given, and the deposit did indeed hit my bank this morning!

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    Hi all, I had a DDD of 2/17 and it was deposited today! Good luck everyone!

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    DD of SC state refund hit my bank at 2am 2/17/17, which was my DDD on SC WMR site. So those of you with same DDD yours should be on the way today if you don’t have it already!

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    DD for me as well early this morning. Banking with Bancorp.

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    When did those of you with DDD’s file?

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    congrats brittany. DDD of 2/17 but mines not in yet (wells fargo)

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    DDD of 2/17 deposited into USAA this morning. Yay!

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    Anyone get DDD that was accepted 2/1/2017?
    It says received and processing but no DDD

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    Has anyone received their actual deposit yet?

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    Mine updated today to 02/21 ddd

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    Thanks, Kiwi.
    Well being that the letter had the auditor info I used it to my advantage and ask my questions. She have advised me to wait 7-10 days to rec’d my refund.
    That’s good news for me as it’s not as long of a delay I thought it would be.

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    Ro, last year was my first time filing in SC and they sent me a letter to verify my identity and send my w-2 and all that. Idk how long it will take because last year the refunds were delayed until March 1 so I had to wait regardless of the letter.

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    Great, rec’d a letter from SC DOR requesting I send in my W2.
    This is my 1st year filing for SC State, the person I had to send my info to is an Auditor.
    Just my luck to be audited….lol.
    Has anyone had to do this, if so please share with me how long the process is.

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    Ddd of 2/17 along with the rest of you :)

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    Got the update today.. 2-17!

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    YAYYY!!! DD for 2/17! =]

    Filed 1/24
    State Accepted 1/29

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    I got a date of 2/17 today!! ( accepted 1/25)

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    Mine updated today with a DDD of 2/17

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    I got a ddd of 2-17 as well. Do they release the funds Friday ? Or Monday? Last year my state went into my bank on a Monday.

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    My refund (both state and federal) were accepted Jan. 30. I checked the state site and it says processing (as of Feb 10). Any idea how long until I can expect a DDD?

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    Wish I can say the Same…no update for me :(

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    GOt my DDD 2/17

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    Peogress! The message today stated that my return has been processed and refund on the way as of February 17! Finally! :) I hope evryone saw something today too

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    Anyone have any movement?

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    Does anyone in SC know how to find out if your state return will be offset?

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    I believe I got mine on a Thursday one year.

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    They do them on Saturday too I think.

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    Does SC only DD on Fridays or is that just federal?

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    Call SC DOR today spoke to a female who was really nice and helpful.
    She advised me that was finished processing on 2/7….but I don’t have a DDD as of yet.
    She said my DDD says “issue date is processing”. She advised me I should expect to have a DDD around 13-16 of this month. She advised me to call back on Monday I should have a DDD issue by then.
    I was accepted on 1/25….
    Start showing as processing on SC DOR on 2/8

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    I read on a fb tax page that SC wmr doesn’t tell you anything untilit’s been at least 10 days. I believe it’s true because Tuesday was my 10th day and that’s when it updated to says that it’s processing. I filed through tt on 1/20 and was accepted on 1/26.

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    Lucky I called and they said it’s in its final stage and allow up to 10 more business days to get it. I filed Jan 17 accepted 25 I hope to get it same time as you. Lol

    One can hope

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    called today to set if i have a state offset, i already knew about it but was also told my ddd of 2/16/17
    filed 23rd
    accepted 26th
    scdor processing 2/8/17

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    Did anyone else update today?

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    Mine updated today to received and processing :)

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    Finally updated to the your return has been received and is now being processed message. I guess I was a day behind you guys. Now. . . Process it already!!! LOL. Hopefully there will be some more progress soon.

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    When I check Online on SC DOR it says my refund is being process. When I check on the telephone it stated my refund is NOT being process….

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    Kiwi, most of us who got an update yesterday filed early-mid january and as a result were accepted on the 24 or 25th.. so give it another week or so.

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    Mine still says no refund in progress.
    Filed 1/24 state wasn’t accepted til 1/29


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    Mine updated to i wonder how long until a direct deposit date.

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    My status changed on dor! Hopefully some of ya’ll have the same luck!

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    Finally checked today and it says accepted and now processing refund, all before it gave me the we have no refund on file. So at least its finally doing something, i was accepted on the 1/26 for state

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    Would I be asking for too much if I want to see a DDD by Friday lol

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    File on 1/13
    Accepted on 1/25
    Finally SC DOR – 2/8 refund – Your South Carolina Individual Income Tax return has been received and is now being processed. Please continue to check this page for updates on the status of your refund. Please note, processing a return and refund generally takes two to four weeks.

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    Checked after today’s update time of 12 noon, and it has finally changed to “Your South Carolina Individual Income Tax return has been received and is now being processed.”

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