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    Share your experience with filing your South Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    I called this morning and she said I had no offsets that I’m already approved but no ddd yet. I swear this is frustrating. I wanna cry lol

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    @SCwaiting I filed on 1/25 and been stuck on “processed” all week no updates yet. Checked by bank but that was clearly wishful thinking 🤔 😂
    Still waiting….

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    @RO – I filed on 1/24, went to processing on 2/3, received my dd 2/7. my dd never showed on the tracking site until this morning. I used TT paid ahead of time if that helps.

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    No update for me this morning. Still says “your refund was processed”

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    No update yet. Still processing and it was accepted on the 30th.

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    I filed and was accepted 1/30! On the site it says processed but no ddd!!! Anything yet for anyone else

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    The DOR website has shown my refund having been processed for a few days now…no DDD. :-/ Lord the suspense is killing me. Filed and accepted 1/30.

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    Last year I received my state refund on a Thursday so my last hope is tomorrow morning 😞

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    Mine has said it’s been processed since Friday. No ddd and no dd yet

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    @scwaiting how many days have your status stated “processed”

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    No DD showing on the online refund site, but it was in my account today. Mine still just shows processed.

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    How long has your SC state refund status says processing or process before you got a DDD

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    All Is On

    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/26
    Processing around 1/30?
    Today, went from being processed to…

    Your SC State Individual Income Tax Return has been processed. The refund was issued on: 7-Feb-2018.

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    Hey guys for the ones that did receive their state refund when did you guys file and did you see any change on the website?

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    Thanks All is On! Did it still saying processing or had you processed already?

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    All Is On

    Never got a DDD, but DD was in the Bank this morning and message changed on site.

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    Anyone accepted the 30th have a refund date?

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    When did you file TinSc? I was accepted on the 30th and mine is still processing.

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    got my DD today!

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    My still says not in process and I’ve already got my federal last Friday.

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    @megan , Thanks for the info

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    Last year the page said info updated daily at noon about refunds this year it just says updated daily but I don’t know if that’s overnight or still at noon. Mine has said processed for about 4 days now. I saw on there Facebook page where they said it changes to processed and then it will say refund issued within the 3 to 4 weeks. Last year most people saw on feb13th that it updated to a direct deposit date of 2/17. I don’t know why it takes them so long.

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    Checked my SC return this morning says that it has been processed but no DDD

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    Hey guys just an update I did call this morning and I did not get the it’s still processing from the representative she actually told me that return looks good. She also stated that in 3 to 4 weeks I should see my refund. I did act as if though I thought I offset was going to happen and she told me that there’s nothing wrong with the returns in there are no offsets and my refund will be going out as soon as they release their refunds.

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    No date yet…just processed

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    Anyone get a date yet or is it just 3-4 weeks?

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    At least you guys see process I have the same old message “not in process”
    Seems like everyone is seeing progress except me ☹️

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    I have the same message saying it was processed and to call that toll free number. Seeing as though a lot of people who called are getting the same “it’s still processing or there’s a glitch in the system” I’m going to wait it out.

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    Since I have to wait until after the 15th for federal I figure at least I could have my state. Mines says processed also. But no ddd. Last year I did get my state before my federal.

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    I got same message. Changed overnight but no ddd.

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    Mine updated this morning to this-

    Your SC State Individual Income Tax Return has been processed.
    For more information, contact the South Carolina Department of Revenue toll free at 1-844-898-8542.

    NOTE: The South Carolina Department of Revenue is authorized to seize refunds otherwise due to taxpayers who have delinquent debts with the South Carolina Department of Revenue, Internal Revenue Service, other government agencies and public or private institutions of higher learning. Should this occur, you will receive a separate letter providing details.

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    Yesterday it said there was no refund in process at this time. Now it says my refund was processed?? Anyone else getting this? If it was processed then where’s my dd?

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    Mine was accepted 25th still says processing when I call but I also got the “call is about your refund message”yesterday. I calleed and they said a lot of people are calling saying they it got that message but it’s just a glitch and to expect refunds to take 3-4 weeks

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    Accepted on the 25th still says NOT in process.
    Hubby filed on the 27th and he’s updated this morning to process but no DDD.

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    Filed 1/25 , accepted 1/29, has been saying not in process at this time but updated this morning to has been processed.

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    I still am getting that message where it says to call to discuss. I called already and they said it was fine, maybe a glitch for those of us who have processed? Has anyone received a DD yet for state?

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    Anyone SC state refund updated?
    Accepted on 1/25 still shows not being process
    But it feels like everyone around me are getting an update or ddd :(

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    Thanks @hello I am glad I’m not the only one I thought it was so weird that I had JUST talked to them and then it switched. On top of that my federal went from one bar to none and a weird message this tax season has me stressing

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    I received the same message this morning. When I called, they told me it would be about two weeks. When I told him that I just wanted to make sure that nothing was wrong with the return, he just told me he understood. When I called the automated number, it says it’s still being processed. I’m assuming there’s some glitch giving out that message.

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    SO mine has said received and being processed since the 27th and I actually called today and talked tosomeone who said wait 3-4 weeks it still shows processing but then tonight it swtiched to the message that says “Please contact us to discuss your refund” I dont understand. I just talked to them 3 hours before?! WHat changed?!

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    I got the same message today, called and it said that its been received and being processed. No idea why the online message doesn’t just say that like the other days… smh

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    @WaitingInSCAgain I got the call message as well, and I called this morning. It was taken due to a hospital bill from North Carolina for my husband. This is BS. We haven’t even gotten a bill from the hospital that took the taxes. I asked the representative and she said they should have sent something before intercepting our refund. However, they didn’t and I am not a happy camper. SMH

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    Well my status has changed from received and being processed to:

    Please contact the SC Department of Revenue toll free at 1-844-898-8542 to discuss the status of your refund.

    I called and they said that it takes 2-4 weeks to process which I knew, and basically no further information. Weird as hell *rolls eyes*.

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    Online mine say processed but no DDD been that way since maybe Wednesday or Thursday of last week but also I’ve called the automated to check the status and it says received and still processing. 🤔🤔

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    Anyone SC tax shows being processed as of yet?

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    Filed with TT on 1/24, was accepted on 1/26 and today the SC site shows they have been received and are being processed. Hopefully, they don’t take as long as last year.

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    SC accepted on the 25th as per TaxSlayer. When I check on SCDOR stating refund is not being processing. Will check back later in the week to see if there’s any progress.

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    Used HnR Block free file sent on the 20th still not showing received..just “pending” on HnR status ?? SC DORWAY showing not in process. Concerned that its still “pending” on Blocks software

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    State accepted 1/25 and today ( 1/27) shows refund received and being processed!

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    South Carolina State refund accepted today!

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