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    Share your experience with filing your South Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/5
    Still no DD… DOR Rep says approved just waiting for release of funds. Hoping for Friday!!

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    Refund received 2/14
    Filed 1/22, accepted once tax season opened
    Federal DD 1/29
    State shows as processed since 02/02

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    Has anyone who filed and accepted on 1/31 received their return yet?

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    No luck on my end 🙄

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    My DD hit this morning. Filed and accepted 1/30. The dor website actually changed to reflect the deposit.

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    Received my state refund this morning. Filed and accepted on 1/29

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    Finally!! It’s pending in my account this morning.

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    Lauren —

    Did your message change once your received your deposit or even before you received it or no message update?

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    Well my DD just hit my bank account.

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    My bank usually deposits at night. My return was accepted 1/29. Fingers crossed I wake up to a pending deposit on my bank account.

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    F/a 2/3 message was has yet to be processed. Now showing is not in process at this time… wondering why the change. Any one else with this message?

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    Thanks fo for the good news updates Lucylou and DT. Lol @ Pinkpather

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    I finally got my DD. I checked the status of my refund online out of curiosity and it says: “Your SC State Individual Income Tax Return has been received, but your refund has not yet been issued.” However, the refund is in my bank account as of 3:00 p.m. EST. Filed 01/19, accepted 01/30, DD 02/13.

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    Awesome news guys! Fingers crossed for the rest of us…lol. My bank wouldn’t dare deposit in the middle of the day…lol.

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    I still have the process message but my direct deposit just hit my account.
    Filed on the 29th
    Accepted 29th

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    I filed 1/26 and was accepted 1/29.

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    @DeeInSC That’s awesome. When did you e-file?

    My status still says: Your SC State Individual Income Tax Return has been received, but your refund has not yet been issued.

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    Refund just DD into my account. No notice. Message on website and phone message says received and is being processed.

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    Anyone see a deposit? This wait is doing the most.

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    I keep getting this message “Your South Carolina State Individual Income Tax refund is not in process at this time”.

    Has anyone else received this message and if so what does that mean? Turbo tax said both of my returns were accepted on 2/2.

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    I got me refund filed and processed 1/30 … there is hope u guys. Now just waiting on my federal to come. What a sigh of relief. This state refund took Forever!!!!

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    SC DOR rep over the phone said my return has been received and processed, BUT are waiting for the treasury to release the funds. We are on the last step folks!

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    I checked to see if my state refund status was updated from your refund has been processed and it has, but now it says your refund has been received but not issued.

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    The new message is due to so many people asking why they are receiving a message that says processed and online it says processing. No change. They just tweaked the message to make people happy that were waiting. They stated that the reason there was a conflicting message was processed online meant your return was processed. On the phone system, processing meant that you were waiting for them to process the return.

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    I received the message too, I HOPE its’ a good thing.
    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Processed 2/5

    “Your SC State Individual Income Tax Return has been received, but your refund has not yet been issued.”

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    Got that message wonder if we getting closer!!! Fingers crossed

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    I got the “Your SC State Individual Income Tax Return has been received, but your refund has not yet been issued.” today as well. It was sent 2/3 and showed as processed as of 2/8. I have never seen that message before. No idea what it means.

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    I just received the same message Mc. When I checked earlier it was still “return is processing”. This is so frustrating!

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    I just got the same message you got Mc. I wonder if this means it’s on the horizon. I’ve never gotten that message before…lol.

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    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/26
    Processed 2/5

    Today I received this message “Your SC State Individual Income Tax Return has been received, but your refund has not yet been issued.”

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    Filed and accepted 2/1. Status showing processed since 2/6, no DDD. Received a letter for an offset (medical bill) for portion of refund on 2/8. The letter was dated 2/6 and showed the remainder amount to be refunded. Still no deposit and status online still says tax refund has been processed.

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    Once approved, it takes up to two weeks to receive your funds. Per the lady I just spoke with. Approvals don’t start until 2/1, so you could be seeing deposits this week. They make deposits daily, they don’t only do it one day per week. Hope this helps everyone.

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    Filed 1/22, accepted once tax season opened, Federal DD 1/29, State shows as processed since 02/02, still no SC DDD or change in status.

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    I called again today and once again the lady told me refund approved but no deposit date . I filed and was accepted on 1/30…. also that I have no offsets.. lol of course I knew that. Just please can I have my money South Carolina!!!!

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    Accepted 1/29……. has been processed for several days.

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    Mine says the same, and like you, I’m not aware of any State debt or debt to any State owned entity. I just hope we get ours soon! It’s much needed for sure.

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    South Carolina tax y’all waste no time taking it out my check but slowly waiting to give me it back. It’s three people I don’t mess with The I The R and The S….I pay y’all faithfully….The one year I get $1xxx back in state taxes y’all wanna take forever 😭😭😭😭 don’t mind me y’all I’m just ranting !!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 I need all my coins !!! Rant over Good Bye!!!

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    My return was processed on 2/8. Now I see this at the bottom of the message saying my return was processed. Does everyone see this with a processed return or should I be worried? It wasn’t there before:

    “NOTE: The South Carolina Department of Revenue is authorized to seize refunds otherwise due to taxpayers who have delinquent debts with the South Carolina Department of Revenue, Internal Revenue Service, other government agencies and public or private institutions of higher learning. Should this occur, you will receive a separate letter providing details.“

    I’m certainly not aware of having any debts to the state. Makes me a little nervous?

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    No good news to report here either. I was hoping for a surprise dd like others have gotten but no such luck.

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    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 1/31
    SC WMR has said my refund has been processed for a week now but no DDD and no DD

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    Welp once again no update for me. I sick of this shit!!! Lol last year I got my state before my federal but looks like I will get both at the same time.

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    Updates anyone?

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    Filed state 1/30, accepted 2/4, no DDD listed. I called the DOR / Doorway number listed when I checked for an update online about my state refund. They said they update daily at noon. They told me they are not withholding any $ to pay anything else, confirmed my amount that I am expecting to be DD. They said I can call back daily. Uhm no.

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    I think waiting on state is worse. At least with federal I know where I stand. I’m in the wait until after the 15th. With the state, the online says processed, but the phone says processing. No change. I was accepted on 1/31.

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    I don’t know what’s worse waiting on the federal or state refund 😩

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    Still processing and I was accepted on the 29th. I signed in to Mydorway and it has the refund amount and that it’s owed to me but no date.

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    I filed my taxes on the night of 1/25 through TurboTax. My state was accepted on 1/29. The SC refund site has been saying processed for days now but no direct deposit date. I’m hoping to get mine tomorrow morning after an earlier person said theirs was accepted on the same day as mine and they got their deposit on 2/7. If not tomorrow, then I’m hoping no later than next Wed, 2/14.

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    @kiwi I was hoping the same but nothing either.
    I give up hope 🤦🏽‍♀️

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    Filed 1/29 accepted 1/30 around 3am. It’s been “processed” since last Friday 2/2. No ddd and no dd in my account. Was hoping I’d get it this week.

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    @SC I called this morning and went to the Mydorway option instead of the refund status. I explained to the agent….I use to see my refund amount but now I don’t which is true. She then explained to me she sees it on her end, put me on hold and came back a few minutes later. She advised me I am finished processing I am just waiting for my refund to be approved. So I ask how long does it normally takes. She then advise me I should see and update sometime next week.

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