SBTPG 2/23 Still Nothing!

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    First off let me break down the basics. This year I was forced to get the Deluxe version of TurboTax due to some special forms I got back to file. I was approved by the IRS and got my DDD which was 2/23/2017. I have no offsets or anything of that nature.

    On Wednesday I learned of SBTPG and found out they wanted to verify my ID for some BS reason. I did and Wednesday night after fighting with them got my account updated to the following:

    TPG has issued money to you! See Payment Details below for more information.

    I waited until late last night and nothing changed. My banking information is correct because it’s the same as my State which I filed together with TurboTax. I got my State refund on the 14th! I do not have a Netspend card or a Rush card. I have my own bank account.

    I called my bank last night and they said there was no pending deposits made that they can see!!! I am giving these people until 6 PM EST to give me my money. I will never do my taxes with TurboTax again especially when fees are involved. Never had a problem like this before in all the years of doing my taxes.

    I will keep this post updated.

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