Santa Barbara EIC and ACTC

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    I am excited everybody is getting their money today. Anybody who has there fees taken out, have you seen anything hit?

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    I hope you are right…..amyone else have any input???

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    R they have set time for update?like everday 9am?or once they get money it update automatically? My ddd 22 feb . Still 3more dys . Wish can have after mid night

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    @scooter..I think right after midnight Santa Barbara will update.I am sure they have thousands in the “QUE” already,but since we had a Holiday today,we can’t see anything yet. Same with WMR updating. I have 2 bars so I’m thinking after midnight as well on that. I have a Credit I hope they release it at least 1 day ahead of time. Lord knows we need it. Good luck.

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    Anyone care to speculate as to when sbtpg will start processing dd’s??? Will they start after midnight, in the morning tomorrow????

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    For at least the past 5 years i have dealt with sb, I have NEVER had any problems with my funds being released. They always release same day.

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    My girlfriend got hers. We filed the same day but she didnt have fees taking out. I had to claim gambling winnings so i had to get the expensive pack

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    Sorry to say that santa (not ho ho ho) will hold money as long as they can, but they are not supposed to hold past post date. They do this just to get the interest off your refund, as if the crazy fee wasn’t enough. But before I started paying up front I normally got it on the date irs pukes said would or maybe a day later. We have survived so far just a little more time and we can all cry 3 days after we get it and its all gone. Or in my case about 24 hours lol, not lol boo hoo.
    But as far as all the folks saying they have ddd of 2/22 and claim to have their money I call [email protected] on that. Its just haters and trolls getting their rocks off making anyone that will listen to them, squirm.

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    I know just saying sbtpg is just like those payday loans they will always be in business cause people either can’t wait or don’t have patience to wait for money

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    Jonny Tombstone

    Don’t stress people, I can almost guarantee you will receive your refund by Feb 22.

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    I’m sure. Their assumption is most low class or middle class live almosylt paycheck to paycheck so most will need their service and won’t have the money upfront to pay for their taxes.

    Problem is there assumption is right

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    they are going to lose a lot of money when people pay there filing fee instead of having it taken from there tax refund. Paying = no use for Santa Barbie

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    Forgot to say, supposedly they lie to get interest on the money

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    Was just reading bunch of reviews about SBPTG, a lot of people saying they hold your money and lie about banks rejecting transfer or requiring ID, wand we how true it is or is it just mad people venting.

    Anyone have any experiences with them? This is my first time

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    Monday is a federal holiday. So they already have notification from the IRS for 2/22 refunds. The IRS send notification 4 business days prior. When we all updated for a 2/22 dd on Friday the IRS would’ve sent notification.

    This is only the second year in the 10 I’ve used to with fees taken out that I don’t have my deposit yet.

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    Does anyone know when the soonest that those of us that had our fees taken out by Santa Barbara tax products will see our refund? I filed EIC and just for a DD for 2/22 and I’m using netspend as a deposit card but I opted to have fees taken out of my refund. From what I’ve read it sounds like a sbtg likes to hold people’s money to thr last minute which would be Thursday. Can anyone refute this?

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    Hey There


    I never got any delays using TT. If your DDD is 2/22 then chill. Just use common sense. Most cards say 2 days early at best. And yeah, I know some people have gotten it early, blah blah blah. Well, you didn’t. If WMR says DDD 2/22 which means is approved then that means you getting the money. Plain and simple. Be happy, it”l be there.

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    So, I’m pretty po’d at TurboTax right now as I’m sure most of you are. But it seems like false advertising because, I specifically asked Turbo if paying my fees with my taxes would slow down my taxes and they assured me it wouldn’t. BS!

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    I DO recall one year(2012-13)…I received my DD about 3 days early on a Saturday. It was Santa Barbara I’m thinking much of it has to do with the Path crap. I am content waiting til Tuesday..nothing I can do about it. Lesson learned and I will plan accordingly next year. Not gonna deal with Santa Barbara anymore.

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    If its true then Tuesday is when we can expect a refund to hit the bank,not before. Tell you one thing,I will be using netspend next year..or the serve card. Keeps getting bogged down worse and worse each year. Until they abolish this idiotic Tax act/path rule,then this will only get worse. My bad on thinking the SBTB would process things on the weekends.I just assumed they would if they were open. Kinda odd that they don’t.

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    Ok thank you
    It was confusing because everyone is posting something different….. igotmyrefund on Facebook the administration posted that Santa Barbara posted they won’t be sending anything out as well till Tuesday becase weekends and holidays are not business days… I just wanted to ask around and see if they were correct..

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    It says it may take 1-2 business days to complete processing, and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not considered business days

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    The link to SB that talks about ACH does NOT say it doesn’t process on weekends, it says Weekends are not banking days. They can process on their end, but your bank would not process on a weekend.

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    I wish I would have known this befor hand I wouldn’t have used them..😣
    Thanks for the info I’ll do some research for next year’s taxes before I file with someone.

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    It does say they’re open, but it also says they don’t process returns/deposits on weekend or holidays. Apparently SBTPG is super shady, I will probably never use TT again because of their lies, and bullcrap. They don’t explicitly tell you it will actually take longer for deposit or anything when you deduct fees, they make it seem like you’d get it the same time either way.

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    This year hasn’t been the same as last year. But I got my DDD today so I’m good. I’m happy and behind on bills. Truck broke down so I’m waitin on this lump sum to make sure it’s running right. I work everyday but I still need my money when I need it 😁

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    That is their usual hours. Between February 5th and March 4th they have tax season hours, where they open from 9-4 on Saturdays and 8-12 on Sundays, as well as 6-6 Monday through Friday.

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    Maybe because it is peak season they will do ach transfers if they receive funds. Because during off season it is mon-fri but peak season it is open everyday. So why be open if you aren’t going to process anything? Fingers crossed

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    Just pulled this off the sbtpg site:

    Usually 1 to 2 days before a refund is scheduled to arrive, the IRS sends a pre-notification of the refund amount to TPG.  The IRS does not deposit the money at this time, but it is only a notification that the refund is on its way. We set up the disbursement upon receiving that pre-notification so that the money reaches the taxpayer on the same day it would have if the money was deposited directly from the the IRS into the taxpayer’s bank account.


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    Santa Barbara tax product group said Saturday, Sunday and Holliday are not business days they only do ACH on business days. But they are open so wouldn’t that be considered a business day?

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    Lol no problem. I’ll check on mine later on today. Last year mine arrived 3 days early and came in around 5:30pm. So maybe it will happen this year maybe not. Doesn’t matter it’s coming regardless

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    Jay Green

    @Sahriah lol you LIED to try and prove a point and call it rude to point state a fact. ridiculous

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    95% of people who paid their filing fees upfront, and used a prepaid card to have the refund deposited, received their refund YESTERDAY! Before they even officially received their DDD. Exactly how it happened last year. So yes it’s possible, and has happened before. You might notice this is a specific thread for people who are having their fees taken out of their refund, everyone else has already received it or their bank has it listed as pending.

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    Thank you @michelle some ppl are just so negative they live for this time of the year to be nasty and bring their misery on other ppl….Enjoy your day honey, I’m off here for today I don’t even argue with my husband and he doesn’t talk to me rude so I’m definitely not letting a person I don’t know do o

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    Jay Green

    Siriah Michelle

    It’s not a matter of agreeing with you, and it’s not just a matter of my experiences. I’ve seen hundreds of deposit timelines going back several years it it simply has NEVER happened. I didn’t say it can’t or won’t, I said it would be unprecedented, which is a 100% fact. It’s absurd that I get such an emotional response from people for stating an objective fact because it offends their false sense of hope.

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    I’ve received mine early more than once. I’ve also received it about a day and a half late one year. So just because you’ve not experienced it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It definitely has happened.

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    I’m not your mother or your wife so please don’t speak to me rudely Bcuz you don’t agree with what I am saying, just simply ignore me if you don’t agree and keep scrolling…..Goodbye!

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    Never been early for me using sbtpg, always exactly on the ddd

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    Jay Green

    now you’re just being WILLFULLY ignorant. There’s a clear distinction between what I’m addressing and what you (and many others) experienced in previous years. FIVE. DAYS. not 1 day early. The IRS doesn’t release it 5 days early much less have it deposited

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    It has happened to me…every year it’s early

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    Jay Green

    because it’s 5 days early. that never happened in previous years

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    Every year I receive my refund before the DDD, so why would I think this year would be any different?? I’ve seen several ppl who have received theirs before their date

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    Because some ppl has same ddd 22 feb but they got a yesterday … so im concerning ….

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    Jay Green

    what makes people with a 2/22 DDD think they could get it today? that would be unprecedented

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    Filed about mid January.
    Haven’t been able to order transcripts until 2 days ago
    It’s wmr says we have received your return and is being processed never any bars
    Can’t be found on sbtpg and now it’s wmr says
    Wmr is currently unavailable WTF :(

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    Hi all do u guys have all ddd on feb22?do we have chance to get today??sbgt didnt recieve mine yet ..

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    @[email protected] thank y’all so much for the information! I tried to do that earlier but didn’t work. I’m going to try again in a few too see if it has updated

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    sahira…sounds good.

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    @spaceshipsandstars you have to put in the expected amount before fees… It will probably be a couple hours before there site updates with a received amount.. Just keep in mind when you login its going to show a expected amount that amout is there the day you file to the right you will see a reveived column thats the amount they got from the irs

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    Enter the full amount of your return before any fees will be deducted.

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    My DD is 2/22 but I probably get them released early via Navy Fed 2/21. For some reason when I go onto sbtg it keeps saying I’m entering invalid amount. I put in the correct amount(amount after TT fees). Anyone else have this issue?

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