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    Filed TT with fees taken from refund? Let’s post any updates here so we know when they start rolling the updates. I am on the west coast and as of 10:25 nothing yet, will keep checking and post the second I see any movement.

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    Trust God

    Filed 2/1
    Received 2/2
    Approved 2/18
    Deposit date on or before 2/23

    I can finally see the status according to the bars. Before the 18th there was a message saying it will be processed.



    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/24
    DDD on WMR for 2/23 this morning
    Fees taken out of refund, no update on SBTPG website yet. Paying up front next year, ugh



    Finally updated! DDD 2/23
    TT filed & accepted 1/25 w/ fees



    Everyone with a update feb23 ddd tonight. When will SBTPG update so we can get our refund?



    Filed and accepted on 1/24 through TT. EITC, no udates on SBTPG, still processing on WMR, this is a bummer.


    Waiting patiently

    Filed TT fees to be taking out refund. No update on or WMR. EIC and ACTC. Filed 1/28 And accepted 1/28.



    Hawaii here, no changes to SBTPG, of course like the rest of you, I am in the dark Filed 01/17 Accepted 01/18 and I know nothing after that. I got a wise ass on the phone at the IRS yesterday and he said I will get my refund 21 days from FEBRUARY 15th. What a crock!



    No updates anywhere



    I also have no offsets to be taken out.



    Filed and accepted 1/31 through Turbo Tax. Fees coming out of refund and being deposited to Bank of America. WMR changed from PATH to generic “processing” message 2/16. No updates on SBTPG or WMR as of 4:16pm CT 2/17.



    How do you reach a live agent to talk to from sbtp



    1PM west coast, no update.
    filed 2/2
    accepted 2/2
    WMR says processing…

    Supposed to be updated tomorrow.
    Honestly I would just keep calling the bank, they will see it. Spoke to my favorite teller at my bank, she has seen them coming in just not mine so far.



    I prepared my own return online

    24-Hour Automated Support 1-800-717-7228
    Live Taxpayer Support 1-877-908-7228

    I used an independent tax professional

    24-Hour Automated Support 1-800-455-7228
    Live Taxpayer Support 1-800-901-6663

    I received a 3FUND product from an independent tax professional

    24-Hour Automated Support 1-800-345-3863
    Live Taxpayer Support 1-855-300-3863

    I used Jackson Hewitt

    24-Hour Automated Support 1-800-412-7228
    Live Taxpayer Support 1-888-353-7228



    no changes for me. i cannot get a live person when i call how can I speakk with someone today?



    Filed & accepted 1/23
    Path act until 2/15
    Still processing
    Nothing on Santa Barbara site,



    File 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Filed with TT fees taken out of refund
    Bars until 2/4
    Intermittent message 2/16 (Your tax return has been receieved…)
    W2/Self employed/MFJ
    I had read so many forums about people calling the “back door” line to IRS. I was trying to avoid it, but when my Sister-in-law who filed 2/4 received an update today, with a DDD, I freaked. While on the phone waiting I receieved both transcripts. Refund transcript had a cycle code of 20170505 and 2/20. First call was unsuccessful, second call, I talked to a very helpful Mr. Califer. When I told him my concern, he tried to avoid it by giving me the same pad answer of “February 27, PATH hold, blah, blah.” I told him that I was concerned about the refund, but more concerned and worried about it being flagged for whatever reason due to ID theft in the past. He was more than willing to check my account. After giving him miles of information and maybe even a portion of my DNA (LOL, joking!) He told me there were no flags on the account and that I had a DDD of 2/23. He told me to expect the WMR to reflect that on 2/18 when the mass update occurred. Still no update on SBBT, maybe tomorrow once WMR is updated?

    So with that said, a little less worry and thankful for these sites that make me crazy, but all in all keep me level. :)



    Well having claimed eic and actc and education credit will today slow me up on getting refund. Filed 1-30 accepted same day. TT and fees taken out. Plz some info on this!!!



    The message at the top mentioned the treasury offset program, now it only mentions it at the bottom. Mine changed 2 days ago and no money still at SBTPG, it really has no relevance to them having your money.



    @Victor What did the message changed to and what was it before?



    I don’t see a processed message of received funds when I check SBTPG, but the wording in the blue banner has changed as of today and I was told several years ago by an employee that the web developers for the site do this as a positive hint to alleviate anxiety because they aren’t allowed by law to outright inform having received funds for some security reason. It’s always been the case for me in the past, so let’s hope it rings true again this year.



    East coast here and no changes yet

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