Only EIC and ACTC filers updates here plz!!!

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    Hi I only been seeing ddd for people with no credits. We need a forum for updates and need only information about DDD for the child credits. Thanks

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    Cycle codes are on the transcripts



    @ irs insider my code was 20170404 Wells Fargo don’t hold deposit in I didn’t get any money today ????



    Question.. How did everyone see the cycle codes? Did you have to order transcripts?
    thank you all for any help :)



    20170505 is my code. So 2/20/17 should be my DDD? If so that sucks I was accepted 1/24/17. Would of been nice to be in 15th batch.



    My bars disappeared and still have the 152 topic, but I was audited last year……Can I be audited again? urgh



    Both my transcripts were approved 2/6, I updated to path on 2/8 and decided to order my transcripts 2/8 just to see what my cycle numbers were. I got my account transcript first. Account. And it’s blank. BLANK. Wth. Fml. Smh and all them other three letters you wanna come up with. 😭


    amber russell

    FILED 1/23/2017 ACCEPTED 1/23/2017 cycle code 20170405 processing date 02/13/2017 if you do not have Path Message or no bars you may get an identity letter to verify otherwise everyone else on Path this is our week of updates.. getting impatient myself and I prepare taxes




    I filed 2/2 and accepted 2/2
    Updated to one bar and 152 topic
    On 2/11 updated to Path message with 152 topic only. I believe I am done processing and about to receive DDD date this week. If you update to Path with codes you are processed but still have work to do. Only code 152 and I believe you are done. Just my thought.


    Meant to say Carrie101.


    Can u tell me what codes 150, 768, 766 mean?



    Are cycle dates the same for each person every year?



    OK I noticed some people saying they have a process date on 2/13. Well looking at last years transcripts said my processing date was 2/22/2016 cycle date 20160505 and I got my refund 2/10/2016. This year I have a processing date of 2/27/2017 cycle date of 20170605 So any thoughts anyone? Seems my refund should be released this week 15-17th.




    So if i have the path act message and topic 152 is that pretty much mean i am approved?



    Filed 02/02
    PathAct 02/11




    I filed 1/22 and accepted 1/23 and have not received a path message yet. I’m not sure how long it takes to receive that message



    Hey tommy how about don’t reply if you clearly have no answer. The IRS doesn’t take turns hun it was a question you should really find something to do rather then be rude to people on a website that has a question lol I wanted to know how long it took to get a path message I didn’t say why don’t I have a DDD. Anyways so if anyone knows how long t took for the path message to show it would be greatly appreciated:)



    The refunds will be released in three batches, 1st on the 13th, 2nd on the 20th, and last on the 27th. Cycle codes 04 = 13th, 05= 20th, and 06 = 27th. As Tom said, it depends on your financial institution after that date when you actually get your money in your account. you heard it here first! SHHHH!!! I may get first if I am discovered.



    Filed and accept 1/17 still have nothing and there are people who say they filed 2/6 like @brittany wondering about shit. Sit the hell down and wait your turn!



    I filed and was accepted on 2/6/17 with EITC .My WMR still only says received bar and that their processing it. Does anyone else not have the PATH message like me yet?



    I’m curious there are some people that have filed after me that have access to their refund return. Is this because of the cycles like weekly or something? I just ordered my account transcript yesterday, but somehow I locked myself out so I had to mail order it.



    Welp woke up to same ole same ole path message 😞. STATE however has been approved and have a ddd for the 2/17. Hoping for something about fed soon!




    I filed and got accepted 1/27 And haven’t been able to order either transcripts till Thursday of last week and just got the Path message. So I’m hoping for ddd soon!



    Yes I have had path message since 2/3 filed on 1/31 accepted 1/31 path message since 2/3 ordered both transcripts 2/4 received have cycle code of 20170505 and processing date 2/20. Refund amount and bars disappeared on 2/2.. filed with both Eric and acts.. processing date I believe is only the 21 days mark from when filed. Hoping for a change this week sometime



    Wmr unavailable right now…..praying for a positive update!!




    Mine is missing and I have the Path message.



    Everyone that has the PATH Act message…is your refund amount missing also?


    Patiently impatiently waiting

    Hello new to this.. I have read that the processing date is only the 21 day mark from when you filed which I counted and was 21 days from the date that I filed not sure if this helps anyone or not but figured I’d throw it out there to see if anyone has the same?



    My cycle date is 20170405 and processing date days 2/13.



    This is just hilarious….all this fuss!!!??? Guys it just means they finished our return so w.m.r. simply updated. Sent messages to all to let us know that we’re approved but they can’t legally release or giving returns out to the 15th due to the new law. 15th they can send the 1st batch!!!



    @Cupcake Rose

    LOVE TO HEAR POSITIVE STUFF!!! Gives us all hope and lessens the worry!!



    Hey guys…..newbie here
    I filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/23
    WMR bar disappeared 2/11 with 152 topic
    Was able to order account transcript, but not return, but I’m just assuming it might be blank. No path message though



    Thanks so much!! @renae



    The IRS will start processing the first batch of returns on the 13th. Does not matter weekly or daily this week….wherever you fall….more likely it could be cycle 0402 going first or 0405 going next or vice versa depending on how the system released. First on first out ….last in first out….fifo or lifo. Wherever you may fall in line. Same thing with 0502 and 0505 the week of the 20th

    It takes approximately 2 days for refunds to hit banks from IRS. Banks will hold until 15th. But realize there are tons of transactions going through systems even on the bank side. I’m thinking 02 will see deposits on Wednesday and 05 will see deposits on Friday. There are dailys with 05 as well. For the 13th you’ll get a ddd of 2/17. But depending on the bank you could see it on the 15th.



    Yesterday, I was fortunate to speak to a wonderful woman at the IRS about my account and if I had been issued a letter as I am out of town on business and was not home to receive correspondence they may have sent. She informed me that no letters had been sent and my return had been processed. I proceeded to inquire about the PATH act and when I should expect to get a refund and she said the 21st or 22nd. NOW, I think she was new because she very detailed and was giving out too much information, but I hope she was right. I filed 1/28, I have both credits (EIC & ACTC) and have been able to order transcripts for over a week now. I also have a processing date of 2/20 so that does kinda fall in line with a few other have been saying about the processing date and getting your money that week. I’m really hoping this chick was accurate but as I sit here typing, I realize how freely she gave out the info because she obviously doesn’t know how to do her job which means she obviously doesn’t know how to read the screen accurately and now I unsure about it all. Oh well I’m just going to pray.



    Yesterday, I was fortunate to speak to a wonderful woman at the IRS about my account and if I had been issued a letter as I am out of town on business and was not home to receive correspondence they may have sent. She informed me that no letters had been sent and my return had been processed. I proceeded to inquire about the PATH act and when I should expect to get a refund and she said the 21st or 22nd. NOW, I think she was new because she very detailed and was giving out too much information, but I hope she was right. I filed 1/28, I have both credits (EIC & ACTC) and have been able to order transcripts for over a week now. I also have a processing date of 2/20 so that does kinda fall in line with a few other have been saying about the processing date and getting your money that week. I’m really hoping this chick was accurate but as I sit here typing, I realize how freely she gave out the info because she obviously doesn’t know how to do her job which means she obviously doesn’t know how to read the screen accurately and now I unsure about it all. Oh well I’m just going to pray.



    Lincolns birthday is NOT a federal holiday. It is a state holiday in a handful of states. In those states banks and such are closed, however it’s specific to those states.




    What you said makes a lot of sense but question: Does your theory apply to weeklies? You said 15th-17th depending on ur bank..I have the processing date of the 13th so could I possibly get my refund this wednesday the 15th or have to wait for an update next weekend for DDD on the 22nd?
    Can’t seem to get any clarification and I see a few ppl on this thread with cycle code 20170405 and proc date 02/13



    My kids have school Monday, but next week they are off Friday I don’t get it. Lets just hope that those with the Path message that weeklys get their deposit on Wednesday and daily get theirs on Friday..



    I thought that Lincoln’s birthday was tomorrow (the 12th). I also thought that federal offices were open because banks and schools were open last year. I’m in Michigan, maybe things are different from state to state.



    I filed on January 18 and still haven’t received anything but the PATH message I been filing my son for 12 year’s so it’s not fair and crazy for us that do right having to wait



    Path refunds are being processed on Mon 13th and Mon 20th. The banks cannot release funds until the 15th. Therefore no-one should see a refund until the 15th, as well as networks and green dot. They have specific instructions not to release any sooner than the 15th although they have received them from IRS. You will get a pending deposit alert on this case. The 13th processing date means you will get a deposit on the 15th thru 17th depending on how your financial institution operates. Now those with the 20th processing dates will get deposits from the 22nd thru 27th due to the federal holiday on the 20th. If you don’t believe me just watch :)



    True I can remember growing up in IL, it seemed it was atleast one day every week you were out of school during Feb.



    Monday the 13th is Lincoln’s birthday. I am a state government employee. We are off. Also, we are off Monday the 20th for Presidents day. Lincoln birthday is not a federal holiday but some states still use it as a holiday. Illinois is one of those states. In Illinois all state government offices are closed Mon the 13th and the 20th. Just trying to clarify!



    I’m with you @carrie..I’m a strong believer of next week…haha



    I’m with you a strong believer of next week…haha



    Filed and accepted 2/2. Was able to view transcripts online 2/10. Updated to PATH Message 2/11. Going off last year I’d say a DDD of 2/15 or 2/17 is possible.



    I filed on 1/29 accepted 1/29 have an offset (which will not delay my refund) was not able to order transcripts until Feb 3rd. Tried around 8am no Bueno, tried again around 3:00 something and was able too. Updated to PATH message Saturday the 4th (YAY) I know the systems will not update for us with EIC/ACTC until after the 15th. I think because I am a weekly update and my normal DD are on Wednesday, I would of updated with a DDD for the 15th this morning, That even though nothing changed on WMR I will have a DD in my account on the 15th. I still have not got my transcripts in the mail. We shall see. Fingers crossed!



    I woke up to the same message I have been getting all week. I filed on 1/23, was accepted the same day. Had one bar for a few days, then it went away and I have had the PATH message since then. I was able to order transcripts on Monday, and I had the processing date of 2/13/17, and and a cycle date of 20170405. I have EIC and ACTC credits.

    Your Personal
    Tax Data
    Social Security Number

    or IRS Individual Taxpayer
    Identification Number:
    Filing Status:
    Head of Household
    Tax Period Ending:
    December 31, 2016
    Refund Status Results
    Print. Take the survey.

    According to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, the IRS cannot issue refunds before February 15 for tax returns that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. This applies to the entire refund, even the portion not associated with these credits.
    Check Where’s My Refund after February 15 for your personalized refund status. It’s updated once a day and remains the best way to check the status of your refund.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.


    john jones

    Yes, I got the message this morning when I checked it




    I did and I filed and got accepted 1/27. So I’m hoping I get a ddd soon! :)



    So, my return was accepted on Jan. 12, I had the one bar on WMR then it went away and it just said my return was being processed and they’d give me a refund date when available. Then on Thurs. (Feb. 9) the part about giving me a refund date disappeared and it just said my return was being processed, nothing else. Kind of freaked me out (even more). Yesterday morning I could finally order my return transcript, but it’s by mail because my phone’s not in my name. After the update last night, I finally got the PATH Act message. Every where I look everyone is contradicting everyone else. (PATH Act message means your refunds approved…no it doesn’t. If you can order your return transcript it means your refunds approved…no, it doesn’t mean anything…) It would be nice if maybe the IRS could tell us what is going on. I’m done complaining now…I apologize. Did anyone else get updated to the PATH Act message last night?



    I think it’s very unfair how they can not just give us a DDD already we are so close to the 15th. My 21 days will be the 14th. I filed the 24th excepted the same day path act message on the 25th was able to order both transcripts on the 27th received them a few days ago I have a cycle code of 20170405 and process date of 2/13/2017 I claimed eitc and actc still no change on wmr as of today



    Wmr is currently down it’s 3:15 am central, hoping it’s the “big update” I’ve been hearing so much about :/


    Gene Taxpayer

    Shirley you have pretty much answered your own question.If it allows you to request both forms of transcripts you will be finished soon.



    How can you tell if your transcripts are available thru mail?? I requested one and the site said “we have received your request for a return transcript, please allow 5-10 days to recieve it.” I would think that means it’s processed ? Lol I locked myself out so I can’t order online



    I do not work for the IRS but I do work in a government office and we’re closed for Lincoln Birthday. So they might be close down as well.



    Monday is not a Holiday the 20th is president ‘s day. And just a little note that if you have received the path message does not mean that you are approved because some people are still getting letters from irs for reviews



    A little confused. Monday is not a Federal Holiday. The 20th is. I work for a financial institution. Bank are open….and processing….although many do NOT process over weekends while the Federal Reserve is closed.

    My banks transmissions on Monday won’t process until Monday night and will be posted by Tuesday morning which is normal for any weekend unless the sender specifies a different date for availability.



    I recieved both my transcripts

    Cycle 20170405
    Date 02/13/17

    so from what it sounds the money wont be there this monday, which with the holiday and all im not expecting it to be, so maybe ill get mine the 15th like they are saying



    On the IRS website it says probably wont get it until 0227 for Path ACT.



    Yes I know they were supposed to be in on Jan31st, But my question was how it is going to effect me that mine has NOT submitted them. Will my refund be delayed longer?


    Andrea E.

    The 2017th is a holiday but I don’t know what holiday falls on the 13th?? My calendars show no known holiday that would delay refunds being sent to banks.



    I received my account and return transcripts this week Monday. I too have Eic/actc my account transcripts have a processing date of 2/13/2017 with code 846 on there so hopefully I will get a DDD next week. #hopefully



    I was able to order my return transcript this morning, but no movement on WMR. I have given up on checking until the 15th due to the PATH Act. Plus, don’t forget that the next two Monday’s are a holiday, and if your are a “weekly”, you should expect to be pushed to the week of 2/27. My tax preparer told me not to expect a refund until 3/3, or 3/8 because of the holidays. I’m getting ill. I had my refund on 2/3 last year……



    Kamikaze posted for me in the transcript thread that PATH filers will not get the 846 code on their transcripts this year…

    Seems to be true. By the cycle date listed on my transcript, I should have had a DDD of 2/2.
    My processing date says 2/20.

    I might be lucky enough to get it by then, but trying to get any kind of accurate info is very frustrating



    So I’m curious about the 2/13 processing date (which I have)..will weekly ppl update on a Monday too? Soo confused this year..and @jean, I’m on the igmr fb page too and I’ve read the same thing about the 846 code not being on transcripts



    The cycle codes mean NOTHING if you have the EIC or ACTC.

    Just got my transcripts in the mail a few moments ago. My cycle is 20170505 which would give me a date of 2/2 (DDD of 2/8).

    The transcripts list 2/20/2017 as the “processing date” and leaves me with a prospective DDD of 2/24

    Not a happy camper to wait a month for money due to me. Filed/accepted 1/26



    Thank you! This is what I expected. I’ve been saying this for awhile but ppl don’t listen. I actually just posted it on the fb page to see what ppl will say. Hoping I don’t get blocked.



    Employers had to submit them by January 31



    I am seeing alot of posts saying the IRS is cross referencing W2s….. but what happens if my slow employer has not submitted those yet, which I know mine hasn’t. Will that make me delayed further or my return change? I did check the SSA website and it does show my income for 2016, but it is totally wrong. Only showing from my old job not my current. Is this going to effect me?



    Again, there is no positive way to say when exactly they will process… That 846 code only appears when a payment is processed… 2 years ago, when I received my transcripts, there was no 846 code, but I got my money the week of my processing date. How PATH will affec this remains to be seen. Since money cannot be moved until the 15th, it is safe to say that they will process on the 13th but will not be available until the 15th or later.



    @tom or @ Michael
    Over on the IGMR fb page they are saying that there is no way that us with a processing date of 2-13 will get our money next week. They keep saying this because none of our transcripts have updated with the 846 code, which they are saying it would have had to happen today. My issue with this is that the 846 code isn’t issued until the money is released so I wouldn’t expect to see the 846 until 2-13. The admin is the one telling people this and I don’t want to contradict him because he deletes comments from people who don’t agree with him and several have been blocked. I have enough experience with taxes and the IRS but wanted to see what you guys would say because you are def a level above me.



    This is just an educated guess coupled with what I’m hearing out of the IRS…

    If your processing date is 2/13, you will receive it that week,

    If you processing date 2/20, you will see it that week.

    Unfortunately, the IRS hasn’t officially stated a refund timeline, so it’s probably impossible to say for sure. I feel strongly about what I stated, otherwise, it would be pointless to add a processing date.



    Nobody knows when we will get our DDD. I’m crossing my finger and hoping by this time next week. I set up an alert with my bank account so I get a text when I get a deposit. Other than that trying to be patient.







    The majority of fraud is committed by early filers. These types of fraud are ID theft, claiming kids that aren’t yours, etc… Feb 15th gives the legit filers a chance to get their returns in BEFORE money is refunded to fraudulent returns.



    Sorry for yesterday, also for the typo error in the last message I sent. For some reason I was not able to post back to you. My offset was for money I want at the Hard Rock gambling $6,000. I didn’t know back then that I had to file them on my taxes. The office that was for taxes on that money.



    I filed on the feb.1 I think I got accepted on the 1st or 2nd I have eic and ctc…. still on one bar and the 152 message ? Is this bad? I can’t order any transcript with my new address either!



    Able to order transcripts today shows cycle 20170605 so my guess is the 15 or 17!



    @tom if you have an offset it shows in transcripts yes?



    Ok I understand the PATH act and the delays until Feb 15th…What I dont get is…what if you waited until after the 15th to file. Will you still be delayed? If not, then what is the point of stopping fraud up until the 15th? SO fraud after that date is good to go. I havnt heard anything after the 15th. Maybe Im missed something somewhere, Can anyone clarify for me? Thanks




    As far as how PATH will affect, I honestly am not 100% sure. My gut says the same rules apply here as they do anyone else. I’m sure somewhere I have the legal explanation, but I haven’t encountered this since PATH went into effect.



    Student loans default after no payment is made for 270 days. As far as back child support, of he owes more than $500, they can intercept all or part of his return. “A non-obligated or “injured” spouse filing a joint income tax return, the injured spouse may be able to get back his or her share of the refund.  To claim his or her portion of any refund due, your spouse may file a request for an Injured Spouse Allocation of a Joint Return (Form 8379) with the IRS. The IRS encourages an injured spouse to file the claim at the same time the tax return is filed.”

    The part in quotes is directly taken the way it is written in the law.g



    I filed 1/20
    Accepted 1/31
    Had one bar witg the 152
    Then no bars saying still processing
    With 152 n all info still on side now its no bars n saying weve recived your refund n its being processed but no 152 topic anymore



    @kim it’s much appreciated. I just needed clarification. I’m not in a rush to get the money. I’d love to get it earlier than what’s being predicted, but I’m not counting on it. The longer it takes the less I’ll waste on needless b.s. My bills are caught up, so I’m not sweating bullets this year.

    @tom @michael or anyone else…a discussion from work today. Student loans. How long does it take to default on a loan? I read 270 days My coworker has to file injured spouse. She found out through the offset line her husband has student loans and owes the v.a. a sum of money. He told her he his student loans were in forbearance and shouldn’t affect her return. He also owes backed child support. All of these reasons are why she files injured spouse. How does the PATH act affect EIC, ACTC, CTC and voth their student loans?



    The offset line is for nonfederal offsets, so if she owes any back taxes or penalties, etc, the line wouldn’t inform her of tht..they would take whats owed to them, she can call the IRS and ask why did she owe them $2000.



    The offset line is for nonfederal offsets, so if she owes any back taxes or penalties, etc, the lone wpuldnt inform her of tht..they would take whats owed to them, she can called the IRS and ask why did she owe them $2000.



    @tom a girl posted here that the offset line said she had no Offsets but $2000 was still taken from hers. So I was just curious how accurate the line is? I check it every year and have never had it tell me I have Offsets. So when she said she had an offset when the line said she didn’t I was curious as to why that might happen!

    Thanks for you feedback! Much appreciated!




    Your question is pretty vague, what exactly do you want to know? And yes, the offset line is fairly accurate. If you have an offset, you will receive a letter, so the offset line isn’t needed.



    @tom what can you tell us about Offsets please? How reliable is the offset line?



    @nea what was the offset for? Did the IRS ever send you a letter stating what it was and what it was for?



    I filed 1/27 and was accepted an hour later. I still have one bar no path message yet ugh !! Single with 1 claimed child



    Weekly vs daily updates… Basically, if you’ve had 2 disqualifiers you are weekly. It doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, just means something didn’t initially look right. Almost half of tax payers are weekly.

    I’m seeing a lot of confusion about what exactly ordering transcripts means… Being able to order them doesn’t mean anything one way or the other. What information is on them is what makes all the difference.



    @Michael and @tom just wanted to say thank you.

    I do have a quick question.. I have seen reference to weekly and daily?
    I take that to mean that some people recieve updates daily and others weekly?
    How is that determined?



    We filed married joint have EIC and CTC and have the path act message



    Nicole- what is the TPG website??



    My bad, sorry, I was just trying to be helpful.



    @kim I was asking about the EIC &CTC, not if I would I would receive my refund on or before the 15th. I was looking for clarification because I don’t have a PATH message on WMR. And going through other threads, people are saying only those with ACTC AND EIC are affected. I have the EIC & CTC, that was my only concern. Not if I’d receive my refund before the 15th. I’m aware of what date I filed and was accepted and I’m not looking for my return until the end of February. Thanks for your answer @michael



    Last year I called the offset line before time for my direct deposit and it said that there is no offset. Come to find out there was an offset $2,000 was taken out, I called the line again and it still said there’s no offset. Also the WMR bar on the wheres my refund site, never changed from approved even after I got my deposit



    I have the ACTC credit and the PATh message but I checked the TPG website and it says they received my fed refund ….what does this mean will they be holding it till the 15th….I will prove it if someone tells me how to do it



    No one with EIC, ACTC will get their refund before 2/15. But with your filing date you probably wouldn’t get it back before then anyway……



    @Msmetoo, Yes you would be under PATH due to EIC.



    WMR is saying the information entered does not match our records. I called my tax preparer and she said due to the PATH act that’s why it is showing up. I filed HOH with EIC and child credits.
    Should I make sure they put all my information correct? I’ve been going to them for years.






    @thewaitisreal I call the offset # every day just to make sure I don’t have any lol rather be safe than sorry



    @NiKesha Updates for weeklies usually occur Friday into Saturday.



    @Michael & @tom
    I filed on 2/3 and was accepted a fews hours later both state and federal. I used TurboTax through the irs website for free because I met the qualifications. Now my question is I’m head of household, earned income credit and 1 child. Currently, I’m at 1 bar with topic 152. I haven’t received a PATH notice on wmr. Am I affected by the February 15th date? I have read on here on different threads, I am then I’m not. Will you please give me some insight into this situation. Thank you both for any and all help you give!



    Ok thats what i was thinking guess i wont know for sure till i get them in the mail or i get my refund. One plus is im clear on offsets so i know ill be getting it.
    I suggest you all call the offset number from the treasury to make sure you dont have one as once you file theres no turning back they will take your money if u owe it. Happened to my girl she lost 5k.



    @thewaitisreal if you are able to order return transcripts you are done processing and just waiting for a ddd which more than likely will be 2/15 or after.



    Thought i posted this but i guess not

    My question is if i am able to order return and account transcript over the phone for 2016 and i havd path message on wmr. Is my refund most likely done and just waiting for after the 15th?



    @tom Thank You for all the information it is very helpful



    Omg I think so and it’s so frustrating lol I usually get my direct deposit on Wed. So when would anything update for me?? Thanks @tom I really do appreciate the help :)




    Blank transcripts mean you aren’t finished processing yet… I assume you are a weekly updater?



    I’m not tracking my refund, I already received mine. I’ve been coming here for years, trying to assist people, it’s what I do. Generally, I enjoy it, now it’s becoming a pain in the ass and I’m questioning why I do it. Then I realize that not everyone is an entitled jackass and actually appreciate the help.

    For those thanking me, you’re welcome. If you have a question, I’ll be glad to answer, just @tom me… otherwise, say what you want, I’m done defending myself to those who refuse to listen to reason and are too ignorant to educate themselves but will argue and insult me on these matters.



    @tom I wouldn’t be sorry, they have been pushing buttons all day, but I do have a question as I am really trying to learn this process…so what exactly do blank account transcripts mean? And why does it say no return filed, but processing date Feb 13th? And I ordered by mail, so I don’t know if the dates has changed. Thanks Tom @Michael u could reply as well, u see I’m not one of the ones who want to hear what I want to hear, I want to hear facts. And I know you guys clearly know more than most on here, so load me with info lol



    OK seriously. . . . The name calling needs to stop. We are all adults here. I believe Tom, and Michael are correct. They have the facts. I know that they are correct because I too have family members who work for the IRS. Two of them to be exact! Not to mention a husband who studies’s tax law. We will not be getting our “FEDERAL” until the time for the PATH ACT passes. That is on 2/15. Please people. . . Let’s all be adults and stop with the childish bickering! I have a four-year-old that knows how to behave better than this!



    Lmao!! You got all that money sittin on a refund site tracking yo refund? Lmaoooo



    ::insert Fry from Futurama::

    Can’t tell if IGMR or AVFM…


    Gene Taxpayer

    Tom is a great man The world would be a much better place if more people like Tom would step up



    Holy crap. Come on now, Tom. You’re on a site that’s mostly populated by low income people (no offense to anyone, I’m one of them myself). Is that necessary?



    Ewww….that was mean. I am not dumb. I was just trying to say thank you to Tom and Michael. I would wish you bad karma but that just isn’t who I am, plus by your attitude I’m sure it’s headed your way anyway.



    You peoples should be ashamed of all this childish fighting. Most people like me, depends on this site for correct information about our taxes. Maybe we made a mistake on or taxes or we need to be comfort as we all wait or whatever our story, we don’t need to be feed lies by someone who don’t understand what compassion for your brother/ sister means. @ Michael and Tom, please don’t get discourage about peoples attacking you for telling the truth, for I strongly believe the truth win over a lie every time.



    @tom i will be eventually but i just started studying recently so i know you have more knowledge than i do right now lol



    I’m actually an Enrolled Agent, took and passed my SEE exam. My real job is actually dealing with business tax issues, but I assist a smaller tax prep company during tax season.

    I believe I saw Michael will be taking his SEE exam as well, so he is probably just as well versed as I am.



    But… sigh.



    Tom and Michael should be getting some good karma from all this free help they have been giving out! Thanks guys!!



    So I got some good news today for all of us PATH message people! :) I spoke with an IRS rep who told me the PATH message on WMR means we have been processed and we are in queue for our refunds to be dispersed. She said to check back on February 16th and a date should be posted on WMR. She also said it is normal for the refund amount not to be listed on WMR and that is nothing to worry about.



    Hi guys, Im new…i didn’t file and get accepted until today, but i wanted to join the crowd knowing im gonna get this weird path message thingy so i will definitely update. i get both the actc and the eic…talk to you guys soon



    Very argumentative so I see why people were getting upset. You are not open to any other information, just your information, as though it seems so I will leave it at that. I don’t expect my refund until Friday the 17th the earliest. I will be back on this board to let people know when I receive mine. Have a great day.



    So if i can order both my account and return transcript im most likely good to go and just waiting till after the 15th with the path message?



    @nicole then she did the loan option or whatever it is they do as NOBODY gets it from the IRS until next week.



    My sister files through H&R and she has both credits she was issued a check yesterday for federal. Here I am filed 1/23 direct deposit and I’m still waiting ….😩



    Each state is different. My state has said they’re not releasing refunds for EIC until at least March 1st.



    I don’t know why everyone is arguing. The people who got their refunds already are just claiming the Child Tax Credit which is completely different from the Additional Child Tax Credit. The Child Credit is only 1,000 per child. The additional credit is different. People are confusing these two. I am a tax preparer and studying to become an Enrolled Agent. I have spoken to numerous agents who said NO REFUNDS before February 15th, it’s the law. If you get the PATH message it means your return was processed without issues, check back February 15th and it will give you a direct deposit date which is normally FRIDAYS, so it would be February 17th, or 24th. Then March 3rd and 10th. Those who do not have the PATH message the return is not processed yet and you will get information soon. Just keep checking WMR for information.


    Andrea E.

    @tom and @Michael
    I have a question. Or it could be clarification. I filed and was accepted 1/25. I do have the EIC and I totally understand the wait regarding the PATH act. My question is I do have BOTH my transcripts. I have had them for a week, my states cycle 20170405 and Processing date of 2/13/2017. I have been reading responses on several threads and I post when I feel that I have something positive and informative to add but can you help me understand those 2 bits of info. I am getting confused on what it does or could mean. Thanks alot!!



    In most States they do. Some states also will do it if you have owed the government in previous yrs. The State will wait to see if they need to turn over your funds as well.



    I got my refund, but it was not my Federal. It was my state, and it’s due by tomorrow. I think that everyone will be seeing the state refunds first, if you are claiming the EITC and ACTC. @tom and @Michael….. Is it true that your Federal has to process in order for your State to process? You guys seem to know so much about this stuff that I felt that I should ask the two of you.



    From what I’ve seen on other sites a few people who claimed to have a DD never actually got the money and I didn’t see anyone actually post proof that they got their deposit. I kniw many of them the supposed DDD was 21 days from when they filed.

    It would be nice to get it on the 15th ,but we’ve been told it could be the end of February. So be thankful if you get it around the 15th, just don’t act surprised if it doesn’t show until February 27th. Personally I’m annoyed with all of the complaints about “still having the PATH message”. Ummm yeah, they’re not going to update until after the 15th so why are you shocked? Hello, the IRS has provided you with all of this info stop acting outraged.



    Filed 1/4/2017
    Accepted 1/13/2017
    Filing status: MFJ with EIC and ACTC
    WMR from 1/14/2017 through 2/3/2017 (we received your refund and is processing then
    updated Saturday 2/4/2017 with PATH message.

    It is safe to say no one with affected credits will receive refunds until after the 15, maybe the 13th if you have a early card (assuming your ddd is 2/15).

    I agree with both Michael and Tom. I have been filing the same for years. I come here for updates and its people loosing their minds. Those of us waiting just want TRUTHFUL information, if you some how got money, prove it! Not because you have to but for informational purposes otherwise chill with all that. This process is bad enough for those of us waiting on the little extra to catch up on bills or make major purchases like homes or cars!

    That all I have to say…CARRY ON!! PEACEFULLY



    Seems you got lucky!! I’m reading TaxAct clients haven’t been accepted yet….They are furious



    @information did you have the path act message?



    No proof = pure BS.

    I spoke with an agent over lunch… NO ONE wrapped up in PATH has gotten any refunds. They couldn’t even manually release them if they wanted to.



    Everybody I know has eic and/or actc and not one of them has received a federal refund yet, a state yes, but not federal…they are either sitting at 1 bar or have the processing message…none have the path act message, some can order transcripts, some cant…and that’s all between the acceptance dates of 1/23-1/29 so unless it’s a loan from a tax preparation company, no one has a federal refund that claimed these credits

    If you do, proof me please and not because I’m trying to be in your business but simply because if so, the irs got a lot of explaining to do!!!



    I think Michael is CALMING the frenzy. As least for us logical thinkers who can comprehend the PATH ACT won’t allow the IRS to release refunds until the 15th. Don’t you people have anything better to do than to bicker like children. I’m more concerned with the fact we really don’t even know if we are even approved yet….so let’s try to stick to the facts. Not your sisters dogs third cousin got their refund because the IRS chose them out of MILLIONS to break the law for…..your wasting your time.



    No you shouldn’t worry @carrie



    Serious question I filed 2/2. Have EIC and ACTC. No PATH Act notice on WMR AND can’t order transcripts either. Should I worry?



    Good for you @information…awesome


    Tom T

    Is this a good sign? Before I had 1 bar and now I this:
    Refund Status Results
    Print. Take the survey.

    According to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, the IRS cannot issue refunds before February 15 for tax returns that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. This applies to the entire refund, even the portion not associated with these credits.

    Check Where’s My Refund after February 15 for your personalized refund status. It’s updated once a day and remains the best way to check the status of your refund.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.



    Which i’m not sure is true*



    People who claim they claimed the ACTC &/or the EITC credit are not going to have funds released to their bank until the 02/15. The DDD’s you are seeing on your transcript & on WMR (which i’m sure it true), IF BEFORE 02/15, is the date your funds are ready to be sent to the bank, BUT WILL NOT BE RELEASED/SENT UNTIL FEBRUARY 15th due to the new PATH law. So either you are confused as to what credit you claimed, or your DDD is the date your funds will be ready & placed in the batch that is to be released on 02/15. I can assure you, they are NOT breaking any laws to pay anyone quicker. Your funds will be release 02/15 or after.



    Ive seen people confuse the child tax credit with the ACTC numerous times. The IRS isnt going to violate federal law to give you money any faster lol



    It is HIGHLY unlikely the IRS is going to violate FEDERAL LAW… So far, and I am including other places as well… 0, yes ZERO, of the people claiming they have gotten their refund with PATH Act effected credits has provide the same amount of proof… ZERO.

    2 explanations… They really didn’t have those credits and think they did… or there story is as fake as the $3 bills they are pulling from their accounts…



    @Michael thank you! There’s another word in the word ignorant… is ignore. Please ignore the babies on this site.




    Most people are NOT like this… Just do yourself a favor, EDUCATE them as much as you can about these types of things… it will keep them informed, they’ll feel invested in the process, they’ll love you for taking the time to explain it to them… and the flipside is, they won’t be a pain in your ass later.



    For people who even claim a DDD of the 8th unless its updated that youve gotten your money i would say its some sort of glitch in the system since it seems to only be H&R customers.



    And then the second someone posts that “a friend of a friend of a friend has a DDD” all hell breaks loose. Ive seen ZERO change in anything and ive been watching it closely especially because im prepping for the SEE to become an enrolled agent. But damn if clients are all like this i think i should rethink it lol. Alot of nice folks asking questions here but you have a few that get mad when you tell the truth



    You guys, seriously. Whoever honestly thinks a branch of the federal government is going to break a federal law to deposit your tax return early in your bank is in SERIOUS need of a wake up call.
    Why are you all hating on Michael for actual advice??? He isn’t promising unicorns, he is sharing information that he knows to be true.
    If you disagree with him then that is fine. But don’t be snide or rude. It is taking up alot of space on this thread where we could be getting information.
    Maybe, just maybe if you have netspend or something you will get your refund the 13th. Maybe the 15th. Maybe April 15th…..



    I called hrblock and got a refund date of 2/13 for me. Filed the same way for a cpl years. Figured I’d let u guys know on this thread cuz I keep seeing Path this and path that. Yes there is a law and idk the reason but I’m getting mine earlier than the 15th.

    *Filed 1/19
    *Accepted 1/23
    *Was able to order both account and return transcripts on 1/27
    *woke up to the path act message on 1/28
    Haven’t had anything change since.
    Filed with HR Block in office with emerald card. Fees taken out of refund.
    Have EITC and CTCx2



    filed and accepted 1/31 with taxact
    did have Child tax credit. no eitc. did have education credit
    no transcipts available
    still one bar.. no path message

    i’m getting frustrated.
    i know refund will be later
    i just want to have it processed and know it’s not in a black hole



    I have the path message. I was told that just because you can order your returns doesnt mean it was approved or processed. Just what I was told. I was also told if your amount is gone on wmr that means your under review. Not speculating but was told by an IRS rep.



    I know someone with a DDD of today Feb 8 who filed with ACTC. I will let you know if they get it.




    My understanding is that you are other fb forums I have seen different processing dates
    2/13 2/20 and even 2/27
    Im 0405 2/13, filed and accepted 24th, ordered both trans on the 28th with the Path message, no error codes
    I believe I am in the first batch of deposits
    And yes, the irs said they will BEGIN RELEASING FUNDS ON THE 15TH



    I havent seen one person with EIC or ACTC with a direct deposit date. Not a single one even on other sites….



    If you can order your transcript that means the IRS has processed your return. People had DDD of yesterday 02/06, which in past they’ve never deposited on a Monday.

    People that are getting EIC and ACTC have gotten DDD of tomorrow 02/08 and are waiting to see if they will actually get it tomorrow.

    Just because the law says 02/15 does not mean they will deposit EIC and ACTC filers on that date.

    The IRS just said the 27th because they didn’t want people calling and because of the bank holiday on 02/20. If you paid for your filing out of your refund or got a loan out of your refund then it will take longer to get, because they send to your tax preparer’s bank and then take money owed and then send your refund to your bank.



    Do we need to order transcripts?
    What are they for and is it necessary?



    @anthony…all say the received day of April 15th…that is tax day, except this year is April 17th.



    You dont go by the received date..It says that on all of them. Including mine from last year just 2016 instead of 2017.



    My return transcript says RECEIVED DATE. APR.15,2017



    I have my account transcript in front of me it has a cycle 20170404 date 2/13/17



    @513lette Its best you keep your incorrect opinion to yourself. Misinformation is not helpful at all.



    you will update with the PATH message over the weekend i bet



    I filed 1/28 and was accepted same day using credit karma tax. Filed for hoh with eic and actc. Wmr still one bar with topic 152. Cant order transcripts yet. Did not receive anything in the mail either. Dont know if ots a bad sign…



    I got my transcripts today in on the account one the processing day is 2/13/17




    You’re so sure. I wish I was that sure.

    If only the IRS had said, “filers with later processing dates will wait until the week of the 27th, but everyone else will see their deposit on the 15th,” I might be.



    depending on the processing date on your transcript. If it has a processing date of 2-13-17 youll get your money later next week like me. If you have a processing date of 2-20-17 it will be later that week.



    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/20
    EIC & CTC
    JUST checked WMR today 2/7 and see PATH Act message.
    Just impatiently waiting cause I know it will be end of February at least.



    What i found out is they expect everyone held up by PATH to have money by the week of the 27th which makes sense for those with later processing dates. Ill have mine on the 15th.



    Well that was the info that I got the 2 different times I called the IRS to ask about my return and bankruptcy. They said no funds will be released on the the 15th, and that for a safe measure estimate 14 to 21 days starting from the 15th. Even turbo tax says that deposits won’t start hitting till the 27th. “The IRS estimates that people who claimed these credits will start receiving their federal refunds the week of February 27. This is true for all taxpayers who claimed these credits, regardless of their tax prep method. ” directly from an email I got from turbo tax yesterday.



    I filed on January 30th and only have one bar. My state refund is still processing and I can only order my account transcript. I have three dependents. I hope we all get an update soon, even hough we aren’t really going to see anything until the 15th. I plan on buying me a car, Paying off court debt, Financial aid debt and shop for spring and put the rest aside for a road trip. What are yawls plans for your return?


    Gene Taxpayer

    Filed 1/6/17 IRS accepted 1/13/17. My return was subject to the new PATH act to which i received a disclaimer on the 23rd stating of the PATH message on WMR. I was able to order both account and return transcripts on the 26th of January. No progress since then and i do not anticipate an update until the allocated date of the 15th.



    In the same boat as most, but noticed that my amount on the left side is no longer there. Not sure if anyone is seeing the same thing.



    Filed 01/22
    Accepted 01/23
    WMR 1 Bar 01/24
    WMR Path act 01/28
    Acct and return transcript 01/28
    Processing date 02/13/2017
    Cycle code 20170405
    WMR Path act still 02/07

    Most the people on here filed different days and have processing dates of 02/13 and 02/20, so the processing date definitely isn’t 21 days from acceptance. I’m hoping and assuming most of us are getting paid next week or right after Presidents Day at worse. Definitely the longest wait I’ve ever had for taxes but doesn’t seem like it’s going to be as long a wait as I thought so can’t complain.



    I filed with taxact on 1/31/17 accepted in 5 minutes with child tax credit. no eic. did have education credit

    No change still one bar and can’t order either transcript.

    I realize that I won’t get a refund until week of 27th but it’s odd to not have my WMR update by now.

    I must be a weekly but still I should be able to get account script by now.



    @bri yes me too but I was able to order account transcript about a week ago



    No one will get a refund if you have those credits on the 15th… Deposits are not expected to hit until the week after. The way it was explained to me, is that the 15th is being looked at as tax day opening for those claiming EIC or ACTC, so the funds will not be made available until AT LEAST 14-21 Days after February 15th.

    Everyone just needs to calm down. and breathe. I was able to order both transcripts about a week after filing and being accepted, I just got the PATH act message today. Processing date of Feb 20th, cycle code of 20170204



    Is anyone getting the message we have recived your return it is being processed a refund date will be provided when available?

    Refund amount still showing on the side
    Can’t order transcripts

    Filed and accepted 1/23
    ACTC and EITC






    @carrie101 thank you.



    If you claimed EIC or ACTC then check again, you will not see a DDD. The irs confirmed it. The only two dates are the processing date and the “refund by” date which is april 15 not feb.



    Filed and accepted 1/24

    Received “Path Act” 1/28

    Ordered both return and account transcripts 1/28

    Credits EITC

    I have the cycle code 20170405 with the processing date of 2/13. I have yet to receive a DDD, but what can I expect? I think the wait sucks, but hey. . .what can I do?


    Mama Hawk

    @aaron mine info is exactly the same as yours.



    I have:

    Filed 1/24/17
    Accepted 1/25/17
    Transcript processing date 2/20/17



    Can anyone tell me why when I try to order my transcripts it tells me my info is wrong and I know I entered everything in correct?
    Filed and excepted 27th
    One bar



    Accepted 1/31/17
    Was able to order both transcripts on 1/6/17

    Is that a good sign???



    Not to be argumentative, but normally the IRS releases funds a couple of days before the date they tell you to expect the funds in your account, due to the fact that most financial institutions hold deposits for an average of two days before making the funds available in your account. Some people use various cards and banks that release funds immediately. It is highly likely that those who use those types of services will see the funds before the first projected date of 2/15, if they are in the first batch of PATH Act refunds to be released.



    You won’t be getting any DD on the Monday before the 15th. Ya know, per the law and everything.
    A processing date is 21 days AFTER the IRS accepted your return. Processing date as well as cycle codes don’t mean much if you have credits on your return (ACTC, EIC)



    @dmt87 The codes are on the account transcript.



    I’m a weekly. My update is:

    Filed 1/26

    Have ACTC

    One Bar

    Can order account transcript as of Friday 2/3, but no return transcript.

    Expecting to order return transcript Friday 2/10.

    Hoping for Saturday 2/11 to show an early PATH Act DD for 2/15.

    Prepared to wait till the following week, just because, LOL.



    Are the cycle codes on the account transcript or the return transcript?

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