Only EIC and ACTC filers updates here plz!!!

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    Hi I only been seeing ddd for people with no credits. We need a forum for updates and need only information about DDD for the child credits. Thanks

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    Kelly Flynn

    @Vjs where did you file? And did you have fees taken out.



    Checked my account an hour ago.
    Deposit was made! :)
    Waiting on state now
    Sending some lucky dust to all of you.
    So happy, bills are paid!!! Lol




    This is my first time filling TT w/fees.
    Standard fees to be taken out refund
    DDD 2/23 /NetSpend card
    My question is anyone who used NetSpend,etc and DDD 2/23 w/refund .
    Did the Santa Barbara site update w/funds received?

    I called Santa Barbara customer service and she advised nothing yet received updates anytime through the the day (real time) .
    I told her DDD 2/23 She said once they receive they take their fees and then it takes 2 days for bank to receive so I should get refund by Monday 2/27.
    Is that correct?



    I just wanted to update everyone I filed 1/31 accepted in minutes went to path message 2/3 then on 2/16 went to the generic message of being processed then on 2/18 had a ddd for 2/22 and JUST received my refund filed with H&R Block emerald card had fees but state came on the 16th so they deducted from that. Good luck everyone it’s coming!!



    So i have h r block emarald card and a ddd of 23 and havent seen my mula yet. Good thing i dont need to pay debt. Im using it to get ahead



    I have a ddd of 2.23 and used amex serve card. Checked the SB website and no funds received. Do they update only once a day or any time throughout. Thought using the serve card would be 2 days faster.



    Called US Bank.. said my DDD was 2/21 and stated i hadn’t gotten it.. rep said there is a pending DDD for 2/23.. which is my correct DDD.. i lied to get her to confirm because US Bank acts as if they can’t see pending.. so this year the IRS has dated it for the day the want us to have the money. Next year prepaid card for me.



    Anyone on here file injured spouse with the credits and get a ddd?



    I always file with Turbo Tax and get my DD early in my bank. But not this time it seems.


    Screwed by IRS year after year

    To all of you who have filed through Turbo Tax, I have been filing with them for 15+ yrs. I don’t recall ever once getting my refund early. It has always been right on DDD. That is with a bank account. I have not used one of the deposit cards.



    I got my refund at 12pm ddd 2/23 fees taken out through amex been real guys see you next year



    Well guys, I’m in the same boat as many of you… Filed with TT, 2/23 DDD and waiting on SBTPG for movement.

    Here”s to wishing us all luck tomorrow!



    Okay I filed January 27th and it was accepted January 30th my pending deposit date is for February 23rd my husband does owe about $2,500 when I called the offset number it does tell me where the money is going to and how much is going to it and it said it will be released on the 23rd of February so I’m assuming that so mean that I would not be getting my refund early because I have to wait until we pay off our debts and it’s not expected to come out until the 23rd of February that’s.



    I filed 1/29 and have a DDD for 2/23
    I have both credits and I filed with TT with fees taken out. Still no movement on Sbgt. I have a card and they usually release two days early and they release funds as soon as they receive them.

    You guys are not alone…I’m still waiting too.
    I just really hate how the IRS is taking their time getting people their money…we worked hard for it…I know I did. And while I have a job there are some things I wanted to treat me and my two little girls to.



    I have the same offset message it hasn’t changed the amount yet did you get through to the offset line they told me I did owe an offset and gave me the phone number to who I owe I owe Michigan 700$



    All if the IRS dated your return for 2/23 thats when your bank will release the funds. The banks are going by the dated ACH.. prepaid card is 2 days prior…



    @Ashley @Jillian

    Same boat as you guys, as well..

    Filed 1/12 Accepted 1/18
    PATH Message & Transcripts 1/28
    DDD for 2/23 on 2/18
    Used TT with fees through SBTPG
    Depositing onto Greendot/Walmart MoneyCard

    Still no update to SBTPG, No pending deposit, Nothing…..
    Just waiting and reading all of these posts, feverishly switching between here and SBTPG, getting more and more agitated the more people I see getting updates while I am not..
    F5 is worn out from refreshing.. Need alcohol.. This year has been too much.



    Okay so I filed 2/4
    Ddd for 2/22
    Seen people get deposits today so I was wondering where the heck is mine
    I called JTH financial considering that is the bank for liberty tax since I have fees that need to be taken out.
    They told me they’ve received it but won’t release it to my prepaid card until tomorrow and depending on how my prepaid card bank does deposits I will get it within 1-4 business days..

    Smh -____-
    Luckily I called my prepaid service and they stated they release the funds immediately after receiving them, no matter the time or day.
    On another note my NY state refund still says.

    We’ve received your information and it is being processed….
    I get both EIC and child credit. 😩😩



    I guess I have an account with the treasury (offset) but it is saying the my refund “could” be reduced by the amount but doesn’t say an amount. My refund is set for deposit 2/23, I’m assuming I will not have an offset since it hasn’t happened yet. I have called a few times today. The line was down around noon pacific standard time (west coast). But was back up pretty quick. Has anyone had that message but had it change today? I have been seeing people say the amount of the offset and that it already happened etc. , I’m hoping it isn’t going to happen and that if it it does it won’t hold up the remaining balance of my refund.




    I also used TT and had fees deducted from my refund. DDD 2/23 still no update on SBBT, says they haven’t received my funds.
    Just want you to know you’re not alone.



    2/22 ddd through tt to netspend card
    this morning I saw that my refund was released by sbtpg and just got deposit



    Thank you!



    I use green dot every year for the past few years. They will load it to your card as soon as they receive it. I also have a date for the 23rd I was hoping to get it earlier but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I hope this helps you some



    Hey has anyone that used Turbo Tax see that Santa Barbara Bank has received their funds? I have a DDD is 2/23, but no update from SB bank yet, and no pending deposit to my account.



    OK for those of us who have chosen to file and pay our state tax fees out of our federal refund. . . . Here is my story.

    I had fees taken out for my state return as an option. I checked the SBBT, and they couldn’t find my information, but it seems that as soon as I started writing them for information on what happened, I saw my pending deposit. SMH. I filed with TaxHawk with the option of paying for my state return out of my federal. NEVER AGAIN! I will be paying the $15 up front from now on. All of that for $24.24? The least that could have been done was update their system!

    Check your bank / credit union. You may already have a pending deposit. I filed 1/23 and have a ddd of 2/22.

    Oh…. and my information is still listed as UNAVAILABLE with SBBT!

    I have been humble and knowing that everyone in the threads are going through a world of a lot while waiting on their refunds. I will spare you the trouble of adding my wait troubles to the thread. Just know this. . . . I have an idea where you are coming from. I will never say that I know how you all feel, because we are all different, and suffer in different ways. Just know that I am praying for you all to have your returns by tonight/tomorrow. As a victim of ID theft, I know that the new law was placed to help those who suffered the horrors of ID tax fraud. It is a complete nightmare! I also know that this years wait was a complete headache for the vast majority of us. It hurts to know that the vast majority had to suffer because of the few who chose to commit fraud. You are all in my prayers. I will stay in the shadows of the thread until it sleeps until next year. For many of you who will disappear after you receive your refunds, I want to say. . . . Until Next Time.



    Update: Awful. I call H&R Block back and spoke with a supervisor trying to find out if what the other rep told me was accurate (I would get my refund today) and I was told that they do not have any information on my refund and I was given wrong information. I am extremely frustrated because I went from being told it’s coming today to “I have no idea when you are getting it”. I was on the line for a long time trying to find out where the previous rep got that information and the supervisor just kept apologizing and saying that they are going to go over their procedures with their reps to make sure they are giving the correct information. I was told that some people have received their funds today, but they have not gotten anything for me. Also, over the course of the last week I have called a few times and each and every rep confirmed that I would get my refund on the same day (one said within 1 business day) but the supervisor said that H&R block can take up to 5 days to process returns. He also mentioned that this is a cushioned time and that it is not true for most people. This is so frustrating. Living in limbo here… =(



    Ok.. US Bank customers…i just spoke with a Csr rep that informed me that ACH’s are not placed into accounts until the date the agency sending specifys, so with that being said if your date falls on 2/23 that is when you should receive it.



    Same boat here as most of you. Used HR Block, have a date for 2/23. Nothing yet but using a Green Dot card to have funds loaded to. My paycheck is deposited to my Netspend and now I wish I would’ve just had the return put on it. But my question is if anyone else having loaded to a Green Dot card.. If anyone knows if there is any different process for Green Dot etc.. thanks




    im in the same boat, but me and my wife have been married for 5 years now, last year though we went through some problems and filed seperated last year, thank god we have since recongciled and we filled joint this year, well my wife owed some money left from last year, when i called saturday an agent said my social has been ok but hers has been flagged due to possible fees having to be taken out, she didnt give me a date when it will be done but basiclly thats all thats holding us up and once that is processed the return will be sent….



    Can anyone answer this question for me..
    I just got married last year and this was my first year filing a joint return.. I called today and spoke to a representative who said I am still seeing the “being processed ” message because my refund is being held to see if we owe any money or anything of those sorts, Which my husband does..So, does that mean that my refund has been processed and approved but not sent because of the owed money? I was also able to order both transcripts as of yesterday which someone told me was a good sign.. I have been waiting since Jan 26th which is when I filed and was accepted. I know it seems odd to be asking but I’m not sure if it was approved and we’re just waiting or if it’s held up from being approved because of his owed fees..? I don’t know much about taxes.were counting on this money and I’m just trying to figure it out



    @michele H&R Block emerald card uses the BofI bank. I’m not sure how your bank works, but you could call and find out how long they take to process funds (if you haven’t already). I know some banks are releasing today, like Wells Fargo I think (at least that’s the word on FB), but for some reason some banks are holding the funds until DDD. I guess they do not feel obligated or maybe they do not have the staffing to get all of the funds out on the day of. I am not 100% sure if I will get mine today through Emerald, but the rep did say so. I really hope she is right. I know some of them are misinformed. Next year I really want to use netspend lol, because most people with netspend got theirs already. I am going to find away to avoid fees. I’ve read that TurboTax does a thing where they provide free tax filing for people with kids. So next time it’s turbotax and netspend. Lets pray everyone gets their returns today because god knows we need it!



    I knew I should have gotten an emerald card! I used H&R Block like you and had my fees taken out, but used my bank account for my dd. I wonder if H&R Block is able to release them to the emerald cards today if they will release it to my bank today?

    Also…and this could be for many people waiting. If you filed like I did through a tax preparer like H&R Block or tax act or whoever and I did not pay your filing fees upfront, your whole return goes to the preparer first and then on to your bank or prepaid card so in that case wouldn’t the whole though process about the banks holding the refund until the DDD not apply? I mean if your preparer gets it, takes their fees then send it to your bank the DDD wouldn’t really apply because you aren’t getting your refund from the IRS anymore, you are actually getting it from the preparers bank right ? Unless your preparer post dates the deposit which it seems they would ever care to bother with that and end up having to answer extra calls from people wanting to know where their money is. You would think they would just send it since they have already gotten their $ out of it.



    I may have good news for a lot of Emerald card (H&R Block) clients. I just spoke with a representative and asked if my money was pending. It is not pending on my account yet. So I asked if she could tell me if I have any fees owes (advance, plus h&r block fee balance) and she told me no. That means it has been paid. So I questioned “if it’s been paid that means you guys got the money?” At first the rep tried to tell me to call the IRS, but I asked “how would that help when Emerald has clearly already received my funds?”. After a little struggle she ended up telling me that they have received my money and that I will be getting it today. I confirmed “Are you sure I will be getting it today?” and she said “yes, keep checking your balance, we are waiting for the system to update”. I have a ddd for 2/23, filed on 1/20, had fees taken out, married filed jointly with two kids on the east coast. I got my update on WMR on 2/18 (your return is processing).

    I asked her if people were getting their funds today and she said that yes, many have already gotten, but more are waiting like me (for the system to update). So I believe this will be great news and I hoping she is right! I will update when I get my deposit (hopefully today, like she said).



    So happy for those who hit tonight. We used Jackson Hewitt and our AMEX Server card. We used them last year as well. Have a ddd of 2-23. Passed years we always got it before the IRS site updated. Sure am hoping soon.



    I called my tax place and they said they not releasing checks until Friday after 12, just thought I let ppl know who didn’t use paycards or accounts just checks

    Anywho I hope everyone who has there money try to save some a least 500 , they do this to use low income ppl because they can let just to beat the system they will be holding these credit until the Feb 15 from here on out




    I bank with Wells Fargo too and it is my understanding that they do not see deposits ahead of time. They pop right into our accounts when they get to the bank, same day. We can expect them on the DDD, bummer but beats not knowing.

    Also, I have prepared my own taxes online with HR Block for several years now, no delays or errors ever. I pay fees up front ( $30-$40 depending on my forms and choice of package)

    I would love to have the netspend card and have an early return but prepaid cards don’t offer a live banker and a physical branch, two things I like to have.



    Filed 1/31 Accepted same day update to the path2/11 then updated to approve 1/17 no fees to pay and getting it on my work card called the treasury department they said the havent gotten anything for my account yet??? So confused.



    Does anyone know how to check if fees have been taken out for H&R Block. I have a DDD 02/23. I’m just curious. I see you can check with others banks but I can’t find a way to check with H&R Block.



    @D Sheidy

    Thanks for that bit of info. I have Wells Fargo too and was praying for my refund a few days early. Started to think of the worst when a bunch of people saw their money this morning. I’m extremely happy just to know its almost here! Cheers :-)
    Accepted in test batch and had PATH message. Got the processing message on the 16th of Feb (if I’m remembering right) and then DDD on the 18th. EIC / ACTC


    Kdigg going crazy

    Still waiting 2/22 date have Usbank and Walmart card still nothing an no pending with Usbank ………………


    D Sheidy

    My fiance and I both use Wells Fargo. He filed without any credits on 1/30 and was accepted the same day. He received a ddd for 2/8 on 2/4. Nothing showed in Wells Fargo until the ddd. Your refund will be there on your ddd. I have a ddd for 2/23. I don’t expect to see anything in there until then.



    it’s still pretty early for millions of returns to have been sent out remember they were closed yesterday



    Im pretty sure this is the last year i file with turbo tax. Sbbt is so irritating. I read on my other website that i was on that sbbt updates 1pm est. So we will see soon i am guessing. Or should I say praying it does.



    So, I filed a joint return 2/2 and was accepted same day. Paid fees upfront. Claimed both EIC & ACTC. WMR updated 2/17 with DDD date of 2/22. I bank with Wells Fargo and I don’t see any pending deposits to my account. Also called a banker and they stated that they don’t reflect anything being sent from the treasury department.

    This bites….Really need this money for an insurance deductible that is going to have to be met for a surgical procedure that I have to have done due to health condition I suffer :-(

    Anyone else have this same issue?



    I think the prepaid cardholders who did not go through sbbt are the ones seeing their deposits. The ones who went through sbbt are out of luck (like me) lol. I cant even go to their website and check. It wont load.


    Screwed by IRS year after year

    Perhaps I needed to post my question elsewhere, as it is off topic. My apologies. I have only been posting to this thread since my return had ACTC. Mods, delete my previous comment, if necessary.


    Angeleea Miller

    I sure hate that everyone is going through this struggle. I wish you all the best of luck with this waiting game. It looks as if most of us just have a couple more days to wait :) Stay strong and positive. Hopefully we all wake up in the morning with our money. Or better yet, this afternoon!


    Screwed by IRS year after year

    I wish there was a thumbs up button for some of these comments. Question. Does anyone know why a requested DD would be changed to a paper check being mailed? There were no problems that I know of with the return. It is going into one account only. WMR is showing the refund amount I was expecting with no offsets. My state return is listed as pending in my bank account and I filed with TT, so it obviously was not an error entering bank account number or anything. Just trying to troubleshoot here so I can get it as a DD next year.



    Filed 1/28 accepted same day recieved path message on the 15 until the 17 moved to approve with ddd of 2-22 just checked santa barbra my fees have been deducted and sent to my greendot card , finally i can pay my debts and open up my new business


    Filed 1/31/17 through TacxAct

    Received & Approved 2/17/17

    DDD 2/22/17

    Just checked the Republic Bank website and as of today, my fees were taken out and my funds have been sent out by direct deposit to my bank account. I have BB&T. No pending transactions in my bank account as of yet.

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