Only EIC and ACTC filers updates here plz!!!

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    Hi I only been seeing ddd for people with no credits. We need a forum for updates and need only information about DDD for the child credits. Thanks

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    I just pulled up my transcript and it now has a 846 Refund issued and 3/6/2017. I have a processing date of 2/20 with a code of 20170505.. it’s funny how when you owe the IRS they pull no stops to get their money, but when they are the ones that owe it’s a waiting game. I understand the why but this has been horrible.

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    So yeah I’m back to update. That movie was well worth it! – My status has moved from path and tax topic 152 to – “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” message has appeared. i forgot to say I did my return 1/20. Good luck you guys. Ofc I’ll update if it deposits before I go do other things…

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    I’m cycle code 0605 and got the date 3/6

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    @shwa what about 0603?

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    @shwa , do you know if WMR will have different update times today? Its been up and its usually down to update at this time..

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    For anyone late in the convo, cycle codes 0505, 0405, and 0602 have all received 846 (returns complete) + a change in WMR message.

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    I just checked my account transcripts online. I have code 846- meaning refund issued. I filed 1/18 and accepted 1/19. Had path message. My cycle code is 20170402

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    I have confirmed that 0602 is also now receiving transcript updated + new WMR message.

    So that’s 0405, 0505, and 0642. Good luck!

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    @willbeas I would like to see it change again. But I’m not counting on it. I’m tired of waiting just like everyone else but not alot that I can do but wait… I was hoping to be able to wake up and maybe see a DDD but no such luck for me!! I am a cycle code of 20170405, had a processing date of 2/13/2017. I didn’t have much stock in my transcript this year due to PATH. My transcipts were complete and not blank, so that was a good thing. Hope others have a more positive turn out today!!

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    That makes me feel better @shwa
    this tax season has me on a rollercoaster.

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    I’m freaking out that I’m gonna be audited. I claim my two nieces and have for 4 years but I’m afraid because they are my nieces I’ll get flagged. So I really need this to update. ACK! I don’t care if I got to wait til the end of the month as long as I get it!

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    Ok I am calm. I told you Im not arguing about this. Your the one fired up.

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    I’ve confirmed cycle codes 0505 and 0405 are receiving code 846 on transcripts on the IGMR FB Page. Good luck guys!

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    I dont wanna believe we are not gonna see a different update @andrea but I think you r correct. WMR is not unavailable as it should be at this time and I got that processing message also now. Just checked

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    I’ve just confirmed that cycle Code 20170405 is getting 846 codes on transcripts. Several confirmed on the fb page.

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    I filed on January 20, accepted 26, state received 28, federal path message on 28, now they are processing? It’s supposed to be until they have w2 from employer to match income and check fraud….
    My w2 was pulled off of turbotax electronically which means the IRS had access to that w2 as of January 13th when I received it!
    This is getting a bit ridiculous, I don’t get help all year no state help no child support no foodstamps….. and wait on this to pay medical bills and buy my kids the stuff they need.
    There is something else going on with this, another agenda I am sure. I have no non-tax debts but I bet most of you who do will have an offset, due to the time wait.

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    The “new message” that everyone is seeing, was mentioned in the press release on the 14th. It says that a ‘vast majority will update on the 18th, a few may see a projected DDD or an INTERMITTENT processing message”. It may change again at 6am EST time but I wouldn’t expect it to. I’m in Ohio and just checked mine and it’s the processing message also. I have EIC and have had the PATH message since the 28th.

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    Im not arguing yes we want our money its updating right now as we type. calm down. Just got to the igotmyrefund facebook page and you will see people updated that had the same message we did.

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    Did it not change? So it updated to no PATH act. Im not going to argue over this its stupid. We all want are money and we will get it.

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    Is anyone elses bars gone now saying your return is being processed ugh i give up smh

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    Rotten Teeth are sexy

    if you got audit letter than there is nothing checking wmr will do until that matter is cleared up once you are audited you have to provide the appropriate info before your refund will progress

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    Jazmine A.

    Path message gone today and says we have recieved your tax return and is being processed but i got audit letter in mail 02/13/2017. Accepted on 01/18/2017. Claiming same family members for years now and NOW an audit !!!!!!! EIC and ACTC

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    Jazmine A.

    Path message gone today and says we have recieved your tax return and is being processed but i got audit letter in mail 02/13/2017. Accepted on 01/18/2017. Claiming same family members for years now and NOW an audit !!!!!!! EIC and ACTC

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    Illinois gave me my FOID card in less time than it taking to get my Fed and state refund

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    it did not update the path message was designed to do exactly what it did at 12:00am on 1/16. It will update at 3:30am to 6:00am eastern time.

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    WMR did update. I no longer have the PATH act. Believe it or not its up to you/

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    @tina idk what it means exactly only that something has finally changed I’m guessing just one step closer and guessing the next update will come on the 18th with a DDD

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    So what does it mean when the PATH message disappears to say ” we received your return and the tsk bent processed”? I was able to order account and return transcripts last week.

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    Oh and was able to order both transcripts as well so that’s a good thing I suppose

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    Same. PATH message gone now saying refund is being processed. Some sort of progress I guess. Still not getting my hopes up too high I figure if I expect it for 2/27 maybe I’ll get a nice surprise and it will show up earlier. Fingers crossed

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    So I found this on the Turbo Tax Website. One of their super users answer a question about the “processing” message 2 years ago. Here it goes…

    “Accepted” is just the first step, it means the return has passed a series of simple checks (SSN match, dependent match, a few other things). Accept is, as far as I can tell, fully automatic.

    After the return is accepted , it goes into a different process to get reviewed to either pay the refund, or hold for more investigation. That step usually take a couple of weeks.

    So everyone that got that message tonight, this could be a very big sign. :)

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    I’ve updated as well. Went from path to new message. Hmmm. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

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    It now says that it has been recieved and being processed. Is that a bad thing? Does it mean they need more information or is it just the step before the DDD? This is so aggravating! O have plans for my money and I know everyone is sick of waiting just like me.

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    Path message gone says we have received your return is still being processed!

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    @strawberries yes thank Obama!! These credits are now PERMANENT! Not temporary. Thank those who were in office for making sure that even though you have to wait longer as long as you qualify you will still get these credits going forward! Do some research before typing and placing blame SMH! I thought this forum was for finding out information not blaming people who actually helped you. Get off your high horse and research before talking! Reading is fundamental!

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    I logged in a couple minutes ago, it says that it was recieved and being processed. Granted they had since the 23d to process it that was the point of the whole path act correct to review it longer, any way has anyone received their state refund ?

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    Mone updated too and i still have yet to receive my state which I should have gotten Monday! Ugh!

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    Mine updated too… Waiting for a ddd now….

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    how many times do we have to say that wmr doesn’t update until 330-600am not 12 good god.I will wake up in the morning and check after 6am

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    I’m getting the same message. Hopefully a dd will be coming soon.

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    Same message:

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

    My expected refund amount and filing status now show up to the left.

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    So havent seen any change as of yet
    I filed and was accepted 1/28 i honestly checked the WMR 2/10 and saw one bar taxtopic 152 ….i was able to order my 2016 account transcripts. …does this mean anything ?

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    My path messa he updated to…
    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    That’s interesting. I wonder why that is

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    clear your browser history/cache/cookies and close and reopen your browser if your message hasn’t updated. it might possibly be a caching issue.. or maybe not, but worth a try.

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    Unicorns & Nomes


    Yay for you!!! There’s hope!!! Are you by chance east or west coast?

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    Danielle I just realized your actually @dsquared83 — which means every time I had put @ your name it went to the person who has the username danielle.. well they probably are getting emails from mentions…

    every time you put @duncan i get an email that says you mentioned me.I didn’t realize your screen name doesn’t match your name.. oh well.

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    Unicorns & Nomes

    West coast girl and WMR still has PATH and SBTPG still hasn’t received funds.

    I filed 01/13 with EITC and CTC (no ACTC). It was “accepted” 01/17. Received the TT email about funds “not hitting until the 27th” same day it was accepted (I’ve noticed other people on the TT forums saying they JUST NOW are getting those emails???? so I don’t know if there is any link to those of us who got it when we got the “accepted” email versus those getting it today).

    Here’s my question – because of ALL the website congestion, IS IT POSSIBLE WE’D SEE PENDING DEPOSITS BEFORE WE SEE WMR & SBTPG UPDATE?

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    Hey yall!! Just wanted to say my path message dropped and im now processing with a refund amount. I also have the 20170505 feb 20th transcript. Hope the refund is following real close behind @ :-) :-) :-)

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    I’m on PC time too. Yep, still 152 topic

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    It has been updating the last few days between 9:00 – 930PM Pacific time / 12-1230AM eastern. I don’t think it matters where you are. I am located in Pacific time zone.

    @danielle does your message have tax topic 152 below it still?

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    That’s all I’ve been getting I thought I was waiting for the path message lol

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    Accepted 1/25
    Cycle Code 20170505

    “return accepted and being processed.”

    I tried to check my account transcript but it’s down.

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    Does WMR update based on where you are or is it just based on East coast time? It’s 9:20pm here and I have the same message I’ve been having.

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    Well I take that back, it updated now, well at least its off the path act message- :)

    Refund Status Results

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go.
    Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day

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    maybe you need to clear your cache/history/cookies to see the update??

    everyone is getting ding sounds for new mail on their iphone with these updates we are posting.

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    ..everyone is on pins and needles. the suspense is heightening.

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    Yep I know it, by 6am EST, I’m going to have checked so many times I’m going to lock myself out of WMR smh. Still have the path act, wait till after the 15th blah blah blah. Mine has always updated around 3am EST anyway sooo

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    My status updated the the “we’ve received your tax return and it is being processed” message. At least there’s some change.

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    Just checked wmr. My path act message is gone & I now have a message saying my return is being processed. E filed on 1/26 – accepted same day, eic only.

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    Same here: Path act is gone it says,

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

    All the info is listed to the left. Did you get this same exact message?

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    Path Act message is now gone for mine. It now says its been received and being processed with all the info to the left. no bars. No DDD. Hopefully this means my refund will show up soon. At least there is some sort of progress.

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    The calm before the storm…. there sure was a lot of activity today and now the lull, like the countdown to New Years Eve..

    After 9PM Pacific (12:00AM Eastern), we should get some check ins from the west coast and those on the east coast who can’t sleep thinking of their refund.

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    Right let’s keep blaming. This site in my opinion has gone to the dogs. There are a few helpful personalities but most of you are just rude and disrespectful. Take it elsewhere please

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    I had a processing date of the 11th and now it says the 15th. Like I said before, I don’t think there is a method to figuring it out. Just so everyone can be clear, this was Obama’s fault! Thanks Obama! I’m pretty sure that he did this to piss everyone off 😂 It’s true though lower income do rely on their tax refunds to pay off debt for the year. It’s not anyone’s business why people want their refund lol.. I know I am looking forward to my new iPhone!! Of course everyone is excited to receive a large sum of money.. it’s their money, they earned it, the government just borrowed it from everyone. Again.. thanks Obama 😭

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    I am confused. what the hell is a path message

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    I think people are confused on what they mean by being processed. Your return can be processed but your refund not be processed the irs told me this. They process both seperatly so while your return my be processed your refund may not be. They probably have processed path returns and now the 15th they are going to process the refunds. My transcript now have a date of the 20th which they didn’t have on there a few days ago. Good luck check wmr tomorrow. It says after the 15

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    So… I just want to give some knowledge. I work in a call center enviornment. And when they tell us as reps to tell you somthing. Thats what we tell you. And they tell us to tell you these things for a reason. Usually to avoid a extremely high call volume becuz and extremely high call volume to any call center cost $$$$ the people u are calling are not the people who proccessed your returns they are more than likely sub contracted to a call center. When that call center cant answer calls the lose $$$… So 9/10. These ppl dont know shit and what they do know they know they cant tell you w.e it is. Your money may be released tommrow they still wont tell you. Becuz they have been directed not to. Just some fyi ppl… So u dont waste an hour or more of your life on hold for nothing

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    @dono chrump
    Jusy fyi….don’t know if you got through yet but you call a different number to id verify, not the regular line you ask questions on! They will jusy tell you to hang up and call the right number.

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    I agree with the repeat calls. What one person tells you isn’t going to change the fact we have to wait. This is the unfortunate part of waiting for a sorry government that pads there pocket before the people whom need it

    I want my money like the rest of you. If we get it sooner than the 27 awesome after the 27 blow there phones up.

    Just and FYI your 21 days started today. That’s why the message was the way it was. The IRS can no longer guarantee your refund in 21 days. FYI.

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    dono chrump

    i understand that lauren, been down that road and john i understand that too. idk why people think im being rude lol im just stating facts, sorry if facts are rude and id assume most people posting about the EID would be low income and im trying to help people understand that needless calls specially repeat calls do not help them get anything faster. if this was a verify thread i wouldnt have posted but come on calling several times over the same issue?

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    I was trying to let you know that you have to call a different number to id verify, not the number you call to ask questions on. They will make you hang up and call the other number then wait on hold all over again

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    @duno CHUMP

    Why people are calling is because of there wording.

    A new tax law requires the IRS to hold entire refunds of millions of taxpayers until at least Feb. 15. This law, called the PATH Act, contains provisions that help combat tax fraud and may impact approximately 15 million taxpayers who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. For those who file early, they will have to wait until at least Feb. 15 to get their full refund from the IRS.

    While the IRS will release those refunds on February 15, many taxpayers may not see the funds deposit into their banking accounts until the week of February 27. This additional delay could be for many reasons and it is best for taxpayers to check the IRS’s Where’s My Refund website for any funding updates.

    This resource guide provides information to help media and consumers understand the impact of the PATH Act.

    No where in the law does it say after 15th. I clearly states until the 15th.

    IRS uses these dates of the 18 and 27 to tone down the call ins. The real agents aren’t answering these calls. There temps in a call center that are trained to do this. My friends mom is an IRS agent. So chill out. If you don’t like people venting don’t post. Or don’t get on.

    Whether people are lying or telling the truth it at least give some people some hope. Especially the low income families that depend on this.

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    Lol, they are moderating my comment. Maybe because I accidentally wrote the presidents name…..

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    Im sorry! I got your name wrong. I meant @dono chrump, lol.

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    Let’s not feed him you guys. This thread was getting good info. Let’s not let one person’s bad attitude ruin it for the rest of us

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    dono chrump


    #4172056 Reply

    dono chrump

    @HANNAH no im not having a bad day but think about it, people calling in about this issue is holding people up who really have to attend to serious return problems. maybe yall dont understand this but being on hold 3 hours to ID verify was extremely annoying and people are calling up several times asking about the SAME issue. its redundant

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    dono chrump

    why dont i have to post? i literally just answered the big question on this thread? i also have the path hold too. @Deminitis

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    @dono chrump

    Sounds like your the one having the bad day….geez…

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    If you see the Path act then its safe to assume your return has been processed and you are just waiting for the big release. Some people like @danielle lost their orange progress bar and it just says processing and never received the Path act message, so those people probably have some sort of hold up.

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    Duno Chrump – you don’t have to post!

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    Do you guys really think they haven’t even processed our returns yet?? Or do you think they are just saying a generic message?

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    dono chrump

    listen you people are literally flooding the workers making these calls when the msg clearly states check AFTER FEB 15TH, you’re literally taking time out of their day by calling in and asking them about this issue.

    it only makes sense that if they know you have these path credits, then theyve processed your paperwork. think about it.

    be patient and let the extortionists do their job, it could be worse, you could have to do the whole ID verify stuff, last time i had to i didnt get it back until sep/20th of that year. i had completly forgotten about it until i got a text about money being loaded on to a debit card that i had thrown in to my dresser. so stop bugging these people because you’re wasting your time.

    theyre literally telling you different stories because they dont want to waste their time on callers who CANT READ. so they give you the default return date >feb/27th and those who did get more info got lucky they found someone who wasnt having a bad/long day

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    Ok, here is what I am seeing after reading hundreds of posts over he last 2 weeks. If you call the IRS they will tell you the 27th NO MATTER WHAT. They have to do that. SO if there are any issues with your return/deposit etc they are covered. Also once you can see your transcipt (online or via snail mail) and see your cycle date. Your cycle date tends to line up with WHEN you should or should have gotten your return. Mine is 0605 IRS weeks start on Friday so the 5th day of the 6th week would be tomorrow( IF I am right) Most people with PATH will get their refunde before the 27th unless they are flagged ,resequenced or have some other issue. Try not to stress. The IRS can be a pain but this is their first year dealing with the PATH act too so they are trying to work out the kinks I am sure.

    It seems that most IRS Agents give mixed answers bu the 27th stays the same. So jsut be patient.

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    Kit0kat2009 when you called and they said your refund is on hold, did you ask them why it was on hold? Or did you ask them if the hold is related to the Path act?

    Don’t know about state ID verify, also it’s probably different for each state.

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    Who will be checking the WMR site at midnight eastern time tonight?

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    I filed 1/27 with H&R Block and it was accepted the same day. On 2/2 thats when my bar disappeared and the PATH act started showing up. And it still there as of today . But i did get my state refund early last week. I just order my transcript and it was accepted. I hope my bar comes back tomorrow like they said.

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    Definitely in need of a 🍺 and some 🚬..haha, relaxation here I come..

    #4171950 Reply


    I don’t really care about getting my money today or any day for that- I care more about the lack of knowledge that we are getting. I mean when path notice came up I was like okay fine and forgot about it for an entire month. Now that the deadline is here I come back and it’s the same – wow. I wish they would have updated WMR today so people don’t have to worry or bother calling the IRS to get some lame answer that we already know. I have a headache from the 15 different responses I’ve seen today (no one’s phone call matches except three people who got reps that said we will get it before 27th). I am just going to take it like this- EIC/ACTC will get their money at some point this month or beginning of next (well according to someone else our 9-21 days started today), WMR will update tmr to tell us this (so our waiting period just started today), And we all have to find something else to distract us better than waiting on the gov’t to fork over our cash. I’m going to watch a movie to release my mind from this. If anything different happens, then I’ll be the first one to tell everyone instead of the people who got their refund already and according to the ppl on facebook are currently out at the mall shopping lol.

    #4171946 Reply


    This is what I am going to do. I am going to get drunk then wake up and I’m sure there will be a new message tomorrow. And then it will be over just like every year. So let’s all relax and have a beer!!!!! See you in the morning.

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    I just called the IRS and spoke with someone who said they are being informed to people that they should not expect to see it until the 27th, but this does not necessarily mean it will take that long. She she because I filed mine before the 23rd of January, I should expect an update on the IRS website by tomorrow. She said that it could be released by tomorrow, but it’s all up to the banks when we will receive them. The woman tried to tell me that all banks take about 10 days to process them. I called H&R Block and the representative said that because I have an Emerald card it is supposed to be same-day direct deposit, but that she can’t be 100% certain because they also use a bank. So my advice here would be to contact your banks and find out how long they take to process these things.

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    The 27th is BS, again they are stating this to stop you all from calling but yet everyone keeps doing it…I have owed the Feds in previous years and they confiscate my State return also.

    I just rec’d my State return unexpectedly today, so this means my Fed is processed and approved or I wouldn’t have got my State. PERIOD..

    Filed 02/02
    Trans 02/10

    #4171922 Reply


    Sooo. I’m pretty happy about the agent I just spoke with. He was awesome.

    Filed 2/4 with Jackson Hewitt
    Lost bars and got path message around the 8th.

    I was worried because 3 years in a row I was selected to ID Verify. I called hoping to get info.. He was awesome no bs. Said I didn’t have any flags for anything but my refund is on hold?

    I assume it’s being held because of Path.. So that doesn’t bother me. However the weight he took off my shoulders by just telling me everything else was fine. I wish all agents could be so helpful.

    It’s not a Ddd but it’s still some relief.

    Meanwhile my state did get ID flag! Any idea how long that takes?

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    Just called the IRS number listed a few posts down and she looked into my account. Said there is no scheduled deposit date and that I’m still being processed. She said I will see the deposit before the 27th and to check everyday on WMR bla bla. Forgot to ask about it going to Santa Barbara bank, but I don’t think it will since I paid for my tax filing fees already. Such a bummer. Another week or more. I will be waiting to hear about the decrease is fraud! This waiting game with our money better be for the greater good, not just for a scare tactic toward thieves. I personally, don’t appreciate being treated as though my family and financial health doesn’t matter. I’m at the mercy of the government, I have no say. “Go ahead, do what you feel is necessary. We don’t rely on our tax refunds each year to support our families and take care of all things we otherwise can’t afford.” Its just “paperwork” to the goverment, its “livelihood” to us!

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    I spoke with someone at the Irs few minutes ago and they stated that the returns are just now starting to get processed today is there any truth to this i filed 1/23 accepted 1/23 few days later got path act message and still have it and she also said it is starting the 21 day process today

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    filed 1/5 accepted 1/12 ordered both transcripts and no holds path message 0405 cycle both credits 2/13 process date……… deposit or change…………….called irs………………I was told that my refund hasn’t even finished processing yet………………then I was politely told to wait until around 2/27………………..this is just what I was personally told by the irs

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    the only clear recurring confident answer from the irs is that u should expect ur refund by feb 27th.

    the number for the irs is listed to the right on this page under the phone icon.

    the direct deposit will be made directly to ur account unless u chose to pay for ur return out of your refund in which case it will go to whatever bank that ur filing company partners with as the escrow company. ur filing company will get its fee and then the escrow company will deposit the rest into the account u provided. call ur filing company if u elected to do that for more details.

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    D Sheidy

    I learned that if you are able to order your tax transcript for 2016, your return has been processed. Done. You just have to wait now for patiently for the deposit into your account.

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    I just spoke to a rep who wasn’t much help and wouldn’t even look into my refund status to see if it had been processed yet, he said the IRS will begin sending out refunds for people who fall under the PATH act tomorrow but also said most will fall under the feb27th date…I have a cycle code of 20170405, so I’m hopi g for this week and I filed 1/24…if anyone has any better luck with info let me know

    1(800) 829-0582 live irs person
    Ext 652

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    @tom I filed 1/26 accepted 1/26 have had path act on wmr just spoke to a IRS rep that told me the path act hold was removed today but I was still processing not approved??? I told him I have both my transcripts ordered shouldn’t I be down processing and he said you are still processing and “should” see your funds by 2/23-2/25???? Please help me to understand this , thank you!

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    Does anyone know if all or just certain refunds go through SBTPG (Santa Barbara bank) I have checked the site a few times to see if my refund has been sent to them but no account found. One person posted something about whether or not we paid out of pocket to file our taxes or had the fees come out of the refund, would be the determining factor?? Its the magic day for me too, EIC & ACTC and test batch (accepted 1/13) . I think a lot of us will see our returns on Friday the 17th. The date of the 27th that we’re seeing is, in my opinion, a worst case scenario because some banks take a few days to process your direct deposit and the 20th is a holiday. My bank is fast, if its there, I will know. Good luck.

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    I need a live rep can anyone give me the IRS number?

    #4171763 Reply


    I just spoke with IRS I also have the path act still showing on wmr I filed 1/26 accepted 1/26 IRS told me path act hold has now been removed and refund is finishing processing that I should see my funds 2/23/-2/25 .

    #4171759 Reply


    my fiance’s return:

    child credits, multiple w2s

    filed and accepted 2/9
    no bars and path notice: today
    no fees to be taken out, turbotax
    able to order account and return transcripts today.

    my return:
    child credits , multiple w2s
    one bar, no path
    sbptg shows expected amount, turbo tax
    not able to order transcripts

    #4171757 Reply


    That tells me that they have already processed everyone with these credits and what the rep told me on the phone about everyone starting to get processed now is BS.

    From what I understand if you have no bars or anything except a tax topic you are under review, but if you have no bars and your info is still on the left side of the screen your still in the running. Anyone heard of that?

    #4171753 Reply


    Now for giggles I called back and got a different person I got it for Mr. Moreland he said the text returns with the earni and additional child tax credit have not even begun to be in process until today he said around the 27th through the third is when we’ll see money bull shot

    #4171746 Reply


    I spoke to someone at the IRS today and she said, the the vast majority of folks with the PATH message have already been approved and are being sent out but motto expect anything till the 27th! She said that if you are under review or anything like that you would have already been notified by mail!!

    #4171740 Reply


    I just got off the phone with a lady at the IRS she told me they are manually reviewing the taxes with the earn income credit and additional child text credit

    #4171679 Reply



    if you call again can u ask them if yours has been resequenced and also ask them why you have no path message when most people on here do.

    #4171657 Reply


    If you have the Path measage then my feeling is that your return has been processed and your refund will hit sometime in the next two weeks, but probably sooner.

    My feeling for those who don’t see the path message within a few days of filing or have been stuck on processing for a week+, then your return is flagged for further review, id verification or an audit.

    #4171629 Reply

    katkathyhryn Martinez

    Okay so I just talked to an IRS agent she looked up all my information and she told me that everything looked perfectly fine that I was just on hold because of the path act what does that mean am I done can they still take my taxes for anything that I or did they find nothing because that’s what it sounds like to me they found nothing thank you if anybody can answer this

    #4171539 Reply



    Actually I haven’t. I just assumed that it’s what Carrie101 said yesterday. The early filers tend to get resequenced multiple times. The rep told me check 2morrow, so I guess I will check 2morrow.

    #4171533 Reply


    Have you ever asked them why most other people show the path act but yours doesn’t?

    #4171527 Reply


    I just called and the rep said they barley just started processing the returns with thone credits on there today, so she asked me if I checked the WMR site I told her yes, but there’s no bars and she said it’s because they just started processing the returns. I told her I looked at the path act and it says they will release the refunds on the 15th nothing about they were not gunna process any of them till the 15th, but she said none of them will start getting processed till today. I’m thinking it’s just an early filer thing though.

    #4171491 Reply


    There are so many things that are just wrong about how they are handling the PATH act returns. First of all, they have had this extra time to catch up since they could only take these returns so far. There should be no we are behind whining this year. Second. why the f#%k would it take almost 2 more damn weeks for these returns to be deposited? That makes absolutely zero sense.

    #4171488 Reply



    You’d think they would have told me that yesterday when I called. I guess I could call again. I’ll check those links out thanks

    #4171481 Reply



    Did you lose your progress bars? Maybe yours is hung up because it’s flagged for ID verification. Either that or some type of review related to the audit last year.

    Not sure, but you can read these threads and see if it sounds similar.

    #4171464 Reply


    And I have no bars and 152 topic

    #4171462 Reply


    I called yesterday since I filed the 22nd and accepted the 23rd and all they told me was that it would start processing today, so who knows what’s going on.

    #4171456 Reply


    Kimberly, I filed 2/8 and got the PATH message 2/11. Call the IRS and let us know what they say.

    #4171431 Reply

    Johnny Blaze

    So there are multiple reports that we still not be seeing any refunds until the the week of the 27th. IRS, Turbo-tax, HR Block and most other financial institutions are all posting the same thing. I think it is kind of unfair to get people’s hopes up with “inside information” Until i see somebody with an actual pending deposit, all of these cycle codes and dates are really just speculation at this point. Trying to create our answers when one has been repeatedly given to us.

    #4171420 Reply


    I filed on 2/1 and wmr still says received with no path message, my sister filed after me and has the path message. If I have no path message is that a bad thing or does it just mean that they are still processing.

    #4171249 Reply


    I decided to check and see if I could order my transcripts and I can order both. Is it possible some of ours are done but cannot be sent until after the 15th? In my personal experience I cannot order either until I have finished processing.

    #4171217 Reply


    they made a statement saying they will not update until the 16th and the 18th
    this statement is from 2/13/2017

    WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers that the next couple of weeks, especially around Presidents’ Day, marks the busiest time of year for IRS toll-free phone services. Taxpayers can avoid the rush by getting answers to their questions on
    The IRS will be issuing an “Avoid the Rush” series of news releases that provide tips related to the most common questions asked by taxpayers during the February peak.
    The IRS will staff its toll-free telephone service Saturday, Feb. 18, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., callers’ local time, and Monday, Feb. 20, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., callers’ local time.
    To save time and find answers faster, taxpayers should make their first stop. A good place to start is the IRS Services Guide for a quick overview of online services and resources. IRS information and some tools are also in Spanish.
    Here are some reasons people call the IRS as well as faster and easier ways to get answers on
    Where’s My Refund?
    The IRS issues more than 90 percent of refunds in less than 21 days. IRS representatives cannot provide individual refund information before then. Taxpayers can easily find information about their refund by using the “Where’s My Refund? tool. It’s available on and on the mobile app, IRS2Go. “Where’s My Refund?” provides taxpayers with the most up-to-date information available.
    “Where’s My Refund?” Begins Updating Feb. 16 for EITC and ACTC Filers
    By law, the IRS must hold Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit refunds until Feb. 15. Taxpayers will begin to see refunds claiming EITC/ACTC the week of Feb. 27. “Where’s My Refund?” will update for EITC/ACTC refunds beginning Feb. 16, with the vast majority updating by Feb. 18.

    #4171193 Reply



    I really think or would like to think that a good majority of people should be having money deposited by Friday the 17th because if they start sending no way out today. Why would it take that long to be deposited to the person’s account. Any bank that takes that long to drop money in someones account, I personally wouldn’t deal with. Luckily I deal and do business with a bank that releases the money to me as soon as it is received however they only drop deposits I do belive three times a day. I work for feds and I get paid 3 to 4 days early. End of month check comes four days early. Long story short, if they send out today then some people should see deposits by friday.

    #4171185 Reply


    @an , I don’t k ow why some people keep saying they won’t be sending money out until after the 15th. If you look at the IRS link it clearly shows, that they started reading funds as of today the 15th of February 17. I dot know what order they are going g but I’m sure they will be working hard and focusing on the Path situation. For all of you that think differ, funds are being sent out as of today. If you have a bank that doesn’t sit on your money then alot of you should have deposits anyway now, I’m sure alot will be deposited by Friday the 17th. Yes the holiday unfortunately is going to hold some people up. Sucks right! It does not take that long for the IRS to blast the deposits to the Federal Reserve turns around and blast the deposits to the bank accounts. So it won’t be long. Every year I have received my deposit before WMR has updated to sent. Be cool everybody I know it’s been a long wait because people deserve to have their money and shouldn’t be put off because they are claiming a credit they clearly qualify for. If it was the other way around the irs would be calling and threatening the tax payer. I’m not going to fully blame them for this being this was a Congress move that was made law. But keep in mind that somebody had to be I. Congress ear for them to propose such a law! Ok people be patient it’s coming.

    #4171183 Reply



    #4171177 Reply





    #4171169 Reply


    I filed 1/4 accepted 1/12 had one bar a few days later… then the processing message. around 1/25 I got the PATH act message … this morning WMR was unavailable…and now I’m back at the PATH act message… Patiently waiting still

    #4171126 Reply


    The IRS will start releasing funds today Feb. 15, 2017..

    Myth 5.
    By law, the IRS cannot issue refunds before Feb. 15 for any tax return claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). The IRS must hold the entire refund, not just the part related to the EITC or ACTC. The IRS will begin to release these refunds starting Feb. 15.
    These refunds likely won’t arrive in bank accounts or on debit cards until the week of Feb. 27. This is true as long as there is no additional review of the tax return required and the taxpayer chose direct deposit. Banking and financial systems need time to process deposits, which can take several days.

    #4171103 Reply


    Hi everyone, nothing on the website for me. This sucks. I have a question, if your able to order your account and return trascripts, does that mean there done with or what?

    #4171088 Reply


    It also says don’t expect your institution to start releasing funds until the week of the 27th.

    #4171080 Reply


    Let’s hope they begin releasing refunds for Eic after the 15!!!

    #4171066 Reply


    Just to clear some things up. I filed my return on the 23rd and my return has been processed. How do I know? Because if you are able to order your REFUND TRANSCRIPT not account transcript but your refund one than your return has been processed however they wont guarantee a date of release or rush the process any faster. So yes there is a trick anf if you can order your tax refund transcript than yours is finished processing just not yet released. So considering I filed on opening day that did not influence any delays. I still have the PATH ACT message however I know they are just holding my refund due to laws. Order your refund transcript itll bring peace of mind. However will not get it to you any sooner.

    #4171064 Reply


    So, I don’t understand these “charts’ that have the projected date of your direct deposit. What I mean the first column usually is the date you filed. Umm, Is this the date the IRS accepted the return or what date do we use if we are being held hostage by the PATH thing. This blanket “holding” of funds is suspect. For the last 10 years, I filed using H&R Block’s software, never had a problem, got the EIC and ATC , still have the same two dependents , just 1 minor child left, but my point is , I CLAIM THE SAME THING EVERY YEAR. I get there are people who are frauds out there and they need to be caught, but on behalf of the legitimate claimers, I think they should have been able to look at our past returns & if all matches up to previous years, they should have just issued the refunds.Thank you for allowing me to vent!

    #4170957 Reply


    An that is wrong. They’ve already been accepted and processed. if you read the Path law it just says they can’t release the money until the 15th. Smh…

    #4170848 Reply


    The IRS made a statement the other day that it will not update until the 16th and the 18th.

    #4170891 Reply


    after feb 15th not today. and since they are only pretty much accepting after the 15th it will be another week people calm down

    #4170883 Reply


    FEB 15 and I’m showing the same PATH msg not a single update. I filed on 1/25 was accepted 1 hour later… I was hoping that the IRS send deposits out today and update tomorrow showing Friday 2/17 as my deposit date. I am exactly 21 days in today. Does anyone know if the 21 days is going to go beyond that.

    #4170849 Reply


    path act still also.

    #4170845 Reply


    And here we go it’s FEB 15 and same PATH msg remains since it says AFTER I’m guessing sometime between the next 2 weeks I just wish that i can have peace of mind that it’s been approved, processed etc but every year brings a new set of shenanigans 🙃 We are almost there hang on a few more days

    #4170650 Reply


    Your a putz keep your mouth ZIPPED

    #4170577 Reply

    @ John Doe…. Don’t be a putz.

    @ The non-putz people….

    Filed 2/3 Accepted 2/3 Got the 152 message – checked a couple days ago – LONG PATH message…

    I’ve filed through TT for the past 12 years – never had a problem (TT checks for things that may flag my returns due to errors or missing info)… I have always gotten my FED within 10/14 days DD into my bank account. I figure once they release the returns held due to EIC/PATH – we’ll get our refunds within a week to a week and a half.

    I will admit that I still stress until I see it in my account. I’m hoping my state is deposited this week. One less thing to think about.

    We can keep our fingers crossed and think positive thoughts. :)

    #4170554 Reply


    @johndoe I’m dry man, I tried. *Shrug*

    #4170549 Reply

    John Doe


    Hard to be in that situation when one is single.

    What else you got?

    #4170546 Reply


    @john Doe , good stuff! Means alimony didn’t destroy ya’ Keep it up big man.

    #4170544 Reply


    I filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Tax act
    Called the IRS yesterday I’ve been selected to verify. This has never happened before anyone have experience with it? Can I just go to my local IRS without the letter

    My ny state has been processed and I have a ddd for 2/21

    #4170541 Reply

    John Doe


    Nah. I don’t even qualify for these two credits.

    #4170535 Reply


    @john Doe Blow yours on child support? It’s cool man. The courts almost always rules in the mothers favor.

    #4170531 Reply

    John Doe

    Jeeze. Those filing with EIC and ACTC are a hot mess. Calm down. You’ll get your new cell phones and other things you don’t need soon enough.

    #4170510 Reply


    Duncan and everyone else who keeps saying that the early tax refunds will be accepted first.. this year is pretty different from any year because they have started new methods of security. There is not a line and early filers I doubt will be getting anything sooner.. in fact the IRS says that there is no method to find out this year who is getting their taxes back first. I filed after The week they started accepting returns. I have a processing date before a lot of people on here 2/11/2017 that said they filed early or mid January.. and my cycle date is 20170405. So I really don’t see that there is any method to figuring this out. Honestly, it’s a waiting game.

    #4170307 Reply


    @danielle, the main glitch I have seen for early filers and those who file on opening date are being resequenced multiple times, resulting in long delays. Oftentimes you will see people who don’t file till about a week after opening day and they usually are processed much more quickly than those who are stuck in the flood gates at the very beginning. It’s definitely something to keep in mind for the future.

    #4170242 Reply

    Unicorns & Nomes

    Has anyone ever seen their actual refund BEFORE the SBTPG updates? I filed 01/12, approved 01/13 WITH EIC and CTC (no ACTC). Have had PATH message since 01/15. I know that I must wait for the WMR update but I was REALLY hoping maybe I’d be in the first round of funds released. I did use Turbo Tax (have for the past 4 years). I ALWAYS have received my refund BEFORE WMR updates. Usually, I never make it past the first bar. Last year, welllllll after I got my refund (for giggles) I went onto the WMR site and it still NEVER processed (at that point my money was long gone too) so I put no faith into what tomorrow brings for the WMR site. This was the FIRST year I’d ever heard of SBTPG so have no history/experience. What have others experienced with it?

    #4170221 Reply


    Via IRS Newswire
    “Where’s My Refund?” will be updated Feb. 18 for the vast majority of early filers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. Before Feb. 18, some taxpayers may see a projected date or a message that the IRS is processing their return.
    By law, the IRS is required to hold EITC and ACTC refunds until Feb. 15. However, taxpayers may not see those refunds until the week of Feb. 27. Due to differing timeframes with financial institutions, weekends and the Presidents Day holiday, these refunds likely will not start arriving in bank accounts or on debit cards until the week of Feb. 27 — if there are no processing issues with the tax return and the taxpayer chose direct deposit.
    The IRS phone assistors do not have additional information on refund dates beyond what taxpayers have access to on “Where’s My Refund?”. Given high call volumes, taxpayers should not call unless directed to do so by the refund tool. In addition, a common myth is that people can get their refund date earlier by ordering a tax transcript. There is no such “secret” option to find a refund date by calling the IRS or ordering a transcript; just check “Where’s My Refund?” once a day.

    #4170139 Reply



    I would call again and talk to someone else at the IRS, because you’ll get a different person and might get a different answer. Worth a try.

    #4170123 Reply


    S U R V E Y:

    Would you consider yourself to be anxious/worrier/obsessive in general about most things in your life… or is it just the tax refund that you are concerned about?

    #4170118 Reply


    @danielle I never tried to order my transcripts. The IRS can audit you as frequently as they want I imagine. It may be that they just want extra time to review yours, due to your previous year audit.

    #4170113 Reply


    I filed on the 22nd, but accepted the 23rd, but I understand what your saying. What kind of delays like missing or glitches? I will keep that in mind next year.

    #4170110 Reply


    A for those who filed 1/23, unfortunately that was opening day and the IRS is notorious for having delays with those who file on opening day. For future reference, next year you might want to wait a few days after opening day to file. Of course those of us who filed on 1/26 have our own problems, as we all are aware, LOL try not to file on a Thursday or Friday because that could put you on a weekly status. I’m just saying. The wait is almost over! Hang in there guys!

    #4170104 Reply


    @duncan I get your taxes are being processed and wI’ll be updated when available with topic 152. I ordered my account transcript the other day, but still can’t order my refund transcript.

    #4170101 Reply



    I was audited last year because I never recieved tax forms from EDD so I didn’t include them and I had to go through tax advocate and everything. Im hoping that’s not happening again. I can’t get audited twice in a row right?

    #4170098 Reply


    @danielle what message do you see on the site if you have no bars?

    #4170093 Reply


    @carrie, just wondering how many times you checked the offset line? I know with the IRS they get kind of fussy if people check more than three times within twenty-four hours, which can trigger that message online. I am thinking that might be the case for you right now, even though you are receiving this message over the phone. If you can wait 24 hours to check I would do so. However if you think there’s a chance that you do have an offset you might want to call and try to get through to a human to give you some answers. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I hope it’s nothing serious.

    #4170091 Reply



    Yes it sounds like yours is still being processed/reviewed. Not sure why you aren’t seeing the Path message since you filed before me and mine showed up on Feb 11th.

    #4170089 Reply


    I also filed on 1/23 and accepted on 1/23 I called yesterday and she said it was still being processed. I have heard that a lot of people that filed on 1/23 are still being processed. Maybe we will get some good news soon.

    #4170087 Reply


    I am part of the path so I understand the earliest date to see anything is tomorrow. My question is I’ve seen several people call to see if they need to verify anything and they do end up needing to. I was wondering if I should call? On my transcripts I got the codes 150, 806, 766 and 768. Is there a reason to call if all the codes are normal? Did these people have different codes on there transcripts? I have not received a letter in the mail and I filed 1/19.

    #4170083 Reply


    Deanna. You are experiencing the same thing as me. I have the Path act. I imagine the status will change on WMR on Feb 16th for most people. We’ll have to wait and see.

    #4170073 Reply


    I filed 1/17 accepted 1/19 and have nothing more than a path message..what should I expect?

    #4170070 Reply



    Most people that have filed after me are getting path messages. My bars disappeared and I’m still getting the 152 topic, so I guess it’s safe to assume mine hasn’t been processed in guess.

    #4170066 Reply


    I think most returns are being processed within about 3 days of acceptance. It is just that they are not releasing refunds until 2/15. It sounds like the refunds will be in batches first in/first out, so those who filed earliest may see their refunds this week.

    See the refund chart:

    #4170047 Reply



    I just called and she said mine is still being processed and they will let me know when available, so I guess mine hasn’t been processed even though I filed on the 22nd and accepted on the 23rd.

    #4170025 Reply


    I just got off the phone with the IRS and theven uy said that they got my taxes and that they were processed, but it won’t fully process till the 15th and that I should wait at least till the 27th to call back. He didn’t say if there were any problems. I told him my bars disappeared and all he said was he hears that alot. I guess that was a waste of time cuz he only said what I already knew.

    #4169948 Reply


    I don’t know what to think, honestly. I spoke with 2 different reps at the IRS today that told me that the PATH refunds arent even being processed until tomorrow. That makes no sense to me. I just want to know if im approved or not.

    #4169929 Reply


    @ellie I was able to order both my transcripts but had to order them by mail. Did that on Saturday hoping will get refund before they come in

    #4169917 Reply



    Only thing I can think is you are green because you registered on the website

    I am black because I did not

    #4169878 Reply


    Anyone know why on this thread, some people’s username’s are green clickable links and some are black?

    #4169840 Reply


    Fiancé’s return was accepted on the 25th, and he had to call today because we used the wrong account for direct deposit so the agent said he should be getting money in a few days but could not give him an exact date..So we are getting closer early filers!!

    #4169794 Reply


    Filed online 8/8 accepted a few hours later.

    WMR site said can’t find my info until 8/10 when it shows one orange bar and return received.

    8/11 it shows Path Act with 152 tax topic below.

    #4169792 Reply


    Well I tried something different so I hope I am right. I called the 800 hotline for refund update. Usually in the past when I called she would always say “your return is being processed and a date will be provided at that time.” Well this time after entering all info she said the IRS has received your return but due to the PATH law no refunds will be released til after the 15th. That to me was a great sign. So call the telephone hotline and check it out and see what her response is after you enter your info I am sure if you are not processed or there is a hold up she will tell you the being processed message. Just a time killer so try that too. Good luck all.

    #4169765 Reply


    Wtf wmr it saids can’t find my refund my path act message gone is tht a good thing?? On mines and my GF

    #4169746 Reply


    HELP! Called the offset line and it usually says “you have no non tax debts” . Now it says “the information you requested is currently unavailable ” should I worry? @tom @willbeas @carrie101

    #4169728 Reply


    I was able to get into order my transcripts with my new address, before I wasn’t able too. I get into it, but I still cannot order transcripts for 2016. I’ve never been able to order mine until after I received my return, and I’ve also never had WMR update until after my funds were pending in my bank account. I still have 1 bar & the path message. I claimed the EITC credit, wasn’t eligible for the ACTC. I guess tomorrow many of us will find out what is next, I hope I do too, because in the past I’ve seen that only 1/2 update & the other 1/2 just have to wait & hope.

    #4169591 Reply


    @lacyjae…..I wish I still had the number to give you that I had to call before taxes were intercepted to make a payment arrangements. Once I did that then the full amount was given to me. They sent me a letter to let me know what was going to happen and I jumped right on it. I know it’s something fiscal that was on the letter and a number. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help

    #4169585 Reply


    I just found out that I have a Federal tax debt that is going to be offset this year. I am able to order my transcripts and everything but they don’t show an offset code….. Will the IRS update these again with my offset before my DDD is issued?

    #4169413 Reply



    I filed the30th was accepted the 30th. No DDD.

    My prediction wmr crashes on the 15th ….we wait longer to just know the DDD.

    #4169394 Reply


    Has anyone filed on 1/30 and accepted on 1/31 gotten any dd yet?

    #4169257 Reply

    Bobbie S Mawyer

    @anthony did you get an answer? I too have processing date of the 13th but my cycle code of 20170405

    #4169108 Reply


    @IIRS Insider My cycle code is 20170405. According to your post, when would I get my refund if my processing date is 2/13?

    #4169107 Reply


    Where are the codes located? I just have path message with topic 152.

    #4169065 Reply


    @momof4 NOBODY with the credits has a DDD. If they say they do, they’re telling a bold faced lie.

    #4169063 Reply


    Has anyone gotten a DDD? I saw some people saying they have a DDD of 2/15 in other forums, but just wanting to see if anyone with EIC for ACTC had one yet.

    #4169038 Reply


    @When Will I Update?

    150 & 766 acknowledges that you filed
    768 I believe is Earned Income Credit

    #4169014 Reply


    @Jerseygirl02, I agree. I think it is like a lot of people have said; the IRS will give people a “worst case scenario” date, just to avoid a barrage of angry phone calls if the refund doesn’t go through earlier. It seems most people tend to get their refunds well before the estimated date provided by the IRS. Of course, we have no clue how that will play out this year. We are mighty close to finding out though. Let’s hope for the best and brace ourselves for the worst. :)

    #4169012 Reply


    Sorry for the double post.

    #4169009 Reply


    Confused!! I ordered my return transcript by mail yesterday. Today I tried to order the account transcript and it said there wasn’t one available. . I got the path message no bars 2 days ago tax topic 152.. info on the side minus the return amount..

    Really ticks me off.

    #4169002 Reply


    @carrie I too had cycle code 20160505 and processing date of 02/22/2016 last year and received my refund on 01/09/2016. This year I have cycle code 20170505 and processing date of 02/20/2017. I have come to think that the processing dates don’t really mean anything.

    Hope we all get our refunds released sometime this week! 👼

    #4168991 Reply

    What does code 150,768, and 766 mean?

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