Only EIC and ACTC filers updates here plz!!!

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    Hi I only been seeing ddd for people with no credits. We need a forum for updates and need only information about DDD for the child credits. Thanks

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    @trina23 I appreciate the response. Thanks for letting me know. I hope everything works out for you too. God bless you too.

    On another note: For people with Emerald cards who filed through H&R Block, The bank that Emerald uses is one of the banks that will not release deposits today. I called out of curiosity to see if they received a deposit yet for me (ddd 2/23, filed on 1/20) and they did not. Some of the representatives have told me over the past few days that we will see our deposits basically as soon as they see them, but one stated that it will be within one business day. I’m assuming it would be more accurate to say within one business day. I am not sure if there is a specific time of day they stop sending deposits to accounts, because one of the reps told me that it can be anytime (day, night, weekend), but that doesn’t make sense to me, because if that were true than I’d think we could get on President’s Day as well.

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    Irene Calderon

    My DDD date is Jan 24th but funds are coming out of my return is that going to hold up my DDD? Please help anyone have the same issue?

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    @jenn sorry that you thought I was talking about your post but i was not. I have not been following all the post and reading them. I was just putting that point in there because I have read some post were people would say things to that nature but not you personally. Sorry that you felt that way. I pray that everything works out for you and your family… God bless you.

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    I updated Saturday around 5am to 2/23…so did my sister. I filed in 1/29 and she was an early filer and filed the first or second week of January but our DDD is for the same day. She has both credits as well as myself.

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    Mom of 2

    I filed with H & R Block. I was getting worried so I called the IRS on Friday, February 17, 2017. I was lucky enough to have a representative that really listened. There have been times that I have called in the past and they’ve been so rude. I asked her if she could look at the status of my refund because my status went from PATH message to processing and it seems to have just been stuck there. I wanted to know if there was a problem because my brother had filed way after me (with EIC and ACTC) and had already gotten a DDD and she told me that nothing was wrong. Usually, you will be notified right away if there was any sorts of problems and that a message would appear when you check the WMR. She went on to tell me there was no order in which Refunds were being processed. She told me they were just processed at random and I told her that wasn’t right. She told me to check the WMR the next day and sure enough it was approved with a DDD.

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    I filed and got accepted 2/1 got my path message 2/10 got the “processing” message 2/16 and still have it… my cycle code is 20170605.. can anybody tell me what this means or when I can expect an update of a DDD ?

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    Mom of 2

    I filed on January 23 and got accepted that day. I just got my DDD for February 23, 2017 on Saturday, February 18. I filed EIC and ACTC.

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    I’ve read that if you can order both your transcripts that’s a good sign.. Is this true? I filed and was accepted Jan 26th. Had bars then Had path for weeks and instead of updating on the 16th my wmr status returned to “still being processed” and remains there still.. I have tried to call and speak to an agent with no luck so I decided to try and order my transcripts. I successfully ordered the both of them but I don’t really know what it means. Have my taxes finally been processed? Will my status update soon

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    @Brian23, again i am thankful for you guys. I need my money even though i am not getting that much due to me owing the state but the little bit i am getting i need it. I am not a dead beat i work 40 hours a week on a job that i have been on for 14 years at a healthcare facility and this is not for you but for some negative people thinking that only the people that sit at home and do nothing need there money. That is so not true.

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    Anyone that just received transcripts in the mail may not have updated copies. Others have said you can have transcripts faxed if you call in to request. There are several fax apps that will allow you to receive faxes on your phone, Google fax, etc just look in your Android playstore. You will get a fax number to give IRS rep.

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    @meagean I was told to wait for a letter by a rep on Thursday I got my ddd on Saturday for 2/23
    Filed 1/23 with tax act EITC and actc. Already received my ny state return.

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    @BRIAN23 @megan, I am thankful for this forum because for some reason i thought i was the only one that has not been processed, lol. everyone that i know personally have there dates even someone taxes that i did way after mine got there date and i am like WTH.

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    Brian 23

    @trina23 nothing changed for me today, i still got the “still processing” message :(

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    Brian 23

    @megan Thank you! I still have the “still processing” message… Nothing changed for me today.. I filed 1/23/17 and accepted same day with both credits. Never had this issue, filed the same info past three years!

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    Ok so I posted a thread on a FB page and this seems to be the general consensus for a lot of people who filed between 1/20 and 2/10:

    A TON of people have the same “still being processed” message on WMR. No bars (I never even saw theme ever! Just path and now this) BUT I also figured out that my cycle date from my transcripts (20170605) is a WEEKLY update and not daily. Depending on what date you filed you end up with one or the other. Sucks!

    Also- Everyone Ive talked to that has called the IRS has said that they either say “it hasn’t been 21 days yet” OR “your return is being flagged for review, youll receive a letter in the mail”. I think both of these responses are the representatives way of getting rid of people calling inquiring about the status of their returns. Ive talked to people who called the IRS, were told to wait for a review letter and then got their DDD.. Its so shady.

    I know the IRS stated that they would start processing returns before the 15th but wouldn’t release any refunds if filing with an ETIC until after 2/15 but I honestly don’t think they started processing the returns at all. I think everything got so backed up and that’s why theres a huge lag in updates. If any of you ordered BOTH transactions to be mailed or have viewed them online look at the very bottom of your account transaction where it breaks down the return values. On the left hand side there should be codes on every line. If you have a 501, 806, 766 or 768 you should be just fine. I hope this helps? Its so frustrating and it gets overwhelming sitting there not knowing whats going on (Ive been audited in the past so I know how scary it can be!)

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    No money no problems

    2/23 haven’t seen anything on my netspend card yet, don’t expect I will before the 23rd. Keep the hopes low enough that way, no dissapointments. If they come early, then what a pleasant surprise.

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    @megan I am still waiting as well and i filed on 1/23 and still nothing at all. Still saying being processed.

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    That sbptg still is not showing that they received my return so I am getting a little worried. I know the reserve is closed but if the irs released the funds I thought it would at least show up there by now. Does anyone else with a dad of the 23rd who used tt see it yet

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    Does anyone else not have their refund amount showing on WMR? Mine just shows “your refund will be deposited by 2/23” not the amount

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    Update: Nothing changed for me today. Still have the “return being processed” message. I have been getting everything from “youre fine” to “youre under review” which is making me crazy. If I were under review wouldn’t there be a notification or code on WMR or IRS2GO? Or even on my transcripts I already received in the mail on Friday?

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    @brian23 I have the same message and i filed on 1/23 and accepted on 1/23.. did anything change for you today?

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    @ food for thought

    You made my morning!

    Coffee and loling.

    Gnomes! Freaking Gnomes!

    YES. Traditional banks still use gnomes. Its an industry secret. Shhhh.

    The gnomes have today off though…. The cobwebs will grow thicker.

    Happy Presidents Day y’all!

    One day closer to your funds….

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    @relly By means BY. you SHOULD get your shit BY the 23rd…but that doesnt means its coing on the 20th either.

    if you took the time to look in the bottom left hand corner it flat out says . YOUR DIRECT DEPOSIT DATE IS FEB XX. they use the word BY to cover their own ass. hence why they use the word SHOULD.

    their could be banking issue that could cause your deposit to be late. they cant guerentee ANYTHING once the money leaves the treasury its all in the hands of computers

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    Wmr says approved not sent but approved went they turbo tax paid fees thru them but having direct to my adp aline card and I owe support but even when I called them my funds were set to be released the 23rd so is it possible they will come early to my card? Please help

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    @Food for thought

    What you say makes sense. This is why WMR says “BY” and not “On”…

    “The balance of your refund, $x,xxx.xx, is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 23, 2017. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 28, 2017, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.
    Please wait until February 28, 2017 before you contact us again as we are unable to take any further action until then.”

    I think it has to do with how your financial institution processes ACH transfers. Most traditional banks release manually and most prepaid debit card company banks do it automatically, thats why they get deposits faster.

    I have a netspend account and I have received deposits at all hours of the day and night weekends and holidays included. This is why deposits never show up as pending. They send the funds right through unless its some crazy off the wall amount and the want to verify things.

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    I was wondering how long does it take to go from approved to refund sent. My ddd is 2/23… i have the Emerald card/H&R Block so their no help at this point.they wont let me know if i have anything pending because of the PATH act….

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    Food for thought…

    We know the FEDERAL RESERVE is closed tomorrow. We know that the IRS is open (behind the scenes…in front…working due to RUSH…taking calls, or not)…we know some banks ARE open (people who bank w/ Wells Fargo are reporting they are open)….

    If you are in the position that you HAVE received your DDD then the IRS’ (in theory) part is done. It’s ALL about the FEDERAL RESERVE and your BANK INSTITUTION.

    For those who have a DDD of 21 – 24, THOSE funds have ALREADY been RELEASED. Whether you see it “pending” or not…on SBTPG (or any other 3rd party) – those funds have “left the building”. That’s why some are saying they can see deposits, etc. and others can’t (and THEY TOO have DDD of 21 – 24).

    The reserve sends notes to the respective receiving banks/card companies/etc. This is why people are saying “make sure all your ducks are in a row (with regard to name, etc.). If the note is rejected, it gets returned and so on…THIS IS THE STEP WE ARE ALL IN THE MIDST OF.

    We don’t know how long it takes any given system to accept/reject the note – nor whether banks/prepaid card companies are processing through them electronically around the clock or there’s a little nome sitting at a desk surrounded by cobwebs and empty coffee cups who is pressing buttons where a flood gate of money comes swirling through, magically appearing in the account….it DEPENDS on THAT institutions procedures.

    My point is, we ALL know tomorrow is a holiday but believe funds will drop because they’ve already been released…then…THAT’S where your individual banks policies come into play.

    It’s much easier for a company/bank to field hundreds of thousands of calls by “pointing the finger” at the IRS or reverse. People have proved that theory over and over on these forums by repeatedly calling the same institution and getting a different answer every time. Another suggestion – watch the trends – watch on multiple forums…FB,, Intuit (TurboTax), etc.

    If I’m wrong or someone has a CONSTRUCTIVE counterpoint (I beg, please be respectful) – I love to learn and will gladly/proudly admit I was wrong (I often eat HUGE slices of humble pie –> and believe it makes me a better/smarter person).

    I just wanted to shed a different alternative to the feelings of unsettling nausea (I have it as well). In fact, I don’t work tomorrow and plan on pulling an all nighter to watch all the threads to see who starts seeing funds drop first (accessible – not pending).

    I whole heartedly pray for the BEST outcome for EVERYONE – EVERYONE!!! Cheers!

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    Wmr updated saying that the refund was sent but i know that i used the wrong routing number. I bank with Wells Fargo and they see no pending deposits. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Jeez strugglingmomsunite I agree with you everything you said is on point and Will add to the part about helping other people out i have been in places i will see a person with family that had an issue they ask for money to help hell I have helped them with whatever i can because I know how hard life is im 33 and pretty much seen every twist and turn life can give but then I see this person drives up in a BMW suited up and looks at the family like they are nothing makes me wanna knock the guys head but you know why he does that the same reason people insulting other people for wanting there dd early Cuz they live the comfy life and have not sweated a day in their life to make money they do not know the meaning of the hard earned part of hard earned money so yeah and I understand why this year so many people want their taxes early this year has started off rough for what seems to be alot of people.

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    @Meagan Word on the forum is that if you can pull both of your transcripts than there should not be any problems with your return, so you will be getting it. Hopefully, you will get an update by tomorrow and get a DD soon. Good luck!

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    Ive noticed that some folks who have DDD dates of 2/22 have also stated the money was showing in their banks on the 17th and 18th. I’m wondering if any of those people went through SBBT and received it that soon?

    My DDD is 2-23. Was just curios.

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    @brian23 I have the same thing. Filed and accepted 2/3. PATH message until 2/15 and now I have the “Your return is being processed” message. I was able to order both transcripts and got them in the mail on Friday. Nothing out of the ordinary. No codes signaling a problem.. I file married/joint with my husband. He has a w2. I have a 1099 with self employed writeoffs. I don’t even care when the ddd date is or even if I get audited (ive been audited in the past 4 years) I just wish I knew whats going on either way. The sitting in limbo waiting game SUCKS!

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    @4464c waiter…..
    A 4464c letter means that the IRS has pulled your tax return for review. It should state on the letter the basic reason as to what they are looking at/for. It may say they are reviewing your reported income or reviewing credits claimed or lots of other things. It’s not an examination or audit, so you don’t have to do anything except wait, but if they find something and do decide to do an examination they will let you know and you may have to provide documentation if they ask for it, but hopefully they will just review it and release your refund!

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    I have been going through various boards concerning the eic situations that we are all in. I got my dd and I am very happy to have it coming finally. That being said I can’t believe how many ignorant people are on these boards who do not understand how taxes work. They start fights saying we don’t deserve the eic because they pay our taxes and we should not receive anything….ummmmm…you have to work to claim/file any tax return. Both myself and my husband work but just are not fortunate enough to make 50+ thousand a year. Obviously we have children so making minimum wage does not carry us through the year like it would for single people without children. We carry our children not others so when the government gives us a break we deserve to get it in a timely matter. Yes there are scumbags out there that messed this up for us but I’m tired of hearing the ignorance just so some high and mighty uneducated idiot can bash us for wanting our promised money so we can finally catch up on bills and breathe a little easier for a month or two throughout the year. Sorry to vent but it just bugs me.

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    @StrugglingMOMSunite I agree with you. I know I shouldn’t respond, but she’s not the first person to have written something along those lines and it drives me nuts. They do not understand how some people are struggling so much that even a few days can mean the world. It’s just so insensitive and than she tries to add that we are “lucky” to even be getting taxes. They are taxes that came out of hard earned labor. Taxes many of us couldn’t afford to lend out in the first place. Some people are in better situations and that’s great for them, but the way the economy is, many of us are forced to survive off of next to nothing and than have a chunk of that nothingness pulled over the course of the year. Like you, I too cannot remember the time I even bought a shirt. All of my clothes have holes in them, which makes it hard to get a decent job that requires business attire. These refunds help everyone get back on their feet. It benefits the economy as a whole and helps people to invest in things like: small businesses, clothes for a job, cars for employments, and things like that. If we did not receive a refund on our money, the economy would be worse for everyone.

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    @StrugglingMOMSunite…Right On..!!!

    @4464c waiter… Like I told someone earlier..

    That’s the “Sit & Wait” notice. It means your return got pulled for further review. So all you do now is sit and wait and hope you don’t get audited. If you dont receive any further notices from them then your return will continue to be processed. The thing is it could take 2 weeks or 2 months. Just call them once or twice a week until you get an answer and watch your mailbox.

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    @strugglingmomsunite AMEN well stated — the struggle is real

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    No one asked you struglinmomsuni. Why get in the middle of it? Let them argue. I’m over here with popcorn

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    Oh my God everyone calm down this is not the first time that the taxes have been delayed and yes I have received my taxes and had not given a due date I’ve received my taxes one year and they said that they was still processing it I happen to check my bank account and the money was there even though the site said that they were still processing I haven’t been given an update and I did for other people taxes as well with those one credit and they haven’t received an update either

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    Just to be clear… I was speaking in general about others being angry at people who want their deposit and expressing their concern. I thought @jenn shouldn’t have to explain herself to @danielle bc she did say she didn’t want to sound mean but to me, it sounded mean. Everyone is having issues with this situation we are in. I agree with Jenn we did our return way before the opening date with the w2 already released to the irs (1/15). It’s been more than 21 days for most of us (a month for me) – a lot of Netspend people got their money even the ones that did it after the 28. But back to this lady please don’t tell me I didn’t budget enough. Can’t Budget what you don’t have. Then my point about people thinking this money owed to them… You tell me why did they name it earned income? We basically earned this money lady. it’s the money that we should be making and the government knows this. And people like you are too stupid to realize that …this is why they keep about more than half of the money people put out (you know the ones that never used to claim it- its there way of giving it back). Seriously the whole “get your billions back america” wasn’t just coughed up out of no where. I find it funny how people don’t challenge grants… These people didn’t earn that. Housing developing companies making bank off of people with govt grants. Corporate bailouts happened and not a flinch, they did not earn the money but guess what WE BAILED THEM OUT. So when It comes time to help the poor (robin hood method), no one wants to help out at all… it doesn’t belong to us? But you enjoy your fresh fruits right? Enjoy those grapes, oranges, apples, cabbages… enjoy them. Love going to nice hotels and having clean sheets right? Did you wash those sheets… no someone with little pay did. I mean for years they collected and collected and never gave it back. I watched my mother get taxed twice one year just bc she made too much money and in reality she didn’t make enough (guess what they did… sent it back to her in a check with an apology). I pay for everything just like everyone. So are you telling me all the taxes I pay at the grocery store isn’t mine? The taxes I pay every year to the state to register isn’t mine? If you own something you pay taxes on it right? I didn’t know it belonged to the upper working class? I didn’t know people that went out to do the dirty jobs of America and get paid nothing for it doesn’t deserve a break from struggling…. I had no idea it don’t belong to them (when in truth I feel like it does). I guess it belongs to people who sit at desk jobs all day doing nothing but working their brain? Guess what I studied hard to get to one of those desk jobs finally bc I realized that slave labor would never get me the stuff I wanted in life. I did that manual slave labor and let me tell you getting paid 7.25 for it is a crime. Having your hours cut when you need to pay your rent is a crime. Or is it not? You don’t see it that way Danielle (and others like her) and that’s why I had to remind you of karma. I don’t get it… it’s like people don’t realize that bad stuff can happen to them and then what? Your going to go start a gofund me page right? Who does that money belong too… The same people who don’t mind helping out a fellow person in need ( you should learn from them). I will never understand I guess. Anyways @jenn you should just be calm and ignore her and others like her bc at the end of the day all you need to do is pray. I am praying for you and your family and I really hope you get your money tomorrow morning even if the banks are closed so your situation becomes much better.

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    If you paid fees with turbo tax upfront then yes straight from IRS…if not your funds will hit sbtpg first…maybe they misunderstood something

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    My husband spoke with someone at TurboTax today and they said our refund will come direct from the irs even though we accidentally paid the fee with them. They said the fee is taken out before it’s released. This confused me since that sbtpg site says they haven’t received it but they show my expected amount to be what I am owed…i have stopped trying to find out…when it loads on my amex bluebird card it loads lol.

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    Oh and @danielle, please explain what parting of hoping to get your money sooner than your DDD is selfish, because I’m failing to see the correlation.

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    @danielle Firstly, I never said it was bull**** not to get the DD before the date. I just said that we NEED it before the date. And you having money enough to not rely on yours has nothing to do with being smart. Some people do not have other options. My husband was LAID off one week before Thanksgiving. We have been surviving and struggling to find work. I found a great job, but I will not be starting for a couple of weeks. As of right now, due to a series of unfortunate events we need that money. We have never needed it to this extent in prior years. It did not matter when it came, but this year we do. Also, you talk about not sharing your business. For someone with such a said high level of intelligence, you’d think you would realize that you are not actually sharing any personal information with anyone because no one knows who you are in the real world. I am upset that you have the nerve to tell people how they should be feeling. That’s really none of your business. If people want to hope that they get their returns sooner, that is fine and has nothing to do with you. So if you do not need it now, which again I say that you clearly do not need it at the rate that some people need it (or else, you would have nothing to say), leave others who do need it now alone. Also, once again, keep in mind that intelligence has nothing to do with it. People get laid off in this economy all the time: intelligent, hard-working people because a business cannot sustain itself. Karma is hard on people and with the way you are talking, maybe you’ll soon feel it too.

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    4464c waiter

    Has anyone else in this group received a 4464c letter or have information on it?

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    filed 1/28/2017 excepted 1/28/2017 ddd2/23/2017 now hweres the funny part i have ctc actc eic my son filed same day no credits got his back 2/8/2017 our wmr bars updated same day till 2/6/2017 he got ddd 2/08/2017 i got path act so i called irs the rep i talked to said my taxes are done but do to path act they wont be released till after the 15th So i asked if they needed more processing or just being held he said no there done if the path act wasnt there id have them the 8th

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    Brian 23

    Is anybody WMR status saying “We have received your return and it is being processed”?? I claimed both credits, had one bar on WMR at first, then updated to PATH message, then on 2/18/17 when updates came in I didnt get a DDD, I got still processing. :( Can somebody help me or is anybody experiencing this???

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    @jenn well sorry that you think people need it faster what because I did not post my problems because they are not anyone’s business. I am also smart enough to know you cannot just relay on money you do not have yet. Yes, I need the money just as everyone else but I also am not going to be selfish when i already have DDD and be like will i get my money before my DDD if not this is bullshit. A lot of people think that this money is owed to them but in a reality we are lucky we get big returns because we sure didnt pay all that money in other people did so if you think of it even me getting a return like that is techinacally living off other people.

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    Bugg you may have just put a number in wrong it has happened to me before…just try again

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    Filed 2/2/17
    Accepted 2/3/17

    Checked WMR and nothing, says You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again. Is this normal?

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    Although your bank will be open tomorrow keep in mind it is a federal holiday and the federal reserve is closed.

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    DDD 1/23 BBVA Compass Bank.
    all credits
    Filed 2/4

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    any luck to the 2/23 ddd? netspend?

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    I have Wells Fargo and they are open tommorow.

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    @Christie tomorrow is Presidents’ Day so the banks are closed. I’m hoping for Tuesday

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    @Cristie tomorrow is Presidents’ Day so the banks are closed. I’m hoping for Tuesday

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    Bees, is your mom’s name on the bank account? If its not a joint account other people have had issues with banks rejecting the IRS deposit if the persons not on the account. You can call your bank and ask them.

    The IRS website says:
    You should not request a deposit of your refund into an account that’s not in your own name.

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    Well they say it will be sent to my bank on 2/23 im just happy to see some positive movement and yes i am one of the ones looking at losing a lot if i don’t get this money soon

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    I have a my taxes with a DDD 02/22 with a pending deposit, I also have my mums taxes going in to the same account with a DDD 23 and no pending deposit??? That’s ODD!

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    @jenn Sweetheart DFTT. There have already been people claiming that EIC is their tax money and shouldn’t be given to people who didn’t work for it. Then they are the same people who would never go do half of the jobs we do. None of them would go out and pick cotton, pick veggies (even if machines help), sheer animals, sew clothes and or make items by hand to sell, pave roads, janitor, hold up stop signs for kids, retail sales clerk/cashier, study long freaking hours in order to do insane amounts of homework while working at WALMART OR TARGET(guess you didn’t know they cut hrs in order to hire new people or get their bonuses?), etc. If you don’t want us getting EIC then you should have been there telling people to pay us, little people, a lot more than 7.25 an hr ( you know when people were fighting for 15 bucks an hr and then they were like, “oh they want teachers pay”. Ha! teacher’s pay is way more than that on avg 28/hr- now a teacher’s aid is different). Did you know even if you get paid commission at a new job it’s an EFFING month before you get paid? Yeah, we’ve been waiting almost a month and they justify it by saying we haven’t made them enough at said job. My main reason for going back to school to do programming in the first place. So waiting for money after struggling all year just to catch up. That’s right struggling. Some of us get paid around 23k a year but in reality was about 19 900/fulltime so before that, it was just above the federal poverty limit. Now you tell me if for a family of three people with no assistance how is that possible esp in the area we live. Rent is like 1k+, insurance, health insurance, 1.5 kid, student loans, etc. Tell me how in the world can someone struggling not want their money to help them a little bit so they can go on especially with starting a new job that isn’t paying until march… Budget more, eat less, right ( I only eat twice a day)? Okay after everything is paid we are left with -220 dollars (something is not getting paid or we are getting a loan). Most of us dont buy clothing we have to make it and nice fabric is expensive as well. Then someone wants to make fun of people shopping at goodwill or the thrift store but look at you like you stole something when you try to go shop at Neiman Marcus bc you have to look nice for work (new job). You people really should stop insulting others. Most of this is in general but some of it strikes close to home for me. Not everyone have a family to run to when they need help. So being on here making others feel like crap just bc you have a good job doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t get it the poor and middle-class people of this country should be helping each other not hurting each other with words. It’s like you don’t care about anyone else but yourself. Don’t forget now you can always loose your nice paying job and have to come over to the side of people who don’t get paid for the hard work that they do- karma is a funny thing. Also, I do apologize if someone gets offended but Jenn is right a lot of us are trying to negotiate with companies so that our stuff isn’t turned off or we don’t have to pay extra fines and fees. If you don’t have anything nice to say then just keep it to yourself – yes it may be annoying at times that people come on here to vent, but instead of shutting people down try to uplift them and tell them it will be okay bc we all don’t know everyone’s situation.

    #4179224 Reply


    I have Wells Fargo so since they are open tommorow I could possibly be getting my deposit tommorow ? On the wmr site it says it’s sent to be sent to my bank by 2/23. Thanks in advance !!!

    #4179216 Reply


    Also, I’ve seen people posting about their cars breaking down, their fridges breaking down, and having to pay funeral costs. Clearly these people need their money now. So, who are you to judge or say anything, REALLY?

    #4179207 Reply


    @danielle Some people cannot “just be happy to have a DDD” because some people really need the money before that or they lose electricity, water, and car insurance (with kids, which also need to be driven to school because they do not have a bus route). So, I understand what you think you are saying, but I filed way over 21 days ago and was really hoping to get my tax return already. The money belongs to me and I need it now. I am not a criminal and people like me are being punished for other people duping to the system. So even with a DDD of 2/23, I would still lose my car insurance and utilities for a period of time and obviously I cannot go without those things. To keep all of those things going right now would cost me over 1000, so I do not have any other sources to pay these things. It’s important to be sensitive to other people’s situation. I am sure you do need the money, but other’s clearly need it faster. If you were in this predicament (losing all utilities and insurance tomorrow), you would not be telling other people to just be grateful to have a DDD.

    #4179151 Reply

    Screwed by IRS year after year

    Well, not sure why they decided to send refund as a paper check, then. I just hope it doesn’t end up lost. I’d much prefer DD, but at least it’s not an audit or something.

    #4179133 Reply


    Okay I do not want to sound mean but come on guys the people who are complaining that got a DDD already that it already hasn’t been posted to your accounts already really? Just be thankful people who got a DDD and that you are getting a refund at all. There are some people that have to pay taxes in or still havent seen a DDD that need the money just as bad. I seriously have stuff going on right now and need money but u know what I am just thankful that I have a DDD.

    #4179124 Reply


    I have emerald card I called the 16th and my deposit has been pending since then. WMR says DDD the 23rd like most of you. Frustrating it’s been pending for days already it’s just up to the IRS to release to the funds! This whole PATH act has been a real pain and since presidents day is Monday I’m not counting on getting money early at all. Should be over soon though!

    #4179122 Reply


    I used. My adp card as direct deposit my ddd is the 23 could I see i ysioner?

    #4179118 Reply


    Sorry meant 3:30a-3:35a

    #4179116 Reply


    Last night between 2:30a and approximately 2:25a WMR was said it was not accessible but when it returned it said I have a DDD of 2/23. Today I checked at 2:31a and got the same message. I’m not sure, but I’m hoping this means that when it returns I will have a refund send message. Will update when I find out.

    #4179082 Reply


    @Tara i had an offset in 2013 where they kept my whole refund and WMR never let me know in any way it was happening and my bar stayed at 2 bars. I eventually called the irs and the guy told they were keeping it all. This year i owe $200 because the irs sent me a check for that much in the middle of the year so i spent it but then they sent a letter wanting it back so i let it go to be held out of my refund this year. So witg that being said WMR hasnt let me know in anyway that i have an offset again but i know i do. My wmr updated yesterday and i have a ddd of 2/23. I dont think wmr tells you anything about offsets or in my case it hasnt. Hope this helps

    #4179064 Reply

    Taking a poll

    A few places that I’ve read (including Forbes) has said they ARE working on processing through the weekends and Monday (even with holiday)…


    I’m legit asking because I’m wondering if some of the peeps with netspend type cards would see money on a Sunday or Monday.

    #4178966 Reply


    I’m very happy to have a ddd of 2/23 but my god it would be nice if it has been processing for the last 24-48 hours and it shows up in the account sometime tonight. Like a lot of other people we have bills piling up.

    #4178919 Reply


    @wait WHAT

    Pre-paid debit card companies appeal to customers by advertising that they can release funds of direct deposits up to two days earlier than a standard financial institution where you may have a checking or savings account. I have had more than one pre-paid card in my 30 years from different companies and the 2 day-early DD thing is true although receipt of the funds was never actually 48 hours in advance. More like 36 hours or 24 hours in advance.

    I’m just not sure what the “why” or “how” is behind it all.

    #4178915 Reply


    Sorry to anyone I may have mislead with regards to my post about direct deposit limits. If what others are saying is correct, the IRS should update or correct this artice:

    The article that comes DIRECTLY from the IRS site does not mention that that limit is based on receiving multiple DDs in one year. Which is why it is misleading. But, again, my bad.

    #4178909 Reply


    I think people are misinterpreting the 3 deposits per account. This only affects you if you have more then 3 direct deposit into the same account in any given year. This is only an issue for families that use the same bank account and are expecting more then 3 direct deposit for the tax season. For ex. Husband wife and 2 kids. The 4th direct deposit will need to be in a different account

    #4178906 Reply


    The IRS won’t deposit more than 3 refunds to one bank account in the SAME Year. You can use the same bank account your whole life and get your tax refund deposited to it. Seen some that were confused about this.

    #4178901 Reply


    Has anyone with a ddd of 2/23 receive their tax refund or see it pending? I have emerald card from h& r block and I haven’t seen anything!

    #4178893 Reply

    Brittani Hamilton

    If you have an offset you do not always get code 203. If you have received code 1541 that means that your refund has already processed and the amount is being taken and you will get a DDD with your new amount. I know this because I received a take action code 1541 and I called today and the rep told me that code 1541 is an offset code they have took the amount and I will receive the balance per my method of payment I chose when I filed

    #4178888 Reply



    Yes I did add my direct deposit info and thecrep claimed to have looked into my account. But I was just floored when he told me that simply because I mailed the return it would take 6 to 8 more weeks…I was stumped…lol

    #4178881 Reply


    I’m sure you’ve read on here that a ton of us have that message and majority also have 2/23 dd. Did you put direct deposit info on the paperwork when you mailed it? Call back and ask them to please look into your account. I’m sure you have a dd if you have that message on wmr. I bet you will get your refund by Wednesday like the rest of us. As long as you do not have errors or other issues. Good luck :-)

    #4178879 Reply

    Wait WHAT

    I have a DDD of 2/22 and it is showing in my account. I see that a few people, especially with pre-paid cards already have their money!? So because I have checking account I have to wait and will not get an early deposit? Is that because pre-paids do not have the same restrictions as my credit union?? Weird :(

    #4178867 Reply


    Anyone WO knows about tax reufunds!!

    Because of identy theft precautions I had to mail my taxes this year because the IRS did not send me a pin number in order to file electronically. So the IRS received and accepted my return on 2/13 (wmr) and it was being processed. During the update last night I lost my bar and I now have the message that my return is being processed and a DDD date will be given when available.

    When I called the IRS today the rep told me that simply because I mailed my return there was no need for Mr to check wmr anymore until the first of April…I want to know if this is true. Although they have received my return and began processing it will it actually take another month to complete?

    #4178833 Reply


    If you have an offset it will tell you right below your status bar. It looks like this:

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 203, Refund Offsets for unpaid child support and certain federal, state, and unemployment compensation debts
    Please Note:
    Your refund may be reduced to pay a past due obligation such as child support, another federal agency debt, or state income tax. If this applies to you, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS), who issues IRS refunds, will send you a notice informing you of any offset they have made. The details of the debt are not provided to the IRS. Please do not call us to inquire about the details because we will not be able to answer your questions. Instead, direct any questions you have about the offset or debt to the agency identified on the notice.

    If you don’t have this message than no offset has taken place

    Hope that helps

    #4178820 Reply


    I used TaxAct also, but I’m not showing up in Republic Bank. I have a DDD of 2/23. Doesn’t it only go to Republic if you’re having fees taken out?

    #4178764 Reply


    Its becoming crystal clear that if you have a ddd of the 23rd,it aint gonna be here until at very best,the day prior…I figure we have been patient this long,so another couple days won’t matter,except the bills piling up.Its coming,be patient guys.

    #4178484 Reply


    I filed on 1/29. Got my ddd today on wmr , it says 2/23. I called and they confirmed. Does anyone know if in the case of an offset it would have notified you in the wmr screen at this point? Or it never says? I see some people here already know they got an offset but did you find out by calling the offset number or did it tell you in the IRS wmr page?

    #4178436 Reply


    FOR THOSE WITH NO UPDATE: I heard there’s another update tonight between 9pm-12am. Again I’m just a messenger so take that with a grain of salt. I also didn’t receive an update today. I filed on 2/1 and got accepted the same day. Got the PATH message on 2/15. Got the updated “processing” message 2/16 but no update today 2/18. Called the IRS and spoke to a very nice lady who looked up my info but unfortunately there was nothing new she could tell me. I also filed an injured spouse form with my return because my wife owes a student loan and I figured that would hold us up but I’ve seen other people that filed IS(injured spouse) in another group and have a DDD of 2/22 or 2/23. And due to disability my wife didn’t work last year so there was nothing for them offset anyway. Hoping I get a date soon. I’ve been very patient which I guess is all I can do lol…

    #4178148 Reply


    Filed 1/12/17

    Accepted 1/17/17

    DDD 2/23/17

    What a rollercoaster!!!

    #4178737 Reply


    has anyone with a date of 2/23 gotten their deposits yet?

    #4177863 Reply


    hey guys i been coming to this website for about 5 days now and i been reading your comments to ease my mind. well today 2/18/2017 I checked WMR and I can see a DDD of 2/23/2017, i guess all i can say is thank you to all of you who commented on this matter, have a great year and ill be back next year hopefully we all are.

    #4178710 Reply

    ladasha bellard

    Anybody have the Walmart money card and got their refund before DDD

    #4178707 Reply


    Yes, I’ve called the my Emerald card a few times asking if they see pending deposits. All of the agents told me that there are none, but that I should have the funds available as soon as they can see it too. If what they are saying is true, it would be pointless to call them. =( I really want a definite time. I know I got a DDD for 2/23, but that’s a little late for me. I have a few things I really really need to do now… (as I’m sure other people do)

    #4178687 Reply


    So i called my Emerald card just to see if they could till me if their was a pending deposit. And she was no help she tells me to call the irs to see when my funds would be releast. I told her i already did they said by the 23rd thats why im calling you now . Then she says oh ok well i would just wait til the 27th and then call back because of the PATH act. How does tgat make any sense.

    #4178675 Reply



    Thanks!!! Turns out H&R Block uses BofI Federal Bank but it looks like they don’t have the “check your RT” site like Republic Bank. That sucks!

    #4178672 Reply


    @Screwed by the IRS year after year

    First and foremost, AWESOME name. I got a good smirk out of that. Very unique. Lol. And you’re welcome. Someone else mentioned it and then I went to the IRS site looking for proof and found it. Smh. Just another way to screw people who need the money the most. I am totally against tax fraud but there has to be a better way to prevent it and NOT make like harder on those who are walking the straight and narrow. Like many others have said, I have claimed the same two kids for the last 6 years. I have the birth certificates to prove it.

    This whole “we won’t deposit refunds into the same account more than 3 times” is just ridiculous and something that people will easily forget in a year’s time. Frankly, I just realized that even changing your pre-paid debit card won’t help unless you get a one through a new bank (different company). Using the same company but new card number doesn’t affect the routing or account number they give your for direct deposit purposes. I remember i had some erroneous charges on my card once. I opted for a new card. It had a new 16-digit number on the front but the routing and checking account information for DD remained the same.

    My nerves are so irked right now even though I have a DDD. It’s so annoying to be hindered year after year by the IRS. And even for those who say they will change their withholdings…that may not help. I have been operating on 0 withholding for years and I still receive a refund. I have two kids, am a student, and also have business expenses.

    #4178670 Reply



    Depend on which software you used. If you used Taxact which is who I use they use republic bank. If you didn’t use Taxact that is a reason they can’t find you. If you used Taxact and they can’t find you I’d assume your getting a paper check maybe. Idk why they would not be able to find you.

    #4178666 Reply


    Has anyone been able to check the status of the refund transfer (RT) from the IRS through Republic Bank. Each time I try it states that the information I entered is not correct. Does that just mean the RB has yet to receive my refund from the IRS to take the fees out? Is RB the only bank used for the RT process by the IRS?

    Again, if you have been successful or unsuccessful in checking the status of your RT please let me know.

    Background: Refund transfer (RT) is used by the IRS to take the fees you opted to pay for tax services directly out of your refund and then transfer to the company (i.e. Turbo Tax, H&R Block, etc.). The complete refund is transferred to RB (not sure if this is the only bank used) where RB takes out the funds and transfers a portion to the tax software site and the remaining portion to the taxpayer.

    #4178662 Reply

    Screwed by IRS year after year

    @Monique, Thank you for looking that up. Who would a thunk you needed a new bank account every 4 years? What a strange rule. Kinda stinks they say not to bother contacting IRS for a month after mailing date. That’s a long time to wait if it never shows up.

    #4178658 Reply

    Scotty Dont Know

    Filed 1/13 accepted 1/13
    Netspend Card – no pending transactions, no deposited refund yet.
    No more path act message.
    DDD for 2/23/17

    Hopefully it will hit late today…? But I’m not holding my breath, and I’m gonna hope for tuesday… high hopes.

    #4178653 Reply

    Latoya C ChestnutL


    #4178648 Reply



    I have wells Fargo and I have a direct deposit date of 2/23.

    I’m just waiting to find out when the irs will release the refund to republic bank to take out my fees and then how long it takes for republic bank to release my funds to my bank. I have no pending deposit at Wells Fargo and republic is saying they haven’t recieved my refund yet. WMR says they haven’t sent it yet. So, I’m just waiting.

    #4178636 Reply


    Hi Everyone,
    My update is much like a lot of other people on here. Filed 1/13, accepted 1/17, PATH message until 2/17 when it changed to received and processing message but I called IRS and was told dd 2/23. I bank with Wells Fargo and they ARE OPEN PRESIDENTS DAY 2/20. I can only assume most or all banks will be open as well. IRS will be processing on the 20th as well so there should be no delay. I have an offset apparently and as of today the hotline says it “could” come out of my refund. Doesn’t say what it is or how much, only automated on weekends. I hope my refund shows up Monday and no offset. I will update when I see it, I haven’t seen one single person with Wells Fargo- or any major bank for that matter, most of you have a netspend card. ?? Less hassles??

    #4178629 Reply


    I filed 1/13/17 accepted 1/15/ Hqa one bar until getting path act message around 2/1. ARound the same time as others Path msg went away. Updated last night to DD of 2/23. This makes sense as I have received my last 4 refunds in my bank on a Thursday. I have the EIC and ACTC. I filed with Tax Act and paid up front as I always do.

    #4178620 Reply


    Filed & accepted 2/2
    EIC & CTC
    Turbo Tax

    Had Path message for a few days, Wednesday update to processing message, Saturday update to DDD February 23, 2017. Fees will be taken out from SBBT, hopefully soon with it being the weekend and a holiday. Should see a deposit to my Netspend account next week. Very happy with this year so far. I didn’t file too early; made that mistake last year. It’s always a gamble. 2014 tax season I filed and had a direct deposit 3 days later (it was late January too). Hopefully next year is just as kind!

    #4178616 Reply

    Your Good Friend

    @Federal Employee That’s 100% false. Everyone has a position at the IRS and data processors do NOT answer phone calls. In addition, they have already stated in a news release that they will have the phone lines open today and Monday.
    The IRS will staff its toll-free telephone service Saturday, Feb. 18, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., callers’ local time, and Monday, Feb. 20, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., callers’ local time. All IRS taxpayer Assistance offices will be closed Monday, Feb. 20, for Presidents Day.

    #4178613 Reply


    Showing DDD of February 23, 2017 as of today (2/18) 😄 Before this had PATH message and then Wednesday updated to processing message.

    Filed and accepted on 2/2
    EIC & CTC
    No state taxes (texas)

    #4178584 Reply

    Renita Hinson

    Accepted 1/20
    DDD 2/23

    #4178575 Reply


    @Sascee209 is correct. I just looked it up. The IRS is limited the number of times your can receive direct deposit into an financial account of pre-paid debit card to three. The 4th time you use the same financial account of debit card they will automatically convert the DD to a paper check. They claim this doesn’t affect most people. Guess who is does affect? It affects the same people the PATH Act affects.

    So be prepared to keep track of the number of refunds you receive per account/debit card. It’s not that hard to just order a new card (same brand), get an extra checking or savings account, or switch to a new pre-paid debit card altogether. There are so many that provide your direct deposit up to two days early that you won’t be missing out.

    Btw, this isn’t a law, it’s just an new IRS procedure. Smh.

    #4178544 Reply


    Filed and accepted 1/24
    I got my DDD 2/23!

    #4178539 Reply

    Friendly Federal Employee

    Just some inside info! I have worked for many different departments IRS, veterans claims processing, & even worked in banking for 7 years! I do not work in the IRS area now, but my mother & aunt do. I also know exactly how the system works. So just some inside info. Even though Monday is a holiday they will be working! Luckily they will have the phones shut off so that they can strictly work on processing! People who do not work there may not like that but you have to understand that it allows them to do twice the amount of work & therefore get your refunds to you sooner. Normally during a busy season in an Federal department they do mandatory overtime & give u the option to work on a holiday. Everyone I worked with ALWAYS took the option to work because of the double pay for that day! You will not be able to reach them though. As far as if u received a update overnight like I did also with a direct deposit date no later than 2/23 then what happens is a series of different processes. An employee pulls normally 20 files into what they call their que at a time. They have to process those before getting more. Mind u EVERYONE has a quota & the faster u work the bigger ur bonus so believe me when I say they are not dragging their feet. They r simply doing what they r told & when. Once they finish the file they then approve it & it goes to what they call their “coach” who is actually there supervisor. They are all separated into teams & each team has a coach. The supervisor reviews it & approves it & sends it to the department to be processed for deposit or check sent out. Then same process again that employee in that department pulls 20 files & works the deposit approves it & sends it to their supervisor who reviews & does the FINAL approval & that tells the system to cut u a check or direct deposit. So then we see the update to our WMR with the date on or before 2/23. They do this because there can be many different factors including ur bank & if ur daily or weekly updater. I am weekly updater so even if mine was actually processed last Monday it would not have showed on WMR until Saturday morning because that is when ALL weekly updates show. So then it comes to when it was actually processed & completed. It is normally 4 days later when u get ur deposit (except weekly updaters) So for mine in all previous years it has always gave me a date that normally fell on a Wednesday & I normally received my $ the Monday before. I use netspend also! This year it is a Thursday because they counted the holiday probably to avoid the millions of phone calls which only makes things go slower. So depending on what bank u use & how they process ACH deposits u could still see ur refund on Monday even if it’s a holiday & they r closed. Some banks have a computer system that processes ACH deposits automatically as long as all the information is correct. Netspend I assume uses that computer system because I receive deposit all the time at midnight or anytime. Other banks receive ACH & they do not process them until they r open & there is an employee that goes in & does a release on all ACH deposits received. Most banks are like this that is why everyone uses netspend or some other prepaid cards because they receive their refunds earlier. So to sum it up I would not expect anything over the weekend. They just processed ur refund & gave u a date. Most likely the IRS will send the information Monday to the banks & netspend people could get it that day. Unfortunately other banks will receive it also & get it when they come back Tuesday after the holiday, but they will not put it in ur account until the day it says to put it in ur account that was sent to them. They hold it until then. That is why I now have my work check put in netspend. I was supposed to get paid on the 20th & I received my deposit on the 16th while my other coworkers still have not been paid because their bank will hold it. Now they will get it on the 20th because the bank has already received the ACH info & put to release it on the 20th even though it is a holiday. So the computer will automatically release it. It is just the way everything is processed on both sides. So all I can say is I am actually surprised the refunds came as soon as they did. I just did mine on February 12 & was accepted same day. So this is the fastest I have ever received my refund! I figured with the new law it would crash the system or back things up even more, but it looks like they r coming just as planned. The dates of when u filed does not matter if u fall under the path act! The 21 day rule starts on February 15th. It’s a new law that is out of the IRS’s hands & unfortunately they r catching the brunt for it. I have family that works their that gets cussed out multiple times daily over this & people need to remember they r just employees of the federal government. They r in the same boat as u! Their taxes r held up & r processed just like urs. The files are just #’s so they can’t get special treatment & ask for theirs to be pushed through. My mother filed before me & is not part of the path act & she did not get a DDD! She also can’t ask about hers before the 21 day & of course she has no access to look at her info. If only everyone knew how it all worked & the employees honestly have NO CONTROL over anything. Hope this helps some….

    #4178535 Reply


    Filed: 1/18
    (TurboTax with both EIC and ACTC)

    Accepted: 1/19

    Transcripts ordered: 1/27
    (Showed cycle 20170405 with processing date of 2/13 and codes 150, 766, 768)

    Had PATH message on WMR until 2/16, then had the “we have received your refund…” message.

    Shortly after midnight on 2/18, received a DDD of 2/23 on WMR.

    Nothing showing yet on SBTPG.

    Good luck to everyone. Hang in there!

    #4178525 Reply


    on 1/16 WMR MESSAGE CHANGED FROM PATH ACT TO YOUR REFUND IS BEING PROCESSED AND ON 1/17 WMR MESSAGE CHANGED TO DDD OF 2/22 so i called JH SERVE CARD CUSTOMER SERVICE ABOUT 230 YESTERDAY TO SEE IF I HAD A PENDING DEPOSIT AND THEY SAID THEY DIDN’T SEE ONE SO ABOUT 3’oclock (30 mins later)i checked my card and my funds were available. Good luck everyone. Oh and WMR still hasn’t updated

    #4178513 Reply


    I mean you will have a DDD of 2/24 sorry

    #4178510 Reply


    @brian and @Alexandra I believe that if you have not been updated today you will have a DDD of 2/23. I think most people who were updated yesterday got a DDD of 2/22 and todays updates got a 2/23 DDD, so it may be safe to assume tomorrow’s updates will be for DDD of 2/24.

    #4178500 Reply

    Screwed by IRS year after year

    @taxesqa15, I also requested DD, but WMR told me they would send out Feb. 24th. I did some research and found they send out large refunds via check. Don’t know if there is truth to that, but my refund was 15k. Kinda ticks me off they hold my funds to check on a measely 300 dollar ACTC and don’t really care of the fraud associated with someone intercepting a large check.

    #4178497 Reply


    I filed 2/11 was accepted on the same day, and I received an acceptance 2/18 in the middle of the night it says I’ll receive my refund by 2/23

    #4178411 Reply

    Alexandra Fierro

    I checked this morning and have filed with the eic and still nothing. I don’t think all the people on here who got ddd filed eic or CTC with their returns. Mine was accepted 2/2/17. Still no update. Still just shows as received and being processed.

    #4178400 Reply

    Becca Lee


    I filed 1/23, accepted same day, had the PATH message until the 16th, then I got the “processing” message on WMR until this morning I finally got a DDD of 2/23! My transcript said 3/6 yesterday. No deposit or pending on my bank account but I’m with a credit union and they DD a day before it’s supposed to be available so usually nothing pends it’s available right away when it hits the bank.
    I went through turbo tax and had my fees taken from my refund, but turbo tax still isn’t updated with what WMR says, it still says to check back to get an estimate DDD.

    Last year my transcript said 2/23 and I got the refund in my bank 2/8 so I’m hoping anyday now! I really need to pay my property taxes!

    #4178386 Reply


    Updated today 2/18

    Filed 2/08/17
    Accepted 2/09/17
    DDD 2/23/17

    used Taxact

    #4178382 Reply


    Filed & Accepted 1/25. EIC pather.
    DDD of 2/23.
    Hey, that’s only 30 days from filing, I can live with that.
    Just glad to have a date!

    #4178370 Reply


    Filed 02/09/17 accepted 02/09/2017 eic raising nephew. two kids in college just got married august last year husband offset for 111 bucks DDD 02/23/👋👋 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ✌

    #4178350 Reply


    Filed 2/4 claimed my nephew (also the first time I filed with a dependent) and was accepted the same day. I’ve been checking the website since 2/16 and finally today it said it was approved and with a deposit day of 2/23. I have USAA so I’m sure it’ll be there no later than 2/24. Good luck to you guys!!!!

    #4178334 Reply


    Just to share my experience..: I filed with H & R Block on Jan. 30th and it was accepted same day. I had all three of the PATH Act credits. Filed head of household. Nothing changed as far as workplace, people in household, etc. WMR hadn’t even been showing any bars the last few days. It updated today to show me a DDD of 2/23. I opted into the text update and it messages me every morning between 7-8am, and today when I got my text, it was the exact same message I’ve gotten since opting in: your refund date is close. So I never got a text update saying anything had changed, just check on a whim just now thru the website. Anyway hope that gives some of you all a glimmer of hope lol.

    #4178328 Reply


    @taxesqa15……..If you have had more than 4 years of direct deposit with the same bank account or prepaid card, the fed may not deposit any more refunds into that account. I believe that was a law passed a few years back. I was told that by a CPA, but not too sure really how true it is. Hope it helps.

    #4178316 Reply


    Am I the only one who’s status didn’t update? I had the path message, now its saying “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” ANYONE ELSE STATUS DIDN’T UPDATE?? I’m SUPER stressed!!

    #4178276 Reply


    Ugh!!! Still nothing.

    #4178267 Reply

    Unicorns & Nomes

    Do you think they’ll refunds will still deposit even though it’s a Saturday? If anyone SEES their deposits (either hit or as pending) – COULD YOU KINDLY POST AN UPDATE?

    I’m a netspend user (first time) is that with a direct deposit date of the 22nd, some people are seeing it on their card now???

    Thanks all!

    #4178207 Reply


    updated this morning…
    file and accepted 1/26
    EIC & ACTC
    cylce code 20170505
    processing date 2/20
    ddd 2/23

    #4178187 Reply


    Filed 1/28 Qualifying Widow with a dependent child
    Accepted 1/30
    DDD updated yesterday for 2/22
    Nothing showing up at my bank. I called. Hopefully soon. I always use my refund to catch up whatever I’ve gotten behind on throughout the year, because it’s extremely hard for one person with one income to continue to keep up a two income household on their own.

    I decided I’m not allowing the government to hold my money anymore. Changed withholding at work. I might be sorry next year but I won’t I to deal with the stress of needing money that I can get because of this ridiculous law. Anyone with a DDD receive their deposit early?

    #4178144 Reply


    I woke up with a ddd of 2/23 yaay!

    I filed with Taxact fees paid up front and I have WellsFargo bank.

    #4178140 Reply


    Filed 1/22 accepted 1/23 Path message on 1/28 ordered both trans on 1/27 woke up to ddd 2/23!!! 🙏🏾 the Lord is so good! He comes right on time!!

    #4178122 Reply


    Mine updated to the 23rd as well. I Dr the bluebird amex but I goofed and had tt take feed out of my return so I hope I will get it by then tt not showing any update and nothing at that Santa Barbara bank either

    #4178117 Reply


    I filed 1/23 accepted same day using tax act
    My ny state refund deposited wed
    Was told I have to verify and would receive a letter by an IRS rep yesterday.
    Woke up today wmr stared approved ddd 2/23/17

    #4178101 Reply


    Filed 2/14/17
    Accepted 2/14/17
    DDD 2/23/17

    I Love It!!!!

    #4178089 Reply


    Finally WMR updated after 2am to ddd 2/23. Filed and accepted 1/28 with TaxAct. Nothing as far as fees showing paid with Republic Bank and no pending deposits in my bank account. Probably won’t see it early unfortunately but at least i finally have a ddd!

    #4178081 Reply


    I got the official update for DD of 2/23. I filed married, filling jointly with two kids on 1/20. Officially accepted on 1/23. I am really hoping to see the money today. Anyone with me? Please update if you get your money today and add your official deposit date. Looking for a little more hope. I know it’s great to get an official date, but I really have a couple bills to pay before that date or I’m in some serious trouble.

    #4178073 Reply


    This is some real bull shit rite here.
    File 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Path message 1/28
    Ordered transcripts 1/31
    Processing. ..02/13/17
    Call IRS 2/17 to see if there was anything wrong….Nothing Wrong…..
    I have one child biological child i been claiming for the last 15yrs.
    As of now still processing…

    #4178069 Reply


    Filed 1/17
    Accepted 1/18
    Path message about 2/1
    Called IRS yesterday got a DDD of 2/23
    WMR updated with DDD of 2/23 this morning.
    Now just waiting on SBTPG to update and send my money.
    So far no pending deposits and no updates on SBTPG.

    #4178067 Reply

    Em B

    Finally got DDD 2/23 this morning. I’m hoping since it’s going on a prepaid card it won’t be affected by the holiday Monday.

    #4178058 Reply

    Nicole A

    Finally updated this morning!After long waiting and path crap, woke up to DDD 2/23!!! Hoping we get our deposits sooner! please update here if any 2/23’ers get their money sooner!

    #4178032 Reply


    Finally updated
    Filed 1/24
    DDD 2/23

    #4178025 Reply


    Filed February 2nd, WMR gave DDD of 2/22 but it was in my bank account yesterday 2/17 @ around 3:00…pleasantly surprised it came early! Good luck to all =)

    #4178005 Reply

    Mrs. Robinson

    I filed 2/6 with turbo tax 1 W-2 and two dependents. I was accepted on the same day and state was accepted the following. I checked WMR within two days and on 2-8 it said return accepted and tax topic 152. I got my state within 8 days and this morning got a WMR update and a DDD of 2-23-17. I never called the IRS I simply kept up with most of you guys for my updates and found out today a lot of folks would be updated and I was one of those people. Good luck to everyone as this has been a rotten season and FYI new tax laws for next season as Head of Household will no longer be a filing status😡 As we move forward we can only remain patient in the process while Uncle Sam keeps us guessing which is BS!!! Til next season everyone have a wonderful year and don’t spend it all in one place if you can create a savings and save a little cause hard times are on the horizon🙂

    #4177974 Reply


    Yay!! I didn’t check yesterday and trust me it KILLED me not to LOL I checked just now and I got my DDD as 2/22/17!!!
    File date 1/28/17 same accepted date.. EITC.. had path act note as well..

    #4177972 Reply


    Filed 1/4
    Accepted 1/13
    PATH update 2/3 (all credits) MFJ
    Generic Msg 2/16
    DDD 2/18 for 2/23

    Good Luck Everyone!

    #4177966 Reply


    Anybody else WMR didn’t update??

    #4177961 Reply


    at 1:10am this morning in Hawaii DDD updated as “by February 23rd” Filed 01/17 accepted 01/18

    #4177947 Reply


    Did of 2-10 here also accepted on 1-28 with the EIC

    #4177920 Reply


    woke up to the below message- can they change me from a DD to a paper check? has anyone else seen this?
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be mailed by February 27, 2017. If you do not receive the refund by March 27, 2017, please contact us again. We are unable to take any action until then.

    #4177912 Reply


    Thank GOD!

    Got my DDD this morning just as promised!
    Filed and Accepted 1/27

    DDD 2/23

    Nothing pending with my credit union but at least there is no more uncertainty :)

    Have a great weekend everyone and we will talk again next year, no doubt lol

    #4177905 Reply


    Accepted 1/23 (filed with TT, both credits)
    Path Act 2/4
    Order both transcripts thru mail 2/6
    Changed to processing message 2/16
    Order account transcript online 846 code with 3/6/2017 date 2/17
    WMR changed to two bars 2/18
    DDD of 2/23/2017

    I hope this helps some people!! It’s coming soon I promise!!!

    #4177890 Reply


    Good morning. WMR updated as promised and I now have a DDD of 2/23/2017. Hope everyone is getting awesome news today!!!0

    #4177825 Reply


    OMG, I can finally get some rest, got my DDD 2/23…Yassss Good luck everyone!

    #4177805 Reply


    Mine still says a DDD by 2/22/17. Could it come early with out them update the site?And does it matter if its going to my hubby’s walmart payroll card.

    #4177800 Reply


    Filed on 1/22 with TaxCut with fees taken out by Republic Bank. Woke up to this message. Nothing at Republic Bank yet, maybe Tuesday….

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 23, 2017.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 28, 2017, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    #4177797 Reply


    Prayers answered: Update! Filed 1/13, Got accepted 1/17, WMR Message was that it was being processed 1 Bar showing, on 2/2 Got WMR PATH Message 2/15 Got taken down then WMR went back to processing, no bars! So 2/17 I called the Irs and was like whats going on with my refund? I was told that my refund had just been processed on 2/13 and that there were no problems with it, that my refunds were being held up by the PATH ACT, and the I was one of millions americans affected, she went on to tell me that whatever dates, they are throwing out there is when I shold be recieving it, she lightly sugessted the 2/23, then back to if I didnt recieve anything by the 27th call them.. I hung up. So this morning I CHECKED WMR FOR THE MASS UPDATE second bar REFUND APPROVED not sent yet…AND GOT THE DEPOSIT DUE DATE OF 2/23! So still waiting but, more hope for my fellow PATHERS.. I FILED EITC and ACTC! MY prayers are with you all! God Bless You!

    #4177777 Reply


    Got my update dd date feb 23rd

    #4177768 Reply

    Gayle Rader

    I filed 02/10/17 with both credits. On 02/17 the where’s my refund site stated my direct deposit date would be 02/22/17. I checked my American Express Serve card today just in case and it says my refund was posted on 02/16/17 and is available now.

    #4177753 Reply

    john jones

    Accepted 2/5, finally DD of 2/23, in KY, EIC, ACTC,Educators credit, self employed

    #4177747 Reply


    I filed 1/27 and got ddd 2/23. I have fees with sbbt and netspend I will post again once I see it on my card.

    #4177727 Reply


    Filed and approved on January 27 ddd this morning for February 23

    #4177714 Reply


    Checked at 4a and it was said being processed, child at 530a and finally have a DDD of the 23rd. Waiting on state now. Happy nevertheless and at ease. Hope all works out for everyone

    #4177697 Reply



    If you have your tax return fees come out your refund it has to be processed by a third party bank like Santa Barbara which could delay it by a day or so but you should still have it by atleast by next friday.

    #4177694 Reply



    Thats the “Sit & Wait” notice. It means your return got pulled for further review. So all you do now is sit and wait and hope you dont get audited. If you dont receive any further notices from them then your return will continue to be processed. The thing is it could take 2 weeks or 2 months. Just call them once or twice a week until you get an answer and watch your mailbox.

    #4177691 Reply


    @relly yes I will have a refund left but my questions is will I still get my refund deposit on the 23rd? Will it go into my adp card on the 23rd even with support offset coming out ?

    #4177687 Reply

    Lauren McNorton

    Ive been updating other threads but i have both credits and filed and accepted 1/26 got my DDD online with wmr for 1/23

    #4177675 Reply


    @ D — what do u mean deposits like those for the 22nd? Can you please verify?

    #4177653 Reply


    GOD IS GOOD. ALL THE TIME , I GOT MY UPDATE 🙋🙋🙋🙏🙏🙏💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃😆😆😆

    #4177640 Reply


    Filed 01/12 with both credits (EIC and ACTC) Received a letter (4464C) at the end of January. Called the IRS last week and was given the generic “If you don’t hear anything for 60 days, call back”. I’ve been able to order both my transcripts (received one yesterday w/ no codes or anything). I have the generic “your return has been received and it’s being processed”. I’ve had the PATH message and now it’s just the received one. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? I did my taxes and my mom’s and we both have the same thing. SO frustrated.

    #4177631 Reply



    If you see 2 bars on WMR, then your refund is approved.

    After all of your offsets are deducted (fed state tax debts, student loans, child support payments, tax return fees, etc) whatever is left will go to the bank account or debit card you choose for direct deposit. Hopefully you have something left after that child support offset.

    #4177622 Reply


    Mine finally updated for the 23rd!! I wonder if we will see any deposits today like they did for the people on the 22nd date?

    #4177620 Reply


    I just checked wmr and I have a DDD of 2/23

    #4177618 Reply


    I meant DDD is 2/23. My bad.

    #4177615 Reply


    WMR 2 bars are back!!! DDD is 1/23. Filed on 1/30. Most of us should have our deposits by then depending on your bank.

    Pay your rent, pay your bills and put the rest away if theres anything left…

    #4177601 Reply


    WMR 2nd Bar Approved

    File TT 2/2
    Accepted 2/2

    “Ddd 2/23”

    Hopefully everyone gets their update and the stress is over! Good Luck!

    #4177598 Reply


    DDD 02/23..wmr updated…they took $80 but o well just give me the money…haha

    #4177584 Reply


    Wmr just updated!!!!! Finally got a did of 2/23

    #4177580 Reply


    Where’s my refund up as of 3 am it has changed from procussing message to direct deposit on 2/23. Hang in there God here’s you

    #4177570 Reply


    Someone please help me understand please! I’m approved and accepted thru wmr and IRS2Go but I owe child support so once that comes out there fiscal service told me my find would be realesed the 23rd as the wmr says does this mean it will go directly to my prepaid adp card ??? That day??? I also filed they turbo at with the taking their fees from refund so whe will I see my actual find in my prepaid account card or ado card????

    #4177565 Reply



    Filed 2/6/17
    Ddd updated today 2/23/17

    #4177563 Reply


    Someone please help me understand please! I’m approved and accepted thru wmr and IRS2Go but I owe child support so once that comes out there fiscal service told me my find would be realesed the 23rd as the wmr says does this mean it will go directly to my prepaid adp card ??? That day???

    #4177559 Reply


    Finally!! Do 1/27 and just got a ddd of 2/23!!! I’m so excited!!

    #4177551 Reply


    Just got a DDD of 2/23. Filed 2/2 using turbo tax. Using my prepaid payroll card. So excited

    #4177546 Reply


    Accepted 1/13 dd date 2/23!!!

    #4177544 Reply


    WMR: Finally updated 2 bars and deposit date of 2/23/2017.

    #4177542 Reply

    Debra Gutierrez

    Hi everyone, just checked WMR i says I should have a DD by the 23. I’m in CA.
    Cycle code 20170405
    Both credits
    Filed with hrb
    Hope everyone else gets updated as well

    #4177537 Reply


    Boom!!! WMR updated to feb 23rd DDD fees being taken out files with TT

    #4177532 Reply


    Someone just mentioned that the WMR app was down. It was for a few minutes and now it’s back up. It verifies what I was told today when I called the IRS.

    2 Bars:
    Return received
    Refund approved
    DDD of 2/23/17

    For those who received a 2/23 or earlier date but have seen no action on WMR, you may have been updated in this batch that just went through a few minutes ago. Check it out and be a little less stressed. Good luck!

    #4177530 Reply


    Just an update:
    WMR just updated for me showing DDD of 2/23!
    Best of luck to everyone who is still waiting!
    See you next year!

    #4177520 Reply


    Wait so I just got on the irs 2 go app and it tells me my refund will be sent to my bank on the 23rd but I owe child support thru the fiscal service and when on phone with them today they told me they woudkctake there fund as well then I would get my refund I’m confused why is the IRS to go app not showing this deduction? With it still come out??

    #4177515 Reply


    Ok so I talked to IRS and the treasury department today I owe and offset for two different tax years IRS told me my amount after what hey took but then I wow a mnother fee thru the fiscal service then called them they told me once those fund come out my refund is set to be deposited 23rd I filed 1/16 accepted 1/26 eic and as the does this mean my funds will be in bank on the 23rd? Or wait longer ? I did use turbo tax for paying my fees with refund ??? Please help me to understand , thank you !

    #4177512 Reply


    WMR unavailable,maybe the big update is happening!! Lol

    #4177506 Reply


    01/27/2017 Filed tax return
    01/27/2017 Accepted
    01/27/2017 Path Act message
    02/05/2017 Able to order transcripts
    02/10/2017 Recieve transcripts
    02/15/2017 Path act message disappears
    02/17/2017 Recieve auditing notice asking information on my son

    New tax return audits are slowing all of us down. Check your mailboxes for the audits

    #4177504 Reply


    Us bank is open on Monday.. i was wondering if we have a DDD for 2/23, is it possible the banks that are open will release the funds???

    #4177501 Reply


    Hmmmm…. Yes, most banks (including the Federal Reserve) are closed Monday, Feb 20th. The IRS mentioned it in their press releases.

    #4177494 Reply


    Monday is a Holiday yes. But the banks are open…

    #4177486 Reply


    I had to mail my return because I lost my ip pin … mailed my return out on 1/23 … wmr didn’t show anything until 2/6 saying its processing…I do have both credits…called irs several times and they said because my return didn’t have a ip pin it had to go up for another review…lost bar on 2/9 or 2/10…still have no bar just says they’ve received it and its still processing…can’t order either transcript…im not upset just posting my situation just in case anyone has a similar situation…irs stated it would be an additional 6-8 weeks for the review but i’ll give it 2 weeks because it was suppose to take 4-6 to even begin processing but only took 2….oh this is my first time mailing my return in

    #4177429 Reply



    Are you blind, dumb or stupid which one? My name is right there in your face and you still managed to misspell it…

    I’m an IT Consultant so what business are you referring to? My post was an excerpt from a description of a FREE Turbo Tax product, available to anyone. I understand your frustration because you just found out that you PAID someone dumber than you to file your return.

    #4177415 Reply


    Im in California checked @9 no update yet.

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