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    Hi, I had a question. I’ve tried here to summarize but details are details. I apologize for the length. Bear with me. I have seen a few people make similar inquiries on the forums here, but not every tax situation is the same. So…here we go.
    Filed: 01/27
    Accepted: 01/27
    Processed (per IRS Transcript): 02/20
    Cycle Code: 20170505
    Claimed: EIC and CTC, no changes from former years of filing.
    Filed through: H&R Block, NO FEES

    Added NOTE: Last year (March 2016) husband completed an Offer in Compromise (OIC) his back taxes. An 18-month process to get completed. This would be the first refund since this occurred, have everything in writing that it was completed last year. Based on this agreement, every year (for 5 yrs) he must touch base with them that he has filed for that year. So, there will be a minor hold, until he touches base with them. NO letters would be issued in this process, meaning to let us know there was a hold up…you simply keep an eye on your refund/status.
    2/17- Message went from PATH message to processing…no bars.

    2/21- “Take Action” error message popped up that we need to call them. My husband knew right away what it was about. We needed to contact their OIC department (offer in compromise). Back taxes were settled out last year (took a year and a half to get done), now taxes for the next five years are on probationary period to ensure they are filed on time, as per the agreement. My husband must touch base every year we file for five years.

    2/21- Husband spoke to an OIC agent and she said she would lift block, give green flag to release funds…DDD should be soon. We were told to give it a WEEK to reflect in IRS system. OK.

    Well a week goes by, nothing, no WMR updates nor mail.
    ***We stay on top of it because it’s the IRS. Enough said. ***

    2/28, We call again, new agent (same OIC department), nothing had been done by former agent we spoke to on 2/21. There were notations we called but the agent did nothing to correct the hold up. New OIC agent was on it, cleared the block, even called us back to verify it was done same day. Excellent. She tells us it could take up to TWO WEEKS to get a DDD and to keep an eye on WMR. OK.

    3/6- We follow up with regular number IRS, to ensure the release happened as indicated by last OIC 2/28 agent (just in case). It was done by OIC agent, looks good. Regular IRS agent says we should have DDD within TWO TO THREE WEEKS…three weeks…okay.

    3/9- We could pull account and return transcripts on website. It was complete on both, but a mess.

    Projected Refund Date is indicated as 04/15/2017 (generalized dates due to system)
    Per the IRS: Return was filed on 2/20, Provides Cycle Date: 20170505
    Additional transaction codes of 806, 766, 768- reflecting on the return are for– 4/15/2017. OK.
    The last transaction is the following:
    Code 290-Additional Tax assessed (with a long code) then the date of 03/20/2017—no amount is shown. (0.00)
    New cycle date being provided here of — 20170905.

    3/14- No updates to WMR, nor the transcripts.

    3/15- We call regular IRS to verify the status, verify the block/hold from OIC is indeed removed. After 45 minutes with an IRS agent on hold, we are told NO the OIC hold was NOT removed. Referred to OIC dept, once again. We must wait until OIC is opened again,
    3/16, too late to call.

    Side Note: We asked regular IRS agent about transcript code of 290, and why it was for 3/20. Is it a system generated code or is it under a review? She never responded to our question and purely referred us back to OIC.

    3/16- Call first thing in morning, OIC agent verifies that block/hold was removed, doesn’t understand why the return refund hasn’t been processed. Per Third OIC agent, she decides to re-remove the hold (just in case). System should process and send refund in ANOTHER TWO WEEKS.

    3/21- Check transcripts *account and return*, no changes to it despite the 290 code with the date of 3/20 for additional taxes assessed. No updates yet. May need to wait another two weeks for anything…

    Has anyone here dealt with OIC (Offer in Compromise) department?

    We don’t understand what to do here, Tax Advocate indicated we needed a worse situation for them to take us on for hardship reasons. We just want someone to tell us the truth, not a run around…at this point…all we can do is stay on top of it or just pay a bunch of fees to a tax attorney to harass IRS for us.

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