NYS return for anyone??

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    Tomorrow will be two weeks since I’ve filed. I got an email from HR Block that said my return was accepted. Continue to check the NYS refund site and it still says it’s processing. Anyone get a refund or even an update for NYS yet??

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    I files on 1/25 and accepted on 1/28. Been sitting with the message may require further review for over a week now. No letter. My sister files on 1/31 not sure of acceptance and she has DDD of 1/17.



    I filed federal and NYS on 1/24. No EIC or ACA. Married jointly, dependents, standard deduction.

    Received federal on 2/1

    Checked NYS just now and FINALLY, there’s a DDD: 2/21.

    Just under a MONTH. Whoa.


    Ms. Jazzyface

    I filed my nys return on January 31, accepted February 1. My status says I’ll be receiving my refund on February 16.



    Filled the 29th. Got accepted on the 30th. Ddd for the 15th but received it yesterday around 1pm via netspend.



    I actually wrote mine in another forum. It says mine is coming the 17th


    Tiffany Shuler

    I got a date for feb 22nd and I have the PATH message on my federal.. so most likely I should be getting my federal soon



    Nothing. At least yours says processing. Mine says it’s been received and may require further review. Not that it does, it may. What is that!



    I filed about 2 weeks ago too and mine is also still processing. No refund yet.


    Josiah Nelson

    I got mine this morning.
    filed 1/25
    accepted 1/28

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

The forum ‘2017 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.