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    Share your experience with filing your Mississippi Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    3rd yr early

    Me either. But looking over my past returns I never get a deposit before mid to late February.

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    I still haven’t been accepted

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    Sam C

    I eFiled through TurboTax on February 12… so almost 9 months ago now. It shows everything “Accepted” and I got my federal refund in the usual time frame. I found myself going through the “where’s my refund” tracker on the MS DOR website over and over from then until the 90 day mark and beyond Eventually I kind of wrote it off and figure I’d get the refund eventually or not but whatever. (Basically, I’d have a happy $600 surprise if it ever did come in, but I didn’t have time to fool with it anymore. I figure the state is counting on a lot of people not wanting to jump through hoops to get in touch with anyone at the DOR.) Finally had some time today to really sit down with all my ducks in a row and chew some people out… called 601-923-9089 (found the number on this thread) and almost immediately go through to someone. I told her it had been nearly 9 months since I filed and I needed to get my refund NOW. She asked for my social and put me on hold for less than a minute. Then, she came back on and said to allow 7-10 days for the refund to post to my account. I was shocked… I asked if it would be direct deposited still into the originally specified account, and she said it would. We shall see… are they really just holding money until they get a call?!? WORST. STATE. EVER.

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    L Carlisle

    I sent in electronically our state taxes January 25, 2015, and as of July 12, 2015, we have still not received our refund. All calls to the state are the stupid electronic voice, and just state our return is under review. What’s up with this?

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    I sent my return in the first week of February. We had to mail it in along with copies of my federal return, because we file multiple states, and there is some rule about that, not sure, my accountant tells me. We sent the full federal return, all the w-2’s, etc. We do not live in MS, just one of the contract companies is based out of MS, so it wasn’t much income, small refund owed of $265. I called today and was told they needed a copy of the w-2 for the MS company……… even though we went that to them. This was NOT an electronic filing. So I sent it via email anyway and was told it was attached to the account now. So it’s been sitting there for FIVE months? They needed a w-2 that was already sent to them? For a small refund? This is ridiculous.

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    Has anyone received their refund for 2014 or are they still waiting? I called all the numbers – still under review – filed on the 6 of Feb!! Any ideas?

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    Albert Jahns


    Does anyone else still not have their 2014 return as of MAY 16 2015? I’ve actually talked to people at the revenue dept that have told me that I was correct in my assertion that the state was jerking us around just to hold onto our dollars. You can’t make them do anything, so I suggest stop pre-paying your taxes, if you’re close enough to Louisiana (or any bordering state) buy your gas and alcohol and tobacco there. High schoolers and college students, learn early. You don’t want the state of Mississippi to have anything to do with your money- need proof, just read this board.

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    Barbara 2014

    I filed my sons and it is still saying that it is being reviewed. This is the 1st year that it has not come in right behind the federal refund. What’s up?

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    Leigh R.

    I filed my return and it was accepted on 2/2/14. I was entitled to a $5300 refund. When I called to check on the status a couple of weeks after it was accepted, the system kept saying it was being reviewed. 90 days later, I got a letter saying they needed more information. I sent them receipts, cancelled checks, travel logs, expense trackers, etc. They were overnighted. Now, 200 days after initial acceptance, I call to check on the status of my refund. It said that my return has finished processing and no refund is due. I then call to talk to a person. They informed me that not only do I not get my large refund but I now owe them almost $4000. The lady who was reviewing said that she did not accept any of my deductions even though they had receipts to back up each and every one. I am so angry at this point. Do any of you know of any lawyers or anything I can do about this? When I told the lady I was getting a lawyer, she told me “The State of Mississippi is sovereign.” This is ridiculous.

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    Filed my return in late February. Finally was able to speak with someone at 601-923-7089 about 3 weeks ago. The nice lady said it was in process and they needed to verify my husband’s income with his employer. She asked for a phone number which I provided…..still nothing. No one has called to verify anything. This is ridiculous.

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    phyllis wilson

    My refund was e-filed on march 8th. Still processing. Come on it’s not that big of a refund but it is MINE and I want it. This absolutely ridiculous.

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    Mailed my return in mid-March. Almost five months later I have not received my refund. I have called the automated line at least 20 times and it always says the return “has not processed” and “no other information is available.” What does this mean? Anyone else having this issue?

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    C Clark

    oh dear God! I just called the number, pressed “0” and it told me that all representatives are busy at this time….it doesn’t give you an option to hold, it tells you to call back later or go to the website and it disconnects you!!!

    i am totally convinced it is some sort of scam, this is outrageous!

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    C Clark

    At least I see that I am not alone.

    I filed my return in February as well and my status continues to say “received, under review” i tried to call today to speak to a human and i was routed back to the automated line.

    i am going to try the number posted above and press “0” to see if I get some movement. this is beyond ridiculous!

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    Defiled in February, and it was accepted, but never showed on the MS site. I called and they said it was under review for 90 days, so more than 4 months later, I called again and the woman finally says they’ve finished reviewing and I should get it in the next week or two. I’ll believe it when I see it. Now the website says its under review instead of not there at all. I filed almost 5 months ago. Absurd.

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    Cindy 2014

    I filed my return through H&R Block in early March. The MS web site showed my claim has been ‘under review’ for over 90 days. I just called 601-923-7089 and hit 0. It took a very nice lady 30 minutes to research and tell me that my large refund still being reviewed.

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    I filed on Feb 2 Accepted,I called the number and was told that its under review,Then called back a few days ago and told they are waiting on info from my employer,asked if I could help they said no just waiting to hear back from employer,I think its all a scam on the part of Mississippi we need to vote theses people out of power thats the only control we have,This is an abuse of power to the extreme.

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    Irritated Coast Gal

    I efiled in April for a DD; my refund is still “being processed”. I have tried the numbers posted here to check the status, get nothing but an automated bunch of horse manure. Like the majority of you on this thread, I am getting pretty frustrated. Any other suggestions?

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    Renee Cooper

    WOOHOO! Ok people, I called 601-923-7089, computer gives you a list of options, choose 0. This first time I chose 0 it rang and rang. I called back and chose 0 and a nice lady answered. I told her I had efiled with Tax Act the first of Feb. 2014 and it still says processing. She asked for my social, I heard her keying for a few, then she came back on and said all looked find and that I should get my refund shortly. OMGOSH! I wish I had know about this “glitch” that Tax Act has had all along. But all is good now. Hopefully I will see my refund in my account soon. Have a great day and good luck.

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    Renee COoper

    April, what number did you call to get someone to hit that button. I did mine thru Taxact, it was accepted on Feb. 6, 2014 and all it says is processing. Its been over 4 months now. I don’t get it!!!

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    My refund was accepted back in January and is STILL being processed! That is our great state at work. Do everything electronically to cut down on paperwork and it takes 10x longer…. Gimme a break!

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    Finally some change in status
    Let’s see, I filed in the beginning of Feb.

    Your refund was processed on 6/12/2014. Please allow at least 2 weeks to receive a paper refund check, or 7 to 10 days to receive your refund by direct deposit. If after that time you haven’t received your check or direct deposit, please wait an additional 30 days. After that time, write and request a tracer for the refund. Include your name, social security number, correct address, tax year of the return and your signature.
    Mail to:

    Mississippi Department of Revenue
    P.O. Box 1033
    Jackson, MS 39215-1033

    Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for processing the tracer request.

    So I have to wait 7-10 days for direct deposit which sounds ridiculous then if it doesn’t come I have to wait another 30 days before I can file a tracer request and then have to wait 8-10 weeks for that to happen.
    They sure make it hard for you to receive YOUR money.

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    Virginia F. McMullen

    checking the status of my income tax…you all accepted the last of January.

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    Does anyone know if there is a way to report these people. By these people, I mean The Department of Revenue. I’ve been waiting two and a half months on my taxes and still don’t have them. Called this past Friday and the lady I spoke with sent an email to the proper department to tell them to begin processing my taxes. I checked the status today and it’s still saying that it’s being reviewed. No one should have to send the next department an e-mail to tell them to do their job. And how long does it take to review someone’s taxes?!! It definitely shouldn’t takes as long as their making it take. If the federal government can get your return back to you in two weeks or less, why does it take MS months and months to do it. The federal government has more returns to get out than MS. I’m convinced that these people aren’t doing anything at work or are unorganized. Idk but I’m pissed off and I want my money. I would like to know where/how to report or place a complaint on them.

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    This is getting ridiculous mine was accepted on 2/5 still haven’t received.. Said it processed on 5/23 and now I checked again today and it now says it processed on 5/29. How can it reprocess ?!?! Mississippi is just jerking us around playing with our money. I’m so glad I moved so I never have to deal with this ridiculous state tax again . Next week it will probably say it processed for a third time on a third different date.

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    Here’s what happens if you are 1 day late…. they charge you 100.00 minimum. My son was 1 day late b/c he was sure he’d get a refund – always has – so if you are late and get a refund they don’t care but if you are late and you OWE??? well, we found out he owed 5 bucks… yep 5 bucks… his penalty was 50 cents PLUS 100.00 b/c you are not allowed to send them less than 100 bucks. So – for owing 5 bucks bc THEIR calculations were wrong on his w/holding. He’s a single 20 yr old kid – if there’s not enough w/holding that is THEIR BAD. So he had to write them a 105.50 check. They make me so mad. But, we can wait 90 to 180 days for our money. sure… go ahead and earn that interest.

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    I am still waiting on my refund as well as 2 friends which 1 of them filed back in Jan!

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    Mz jd

    Well still waiting accepted end of January sent in all required documents and still have to wait up to another 90 days!!!!! The rep said yes ma’am they just said will complete within 90 days of date paperwork received.

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    I am beyond pissed. the first time I called I was told my return went into review feb 4 and to call back in 2 weeks if I didn’t have my refund. 2 weeks passed so I called back. the rep told me I should have been got my refund because they posted it feb 4 but they didn’t send it out. told me if I didnt get it within 1 week to call back. called back last Thursday may 8, and was told it was in review and to call back if I had not seen it in one week. this is the shocker, I called back today and was told it was pulled for random review and guess what? MY REVIEW HAS NOT EVEN STARTED YET. Basically ny refund has been sitting up untouched since Feb 4. I couldn’t do anything but cry. this hurts to be lied to and jerked around.

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    This is dumb

    The state has the money to pay you back. They hold all this money in high interest accounts for as long as they can to make more money at your expense.

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    Update 05/13/2014. Final update.

    I called the DOR one week ago and spoke to someone on the phone. I explained that it was getting close to 90 days and I still hadn’t received my refund. The lady on the phone had me on hold (but I could still hear her typing) for about 10 minutes, and then came back on and said that she’d done something and that my refund had completed review and would be available in 10-14 business days. (Funny how their “hands are tied” and they “can’t do anything” until they have to meet the 90 day requirement, anyways.)

    So I checked again on the DOR website on 05/12 and saw that it still said that my refund was being reviewed. I was beyond pissed off at this point, as it had already been 5 days since I was told that it was completed. I called into the DOR and the lady on the phone told me that my refund **HAD NOT** completed review, and to call back in 2 weeks. So I’m furious by this point because they have apparently lied to me, and it’s officially been 90 days since I submitted the return. I sent an email with a few choice words, demanding that they let me speak to a supervisor because I was not going to tolerate being lied to and given the run around. The next day (today, 05/13) I checked the website and it says that my return has been processed on 05/12 and will be deposited into 7-10 days.

    Summary: I submitted on 02/12, and it completed review on 05/12. Exactly 90 days later. Which is what I’ve been saying all along, they just want to hang on to our money for as long as they can until they’re forced to give it to you. Get prepared to wait the full 90 days to receive your return, especially if it’s a larger return.

    Hopefully all of this information has helped someone. Take care!

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    William Childress

    Where is my state refund it said 90 days it has been 97 days please respond need our money.received February 5.2014 is in review if there was a mistake I can help

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    They told you 90 BUSINESS days? Oh hell no. It states to “allow 90 days” on their website, not “allow 90 business days”. If they try to give me that bullshit, I’m gonna raise some hell. I’d like to see how long it took one of our asses to get into trouble if on April 15 (tax day), we told the state of MS to give us 90 business days to pay them. This lopsided possession of power is ridiculous, there’s literally no consequences on them, they have all the power concerning our refunds and they know it.

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    Nikki, they accepted on 2/5 and they sent your refund through on 04/29. On 05/05/2014 (less than a week from now) they would’ve hit the 90 day time limit that they have to complete your review. I’m convinced Mississippi just wants to hang onto the money for as long as they possibly can, the state is dirt poor. They just give you the run around over at the DOR until the 90 days approaches, then they’re forced to pay you. I filed on 02/12, meaning 05/12 will be at the 90 day mark. I bet you my return goes through by next week, proving my theory on why it’s taking so long. Figures someone has to force them to give you your money, they never would otherwise.

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    Mine was accepted on 2/5 like so many others I’ve just skimmed through!! Was this just the random day they chose to review everybody?

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    I’ve been waiting over a month for my return. When I sent a message on the online contact form, the response was:

    You did not include your SS number in the message. The refund line number is 601-923-7801.

    First of all, why the heck would I write my SS number in an e-mail?!!!!!!!!!! Secondly, the automated system isn’t telling me any more information than the website tracker is tell me!!!!!!!!!!! I went back to college full-time in January so I’m not working. I need my refund and their playing with my money!!

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    Update 04/23/2014: I emailed the MS Department of Revenue at the link on their website, explaining that it’d been over 2 months since I filed my return and that it was still under review, asked them how much longer the review process would take. I got a response about 3 days later saying that my return was taking a long time to process, and to call (601)923-7089 to speak with someone.

    Called and spoke with Sharon at the MS DOR and she told me that she wasn’t sure why the process was taking so long, but told me that she sent an email to someone within the DOR to review my return. She told me that this would get my return reviewed ASAP and that I should be hearing something or having my refund processed very soon.

    Just thought I’d put this on here in case it helps anyone. Just as a side note, I’m pretty sure she only did this for me because it had been over 8 weeks since I filed. When I called the previous week, I was just told to call back next week. Almost as if the lady knew that they wouldn’t do anything until it had been 8 weeks or longer. I’ll let you all know when I receive my refund.

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    After months of waiting finally getting refund thanks to the info you have reported here. Phone call works.

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    Accepted on 2/5. Have been processing/in review ever since. Called 601-923-7089 and talked to a representative. Was told my return was stuck in the review process but he wasn’t sure why. I asked if he could find out what was going on and was given the response his hands were tied until the 90th day. Was also told the 90 days were business days and they have until 6/11 to be within that 90 day time frame. Maybe I’ll have it by the 4th of July. I’m not hopeful at this point.

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    I just called the automated line, too. It stated that mine was processed on 4/15. Not sure why it took 2 months to process.

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    Just an update, I filed with turbo tax, 1/29 federal accepted on 1/31. Mississippi accepted 2/5. Federal direct deposited with 2 weeks. Mississippi web site said not received…..for months. I kept calling the automated number, and no record. I finally called the direct number and of course it was being reviewed.. on 4/11 i called 601-923 7089. pressed 0. She said it was being processed it shouldn’t be too much longer. Today I checked the website and all of a sudden its been processed. should have my dd 7 -10 days. Hope this helps someone.

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    This is some BS. I filed through H&R Block on 02/12 and STILL haven’t received my MS tax refund. My federal refund was direct deposited within about 2 weeks, but nothing from MS! Getting the same crap as the rest of the people on here about my return being “reviewed”. How long does it take to review the damn thing? I paid X amount of dollars in state tax, you owe me X amount of money. It’s not a multiple day procedure, I can’t even imagine it taking more than 5-10 minutes to “review”. So obviously by “review” they mean it’s sitting in a box with a bunch of other tax returns until they get to it.

    They have absolutely no problem collecting the tax money from you, and they demand that you pay it to them immediately. But when it comes time for them to return some of your money, they take as long as they want. There really needs to be some sort of regulations placed on states to force them to complete processing within X number of days. I agree with Tracy that the reason for this is because the state of Mississippi is poor as hell and wants to hang onto your money for as long as possible.

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    I had filed with taxact and it said that my taxes were accepted 2/5/14, so I have been checking periodically on the status and had received the same message every time. On 4/4/14 when trying to sign on to TAP I must have typed in the wrong information so it locked me out and it gave me a number to call to talk to someone to unlock me. While on the phone with the lady I asked her if she could tell me why has it taken so long and she gave me the same old spill about you have been selected for review, blah blah blah it may take up to 90 days to process. Well later on that day I called the automated number and it says your refund was processed on 4/4 please allow 4-8 weeks for a check and 7-10 days for direct deposit. Today, 4/10 I received a text message that says your state refund has been sent to your account and should be available within 1-5 days. So I’m not sure if it was because I called or it was a coincidence that it happened to be processed the same day I called.

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    I e-filed my taxes via TaxAct and it shows them being received on 02/05/14. Ever since that date I’ve been receiving the same message that my taxes are being processed/reviewed. I have sent an email via the Mississippi website contact form and received a “canned” response about the 90 days. Could my return be one of the TaxAct glitches? If so what number do I need to call and what information will I need? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Ok guys I have answers! I finally got someone on the phone at the State DOR to help me. Apparently, if you efiled with TaxAct this year, there is a glitch in the system and while it sent your return to the state, the states computers are just holding it instead of processing it. It didn’t do it to everyone she said and they’re only able to catch those who call. All she had to do was hit a button and now mine is processing right after sitting there since 2/5. I called the automated number this morning and there is finally a change in my refund status. Hope this helps you!

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    Mine was accepted on 2/15. The website shows that the MS AGI and SSN do not match. I emailed MS and got a poorly worded response: “your refund have not complete process”. Still nothing from the website.

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    I was accepted on 2/5 and have had the “wait 90 days’ message for a couple months now. Today I’ve got better news:

    Your refund was processed on 4/1/2014. Please allow at least 2 weeks to receive a paper refund check, or 7 to 10 days to receive your refund by direct deposit. If after that time you haven’t received your check or direct deposit, please wait an additional 30 days. After that time, write and request a tracer for the refund. Include your name, social security number, correct address, tax year of the return and your signature.
    Mail to:

    Mississippi Department of Revenue
    P.O. Box 1033
    Jackson, MS 39215-1033

    Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for processing the tracer request.

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    amy robertson

    It doesn’t make since the way they do our money as if to say we will send it when we are ready. and the funny thing is you can’t talk to a live rep.

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    Celia Rayburn

    I have the same response as Aaron, and I thought that was bull, because Tax Act online says it was processed and accepted. I emailed someone just to make sure it was not in limbo, and the only response I got was , “Your return is being reviewed, and it is taken longer to complete processing.” Wahh

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    Mine was accepted 2/5 also. I’ve done everything I could to find out here my money is. Emailed them and someone replied and said it was in review. It confused me for me to be given that response when I hadn’t provided the information needed to look up my personal taxes. MS is full of it and I never want to work in this state again. Then when I try to create an account to see exactly what process they are in the site tells me my info is wrong…b…s..

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