Michigan State Returns?

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    Anyone here get a refund from michigan yet?
    Filed 1/25, accepted 1/26
    nothing for me yet

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    I contacted the state about the status of my return.
    Requested documents shown as received 4/25, Department of discovery states it was uploaded 5/14 and could take up to 20 weeks to process.

    I originally filed 1/30, received the letter of inquiry 3/30 (2 months later) returned it immediately with the documents and here we are still waiting.
    Refund status – Pending Review until 9/12



    After calling Yesterday I was told final documents were received 5/14 and it could take up to 26 weeks to close out the account.

    If it takes the full time I’m looking at 11 months to get my return.



    Kiri, I think you’re in the same boat as me. If you submit a question on the site you can find out when your documents were scanned into their system.

    Mine were received 4/25 and scanned in 5/15.



    If it makes anyone feel any better. Mine was filed Jan 29 / Accepted Feb 1. Still showing pending review est completion 9/12. I called today 3/24. I was told no letter was generated, mine is pending a manual review. This can take up to 16 weeks for someone to review. Once its reviewed they will either release it or request additional documents. So it may be as late at May 27 before anyone even looks at my return.



    Well after waiting over 6 weeks to get my letter, I sent in my w2’s and id they received it March14th. That is still processing, return still pending review. Any freaking wonder this is happening under Snyder.

    In decades of filing a returns in Michigan, this is nuts. I’m not a big corporation, I not claiming anything new, I didn’t move, change my kids or circumstances. No one else filed in my name, this goes so far beyond verifying ID. This was a deliberate attempt to garner more interest. Just another f’ing decision just like the bureaucratic cluserf’ck that got him in Federal trouble with unemployment.

    This is absolute BS, Snyder and his corporate influenced changes need to go.



    I’ve contacted the department of treasury again. this is their most recent response as of 6/23.
    “The Discovery and Tax Enforcement Division has received your correspondence May 12, 2016. Please allow up to 24 weeks, from the date that your correspondence was entered for review, to receive a reply. Your patience in allowing sufficient time for completion of your account is greatly appreciated.”

    I filed on 1/31, it was accepted on 2/1. It took 8 weeks to receive a letter requesting additional information. I received the letter on 3/31 and returned it that day with the additional documents. The letter was returned to me on 4/23 and I called and faxed it in Monday 4/25 and sent the hard copies back in that day. Both sets were received 4/25 and 4/29.

    My status is still pending review. I am now almost 5 months into this and they are saying it tan take up to an additional 6 months.



    So I am so annoyed with the state of Michigan at this point and want to file some kind of law suit with the whole gosh darn state of Michigan.
    I filed my state on 2/12/2016 and it was accepted the following day by the state. A month later I received a letter stating I had to take the quiz well of course it didn’t let me pass so I sent in my information that was needed (ID and all that other stuff with a letter). Here it is almost August 1st almost 6 months later and still no return..no update on the website and the only response I am getting is an automated email stating I have to wait five weeks after i submitting my verification which was sent on 3/12/2016. The pending review completion date is on OCT 26,2016!! So now Im at the point of tripping out. I have tried to call the number several times and I was hung up on the first time after waiting a half an hour and hold times are so crazy I am unable to get through.
    I’m not sure what to do at this point. Maybe we can start a movement in making the state of Michigan pay for holding moneys that is not theirs to hold.
    Anybody recommend what I can do from here?




    Still no change on mine, I’m keeping fingers crossed since yours was updated Kiri,



    Mine FINALLY updates today to a DDD of 7/21. It has been an ABSOLUTELY unreal rollercoaster of emotions for this return this year. They basically held $600 of MY MONEY for six months because they “felt like it.” I feel like this should be totally illegal.

    To all those who haven’t gotten theirs get, hopefully it’s coming soon. I can’t believe I filed on 1/22 and am JUST NOW getting my money.



    Thanks for that info! I’ve never looked at any of those links before because the damn website likes to try and tell me I’ve tried logging in too many times and crap. It’s a crap website.

    It says it was rec’d on 5/9 but it’s “processing.” No more information after that.




    In the spot where you check the status there are two links below that, You can click on the one that says show status of letters sent to treasury and it will tell you when/if the letters were received. There is a second link where you can ask them about it. There is a 2-4 week delay between when the info is received and when it is scanned into the department of discovery and enforcement database. Mine was received on 4/24 and scanned 5/12. They said up to 24 weeks from there for me. I filed on 1/30 by the way.



    Another two weeks have passed, still no update for me. :/ Sucks, because my return is bigger than my fiance’s was and it would be REALLY NICE to have.



    Our DD got updated this morning too! 6/16 for my fiance’s. Mine still hasn’t moved, but I mailed mine in a little later because I had to get copies of multiple W2’s and ran out of stamps.

    BUT YAY!

    EDIT TO ADD: I also checked our return information and the amount refunded is EXACTLY the same as the amount we were owed. No interest or change at all.



    Well I checked this morning and I have a D.D.D of 6-16 . Long process but finally here. Keeping fingers crossed.



    Well I checked this morning and I have a D.D.D of 6-16 . Long process but finally here. Keeping fingers crossed.



    Invaluable comments – BTW , if your business wants a IRS 8379 , my husband filled out and faxed a template version here http://goo.gl/NrzjPl



    Wmr still says completed, I called to check and it says it was processed on … And does not say a date when it was processed.



    Your return is in the final stages of processing and should complete in the next 14 days. You may continue to check the self-service website for additional information on the status of your refund.*** if your status is completed*****



    I check mine just a moment ago via the website ; has updated to completed; no date; called the number to treasury the voice prompt stated it was completed however no date ; amount etc. Called to speak with someone however wait time was too long. will call in the am.



    I checked ours and it says completed also . Thank goodness



    I checked my fiancé’s this morning, his has FINALLY changed to “Completed” but with no DD date. The text says it can take a few days for that to update, but that’s better than the “wait until September” BS they’ve been give us so far.

    I didn’t get to check mine because the site freaked out when I tried to log into it and said I’d used too many attempts. I’ll try again tomorrow.



    Has anyone found anything out about Michigan Refunds ?



    16 weeks since my return was accepted, 7 weeks since they received my ID and W2. Still nothing and was told to wait until December.



    Just by chance, has anyone here have to file an injured spouse form with the IRS? It’s when ur spouse has a debt but it’s not yours so you can file the ISF to get your portion back? I’m so over this shit. Filed 1/25. Did all the quiz stuff to prove it was me. Getting no answers from treasury. Soooooo frustrated.



    Ok, finally some movement. I filed in January, in March I got the letter to send in my W2’s and ID, id and they received those on March 14th. After a few weeks I started asking questions if they needed anything else online, blah blah blah. Canned responses online telling me nothing. So I start calling and press 3 I believe, to call in to follow up to correspondence sent to them. For weeks it took me to the automated line with a completion date of October something. Well last week it finally took me to a human and after speaking with him found out it goes by scan date. Today I log in to see they’re completed. No deposit date, but the website states give it 48 hours to update that. I waited this long, what is 48 hours ;)



    State Return accepted 1/23/16
    Received letter requesting W2’s and ID copies last week in Feb.
    Mailed correspondence back 3/3/16
    Correspondence received on 3/7
    Pending review until Sept 2016, Until about two weeks ago it was updated to 5/14/16.
    Today is 5/17 still pending review…..

    I just want to know WTF is going on? Ppl got bills and things to do. I called and spoke to a live person and was told basically my date should still be 24 weeks out even though the system was updated to reflect 5/14/16 expected completion.

    I’m so irritated!



    I’m going to go out on a limb and say it doesn’t have anything to do with Obamacare (or the ACA). I have state-provided Medicaid, my fiancé has his health insurance through his work. I get those advertisements all the time about the healthcare.gov site, even though I literally ALREADY HAVE insurance through the state. I don’t know why they insist on sending them out all the time.



    Well it’s been two months since they received my W2’s and copy of my ID. I’m finally on the phone talking to a human, called the number and hit the option to follow up on a correspondence sent to the treasury. Did that before and it just told me it was received and gave me an outrageous expected completion date. Didn’t get any real answers other than the correspondence is scanned for review and it goes by the scan date. Mine is in the discovery department for review. And of course no timeframe. It’s not rocket science, two months since they received them and no movement. I don’t have obamacare, I have employer provided insurance. Not related to that. So I just continue to wait :(



    Could this possibly have something to do with insurance causing the hold ups? Ours is way delayed also and we carry our own plan of insurance and do not go through the Obama whatever you wanna call it, yet we have gotten 5 Obama insurance information requests in the mail since we have filed for refund and we have not requested them… I find this very crazy for a state as poor as Michigan to be sending out all of these request to people not even requesting it and just throw them away like we do because we do not want it. One would think it would save Michigan some money by not doing that.



    Could this hold up have anything to do with insurance maybe? We carry our own plan and do not have anything to do with the Obama junk plans but we keep getting information in the mail about Obama Junk and we are not requesting it !! Have not gotten our refund but we have gotten 5 since we filed our taxes and it is disturbing that the state wastes all the money to send them to people that are not asking for them and they just throw them away.. like we do.



    I sent our W2’s and licenses in about 6 weeks ago and we STILL do not have an update. Both are still listed as “pending review” until 9/13. What the hell is going on???????



    Does anyone know how to get a human on the phone. The number they give is nothing but an automated system with no way to get to an actual human.



    So checked my status again, this time it says complete but nothing else… Was told wait 14 days now to see a return.. Previously my estimated date was October 1, so maybe I will finally see my refund this week.. I had to send in my License and W2’s. Sent back in beginning of March.



    OK, this is getting frustrating. I sent Divers License and w2 copies and correspondence is in process , refund still pending review. Submitted question and got the standard 24 wks message. I called and refund says 9-11 and correspondence says 12-15. I check 25xs a day not knowing what time they “update”. Frustrating cause some people do not vacay and need it for paying bills.


    Daniel Tolliver

    My state return is still under review and my patience is running thin no update yet



    How do I get a human when I call? All I ever get is the automated system. Does anyone have the number to get a human at the Michigan Treasury for returns.



    I have read majority of the replies listed. I was interested in finding out what was going on with my refund. I filled in late January . I received my federal back but no state. In March I received a letter requesting I submit my W2s and ID. I immediately sent the requested information back the next day . This was done so the second week in March. Still no word, so I begin researching to see of others had a similar issue and I came across this posting .after seeing that a few of you called the treasury and went online to submit a question, I did both. I submitted my question 5 days ago and called on Friday. I was given the standard 24 weeks be . The date for website gave me was 08/30. The automated system when you call treasury stated 11/30. I called treasury and asked why the dates were different, why was the process taking so long, I questioned why they sent the request for additional information do late, I even asked was there a way to speed this process up or a complaint department lol. I emailed treasury asking what was the hold up , it said I had to wait 5 days for a response. I never received a response however I checked back online and my date was updated to 05/10!!!! Not sure if it’s luck or me being a nuisance but I’ll keep u updated . Good luck



    I filed on 1/30, was accepted 2/1, pending review until 9/1

    Received a letter 4/7 requesting copies of licence and W2’s.


    Same envelope was returned to me on 4/21 as not deliverable as addressed. Not only did it take 2 weeks to get the returned letter back but apparently department of treasury forgot to pay the bill for their PO Box. I’ll have to call on Monday to see if there is something else I can do to get them to stop holding my return hostage.



    I submitted original w2’s and ID two weeks….confirmed today that they did receive, but was told it will take 24 weeks to review…..that is 10 months for a tax refund??? I would be interested in finding out from others on this site if they are low income, medium income or high income. Trying to figure out if they are targeting low income individuals who have a refund coming back. Let me know please.



    So I checked the website and my date finally moved from September to May 17. I mailed in my W2 and ID. I hope everyone else got a date that’s closer to.



    It has been about 6 weeks for myself and have heard nothing back besides that they received my W2s and License copy. I was told 24 weeks for us to get our return… Sucks, I check every other day in hopes to see some movement.


    T Albert

    @penny. I think I pressed 3 or something to check the status of an assessment.



    How do you get through to a person when you call? I can only get automated responses.


    T Albert

    Correction, smartness not guaranteed on smart phones with predictive text……

    I called Treasury on Thursday to inquire with the standard canned response. Today I see completed and issued with a direct deposit date of 4/14. The amount issued did not change from what I had on my tax return. I hope this helps someone.


    T Albert

    I filed both federal and state of Michigan on 2/18.
    State was pending review until I received letter to do self-identity quiz on 3/23.
    Two days later, it went to completed, but back to pending review until 6/9/16.

    I called Treasury on Thursday to inquire to no avail. Today I see completed send an issued with a direct deposit date of 4/14. The amount issued is did not change from what I had on my tax return. I hope this helps someone.



    @natalie ok thanks so much



    UPDATE: Money hit my account this morning. The amount was true to what I had posted before (90 less than I thought I was getting back). Not sure why, but if I get a letter explaining that, I’ll let y’all know. Looks like it has something to do with the homestead tax credit, though.



    @D Scott, so what I ended up doing is having to call the Treasury number. I spoke to a woman named Diane, and at first she looked at my account and told me a letter had been sent out to me. I asked her if it was the identity confirmation letter, she said yes, and I told her I had already taken the quiz. She said that their records didn’t reflect that, but that she would do some digging and find out what was going on, because it usually only takes a couple of days for them to send the results of the quiz over.

    I got a call a few days later from her, and she asked if I had printed my confirmation after taking the quiz. I did, so she had me fax over the confirmation, copies of my w-2s and a copy of my driver’s license. That was Thursday of last week. By Tuesday, I saw movement on the Michigan where’s my refund site. It said completed, but the transactions tab was still blank. Wednesday it updated again with an amount (less than my return was supposed to be, by about $90), as well as an “issued” status, and a new date of 4/4. Yesterday it updated again to say “paid” with an issue date of 4/4. Still hasn’t hit my account yet, and I have no idea why it’s $90 less, but I’m assuming I will get a letter explaining that. I’ll update once the money hits my account.

    So my best advice would be to call the Treasury and ask for a woman named Diane. It seems like she may be the only person who knows how to do their job.



    Sent in w2’s and license 3 weeks ago. State received them and still says pending review until October. Attempted to call but got no real answer at all…. I saw some people had to send in theirs as well, any status with any of you who had to do this?



    I checked today – Now have a DDD of 4/5 and my amount is the same as I expected.



    My return now says completed and to check back in 2 business days for amount. I will let you know if it has changed from what was expected. I did the ID quiz 4 weeks ago to the day. (3/2). I have noticed that most people seem to get lower than expected. Hopefully that is not the case. I filed 1/25 accepted 1/26, got my letter 3/2.



    @natalie have you had any update im in the same boat as far as the address issue



    Im sorry i DECREASE in the state refund amount



    Ive filled out the comfirmation quiz this friday it will be three weeks and still nothing… Like i didnt need it back then but i can really use it NOW!!! Smh…. And have any bidy else seen and increase in the amount your state return is this year??? Every one ive seem to ask said that its lower than usual



    Update: I’m admittedly impatient so instead of calling the Department of Treasury again after being told a couple weeks ago that I would NOT be receiving a letter in the mail and that my return was just being processed manually, I asked a question through their website and was directed to wait 5 business days for a response. Within a couple hours I have received a response stating that they will be mailing a letter to me tomorrow requesting additional information to complete my return. If you’re still waiting for any kind of response or you’ve been told to “just wait” I highly recommend that you keep contacting the Department of Treasury. I am beyond upset at this point. My taxes were filed and accepted two months ago.



    Finally!! completed with a Paid Status with Direct Deposit date of 3/22/2016 to bank account……this waiting was frustrating… .Hoping everyone get there soon.



    So I called the treasury and spoke to 2 different people and they both said takes 30-45 days for your quiz results to come in and then 3-6 months after that date for your review time. I was told to check back Mid October if I don’t hear anything – My pending review date right now is 9/6. Please tell me these people are wrong. Most people seem to already have a DDD



    Update: I called the number provided by Marsha (waited four minutes to talk to someone). When the woman got on the phone, she explained that a letter had been sent in the mail asking me to confirm my identity. I told her I had received the letter and taken the quiz March 2nd and she seemed really surprised they hadn’t updated my information yet, as normally it doesn’t take two weeks. She said she would look into it and call me back. Gave me a call yesterday before 5, and told me she didn’t have an answer yet, but would hopefully by Monday.

    All I can think is that the fact that I had to use an old address to complete this process with confirming my identity is screwing it all up. Hopefully I’ll have a better answer on Monday, but right now, the state Treasury doesn’t even have my identity confirmation quiz results!



    So I had to mail in my W 2’s and my ID and I have not heard anything so I called today and they told me it takes 24 weeks for people who had to mail theres in. That sucks so bad.



    Anybody who had to send in a copy of your drivers license and W2, any information back yet?



    Hello Everyone! ,okay my final update as of today, my status complete with a refund deposit date for 3/22/2016 to go in to my financial institution …I hope everyone hear something soon as well…



    Took my quiz around 3/1 and passed. I WOULDVE had my return deposited by 3/10/16 except now it was taken by a 3rd party. Hahaha just my luck. So now I have to file ANOTHER ISF (injured spouse form). At least the ‘pending review’ part is OVER!!

    Here is the number I called to ask questions. I waited less than maybe 5 mins. 517-636-4486
    That is the number to treasury that can answer any questions you have about the review or quiz. Good luck to you all!!



    Does anyone have a phone number to speak to a live person? It’s been two weeks, I passed my quiz, I have direct deposit… all things that should speed up the process. There’s no reason we should still be waiting if we took the quiz and passed.



    okay my continuing update: complete the quiz on 03/13/2016 and as of today 03/16/2016 it says: completed and to wait 2 days to see amount,,,,but when? I will keep you guys updated when my deposit hits my bank account



    Filed on 2/15/16 everything accepted by both federal and state, now like everyone else I have a pending review. I am a single mom and count on the money to pay ahead on bills just another way the gov’t screws everyone over.

    No wonder everyone is up in arms with the government on so many levels. Not that I don’t appreciate them trying to stop fraud but then keep it in the city that it was happening I live in a little town north no fraud was here.

    Plus I haven’t received a letter of any kind……..so frustrating. And I did read on having to pay interest if refund not to me by May 1st but what are we to do if it isn’t and no interest applied CORUPT GOVERNMENT not going to be honest.



    I took my quiz on 3/2 (11:30am) and passed. I still have pending review until 9/6/16. Filed 1/25 accepted 1/26.



    Does anyone have a phone number that will take me to a live representative?


    Concerned 1

    Yes I received my update for my State of Michigan and my issue date is 3/16/2016. Processed also indicates completed and refund issued. So my refund will deposit on Wednesday 16th, 2016. I had taken the identity quiz.. I received an update within 7 days.



    For those who have taken the quiz and passed — how many of you have seen status updates? Has anyone received their money? I filed 1/25, accepted 1/26. Took the identity quiz 3/2 and passed, but my return still says pending review, and my estimated completion date it still 9/7. I know it says it can take up to 6 weeks, but last year I didn’t get my federal until June (filed in Feb, and had to get a tax advocate involved to get my money), and now this year my state is the hold up. This is so frustrating.



    Ok My Update,.. I finally receive the ID Quiz letter yesterday in the mail 03/13/06 Saturday and completed it on line and pass. Now the wait again hoping it doesn’t take long. It still says completion date of 09/16/2016 hoping it change soon.



    Filed 1/20
    Accepted 1/22

    Pending review ever since. Finally got my letter March 10th. Wanting a copy of my W2s and ID.

    The wait starts over :(



    Filed my taxes 1/27/16, accepted 1/28/16, they’ve been “pending review” since 2/3/16 with an expected completion date of 9/8/16. Never received an identity quiz letter in the mail. I called today and got through to a real person. She said that if you have not received any correspondence in the mail within 2 to 4 weeks from the time you started seeing the “pending review” status, then there probably isn’t any issue with the return, it’s just being processed manually and they are processed in the order which they are received. She said that if that is the case, allow up to 16 weeks (much sooner than September) for it to be completely processed (worst case) but it would probably be done sooner than that.



    Checked my status for the state of Michigan today and the update is status completed. Remember that I had a completion date of September 7, 2016. So my identity quiz was taken on March 3.2016 and completed today March 10, 2016. Just wanted to update the information for those who are waiting on their Michigan State Refund.


    Concerned 1

    I am also waiting for some update on my state of Michigan taxes. You are right, you can’t find any information on after taking the identity quiz how long will it take to receive your refund. It took the state of Michigan 4 weeks to send the quiz letter. Now I have to wait weeks more.



    I got my identity quiz letter but I could not get pass the address portion to even take the quiz. They told me there was a glitch and I have to mail my W2 and ID so I did. That really sucks the rep told me this our very first time doing this so there are glitches in the system and hopefully It will be better next year. So now I have to just wait.



    I called state tax office for info on pending review status on my return also has estimated date of September.
    If it takes that long state has to add interest to amount were getting refunded.
    I’m sure michigan does not want that to happen so hang in there all and watch for intrest to be factored in if state takes to long.



    I filed with TT on 01/27 excepted 01/28. Received federal refund. Michigan under review until 09/09/2016. Received identity quiz 03/02. Took quiz and successfully passed. Now I wait. I have talked to a Michigan Treasury customer service rep as well as googled as much info as I could and was told after you successfully complete the quiz it could take as little as a week to finish processing up to six weeks. The rep hinted that if you complete it successfully it shouldn’t take long. There is almost no information on this for Michigan and that is wrong. Even the customer service reps can’t answer simple questions like time frame and the actual process of this quiz. I am really tired of Michigan not having user friendly websites and informed customer service reps. Please post any honest deposit info if anyone from Michigan gets any money AFTER they have successfully completed the online identity confirmation quiz.



    Hi, mine says pending review with a September date as well. I actually spoke to someone on the phone and she said that when I sent my return in the system wasn’t ready so they have to manually review. I sent it in the first part of Feb. So it could just be a computer glitch because they were accepting e-file at that time. Also, she told me the sept date was worst case scenario and it would probably be done sooner.


    Concerned 1

    I received my letter yesterday and I took the identity quiz last night . I checked the state of Michigan website and it hasn’t changed still saying under review. Has anyone status changed. I know it is a little soon but who knows .



    Unless I totally misunderstand what audit means. I got a letter from the treasury dept asking for copies of my w2s and driver’s license. For my fiance’s return as well.

    I see the text on the site about the id verify quiz but I assume it doesn’t apply to me since there’s not a link and I didn’t get that kind of letter. I just figured that was the Generic Text like the rest of it that explains about the DD and stuff.



    @kiri are you being audited? Mine still says pending review (and I just did the quiz) and yes my first thought was uh oh, being audited. How I figured out that I wasn’t tho, was one day the very very first paragraph updated to say ‘if you have completed the ID quiz, please allow blah blah’ it never said that before. I checked the treasury website every single day looking for any kind of update and finally it did.



    So it’s very confusing that “under review” can mean you’re getting audited like me, or being sent the ID quiz thing and you won’t know which until your letter arrives, which they never tell you they’ve sent. Gg Michigan.



    Thank you guys for the update. You actually reminded me to check my mail lol. Got the letter!!!! Yay. Passed on the first try :) so glad to have all this behind me and be able to look forward to getting my return no matter how long it takes. Good luck to you all.


    Concerned 1

    Received my Michigan identity quiz letter today. Taken the quiz passed on the second try. Now I will see how long will it take to process my taxes.



    Got my letter finally this morning (filed 1/25, accepted 1/26). Took the quiz, and it told me it was unable to verify my identity. I had this issue last year with trying to get my federal transcripts. For whatever reason, my credit report (what they use to confirm you ID) still had an address from 6 years ago on file. I corrected it in the federal database last year. Figured I was good to go since I didn’t have any issues with my state return last year.

    So, out of curiosity, I took the ID quiz again and punched in that old address instead of my current one. Voila! It worked! Not sure if that will effect my return processing, or if they’ll have additional questions (the old address is an out-of-state one), but for now, it says my ID has been successfully verified, and they can now begin processing my return. Fingers crossed!

    Oh, and I’m in Detroit for anyone wondering where their letter might be.



    I got my ID letter today – filed 1/25 MI accepted 1/26. Passed the quiz and message said

    Thank you for taking the Treasury Identity Confirmation Quiz. Your identity has been
    successfully verified and we can now begin to process your return.

    Says will now start processing letter was postmarked 2/29



    I was never given the option to do the quiz. They never even indicated they were going to send me a letter until it showed up. My return is the same as it was last year, but the letter goes on to say it’s to “prevent fraud” or whatever and “your return amount could be more, less, or the same after review.” I honestly think MI just doesn’t have the $ and is using this as a stall tactic. It’s not even a large amount for us, <$800 between my fiancé and I.

    I live in the northern part of the lower peninsula, near the Midland/Saginaw area.



    @concerned 1

    A friend of mine told me (after I posted my situation on fb) that she got her letter and did the quiz. It COULD NOT verify her identity and gave her further instructions to call a number and that it would take additional weeks not to verify it WAS/IS her. I’m still waiting on the letter itself but PRAYING it works and can verify me. She filed 1/12 and received the letter 2/12 I think.



    I need that letter NOW! I’m getting sooooo frustrated :/

    @kiri where in MI do you live (if you don’t mind my asking) not that it makes a diff I guess. Just SO over it. Hearing that you got ur letter tho gives me hope. Another 12 weeks is COMPLETE BS!!!! I’m in Lansing btw. And thank you for the update!!

    Anyone else? Would be nice to hear some good news from all this. Still haven’t got my Federal because of the injured spouse form I had to file so I’m waiting on ALLLLLL my money all the while falling behind even more. :(


    Concerned 1

    @ Kerri:
    The State of Michigan did not give you a choice to take the Identity Quiz? Just wanted to know. Like I said in a previous post that I called today and the representative said that a letter was mailed out and to follow the instruction. I hope it is the online identity quiz. I see your postmark was 2/12 and you are just receiving the letter.



    Got our letters yesterday. Have to send in copies of our W2’s AND Driver’s Licences for verification and then wait another 12+ freaking weeks (“they’ll be processed in the order they’re received”) to process. What the shit was the point of filling in my DL info if I have to do it again anyway? Really unhappy with the way MI is doing things this year. I’ve had my federal return almost a month now.

    Edited To Add: Postmark on the letter was 2/12.


    Concerned 1

    Called the State of Michigan as of March 1, 2016, the representative said a letter was mailed out and to follow instructions



    I filed 1/29 and have already gotten my federal my state has said pending review for the last 3 weeks until 9/10/16. Haven’t received anything in the mail. I called my tax guy and they just say to call the number that is posted. So I call and they really don’t tell me anything but that it’s being reviewed by a person instead of a computer. I asked the man what that means and he hung up on me. I don’t understand what pending review means…so confused..


    Trishalla Bell

    Filed and accepted 2/13 got a deposit on the 26th….however for some reason my refund was reduced by a hundred dollars….and my fed taxes are unpostable so…..don’t know what in the double hockey sticks is going on this tax season



    I don’t think it matters we entered our DL #s when filing (anyone could have that info). There were thousands and thousands of false claims last year and the year before (mostly from flint and Detroit areas), all from stolen ss #s and people that had passed away. This is happening to deter that. after hearing of the quiz it all makes sense now. IT SUCKS and hopefully we all won’t be made an example of loke this next year. Let’s just hope we get those letters soon and get through this. If anyone gets a letter soon please let us know. Thx :)



    I have the same message still — pending review — So hopefully that will change soon and I get my letter. I also entered DL numbers for both myself and spouse when filing. Thank you for the additional information. I feel like I should have received a letter already as I filed a month ago. If I owe taxes they would hunt me down to get paid. Geez



    I feel like it’s just an excuse to delay giving us our money. I entered our driver license numbers on both mine and my daughter’s returns but we are still both pending review.



    UPDATE::: sorry I did not include in last post lol.

    We will be receiving a letter from Michigan about our taxes. UNDER THE VIDEO is a ‘TAKE QUIZ’ button but you have to have ur letter. If anyone has got this letter or when you get it pls let me know. I hope this helps.



    @jen and @slim

    Searched the treasury website and found this page. There’s some information. A picture of said quiz and a video. I have not received any kind of ‘paper’ about my state taxes tho. So idk what that’s all about but I hope I get it soon.




    I have the same thing, Martha. Can you let us know what you find out from them? I have to fight with Michigan every single year to get my refund!!!



    Pending review still 09-16-2016 with a update that now reads: If you have successfully completed the identity confirmation quiz and your return status is pending review, allow up to 6 weeks for your return to be completed.Is this something we were suppose to have filed with our taxes? Not getting this , I don’t know about any quiz.



    New to forum…filed 1/25 accepted same day. Federal held for IS and Michigan return held for manual review with date of 9/6. I check the treasury website every single day since a friend said her date was 5/1 but updated to say ‘pending release’ I checked again today and the top paragraph says THIS:::..

    If you have successfully completed the identity confirmation quiz and your return status is pending review, allow up to 6 weeks for your return to be completed.

    WTH is a ID CONFIRMATION QUIZ??? I’m calling ASAP in the morning. Can’t wait any longer. Anyone else see this also or know what it is???



    Has anybody with a pending review status had any update?



    Filed 2/8: (turbotax)

    Refund hit the bank 2/24 (chase)

    No update on my federal however, no bars and can’t order transcripts yet :/



    Mine also says pending review until September 8 :(
    Anyone have a line to a HUMAN with the Dept. of Treasury?
    I’m connected to a robot every time I call and it tells me the same info I can see online.
    Federal and State were accepted by the 2nd and I received my Federal return on the 10th,
    kind of freaking out if I can not get my State return until September.



    My Michigan also says pending review until 9/21/2016. That’s insane! Anyone have any insight ?



    Stuck with a completion date of 9/6/16 as well. Federal has already been deposited. Makes no sense!



    This is BS. They should AT LEAST have to tell us why they’re holding our money.



    So i called the treasury office to get me information and they told me to wait until 2 weeks after i received my federal to contact them again. Idk whats going on but i guess ill try contacting on february 26th, because that’s what it told me to do. Mind you i received my federal on feb. 10th.



    I am pending review also until 9/6/2016. Tried calling and they told me to wait until after my date to get information. Ugh – Filed 1/25 accepted 1/26. Wonder if it really takes that long do they pay us interest?



    I filed my Michigan on 1/27, got my refund on 2/8. It was over $500. Friend filed on 2/2 and got hers on 2/12.

    Not everyone is under review.



    My Michigan got accepted on 1/28. It said pending review until May 19th but now all my information is gone and it tells me I have entered the wrong information than they have on file. Has anyone else had this issue?



    Wow, 3 weeks still in pending review – real shocker. I have yet to speak to anyone who has gotten their refund (other than smart mouthed trolls) and isn’t at pending review.

    This is just stupid.



    mine was accepted on 1-26-2016 and now says pending review until 9-8-2016.I had heard it is because the state is low on money…shocker! lol this sucks because technically it is MY money! hence the name ‘return’!



    Has anyone received their state taxes from michigan yet that are pending review? I was accepted Jan. 30th, and its telling me on the website that i am pending review. I just find that weird. I am single and claim no exemptions? I know i dont owe the state. What the heck is going on?



    Well contacted the Michigan state treasury again, I’ve been pending review since I was able to pull up my status. It’s been more than two weeks now and I haven’t received any letter. They just said they need longer processing time. But having our expected completion dates all the way out to August or September is ridiculous. They just basically told me to wait. My patience is wearing thin, I would really appreciate my refund.



    So, I have been going through this for 3 years. The first time two times I owed the state and paid them, now I’m receiving a refund and my refund is under review until Sept. This is really frustrating.



    Filed 1/12
    Accepted 1/19
    Still pending review until August 2016

    I’m just glad to see I’m not the only one wondering what in the world is going on. I got my federal taxes back without a hitch. This is crazy.



    I filed 1-26. Website never recognized me til my return was done. On 2-5 received my ddd for 2-9. Got my dd 2-9



    Anybody with pending review status see any changes or update this past week. They are moving extremely slow and I know the state is now processing the returns for Detroit city taxes, but this is stupid.



    Michigan tax Filed on Feb 4, 2016 Accepted on Fed 5, 2016 now says Pending Review estimated date complete 09/16/2016 why? not understanding



    Filed 1/20
    Accepted 1/22

    Been pending review ever since I was able to pull it up on the site. The only movement I’ve seen is it went from expected completion from 9/4 to 9/2/2016

    I know some things are taking longer because of the new fraud prevention and this year the State Treasury is doing the city of Detroit taxes, but September?

    I know it hasn’t ever taken as long as their expected date, but I’ve usually had some type of update by now.



    Filed out taxes on 01/30/2016, received email that it was accepted 01/31/2016. Federal was deposited into CA today, so i checked states and it shows that they are pending further review to be completed by 9/11/2016. Pray that’s not the truth, we rely on this $!!!



    I filed and was accepted 1/19, checked the website for the state of Michigan and it said I was under review until 8/31.



    Don’t crys, I see that nerve I hit proving you wrong.




    People like you are amazing, you pick what you want to believe and call everyone who post’s differently liars and then throw insults. Once again since reading comprehension isn’t your strong point, it was stated all are immediately placed in pending review status when received and accepted (not manual review) two different things.

    You are wrong about what was posted to my Michigan tax account question, you are wrong about when they started processing returns and you are wrong about me. Get a life.




    You sound butthurt. They make tissue for that.

    You are still out of your mind, you are only a handful of people that were pulled for manual.

    Michigan didn’t start processing until the 29th. On the 30th I had a dd of 2/3 guess what miss butthurt, got it 1/1, be smart use a Netspend card.


    They say sep, but if your return is correct with no issues it usually takes less then a month, you were just randomly selected.


    Concerned 1

    Filed my return on January 26, 2916 got approved for my Federal on February 6 and direct deposit date for February 10, 2016. My state of Michigan is under review until September 7, 2016. Why so long?



    No movement on mine, still pending review. I’m thinking of calling in the morning to see what’s up with it, though their websitr says to “allow the amount of time listed before calling.” It seems like they’re manual reviewing a LOT of people this year.




    Don’t call me dishonest ; you have absolutely no clue what was told to me by the Michigan Treasury. That is exactly what I was told, everyone’s status goes to pending review when received. That is different than manual review. And if anything doesn’t seem credible it’s yours being received and refund issued in 24 hours.



    517-373-3200 Michigan state refund



    I really don’t think Michigan does that. Mine is over $500 and it got processed in a week and already deposited into my account.




    You are being dishonest, micjigan is not reviewing everyone’s eeturn, they select a random number to review, please do not post deceitful information.

    Michigan processed mine in one day, came and gone.



    Yes my brother got his State last week my state is under review because it was over $500 with their cheap asses mine is under review until September 1st fine by me I’ll be meeting money by then



    Mine is under review as well until 9/4/2016. I contacted them asking why again I was under review and was told all Michigan returns are Pending Review once received. Michigan returns will automatically be rejected if your Federal one is and Michigan Hoping now that I got my DDD with my Federal return my state return will be processed, sometime before September



    filed 1/26
    accepted 1/27
    DDD of 2/8 per their website this morning :)
    hopefully it means federal isn’t far behind fingers crossed.




    is the link to checking state returns

    mine is currently under review after checking this morning!
    gotta wait until may =[[[[



    I filed and was accepted on 1/19, I checked the states website yesterday and it said that I’m under review until 8/31- I wont hold my breath!



    Anyone know the hotline number to check your status for Michigan?



    I submitted mine 1/19, accepted 1/21. Last night when I checked, it was showing a DDD of 2/3.



    Both mine and my FI updated this morning to “under manual review” date of 9/4/16. I hope that’s a glitch to be honest.



    Just got it



    @chris me either. I remember last year my federal didn’t post to netspend until around 5:30-6. i can’t remember what time state hit.




    Netspend is slow today. No deposits yet.



    I meant 2/4/16 not 15



    State of Michigan Return
    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/23
    DDD 2/4/15

    Idk when my state return status changed. There was no information on Thursday, then I checked today and have a DDD. :-)



    I usually have gotten my federal before my state, but there were 2 or 3 years where it was the other way around because I was put under review or something else, another year I got them within 2 days of eachother



    state refund deposited for 2/3 but using netspend i will get it today.

    i have NEVER received my state before federal.

    wmr still at 1 bar filed & accepted 1/22.



    Filed 1/27/2016. Accepted 1/29/2016. Just waiting it out.



    Michigan opened for filing on 1/20. But if you call the refund holiness it tells you on Dec 11th they were upgrading their systems for the tax season, and returns were not being processed until 1/29.

    Mine has been approved with a dd on 2/3 but I use netspend.com and always get it 2 days early, so I expect mine today at 330 pm like every year.




    Nope ? filed 1/15 accepted 1/19 just one bar

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