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    I filled with liberty tax my refund tool states that I will receive my refund thru direct deposit I ha requested a check to tthere office whats going on ddd is 2/10 has anybody received there check before the ddd ?

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    I filed my taxes with Liberty Tax this year. The fees were outrageous and they said I couldn’t do direct deposit without paying the fees up front, which I thought was odd. I didn’t have the money so I had to receive a paper check. I received the $750 advance within 2 days. My problem is I checked the irs website and it says my refund has been accepted and now approved and says it will be deposited into my bank by 2/10. I wasn’t able to set up direct deposit. Where exactly is this bank it’s being deposited at? My refund was way more then $750. I’m starting to get worried about this. Has anyone else had this problem? Also did anyone have a problem receiving their money by the expected date?

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    Anyone received a DDD yet ? I got my state but no update on federal

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    I have a DDD of before February 17, 2015 per WMR site. Has anyone actually picked up a check from the office yet?

    Filed: 2/6
    Accpeted: 2/7

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    Did anyone pick up there check in office the fatty it was supposed to be sent?

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    Did it come on your ddd anyone? I’m getting a check at the office but i’m wondering if you have to wait til the day after your ddd for them to print and release it

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    Did you get your paper check on the ddd or was it the day before or even the day after?

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    Hi kimm I filed 2/5 accepted on 2/6, stuck on 1 bar

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    Lisa when did you get the check from them…let me know Please my ddd is 2/11 just wanna know if they give same day or after?

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    faith my brother ddd is 2/11 too and he filed with liberty…let me know once you get yours and btw they use santa Barbara bank so you can check if it got there yet then you know your office should have within 2 days

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    Anyone have to pick their check up from the office. Has anyone e Gotton to pick it up before their ddd. My ddd is 2/11 no call from liberty yet but I’m hopeful. I’m gonna be rolling in 8 grand here soon and the anticipation is killing me

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    File with liberty taxes 2-5….accepted 2-6.. anyone else file around this day

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    Just got a ddd of 2/10

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    Anyone file on the 26th and got a ddd yet?

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    i filled with them on 1/18 accepted 1/20 still no DD date. my transcript says my cycle is 20150405 and that me refund was issued with a 846 code.

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    I filed the 21st and got processed the same day but still stuck on the first bar on WMR. But i hear people are getting DD for tomorrow for the folks who filed on or before the 20th.

    Oahu, Hawaii

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    Has anyone received DDD after filing with Liberty?

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    Do paper checks come quicker than dd with Liberty?

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    DD of 2/10 just got mines this morning!!!Thank God!!

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    For everyone out there I just got off the phone with JTH. My ddd was today the 10th irs released my funds to them at 6:22pm.The lady on the phone said it could take 4 business days to be in my account.So I hope that happens and hope it helps anyone who had that ddd as well

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    To everyone who is having a problem with jth their bank is riverdale bank their not going to tell u that but that is where yallsmoney is.i got a lot of friends in high places

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    Christine pizzamiglio

    I got mine already just waiting for state now

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    Anybody has problems with the pick up checks

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    DD of 2/10 got it in my account….. Missing 1100$!!! It was sopp to be a charge of 379$.

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    Check for 2/12 but m y friends filed the same day as me 1/18 and got her check on the 7th anybody knows the bank of liberty tax NYC

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    DD of 02/10 and I am suppose to be picking up at office and still no check, does any one know what number we can call for their bank

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    I hv a dd of 2/10 has anyone with this date got theirs yet???

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    Any progress for anyone

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    Heather Brown

    Curt hopefully it comes for us!!!! It is crazy how much money u pay them and this shit ..

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    I have the net spend card

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    Oh ok…i got vision premier prepaid card but they deposit between 6am and 10am but its funny because i get my pay check around 3:30 am

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    I have my own netspend card and they deposit 24/7

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    Everybody that getting they shit at 9 must have the same bank

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    Aint that some shit still aint hit mine yet…so anxious am i!

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    its 11 22 where im at but i got it at 9 30 im in mn

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    Its 9:30 where y’all at its 12:15am in va..

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    Yep check your cards I received my around 930 yeah I believe they just released everybody to there bank. To be honest

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    Damn right they need to speed shit up

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    Christine pizzamiglio

    Ya mine hit at 9pm I’m in Illinois

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    Are u fucking serious yay!! I told u it would be here there releasing money right and left..mine ain’t hit yet but im pretty sure it won’t be long

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    Curt check your bank my return is in. My account it was just posted

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    You have to explain every detail to them to get an accurate answer…its kinda like being a detective..once they find out urnot stupid they tell the truth….

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    Christine pizzamiglio

    Curt mine was sent to my bank from jht on Friday afternoon they told me

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    They sent my money to bank just waiting for them to approve it…they told u something different or the same thing?

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    Curt has ur bank approved it yet or r u still waiting for them to approve it

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    Lady told me that mine had been released already just waiting on confromation from my bank and no they don’t release on the weekend

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    Heather Brown

    Are they going to release anything over the weekend.? I called back this lady was nice she said hopefully tomorrow but no later than tuesday.

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    Amanda pollitt

    Thanks hopefuly they will release our checks from pending status

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    Amanda jht told me to call them in the morning that’s when there system would be finished updating and will know more they said

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    Amanda pollitt

    Curt did they say it wuld be released tomorrow from their bank? N does anybody noe when theyre system updates really??

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