How to find DDD is on every transcript!

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    There is a surprising amount of misinformation, misunderstanding, misrepresentation and misguided attempts to figure out what real data is available on the IRS Transcripts. I wanted to provide some insight for those of you who truly are seeking light in a world of discussion board darkness.

    If you look on your transcript, you will see a “Tracking Number”. Now, this is important: Make sure you are looking at the 2017 transcript to find the right tracking number. Looking at 2016, 2015, 2014….or frankly, any other year will not help you in this process.

    Once you find this tracking number, do the following:

    1) Subtract your age from the number.

    2) Subtract that number pets you have every owned.

    3) Add the number of times you have checked your refund status on a daily basis this week.

    Here is an example:

    My tracking number: 100673428368

    1) 100673428368-44=100673428322

    2) 100673428322-12=100673428310

    3) 100673428310+56=100673428368

    Now, if the tracking number you end up with is the same as the number you started with, GOOD NEWS!!! Your DDD will be between now and Aug 28, 2022.

    If your tracking number you end up with is different that the number you started with, you will either need to 1) buy more pets or 2) adjust how often you check on your refund status accordingly.

    I hope that helps everyone!!!

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    I stopped at # 2 !! Hilarious

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    Now I get it!

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    Lmaooo that was funny

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    I think I found my problem! See I was subtracting my Current age! But I didn’t turn my Current age until 12/31 so I was supposed to use my 2017 age. It all makes sense now.

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