How long would I be a weekly?

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    Wonderfing how long would I be in the weekly cycle?

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    @jen “The difference between IRS daily and weekly accounts is when information posts to your account. According to the IRS Manual, our users have read that daily accounts post within 4 days and weekly account post within 7 days. Most taxpayers will fall into the daily “accelerated” processing. If you are in a weekly account, your refund will “post” within a week of being accepted and your DDD will be scheduled for the following Thursday.”

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    Please explain weekly and daily to me! I got my refund last year on a Thursday does that mean I’m daily?

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    @trista Yes you would need to look at your cycle code on your transcript. Also another way is your previous deposits were on a Wednesdays. Weekly people update Friday night into Saturday morning and funds are deposited on Wednesdays.

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    Would someone mind guiding me a bit? I have gathered that the end of “your number” helps identify you as daily or weekly, but where do you find your number? Do you have to have a copy of transcripts to find it?

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    @rachel Many factors can affect the reason you are weekly for example bankruptcy, offsets, collections and many other things if any of those things happened it would be why. but usually after a certain time with none of the reasons that make you a weekly in your file you revert back to daily. I seen a few people go back to daily last year in the forum.

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    I’ve been weekly as long as I can remember and have been filing taxes for 17yrs :)

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    @jemar707 Thank you maybe this year is my lucky year and i go back to daily. I been looking up info on it all morning and have not had much luck. Please let me know if you find anything.

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    I think it’s typically 4 years. But I could totally be pulling that number out of my #%*. Keep an eye out for the mod Steph, she knows weekly daily stuff well and you can ask her. I’ll see if she posted it somewhere from last year.

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