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    Hi, didn’t see a thread specific to all of us that filed electronically on Friday, Feb 5th 2016. So here it is…

    I filed on TaxAct, Friday morning, Feb 5th. Accepted like 15 minutes later.

    Tonight, Thursday, Feb 11th, 11:58pm EST, Still shows 1 bat at the “where’s my refund” site. Cannot order tax transcripts by mail yet.

    I thought direct deposits only went in on Fridays in recent years, but I’ve seen some people talk about a 2/16 DD date, which would be a Tuesday. This seems odd. I’m guessing if my DD doesn’t show up tomorrow morning on 2/12 before the Wheres My Refund site actually shows it, then it will likely be the next Friday on 2/19.

    ..I’ve also seen a chart that says anyone who filed electronically on 2/5 should expect the DD on Friday 2/19/16.

    ..Anyhow, all you 2/5 filers, be sure and post your status if you want to here! Thanks and good luck to you all!

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    Jill Graham

    Hell no, I filled on line w/TT on Feb 5th called twice 2 different times. Spoke 1st to a lovely woman who stated that everything checked out and should be in 21 days.
    NOT ! My 2 one call was at Feb end and this woman told me to wait an additional 28 days which, brings me into the 1st week in April. SOooooo. we’ll see .
    Keeping the hope alive . ????



    Update 3/12/16

    I was finally able to order both transcripts Tuesday and this morning I wake up to my bars back, two bars. Waiting for “refund sent” bar now but also have a ddd of 3/16!




    I verified on the 29th and on the 4th which was 4 days later I got a dd of 3/9. When did you verify your identity?



    Anyone told 9 weeks after verifying seen their refund yet? If so, how long are people seeing it back on average? I’m at 7 days since verifying……


    Taylor cranford

    Has anyone who filled on 02/12/16 got there return yet?



    What is the website they’re telling you to go verify yourself?



    Update #2: Finally got through to someone a lady had went through and asked me some questions and she said I was verified and would set my return back to processing. She said that she has to say it will be 9 weeks but that it’s usually a lot sooner. She also said they are doing a program right now that is supposed to help prevent identity theft, so basically anytime your filing status changes or if you have a new addition to the family, or even a change in address (which was my case) then the system flags and stops processing to verify your i.d. So now all I can do is keep checking on it and hopefully no more issues.



    This is absolutely ridiculous!! Called irs this morning only to be told that I should be receiving a letter in the mail for providing my health care from last year which I didn’t even have a clue I had. I’m so over my head with all this, my water is due tomorrow and is going to get shut off, I was relying heavily on this refund! This is so bull crap!



    Update: Finally got a letter in the mail today 2/29. Sayes I need to verify my identity. So I go to the website that It tells me to and I get a message saying I can’t verify my i.d. online and that I half to call the number in the letter to verify over phone. Well every time I call it tells me that my call cannot be completed due to extremely high call volume.



    I filed 2/5 and accepted an hour later. Refund approved 2/23. But received a different message- “Your tax refund is scheduled to be mailed by March 1, 2016. If you do not receive the refund by March 29, 2016, please contact us again. We are unable to take any action until then.” Is this direct deposit date?



    Still no news here. 21 days are up still says processing on WMR and no bars. I am definitely be going to give them my piece of mind this coming Monday if I don’t receive my refund by then. God knows if we owe any money to the irs they wouldn’t be waiting 21 days to get there money. So annoyed!



    Still waiting. I filed on 2/6 and WMR still says ‘processing’. This is beyond frustrating. Is there anyone who filed on 2/6 that got their refund yet?



    Anyone accepted on 2/6/16 get any news today.

    I F/A 2-6
    Ordered account transcript 2/11
    Lost bars and wmr message changed to from we have received your return….to still processing on 2/22
    Republic DEP PRENOTE on checking account 2/23
    Finally able to order return transcript 2/24
    Called IRS 2/25 to check and was told no because return is still processing
    No change on WMR ….still processing TT 152 amount and info still on left side.



    Filed with TT on 2/6 and called the irs number provided here. They told me since this is my first year filing its probably going to take longer and that I wasn’t in the system yet, still says processing. Wmr says “your return is still being processed..” With no longer any bars. Very frustrated!



    @lauren. Did you call the 800-829-0582 # by chance? I called this morning because today was 21 days and my refund is still processing. She asked me to verify my address, birthday and name and said i would give it 3 more weeks.




    called irs and they gave me a # saying that iwas randomly chosen to be reviewed and that i had to verify my ID. I called the number waited a while on hold. Verified ID questions and the lady said to give it another 9 weeks. I asked if its possible to come earlier and she said yes, but she has to tell me 9 weeks. At least i have answers, but makes me wonder…if i would have never called in, how would i have known, they didnt send any letter or anything…..smh



    I filed on 2/6 accepted the same day, the IRS website just said processing, its been close enough to 21 days so i called and the guy i talked to said its being help for a balance my husband owed for a previous year it should be released within the next 3 weeks.. always something!



    filed 2/5
    rejected due to First time homebuyer deduction
    fixed error
    accepted 2/6 site says return accepted, but there is no DDD
    supposedly should have it by the 27th according to the chart.

    hoping for it tomorrow since its Friday. My husbands was filed and accepted on 2/5 he received his last week on a Thursday…weird.

    This time of year always stresses me out, till the money arrives safe and sound lol

    Anyone else?



    I filed my return on the 4th of Feb…I took me21tx’s advice, called the number and ext she provided and found out I have to send in the 8962 form with the information provided from the 1095A(Obamacare). Once received, it’ll take 6 weeks to process. sigh. At least no more waiting! Thanks me21tx!
    This site Helped me so i would like to help others, if you filed your taxes on 2/4-6 and have not received a ddd call irs @ 800-829-0582 ext 652. Something is wrong!! I called and myself and my husband taxes are put on hold for the 1095A form for Obama Care. We only had it for a month so i did not think it was important, Stupid of me to think that, because the want the form before the release the hold. So if you filed your taxes without it and have not got it,CALL IRS NOW!! Dont worry if it have not been 21days,call and say you got an error message someone will help. Pray everything workout for everyone. For us now we start waiting allover. Peace and Love”



    So I finally got thru and there is a hold on my refund because I had one month of coverage from the market place and they needed to verify if I could get tax exempt



    anyone receive there tax refund yet i filed on 02/07/16 still no refund



    Yea I kno right… didn’t make any sense to me because how are the going to be able to look at my return after the 21 days are up if it’s still processing and they don’t have the ability to look at it while it’s processing?? And yes hopefully it’s a good thing and means everything is ok. But I still don’t see why it’s taking so long to process. I kno people that filed at the beginning of last week that received their return at the end of the week. So why mine has to process since the supposed date of the 8th is beyond me.



    I called today as well and they said if I didn’t have a letter I have to wait the 21 days before I call back



    What!?! That’s rude, I’m sorry they couldn’t give you any info. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just tell you if everything was ok and if there were any errors or holds. Maybe that’s a good sign! Maybe that means that there are no issues with your return????????



    Anyone who filed 2/5 get a letter yet? I know this is why my refund isn’t here yet, my bars disappeared 2/23. I have my form 1095a. Never received it in the mail had to call my insurance and have them email it to me. I don’t want to send it to the wrong fax number and need a batch number from what I’ve read?



    My Dd date is today. Anyone get theirs yet?



    anyone received yet?



    Was able to order return transcripts Feb 19
    Got DDD date Feb 20
    My DDD date is today 2/24
    Money is going to a Wal-Mart money card and so far no money.
    Wmr doesn’t say refund sent yet?



    I had DDD 2/24 and got nothing anyone else?




    But you did help me get ahold of them which I almost didn’t think was possible, ha.




    Right I get what you are saying. That’s what I did they would not tell me if there were any errors or holds. They said the didn’t have that ability til it was done processing



    I’m sorry your having difficulty with that number and the IRS. I have never had an issue. All I do is call and tell them I would liked make sure there are no errors or holds on my refund to prevent me from getting it. Ya they can’t give you a dd estimate but they can tell you if anything is wrong like errors of holds. I actually just called today and was helped no problem. Again they probably won’t be able to tell you when your getting your Refund but they will make sure everything is good to go and that there are no problems. That’s my experience but I’m sorry if it didn’t help you:(i




    I’ve used that number several occasions and the extension… in my experience once you give them your information they see that it’s been less than 21 days and cease to provide any info. They have even went as far as to tell me they don’t have the ability to see your refund account until your refund has finished processing. To me it sounds like a secondhand call center just taking calls for irs. I’m probably wrong but that’s just my experience.



    I’m sorry your having such a hard time getting through If you call the number I listed below with the extension Someone will tell you what’s going on. Mine hasn’t been over 21 days and they still helped me.



    Best number to reach the IRS is (800) 829-0582 ext #652 wait time is 10-15 minutes



    I cant even get someone to talk to me because its not exactly 21 days yet. Its 18, and when I called and said I was worried why its taking so long, the woman said ill transfer you and I got the automated refund line again. So frustrating that we have to wait 21 days to find out whats going on. I hope everyone gets an answer soon.



    Similar situation to most but with an offset.
    Filed TT-2/4
    Accepted by IRS-2/5
    1 Bar showed as received for a few days and sometime the week of 2/8 started showing “Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.” Topic 152
    Called on 2/19 confirmed offset lady told me a letter would be sent but didnt say if tax return had been processed. Was able to order return transcript on 2/19 as well. Checked this morning still says being processed. I know there’s an offset which is fine but it just seems to be taking forever, like take your money and give me the rest because my return was more than the offset. I’m worried now that I will be waiting for a few more weeks because of the horror stories on here. But the other stories give me hope so fingers crossed!


    waiting game

    @kenneth Thanks for the info. My nerves are terrible right now and I just want the satisfaction of knowing I will recieve my money.



    Hi guys. As I was scrolling through these comments I can across some situations that I can relate to so I thought I would give you some advice related to my personal experience with my tax return.
    Someone asked about transcripts. Just because you can ORDER your RETURN transcript does NOT mean that you will receive your DDD soon. I was able to order mine last week and then called the IRS just to make sure everything was ok and I had a hold on my refund that I had to clear up which turned out to be a computer glitch. So just call the IRS when your unsure. There have been a lot of errors, holds, and computer glitches.




    I followed your advice and spoke to a lady about my taxes. She basically told me the same thing as the representative yesterday. I asked her if there was anything wrong or if there was a hold and she said she won’t be able to access my return to tell me until it is done processing and that if I don’t recieve a dd by the 29th then to call back to see if a letter has been mailed out. I called back again right after and got a man, which told me the exact same thing. So everyone having trouble reachin a live person, take me21tx’s advice and use the ext. #. I only had a 7 to 10 minute wait time.



    Attention Kimberly:
    The best number to reach the IRS and actually speak to a IRS representative is
    (800) 829-0582. When I called last week it was only like 10-15 minute wait. They will help you.



    does anyone have a good number to call besides the number ending in 1040? I’m going on 18 days and still processing. I have a feeling it has something to do with verifying my identity but I cannot get through to anyone. this is complete torture.



    @me21tx Thank you for that info. That is what happened to me as well. I did not file the 1095-A (Obamacare) form and now they have it on hold. I will have to fax it in. I hope there is not an extremely long waiting period after that.

    If anyone who received a form 1095-A and did not file it, your taxes will be put on hold.
    I hope this helps anyone else.



    @waiting game,
    As long as you’re able to order the return transcript, your 2015 tax return is completed, and you’ll the update on the WMR next couple days.


    waiting game

    Hey everyone. I filed on 2/5 and I’m still getting the still processing message. I do have a offset I owe but I didn’t think it would take this long since almost every year I get and offset from owing the treasurer. But it’s kind of making me nervous now knowing I really need this money to pay off bills in full. I was able to order both my transcripts on the 19. So does that mean I will get my refund? Or that really doesn’t mean anything at all. Can someone please help me out. Thank you.



    Got a expected DDD of 2/24/16
    I checked the Santa Barbara Tax Products Group site that was taking my turbo tax fees out this morning and they have received and released my funds to my bank. I should have them in my account tomorrow morning ! Glad this is finally over !



    Couldn’t get Refund Transcripts till the Night before the Update if that Helps anyone.



    I filed Feb,6th it said Accepted the same Day Spoke to a Rep Feb,15th an they said it was Accepted Feb,8th,I think the Acceptance Dates being moved had something to Do with the System Glitch @ the first week of February, Anyway was told it had not been Processed at All but there were No Issues,FINALLY After thinking it would never come I finally got Approved the 19th DDD is Feb,24th Hope its Smooth Sailing and I See My Refund by the 25th.Anyone receive there DDD Yet if So how Long did it take ?



    This site Helped me so i would like to help others, if you filed your taxes on 2/4-6 and have not received a ddd call irs @ 800-829-0582 ext 652. Something is wrong!! I called and myself and my husband taxes are put on hold for the 1095A form for Obama Care. We only had it for a month so i did not think it was important, Stupid of me to think that, because the want the form before the release the hold. So if you filed your taxes without it and have not got it,CALL IRS NOW!! Dont worry if it have not been 21days,call and say you got an error message someone will help. Pray everything workout for everyone. For us now we start waiting allover. Peace and Love



    Ok so I filed my taxes on feb. 5th. Accepted an hour afterwards. Wmr say still processing and a date will be provided when available. and no bars. I called and spoke with a rep. Today the 22nd, and she said my 21 days is up on the 29th saying I was accepted on the 8th even tho turbotax says I was accepted on the 5th. Then she had said it could take up to 9 weeks. Also she had said to call back after the 29th to find out more if it’s still processing. So I’m getting frustrated with the lack of information as to what’s going on. So I guess now it’s just a waiting game. Still can’t order my return transcripts. She did say it might be taking longer since my address is different from last year’s but my direct deposit account is still the same. So any help if possible would be great as to what in the world is going on. The representative did say it was still processing and she had said 948 dollars was processed so far but didn’t explain what she meant by it.



    Joshua, I’m in the same boat as you! Glad I came here! This site answer all my questions without me asking them!



    Hey guys need help I filed electronically same lady every year the longest I’ve waited for my money I file 2/4/16 accepted 2/6/16 had one bar for a couple of days then after that I get the tax still being processed refund date will be posted when avaliable my 21 days are up this week on the 27 any one know anything on this one ?



    @herestowaiting Thank you that is great news for me. Thank you for the info.



    @joshua. Yes.



    @herestowaiting I have already found and logged on to WMR my question is will Wheres my refund page say amount being offset. I am currently at accepted and approved with a DD date of 2/24 and it amount getting as 3642 so is that the amount I should expect to get since its saying approved and showing that amount. Thank you in advance.



    @joshua. Yes it would be reflected in DD amount. There is a possibility that the other offset has not yet been assessed to your account. If so, next year’s refund will be offset.



    @ Joshua. It’s on the website. Google it.



    @herestowaiting Would the WMR site show the reduction of IRS debt. I know last year it showed my expected refund amount but then once is was approved and I was given a DDD it showed the actual amount with the offset. This year it just shows the code for the state offset. So I guess my ? is shouldnt it show my DD amount as less if IRS was offsetting it. Thank you!



    @joshua @ Mystify…. The debt owed to the state will come out of which ever refund is released first since the federal and state payments are verified by the bureau of FMS.



    @mystify thank you. Would the WMR site show the reduction or IRS debt. I know last year it showed my expected refund amount but then once is was approved and I was given a DDD it showed the actual amount with the offset. This year it just shows the code for the state offset. So I guess my ? is shouldnt it show my DD amount as less if IRS was offsetting it. Thank you!



    @joshua 1-800-304-3107 that’s the federal offset number if you owe student loans or back child support or something like that,but for back taxes owed you’ll need to call the irs at 1-800-829-1040. I would take the hotlines response with a grain of salt. Also, if your offset is just state then your state will just deduct the amount from the amount you are receiving back from them and refund you the remaining balance, if any funds are still remaining. Hope this helps, if you have any further questions I will be lurking around until 4AM. Best of luck & GodBless!



    @joshua…. The offset lineonly lists non IRS tax debt that is maintained by the FMS.



    Sorry for the repost, I just wanted to clean things up so all current and any future readers can easily understand my timeframes. I will keep everyone updated on deposit news. I wish you all the best and am praying that your refunds come threw A.S.A.P! My refund was a little over 5k w 3 dependents.

    Filed: Feb 6th, 2016 (filed with turbo tax)

    Accepted: Feb 6th, 2016

    Approved: Feb 24th, 2016

    DDD: Feb 24th, 2016

    *E-mail from turbo tax received: Feb 20th, 2016.

    *Transcripts available to order on the following dates:

    Account Transcript: Feb 17th, 2016.

    Return Transcript: Feb 20th, 2016.



    I have a ? I have an offset with my states unemployment and with the IRS from 2 years ago. When I check WMR it shows there will be an offset now when I call the treasury hotline for offsets it just says my social shows 1 offset for the amount that i owe to the unemployment for my state. Will this be all that is deducted from my refund since thats all the treasury hotline says?!? I have a DD date for Feb. 24 2016. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



    @Ryan Christopher I checked WMR on Saturday, Feb 19th 2016 and finally had 2 bars! I haven’t gone threw this thread yet, but wanted to post my update. Hopefully everyone who was waiting like me also got Approved? I am still praying for us al & hope ya’ll got some type of good updates.

    Filed: 2-6-2016
    Accepted: 2-6-2016
    Approved: 2-19-2016
    DDD: 2-24-2016



    So i filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/5
    DD none

    Im starting to worry cause i havent had bars since last week. And the liberty tax messed up the last name of my child. I called irs they said if it was rejected it wouldve been rejected by now. No letters sent… no code… help!! Why the delay??



    Never heard of return transcript. How do you order? and what does it do? I filed on 2/5 and still one bar.



    Got my refund. Feel obligated to post my process as to help others hopefully:

    Accepted 2/5/16
    Ordered account transcripts around 2/12. Return Transcripts not available.
    Never lost bars but took long for it to update.
    Finally able to order Return Trascripts on Wed 2/17 around 4pm.
    WRM updated the next day Thu 2/18/16 with a DDD of 2/22/16
    Checked bank on morning of Sat 2/20/16 and my refund showed as pending trans. but funds available right away.

    Took longer than usual but glad it went fine. Hope this helps someone. Good luck and God bless.


    And still waiting

    Filed 2/5 accepted within a few hours. As of today still on one bar and processing. Can’t order return transcripts yet. I really hope its this week.



    I filed on 2/6 , tt said it was accepted a few minutes later. As of yesterday i now have no bars and the message just states ” we have your refund it is being processed, please contine to check back ” doesnt say anything about a ddd when avaliable or any other information. Anyone else have this problem?



    Well as I been posting the last couple of days on here. I came to the resort were I actually called Jackson Hewitt who actually did my taxes. Well first I called on Friday and was told that I t was accepted and everything look fine. I should receive with the 21 days. Then I called twice this morning after checking the wmr website this morning. A Jackson Hewitt employee told me my return was accepted and approved on the 6th. So I was like well why isn’t it showing on website and it’s hot line. She stated the website is messed up. Ok then I was like mmm that doesn’t sound right. I called back five minutes later. Different rep said it was accepted on the 6th I said well was it approved and he said well it has a a next to it it means it was accepted and approved I wa alike OMG well we’re my money and why isn’t anything updating.. Well long story short supposed to ha e money sometime this week… Fingers crossed



    Filed 2/5/16
    Account Transcripts:2/12/2016
    Still not able to order return transcripts
    Still stuck on one bar on wmr :(
    Idk what to do I’ve been waiting forever with no information on my taxes!


    Ryan Christopher (My Advice if you are still in “one-bar-limbo”

    Hey guys, judging from what I’m seeing here – even if it has not been 21 days – CALL THE IRS – call the number that others have posted below and get an agent on the phone!!! They’re are so many hold ups this year and you don’t want to wait the extra time.

    Also someone had asked if it really takes an extra “2-4 weeks” after you clear up any delays/errors/codes .. Personal opinion – once you clear up the issue, MOST people are approved within just a couple of days after that it seems and get a DDD of 3-5 days from approval. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL! 2015 tax year (2016 filings) have definitely been the longest we’ve waited either (we’re DDD on 2/24, 2/29 being the absolute latest according to WMR) BUT the wait is ALMOST over thank god!

    Hmu with questions and concerns – I’m happy to help, I understand what y’all are going through. If I can assist, I certainly will! Most of my opinions/advice come from other people’s experiences of my own – I’ve read quite a few different threads on all different forums and have noticed quite a few patterns a although nothing is foolproof! Take care, sleep well, and rest easy! Just get in front of it and call the IRS “I’m trying to prevent any further delays” is what I’d say – if you get a dic*head agent that says they can’t help you until the 21 day mark (next Friday for most of us) then unfortunately you’re going to have to call back and wait again. But you’ll get a kind hearted person somewhere along the line – UNLESS YOU OWE THEM MONEY then GOD FORBID someone with a heart answers the phone!

    The IRS – if you owe US money, you go to jail! If we owe you money.. YOU CAN SIT ON YOUR FINGER AND ROTATE! Basically sums up 2016’s refund experience for most of us lmao!



    I filed 2/5/16 was accept on 2/6/16 after a few days bars disappeared and message saying refund is processing a due date will be provided when possible. unable to order transcript and get message to call number to order after trying to call and order… automatic saying irs system is down process cannot complete at this time…. everyone who has filed after me has received a return.. I’m trying to wait patiently but with no information very hard



    Hi so like all of you guys I filed my taxes 02-5-16. It was a decent return-married filing jointly with 2 dependants. Got accepted the same day about an hour later. Ever since then my WMR has shown 1 bar-“still processing.” I called TWICE last week and talked to two different IRS reps. I wanted just to make sure there was no errors or issues that would be preventing me from getting my dd refund. They assured me that they could not see ANY errors or codes and that I should just keep checking my WMR ( they couldn’t give me a DDD estimate) so I was a little relieved. Anyways so on Friday 02/19/16 I was FINALLY able to order my return transcripts-I thought good news and I should have progress the following morning with a DDD. Well because IRS is closed on weekends I decided to call 1 more time and see if they could give me ANY more info on my WMR. (I am really paranoid about this whole refund thing). So I called and spoke to an agent and guess what? They put me on hold to check my refund status came back on the phone and f****ing told me that there was a HOLD due to some issue in a following year. (Which there isn’t because I filed that year just fine) so he couldn’t give me any other info but told me to call this number 1 (866) 897-3315. I was so devastated and called the number listed. After a 30 minute wait I spoke to a IRS rep that said it was on hold and then after I clearly stated that I had filed my taxes in 2013(which was causing the hold) she looked into and said ” oh yeah you did” and said it was a “glitch” in the computer system. So she fixed it. Then she proceeded to tell me that everything was fixed but now I would have to wait an additional 2-4 weeks for the computer to “catch up” and process the return AGAIN. So yeah although it was the computers fault I got screwed after already waiting 2 weeks. Ughh!!!! I’m glad we are still getting our return and that I caught it before I waited longer and wasted time thinking it was still processing because it would have set us back even further! What I’m trying to say is if you filed 02/5/16 or 02/6/16 and it’s still on 1 bar still processing- even if you can order your transcripts-doesn’t matter call and call and call to make sure everything is ok. I thought I was all good to go to with ordering my transcripts but I wasn’t. With all the ID verification and computer system glitches it’s good to just make sure everything is processing and keep calling everyday. Call this number (800) 829-0582 it’s only a 15 minute wait to talk to a live IRS rep and they will help you. So does anyone else have a similar situation? Will it really take an additional 2-4 weeks to get my DD? I think it should take less time and they probably have to tell you that just to make sure. My WMR is still processing-the bars haven’t disappeared so I think that’s a good thing. It just makes me so upset that they don’t notify you right away if there is an error. I wouldn’t have received the “letter stating that there was a hold due to a error” until a week or two later-meanwhile thinking that everything was ok and that it could just take the 21 days to process. I talked to 3 different agents with in 3 days and two of them told me everything was FINE and then the last agent said there was a hold so just keep checking everyday!



    Still no update for me! One bar only! Filed 2/5, accepted 2/6 – was able to order return transcript 2/18 so expected an update but still nothing… So discouraging



    UPDATE: DDD of 02/24!

    02/06 – Filed and accepted
    02/19 – Able to order return transcript
    02/20 – Got a DDD



    Filed with h & r block
    Married file jointly
    Over 10k

    Filed 2/6/2016
    Approved 2/7/2016
    Able to get return transcripts 2/19/2016
    Finally 2nd bar updated 2/20/2016
    DDD 2/24/2016

    Good luck everyone this is the longest we had to wait, always get it with 5/7 days, and nothing changed this year. We always had updated on a Wednesday and get ddd of a Friday, this year we updated a Saturday around 3am central time with a ddd of a Wednesday



    Filed 2/3(received message that it’s was not accepting returns, system down)
    Accepted 2/6
    Woke up this morning to an update of another bar. My return is approved & I got a dad of 2/24. Says to check with bank if it’s not credited to my account by 2/29. It’s about time!



    Well no update for me I’m still in the processing stage still. Uuggggghhhj. I never had a problem ever. I just want my money hopefully it will update later on tonight and I will be one of the ones to get a ddd. I’m glad all who all got an update this morning…. Of an ddd date ????????



    I filed 2/5 and I’m still stuck on processing your return. I am getting worried since I;ve never had this problem. Would the IRS of sent me a letter by now? I’ve tried calling but cant get through. Any advice?



    I finally got a date all this waiting and bullshit …

    Filed 1/20/16
    Accepted 1/22/16
    I only had one bar the whole time then it said taxes are being process date will post when available I called the irs 2/10/12 they said I had no issue’s …I called them back next day they said I had to verify my I’d I called the number and I did 2/12/16 I got a date for 2/24/16 it was such a pain in the ass but finally is over now irs give me my money …..





    Checked this morning and I am finally at 2 bars!
    DDD by 2/24!…..Thank God!!



    Filled 5 feb and just got a DDD for 24 feb hope y’all get the same great news WMR updated at 3am eastern time


    Ryan Christopher (UPDATE) ????????????

    Deposit date of Febrary 24th for me!! Finally!!



    Filed on 2-5, accepted on 2-6.
    Finally updated to two bars .says my check will be sent by 2-22. And I did file single….


    Ryan Christopher (UPDATE)

    Well – it’s not much of an update and most of y’all have the same update as I can see – but as of last night, I was only able to order Account Transcripts.. However, at 08:36am today (Friday, 2/19) I was able to order the Return Transcript!! Even though the IRS claims that the transcripts have nothing to do with your DDD – I doubt that’s the truth – they’re just less liable by saying that in my opinion. Anyway, IM HOPEFUL! I think I’ll have a DDD by Monday morning (hoping for tomorrow obviously but I don’t know if the IRS updates WMR on the weekend…

    For those of you that have not read my situation; scroll down! This is my third post on this thread & my entire detailed situation is included in my first post which was late last night (Thursday, 2/18)..

    I hate being impatient but it’s the “one-bar-limbo” we’re all in that is driving me crazy! Sure, I could use the money as I’m sure we all could – BUT – I just hate worrying that something has gone wrong with my return, you know? All the ID Verification bullshit that people are going through. I truly feel for those people, it sucks. But I did mine through H&R Block, and they took both my wife’s & my own license and entered the driver license # so I’m pretty sure that if you put your Drivers License # then that prevents the ID Verification from being required .. Once again, that’s just my opinion – foeI know I’ve heard that the IRS claims that the “verification check” is “completely random”.. Lol. Oh well, that’s all for now – again, I will update y’all when I get my DDD!

    Good luck everyone!!! Hoping for a DDD before next Thursday.. Am I asking too much you think? Lol (filed & accepted 2/5/16) ..

    When the IRS finally gives a Direct Deposit Date, how far out is it scheduled on average?
    For Example;
    • if I somehow get “approved” today (2/19)
    what would my likely Direct Deposit Date
    be? Anyone know?
    Thanks in advance! ????

    -Ryan Christopher



    I filed on 2/6/16 it was accepted same day. I keep checking and said it was received on wmr and automated system, and that it is being processed. Lord … My sister and other people I know filed last week and got there’s back yesterday. Wmr site for only has one freacking bar , for days… Like I need my money like yesterday. And I still don’t have a ddd…



    Filed and accepted on 02/06. I was finally able to order my return transcript today. I’m crossing my fingers that the DDD fairies are good to me overnight.



    @mystify I too filed the same as you guys and expect a little over 8k and still mine was processed in about 5 days. Everyone I know that filed before the 10th tools forever n some r even still waiting




    After I post here, This morning, I was able to order return transcripts so maybe. Fingers crossed, tomorrow we will get a ddd :) we can just hope!



    Cynthia me too same dates and used HR Block + no movement. I called IRS but they won’t even get my info to check they just said to wait the 21 days ugh!!



    We filed with h & r block and have no updates yet, we are on one bar on wmr and is so frustrating, we have never had to wait this long, I’m just hoping to have a ddd tomorrow morning and my money by next week. Also nothing is different from last year :/ I thinks the Irs is just taking their damn time,but I need my money now!

    Filed: 2-6-2016
    Accepted: 2-7-2016
    Approved: ???
    DDD: ???



    I filed on 2/5 – still processing as of this morning 2/19; what does being able to order transcripts mean? Anyone have any idea why it’s taking so long? Could it be the fact that folks accepted around the same time as the system issues will have a unforeseen delay because of the glitch??? Also, what number are you all call to speak with the IRS?



    Filed and accepted 2/6
    1 bar wmr 152 topic since then
    Able to order account transcript 2/10
    Just finally this morning able to order return transcript.

    Xxxx fingers crossed for a ddd tonight xxxxxx

    (Pa refund says processed but not depositied)



    Filed 2/6
    Accepted 2/6
    One bar ever since with topic 152
    BUT was finally able to order return transcripts today *fingers crossed*



    I filled 1/20/16 accepted 1/22/16 I already went through all this b.s I verified my I’d on 2/12/16 I still have no updates or return date…..



    I filed 2/7 was accepted minutes after. still at one bar. my patience is growing thin :( I filed head of household one dependent not married 1095 and 1098. I hope its not to complicated for them


    Ryan Christopher

    @mystify – 100% with you – this year ESPECIALLY.

    Thanks for the link – I just checked and I’m still unable to get my “Return Transcript” for 2015, BUT I was able to order my “Account Transcript” for 2015.. Idk if that means anything or not but at this point, I’ll take it!! Haha

    Wish you & everyone else good luck – i won’t be one of the a**holes either who stops updating once they get theirs – once I get an update, I’m going to post it. Now that I gave in and posted – damn straight I’m going to follow through. Lmao, but I’m passing out for the night – hopefully it’ll update – rumor is WMR only updates during 1am-3am EST..



    @Ryan Christopher – I definitely agree with your post!! I have 3 dependents whom all reside with me. Soo what I receive a decent amount each year. I second that us who claim dependents & file as Married, HOH etc get the sh*t end of the stick! I have be lurking these types of forms for the past few Tax years as well due to the bulls*t the IRS gives me and this year is when I also decided to post due because I feel as if filers whom do anticipate on a decent chunk of change are put on the BACK BURNER & put threw hell to get what is rightfully ours while others are receiving theirs within a week (makes me jelly :p) I am not being biased or a hater, but being in a certain predicament I can certainly use the few extra bucks with out the WAIT…. DAMN UNCLE SAM, CAN I GET MY MONEY! Also. Ryan the following like is where you can order your transcripts:

    This year they are not providing online transcripts due to the IRS’s database breach. Last year hackers obtained a large amount of sensitive tax information… So now we have to wait for the fu*king mail man as well.


    Ryan Christopher

    Finally deciding to post on one of these threads.. Lurked long enough. Lol. Tonight I read one woman’s post from a few days ago who has almost the exact same situation as me and I think that it seems that those who filed anything other than “single” are the ones that are still in the one-bar-limbo. I know this isn’t 100% accurate but it can’t be a coincidence. Anyone with more than a few thousand coming back, with dependants, married, or some combination of what I just listed seem to be the ones that are being delayed.

    I filed _____ ;
    on: 2/5/16 (& it was received/accepted on 2/6/16)
    using: H&R Block (same agent for the past 5 years)
    as: Married-Filing Joint (also past 5 yrs)
    claiming: 2 dependants (only 1 dependent past 5 years)
    a VERY simple tax return.

    As of 2/18/16 I have one bar on Where’s My Refund, & it’s displaying Tax Topic 152 or whatever & that is IT! I’m thankful that it shows a bar as I’m hearing that some people are losing there’s & that means they need to verify ID which can add up to 9 weeks (even though most still received their deposit in a timely fashion after verifying according to what I’ve seen in the threads). My assumption is no longer paranoia assuming something went wrong – instead, it’s just that I filed Joint, with dependants, & I’m getting a decent amount back.. Still, f*cking sucks waiting!

    Also, as of 2/18/16 I am still unable to order my transcript on for the 2015 tax year. (I use the iPhone app usually but I can’t even find the option to request a transcript on there as of yet)

    For the last 5 years I’ve received my Direct Deposit Date just days (maybe 2-3 tops) after my taxes were received/accepted, & funds were deposited within 7-10 days.

    Think that about covers it.. Oh, and I’m from RI so I’m even more fucked because my state isn’t even past 1 bar. (Yes, Rhode Island has a similar system as Where’s My Refund) …

    Anyone responding to me – please include my name somewhere in the top few lines – “Ryan” or “Ryan Christopher” so I can see it if I’m skimming! Thanks! ????



    Filed w/ Turbotax on Feb 6th, 2016 @ 2:19am

    Accepted on Feb 6th 2016 within the hour.

    Approved: N/A – Still processing

    DDD: N/A – Still processing

    WMR still has 1 bar as of Feb 18th, 2016.. hopefully an update Feb 19th after 3am…

    Account Transcript: ordered Feb 18th, 2016.

    Return Transcript: UNavailable as of Feb 18th, 2016.

    This waiting process is unbelievable! I just hope it is not like last year, as I waited first 6 weeks, then another 8 weeks and spent an amazing amount of time on the phone with Tax Advocates who sounded High/Drunk!! I filed last year Jan 20, 2015 and received my refund March 23rd!

    I am praying for all us 2/5/ – 2/6’ers that we get something.



    I filed my return 2/6/16 at around 11am I got accepted at 3 pm I filed on he block. I checked status since Monday the 15 still on one bar. I chose the rac route so will be sent to her block them direct deposit to me. I was expecting 2/18 direct deposit date. I called her block hotline it said that my return was accepted on 2/6. And congratulations. My return is complete and awaiting direct deposit and I will be notified once it has been ant out for direct deposit to me No CLUE NONE MAKES SINCE



    I filed 2/12/16 accepted an hour later. I was able to order both transcripts 2/17/16 then at 1 am 2/18/16 wmr updated to approved with a mail out date of 2/24/16. I requested paper check




    Thanks for the response. Fingers crossed hopefully before.


    Still waiting

    Filed 2/5/16 and IRS accepted few hours later. Since then the WMR bar still shows processing. I was really hoping to get my refund by 2/19 like many others. So as of today 2/18 absolutely nothing!!


    scharmekia cyrus

    I filed 2/5/16 and accepted same day one bar on wmr I haven’t tried to order transcripts yet don’t know how but hopefully 2/19/16 is the ddd it is frustrating


    Jessica Wall

    Filed 2/6 and got a DD of 2/18, today is the 18th but no signs of it and no 3rd bar? Anyone get theirs today?




    I got the same DDD and i think we will get it on Monday or hopefully sometime this weekend.



    Progress!!!! after I was able to finally get return transcripts I now have a ddd of 2/22/ QUESTION: Is that completely accurate or will it be there tomorrow?



    Filed 2/5
    Accepted (confirmation remail received) 2/6
    Accepted (according to IRS) 2/8

    Taxact with fees to be deducted from refund
    DEP PRENOTE TRS Republic Bank 2/9 for $0.00

    Account Transcript 2/12
    Return Transcript – as of 2/18 @ 10:51 EST – N/A
    DDD – N/A



    Filed 2/6 and accepted 2/7. My DDD is today and SBBT still isn’t showing any received funds. I hope I see some activity before the weekend.



    Filed 2/5 one bar on WMR only able to order account trans with old address on 2/13 no movement hoping for an update on Saturday.



    I filed 2/6 and I am still at one bar this morning. I called irs tax advocate this morning and she said that it was still processing and that I had a refund anticipation date of 2/25. Hopefully everything will be processed okay! Last year mine was rejected because someone had already filed using my ssn! So I am very nervous this year of any glitches.



    Filed 2.4.2016 accepted 2.5.2016. Wmr tool is still on the first bar?? Been looking around reading and it says I should get my dd on 2.19 2016? Can I get it on the 19th even if the wmr tool is still on the first bar???



    Filed 2/5/16 using fta. Accepted about 20 minutes later around 2 pm.

    Wmr says received. Able to order account transcripts but not return transcripts.

    Was hoping for ddd of 2/19 per some charts I have seen.

    For those saying their bars disappeared I heard that means you have to ID verify through the irs.



    Filed 2/5/16. Still one bar on WMR. I order accounting transcript a few days ago but just now was able to order return transcript. Can this mean good news?



    Filed taxes on 2/5/16 IRS accepted about an hour later. Today 2/17/16 my refund status is still one bar and processing, no DDD yet! Frustrating, never have had to wait this long.



    I’m kinda confused here…I see where people are saying they deposit money on fridays. My friends got their deposit on a tuesday, one on a wednesday. I see refund charts are really different said 2/19 for filers of 2/5. One said feb. 26. Anyone know if there is a problem how long it takes for tax topic to show up wmr



    One bar on WMF ..can order account transcript for over a week, but no refund transcript. ..filed with H&R block …always had it back in pervious years in 7 days max…



    Filed mine 2/4 accepted 2/5 was on 1 bar till 2/13 then I got my ddd for 2/18 . We will see if it comes in or not . I also file head of house
    So I’m not sure If they are just being careful due to fraud threats or just take their good time but hopefully we all get our money soon .



    I filed on 2/4 around 11:30 pm EST and it was accepted around 1am 2/5. I could see the bars (only the first one was filled in) for the first day or two that said my return was accepted but now my bars are gone and I am getting a message that says “your return is still being processed. A refund date will be issued as soon as it’s available.” So, I have no idea what that means. All I know is I have no ddd and I don’t like my bars being missing. Hah. Has this happened to anyone else? Does this mean I am under review or being audited? If so, I wonder how long it will delay me getting my return? Any advice or tips to ease my nerves would be great!!



    Filed 2/6; accepted 2/6; still on 1 bar smh idk what is going on.



    My sister and I filed Saturday, February 6
    I file single, she files a joint married return
    My refund was approved Saturday Feb. 13 with a direct deposit date of 2/18
    My sisters still only says received- no other movement
    is it a difference in filing status or what? we literally filed within an hour of each other.



    I filed my taxes on 2/5/2016 accepted 20 mins later. I am currently still on one bar on wmr. I tried ordering transcripts today but only could order my account transcript anyone else have this problem? I swear it’s super frustrating when people that filed after me got their refunds today or DDD dates for this week and I still have nothing!



    @livstacy I am in the exact same situation filed on 2/5 accepted 15 mins later. Unable to order any transcripts until 2/13 able to order my account transcripts for 2015 but no return transcripts. A moderator in the main forum stated that it means we are “processing and once return transcripts can be ordered a DD will follow” hoping for an update tomorrow for DD on Friday or Saturday



    I filed on the 4th me and my significant other. I got a date for feb 18th DD . I want to know if its the single file status that are getting their refunds faster or what. Because he is head of household and doesnt have a date yet. Im so confused. Why would it have a date for mine and we did it the same day Im guessing because mine is single status and not as much as his refund? Anyone else with this problem?



    filed 2/2
    received 2/4

    no status bar change. only able to order transcript from old address. new address still not recognized. only 1 bar. no offsets or tax debts! pass 2 years I have filed I always got my money back within a couple of days. what is taking so long? only change from last year is my address and one new dependent. see people who filed after me or the same day as me has a ddd or already have their money back. so frustrating!!!!!!!



    Well I’ve been trolling long enough, and I’ve decided to post my status because now I’m getting anxious!

    Filed with Taxslayer on 2/5 &
    Accepted on 2/5 within 15 minutes.
    No movement and not able to order account or return transcripts.
    Then on 2/13 I could order account transcript, but not return, and still can’t order return transcripts!

    I know there are plenty of people who have had to wait much longer or are still waiting, but there’s also lots of people who are getting DDD’S who filed at the same time and days after I did! So seriously, wth?! I’m trying to be patient but desperately wanting answers! I hope nothing is wrong, although I don’t see what could be as we have filed the same nearly every year (w2 & 1099 income, eic for 2 children & additional child tax credit) with the exception of my son being born in April and adding him to my dependents!!! I really hope we will see some movement very soon! Good luck to everyone!



    Filed 2/4/16
    Accepted 2/5/16
    As of 2/15/16 1 bar tax topic 152



    I filed my fiance’s and my returns on 2/6 and they were accepted that same evening. Fiance received his return in the bank on Friday, 2/12. I can’t even order my transcript yet. WTH? Does anyone know if WMR will be updating today at all since it’s a holiday?



    Filed on feb 5th and today feb 14th still on 1st bar on wmf and still cant order return transcript only account transcript



    Filed 2/10
    Accepted 2/13
    Approved 2/14
    Ddd 2/19

    This is the fasted I’ve seen! Hopefully all goes as planned. Last year filed in February and was under review until october! It’s nice to still have my refund from last year to add to my new stash.



    Update: I have been unable to order any transcripts with my old address (mothers house) or my new address for the past few days. Would always get the error 2015 is not available to be processed for a transcript request. Well tried this morning around 12:05am cst and was successfully able to order my 2015 account transcript so I’m hoping this means I am processing and will be able to order my return with my new address within a couple of days.



    Filed: 2/6/16 Turbo Tax
    Accepted: 2/6/16
    able to order account transcript only on 2/12/16
    WMR 1 bar code 152

    My stomach is in knots over this. (My own fault…. I foolishly planned on paying for my daughter’s sweet 16 on March 5 with my refund)

    Hoping to see something with the next update?



    Tax accepted after 1:00 pm on 2/5/2016 checked WMR and the bar moved to the second level and I have a DD of 2/18/16. Hopefully I will receive before the 18th.



    I filed on 2/4 accepted @1130pm on the 4th. Nothing at all going on 1 bar on WMF and it has been stuck at 1 bar since Feb 4th, I dont know wth is going on in the past I had within 8 days of efile. I can get an acct transcript but no return 1 I have been trying to pull up both since last Tues I was able to get the acct 1 still not return 1 :(



    No movement yet on WMR only able to order account transcripts. Getting worried now. Many people filed on around the same date and many have the status updated already. First year it is taking this long. WE NEED UPDATES FROM SIMILAR FILERS PLEASE>



    accepted 2/6
    refund approved 2/13
    ddd 2/18




    I file late in the evening on 2/4
    Accepted 9:08 am on 2/5
    Still 1 bar on wmr & only able to order account transcripts:-(

    Last year got my refund in 5 days (using prepaid card) but I only had w-2 income, this year I drive for Uber so I had self employment income too :-(

    Hopefully I’ll see some change by Tuesday (cuz Monday is a holiday) if not I’m calling, screw waiting 21 days



    Filed 2/5/2016 received and accepted 2/5/2016. No movement on WMR as of 2/12/2016. Could order my transcripts 2/12/2016. Woke up this morning with a DDD of 2/18/2016. They can say transcripts have nothing to do with deposits cut its an awful large coincidence if it dosent.



    This is so super frustrating.

    I filed using TT on 2/5/16 around 12pm accepted 20 min later same day 2/5/16.

    Here we are 2/12/16 not a thing. WMR on first bar.. Reading that people have been getting refunds without any changes on WMR site. Looks as though some people have recieved theirs even some who were accepted 2/6/16 well thats some bush league crap.



    Okay, still no change on the WMR page, just 1 bar, with a Tax Code 152. Filed Friday 2/5, Accepted 15 minutes later.

    Last night, no luck ordering transcripts for the 2015 refund (not account)..
    Just now, 4pm EST I got this message trying to get transcripts by mail..

    We have accepted your request for a 2015 Return Transcript . Please allow 5-10 days to receive it. The transcript will be sent to the address we have on file for you.

    ..So my question is.. WHAT DOES BEING ABLE TO GET TRANSCRIPTS REALLY MEAN? On the WMR IRS site, in the FAQ, it says that it means NOTHING concerning actually getting your refund or a DDD.




    Since I was unable to order transcripts with old or new address I called and spoke with a rep who was really nice. She told me that being a victim last year of ID theft and e-filing this year with my ip pin and DL info from what she see I am simply processing so my transcripts are not available but no holds, freeze codes or a need to ID verify. She stated to give it 2 more weeks at the most for a refund. If no refund in two weeks call back in.



    Just wanted to update on tax return status:
    Filed through TT 2/5/16
    Accepted 2/5/16
    No update to WMR since 2/5/16
    2/12/16 able to order account and return transcripts prior to noon
    1:50pm EST- refund DEPOSITED to netspend account! WMR still no updated bars

    Good Luck everyone



    I filled on 2/6 and accepted a few minutes later. I tried last night to get transcript without success. But, just now I tried successfully, according to the IRD I will receive it between 5-10 days.

    I hope to be approved today or tomorrow.



    ok my wmr didnt update but i checked my navy federal account online and it says i have a pending deposit for feb 17!!



    I filed on 2/7 at night, i just called to order both transcripts and the automated machine said they would arrive in 5-10 business days. I want to know if I was successful because I cant order them online maybe theres a problem with the online system?



    @chelsea oh ok… yea let us know if 3 bars is showing for her. If not that means the site is not updating. Especially since she received hers



    @edwards1024 we filed thru the same person. Our boss is an accountant and does our taxes. I dont know if WMR shows 3 bars or not. Ill have to check it for her.



    Transcripts update throughout the day! Try checking this evening fingers crossed guys!



    Filed on 2/5 at 12:05pm cst accepted about 15 mins later still have the one bar on WMR tried to order transcripts with no luck.

    A friend filed and accepted on 2/3 received DDD on 2/10 for today 2/12.



    Tried ordering transcripts no luck either. Not available.



    Filed on 2/6/16 got accepted around 2-3pm. WMR is @ 1 bar no movement whatsoever. No money in bank either. Anybody knows how long it usually takes?



    just an update, I was just able to order transcripts right now.
    Not sure if that makes any difference.



    filed 2/5 accepted in like 20 minutes, was able to check WMR right after and still today 2/12 just 1 bar -____- waiting, and waiting

    No idea as of why still not approved.



    @chelsea … who your Mom file with? And is it showing 3 bars on the IRS site?



    So one of my coworkers received their taxes on 2/4 but her WMR stills shows 1 bar on the IRS site a week later! Looks as if the site is not updating



    Filed 2/6/16
    Still 1 bar on WMR as of today

    My mom filed the same day and hers was deposited this morning.



    I filed 2/5 with H&R Block and it was accepted before Noon. No DD as of yet and still showing 1 Bar… Hopefully we see progress soon. Really need mines by next Friday



    I filed 2/5 with H&R Block and it was accepted before Noon. No DD as of yet and still showing 1 Bar… Hopefully we see progress soon. Really need mines by next Friday



    I filed on feb 6th. Before 11 am. Theres been no progress on the h&r website or the irs website. Its super frustrating.



    I filed my daughters at 10pm on2/1/16 on HRB. Her DDD was Wed 2/10/16 and it went in on Wednesday 2/10/16. Success. It was her first time filing taxes.

    I filed on 2/5/16- HRB…accepted 15 minutes later and still on 1 bar on WMR.

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