For those who filed 1/29/16.. Keep us updated!

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    Filed – 1/29/16
    Accepted – 1/29/16 (23 minutes later)
    DDD – ??????

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    MamaB – Me too. Filed accepted 1/29 prior to 11 EST, still one bar…can not order transcripts..but as I said in an earlier response, I don’t put too much stock in them. I am not expecting a DDD of 2/5 anymore, but hopefully by the 12th :)

    Hope you get yours Friday!!!!



    Woke up this morning to a ddd of 2/10/2016………..



    Ange, I get so used to being disappointed when I check every year that when something changes I about fall out of my chair.



    @jesse read your papers for liberty, some liberty tax use different banks like sbtpg.
    Also, when you log in make sure you use the PRIMARY tax payers social, I have to use my husbands.
    Did you pay fees upfront? If so I don’t think it goes through the “middle man”



    @mamab I have a DDD for 2/5 I was approved last night going into this morning. Pretty sure I filed on the 28 th I think my liberty tax is using Republic bank as well. I can NOT login the Republic bank tax payer site. Should I panic and call them



    Still no update on WMR, but I’m still fairly confident in a 2/5 DDD since past years my account has been tapped by republic and 4 days later deposit.

    I’m not too worried, would love it by Friday, but I’m settled on next Friday.

    Filed TA 1/29
    Accepted within seconds, 1/29
    Cannot order transcripts as of yesterday (I’m not trying anymore since I feel it’s useless not being able to view online and ordering by mail just creates more work for IRS, I’m assuming)



    Oh and CA state refund status shows “We are unable to provide your refund status online.”.

    Been like that for a whole week.

    ANY CA residents with same problemo?



    Filed 1/28.

    IRS2GO app showed accepted the next day.

    Since then same ol’ “Is Being Processed”

    Incidentally the BAR doesn’t show up at the top no more.



    As long as nothing unexpected happens, I like the anticipation :) Checking WMR, transcripts, and Republic Bank…
    One of these times I’ll check and actually see something happening.



    To order a transcript, go to Under tools, there is an option to order transcript.



    Thanks, momjess! I won’t feel like such a crazy person continuing to check.

    TickTock- that’s awesome! It sounds like they’re having lots of bugs between WMR and the transcript ordering this year. I’ve seen a few people get deposits with no updates, too. I’d love a surprise like that.



    How can i order my transcripts?



    Thanks for the info :) I filed and was accepted at 8am 1/29. I’ve got a singular bar but know it’s coming soon enough.



    Woke up to good news!

    Filed/accepted 1/29
    Still can’t order transcripts
    WMR on second bar as of today and ddd of 2/5



    Ange – the transcripts update throughout the day. I tried probably 6 times throughout the das Monday and couldn’t order them, but then I could when I tried at 11p.m.



    Ange, I think transcripts are updated daily, but don’t quote me. If I remember right, I was able to get mine last year early in the morning, but had been checking all throughout the day every day, so assumed it was overnight. That said, I’ll continue to check multiple times a day. LOL!



    It has to be Saturday, right? I knew after not being able to get my transcripts yesterday, chances were slim to absolutely none I’d get an update this morning, but it was still like a punch to the gut. Tax time is the biggest emotional roller coaster. It doesn’t matter if you filed two days ago or two weeks ago, every second is an eternity when you’re waiting on YOUR money. Not to mention the fear the IRS puts in people. I’ve had a few times my refund was delayed. A few times when I filed early (totally not even worth it, because it seems you get delayed longer than waiting) and once with a tax credit form not being available. Outside of that, I’ve generally had my refund within 7 days of being accepted. When this year that’s not the case, I can’t help but start to panic a little, along with I’m sure everyone else who’s in this same boat.

    For those who filed before us who can’t feel our pain because they’re still waiting, now we’re in your boat seeing people who filed after us with DDD. I’d like to say I’d just forget about it until Saturday, but of course I’ll still check regularly for my transcripts. :D



    Sparkle – I am sure you are right :)



    Renee.. I’m sure we will see an update of Saturday morning.. Maybe they do it in order, idk. I’m really hoping that we wake up Saturday morning with an update. 3 more days, lol



    And still can’t order either transcripts—-not that I put too much weight in those anyway. Oh well….maybe by the 12th.



    @sparkle – Same situation…I guess there was a cut off somewhere?



    So happy for all of yo that got your DDD, just confused, I was accepted way before the 11Am EST deadline, I thought fr sure I would have had a DD of 2/5 as well. Right now, just one bar, nothing else…..



    Does anyone know if the tax transcripts post in real time or is a check it once a day kinda thing?



    I am hoping to see a update Saturday morning!! I was hoping that I’d see one this morning but had a feeling that I wouldn’t.
    I filed and was accepted after 5pm on the 29th..



    Woke up to ddd 2/5

    File/accept 1/29
    Return trans avail Monday night



    As far as I know, the account transcript was only good when we could view it online. There was a cycle code on it that would give you your DDD. Now, seeing how you can order your account transcript now and I can’t has to mean something. Maybe that becomes available once they start processing. I’m not sure.

    I get where you’re coming from, though. We went from our upcoming return being extra money to needed money when my husbands hours and pay got cut. Tomorrow wouldn’t he soon enough.

    From what I’ve read, Saturday is the next update. I’ve always had Wednesday updates, so I’m nervous that one is going to pass me up as well.



    Good morning,

    CONGRATULATIONS to all of those who woke up to a DDD. I’m still at one bar. But I’m happy for all those with 2.

    Everyone enjoy your day.



    lamo, I appreciate the info, but I know about the return transcript. My question was in regards to the account transcript, if me still being unable to order one has any meaning? I know it’s only been a few days but I’m beginning to get nervous. I hope something updates soon! Thanks for any info!



    Filed 01/29, accepted same day. This morning got refund approved and ddd of 02/05/16. This is hands down the fastest I’ve ever gotten my refund!



    Accepted r 1/29 @4:03 pm EST. As of this morning, no transcripts, or DDD.

    Charden, once you can order your return transcript, your refund has processed and been approved. Since the return transcript is an official tax record, it won’t he ready until you’re done processing.



    Well my bars are still gone.
    I was however, able to order my return transcript.



    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Order return transcripts 2/2
    Wmr updated 2/3 with a DDD of 2/5



    I filed and was accepted a little after 1pm on 1/29. As of this morning I only have one bar still, and can’t order either transcript. What is the significance of being unable to order an account transcript? Does it mean anything? Im laid off from work, and this is the first time we are truly dependent on the return, and of course it’s going to take forever!


    Lynn lo

    Filed1/29/16 , accepted 1/29/16 around 3pm. Was hopeing for a DDD today but still at one bar.. I usually always have my refund with in 10-12 days . I have a friend who filed and accepted on 1/21/16 and still at one bar also as of this morning.



    You guys were accepted on Friday 1-29-16 and you were approved Wednesday 2-3-16 five long days and have a DDD for 2-5-16 a whole grueling week you had to wait. Man it sucks to be you.

    By the way I am being sarcastic. But congrats on your quick turnaround, im thinking you were accepted at the end of a cycle.


    Gynyne Franks


    I’ve been following the post since yesterday as I was getting a little nervous about not having my refund by Friday. I’m a 29er, too, and with the latest update my return has been approved! Friday it is!!



    accepted-1/29 3:30pm

    one bar and tt 152



    Filed and accepted late in the day 1/29, bars disappeared as of this morning.



    Filed and accepted on 1/29. Just got approved with a DDD of 2/5. I feel like I’m winning



    there was someone on here I believe that was a 29er and she got her ddd of 2/3 on sat :) so you guys should be in this next batch along with me hopefully I filed wed the 27th….



    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/30
    1 bar, tax topic 152
    I was just able to order both account and return transcripts.



    I filed on 1/28. I made an oopsie on my return with the PIN number by using my number for my husband’s. I fixed it, and it was accepted on 1/29. I checked IRS 24 hours later and seen I had one bar. Fast forward to now, and I am still on one bar. I was hoping to get them this Friday but I don’t think I will. Will continue to post when I find out more.



    I filed on 1/28 was accepted around 1am 1/29 war only shows accepted. But this evening I was able to request 2015 tax transcript for refund. Hoping that means I have a ddd for this Friday :) finger crossed and can’t wait to see the webs day update in the morning.



    Filed and accepted 1/29, unable to order account or return transcript :-(



    @babyt.. That is so awesome!! What time did you file and/or get accepted? I filed after 5 and got accepted before 6



    filed 1/29
    accepted 1/29
    dd-2/2 @9:30 sooooooo happyyyyy



    Filed 1/29 at 8pm
    Accepted 1/29 830pm
    Just went to see if I could get my Return transcripts and it said they would be mailed in 5 to 10 days



    Hey everyone!
    I filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Still 1 bar on WMR
    I was able to order my return transcript today!
    Hope that means something!! ?



    First post of 2016 surprised I made it this far. Yeah you can order them online I think people mean the fact that when you click on “get a transcript” it only shows an option to “mail” it where as last year I believe it had an option. To view online or download or something. Idk maybe it does that after, however I can’t get mine at all so I wouldn’t know. I did file at 830pm cdt and get accepted minutes later.



    I filed and was accepted on 1/29/16 – as of today I can’t order either transcript. I still have hope by Monday 2/8/16 of seeing a DDD. I usually get my refund in 8 days. I will do my best to be patient.



    TT told me I was accepted on 1/29, called the irs today and was told that I wasn’t really accepted until 2/1. I’m swolled. But hopefully it comes ASAP



    I’ve seen that some people can’t get their transcript online. Yes you can. Use this link:



    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29 @ 1:07 pm CT

    Still waiting on DDD & have the single bar on WMR.



    I filed 1/29 at almost midnight, got the accepted email at 12:15a.m. 1/30, was able to order return transcript at 11pm last night (2/1). Hopeful for a ddd of 2/5 tomorrow morning.



    We need to get this party started in the a.m.! Lol.



    Agreed. The schedules give a baseline, but they also only give Friday deposit dates. I think instead of on 2/5 or on 2/12, it should say “by” 2/5 or “by” 2/12. Still hoping for the 2/5 boat, but if that one sails, could be the beginning of next week as well. Last year’s schedule told me I’d get mine on the 13th, and it was scheduled for the 6th.

    I really hope that’s true about the transcripts. I had a feeling they might be wonky this year due to mail only. I can imagine an online transcript would be available before a hard copy would be available for them to print and mail….hopefully. :D

    Here’s hoping this party gets started in the morning!



    Hey y’all! Just wanted to share my thought with y’all! So, we cannot go by the tax refund schedules that they have on different websites. Here’s the reason why:
    The earliest that those schedules have that people will get their refund is 2/05/16.
    People have received their refunds on 1/29/16 and also have a DDD of 2/03/16, which is tomorrow. So we for sure will be seeing people have a DDD for Friday, 2/05/16 and they will have that DDD tomorrow morning.
    By no means do I think that I know it all but everyone can figure it out! Those schedules aren’t accurate, as it tells you before looking at them and I’m glad that they are out there. For my curiosity as well as others.

    Another thing that I’ve been reading up on is that people that have gotten a DDD weren’t able to view their transcripts until recently (this morning and last night).. Some were able to and some weren’t.
    I can’t wait until I have a DDD and then I’m just gonna sleep until that day, lol. So, everyone, please keep us all updated tomorrow morning. Maybe we will have a DDD in the morning for Friday!



    I personally think, bars for 29th filers will be updated tonight for the first batch and Friday for the last batch.

    As I said in the other thread, every year republic bank taps my account with a faux deposit and 4 days later I have my $. I got tapped last night, so hoping for Friday DDD. I’m ok waiting until the 12 th, but the 5th would be nice :)

    I also think the way they changed the transcripts this year is changing the reliability of them. I hate you can’t just view online, mine aren’t available but I’m not going to check anymore, maybe it makes more work for them since all have to be ordered through mail, idk, just speculation.



    OK…..Was able to order both transcripts this morning. So I should get my return soon???????????



    Gm! Well at least now I’m starting to see a few of the early filers on the main forum are getting Deposits. So hopefully now that means they’re getting them out of the way and the ball is rolling.



    OK. I sure would like to have my taxes back, though. I’m sure everyone does, lol. But some people will wake up tomorrow with a DDD for Friday, the 5th. I was hoping that I’d be in it. Lol.



    It’s true. The return transcript is the important one. That means your return has finished processing and been approved.



    My transcripts aren’t available, either.. From what I have read, if you can view both of them then you’ll be in the next batch and get your return taxes next. How true is this?



    Absolutely no change this morning.

    Filed and accepted 1/29 through TurboTax.
    2/2 – Still one bar, tax topic 152, no transcripts available. Bummer.

    I know the early filers are rolling their eyes at us now, but hey, early filing doesn’t guarantee you an early refund. I’ve had horrible luck filing early and usually get delayed longer. I was also in the group a few years back that got hung up over the credit form — it was so traumatic, I blocked out which one it was. I can’t help but be antsy after that whole debacle.

    Still holding out hope for a DDD before the 12th granted the charts aren’t showing the between dates, like the DDD for tomorrow a lot of people have.



    Filed Taxslayer early morning 1/29.
    Accepted a few moments later.
    Had one bar yesterday.
    Went into WMR this morning and bars have disappeared.
    No transcripts. Generic Tax topic 152.

    Was wondering if this happened to anyone else?



    You should have it at least by the 12th.. Maybe on the 5th. I see that people are getting approved on Saturday and their DDD is on a Wednesday.. And some people have a DDD on a Friday.. The 29th being the first time that some people had gotten their refund. So we will be seeing people that have a DDD on Wednesday’s/Friday’s. But, everyone is different.



    went through HRB online filed 1/29 late in the evening. got a text early on 1/31 that it was accepted. would love to have the taxes back before the 14th



    I had gotten a text message about 23 minutes after I filed that said:

    HRBLOCK: Congrats! The IRS has accepted your return. We’ll notify you when your Refund Anticipation Check funds have been loaded onto your Emerald Card..

    As you can see, I filed with H&R Block, lol. I’m in Mississippi, don’t know if that makes any difference but who knows.



    Hi everyone,
    I am in the same boat as everyone else. Filed 01/29 and accepted 01/29. 1bar with topic152. This is the latest I have filed so not sure what to expect. Hoping for DDD 2/5 but might be holding my breath lol.

    and the waiting begins for us 01/29 :)



    Hopefully we’ll know something by Saturday!!



    Filed and accepted on the 29th. Still nothing-just one bar.



    Accepted – 1/29/16
    SBBT – Expected Refund amount
    Nothing else



    Filed 1/29/2016
    Accepted 1/29/2016
    nothing else……………..



    Yes, it sure does. Haha.. :D I had already checked to see but I’ve deleted all my emails from that time. I don’t even know if I had gotten approved from last year, don’t remember seeing a DDD but one day I woke to an email and it said my funds had been transferred. Lol. Good times!! I really was hoping that this morning I wouldn’t woke up to one saying that I was approved and the money would be there on 2/05 but nothing. I know I don’t need to worry or anything because it hasn’t even been a week but after I filed, I got on here looking for answers, lol.



    I still had the TurboTax email from last year saying my return was accepted, then was able to find an old forum post of when I got my DDD. Then I checked my bank account from last year. Tax time brings out the detective in all of us. :D



    How do you check when you were approved? Maybe I should do that too, lol. But yes, fingers crossed!!



    I just double-checked for last year. Accepted on 1/30, DDD updated on 2/4 for deposit on 2/6, but received money in my account on 2/5 via SBBT through TurboTax. Fingers crossed!



    It would be nice if we had it by the 5th of this month but it’s not very likely. Know we’ll have it by the 19th, 21 days from acceptance date. Last year,I filed early on January 13th, and had my money on a Friday, January 30th. I think last year they started accepting on the 20th.I can’t exactly remember when they accepted mine last year but that was last year!! Lol!! I have very bad anxiety and can’t wait until I have it, lol. I will update everyone and I hope y’all update me!! :)



    I was just logging into start a thread for us. :) Filed 1/29, accepted 1/29. One bar, tax topic 152, no transcripts available. I was hoping the “schedule” would hold true for a 2/5 DDD if accepted by 1/29.



    Filed with taxslayer 1/29 accepted few min.later
    As of today 2/1 I just have the one bar with tax topic 152.
    I’m not really expecting to know anything for a few more days at least. I feel like people accepted on the 29th will see ddd of around 2/8. It would be nice to be surprised with an
    earlier date.



    I was hoping to have it back this week, too, even though I filed & got accepted on the 29th, after 5pm.



    I filed with TT on the 29th and was accepted just 30 minutes later that day before 11:00 am, but still don’t have a DDD yet. I was hoping to get it this week, but it will probably be next week with my luck.

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