For those who filed 1/29/16.. Keep us updated!

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    Filed – 1/29/16
    Accepted – 1/29/16 (23 minutes later)
    DDD – ??????

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    My update. Filed 1/29
    No bars no movement and no transcripts (return or account ) lost bars & tax topic a few days before 21 day. Called irs got few Different answers so I called the tax advocate and got a case. He called me 2/24 am and told
    Me I needed Heath care forms. I faxed them
    That day and he called me back later that evening saying the Irs is processing again and it will take 4 weeks. Read on the fb groups that some advocates wernt being very helpful and don’t check n or even answer their phones for their clients. Today I called and be answered on the 2nd ring. He told
    Me the the forms had an error and the irs fixed it and I will getting a letter soon & then he stated he’d be contacting me on the 11th to make sure I have my refund. Fingers crossed!!!!



    I efiled 1/22 and still have not seen any movement after replying to a letter via fax on 2/17. No updates what so ever. Besides they did u date my address I know because I have been trying to request a transcript. Unsuccessful so far, but my address is correct. I have called the irs 3 or 4 times and cannot seem to get any closer. :/ stressed!



    Anyone with any updates??
    I filed 1/27 was told by IRS it was accepted 1/29
    waited my 21 days, they just said it was still processing, kept calling was told I was under review and it may be 3 weeks before I know anything, kept calling and now they say I’m in wage verification and that a letter might be sent out and I’d have to wait 45 days from date of letter (Feb 5) that may or may not be sent out. Anyone else in same boat or close to it?



    1/29ers have been awful quiet lately…Did everyone get their money??

    I was finally able to req my transcripts on friday 02/19. Got a DDD of 02/24 on sat am. Still nothing showing in my bank acct, so we will see what happens in the morning. Hope everyone else got theirs…



    Update, just got off the phone with a nice man. He said my return was sent to the errors department & I’ll be getting a letter soon and then after I send eveything in that they need it will take 6 weeks for them to approve it and then after they approve it.. It will take 6-8 weeks to get my refund. Oh well looks like I’ll have it to just Intime to pay off my cruise in September. Next year I think I’ll go to my parents tax man and stay away from filing myself. Glad I got through to some one was on and off the phone with in 7 mins. What a headache this has been, but kind of relived I’ll can stop checking wmr and this like crazy. Hope everyone gets theirs soon!



    Filed 1/29 with turbo tax
    Lost bars and lost tax topic Monday night/ tues morning.
    Haven’t been able to order account transcript, haven’t tried a return one since I can’t get the other one.
    Mine says your tax return is being processed in regular font and then in smaller says a refund date will be provided when available. I’m going to call soon.



    I was able to talk to a helpful lady this morning who was able to tell me that something was missing from my return. She can’t tell me what but that is why my return was being held. I filed with Turbo tax and went through every step so I am not sure what is missing. She is putting in a referral and they have 3 weeks to send me a notice. But I have no offsets just something missing.



    FINALLY able to order my return transcripts…still no update on the WMR page, but the wording changed to “We have rec’d and it is being processed.” Still no DDD but I feel like i’m making a little process. Today was my 21st day also. Keep your heads up everyone, they keep those refunds forever…



    Filed 1/28 accepted 1/29. Lost bars a week later as well as tax topic on WMR with the message “your tax return is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available” 2/19 WMR wording changed to “we have received your tax return, it is being processed” and I can finally order my transcripts. Hope others got some news today that was in the same boat is me this wait was a pain, but it seems to be almost over for me thank goodness



    @ Gary

    Filed/Accepted: 1/29
    WMR: Updated 1/30 – 1 Bar – TT152
    Account Transcripts: First Available on 2/5
    Return Transcripts: First Available on 2/12
    Lost Bars And Lost TT152: 2/13
    WMR Message Now Reads ” We have received your return and it is being processed”

    When I first lost my “bars” and “TT” I called to try to find out information as to why this happened. Well, the rep wasn’t really any help. She just said she realizes I may be use to receiving my refund in 8 days, but this year they are taking the full 21 days in most cases. She said she did not see any issues.

    So I waited a few days to see if anything would change. I remembered last year I lost my bars and I got my DDD the next day. Well, I wasn’t so lucky this year.

    This past Tuesday I decided to call back and just see if I could get someone willing to help me. Luckily, I did get a very helpful and knowledgeable rep on the phone. Even after I told her that I was accepted on 1/29 she still asked for my name and ssn so she could look up my account. She asked me if I owed any back taxes and I told her I did not. Then she proceeded to tell me that according to her records they were offsetting my refund due to back federal taxes from the tax year 2013. She took the time to completely explain how it was from a jointly filed tax return that year, my husband at the time left off an entire w2 so there was an overpayment. She said since they don’t receive w2s from employers until around summer they did not catch it until then and now the overpayment including fees and penalties were owed. They took all of his refund and the remaining balance from me. Apparently, I am responsible for the debt even though I had no dealings with the tax return he filed my name electronically, but I never did see what he had filed.

    So, losing your status bar and your TT can mean that your taxes are being offset for federal back taxes. It makes since that your status bar would disappear when they have finished processing your return, but they haven’t approved your refund yet. I am thinking the TT152 disappearing must mean they don’t know if you will be getting a refund at all so the information about HOW you will receive it isn’t relevant anymore.

    Once they deduct the money owed to them if you still receive a refund the TT would come back. Once your refund is approved your status bar shows back up.
    * Gary, I’d go ahead and call tomorrow. Maybe wait until a little later in the day just to give them more time for processing and so that you get the most up-to-date information about your return for the day. Thursday is the IRS’s first day of the week and they do a great deal of processing on Thursday and Friday and update Saturday morning.

    I called today because I wanted to know if they had already deducted payment from my return and applied it to the federal tax debt. This rep wasn’t nearly as helpful as the last. He wouldn’t tell me anything for certain because he said I still have one day to process and for me to call in the morning. He said he wasn’t able to inquire on my account until the 21st day.



    I too filed on 1/29 and was accepted within minutes. This week I lost my bars and tax topic. I called the IRS today and was told I needed to wait until after 21 days were up And since that is Saturday and the lady couldn’t tell me if they were open on Saturday she told me to call on Monday). I couldn’t get any more info. Hoping tomorrow brings good news on WMR for me and everyone else who filed 1/29



    My DDD was set for today but i got my deposit yesterday around 2pm. Good luck everyone!



    @ Everyone still waiting

    If you were accepted 1/28 – 1/29 and still don’t know what is going on go ahead and call later today or especially tomorrow afternoon. Today is a big working day for the irs to process returns.
    However, if you can order return transcripts your return has finished processing and they can tell you if your getting a ddd or if they are holding your refund. No guarantee they will tell you why they are holding it.

    Not to scare anyone, but I see a pattern showing that if you can order return transcript, but lost bars yet still have tt152 its a review. At least that’s what the IRS is calling it. The question then is what kind of review? If they see no letters coming out they are running back through the computer. If its a manual review that’s a bit more thorough, but return can be looked at and be fine as well.

    If you can order return transcripts, lost bars and lost tt152…Its very possible this is due to a federal offset of back taxes owed. I am going through this right now. In the past it caused no delay. This year its causing a week or two delay. Well, IRS rep said 1-2 weeks and tgey always tell you longer than it should actually be.

    Our 21 days is up on tomorrow!!!!!



    I filed both 1/29, was accepted minutes later. Called irs # this morning and only had to wait 12 minutes lol. Said they actually didn’t accept it until 1/30? Was told that it was put back into “circulation” and would take a week longer than expected but could not provide an answer as to why. Said I should check WMR link and hopefully have new info by 2/27?! I have no bars, no codes except for the TaxTopic 152 and still a message saying refund is being processed and a date will be provided when available. The amount of my refund did show back up on the left hand side under my other personal info and the amount of the refund has not changed. Ugh!



    Just an update
    Filed 1/29
    Lost bar and lost tax topic Monday night.
    Can’t order Any sort of transcripts. Figured I’d call next week sometime it I don’t get anything in the mail.



    Hey, just updating everyone..

    Filed & Accepted 1/29/16
    Approved 2/13/16
    DDD 2/18/16

    Checked at 12:30am and nothing.
    NOTHING PENDING!! Before 5, I had the money posted to my account!!

    Good Luck everyone!!



    i was acceptied on 1/22/16called on day 25 due to holiday and was told a letter was sent out on the 4th I of course received that after the holiday as well. I had to send a 8962 form for the healthins and a back page of the 1040 if amounts changed for them. they did not want it amended. now lets see . last year it took a week and a half.



    Checked again today hoping for some kind of sign, but nada. 152.. still processing.. cannot order transcripts.



    Still no bars or tax topic or anything. Filed 1/28 accepted 1/29. The 21 days are very close now



    OK so my bars disappeared but still have tt152. Called yesterday and was told that my refund has been under review since the 27th of January and I filed the 26th -_- but my bars just disappeared Saturday. Anyone have any viable answers to this nonsense?



    I filed 1/28, but was accepted on 1/29. I was approved on 2/13 with a due date of 2/18. Nothing is pending yet. I was hoping that since I have a Netspend card I would get it today, but I am glad to at least have a date.



    I filed 1\29\16
    Ordered return transcripts 2\12\16
    Bars disappeared 1\13\16
    I’m lost???



    Same thing here. Filed 1/29/16.
    Accepted 1/29/16.
    This morning at 3 am my bars were gone and a message saying they are processing my return was there. Still tax topic 152. Can’t order return transcript.



    Any one in the same boat? Filed 1/29 up until this am had one bar and Tax topic but now the bar and tax topic is gone! It says your tax return is being processed a refund date will be provided when available.


    Rob S

    Filed 1-29
    Accepted 1-29

    I’m still not able to order transcripts and the still only one bar. Called 2-13 and talked to someone. He said there is nothing in my file. This is the longest I’ve ever waited



    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 2/2
    Woke up Saturday 2/13 to a DDD of 2/18
    Nothing pending in the bank as of now (BB&T)
    Just happy to have a date!!



    Just updating. I posted Friday.

    I requested transcripts on Friday and Saturday morning check WMR and got a date of 2/18/16 to receive my refund!



    Can anyone order any transcripts? Does it matter if you can or can’t get them?



    Filed and Accepted 1/29/16 still no update. One bar tax topic 152. I called the IRS on 2/11/16 to see if there were any issues, the guy assured me it was just taking a little longer than usual and I should see a DDD for this week by Monday. Nothing yet. Hoping for a DDD soon.



    Nothing for me yet. No update or movement on wmr can not order any transcripts: BUT I filed turbo tax and on Saturday I got an mail saying thankyou for using turbo tax to file 2016 taxes & on the bottom it said in small letters still haven’t recived your refund yet? Click here to find out where it is. There was no new info or anything but I’m hoping fingers crossed that thankyou email means I’ve been processed BUT still can’t order transcripts.



    Still no return transcript, no bars, no tax 252, no ddd, no updates at all since the day I filed my taxes. Filed and accepted 1/29



    I haven’t received my refund. I filed 1/28, Still waiting and hopeful for a ddd this week.



    Am I the only one that hasn’t received the tax refund yet? lol



    YAY!!! Finally got a DD for 2/18.

    To everyone still waiting, be blessed and I pray you get your money soon.




    Wmr has a dd now! Went from one bar to two today, says 2/18/16 it will be deposited into my account. Was hoping for Wednesday, but I’ll take it!
    Good luck!



    Well, not really an update but I tried to order my return transcripts this morning and it said not available. I just tried again and it is saying that my address is not the one they have on file. Now the address I was using previously was my old address, so I’m not sure what this means but it’s the first thing I’ve seen happen since I did my taxes on turbo taxes.



    Update… I filed thru H and R block on 1/29, 6 pm. I found out yesterday they didn’t accept my state until the 4th. Anyway I checked WMR just now and there is FINALLY movement and a DDD. 2/18 to be sent to my acct, and it also says give it until 2/23 for bank to actually show it in my acct – and if it’s not there by then, to call. Also have a new tax topic related to offsets .. I called the number and it says I owe KY $100 for when I worked there in 2011. That’s it though. Looms like many of ya got updated over night, glad to see it finally.



    I called the IRS on 2/12/2016. I was a little concerned that I would have to verify my ID. When I called, I lied and told the rep that I did see a direct deposit date of 2/9/2016 and now I don’t. I said I also waited until Friday just to see what happens. The rep was nice and said let me check. When she came back, she asked me toverify my address. Then she placed me on hold. When she came back, she said my direct deposit date is 2/18/2016. lol. anyway, I was able to order a return transcript and I do see the ddd on wmr. (I don’t feel bad about lying…they have been lying to us too)



    Filed 1/29 received 20 minutes later. No movement tell yesterday when I could order refund transcrips. Woke up and I have been approved with a ddd of 2/16.




    Filed 1/28

    IRS accepted 1/29

    Called Irs 2/10 and was told I was randomly selected for review and should be delayed 2 cycles (obviously just to buy time)

    Able to order both transcripts on 2/12, not even acct transcript was available before this (new address this yr)

    WMR updated to 2 bars 2/13 with a DDD of 2/18

    I have never waited longer than a week for my refund. So glad the wait is over. Good luck guys!!



    No update for me. No deposit pending in acct. and no transcripts. :(



    Filed/accepted 1/29
    Account transcript 2/5
    Return transcript 2/12
    Woke up to a 2/18 ddd
    Refund is pending in bank account





    I also have the same message and no tax 152, or my transcripts.




    Filed 1/29 no bars till this morning FINALLY DDD OF 2/18



    WOOO HOOO! Just checked and got my DDD of 2/18.

    Filed 1/29 got accepted the same day. Nooooooo movement since that date. Checked this morning and the bar FINALLY moved. 2/18 is my DDD.

    So all of you 1/29’ers we finally made it



    So here is my situation…I filed on 1/29 was accepted maybe 10-15 mins later…was stuck at 1 bar until about the weekend of the 5th and then the bars and tax topic disappeared..I was able to order return transcripts…I called to see if I needed to verify my identity they said no they didnt see anything on/wrong with my account. Friday the 19th will be the 21 days I still have no bars or tax topic…this is the first year anything like this has happened.



    Holy Jabronies! Finally got approved and DDD is set for the 18th! Thank you! Good luck to all! Will post if it hits my bank sooner!



    OMGosh!! So saw most were able to order return transcripts this morning so about 11am MST I tried. Finally let me get them ordered! Just checked WMR at 2:20am MST and I now have a second bar! And a DDD of the 18th! Seriously. ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME !



    No update for me and still no transcripts available. No bars still and no tax topic 152. Wtf!



    Filed with h and r block on 1/29, 6 pm. Accepted sometime that day, for both state and federal. Haven’t had movement on the WMR beyond the first bar. Have tax code 152. Today I checked status of state refund and it was processed on 2/4, and said it would be credited within 7 business days, so guess it will be Monday at the latest for that. Had an offset last year so I think I will probably be waiting the full amount of time this year. Which will be this comingfp Friday so at least it’s only a week out. Wondering if perhaps my federal wasn’t accepted until the 4th, like my state? Maybe that has something to do with it as well. Haven’t called to check, nor have I tried to order transcripts.

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