Filed and Accepted on 1/29 UPDATE here!!

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    I filed on 1/29 and was accepted with tt 152 automatically. Last uear tt 152 didn’t come until after you first update with your ddd. Anyone in the 1/29 club get a ddd yet?

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    I never got a letter either. I did talk to someone though. It didn’t help. I was told to wait. Here’s the number I used.

    1-800-829-0582 extension 352

    If you get any Infirmation other than “hurry up and wait” I’d love to hear it as in in the dark to.








    I was accepted 1/20 I’m in the same boat. Have you gotten any sort of letter yet?


    Michigan mama

    I was accepted 1-29, called at my 21 day mark and was told everything was fine, an error on their end. Two weeks after that I called again and they said a letter had been mailed. I finally got a letter March 13th, I had to send in my w-2 and 1099s to verify how much my withholding was. The letter said it would take 6-8 weeks from when they receive my response to the letter for me to get my refund. So frustrating. My income hasn’t changed in the past 10 years.




    I filed 2-5 and accepted 2-6. The bank rejected my refund on 2-13. I received a cp53a letter in the mail on 2-26 stating why the bank rejected my refund it was because of mismatched name. It also stated it would take 8-10 weeks for me to receive a check in the mail. When I called the IRS they told me it would be May 12th when I get my check. I got tired of the run around, so I got me a TA. Good I did because she told me they are also holding my refund because of the education credit I claimed. She asked me to faxed over my t-tax statement to show how much tution I paid. Also, I had to fax over my hardship to show proof I am having a hardship. I faxed everything to her on 3-9. But, on yesterday I called her to see if she got my information I faxed in she told me she did and she expect to hear from her either on the 30th or before the 30th. My question is has anyone else experience this or going through this now too ?






    Accepted 1/29/15 Still nothing. No letters, nothing.

    I have called tons of phone numbers and can never get to a real person.

    No transcript yet either….

    Anybody else?


    Ashley O

    MONEY is HERE, da Money has HIT…


    Ashley O.

    My money hit SBBT and I had an offset from 2010 for a whopping$102.96.. Really folks a whole $103 dollars…. The state of Louisiana isn’t playing. LoL.
    They got their money and it looks like tomorrow I’ll have mine. I’m taking some for Crawfish and the rest goes into my daughter’s savings account. I wish I had some exotic fancy plans but with our TOPS program bankrupt this year and next year’s return is the only way my child will get to ULL… Hope the rest of all get yalls too. Finger’s Crossed.



    Everything I have read points to that same conclusion. My transcripts also have March 02. Last year my cycle code was 20140603, and I received my refund on Monday the 10. This year, mine is the same as yours 20150602, and all sources point to Friday & I am hoping that is true. WMR has not updated for me either, but seeing that 846 refund issued code is so great!



    Did some additional digging on cycle 20150602. Based on what I’ve read elsewhere 2015 is the year (obviously), 06 is the 6th week of the year, and 02 is the second day of that week. Based on that information people are predicting a DD date of Feb 13. Hope they are right!



    Accepted on 1/19/15. Transcripts just became available today. WMR still has just one bar. My cycle date shows 20150602. Unfortunately I have a code 846 “refund issued” with a date of 03-02-2015. I really hope this doesn’t mean I’m waiting until March 2nd for a refund. That would be 4.5 weeks from acceptance…



    Transcripts finally updated today. All 4 available, cycle date of 20150602, 846 refund issued code. All numbers correct. Have not seen an update on wmr but am so thankful to know Im finished processing.



    Any 2/6/15’ers get a ddd yet


    Ashley O

    @texasmama and Jenna C
    I would say that No News is Good News. The people that found themselves being reviewed and having to send in additional paperwork were notified. Many of the 1/28 fliers were unable to view transcripts and WMR had yet to update while their refunds were deposited. Also some of us 1/29 were not actually accepted till 2/2 even though our preparers sent us confirmation emails stating we were accepted the same day. Keep the Faith- I’m keeping my fingers crossed for y’all. But I will say- call the Offset Hotline- the people answering the phones tend be more helpful. Fib a little. Tell them you have an offset but without an amount or you already have a DDD and you checking that you do not have an offset. They then will confirm or deny that you have an offset and give your correct DDD if hey can see it. Some people might fuss at me for telling you to fib, but manners and niceties go a long way when speaking to any of the Reps.



    What really stinks is that even people who are up on their 21 days cannot get any information on what the problem is. I have seen where they have even been told it is going to take an additional 21 days. This is beyond ridiculous. We can wait it out, if no update before 21 days is over, then likely still not get any information on the hold up. That is plain scary.



    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t had any updates! Transcripts are still 0’s (no 2014 on top two transcripts). WMR still at one bar. Called the IRS this morning and spoke to a nice woman who said my refund is just processing and not being reviewed (thankfully).



    Still nothing here guys. I was able to see account transcript at the beginning of last week, I believe. Still says the same thing now that it said then. All 0s & 2/23/2105 date, meaning I was most likely not actually accepted until the 2nd of Feb. Last year, accepted on 1/29 & we had our refund on Feb 10. I was cycle code 20140603 last year, anyone know if that has any effect on what this year’s may end up being? I have seen literally NOBODY with 06 in their cycle code this year. Took 12 days last year from the 1st day after I filed/accepted, till I got my refund. 11 days as of today & no signs of it coming anytime soon. I cannot even begin to imagine the stress that early filers are under.



    Filed 1/29, supposedly accepted 1/29
    On Friday or Saturday, I Got a DDD of 2/11
    I can see the Deposit pending for tomorrow night 2/10
    Bank NFCU



    Im thinking we can start checking tmo morning. It says By the 11th . So hopefully We’ll All be smiling Soon!


    Ashley O

    We are ALMOST there… SO EXCITED.. It’s better than a Gold Brick Egg on Easter Morning. Got my Crawfish pot all shiny, burner set up and full of butane. All I need is the Crawfish….


    Michigan Mama

    Filed and accepted 1-29, federal still says processing. State refund under review. My mom filed a week after me and alread has a DDD of 2/11. This is frustrating!!



    Filed and accepted 1/29/15….nothing since. Able to see link transcripts 2/6/15 but were blank… date at top says 2/23/15…no cycle code



    2/11 ddd, second bar showed up today. GA still has the 30 day message.



    Anything new for us that filed and accepted on 1/29????? I’m stuck in limbo also and frustrated! My sister also filed later on 2/3 and got a ddd of 2/11… BILLIONS BACK AMERICA MY ASS


    Ashley O.

    I ain’t bought the crawfish yet- but I’m cleaning the pot and testing the burner… Sista Girl we about to eat Good Good….



    WE Are In There!!! 2/11/2015 L.a. is in The House!! Finally-Kmsl!! Enjoy Doll! Thanks for All your Support!


    Ashley O

    Look at what I posted for rara890711…the same could apply to you. Hope it helps


    Ashley O

    So sorry! Saw that you got a DDD! Yay! I must have not seen your update. LoL


    Ashley O

    Keep the faith- you could be in tonight’s update…. Keep in mind regardless of which prepayer you used there is no guarantee of when the IRS received your taxes. You have some options-
    1.Call the Offset hotline and see if you have an offset- this could be a hold up. You would be susprised the number of people who have offsets and have no clue. I was one of them(2010- really?)
    2. Call the WMR hotline and fib and say you had a specific date given
    3. Call the Tax Advocate agency and see if they could help.
    Regardless of who you call be prepared to be on the phone for an hour up to an hour and a half just holding till you can speak to a live representative.
    Best of luck to you and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.



    @ashley o I used h&r block online this year. I can’t view my transcripts online because of a theft indicator


    Ashley O

    Just b/c your tax preparer sent you an email that you were accepted on 1/29 doesn’t mean the IRS accepted your filing on the 29th. You will need to pull your transcripts to find out.
    TT likes to send immediate responses to customers but that doesn’t mean it’s true….
    Keep the faith as long as you didn’t lie to get a HUGE refund you should be good.
    I’ve never heard of anyone getting the dreaded 146 or 148 Tax Topic but a lot of people are getting reviewed. It happens…



    I filed was accepted on 1/29 and nothing… still one bar.. I can’t view transcripts.



    Filed: 1/29
    Accepted: 1/30
    Cycle: 20150505
    All Transcripts available 02/06
    WMR updated 02/07
    DD date 02/11
    Bank Account Now
    Will let u all know if it deposit or deposit early. So happy!



    FINALLY!!! DDD 2/11 for me! Updated last night :-D



    This is very nerve wracking. I filed and was accepted 1-29. I went to sleep last night just knowing I would have some sort of update today……..and we’ll I got nothing. My friend filed 1 hour before me and she received her dd on 2-6. An example know what may be going on. Only generic tax topic on wmr and no offsets.


    Ashley O

    DING DING DING- winner winner hot dog I just got me some dinner!!!!!!
    I got a DDD…..wooooo whoooooo. It’s 2/11/2015… Apparently TT sent out fake “acceptance dates” b/c my taxes weren’t accepted till 2/2/2015 putting me in a completely different cycle…. One week is a SUPER SHORT turn around….
    Now I’ll just be stalking my bank account come Wednesday… LoL



    Exact same here. From everything I’ve read, I assume we did not actually get accepted until 2/2 which would put us on different dates entirely. It’s so crazy. I did say in another post that last year, our “by” date was 2/24 & we updated on WMR on Saturday, Feb 8, & received our money that following Monday on the 10th. I am so hoping that this year follows that same line. Our date by date is 2/23, like yours, so let’s hope they update us over the weekend for a ddd for next week!



    Filed 1/29 with TS. Accepted a mere few minutes later on same day.
    As of this morning, still 1 bar on WMR with code 152

    Didn’t bother looking for transcripts until a few minutes ago:
    Can see my return and account trans w/ refund amount and code 846.
    Cycle date of 20150505 and a deposit by date of 2/23/2015 (which means they didn’t actually accept them until 2/02 and not 1/29????)

    Next week deposit, maybe? When will WMR update?




    Was able to access my account transcript this morning with a bunch of 000s, rest are N/A (wage still reads no return filed). Did I file into the weekly? Does this mean I won’t see another update until NEXT Friday?

    I filed 1/29 and was accepted same day. I’m hoping we get another update tonight because honestly, waiting until NEXT Friday with a DDD probably not until the week after that is right bullshit.


    Ashley O

    I’m locked out of my transcripts- maybe this is a good thing maybe this a bad thing. At this point who knows? Its too cold down here in South LA for me to concentrate… To the 1/29 filers who can see their transcripts CONGRATS-very happy for you.. I’m still pouting since I have no way to find out if I have an update or not. So far the time being I’m going to pretend I can see my transcripts like the rest of yall and go on blind faith that I will receive my refund like yall on Wednesday.



    Filed/accepted 1/29, no DDD, one bar on WMR.

    Update as of 2/6 – 2014 transcript now available! Still nothing on WMR, but hopefully will be in the batch for Sunday updates. Keeping my fingers crossed.



    Omg!!! I needed that laugh.. I am on the floor cracking up! Kmsl!! @ like the saints season.. that was a Good one! But anyway i got my transcript this morning. See if you can pull yours! Hopefully :)


    Ashley O.

    Yes the Struggle is Real down south in the 337 too. No update, No movement, No nothing. Just like the Saints Season. LoL
    I was so hoping for something but I got NOTHING… I did see a couple of “dead cycles” get DDD’s but not me… Last year I was done within 10 days and I ended up getting a paper check due to a routing issue…. Here’s hoping for movement by Sunday… FYI- Bart did say it’s just a rumor about Piggy-Backing. Have a great day…. I’ll be monitoring thru the day but WMR is already updated for the day so I’ll won’t have any news till Sunday or Monday….



    @ashley O
    Thanks So much for helping out. The struggle in La is real. It’s rough. Lol I don’t think it’s true for people with “Normal” Returns as I’ve always gotten Fed back and State much later. but this year I have an offset. I owe them for Something they mysteriously rejected from 2010 . So they might piggy back mine. I wish they’d just take it out and refund the rest and be done with it. Then I’ll investigate 2010 #CluelessInBR



    @brandy 2/19 is the 21 days after you filed your refund. that’s why they told you 2/19…(standard answer)


    Ashley O

    Are you referring to the “Louisiana Tax Urban Legend”? I have no idea- I’m hoping it was just idol gossip… I posted on the ask Bart section but so far no reply.



    Ok so I called the HR Block number 18004726525 and spoke with a representative because I have not received a ddd and cannot get transcripts. I have had no movement on WMR except processing, she said that my return was accepted on 1/29 and the IRS has approved it I should have my refund by 2/19. This just goes to show that the WMR tool is a crock to keep people from calling the IRS in my opinion.



    Ashley O.. Please Don’t tell me that..



    Right there with you!! Filed and Accepted 1/29
    Stuck with NO UPDATES. no transcript. Nothing. They could At least Update us..smh #Frustrated& Annoyed



    Filed 1/29 TurboTax Accepted 1/29

    One bar on WMR tax topic 152 as of just now

    Unable to see transcripts as of just now

    Cycle dates on past returns seem to be putting me in the 05er weekly cycle. I checked past transcripts and all other years I have always received my refunds on a Wednesday. Hopefully we will see an update Saturday morning on WMR with a ddd of 2/11/15. Hopefully!!



    I know I am annoyed myself… Filed and accepted on 1/29 in the morning est. I am still waiting no update to WMR and I can not see the transcripts. I see people who have filed 4 days later getting updated and getting their ddd and here I sit.



    Filed and accepted 1/29. One bar “accepted” on WMR, return transcripts state “n/a” for 2014. I filed a simple return, not sure what the hold up is, but it does suck to see people that have filed after already have a DDD :(



    Filed with TT on 1/29 got accepted 1/29 one bar 152 tax topic transcripts still N/A. This sucks! Sister got rejected then fixed hers on 1/30 and has a DDD for 2/6. Nothing changed in my household so I really don’t understand why many 1/29ers are stuck in limbo:(



    Still no update for me either. Transcript still has all 0’s, filing status, and says by feb 23, 2015. No cycle date, nothing.. Saw a lot of people who updated this morning to 2/9.



    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Transcript LOCKED OUT:/
    WMR updated 1/29 One bar
    DDD No update

    Somebody needs to help me understand this. I helped my manager file her taxes on Mon 2/2 and WMR was updated to reflect DDD 2/06. Her money was in her account this morning. Her tax return was more complicated then mine.

    My tax returns are standard with nothing special. I believe I was an 05 last year and WMR never updated past the first bar. I will see what happens on 2/06. Seriously just amazing.


    Ashley O

    Any Louisiana people getting their refunds? I’ve never heard this before- but last night a group of Mom’s at Dancing were saying that Louisiana taxpayers don’t see their refunds till their State has been processed… They said we “piggy back”… So I gave that a lot of thought last night- could this be true? I normally get my federal and state within 72 hours of each other but being that Louisiana didn’t start processing till yesterday could this be the hold up or is this just an Tax Urban Legend?


    Ashley L.

    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Transcript avail 2/2
    WMR updated 2/3
    DDD 2/6

    I filed through taxact and I just checked my status with republic bank (fees being taken out) and they received my refund and have deposited into my bank account (federal credit union). So at 5pm tonight ill have it :-D Good luck everyone!


    Ashley O

    Well- I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping for some sort of light at the end of the tunnel- but a last nothing. No update, No movement, No transcripts… I’m a little perplexed by this. Our refund was a whole $36 more than last year. No big changes and yet nothing. Super Happy for the ones that received their DDD’s and refunds already- just waiting for when I get mine.



    Looks like on my transcripts which there are a bunch it has a date of 2/23 e filed also anyone know when I should receive my dd



    Hey was digging around & looking at dates. Last year our transcript showed 2/23/14 & we got ours on 2/10. This year, the date says 2/23/15 so maybe we will get an update for 2/9 dd? Ugh, I hate feeling greedy when so many people are still with any news at all.


    Ashley O

    Sorry, I got slammed at work… Just now getting a free moment. I’m assuming that “us” that are on the “weekly cycle” will see some sort of update overnight or Sunday morning. I’ve received my DD for the last 4 years on a Friday. I’ve never been lucky enough to receive mine in the middle of the week.




    When do you think us “weekly” filers will be able to view our 2014 transcriots and get an update?



    Sorry for prev typos*****

    Filed & accepted 1/29.. WMR has 1 bar.. I am locked from transcripts!!!!



    Filed & accepted 1/29.. Emt has 1 bar.. I am locked from tramscripts!!!!



    Got a ddd of 2/6 this am. One week turn around for me this year!!!




    If you look back and notice you are processed on the same day code (you have 05 on all of yours) I believe that means you are on a weekly cycle update. I am not 100% on this, but I have read some others who also have the 05 code and are saying they are weekly. I cannot look at my own older transcripts because I can’t seem to get them to email my username, but my husband’s are all 05 also and we filed joint this year with him being the primary so most likely if I wasn’t an 05, I am now. Also, I noticed I usually get my refunds in the middle of the week.



    I was accepted 1/29 through Turbotax and still nothing…1 bar and no transcripts!!

    Do I still have a chance of getting my return 2/6 like yall??



    Filed: 01/29/2015 with as I use them every year
    Accepted 01/29/2015
    One bar on WMR on 01/30
    Able to view transcripts on 02/03 with an 20150502 code
    Woke up this AM 02/04 with WMR showing 2 bars and DDD of 2/6

    Much smoother this year ;) Good Luck Everyone 



    Filed and accepted 1/29/2015 was able to see transcripts yesterday with cycle code of 20150502 woke up today with a dd of 2/06 thank god



    Filed/accepted 1/29 just got ddd 2/6



    @ashley O
    How do u know if you are weekly? I am 1/29 filed and accepted but no transcripts or movement yet. My last three year cycle codes are 20120505


    Ashley O

    Super Happy for the ones with DDD’s.. No luck here. No action on the transcripts either… I am still hopefully being that today is Wednesday and tonight we will have the weekly “big” update. Fingers Crossed…



    Still on processing here, able to view account transcript, but, no codes, and no cycle date.
    Filed/accepted 1/29



    I filed 01/29/2015 at 9:55pm Arizona time and was accepted at 10:49pm Arizona time through TT.

    I have a question. looking back at my last seven years–

    That i am processing on the same day .. I believe prior to 2012 eight was the start of the new week being Thursday. So this must indicate that I should have an update on Thursday night into Friday morning? Can anyone tell me the logic on this ?



    Filed on the 29th about 3:30 pm and this morning ddd 2/6/15.



    @faith….same thing here…smh….does anyone know if transcripts update throughout the day or only over night



    Filled and accepted on 1/29. Was able to order transcripts on 2/2 with a cycle code of 20150502 and 846 Refund issued. WMR finally moved for me this morning with a DDD of 2/6 which is what I was thinking based on the cycle code. Good luck to all :)



    Filed and accepted 1/29. Nothing other than the first bar on WMR, no transcripts showing other than 2013 and before.



    Filed 01_29_2015 @ 11pm.
    WMR updated last night, DD by 02_06_2015.



    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 6, 2015.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 11, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    SWEET! Good luck everyone!



    Filed 01/29 accepted 01/29 just updated ddd 02/06!



    Man….filed and accepted 01/29…no transcript one bar wmr…not happy at all



    Filed and accepted on 1/29- transcripts still not updated.



    I got My Update this Morning im also a 1/29 Filer.! Got a Refund Approved Bar with a Direct Deposit Date for Feb 6 ! But I see a lot of ppl already have there’s in the bank as of Now while I’m just sitting and waiting on my NetSpend card…..



    @going crazy ….. I had trouble signing in too. I never got the email with username either. Then finally the next day I tried again and it sent it to me.



    I’m going out of my Mind! Like everyone else I’m in need of my $$!

    Accepted : 1/29 turbo tax with fees taken out.

    I have one bar on WMR and can’t view transcripts. It tells me to call identity protection or just says no. I can’t remember the user name. Tried retrieving it, but it never sends email for reset!

    Nothing complicated with my return.

    Any Ideas / Info ?



    Filed and accepted 1/29 still no transcripts and only one bar.



    Filed and accepted 2/29 still no transcripts and only one bar.



    How do you know if you are the “weekly” update ? I’m really confussed by that and the last 2 years my transcript code ended in 05. Can’t remeber what day I received my refund. Im going to be pissed if I have to wait another week just because I’m in some weekly update club…. How the hell do I get out of that if I am in it lol


    Summer Blessing

    I filed and was accepted 1/29. WMR shows no updates (still at one bar), but I was able to order transcripts this morning. I got a cycle of 20150502 and the 846 refund issued code. I wasn’t expecting things to happen this quickly! I have been reading through the forums, and people are saying Friday should be the day.



    @renee: Did you try to order your transcripts by phone or mail? It will let you if your tax return is processed, and if you are locked out of your online transcripts.



    Money just went on my netspend card as well. Still don’t have my card :(



    How do you look at you transcripts?



    Mine was just loaded on my netspend card about 30 min ago!! Still don’t have my card tho!!! I filed and was accepted 1/29 with turbo tax but wmr never updated passed processed! How long is it taking ppl to get cards?



    Still no update filed 1/28, accepted 45 mins later. Still one
    Bar on MWR. Locked out from getting my transcripts. I am actually dumbfounded, file with Tt the past 7 years and have never had this problem, I always have a ddd by now. SMFH.



    Filed and accepted,,late. 1\29
    Locked out for online transcripts,, but am now able to order through the mail…



    Is anyone else still waiting for their netspend card in the mail? How long does it usually take?



    So get this, filed and accepted the 29th with Tt 152
    No updates until the next day which was weird it said my acceptance day was the 30th on the my block h and r site.
    But I have an email saying I was accepted around 6 on the 29th, idk that was weird but haven’t been able to order transcript since the beginning so I tried again this morning and it told me to call the identity verification number and I did and they told me that for some unknown reason I was accepted on the 2nd instead of the 29th or the 30th.



    Update: My coworker was just able to get her transcript. We both filed on the 29th. Mine is still not avail. I have an offset. She has no updates in wmr yet.



    Filed and accepted 1/29 able to order acount and return transripts this morning. Hoping for an update tomorrow.



    Filed and accepted late evening 1/29, nothing yet. I tried to refrain from checking trans, but failed. I locked myself though because I entered last years address first thinking it might not have my new one in the system yet….lol Oh well. Hoping for an update tommorow morning, as I’ve only ever saw updates on Wed and Sat mornings (for me anyway) in all my filing yrs.



    Billinpa you got a DDD for tonight???



    Filed 28th accepted 29th with all my transcripts available and expecting a DDD tonite.



    How do i check my transcriptS?



    Both myself and my sister filed and accepted 1/29 through TurboTax.

    I’m still sitting at nothing on WMR and transcripts, but I believe we’re weekly processing.

    She hasn’t gotten approved in WMR but transcripts show 846 code and cycle code of 20150502, so I’m guessing Friday DDD?

    Oh and both returns have EIC and mine has education credits as well. :-)



    Filed and Accepted 1/29 via TurboTax
    Still no transcripts or update on wmr

    I did go into my transcripts and check my cycle date for last year and it was 20140605. Not sure what that means for this year.



    Still nothing. No transcripts or any other movement here either



    Anyone else still not able to view their transcripts??


    Ashley O

    Just checked WMR and still at 1 bar, with TT 152.. I’ve been looking at the discussion for 1/28’ers and so far I didn’t see anyone with a confirmed DDD. Hoping that WMR will update tonight and we will have some DDD’s. Fingers Crossed.



    It is not true about first time filers…. You will get in when they process it. I filed on 1/29, accepted on 1/29. No transcripts as of this morning.



    Is it true first time filers won’t get a return until May?? I’ve tried googling this and can’t find anything about it…everywhere,says I can expect refund within the 21 days. I figured mine would,take closer to the 21 days, not months?! Can someone,please help clear this up??

    I am also still unable to view transcripts :(



    I just got my transcript and it has a processing date of 2/23 for my refund and a code 846 (which I assume is the code for refund)



    Filed and accepted 1/29, still at 1 bar but was able to get return transcript 20150502. Last year I got my refund 8 days after I filed, hoping it’s the same way this year.



    I am able to now view my return transcript I have cycle code 20150502 my record of account is not available yet I think that’s where the 846 code would be. Correct me if I’m wrong. What does this me??????



    Have any of you been able to view transcripts? I was finally able to view mine a few mins ago with a cycle date of 20150502. Is that feb 6th? I filled and was accepted on 1/29. Wmr still on 1 bar..hoping for a 2nd bar in the am..will keep you all posted :$)



    @mlh 1st time filers usually don’t receive their first refund until atleast may 27th



    Same thing. I was approved about 10 minutes of filing. One bar, the 152 tax topic…so pretty much the same as many of you.



    Anyone approved yet?


    Ashley O

    Itching for some sort of an update but being that 1/28 filers haven’t had an update yet pretty sure we won’t get one until them.



    Filed and accepted on 1/29 using TurboTax. Tax Act 152. I have one bar on WMR, no movement or DDD.

    I have a quick question, being a first time filer, will mine take longer to process??



    Filed 1/29 accepted within seconds. One bar on WMR. Transcripts still N/A. Filed with Taxact.



    Filed 1/29 accepted an hour later. Same here 1 bar on wmr



    Heather..really? I hope so..on the wmr app it said by Thursday for 1 29 filers..



    I was also accepted and filed on 1/29. According to this years “refund schedule” we should get our refunds on the 4th or by the 6th but no updates to WMR so who knows



    nothing new for me either, filed and accepted on the 29th, 1 bar, checked the bank and no incoming transactions..
    no access to my transcripts
    “We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) ”



    I filed and was accepted 1 29…Immediately had 1 bar on wmr as well..still can’t view transcripts but will keep tryin..I’ll keep y’all updated



    Oh and I filed through turbotax if that makes a difference.



    Filed 1/29 accepted a few hours later. No update here either. Cannot view transcripts. Just following to see when we might start seeing updates. Hopefully after people who filed before us, we will follow.



    Accepted 1/29
    Filed 1/29

    Still 1 bar. Unable to view transcripts


    Ashley O

    As for updates- I’m thinking as soon as the 1/27 and the 1/28 filers receive updates we should be next. FINGERS CROSSED



    You have to go to the IRS website and check “WMR” to see the Tax Codes listed. If you just check from the App you normally won’t be able to see the codes. I know I’m not able to see the codes from my app only when I go to the actual site.



    I filed and was accepted on 1/29, still have no DDD. What is and where can I find the 152 code?



    Same here with turbotax…


    Ashley O

    Filled and Accepted 1/29
    TT 152
    No movement on Tracker nor do I have a DDD.



    Still no updates



    Filed and accreted by 9:30 am eastern standard time on 1/29. No transcripts, no movement.



    Nothing yet :/ and I have an offset, so I’d at least like to know how much additional wait time I’m facing



    I filled and was accepted on 1-29…no updates or ddd yet..



    I also filed at was accepted on 1/29. I got a code 152 as well. No DDD as of a minute ago.

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