Filed and Accepted 2/5 going NUTS!!

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    I am going to go crazy soon….. I filed and was accepted immediately on 2/5 and have gotten nothing still 9 days later. Still just the “we are still processing your return…blah, blah, blah…topic 152….I can not order transcripts still… What the heck. This new system blows!!!!!!! I as well as countless others just want a ddd. I know that there is thousands of people filing everyday but still.. The process isn’t new. We have been filing taxes for years and you would think that this would be a simple process by now. Being told that they are “STILL PROCESSING” your return and it will be there by 21 days(if the IRS feels like it) is ridiculous….you might as well say …. we will get to it when we get to it now go sit down and be quiet. Ok Off my Soap Box…SORRY just very frustrated….

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    TaxAct- Filed and accepted immediately on 2/5.
    WMR showed 1 status bar for a couple days and then the status bar went away completely and said my return was received and being processed, refund date will post when available, blah blah….. As of today 2/19, WMR bars are back and it says my refund has been approved will be sent on 2/23. I will post back when i actually see the money, good luck everyone.

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    Mary Jones

    Filed/ Accepted 2/5

    Was on one bar until last night 2/15 update… bars disappeared.

    Same thing happened last year. Took almost two months to find out my returns went into unpostables. Didnt get them back until June.

    Praying this year is different!

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    I filed on 2/4 and I recieved the “accepted” email on 2/5 at 1:20 pm. Tonight (2/11), I was able to download my transcript and the cycle date says “20140703″. Not sure what that means, but I’ve been reading other posts that says it means a DDD of 2/17. With that said, I do not have a verified DDD..only hearsay from others as to what my cycle date means.

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    Got a ddd for 2/22! A couple hrs ago on WMR
    File/accepted 2-5.
    Still not able to order transcripts

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    Aimjay same here! Woo hoo!! Now the count down! My husband leaves for training so this I’d a sight….now to post when we get it! Fez i actually grew fond of ya waiting together lol….oh there its always next year

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    Finally got my DDD of 2/21!!!!!!!!!! Thank God!!!!!
    @jessica13 I hope you got yours today too seeing we both seemed to have the same information….

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    Filed and accepted 2/4 with turbo tax
    – 2/15 @ 1 am(pacific) was able to pull up transcript
    menu with my new address so I knew it was
    processed. Only would come up with last years
    address prior to this. Didnt have to order.
    -2/16 got a deposit date for 2/21! Hell yeah!

    Head of house hold. One w2, 2 kids, earned
    income credit, child tax credit.
    Hang in there guys, it’s coming! If your all legit
    you got nothing to worry about.

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    jessica13 maybe us calling yesterday made some progress because I like you could order transcripts this morning!!!!!!!!!! YES lets keep our fingers crossed that means a DDD is soon to come. Anyone who got to order transcripts how many days did it take to get DDD???

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    I was FINALLY just able to order both transcripts!!!!! I think we are moving in the right direction!!! I am so happy about this…now just need a DDD

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    Filed & Accepted on 2-5, processing until 2-14 when WMR changed to processing will recieve a date when available, a few mins ago was able to order account transcript but not the return, hopefully this means a DDD soon, any similar situations out there??

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    Filed at 12:52am on 2/6
    2/8 or 2/9 got the topic 152 message

    I have been processing ever since without any further change.
    I cant order either transcript as of about 5 minutes ago…not sure what to think, I have heard that the fact you cant order either transcript is actually a good thing because it in fact means you are still processing and not under review, etc. I am starting to lose my cool, calm collected self :)

    I just want to wake up on of these morning with a DDD, I even had a dream about my direct deposit date the other night – which is just so very wrong LOL!

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    hey aimjay Thats exactly what I was told today…that even though I was accepted on the 5th I was however not began to process till the 7th. So there must be some truth to this….I was also told to look over the weekend or by Monday for an update. I would say you and I are getting exactly the same message….that isnt a bad thing at least!

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    Ok called today and here is the story I got…despite the fact I received conformation that my return was accepted on 2/5 my return was indeed accepted not till 2/7 and it is “still processing” that I should check back over the weekend or Monday or Tues……Oy Vay……I will try to be patient….I will try to be patient…….I will try to be patient….

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    Still Nada…..Can’t even get into website right now(won’t load) ..Mobile app says the same old bull. This is just Ridiculous… SIGH

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    Same here. Filed and accepted 2/5 (10pm)
    2/6 or 2/7 showed processing.
    2/7 or 2/8 topic 152.
    Haven’t called.
    Can’t order transcripts

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    same thing.. filled n accepted 2/5 an this one damn bar appears and disappears

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    filed 2-4 accepted 2-5 then today i call and she tells me accepted 2-6, i asked if there were problems with my return, she says no, everything has been verified im in payment venue whatever that means, im still on processing never got a ddd

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    I called amjay…got the 21 day speech and hung up on!! And i was cordial….not now im pissed

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    I haven’t called yet, because if I get the 21 day speech I will probably be put on the government watch list…JK…LOL

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    Shoot i haven’t even got off the one bar!

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    same here…i filed/accepted 2/5, approved 2/9, finally got irs lady to give me ddd of 2/14 then wmr shows me 2/15 this morning. i’m so confused and sick of the lies.

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    I’m in your boat as well….filed 2/5 accepted immediately….and have the 21 day with the tax topic 152 for days now….i also cant order trans. Feel like I’m gonna scream soon !

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