Filed and Accepted 1/23

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    Post here if you filed on and were accepted 1/23. Want to see how many have DDD and how many don’t.
    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    DDD ????

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    2-15 11p.m. lost bars a few days ago still no dates 152 there. Was able to order transcript 3 days ago but still no change on where’s my refund.



    Ok so I called a number for irs. Played the I filed the 21 in reality I filed 1/23 with TurboTax accepted as per turbo tax 1/23. 1/24 I could log in and see my bar as accepted on wmr. 1/25 bars went away and tax topic 152 came up and processing. As of today no change. Sat will be my supposed day 21. Now I call irs BS and say I filed 21, he checks and says well your return wasn’t accepted until 1/29. So obviously with the shut down they had I was recycled. So now if we go by that my 21 days per irs would be the 19th and not thus saturdat… so who knows any more it’s weird.



    I hope so Bre. I called the IRS today and got through to someone and they were not helpful at all. Said I need to call Saturday if I haven’t received it by then. I’ll update whether I do or don’t.



    Same as you Gerald… Filed and accepted 1/23. Ordered my account transcript on 2/5 and haven’t been able to order return transcripts and still on the first bar.

    Turbo tax says I should get my refund by 2/13 and that will be 21 days.



    I filed 1/23 got accepted same day. WMR is STILL on Accepted. Still not approved. SBTPG still not showing that they’ve received anything. Also I cannot request Return Transcript either. Anyone else in same boat?? What is going on???



    BMarie I’m in the same boat, hopefully we update soon. : (



    I used Free Tax USA and my return was accepted on the 23rd. All
    I’ve ever seen on the WMR app was my return is being processed.
    Checked this morning and the same darn thing! This is frustrating.
    What could be going on??? Any help or suggestions would be
    greatly appreciated!



    Filed 1/23 Return Transcript 2/5, DDD 2/10



    I filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Bars disappeared 2 days later.
    No movement still says processing.
    Code 152
    Can’t order transcript for return only account. I’m bummed.



    Just wondering anyone who filed with Turbo Tax get and DDD of 2/10/16 see your founds received by Santa Barbara tax products group



    @kay I wouldn’t worry to much, if you are able to order both then you can expect a ddd by Wednesday at the latest! I’ve filed in 2013 my wmr never update and I woke up on fen 11 while in vacation in nyc with an extra 6k….. Didn’t see it coming. So if you can order try to relax you may wake up to a very pleasant surprise? Keep hope alive peeps money’s coming soon!!!! Most people are due on 2/12 so expect updates! They are coming!!



    Filed jan 23 and here it is 2/8 and still no movement. I was able to order my transcriptson on 1/6 but the bar still hasn’t moved.



    Filed H R Block Deposit to Emerald Card
    Account Transcripts: 01/29
    Return Transcripts: 02/05
    WMR Refund update: 02/06
    DDD: 02/10
    Refund to account: N/A



    I filed and accepted on Jan 23. Today is Feb 7 and still at one bar. I see everyone else is getting a DDD of Feb 10. I still can’t even order transcripts. Should I worry that I’m being audited or something? I had a simple basic return WTF is going on? Beyond irritated at this point.



    Filed 1/23 was accepted minutes later (using hr block ) Finally was able to get transcripts on 2/5. My refund was then approved when i checked at 3am on 2/6. DDD for 2/10! Hoping for a surprise tomorrow morning though… Gl to the rest still in limbo.



    For the 1/23 filers with a DDD of 2/10, it does say BY 2/10… Last year I received mine before the “by” date. I am praying we wake up to a nice surprise on Monday morning, especially if you use NetSpend. ????????????

    For those of you who haven’t had any movement yet, I know it’s frustrating, hang in there… You should get something very soon ????



    @Angel You’re not alone. I’m on the same boat.

    Filed & accepted on 1/22
    WMR bars disappeared 1/28
    Called IRS to verify identification 2/4

    Transcript still not available. Checked WMR this morning and nothing.

    Very frustrating!!



    Woke up to a DDD!

    I was able to order return transcripts last night, so, I’m on the bandwagon that once you are able to order a return transcript you will be issued a DDD the next day.

    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Ordered Return Transcripts 2/5
    Received DDD 2/6
    DDD 2/10



    I filed and was accepted on 1/22.
    I am still on one bar and cannot order transcripts. My new address is not working. Put in my old address and my info came up but 2015 return transcripts were not available.



    accepted 1/23. was able to order return transcripts 2/5. Woke up today to see refund approved and to be deposited 2/10.



    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Woke up this morning to two bars. Had an offset where they are taking out some money.
    Ddd 2/10

    Let’s hope they really deposit the money



    WELL I’m mo glad someone is getting their stuff .. mine on the otherhand still has had zero movement .. so if anyone is still waiting please post a little encouragement for me lol.. let me know im not alone! Lol

    Filed accepted 1/23

    Acct trans 2/5

    No return trans




    Follow up from yesterday.. Filed on 1/23 was able to order my return transcript 2/5 and not it shows a DDD of 2/10 as of today, 2/6…. And with that, I will see you all next year, lol.


    Ashley L

    DDD 2/10!!!! Now the countdown to Wednesday! It’s hubbys birthday too so a good day indeed!



    Filed 1/23 accepted same day, woke up to a DDD of 2/10



    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Ordered Account Transcripts 1/30 (which cam e blank yesterday)
    Ordered Return Transcripts 2/5
    WMR just updated with a DDD of 2/10



    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    WMR bar disappeared soon after
    Successfully ordered return transcript 2/5
    Got DDD this morning of 2/10

    Have large refund, Self-employed, EIC, Child Tax Credit, and American Opportunity Grant.



    filed/accepted 1/23
    finally could order return transcript yesterday.

    couldnt sleep, logged into WMR & found this:
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 10, 2016.




    wmr updated this morning and…….tada Approved finally DDD 2/10
    filed 2/23
    accepted 2/23
    returns ordered on 2/5 man great to see this gl people!



    filed on 1/19 had a topic 152 come up and accepted by IRS on 1/24. Still at first bar. no DDD yet. Was just ablet o go on irs website and order both return and account transcripts by mail. im hearing that is a good thing ?? any one else have this issue and have filed same day as me ?



    Filed 1/22 H&R Block
    Accepted 1/22
    DDD not yet

    I was able to finally order both my transcripts a few mins ago via phone!!! Hoping WMR will give me a ddd in the am!! =)



    @chelsea this is the first year I’ve tried to get my transcripts, but, from what I’ve figured out this year, if you are able to order your return transcript then the IRS has completed processing your tax return and you should be getting a DDD in the next day or two.



    filed and accepted 1/23
    1 bar on WMR
    code 152

    Hoping this is good new though, able to order return transcript & have not been able to up until now:
    We have accepted your request for a 2015 Return Transcript . Please allow 5-10 days to receive it. The transcript will be sent to the address we have on file for you.

    I know there’s a big difference of opinion of folks on here on whether that means impending DDD or not



    (Not the same Kimberly that was approved 2/4)
    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Initially 1 bar in WMR, on 1/29 it changed to no bars and the “still processing….refund date when available” message.

    Was finally able to order both transcripts this morning, but no change on WMR. Hopefully we’ll see a DDD of 2/10 soon.



    I’m not sure of how significant the return transcript is but I can tell you that I got a DDD the day after i was able to order it.



    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    DD 2/10

    Offset,EIC,married, education credits



    Wow..I am happy for you in the 23rd who have Ddd. I am stuck in limbo tt. Called yesterday and got a very nice rep..even though my 21 days were not up yet she looked into my account. No flags..nothing negative. Just stated that I should see some movement soon. Only thing she could think of was that last year I got held up due to moving in 2014 and address was not updated in their system still. Stated it may be in a quick review for 3 years due to this. But still stated should be released within the 21 day span. So I sit and wait…lol



    Filed: 1/23
    Accepted: 1/23
    No DDD

    Only have one bar on WMR..

    I was able to order my return transcripts today but I don’t understand why it is important? Can someone fill me in?



    I tried to order my return transcript last night with no luck. Tried again this morning at 7am and they were there!

    Filed and accepted: 1/23
    No DD
    1 bar



    Like the other ones I was able to order return transcripts this morning. I hope we’ll get second bar tomorrow



    Accepted 1/23 no DDD still on one bar. I tried to order my return transcript last night, it said I could not order it. Tried to order it again this morning and it let me, and said 5-10 days until I receive my return transcript.



    Still 1 bar and no DDD, but was able to order return transcript today so hoping to see Money on Monday!!!!!!



    Ok so I filed on 1/23/16 I’m trying figure out is the transcript I order is it for 2015 or 2016 since I filed in 2016 hous does that work some one help


    Ashley L

    Finally able to order return transcript! Some light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully tonight’s update will show the ddd.

    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Return Transcript 2/5
    DDD –



    Refund sent in and approved 1/23
    No DDD yet, but I can request my refund transcript, does that mean anything?
    I only have one bar on the where’s my refund



    Finally able to order refund transcript as of 4am today. Hopefully I’ll get a dd in the next couple of days. Its coming guys finally.



    Filed 1/23
    accepted 1/23
    no update one bar, no transcripts…this sucks never taken this long
    this is the third tax season im in the odd bunch….its getting old quick
    at this point i think we will see update either friday or tuesday …..
    im getting pissed lol



    accepted ~1/23
    DDD~ not yet
    still on one bar this is crazy never had to wait this long last year i got mine back in 1 week. I called today and they told me that they deposit Monday – Friday and those who filed before the systems went down we are fine. i just tired of waiting



    Filed 1/23/16
    Accepted 1/23/16

    WMR 1 Bar

    No DDD, 152 code

    able to order account trans but not return trans for 2015



    Filed: 1/23
    Accepted: 1/23
    Approved: 2/04
    Ddd: 2/08

    I checked today at 6:00 am- 8 a.m and Bar is still 1 but just now a minute ago I checked again and moved to 2 bars. And that’s a good news, I think some of us who filed 1/23 has a little movement so checked yours at WMR. I am not sure though, I just read it online that some who filed on 1/23 has A little progress, that’s why I checked mine again and found 2 bar, so just give it a try. I know it sucks I felt that too, but atleast I have a little good news. Good luck

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