Filed & Accepted 1/22. Anyone else?

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    I filed 1/22 and was accepted an hour later. I used HR Block. I’m still on 1 bar on WMR. Any idea when I might get mine?

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    I filed 1/22 and was accepted immediately that day, on Monday tax slayer shows me as approved even though my wmr bar is still stuck at 1. I checked the sbbt webpage and it shows that my funds haven’t been revived yet but they expect them by the 12th (21 days ).



    Filed on 1/22 and got accepted that same day and still on 1 bar! I hope we all get lucky!! ?


    Gwen W.

    Filed and accepted 1/22. One bar. Not trying to order transcripts, don’t want to get flagged. But I always update on Fridays and Saturdays sooooooo praying to see at least a DDD this weekend.



    Sorry typo filed 1/22 not 23



    Same deal filed 1/23 accepted within seconds
    Can’t order transcripts, no bar update.. Just one wmr bar. Filed with tax act this year.

    Eic, education credit, child credit… I wonder what’s the hold up for us? Seems none of us 1/23ers got an update yet???



    Filed 1/20 late accepted same 1/20. not approved yet nor ddd.
    i did read someone file on 1/21 and received ddd 1/29. hoping im lucky.



    Filed and accepted 1/22 used tax act. Still one bar and still can’t order transcripts. Hoping for update tomorrow am



    Yep, same here. Filed on the 22nd. Still at one bar. However, hopefully we will have good news tomorrow morning:)



    I filed with eztaxreturn on 01/22/16 and we’re accepted the same day. Can’t order transcript and still stuck on one bar on WMR. Hope we hear something soon!



    Filed on the 18th accepted on the 22nd. WMR has only one bar. Hoping for an update by Sat morning



    Filled and accepted 1/22. 1 bar, can’t order this year’s transcripts either. I filed through TT, no movement. Fingers crossed for some kind of an update soon.



    I filed on the 22nd and got accepted on the 22nd. Only one bar… I’m in Florida I filed through and independent accountant. Last year I I received my dd on Tuesday February 4.



    I filed and was accepted 1/22 also. I have cannot access my transcripts and stuck on one bar. The struggle is real!!! Last year, it seemed like they only updated once a week, but every year prior to that, it appeared to be random. I hope updates are not only once a week. I don’t mind the wait for the money, I just hate the wait of not knowing anything!



    Filed federal and state on 1/22 both accepted within an hour. No wmr movement. Still stuck on one bar and transcripts not available. I used TT to file. This is the first year I paid the fees upfront instead of having them taken out of my refund.



    Glad to see its not just me. Hopefully soon we will see progress



    I was on the 23rd but this is the closest active thread. I can’t see my transcripts or anything either



    Same here… Cant get transcripts either



    Same here

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