Filed & Accepted 1/22. Anyone else?

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    I filed 1/22 and was accepted an hour later. I used HR Block. I’m still on 1 bar on WMR. Any idea when I might get mine?

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    Hello all. Filed on Jan 22 and received confirm same day. Not real big on checking in on the refund since our student debts always intercepted our refund the last 3 years but couldn’t help looking at this website and wanted to shed some light.

    As most of us know, the IRS did have a glitch (figure of speech). What actually happened was that so many refunds were sent in that it did overload their workforce. Not the machines. It was too much to process at once. How do I know this, well a birdy from the inside slipped a chirp to us. They what they call it “shuffled the cards” putting everyone between the 19 (even if you filed earlier) to the 22 into a line that was already formed. If you received it earlier than you just happened to cut into the line when the shuffle was completed. Basically set everyone on these file dates one week behing on receiving your refund and DDD.

    I can confirm to you all and mark my words, a DDD for anyone that hasn’t received their refund that filed on these dates will have a DDD on the 10th or earlier. I know mine without even having to go there. Thanks to the birdie!

    Hope this can ease your mind, I know it did mine especially when we’re getting 9k back this year without any interceptions.



    accepted 1/22 – was able to get return transcript yesterday, still showing approved 1 bar though.



    I filed 1/22 – Federal accepted 1/22 – New York State accepted 1/25. Was able to order Return Transcripts this morning at 6:45am. Still one bar hopefully will change Saturday AM. NY State is under 90 day review as of 1/1. Good luck all.



    1/22 filed and accepted, was able to order return transcript this morning over the phone, but no DDD yet. I think the system for ordering transcripts online is still not functioning properly.



    I filed and was accepted on 1/22. I still only have 1 bar but I was able to order my return transcript today in the morning. I also wonder if it’s that it made mistake because my son did his taxes on Tuesday the 2/2 and he was able to order his return transcripts. If it is true well let the good times roll. You guys have been so helpful I love coming here every year …. Best of money spending to all…..



    call the offset number that has put me at so much ease no all i do is wait dont have to keep stalking sites. but if you could order return today offset number will give you a ddd if you have a offset i think my return was deducted like $44, but nice to know it is going to update tonight with a ddd 2/10. hope this helps all in my situation. have a great night


    throw_me a _bone

    I tried to order return transcript this morning but kept showing wrong info entered. I called the phone # and it let me order my return script with new address a few min ago. I think that’s progress.



    Hey I filed on 1/22 and was able to order return tranny this am. I called to offset hotline and it gave me a delivery date of 2/10. No where else I could have found this info, so if the rep at irs dont want to tell you check out the offset hotline. This has been a wait this year I swear!!



    I was just able to request my return transcript…. I hope I get my $$ tomorrow. …. WMR bar is still at accepted….filed 1/22



    No movement on wmr however was able to order account transcripts around 430am central time!
    1/22-1/23 filed &accepted tax act and Texas resident. So happy I’m sure we should wake up to a weekend update:) taxmas may finally be here?



    Fellow 1/22 filers!
    Good News! I have been in the same boat as most of you all stuck on one bar. However this morning I woke up and could order my return transcript. Saw a phone number on another site and thought what the heck so I gave it a try. 800-829-0582 Ext 352, told the lady I was having trouble with WMR which was true and asked her to look up my account. She very kindly did and let me know that my DDD was 2/10.

    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22 IRS said 1/25
    DDD confirmed by IRS rep 2/10
    Used Taxslayer


    Erika Cardiel

    @Happy Taxmas

    Actually, I think people are only worried if they have tax Topic 151 – or anything besides 152. I think the general concensus on the boards is 152 is good – anything else means an issue.



    So only one person who filed on 1/22 has gotten their return? I usually file my own taxes but liberty tax got me this year. In any case mine was filed and accepted on 1/22. Clearly no one else got theirs this morning like we thought? Did anyone get returns last Saturday? Or Monday? Or are we thinking only on Fridays and Wednesdays to expect them? I know they are having technical difficulties because I have never had a problem with wheresmyrefund and it says I have not even filed yet but I have confirmation that my return has been accepted. Someone said if you haven’t gotten your netspend deposit then you won’t get it today. I hate to accept that but it seems to be the case.



    Ok, so I keep reading how everyone is worried about “tax topic 152”. Did anyone actually click on this & read what it is? Every single taxpayer has that at the bottom. Just like the “Irs privacy policy”. All it is is a link to read up on FAQ on refunds. That’s it. So dont worry! means absolutely nothing!!! :)



    The struggle is real people!! So I followed suite and am now also able to order my return transcripts where as of last night I was not able to, so what does this mean?? Are we all approved is the next step a DDD date and the orange bat move????



    Good morning all!! Struggle is real, so I followed suite and I am now also able to order return transcripts where as before I could only order filing transcripts. Does this mean we should have our DDD soon?????



    Date accept 1/22




    What does requesting transcripts do? Does it mean something? I requested them this morning but don’t know whether they were available before today. I filed and my taxes were accepted 01/23 and NOTHING has happened. I guess I’m lucky because I’ve been filing for many years and have never experienced any issues. Does being able to order transcripts mean something good? Also, does anyone know what days the DDs go in? I have always received my returns on Fridays but do deposits go in on other days as well?

    Ugh, this is SO f*cked!!!



    Was FINALLY able to order transcripts this morning! Yay! Hopefully will get a WMR update soon! Fingers crossed! I hope everyone gets similar news, we’ve been on this boat together!



    Yay! I have been unable to order any transcripts at all until this morning. I would always get an error saying I gave incorrect info. I did move since last year, so I’m assuming that since my address is actually recognized in the system now, that they have started processing my return. Hopefully I’ll wake up to a DDD tomorrow (& the rest of you too!)
    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    One bar
    Topic 152
    Filed through TurboTax



    Still no update on wmr but I’m finally able to order 2015 return transcript with my new address. Here to hoping we make the cut for the next dd drop



    As of 7:14 am I can order return transcripts, let’s hope that we see a ddd tomorrow like the early filers did.



    As of 7:14 am I can order return transcripts, let’s hope that we see a ddd tomorrow like the early filers did.



    As of 7:14 am I can order return transcripts, let’s hope that we see a ddd tomorrow like the early filers did.



    Is it true that if you can order return transcripts, you will get a DDD soon? Is it true?



    Just an update…. woke up this morning being able to order return transcripts with my new address. Previously I had to use an address from last years return. …

    This got me excited, unfortunately, wmr has not changed for me, remaining at one stinkin’ bar and no money pending.

    A little bit more to go! …. hopefully a DD by Feb 10th!! Which would be awesome because thats my birthday :) LOL



    As of this morning I am able to order 2015 return transcripts. I am assuming I will get a DDD tomorrow for Wednesday the tenth.



    11:40 pacific time finally able to order my 2015 transcript!!! Wmr is down now but I’m sure I will at least have a ddd when it comes back up!!! Woo hoo!



    Well I filed on 1/21 but figure were all so close together. But I’m hoping for something tonight early tomorrow for mine to change if not then the following day Saturday.

    Like I said a lot of people last Saturday saw there ddd dates. So im
    Hoping for Friday or Saturday

    They update between 330
    And 6am



    Same boat as y’all, the airing sucks… Do they only update the site at night? Is the site more up to date then the call in method?


    throw_me a _bone

    Yes! If i could just see that beautiful orange bar go to approved I wouldnt care if i get my money in 2 weeks. Not knowing is the absolute worst torture.



    I will just b happy waking up to an approval . I don’t care if I don’t actually get the money til next week but just tell I’m getting it lol



    Hey guys! I filed on January 26th was also accepted on that day. My wmr bar is still on accepted :( which sucks! Last year I received my refund in exactly 9 days! I have also received my state couple days ago which is strange it usually takes forever to receive state! Is there anyone who filed on Jan 26 with hr block? Also when I check refund status with hr block it says I should have received my federal by now.. using emerald green card..


    throw_me a _bone

    Correction- 2-11 not 1-11 on DD


    throw_me a _bone

    Accepted 1-22, still on 1 bar, no return transcript. Last year i received my DD on 1-11 so guess Its gonna be another 21 day wait this year.



    @Techols I just contacted the IRS and was told the same exact thing. He said that none of that re-sequenced stuff is true and that it could take up to the full 21 days. He was vague very unengaging when I asked detailed questions. He kinda gave off the “it is what it is” attitude. I am pissed, but there is nothing we all can do but wait. Good luck to you all.




    Who did you file with? Tomorrow will make 2 weeks since we filed. We also filed on 1/22 with h&r and still at one bar wmr hasn’t updated got direct deposit with prep fees being taken out from refund. We always get it 2 weeks after we file so I’m hoping I wake up to a fat bank account tomorrow. ?



    Shockingly enough I just called the IRS and was only on hold for about 10 mins. Anyway the nice lady says that she hates to hear that its so much false info traveling around the net but the deal is they are behind. They are taking longer than normal. Unless you receive an error code there is nothing wrong. They have not extended anything yet. They may take the full 21 days this year. They did have a system outage yesterday. NO conspiracy just behind. They are NOT going first come first serve.



    @baka when did you get your ddd? I was accepted on 1/22 as well and have nothing but 1 bar



    I have a DDD for tomorrow, surely I’m not the only one who filed on 1/22. I’m sure some who don’t have an WMR update will see their refund in their account on Friday.



    Just got off the phone with a man from the IRS was totally up front with him letting him know I was worried that all my friends had filed after me and have DDD. He looked into my account and said that my return had been resequenced and to allow and extra week. So I really don’t know what that means. Anyone else with that issue???

    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    DDD ???
    Used Taxslayer



    Filed and accepted on 01/22/2016 via TT… One bar. No DDD. Very upset!



    I filed with TT. Filed and accepted 1/22/16. No DD date. Live in PA. How they processing returns, I know some ppl that filed after me recieved there funds? The system crashing doesn’t help either.



    I filed on 1/22 and was accepted same day. I received my CA state on Saturday last week but I’m still stuck on one bar for my federal. I did notice that the where’s my refund site didn’t show up with one bar until 1/26. I’m thinking maybe TurboTax says it was accepted on 1/22 but the IRS has it being received on 1/25. Just my thoughts and with my luck in wouldn’t doubt it lol.



    Still nothing for me either. Filed and accepted 1/22/16. One bar only account trans available. Last year it took 11 days for me. Today is the 13th day. SMH



    Still nothing for me either. Was really hoping I’d wake up to two bars. This is definitely the longest it has ever taken.



    Submitted/accepted 1/22… DDD….1 bar.

    Could it be possible to still have a DDD date of tomorrow but because of the system being down it just won’t update the “where’s my refund” date???? Just a thought. I’m just very annoyed.



    I filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    No DDD

    I just read online that the irs suffered a hardware failure to most of their systems. That’s supposedly why some of us haven’t seen any changes to our WMR. It was posted an hour ago.

    Check out the link:



    I’m very disappointed, still nothing. Not even return transcripts. Oi!



    @gwen w – nope still nothing

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