Filed & Accepted 1/22. Anyone else?

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    I filed 1/22 and was accepted an hour later. I used HR Block. I’m still on 1 bar on WMR. Any idea when I might get mine?

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    I finally got information yesterday, after being on hold for almost 1-1/2 hours. They said I have to call to verify my id; I have been in the “your return is still being processed” with no code, no explanation or instructions, since 1/29; Doesn’t know why I didn’t get letter; ID verify was closed yesterday but started calling this morning @ 7:00, they are not even taking calls because of the high volume; does anyone have another # to call to verify id? I tried the iverify online but unable to verify.



    Ugh, so I got a letter in the mail from the IRS on Saturday that said I had to verify my identity before my return would be processed, so I did that. Now it could be up to 6 weeks before I get my return. So beyond ridiculous!

    efiled and accepted 1/22/16



    Filed and accepted 01/22 via TT
    Bars disappeared on Tuesday this week (02/09/2016)
    Called and found out that there was an issue and I will be getting a letter in the mail.
    If you call, they will be very vague about it and give you that 21 day speech.
    Be aggressive and demand that they look at your account and see if there are any issues.
    Now I have to wait even longer.
    I’m pissed but there is nothing that I can do but wait for the letter and submit whatever they ask of me.



    Same here! I called this morning and they said they didn’t receive my return until the 29th even though turbo tax said the 22nd. And she told me not to worry about bars disappearing. There are no holds or anything wrong with my return. You guys should call! Everyone’s situations are completely different. Really I feel the only way to know exactly what your specific situation is is to call!! Good luck guys!!!!



    Ok, so I found another # (800-829-0582 X652) and called; they said my return was not accepted on the 22 but the 25th and it is still processing and I will have to wait the 21 days to call again (Tuesday); Although I received email and text on the 22nd that it was accepted, they said it was not, until the 25th.



    Filed and accepted 1/22/16; still processing and a refund date will be provided; no codes, no additional info. does anyone have a good phone # to call since it’s been 21 days; I have tried the 800-829-1040 and keeps directing me to the automated where’s my refund!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR



    @cd yes but they told me that last year as well and I have to go through the same thing. I ended up getting my taxes about two weeks later so I’m hoping for the same results



    My bars have been gone since 1/31 with tax topic 152 and showing refund amount. I ve called and Iris states all is fine on my return no needed verification and need to wait because of the outage they had no other info from there



    Did they tell you it will be other 9 weeks????



    Anyone who has no bars should call the IRS. I had no bars and called. I had to tell them it’s been past 21 days since I filed in order for them to look into my account: if you tell them r hasn’t been 21 yet they won’t bother to look into it. Once the lady looked into my account she let me know additional verification was needed and they stopped processing my return. After verifying everything on a seperate line a man informed m that they will now continue processing my return. If you guys don’t call and check on it then your return will just be sitting and waiting.


    Why oh why

    Filed 1/22/16
    Accepted 1/22/16
    Ordered return transcripts 2/5
    Lost bars and tax topic 152 2/6

    I have been stuck with no bars since sat the 6th. Called irs and was told i cannot get any info until tomorrow. Any one in a similar situation and have any answers



    Filed and accepted on the 22nd. No bars. 152 message. Still processing. Maybe we’ll hear something tomorrow. I sure hope so anyways.



    Filed & accepted 1/22
    Only 1 bar on WMR
    Bar gone on 2/8
    Site states refund still processing with TT 152.
    No offsets.
    Acct transcripts ordered 1/29.
    Unable to order return transcript.

    Anyone else?



    Filed & accepted 1/22
    Only 1 bar on WMR
    Bar gone on 2/8
    Site states refund still processing with TT 152.

    Anyone else?



    Accepted 1/22
    1 bar on WMR until it disappeared Monday
    States still processing
    TT 152

    Anyone else?


    simply me

    I got accepted the 22nd at 915am still no date or deposit I call said I have wait 21 days



    Ok so I filed and was accepted 1/22. Had no movement at all until Monday my bars disappeared. I was able to order both transcripts as of 2/5. The offset lines says they have no debts for me.. Wmr still has no bars today, when I check by phone it tells me they have no status available for my refund. I am losing my shit!! I tried to verify my info on irs website and it won’t let me. Wmr still has tt152 and refund amount.. Any help?



    Here’s what I’ve been experiencing
    Filed : 1/22
    Accepted : 1/22
    No bars on 2/8
    I called IRS today 2/10. They gave me another 1800 number because they said they received my refund but they needed additional verification. I called and they asked me my previous years address on my return and the new address & a few other verification questions. They then said they will go ahead and began reprocessing my refund and that it may take up to nine additional weeks. I hope it doesn’t but atleast I know they are now processing it again. I will keep you guys updated.



    Im in the same boat. Second day with no bars. Filed and accepted on 01/22. I hope nothing is wrong. My friend filed on 01/26/2016 and got hers today. My anxiety is growing. I have a feeling I wont be getting mine this week.



    2nd day with no bars and “A refund date will be provided when available”


    (e-filed and accepted 1/22)



    Hi everyone. I also was accepted on 1/22/16 on 2/5 I updated to second bar and a date of today 2/10. I checked WMR this morning still didn’t update to say sent but I checked SBBT anyway ahhhhh I received my money yesterday 2/9 without me knowing. I checked bank acct in morning on the 9th but never thought to check in afternoon. Good luck



    Filed 23rd accepted 24th I can order acct transcription but no return. …getting nervous something’s wrong…..would I know by now if something is wrong? I heard auditing would leave a code to respond to?



    Okay guys so here is a update filed and accepted 1/22 ordered return transcript on 2/5 woke up on 2/6 with a ddd for 2/10 and today at 2/9 at 2:30 p.m. central time my tax refund was in my account. Yayy.!! @Kayla any update with you girl? I hope you have yours to or get it soon.



    Has anyone gotten their refund without seeing their WMR updated? Just curious…I have no bars showing now when previously I had just the one saying it was received. Filed 1/22 through HR Block. So frustrating…



    Up until today I had 1 bar. Now I see no bars and:

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    I e-filed 1/22, and it was accepted the same day.




    Same here, filed 1/22, no movement on WMR at all until this morning and bars disappeared with tax topic of 152. My son in law filed exactly a week after me, and SBBT released his funds to netspend this morning. Just waiting on it to hit. But I’m just in limbo I guess!!



    Filed: 1/22/16
    Accepted: 1/22/16

    1 bar for 10 days

    Received DDD on: 2/6/16 for 2/10/16



    Filled and accepted on 01/22
    I had one bar ever since then until I woke up this morning. Now I have no bars and I am still unable to request a return transcript. Has this happened to anyone else?



    Hi Everyone,
    I normally lurk around every year. But I was just able to speak with someone. I filed on the 21st and was accepted on the 22nd. Had bars for maybe a week, then they disappeared and have been gone since then. The representative I spoke with said they did not receive my file until the 28th. I don’t know how that’s possible because I able to check before the bars disappeared and the WMR said accepted on 1.22.16. Just wondering if their computer glitch did place me back into since kind of shuffle and started my process all over.



    filed 1/22/2016 with taxact
    accepted 1/22/16
    still one bar
    tax topic 152 and you should get your refund in 21 days from the day they got it!
    can’t order return transcript yet!
    My kid is really sick and I need the money to take time off work to be with her!



    Filed 1/22 Accepted 30 mins later through H&R. I was able to order Acct transcript 2/5 but not return. I’m still stuck at 1 bar and I see that others have been approved already. I called offset line, no offsets. Ughhhhhh



    Same here. E-filed 1/22 and it was accepted the same day. Still on 1 bar on WMR. Tried to see if I could order 2015 return transcript, but site says it is unavailable. Hoping for an update soon.



    Filed and accepted 1/22/16, have been able to order both transcripts for about a week now, still on 1st bar with topic 152 :(


    mary h and r block

    filed 1/20/16
    accepted 1/22/16
    ddd 2/10/16

    its been along wait but I got my ddd hopefully it will just be on my card when It is supposed to be ready to pay some bills that need to be paid…. good luck to those who are still waiting



    Same here filed 1/23 accepted same day still today 2/8/16 One bar nothing..

    people filed after all of us already got there money.. :(((



    Filed 1/22/16
    Accepted same day
    DDD 2/10/16
    DD 2/07/16 @ 11:25 PM ON BLUEBIRD CARD.
    woo hoo so glad its here.
    Happy taxmas everyone.



    Filed and accepted: 1/22
    Still 1 bar, still code 152.
    Can order account transcripts, but not return transcripts.

    I’m getting worried, and I have to buy books for school :(
    Anyone else still waiting?



    Yay! After waiting since 1/22, I finally got a direct deposit date of 2/10! Hope everyone gets their dates soon!



    well finally have a dd of the 10 after filling and waiting since the 22 of last month only thing that sucks is a large offset i had no knowledge of untill i call the offset line bye bye 1500 bucks atleast my return is still good was over 6 but atleast im getting something have a large shop bill to have the car fixed but hey finally a date right im happy for everyone the wait is almost over



    I filed and was accepted on 1/22.
    I am still on one bar and cannot order transcripts. My new address is not working. Put in my old address and my info came up but 2015 return transcripts were not available.



    Finally woke up to a DDD of 2/10!



    Like the rest of you, finally woke up to two bars and a DDD of 2/10! This is finally almost over!!!



    I filed on 1/20 was accepted on 1/22. For a while I was only able to order account transcripts. As of yesterday I was able to order both. This morning I woke up to a DD of by 2/10. This forum has been great for filling in the gaps since the irs has been absent when it comes to information this year. Thanks everyone.



    Woke up and a ddd of 2/10 woohoo!!!!



    Filed 1-22 and accepted same day.

    Was able to order my transcripts on 2-4.

    Woke up this morning to a DDD of 2-10.

    Yyyaaaaayyyyyy. Lol



    Finally wije up to DDD of 02/10 ! ?? filed and accepted 1/22 was able to order both transcripts yesterday and today BOOM!! Looks like the transcript rumor isn’t so much a rumor. Excited to have a good valentines day and birthday (2/27) with my wife. Good luck to all 1/22ers ?



    Yay!!!! Woke up to 2 bars and DDD for my birthday on Feb 10. Now lets hope we get it that day or sooner! Yay!!!!



    2/10 DDD 1/22ers!!!! Yayyy!!!!



    Hey guys!!! Woke up 4:57am and finally have a 2/10 deposit!!!! I hope that you all too that have been waiting first 2 weeks!!! Good luck all!!!!



    Edit to my last post:

    Latest is the 13th, most, the 10th and some earlier.

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