filed 2/3/16 or 2/4/16

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    Anyone heard anything bout those who filed these days about acceptance?

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    I filed in the evening of 2/4/16. Received an email from TT at 11:53 PM that night that my return was accepted. For the last three years I have been on a weekly cycle, meaning that my return would be processed on a Thursday. I have seen others who say that the IRS did not accepted their return until the 8th so that may push us weekly people back until next Thursday (2/18/16). If that is the case, we may not get our funds until 2/24/16. I hope this is not the case, but it is possible.



    Here is the link for the transcripts,

    Come to think of it, the WMR did the same thing for me last year too. When I noticed it had went to 3 bars I checked my bank and could see the refund pending! I remember it posted on a Saturday for me (Alliant Credit Union).
    Good luck to everyone, Im going to go find something to take my mind off this, lol.



    Filed 2/4 accepted 2/5 still have one bar and cannot order transcripts.
    Used H&R Block. Seems like every year we wait for our return longer than others so I always end up in these forums.



    Filed 2/5 via HRB
    Accepted 2/5 within an hour
    @ 1 bar on WMR
    I see 2/5 is a cusp date via the chart so refunds should be received 2/12 or 2/19?
    Last year the bar didn’t move till the same day as my refund being received and it jumped from 1 to 3/full bars.

    I forget how to order an online transcript.



    @Katee If I understand correctly the daily cutoff time is 11:00 AM. If Im right, then you would be considered a 2/5 filer. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong.

    I used TA, uploaded my return and was accepted 2/5 @ 2:00 AM, HH, EIC, one line on WMR ever since…
    Im expecting a DD of 2/19 but hoping its earlier! :)



    Filed 2/4 and was accepted on 2/4 received email telling me the IRS accepted it the same night. I checked wmr 2/6 I had one bar and I still do but I called the IRS a few minutes ago and they’re telking me my refund wasn’t accepted until the 2/8? bullshit if wasn’t accepted until 2/8 why was wmr showing me accepted on 2/6 wtf something is wrong!!




    That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. Finally got ahold of someone and i was accepted on 2/4 but the irs said they didn’t get anything until 2/8. UGH this is crazy



    Called IRS this morning and asked what day my return was received.
    According to the it was 2/8/16
    Filed with tt 2/4/16 in the early evening
    Accepted and on wmr a few hours later I believe at 830pm

    All I’m gonna say is lies lies lies.
    Which now explains why I don’t have a refund



    I filed 2/4 at 10pm was accepted the same night around 11:18pm and I’m still at one bar and I can’t order my transcripts either!!! Ugh it’s been a week as of today and it never takes this long to receive a ddd I’m getting worried:(



    Filed 2/4 accepted 2/4…
    So people dont be discouraged, I noticed most people were able to order transcript on friday and got a DDD Saturday… So hopefully tomorrow we will see some type of progress and hopefully have a DDD saturday…


    California living

    I was submitted my taxes on 02/04 and was accepted same day. I received my state this morning direct deposit. Hopefully I update tomorrow night…



    So i filed the 30th of jan & was accepted the 2nd of feb . I check wmr and it still says processing . Is it possible i will be getting my depisit tonorrow the 12th ??



    Filed on 2/4- Accepted on 2/4.
    Still no update. only one bar. Not able to order transcripts… Ughh



    I filed 2/4 was accepted the same day 1 bar no update transcripts not available!



    I filed on TT 2/4 accepted that night. No movement at all just 1 bar on WMR but did get state on 2/10 anyone file on 2/4 get any movement yet?



    filed 2/3 accepted 2/3 at HR block still 1 bar & topic 152 ….I see people with 2/4 taxes have ddd of the 12th …should i be worried? I figure if it was under review my bars would be missing right? Someone please give me some piece of mind here ……. :(



    I filed 2/4 and was accepted same day @geri received ddd Wednesday night of 2/12



    I filled on 2/4 only at one bar. I filled my husbands 2 hours after I filled mine and his has been accepted with a Ddd of 2/12. I’m hoping mine is too and they just forgot to update my info.



    I filed mine and my boyfriends on 2/5, both were accepted the same day. I got a DD of 2/12 on mine today via WMR. My boyfriend is still on one bar.



    How do you know if you have to verify?

    sent 2/4
    accepted 2/4
    still waiting on ddd
    no offsets
    called no one will say anything until after 21 days



    Still not able to order any transcript. Return or account.



    I filed with free tax USA on 2/3 got accepted 2/4 and still on 1 bar. No update as of yet. I see if you got accepted on on b4 2/5 it has a DDD of the 12th. Anyone else get that?



    I filed on 2/4/16 got accepted later that night still on one bar nothing has updated .the pay chart says it should be deposited by the 12 which I’m hoping for but no changes as of yet anyone else having this issue ?



    Filed 2/4/16 got accepted same day rejected 2/4/16 made correction accepted same day 2/4/16 now I’m just stuck on one bar saying 2/5- 2-25 delivery estimate calendar



    @Itsstriss did you file on the 3 or 4? When is your DDD? Uh, I wish my WYR would update already. All my friends have been getting their returns within a week. I hope we have ours this weekend!!



    I filed 2/01 was accepted on 2/04 late that evening and only had one bar for days until yesterday my bars completely disappeared, I’ve talked with several professionals who still believe my dd should be the 12 or 15 has anyone else had this issue? Or has anyone received a DDD yet or even an actual dd? I saw someone filed and was accepted on the 5th and already received their money, wtf?



    I filed and was accepted 2/4. Only at 1 bar. No transcripts available online and getting tired of the IRS! They dont wait a second to take your money if you owe but if they gotta pay you they drag it out as long as possible!



    @ljones81 thank you. It updated last night and I got my ddd.



    @Itsstriss they update WMR everyday usually overnight. They advise to only check once a day… I also filed on 2/4/2016 during the IRS computer system glitch. It was accepted however I am still on one bar and its almost a week now. I am sure we will all be fine and will receive our money sooner than later. Good luck.



    @nathan what is it showing you online? Who did you use??



    Accepted 2/3, recieved dd this morning



    Filed 2/3/16, accepted 2/04/16. Still at 1 bar!



    How do I order transcripts online? I tried ordering them but the only option I get is through mail. Anyone have the link?



    filed 2/3 accepted 2/3 still only 1 bar no other info……anyone else waiting from 2/3? ..I was hoping to wake up to a DDD of the 12th but nothing………



    Filed and accepted 2/4 received ddd last night 2/12.



    Had to verify ..processed on 2/4/16… How much longer.. No update on wmr yet!!!



    I filed 2/4 was accepted same day… As of 1730 on 2/9 I still have only 1 bar and no transcripts. BUT, I did get my state refund from Delaware about an hour ago.. and that is very weird since I us USAA bank and I have never got a post during the day. So maybe this is a good sign. Good luck guys



    Filed through turbo tax on 2/3 and accepted on 2/3. Still only one bar on where’s my refund.



    I filed and was accepted on the 2/ 4/16, but irs has no record that I filed on any system.



    Maybe they’ll sneak us that filed and were accepted on the 6th in there with those from the 4th ?



    I filed on the 4th accepted on the 5th I did speak to my tax advisor she said those who filed in this time period irs will be processing a lot of those individuals on for their next cycle which is tomorrow to have a ddd on 2/12 but no later than the 2/15 in your bank account ! Good luck everyone!



    thanks @sharee. that gives us hope ;)



    I filed and was accepted on 2/4/16. One bar showing right after I was accepted. Still on one bar, not able to order transcripts.
    I have seen others talking about weekly and daily updates. Can someone please explain this? I do not understand what they are talking about.



    I filed and was accepted 2/4, I do have an offset of 57.64 for the last of my student loans. This morning I called the offset line and was advised it has been paid from my tax return dated 2/12/16. Tomorrow there should be a WMR update for all the DDD 2/12/16. Good luck all.



    looks like WMR and transcript website is down again…just tried both and they came up with Technical error’s and it states to try back later?????? I wonder whats going on now ???????



    Anyone who filed on 2/3 and accepted 2/3 have any DDD?????
    I only have one bar but if you check other websites out it states we could get Deposit by the 12th? Never got mine that quick but was hoping we would.



    Filed and accepted 2/4. Does anyone know how often wmr is updated?



    Filed and accepted 2/4. One bar. Was able to order both transcripts today, 2/9.



    finally got my bar this morning! Even though its only 1 BAR, Im excited to see it its even there!


    kathy h

    Submitted 2/2 ~ accepted 2/4 after the site was restored…….still at one bar and can’t pull transcripts.



    I heard that WMR still wasn’t updating correctly… hope that’s the case for us who aren’t able to pull the info up on WMR, or are getting no updates?!…. Some people got accepted on 2/3 and have ddd.



    Filed 2/3. Accepted 2/4. One bar on WMR.



    Filed 2/3 accepted later 2/4 and still haven’t been able to get updat on WMR says info doesn’t match??? ?



    I filed on 2/1 was accepted on 2/1 through turbo tax, but I only have one bar? Has anyone received at least 2 bars



    Filed 2/3. Acceptance email and text from TT on 2/4. As of today, 2/8, WMR and 800 number have no record of my return.



    Filed 2/3 got a email from HRB 2/4 stating irs wasn’t accepting returns.. Then got accepted later that night 2/4.. No update, one bar.



    I filed on 2/3, got accepted on 2/4…. but can’t pull up anything on WMR. I know I’m supposed to have an offset (from a W2 not filed last year), .. and that they got accepted because I checked the refund status of my state tax… but I don’t know why WMR can’t pull up any of my info. Says info doesn’t match, or no info available?? I don’t even get the dang bar!!



    Mines got accepted on the 4th. Let the waiting game begin.


    Ohio Lady

    I filed 2/3, accepted early this morning (2/5). I had a text when I woke up.



    Mine was rejected at 6:34. Resent abt 5mins after. Just got acceptance text at 11:56



    I filed late 2/2. Accepted an hour later 2/3. That was after a rejection too.



    went back to tax site to make sure everything was sent, tried to resend and got email from irs!



    No still pending



    Negative!!!! I am patiently waiting for an irs acceptance or denial, if it gets in before Friday we may get our refund on the 12th. if not it will be at least the 19th!

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