filed 2/3/16 or 2/4/16

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    Anyone heard anything bout those who filed these days about acceptance?

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    @Kay u have to hit opt. 2, 1, 2, 4 when calling the 1040 number



    Still waiting for an update. No change. I tried calling today and couldn’t get through to a live person. I kept getting a recording then hung up on. How is everyone talking to a Live person?



    Finally got a DDD of the 24th…..filed 2/3 was told by IRS accepted on 2/5/16…good luck everyone…….see you next year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Still nothing:/ transcripts still not available



    I filed 2/3 and was accepted 2/4/16… The bar finAlly moved yesterday to approved n my ddd is 2/24/16.. Hope this helps



    Filed and accepted 2/3. Still only on one bar and can’t order a return transcript or account transcript. This is ridiculous, I’ve never waited this long for a refund.



    Still waiting for return transcripts…..anyne else in same situations



    :( still nothing still can’t get transcripts:/ I feel like I’m the only one left Filed 2/3. Guess I will know Wed (day 21) what the hold up is




    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/4

    Finally after 2 long weeks was able to order return transcript 2/19 and to my surprise woke this morning with the refund approved message to be in my acct by 2/24! Now just waiting for the deposit!

    Good luck to all of you!



    I know why my refund is on hold. I didn’t file the 1095-A form. But my question is what do I do now???? How do I fix this and fet my return??



    Well I am still waiting without answers. Accepted 2/4/2016. Only one bar. Ordered both transcripts on 2/17/2016. No DDD. No answers. Same boring topic that all have. I am so fed up and with everyone else getting dates I guess I’ll be calling 2/25 (21 day mark).



    Hello all! Here is my experience-

    2/2/16 Filed and Accepted (H&R Block office)

    Where’s my refund right away stated processing your return. I never had a bar from day one.

    Checked daily with no change.

    Yesterday, 2/19/16, I ordered both transcripts and they both said they would be mailed. This was a hint I read about where if you can order the transcripts then your return is complete or maybe it makes someone update your account to reflect what’s really happening while they are in your account preparing your transcripts to mail.

    Today, 2/20/16, Finally a BAR, colors and everything!!!! Stating refund will be deposited 2/24/16. This will make 22 days today if deposit goes in accordingly,

    Geez, what a pain! Everyone I suggest ordering transcripts to see what happens. I had my sister do it as well and the exact same thing happened with the same deposit date.

    Good luck!!
    Angela R.



    To those of you that got your DDD for the 24th congrats. My ddd was set for the 22nd but I already recieved my funds. To those that are still waiting good luck and hope you all get your money soon.



    when the hell am i going to be able to order transcripts????!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?



    I just wanted to update in case anyone gets in the same situation as me. SO I just got a letter today that is dated for the 16th from the IRS it says that I miscalculated my income. I am self emp and Paypal sent me 1 1099k for 66k I assumed that was it for that year, I looked recently in my personal paypal which is also a biz but used for personal much to my surprise that there was another 1099k from 2014 for $5992. Not sure why paypal did not combine them very odd. anyway I missed it. My letter states that I miscalculated my 2014 return and I owe $1214. I am pretty sure that is why I had the long hold up. I just not sure ( I called they are closed) If they will take it from this years refund or I pay it later. If you are getting 1099ks make sure you check and recheck.



    Filed and accepted 2/3… No transcripts still processing.. ???? getting concerned:/


    irs trouble

    fyi if you cant order a return transcript and you have a DDD you will not get your refund. I had a ddd of the 18th and could not order my transcripts. After the 18th came around, i logged in and checked wmr again and my bars disappeared and my DDD went away. I dont know why some return transcripts are taking longer than others this year.



    I can’t order my account Or return transcripts does that mean something bad?? I filed 2/4. Shouldn’t I at least be able to order the account trans now??


    same ole’

    no update for me :(

    can’t even order return transcript



    did anyone get a DDD without getting a return transcript? just curious


    willy lopez sr.

    i too have no return transcripts and was accepted 24

    anyone else or did everyone get a ddd already


    BARRY S.

    damn it, no return transcript for me. 1 bar stil on wmr. accepted 2/4 – i am tired of this shit



    Filed and accepted on 2/4. Did my father’s on 2/6 accepted that day as well. He got his last Tuesday 2/16 and I still had 1 bar on WMR until this morning. DDD of 2/24 now…finally! Good luck all!



    I filed 2/4 accepted 2/4. i ordered my account transcript a week ago and yesterday morning was finally able to order return transcript. And finally today 2 Bars!!! DDD 2/24!!



    Filed 2/4. Received 2/5… and has been processing ever since!!!!!! BUT FINALLY got a DDD for 2/24/16….Ummm Holy Crap I was start to get a little worried..Esp reading everything about transcripts and the Identity verification…but I didnt have to do either , Thank god!



    2/2: filed and federal accepted same day
    2/4: state accepted
    2/16 or 2/17: I spoke to a nice rep who told me that they was manually looking at my refund
    2/19: was able to order my refund transcript
    2/20: have ddd of 2/24 (on my bday)

    hope everyone get good news today…wish I could pop a bottle because my nerves have went to hell



    Filed 2/2 accepted 2/2
    was able to order return transcripts 2/19
    Checked WMR at 3:30 a.m. PST and the bars finally moved DDD for 2/24



    Ugh I filed 2/3, accepted 2/3.. Still says processing and still unable to get transcripts ????



    Filed 2/4/16
    Accepted 2/6/16

    Was following the forum but never posted got worried yesterday when people were posting about problems 28th refunds. Finally today I got my ddd of 2/24. I called and checked for about a week and have been waiting and waiting. So many bills to pay and things planned for this refund so glad to have a date. I can finally sleep tonight knowing that it’s coming. Hold on tight! I know I might sound crazy but it will come eventually. Maybe me today but could be you tomorrow. This years refunds are totally out of whack but enventually you will get your hard earned cash!! Thank you all for keeping this forum going it’s what I’ve been living from for the past week!






    OMG!!!! Thank you God!!! DDD of 2/24 Yes!!! I do owe unemployment buy usually that just comes out of my state so hopefully it will b the same this year if not either way my amount is still the same n I should have my money money money!!! Too bad I’m pregnant other wise I would join you guys with a glass of wine????.. Keep the faith guys your money is coming!!



    @tracy yes girl I agree! I was seriously preparing myself for no update, had that whole hesitant thing going on!
    Im pretty sure I have no nerves left at this point lol!



    YAHOO got my DDD 24th here too! Wine sounds good to me my nerves have been shot for the last 16 days. Filed 2/4 accepted same day acct transcript ordered on the 11th. Return transcript on 19th sat at 1 bar until 219th. Today 20th 2 bars DDD 24th will update when it hits the bank. Good luck all thanks to everyone who posted.



    I hate you all!! lol I’m in desperate need of the money, so of course it’ll be like May before I even hit stage 2 or whatever. I still haven’t even received my 2014 return, though those were submitted very late, by mail…and hung up by some ID Verify thing I **just**found out about a week ago. There’s absolutely no status on that on Where’s My Refund, so when I called on it the other day, I’m told they would send a message to get it sent through or something and to expect it in 45 days!! I REALLY hope that one isn’t causing an issue with 2015.




    Same here!!! We need a bottle of wine or something !? For sure! Phew!!???????? so glad so see the ddd’s rolling in!



    Finally a 2/24 ddd!!! Now I need a bottle of wine cause my nerves have been shot I didn’t think I was gonna update this morning….good luck everyone!!!



    Finally DDD of 2/24!
    I knew it was a good sign when one as able to order my return transcripts this morning.
    Hope the rest of you see a DDD soon!
    Best of luck everyone!



    Ddd 2/24!!!! Finally approved with 2 bars on WMR! So here’s my details. Filed 2/3. Accepted 2/4. Processing since then. Ordere Acct transcript on 2/16 and able to order return transcript for the first time 2/19. Now on 2/20 showing ddd for 2/24! Yay!!! Finally!!!



    Finally able to order my return transcripts!!!

    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/2



    I called the IRS but I didn’t lie saying I received a notice. I just asked about my refund outright. The lady was nice and she explained things to me then said she can’t check it until 21 days are up.



    I will say this one more time. 21 days will pass this coming week. If you want to call the IRS lie and say you received a notice go ahead. The IRS can see if they sent a notice . why throw up a red flag on yourself



    WMR updates every night. HOWEVER, Those nightly updates are ONLY for acknowleding acceptances. WMR only updates for approvals and DDDs on certain days. Overnights: Wednesday (into Thursday morning) , Thursday (Into Friday Morning) , Friday (into Saturday Morning), and Saturday (Into Sunday morning). These are the ONLY times you should expect to see an update for a DDD. They have been direct depositing 4 days a week – Mon-Thurs. This is they only way it’s being done: 

    The Overnight Wednesday Update will give a DDD for the follwing Monday 

    The Overnight Thursday Update will give a DDD for the following Tuesday 

    The Overnight Friday Update will give a DDD for the following Wednesday 

    The Overnight Saturday Update will give a DDD for the following Thursday 

    There are NO Friday direct deposits, they issue paper checks on Fridays and do not issue DDD’s for fridays (Though they *may* send a Monday direct deposit on aFriday to ensure bank credits by Monday) You also want to note that the IRS sends you the direct deposit by those DDD’s but your bank may hold them for up to 3 days



    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/4
    Ordered return trans 2/17

    Still at 1 bar
    TT 152

    No family of life changes from previous years and have not had to verify ID

    In the past, WMR was always updated with the DDD within a few days of ordering return transcripts. Too bad we can’t view them online this year to check the cycle numbers.

    Hoping we all see a major update tomorrow !!



    i still am at 1 bar and got my return transcript over a week ago.This sucks


    tax help

    like i said before those who have not gotten a return transcript as yet would get them by Saturday. If your return transcript did not update today, check back in 24 hours. It will


    pizza delivery

    nope. I am waiting for my return trans. as well. Hope we are the next batch to go through.


    stan van

    am i the only one still awaiting return transcripts?




    Finally able to order return transcript today. Still one bar. Still tax topic 152



    So no updates from anyone? ??



    well got a letter saying that the return was on hold due to not filing 2011-2014

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