filed 2/3/16 or 2/4/16

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    Anyone heard anything bout those who filed these days about acceptance?

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    2/4 mom


    do u know if there is anyway of finding out of tax debts owed to irs? im concerned my husband might owe a balance. Did ur TT152 disappear also? If so, ur situation is exactly the same as mine



    I keep hearing about the ID verify . From what I gather anyone that has used TT or any other online tax prep is susceptible to the ID verify . Reason being is that you don’t have to submit proof of ID ( photo id , ss card …etc) like you would at an office . From reports that I read almost all fraudulent returns were from online tax preps. Another reason I stopped using TT .



    hi everyone

    I’m in the boat with most of you all….filed 2/2 federal accepted the same day and state accepted two days later….no bars, no tax topic, and cannot order either of my transcript. as of right now I’m not sure if we are going to see an update this week . I say this because I just called the irs and spoke to a rep and she said that their system has shut dwn once again :(



    @Kyla Farrar …I filed 2/3/16 and accepted..but per IRS shows 2/5/16 and they told me I was resquenced like alot of others due to they received so many returns due to outage… just stinks because people that went days after me are already done…and I here worrying. He said it would delay my return a whole another week.


    Kyla Farrar

    I too filed on 2/3 and show to be accepted on 2/4 ( who knows with the outage??)
    I was able to order Acct trans last week and not Return…. SO
    Im assuming we are all ok ( for the most part) adn they are just running slow.

    Please keep updating here it seems to help to know we are not alone!! :)



    @emarie that should cause a hold up. They will take their money and send you the rest. I had the same thing happen last yr and it didnt delay my refund



    @SPETE- Yes, I received a notice from the IRS in July saying that I owed taxes due to a miscalculation on my 2012 return.

    I hope this doesn’t cause a major delay.



    emarie – you said you had a balance? what does that mean? you owed the IRS?

    I filed on 2/1 – accepted but per TT it was accepted late 2/5 so might as well be 2/6- so allow 21 days max.

    my concern is the lapse of insurance due to CHIP last year for my daughter for 3 months – they accepted my payments but never told me it stopped for non- receipt of my updated paystub.

    anyway, because of the new health law. I fear my refund will be dlayed now?



    dont worry there are plenty of 2/3 and 2/4 fillers who have not gotten a return transcript

    irs is just behind this year

    if not updated by end of the week, we will definitely get something early next week



    @egriig Hi, i think you’re right. Im thinking i was accepted on the 3rd before the system crash



    According to Turbo Tax my return was accepted on 2/4. I just checked the transcripts and was able to order an account trans but not a return trans. I am stuck on 1 bar (accepted) at WMR site.

    Can anyone provide insight as to why I could order an account trans but not a return one? Additionally, can anyone provide insight as to when I will get my refund?

    Argghhh… I am frustrated. It came so quick last year when I didn’t really need the money and this year it is dragging… of course I need the money something awful.



    Just got off the phone with IRS agent…she said that my return has been processed but there was a balance on my account. She said that it will take 2 more weeks to receive my refund. I asked if I should continue checking WMR and she said no because it will not update for me.

    Anyone else experience this?



    Filled 2/3 Accepted 2/4
    Acoount transcript last week
    Still no return transcript
    And the dreadfull 1 bar on wmr
    Anyone else stuck here



    What the hell is going on

    Accepted 2/3

    Only account transcript avail

    Who has same issues as me?


    Run fast

    Stuck on 1 bar ….no return transcript either

    My brother accepted same day 2/4
    Has had a return transcript for a week now and no dd yet



    Filed 2/3/16
    Accepted 2/4/16
    Received bar disappeared and replaced with “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” 2/13/16
    Ordered both return and account transcripts 2/13/16

    As of this morning, no update to WMR.

    When does WMR update again? Was Monday a holiday for the IRS?



    @dan it’s not bad… Just means you got thrown back in the pile.. Gonna have to wait a bit



    I filed 2/3/16 ..accepted same day ..but when I called IRS they said its shows they have it from 2/5/16 and it has been resequenced …anyone knows what this means? Is that bad for me? Any help PLEASE>>>>>>>>>> any info would be great about what that means.



    Filed 2/4 via turbo tax accepted 2/4 at 10:30pm

    As of today still cant order acct or rfnd transcripts. Everyone I know has gotten their refund and filed either on same day or after me. Im in Illinois.

    Called IRS this morning rep wouldnt tell me anything except wait 21 days and they update daily this year. The WMR is full of crap its slow at updating i noticed this last year when i had already gotten my refund and it was still in processing on WMR. FYI I got through to a rep by pressing 1,2,0,0,0!

    Alot of people having to ID VERIFY this year hope if thats the case they wont wait the whole 21 days or more to send me a letter.

    I understand they may be “under staffed” as am I and my co workers everyday we go into work saving lives but we even manage to get the job done so that is not a legit excuse in my book. They definitely dont hesitate to pull money from my paycheck so to wait on the money they owe me is beyond frustrating. We all know how grimy our government is though.

    I have never experienced this long of a wait in past filing years but I guess ill have to pull out the patience card on this one. Good luck to every one!



    I filed on 2/3/16 and accepted on 2/4/16, but nothing. No transcripts and no DDD.



    I’m not able to order return transcripts at all

    Wonder if anyone else still in same boat
    Accepted 2/4



    Same here nothing new on wmr

    Was able to order return transcripts last week



    Was able to order return transcripts 4 days ago and still no wmr Ddd date



    filed 2/3/16 …..still no return transcript……I’m sad it look like nothing for me again..glad to hear you guys had better luck….I guess once more I’m alone again



    ugh same 2/4 filed accepted 1 bar wmr got account transcript on the 10th but still cant get return transcript.



    Hi Sean. I filed with TT on 2/03/16 and was accepted on 2/4/2016. On 2/11/2016 I received a letter from the irs stating I owed from 2013. I called them and they said that they took what I owed and the balance would be deposited on 2/18/2016. I call my bank on 2/15/16 and they confirmed that my refund was there and would be released on 2/18/16. Hope this helps.



    Hello everyone!! It’s unfortunate that I have to join this forum BUT I’m glad I’ve stumbled across you guys; I’m not alone!

    So here’s my story. I filed on 2/3 and it was accepted on 2/4. Since then, I’ve been stuck on one bar (Refund Received) . I was able to order my “Return Transcript” 2 days ago but still NOTHING!!

    I checked Turbo Tax and it has an Estimated Refund Date of 2/26. Who else filed through Turbo Tax? Do you see an Estimated Refund Date??



    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/5
    Approved 2/11
    DDD 2/18
    SBTPG updated this morning saying they rec’d the money, deducted TT fees and sent the deposit along. I assume I will see it by Friday.

    **still at 2 bars in WMR and TT still only says “accepted,” so those systems may just be slow to update?



    I am new to this chat. I myself filed on the 3rd of February. The IRS did not accept until the 4th at about 9pm. My status from Accepted has not changed. I WAS able to order a return transcript. What does all of this mean??? Sorry, I’m jumping in so late!


    Feed Up

    eggrigg, I was finally able to order my return transcript this morning, but still no DDD.

    Filed 2/3, accepted 2/4, return transcript 2/17



    No DDD last night. I honestly think we won’t receive her DDD until Sunday’s update… Which means our DDD will probably be next Friday, the 26th.



    To everyone that was able to order a return transcript last night, did any of you get a DDD this morning?



    Filed on 2/4 and it was accepted the same day. Still stuck on one bar and can’t order my transcripts. Its telling me the information I entered did not match and to check my information. Checked it and it defiently was. This is so frustrating, I have never had to wait this long for a return to come back. Seems like this is happening to alot of people!



    You guys that can order your RETURN transcripts earlier today will very likely have a DDD after the WMR system updates tonight. Woot Woot! :-)



    @kara You’re welcome! and @jb glad you got it. @noluck when did you get accepted?



    YAY!!! Thank you so much egrigg ! We can order ours now, too. I had tried earlier today but couldn’t so I just tried and it allowed me to this time. Maybe soon we will have a DDD! :-)



    I can order my transcripts as well!



    A transcript is not available for the year you have requested. Please complete Form 4506-T or contact us at

    yet again



    Lol don’t kiss me my wife might get mad. I’m glad you were able to get it. These forums help for real



    @ egrigg
    I could kiss you….I just checked for my return transcript like you said & I was able to order mine also….I had tried twice already today and was unable to….I am so excited….in the past years once I was able to order return transcripts my DDD updated within the next day or two.

    .I love this forum…’s so important to be able to go through this waiting game together….I drove for Uber this year along with my full time job and they sent me a 1099 form, but it was confusing as hell cuz it still included all there fees and commissions so I had to deduct so much to get down to what I really earned & I was so scared I had screwed something up this year……just glad to be able to order my transcripts.



    I checked my transcript at 10 est nothing checked again at 10:30 was able to order them! So Please check see if you can order them!



    I was just able to order my return transcript!



    Maybe we will at least be able to get return transcripts tomorrow. I noticed most the ddd’s this year have been posted on a saturday. Most transcripts were on wed.


    polish john

    just checked and nothing yet for me too. Tried to order return transcripts and says nothing is available



    i hate the irs – so freaking slow. I have the easiest return ever and still nothing on wmr. accepted on 4th.



    no return transcript either

    filed 2/3



    FILED ON 2/4 AND ACCEPTED ON 2/4 ON 2/14 GOT A DDD OF 2/18



    UPDATE: finally reached a live person and systems are up. She says that she can’t see my return because they have not even process Es it. She stated they have it and accepted it on 2/4 but have not began to process it and that they have 21 days so call back on 2/28 if no refund recieved. Efile was a waste of time and money!



    I know they Update Every Thursday && sat is Deposit Dates



    Hey all!

    i am not a 2/3 or 2/4er..I filed on 2/1 accepted early 2/2. Still no movement, not able to order transcripts. The week of 1/31-2/6 a lot of people were re-sequenced and their acceptance date is actually 2/7 or 2/8. Stay patient! We have to be the next batch of dd’s and if it’s not this week it will be the week of 2/26. Sigh soooo far away but what can you do but be positive right?!?




    the IRS needs to be sued for stressing people out like this
    – i cannot order my return transcripts either and was accepted 13 days ago




    2/4 accepted

    no return transcript

    what the hell is the irs doing this year?



    i was accepted 2/4

    cant order return transcripts

    what is going on?



    I filed on 2/4, was accepted on 2/4, and still stuck on one bar.



    Thanks for the In @Shirley. This sucks so much



    Well..just got hold of IRS and I was told they accepted my return on 2/5/16 not the 2/3/16 as when I was told it was accepted. He stated my return was re-sequenced due to the outage like many others and I would have a extra week added on to wait time…So it seems I will have to wait until March 4th to see anything….all this because the IRS uses equipment that fails…….I am furious,……… I guess I would not be so upset but it seems like every year they have some excuse of why people get delayed….all of you out there around this time..expect a delay…..sorry for the bad news…



    I have a feeling for some of us it’ll be next week when we get a refund



    @Bal Thanks for that bit of info.



    Attempted to call again at 2:42 PM Eastern standard time to be told me immediately that the systems are still down there open till 7 PM call again later



    @don I’ve heard so much info I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m hoping to at least be able to order return transcript. At least then I’ll know it’ll be on the way. That itself I have heard happens 24 hours before they post a ddd. This is our biggest return yet so Im highly anticipating it.



    @egrigg …Thanks for the info……..Maybe we might see change over night? I heard they update on Tuesday over night for Wednesday. Did you hear the same?



    @don not sure what time it went down. My wife and I filed ours at 11:30 am and it was down then. We were able to check around 4 pm est on the 4th



    Does Anyone know what time on the 3rd they went down…I filed at HR block at 9am but I did not get email from h&r block until 2:30 my return was accepted? I could not check it until Friday the 5th on WMR.



    @angel were you accepted on the 3rd ? Problem seems to be people that filed during the blackout. I know some people that filed on the 3rd were accepted on the 3rd but it happened before the black out.



    I filed on 2/3. Checked wmr and I now have 2 bars and a ddd of 2/18.



    Still nothing here. Filed on 2/4 accepted the same day. Not able to order transcripts either.
    I filed in Kansas and still no word from them either and I don’t believe my state has EVER taken this long to receive.



    I filed 2/5 and have a ddd on 2/18



    @Shirley 2/3 here also. One bar no transcript Topic 152.



    I still can not order return transcript as of today….anyone who filed 2/3/16 able to get theirs today?



    Filed 2/4 (my birthday:-)
    Accepted 2/5 9:08 am

    Was able to order account transcript last week….still no return transcript as of today. Called the irs yesterday & after 2 hours on hold ( 1 hr to get to the rep that transfers the calls to the right area, then another hour to the rep that could actually look into my return) and all he said was it was still processing…..but he didn’t see any problems with my return…..and wait the 21 days….if I don’t have a refund by then to call back…..2 hours wasted….for absolutely no new information:-(



    @amanda …good for you…at least you have some hope….I filed and accepted on 2/3/16 and still got nothing……..I hope you get your refund :)



    If we have learned anything this year it is this…and I always live by this. Do not file early because 9 times out of 10 you will be put at the back of the line. If you are accepted and receive your refund in a timely manner it is pure luck. Do not file while there are IRS system issues! When the system is fixed it will take what is coming in at that time and again you will be put to the back of the line. The IRS sux. I miss when we used to get our refunds in 8 days. Since they have changed to up to 21 days it has always been exactly 14 days from file to refund. That also includes an offset my husband had last yr because his ex wife owed them almost $5000. I filed 2/4 as soon as I read the system was back online at about 11pm. I was accepted the same day. Ordered transcripts 2/12 and the next day I had a DDD 2/18. Whether SBBT will give me my refund at that time I dont know as this is the first yr I have had my fees taken from my return



    This makes absolutely no sense!! Just because we have one bar with tt152 doesn’t mean anything. Even though it hasn’t been 21 days yet for most of us who filed two weeks ago and when u try and call just to make sure u dont have to id verify, need to fax the 1095a form, or have been placed under review u get a rude Rep and you have to hold ur tounge because u don’t want them doing anything funny and they won’t let u know any of those things until after the 21 day mark which is stupid just release our damn funds already!!



    geez the way this is going maybe next year we will get out refunds.. every week somethings down..



    just got enough nerve to make the call and they only had a 6 minute wait so I waited and got hung up on so I called back only to find out they can not check anything because their systems were down. They told me to call back or someone can call me back in a 30day time frame…what the heck…….now whats the deal……its no wonder we are not getting any new information……



    Just called. Systems are down again at this time. :-(



    I filed feb 4 and accepted the feb 5th.. i can order my account transcript under my old address from last year, but not return. and WMR still says processing with TT152.



    Nothing new again for me…….1 bar return transcripts..i guess this is a lesson with patience….anyone know if there should be a update tonight if we are next weeks deposit? Filed and was told accepted 2/3 but you never know :)



    @amy hopefully those of us that are stuck will get some news tomorrow.



    no change here 1 bar wmr no return transcripts anyone get good news?



    Well nothing new again today. One bar , topic 152, no return transcript



    I received my letter from the irs yesterday for identification verification. I did that on 4 Feb so Idk y they’re just sending me the letter….oh well I guess I’ll just sit and wait. My right hand has been itching for a couple days, so that means the money is coming.



    im glad irs got their 3 day weekend. time to update those still waiting who filed on 2/3 and 2/4

    i still dont have a return transcript either folks



    screw the IRS – no transcript for return even made available yet

    2/3/2016 accepted



    It happened to those of us that filed during the IRS outage . I have been told when the system went back online that so many files were uploading at one time it caused a huge back log. We will get our refund we just need to be patient .



    Something must have happened to the filers with the week of the 2/3 and 2/4. My husband and I filed on 2/5, 1040 with lots of credits and deductions and children. Ours was accepted on 2/5 and I was able to order both transcripts on 2/12. 2/13 we received a DDD of 2/18. Every year it seems like it is a pick and choose and there is no pattern to the madness. This year it seems as though the 2/5 filers may have gotten lucky. Hang in there everyone, things should start to move along.



    Thank you for the info @naeomee…like I said before ..we can really trust info we see on WMR ..NOT…. :)
    I would like to suggest to IRS to actually put a date on WMR of acceptance. They state 21 days from when we receive your income tax forms..but they dont list a date they show receiving it…..We can guess when we receive a notice of acceptance we start counting from that date but as you can see that date does not really matter…..again…they expect us to be completely accurate when doing our taxes but they do not have to be….its just not right….


    2/4 mom

    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/4
    Ordered return trans 2/12

    ON 2/13 Bars AND TT152 Disappeared w message saying return is being processed.

    Does anyone know if there is any significance to TT152 disappearing? (I have seen several ppl whose bars are gone but it seems their tax topic still remains)


    2/4 mom

    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/4
    Ordered return trans 2/12

    ON 2/13 Bars AND TT152 Disappeared w message saying return is being processed.

    Does anyone know if there is any significance to TT152 disappearing? (I have seen several ppl whose bars are gone but it seems their tax topic still remains)



    I filed 2/2 and bars disappeared with TT152 and today I called asking if there’s any further verification as I do need transcripts for my Fasfa, I have been able to order my account transcript just not return transcript. Well the lady on the phone said it didn’t even start processing until the 9th so the people who filed on the 1, 2, 3 and 4th definitely got push back. I’m hoping we get DDD for the 18 or 19th.



    Thanks @Shirley you took the words right out of my mouth!!



    @tray..I understand what you mean. But from reading.. other people had issues that could of been resolved quicker but wasn’t given any information on any status change on WMR does not give you to much faith with IRS. If they require something you should be given the opportunity to resolve it by having updates on the computer. But when you hear people had no idea there was a issue until 21 days later ..I find that ridiculous……I’m sure if we could trust the online system we would all stress alot less.


    kyren wilson

    i too have no return transcript and accepted on the 4th dont worry guys it will be updated this week we have to be next on the fake irs list



    Lmbao….yall on here stressing and yall just filed 2 weeks ago. There’s people who filed in JANUARY and still haven’t received their refund, got tax topics, no movement on WMR, or other issues with their return. Some of yall even have DDD…lol I need yall to calm down and relax forreal. It’s coming!


    paul s.

    of course IRS is slow when im broke this year – accepted 2/4 and wmr 1 bar. Just tried to order return transcripts and says non available for the year of 2015 yet. Bullcrap



    no return transcript for me as well.

    Accepted 2/3/2016

    Could order the account transcript no problem. No reutn transcript available

    it’s not fair having people wait in limbo like this


    daniel fryer

    what the hell is the irs doing?

    no return transcript either

    im sick and tired of checking

    im sick and tired of waiting

    when they want their money, they get it right away

    filed 2/4 no return transcript



    Just wishing I’d there was a problem with I’d verification or something simple as that, that they would let u know on WMR. I know I’m only 11 days into getting my return, but normally I go and have h&r file them, this year I’m new to e-file process. Thought it may be faster, definitely seemed easier.. Idk, guess reading forums, and seeing other people before me not have a DDD is discouraging. But I will remain hopeful, no need to worry til the 21 days

    Please, let me know if anyone gets a DDD



    To all of you stressing. Remain calm. I’m stuck also. I do know there have been glitches in the system this year. We should be getting a ddd very soon.



    Trying to stay optimistic… I filed 2/4 but wasn’t accepted until 2/8 but my sister filed on the 9th and already got a ddd!! While I’m still stuck on one bar and can only order acct trans I’ve never had this issue I’ve always gotten my refund within 7 days from the day that I filed.



    Ok so, ordering a return transcript only means you have been processed. Please check your deposit information, make sure that is correct and no errors, and I filed 2/3/16 accepted on 2/4/16 (according to TurboTax) but I am reading due to the glitch, those dates have processing dates of 2/8/16 now? And from all that I can collect from 12-16 DD calendars anywhere from 2/12-2/22 is dd dates. But if the IRS needs so.wthing like a verify ID WHY can’t they contact US instead of us them. I have never seen such a mess this year for refund season. So anyone else been on first bar WMR SINCE 2/4/16? AND ANYONE THAT CYCLE have DDD on WMR?? I’ve read it could be up to 2/22/16 before we get a DDD

    Thanks, AD



    @jay youre not alone. We should hear something this week I’m sure.


    larry j.

    no return transcript as yet either

    2/4 accepted date



    still stuck on only account transcript

    no return transcript

    accepted 2/4

    who else has same issue

    only 1 bar on wmr and account transcript only – no return transcript

    i have to think we are next on the list to get a ddd



    No they did not tell me anything accept the date they received my return. I called the # that was listed here on the site Fingers crossed we get an update soon! For those that had to do the ID thing did they tell you when u called or u got a letter?
    (800) 829-0582 Ext. 652



    @amy ..What number did you call? I called a while ago got left on hold for 45 minutes to then be transferred to another line that said they could not handle my call right now and hung up on me…… I just had to laugh :)
    I dont have any ID issues also…I guess they did not tell you what the delay issue was? You hear so many things on these threads…I’m dizzy right about now. i just want to know if they need anything else from me before I wait 21 days and then they tell me…….Thanks for the response !



    @ shirley I did the same for the heck of it called the offset line . Nothing I didn’t think so anyway. I called the IRS to just ask when they received my return. They said the 4th when I filed it and got it accepted. was hoping that is why mine was taking so long. They will tell you if you call when they got your return I dont have any EIC I do have child tax credit ( i have 6 kids) I am self employed but do get 1099s for indep contractor work. I dont know what the problem is did not have any kind of ID issue last year. I think i am a daily update as I think I got my refund on a fri last year.



    filed 2/3 they said accepted 2/3 but now I,m wondering if not 2/8 when you read posts….still 1 bar no other information except 152 ..just called offset phone number just in case and like I thought nothing…..just makes me wonder if I should call because still haven’t heard anything ….i’m losing hope here



    Ugh still 1 bar filed 2/4 accepted same day nada no return transcript just acct 1



    Got my ddd Saturday morning.
    Filed 2/4
    Accepted according to tt and war 2/4
    Irs said 2/8
    Ddd 2/18


    Sarah pelle

    I am stuck with you guys
    Accepted 2/4

    Can only order account but not return transcripts

    Have faith Wednesday we all should get an update

    We got to be the next batch coming up



    @ feed up , while I agree with you on the fact in this day and age that irs could be more effecient. Truth is however the system hasn’t been performing up to par. There was a system crash on accepting e-files on the 3rd. The problem wasn’t fixed until late on the 4th. The system is so old it’s using the COBOL programming system ( which hit its peak in the 80’s) .


    Feed Up

    Filed 2/3/2016, accepted 2/4/2016. 1 one bar, can order account transcript, but still can’t order return transcript.

    This is 2016. There is no reason that this should take so long. Under democrats the IRS leadership is too focused on messing with conservatives than doing things like making sure the tax season resources are adequate and that computer systems are functioning as they should. This is what happens when democrats run things.



    Still one bar code 152 , still cant order return transcript. I was one of the unlucky ones to file during the outage on 02/03. I tried calling for transcript but get a message saing technical difficulties try again later . Hopefully those of you that are like me will get some news come tuesday or wed. I have a feeling it’ll be the 26th before we get our dd



    Still at 1 bar filed and accepted on 2/4 can get acct transcript but not return. No EIC but I do have the child tax credit this is nuts I know its only 10 days but last year and the year before everything updated on WMR within a few days.



    Hello just sharing…. Filed newyork federal on 2/1 got accepted on 2/1 filing status refund amount and 1 bar with tax topic 152 and ur refund is being processed…. On 2/9 no bar no refund amount…. only ur refund is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available and tax topic 152 …. I usually have my refund with 7-10 days…. I called and spoke with a rep a few hours ago and she said I was resequenced 1 week due to them being behind and they did not began to process my return until 2/8 so to give it until the 29th (21) days from when they began processing and if nothing changes to give them a call…..I’m hoping to see a ddd for next week sometime… ***i was able to order account trans on 2/ still not able to order return trans as of this afternoon! I am sure most probably know by now that once u can order ur refund trans then u have finished processing and will more than likely receive ur ddd within a day or so….and in some cases a deposit before the site even updates also the IRS will be open on Monday (the holiday)….



    I filed on 2/4/16 was accepted on the 5 . I was stuck on one bar till this morning I checked and I was on 2 bars with a ddd for the 18 . I hope this gives some of you hope let’s just wait and see if it gets to me on that date



    What’s the point in the IRS allowing TAX PAYERS to e-File is they’re going to make us wait so long for our returns to be processed. The whole idea of e-Filing is to get our refunds processed quicker! MAYBE WE SHOULD ALL JUST FILE BY MAIL FROM NOW ON AND INCLUDE EVERY PIECE OF PROOF OF IDENTITY WE COULD THINK OF! Imagine how busy they’d be then. Imagine how backed up they’d be. They’d better stop playing with our money! We have rights. I’ve been waiting since 1/30/16. One stinking bar every since. I DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? That’s ridiculously too long and its unacceptable!



    Filed & Accepted 2/2. Stuck on 1 bar .. TT 152 same old crap! Hopefully its true the IRS didn’t receive until days later and we will get DDD soon. Also hoping we don’t need to verify our ID and yet we’d have no idea cause we are stuck on one bar



    @kara I filed on the 3rd but due to the Irs being down wasnt accepted until late 4th . Last year it took me 16 days to get my retuen but by day 10 I could get my transcript . Hopefully all of us will hear something soon. Im starting to stress a tad



    Actually I filed 2/4 also I received an acceptance notification the same night but today when I spoke to an IRS Rep he informed me that my return wasn’t actually accepted until 2/8:( yesterday I was able to order my account transcript only but not the return so hopefully we’ll see an update sometime this week.



    @ egrigg No- you are not the only one. I filed 2/4 and was accepted the same day and I’m still at one bar with no transcript.



    Am I the only one left that cant get return transcript and still on one bar?



    i got ddd today morning … thanks everyone .
    i wish every1 has ddd soon .



    was able to get to the order page for transcripts finally , it kept kicking me off saying my info did not match. Still not able to order a return transcript. With Monday being a holiday , I seen reports of where they will rush returns the weekend before a federal holiday. Hopefully those of you that are like me will hear something this weekend.



    Woke up this morning to a DDD of 02/18!!!



    Woke up this morning with a DDD of 2/18 it said on or before so it’s coming was frustrated to find out that I had an Offset for what I don’t know



    I filed and was accepted on 2/4/16 no news up until yesterday I was able to order refund transcript and checked wmr today and I now have a ddd of 2/18/16 #Awesomesauce

    I know it’s a stressful situation but be patient guys …..$$$$$$ is coming !!!



    No change here :( filed 2/4 accepted same day have had 1 bar on WMR since the 5th starting to freak out I have always had mine by now not even a bit of change yet. Does anyone know if we are ‘weekly” when the next update would be? I am not sure if i am daily or weekly. 2 things concern me I filed last year ( self emp) I thought that paypal would send me one 1099k to my main biz acct i did file that amount of 60k but I noticed when looking for 1099ks this year on my other paypal (personal one)i had missed a 5k 1099k for 2014 maybe that is the problem. Also my maiden name is on 2 of my 1099s not my married maybe that is a prob?



    Filed HR online on 2/04
    Accepted on 2/04

    Just checked this morning got a refund approved on WMR. DDD by 2/18/16. I was part of the group that was not accepted when IRS system was done.



    Filed 02/03 accepted late 02/04. Tried entering in my info online for my transcript . Said my info didn’t match. Tried my wife’s info it took me to where I could order . wouldn’t let me order on her info since she’s not the primary holder. Called transcript hotline was able to order account but not return. Still one bar and 152 , bank is not pending any deposits .



    Filed 2/4 with TT. Accepted the same day. Still one bar. No DDD. No pending deposit in my bank account. Code152. I called the IRS a couple of days ago just to make sure they didn’t need any info from me. Rep advised me that my refund was being processed. I was able to order an account transcript yesterday but not a refund transcript. I typically get my refund in just 14 days so this is freaking me out.



    DDD 2/18!!!!!! Finally….



    My update from yesterday. Checked wmr this morning. Bars back. Approved with a dd date of 2/18/16.



    Filed TT on 2/3
    Accepted 2/4
    Was at 1 bar but able to order account transcripts yesterday. Woke up this morning to DD of 2/18. Good luck everyone!



    Still at one bar.. No return transcript available no dd or update on wmr????.. I’m keeping the faith but I’m a Lil confused on how this all works because I did my friends on 2/8 n he got his refund yesterday.. Kinda sucks.



    Still at 1 bar.. Accepted 2/4



    DDD 2/18

    Hopefully it actually shows up. :-)



    I filled on 2/3 , was accepted on 2/4. I’ve been checking everyday faithfully and I just checked and have a DDD of 2/18! Longest I’ve ever had to wait!



    I also filed 02/04 was rejected due to wrong info fixed and resubmitted 02/04 accepted that evening, one bar immediately. have tried numerous times to order my return transcript and it wasn’t available about 3 hrs ago tried again and it send they would mail them to me. Just checked WMR and now show a DDD of 02/18 (this just updated I have been checking WMR every hour) nothing in SBBT as of yet but I see PROGRESS!



    My bro and I filed with TT on 2/4, mine was accepted on 2/4, his was accepted on 2/5. The system just now updated and we both have a DDD of 2/18.



    Does anyone know what time the IRS updates their systems??



    @real sparks
    “just because you get a return transcript does not mean a refund is coming…..where do you guys get that? That is 100% wrong”
    Not sure who said the transcript meant a refund is coming?
    The transcript is a record of the processed tax return, so the transcript is created after the tax return is processed. When you are able to order a transcript, that indicates the tax return has been processed. The next step would be the refund, so yeah it is definitely a good indication a refund will be on its way.



    Still only 1 stinking bar! 152 doesn’t mean anything…….getting irritating now. Just wondering if everything is OK…..



    i cannot order both transcripts. How many others can only order account only? i think we will see an update for us very soon


    real sparks

    just because you get a return transcript does not mean a refund is coming…..where do you guys get that? That is 100% wrong



    By the way. I also have 1 bar and # 152



    I filed electronically on 2/03/16, was accepted on 2/4/16. Today like the rest of you I was waiting to see if I’d get my refund, instead I received a letter from the IRS in the mail. The letter said I owed from 2013. So for the first time in my life I called them, and they said that they took what I owed from this years refund, and that the balance will be deposited on 2/18/16.



    Not a tax expert but I would like to share what happen to me…
    Filed 1/20/2016
    Accepted 1/22/2016
    I was able to access WMR on the 24th one bar for about a week with tax topic 152… Bars has been gone 2 weeks… Didn’t have 4 digit code indicating a problem…. Was suppose to had ddd 2/10. IRS never sent refund… call treasure office and they never had offset for my social security number… Finally broke down and called IRS today after 21 days to be informed that I have offset from 2012… Guys if you are over 21 days… call them just because you have 152 doesn’t mean a thing, if you don’t have 4 digit code it still doesn’t mean a thing…. I have order both transcripts almost 2 weeks ago… She told me I should see my money by the 29th…



    2/3 filed still only 1 bar…able to order account transcript today but not return..does anyone know if you can order account one does that mean IRS is done with it? I know the return means that your refund is coming soon…but was curious what the account one actually means?????????



    Filed with turbotax and irs accepted on 2/3/16. Had one bar from 2/4/16, then lost all bars on 2/9/16, with processing tax return message, tax topic 152. Hadn’t been able to order transcripts all week. Was able to order account and 2015 refund transcripts just now. Am optimistic. Will keep you all posted. Have a good weekend. :-)



    Filed 2/4, accepted 2/5, irs stated accepted 2/8. Can use old address to get my account transcript for 2015 but when i try to use my new address with my information, i can’t? any tips or hints?



    Just called irs and told them I had an error code and she said I don’t see an error code but I see it’s supposed to be dd on the 18th. But wmr still only has one bar.


    bill jr.

    only account transcript no return

    i know many people who filed on 2/4 with being able to get only account ordered.

    but the next batch of updates i am sure those who did not get a return transcript ordered todaY CAN do so probably in next 3-5 days


    Kathy H

    I filed on 2/2 ~ not accepted until the night of 2/4 because of the IRS outage. I have moved since my last return was filed.
    This morning I was able to order 2015 return at new address ~ So I am believing for a DDD tomorrow morning!!



    How abt my acct just posted my refund!!!!! WMR is still at one bar!!!!




    To answer your question no the wheres my refund site has not updated but i filed with jackson hewitt got the american express serve card and my bank is the bank of republic. They are the ones handling my funds for my serve card and they said they recieved my refund have taken fees out. I also had an offset and it did not delay anything as i filed on 2/4/16 and its still only taken what 10 days. I should have my funds available today or soon after. I hope this helped. Still at one bar on wheres my refund.



    i cant order return transcripts still. Anyone else in the same boat here? @



    Now you people getting a deposit today… with 1 bar on wmr, what does sbbt website say? Did it also not update or did it.



    I’ve been on this site since last year.

    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/04
    Still at one bar on WMR
    Was able to order return transcript today.

    I wanted to say thank you to all who post on here….I like the support everyone gives each other! I’m hoping the 2/04 filers get an update tonight from the IRS WMR site!!! I needs me money ;)



    Filed and accepted 2/4. One bar, tt152, was able to order my account transcripts, but not the return yet.



    4hours ago i tried to order transcripts it said i cant . now im just ordering said we accepted your request . give us 5to 10days . this means am i good?but still 1bar .



    Guys i filed 2/4/16/
    Accepted same day
    Wmr still at one bar
    My bank has recieved deposit fees taken out.
    !!!!!!! Yay!!! So we all should be getting money very soon!! Wait is almost over god bless everyone and keep praying everyone gets thier money!!!


    Alan Bryant

    If you can order transcripts what does that mean ?



    Well I can finally order account and return transcripts! Things are finally moving. Hope this is a good sign.



    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/4

    Was able to order both my return transcript and Account transcript this morning. Does anyone know if that means I will get a DDD tomorrow?



    2/3 Filed w/ HRB
    2/4 Received email that irs crashed and there was delay in acceptance. Many others with this date have not been accepted until the 8th according to irs.
    2/5 Fed & State accepted
    2/11 able to order acct transcript
    2/12 unable to order return transcript tried about an hour later (approx 9:30) was able to order via phone.
    Education credits, no foreseeable offsets(fingers crossed)
    Still at 1 bar on wmr. Hopefully will recieve DDD soon! Best of luck to all! Anyone with NY state info please give updates!



    Was able to order an account transcript but not a return transcript by phone



    Filed 02/03, accepted 2/04. Still 1 bar on WMR, was able to order account transcript this morning to be sent via mail, but wasn’t able to order tax return transcript yet. Very slow progress this year.



    Was able to order my transcript by phone but got an error trying to do it online. Still on one bar. I had to wait 16 days last year looks like it’ll be the same this year.




    Don’t we all!

    I’m still waiting on a refund from an amended return I filed last May…

    And, my state just sent me a $1,500 bill for “their” taxes on income I made and already paid taxes on while living in another state…

    A decent DD next week would certainly help my family’s morale.



    I called to see when they received mine she said 2/4 same as when I filed. No new info



    I wish that DDD was today!!!



    Was just able to order my return transcript over the phone. Anyone else who was only able to order account transcripts this morning may find that useful.

    I suspect we’ll be seeing DDD’s tomorrow.



    I filed on 2-2-2016 and was not accepted until 2-4-2016. I am stuck on 1 bar and tax topic 152. I have tried to order my transcripts for 3 days straight, I tried to order them at 6:30 this morning but was not successful, tried again at 7:53a.m and FINALLY was able to order them FINALLY some movement. So hopefully in the near future I will get a DD date……HOPEFULLY!!!!



    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/4
    2/12 Finally able to order both Account and Return transcripts!
    Still at one bar!




    I’ve heard that the deposit schedule this year doesn’t necessarily follow past years. So you may in fact have a DD scheduled.

    However, I’ve experienced phone agents saying all sorts of clearly made up things just to get me off the phone. So who knows.



    Update guys, I filed on 2/4/16 it got accepted on 2/4/16 at about 8:30pm I’ve been stuck on one bar since and I can’t order a tax transcript. I called the IRS I told them I had an error code and just wanted to make sure everything was ok (white lie to get them to look) she looked at my return and came back on the line and said I have a direct deposit date of 2/18/16 although my bar is still at one and I can’t order transcripts. My worry is I’ve NEVER HEARD of the IRS doing direct deposits on Thursday. maybe it’s saying Thursday instead of the Wednesday/Friday that I’m use to due to the holiday being that Monday maybe it pushes it back a day (IDK) So moral of my story guys give them a call because those systems aren’t updating like they should. BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE



    same here was able to order account transcript but not the return..filed 2/3 accepted 2/4 only 1 bar since with topic 152 ….and still we wait :)



    Filed 2/3 accepted 2/4.

    One bar & TT 152 since 2/5

    Just this morning was able to order account transcript but not return.

    I’m expecting an offset from a 1040X that is supposed to result in an additional refund but they’ve managed to somehow turn into a balance due without actually processing the amended return.

    Since we’re now able to order account transcripts I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll see DDD’s over the weekend or early next week.



    Today I am able to order account transcript only with a message that my return was accepted . Still on one bar
    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/4



    Same here filed and accepted 2/4 was able to order account transcript but not return this morning. Hopefully tomorrow we will have our money or some kind of update on wmr..
    Good luck to everybody. I’m trying to stay as patient as possible.
    My brother filed the end of January it took about2 weeks for his money to come.



    I filed on 2/4, was accepted on 2/5(early morning), and have been on the first bar. I had an offset last year, but so far nothing this year. Can’t wait for the waiting to be over.



    Filed and accepted on 2/4
    Still on one bar ……..
    Was able to order account transcript this morning but not return transcript. I don’t know if that matters I’ve heard mixed things.



    still 1 bar on WMR filed 2/4 accepted 11.30 PM est on TT. Could order account transcript today but not return transcript.



    I filed on 2/4 was also accepted on 2/4……….. Nothing just same old one bar . I saw that 2/4 acceptance has a DDD of 2/12??? I have also read that the IRS does not go by all the dated charts for DDD??? Sooo confusing and frustrating.
    Do they always change WMR overnight or could it possible be done in the afternoon ? Last year my deposit went into my bank at 3:30 in the afternoon.
    Best of luck everyone



    I filed with free tax USA on 2/3 got accepted 2/4 and still on 1 bar. No update as of yet. I see if you got accepted on on b4 2/5 it has a DDD of the 12th. Well I didn’t get mine today. Hoping it’ll be the 15th but isn’t the 15th a holiday?



    Filed 2/4 and accepted same day . I GOT MY REFUND !!! I wish all of you the best and I hope you all get yours soon too . Until next year guys



    what number do i need to call irs ask my return status?



    i filed feb 4 accepted same day . cant belive this year . what happen to irs ..
    i filed same day last year i had within a week . im still one bar .
    am i good with still 1 bar? other ppl said if something happen bars disappear .
    i have at least 1 bar so .. just wait? i also saw some ppl had 1 bar but they had dd .. i really confusing now ……


    paul pompa gulfstream park

    refund accepted by irs on the 4th and nothing yet – just like everyone else
    why cant the irs be this slow when they ask for their money?



    I filed on 02/03 the irs e-file system was down on 02/03 and most of 02/04 . My refund was accepted on 02/04 late afternoon. I’m still on one bar . I looked into ordering transcripts but looks like the irs mails them to you now.



    I filed on 02/03 the irs e-file system was down on 02/03 and most of 02/04 . My refund was accepted on 02/04 late afternoon. I’m still on one bar . I looked into ordering transcripts but looks like the irs mails them to you now.



    Well what did the irs say about the dates jiving with the filers



    Thanks desperatelyseekingsusan



    I called this morning and asked if they had the same accepted date as turbotax.



    How did you all find out that they said they accepted on the 8th not the 4th? I also had filed 2/4 got a TT email @ 11.25 that the IRS accepted my return. It said on WMR on the 5th that it was processing etc. No movement at all since then.



    Accepted 2/4 it’s is saying the didn’t accept it until 2/8 wtf


    barry synder sr.

    accepted 2/4/2016 – no transcripts available as of yet – only processing on wmr



    Anyone file on 2/4 actually get a DDD yet?

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