Filed 1/25 Updated this morning to missing bars

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    ms martin

    Filed 1/25 accepted 1/25
    updated this morning to missing bars “ your return is still being PROCESSED “
    does not say “your return is still processing “
    Still have amount on the side & tax topic 152
    Claimed both credits

    Transcripts still NA for return, zero’s on account so I no I am still processing. Hopefully will update soon

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    Just me

    Why id verify if the tax places do and make copies? Makes no sense

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    I had to I’d verify last year, I lost bars on 2/9 this year too, so I assume I have to do it again. Once you call to verify they will tell you it will be 6-9 weeks but it was only about a week for me last year. Waiting for the letter was the longest part

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    You should be able to id verify with a rep over the phone. Also last year they allowed you to do it on the website.

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    I filed 1/31, accepted same day. Check WMR, bar went missing 2/10. It still had my social, refund amount, says “still being processed, refund ddd will be avaiable after processing” so I called a number I hadn’t previously seen wth an extension. Lady was nice as can be. Got some info from me, told me to hold. It was about 2 min hold, she came back and said that a letter had been sent to me 2/12. I need to verify ID. If I don’t receive my letter in mail in 14 days to call back. It was accepted, and approved, just needed to verify ID. I moved since filing taxes, and mail already forwarded. She’s said a lot if times they will forward it to new address. Does anyone know how long it takes after I verify my ID how long it will take for ddd? Any others experience this?

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    Same here. Finally.

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    Same here. I went from one bar to no bars and that same message. I pray nothing is wrong

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