Filed 1/15, accepted early batch 1/18. No updates.

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    Sure Billy

    Scrolling through and I didn’t see anyone in my particular situation so figured I would post. I filed 1/15 and the IRS accepted my federal refund as part of the early batch testing on 1/18. For the entire duration my status never had even 1 bar and only says ” Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information”

    I know they have plenty of tax returns to work through but it just seems a but weird that people are receiving their returns that have had their returns accepted way later than mine. I’m not claiming a child or tax credits. Maybe I just am one of the unfortunate few? Just really weird that everyone else is being paid. Any comment would be much appreciated.

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    Sure Billy

    Dang. Well, at least I’m not the only one. Was feeling super left out. I even called them and they said that I have to wait and that when the time comes the WMR will update. I also brought up the fact that ppl are being paid that have filed way after me and the gentlemen said yeah there are a lot of cases like mine.

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    I filed 1/18 accepted 1/19 lost bars 2/9

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    Sure Billy

    Hmmm… That’s strange. I have heard that from a slew of people where their WMR didn’t reflect accurately and they received their refund before their WMR updated. I’ll just wait another week or so and maybe call. Eventually it will work itself out. Haha. Thanks.

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    Unicorn Kisses

    I have seen that as well. I guess it might depend on what offsets (and to who) they are for. Perhaps that makes a difference??? I can tell you that WMR didn’t update my bars until two days after I’d gotten my DD. I know we love to log in and look at those big orange bars, but maybe there is hope you’ll wake tomorrow…and have a deposit – that’s what happened to me!!!

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    Sure Billy

    @unicornkisses Hmmm… Yeah I know I owe back taxes from 2015 which was just recently discovered a couple months ago. I just felt that it was weird that nothing has updated. I’m sure they are going to subtract the difference at some point as they have done in prior years for school loans. Just sort of figured by now they would have at the very minimum updated codes or changed my refund amount at least cause if they foresee offsets for debts prior they would update accordingly. Even then I have heard that people who owe prior year taxes didn’t necessarily have their refunds garnished at all and they still received their original amount filed.

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    Unicorn Kisses

    That is odd. I was accepted early too:

    Filed 01/18 w/ TT
    Accepted 01/18
    Approved 01/22
    Funds dropped 01/30 (which was one day early than my DDD stated)

    I’m afraid to suggest calling…but if you don’t have the credits (do you have any offsets or anything that changed regarding health coverage?)…

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    I have the same dates and message!

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