Early Filers: Filed on 01/11/16

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    Hello!! Everyone who filed on 01/11/16 let’s update here so we can all see each others progress!!
    Filed 01/11
    Accepted 01/11
    Not itemizing.
    Filed w :Jackson Hewitt. Will go through TPG tax group.
    DDEPOSit: Am Ex
    WMR: 1 Bar

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    Okay well I filed 1-12-16 accepted some day had to verify my identity on 2-8-16 was told 6 weeks from then I’ll receive my refund! Well I have to move by March 2nd so I couldn’t see to try to wait that long still no bars no DDD as of today so I contact a tax advocate Friday still haven’t heard anything back blame it on presidents day being today hopefully bars change and I get a date this week or hear from my tax advocate cause I can’t wait any longer maybe another week but that’s it oh and I got my letter from the irs Saturday to verify my identity but that’s been handled week ago Idk anybody have any advice



    Apparently for those that have the same problem as me
    No DDD
    No Bars
    No transcripts available
    That was accepted on 1/12/16 ….
    IRS is having problems processing our returns , if you haven’t received any letter from them , unfortunately you gonna have to wait 6 -8 weeks 3/24/16 …..that’s so messed up that we have to wait cuz they had a problem… hope we get something soon.



    So my boyfriend and I filled on 1/7/2016 accepted on 1/12/16 Bars disappeared on 1/29/16. My boyfriends updated on 1/30/16 and said he would get is return on 2/3. He got his I’m still waiting no bars. It just says processing and refund date well be provided when available. Is something wrong with my taxes?



    Hello all,

    Just to give some of you a little insight and maybe put some of you at ease, I filed on the 15, accepted on the 19th and started processing on the 20th per the IRS. This Saturday I lost all my bars and tax topic. I have spoken to the IRS 3 days in a row and got the same answers. My tax return was pulled for manual review and it will take an additional 7 days. She also confirmed that so many people filed early that they were in fact backed up but are getting back on track. She also confirmed that they are updating daily with massive updates on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So my advice is to give them a call to know your status instead of just waiting. Tell them you received a CP2000 letter or saw a code in wmr that promoted you to call and needed to confirm. Once they hear that they are obligated to check your account. Also, transcripts aren’t always updated via the web. To get the most current status you guys should call for that as well. Hope this helps.



    Accepted 1/11
    DDD 2/10/16
    Did my own through Turbotax

    Finally got my DDD! Still waiting on my husbands date. He filed his return the same time i did but was rejected a few times because an issue with a dependents social but final got accepted on 1/20. Do you think being rejected 4x might be why he hasn’t gotten a DDD? His WMR bars disappeared around the same time mine did, he doesn’t have topic 152 just says being processed.

    anyone get netspend prepaid card? anyone else having an issue with them? called 3x for my card still have not gotten it



    Filed with JH on 01/12/2016, could not get any info on the progress of my refund from Jh or the IRS. Didn’t have any bars on WMR since 01/30/2016. Woke up 02/06/2016 with to bars and a DDD of 02/10/2016. So I’ll be waiting to see what happens…



    So I filed on 1/13/16, federal was accepted 1/14/16. The bars disappeared at the end of the month. I only ever had one bar. Still no DDD. Getting frustrated and concerned since the 21 days is almost up. I am getting the same tax topic as everyone else 152, and it says my account is still processing… Not sure what to do. :/



    I did my taxes at Jackson Hewitt on 1/11 & it was accepted by IRS on the 12th. I got all 3 bars & said refund was sent to bank on the 2/3. It’s now the 6th & I’m mad that I haven’t received it yet. I’ve been going to JH for 15yrs & I’m so ready to give them a piece of my mind. I paid over $400 to have my taxes done & my daughter went thru turbo tax 2wks after me & she got her money Friday 2/5! This is totally unacceptable to me & I WILL NEVER GO TO JH AGAIN!



    Update from the IRS

    Update: IRS Systems are Operating
    Updated IRS Statement
    Feb. 4, 2016 – 6 p.m. EST
    The IRS announced it resumed processing individual and business tax returns at approximately 5 p.m. Thursday following resolution of its system outage. Many of the tools and applications came up earlier on Thursday morning, including “Where’s My Refund” on IRS.gov.
    “IRS teams worked throughout the night and around the clock on this system outage,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said. “Our processing systems are back in business. Taxpayers should see little, if any, impact on their tax returns or refunds. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused, and we appreciate the support and patience from taxpayers as well as our partners in the tax community and state revenue departments.”
    The IRS emphasized that taxpayers do not need to take any additional steps or action due to the outage, including people who filed just before or during the outage. Throughout this period, taxpayers were able to continue to send their tax returns to their e-file provider; these companies have already started sending these tax returns into the IRS.
    Taxpayers who have received a specific refund date from the “Where’s My Refund?” tool on IRS.gov should not be affected by the outage. The IRS reminds taxpayers that many variables factor into processing of tax refunds, including fraud prevention efforts, but we continue to anticipate that nine out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days after being accepted by the IRS. In addition, the IRS reminds taxpayers that IRS.gov remains the best place to check for information on refunds. Additional information is available at: https://www.irs.gov/Refunds/What-to-Expect-for-Refunds-This-Year
    The IRS is continuing to examine the underlying cause of the outage yesterday as well as monitoring any follow-up issues. It’s important to note that at this time this situation appears to be a hardware failure.



    Filed 1/11 accepted 1/19

    Consistently have 1 bar, never lost any

    tax topic 152.

    I hope we get these refunds soon!



    Used TT: accepted 1/19,
    IRS accepted 1.19(federal)
    state accepted 1.21

    I got my state return less than a week later after it got accepted on turbo tax .I never receive my state before my federal so this was odd to me. But anyway, I know the IRS had some kind of issue Wednesday(how convenient) but everytime I went to check wmr tool the stupid thing is stuck on the first bar wtf? I know last year I got my dd days before the bar even moved…could this happen again this year? The IRS refund schedule says Im supposed to get my dd on 2/5 which is tomorrow…maybe I should give p hope…Has anyone else got their DD before the bars on wmr moved???



    Filed 1/9 Turbo Tax
    Accepted 1/11
    WMR bars disappeared 1/30
    Received turn tax email congrats on filing 1/26

    No movement or word on WMR or my bank



    @yez when did you get accepted?



    I got my refund yesterday morning in my bank account!



    Filed very early :1/5 (freeTaxUsa)
    Accepted : 1/11
    1 bar till 1/29 when over night no bars

    2/3 still no bars, no weird codes, still see my refund amount. No available return transcript.
    Seems like many other are in this same boat..waiting to be “processed”…or even some information at all.
    Read that filing early would help eliminate chances of fraud…seems we were just guinea pigs or pushed asside. Oh well, learned my lesson. Also last year I received deposit in bank (chase) overnight and bar never moved even a week after receiving my refund.



    Well I spoke to the irs this morning, they said I have been resequenced because my wages dont match what they have.. Then he said I should know something by next week. He also said that i may have send send in the info for verification. Then he also stated that i can call on 2/16/16 does this mean im under audit, and on wmr I still have the 152 code.



    I’m just letting everyone know. I’ve been keeping track of my boyfriend and i where’s my refund. We both still have one bar at this point and his federal was just deposited..



    Well im going through the same thang file jan12 accepted right away .Filed with. Jackson Hewitt not sure wats going on.I talk to a rep at the irs he said dont worry becuz my bars disappeared weeks ago i have to wait 21days then contAct them ?



    @joy I also filed on 1/21 and got accepted on 1/22 and turbo tax says I should receive my refund 1/23- 2/12 but I’m still on one bar on wmr. have you received your state yet ? My state was also approved on 1/22



    @joy I also filed on 1/21 and got accepted on 1/22 and turbo tax says I should receive my refund 1/23- 2/12 but I’m still on one bar on wmr. I have you received you state yet ? My state was also approved on 1/22



    sorry, the 21 days start 1/19 not 2/19.. so 2/10 should be 21 days from that day



    So Ms Ray stated I have no pending codes or flags on my account. This was just processing and the 21 days does not start until 2/19. Guess we can all just wait until 2/10. If we don’t have it by then.. they would almost have to tell us something…



    I am having the same issue, filed 1/11 accepted 1/12. Bars went away on 1/30 and have not come back on WMR. Still no deposit date on SBBT or WMR or TT. I am on the phone right now with Ms Ray ID1000843234 to see what is going on. I lied and said it told me to contact them.


    raquel smith

    I filed Jan. 11, 2016 and was accepted on January 12, 2016. It only got to one bar which said return received now it is saying nothing not even showing the bar. It is only saying refund still being processed a refund date will be provided when it becomes available. will I get my refund February 5th or at a later date



    It looks like a lot of us filed early, got one bar, waited even longer, then thebar went away over the weekend, now we have nothing. I wonder if this is because we had larger refunds and they were pulled to be reviewed ?
    This is the only thing that I can figure. I am tired of waking up every morning hopeful and then having my spirit smashed. LOL I know that I shouldn’t count on the money, but it went so quickly at first, I was hoping for the first ddd.
    I called IRS today and got no where. They said basically they will not give out any info until 2/9/2016 (21 days from 1/19/2016). She said that it doesn’t matter when you filed. :(

    Filed 1/11/2016
    Accepted 1/14/2016 (or so I thought)
    One bar 1/19/2016
    Bar disappeared 1/30/2016

    Able to order account transcript, but not refund transcript



    Filed 01/09/16
    Accepted 01/11/16
    Approved 01/30/16
    DDD 02/03/16

    I filed through Turbo Tax…so I’m sure I won’t see my refund until Friday 02/05, you think?



    Filed 1/9/16
    Accepted 1/11/16
    Approved 1/30/16
    DDD 2/3/16

    I’m having fees taken out and SBTPG has my money today (2/2/15). Should get it tomorrow. Good luck everyone :)



    My return get accepted on 1/13 and i am still waiting, the IRS site says “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.
    i have no offsite



    Joy – where you able to get the DDD information?
    We file and accepted on the same dates. But I don’t see my DDD info.



    I filed 1/21/2016 accepted 1/22/2016.
    Still on 1 bar. As of this morning I was not able to order my transcripts. From anyone’s experience does that mean they have not processed my return?
    Is it a must to have been able to order transcripts? In order to get return? Ive never done or heard of this before. Ive been filing my taxes for the past 20 years.



    We filed with Jackson Hewitt on 01/12/2016 Chose to get our refund back on the American Express Serve Card,and still have not received anything, and the IRS WMR is still telling us Processing, while Jackson Hewitt is telling us that they are just waiting for the IRS to release the funds. I just got off of the phone with a person at the IRS and was told that they can not give me any information on my taxes until 21 days has passed.



    Filed on 1/21
    Accepted 1/22
    Can not request either transcript
    Bar still at accepted
    Estimated DDD shows between 1/23 and 2/12
    this is for me and 5 friends

    anyone know a good phone to call for better update



    filed 1/14 accepted immediately 1 bar still :(



    Maybe we will updated Wednesday for deposit on Friday.



    I filed 1/7/16 i was accepted by the irs on 1/14/16 i was on one bar until 2/01/16 the message says your refund is still processing will provide refund date when available. What does that mean should i be worry. Well update when i get an update gud luck guys



    Hello, I just wanted to give some people hope.

    Filed: 1/12 w/TT
    Accepted: 1/12
    Received 2nd bar (Approved) 1/30 with DDD of 2/3

    I have Rushcard which is a pre-paid card that will post DD’s up to two days earlier. I started calling Rushcard as of midnight EST. There was nothing. I just received an email from Rushcard stating the my tax refund has posted. FYI: WMR is still on 2nd bar. I hope this gives a little hope to those with DDD’s of 2/3 that have prepaid cards. To all others, hang in there. I can’t tell you how much I have been stressing since filing several weeks ago. In the future, I will file at the beginning of the actual season. This was just too stressful. And from one tax payer to another, I wish you all the best of luck!



    I was accepted on 1/11/2016. I had an offset for a debt my wife owes but I now am showing an DDD of 2/3/2016. Even the offset hotline states that my payment is on 2/3/2016. Now its just a matter of when will it be in my bank.



    Filed 1/19/16 still nothing I am sad



    Filed 1/5/2016
    accepted 1/12/2016
    bars disappeared 1/28/2016
    says still processing …got topic 152
    called irs says refund is processing no offsets
    If you got topic 152 its a good thing any other topic theres an issue
    ddd hopefully tonight. 21 day deadline tomorrow, after tha Ill be worried
    will keep you updated.



    as of feb 1 2016 lost my 1 bar last week says its being processed can order account transcripts no return yet and stall have no error codes just topic 152 any body know whats going on



    Has anyone received a DDD of 2/1/16? I keep hearing 2/3 or 2/5, along with they only deposit on Wednesdays and Fridays.


    Rey T

    @Thomas – usually that means they have started working on yours and you should be able to order the return transcript when they are done.

    You also might lose all bars before or that night and usually within the next day or so u’ll get that 2nd bar (least thats the way it happened with me and some others. )

    I filed on the 11th accepted the 12th and was approved friday the 29th into the 30th.

    Should see my cash in the next day or so…



    So I filed on the 19th, late at night, accepted on the 22nd, apparently. Only one bar. Received my state taxes already (I’m in Missouri). Just checked to see if I could order transcripts. I was able to order the account transcript, but not the return transcript. What does that mean? Am I looking at a ddd of 2/1, 2/3, 2/5, or worse? Last year I got my taxes back the last Friday of January. That’s came and went this go round. Last year the pizza tracker didn’t update until my refund had been issued. Would feel better if I just knew when it was coming.



    @cookie I lost my bar at about midnight as well. I have seen a lot of people saying the same thing tonight. I am really hoping that we will have a good update in the morning !



    just updating everyone who gave feedback about my situation @bill i think its possible my return is under review but i honestly dont know why. @dmoses thank you for your positive feedback and i am really hoping i see a change in my status but as of right now i still have the same msg “your return is being processed a refund date will be provided when available” i read on the irs website under wmr faq that when the bar disappears it means the return has to be reviewed before the refund can move to the second step “approval” hoping it doesnt take too long everyone cross their fingers for me lol



    I also filed early, was accepted 1/11 and have been on 1 bar since. No DDD yet. I can order account transcripts, but not return transcripts.

    I did see this and it makes sense why so many of us are being “skipped over”. Not sure if it is true, but it is another explanation .


    Ron v

    I filed on 1/13/16 turbotax sent me an email saying it was accepted on 1/14/16. And i only have 1 bar on the irs website so it hasnt been approved. Im panicking!!!! Please help me. I thiught doing it early was a good idea but the suspense is killing me and ive heard other ppl that filed after me and are already accepted.



    We filed with H & R Block. Filed 1/14/2016. Accepted 1/14/2016
    On 1/15/16, we were able to see one bar in the WMR site.
    It has never gone beyond the one bar.
    I called the IRS. I was on hold for 2 hours. Then, the agent told me that she couldn’t even see my return in the system and would be unable to give me any more information for 21 business days !!!. So, she did not know if there was a problem or not.

    Today, I called H & R Block and they told me the same thing. I know a lot of people who filed with H & R Block that are in a similar situation. People who filed with Turbo Tax and Tax Slayer got their refund 1/29…. I am very worried. I haven’t even gotten my state refund yet. Last year, I had that back in 3 days !




    Yep – I had the exact message, no error code, no tax topic. It was the first time happening to me also. I’m hoping you’ll see a due date on Monday’s update. I was accepted 1/11. Keeping fingers crossed lol


    early filer

    I think many of us have this sorted out now. I filed early like many of you and it felt like a very long time BUT with the IRS not processing until the 19th, we added a week to our wait time. I was a little nervous also, but reading that many people were also worried helped.
    Filed 1/7, accepted 1/11. Wmr stayed at 1 bar for a dreadfully long time. On the 29th I was able to order transcripts (both) and yesterday my wmr moved to approved and a dd date of 2/3. I was hoping for last Friday, but even though I filed early, I still ended up in the 2nd batch. My ss last number is a 2 so I really think there isn’t much to that theory. Anyone without a ddd who filed early through the 19th, I’d assume Friday (2/5) for a ddd. Check to see if transcripts are ready and if they are, I think you’re on your way. Happy refund spending to you all!

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