Does anyone use liberty tax??

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    Does anyone of you guys know which bank liberty tax uses?

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    Filed online w liberty tax
    My paperwork online says river city bank
    I’m supposed to get my Dd on 2/22 but with the way things go w liberty im not holding my breath. Idk why I keep filing with them. Their customer service is so shitty.


    Yulonda Wilson

    I m still waiting they told around the 15th but its the 18th now so i don’t know they just keep telling me nothing yet so i just pray all is well not for just me but for whoever else file and still waiting from Libert taxes that we will hear SOMETHING soon



    After speaking with jth financial I found out that there’s no need to contact Republic because they’re gonna get us right back over to jth.

    Also we won’t be seeing our funds until the 22nd especially if you’re waiting on a check like myself. They charged me wayyyyy too much, messed my state taxes up, have too much of an attitude when you’re calling about your money. I’m so done with them it’s not even funny!!



    I used liberty tax this year I have a 2/22 ddd and I tried Republic for ever trying to get info and found out from my bank that mine is going through JTH financial put it on the google and called, they say they have not received funds yet but will release them as soon as they go to them. If you got the advance then you have republic if not and they are just taking fees out then try JTH Financial. also your bank can tell you who it is coming from. This is the first time I have used Liberty and probably the last. But my “husband” filed with Jackson Hewitt a week before me and his is still processing so IDK if there is really a good company to use. “Husband” in quotes because we aren’t actually married just been together forever. Also both have EITC and ACTC



    This is CRAP! Everyone on facebook posting they are getting funds now. But not Liberty… NEVER AGAIN



    Idk what is going on, Why is Liberty the only company not posting?



    I am hoping my DDD is on WMR tomorrow. I’m a weekly (0505). Called Liberty just now in hopes they had my funds and I could get a stress free good night’s sleep! But she said no, they didn’t have them for me but her system hadn’t updated. I asked her if they had been seeing deposits show up from PATH filers and she said yes they had most of them already.
    Starting to wonder if these guys are trained in the same “just say anything” way the IRS reps are!!!!
    I just want a straight answer. LOL



    I’m still waiting on them to release the funds as well. My preparer says is usually comes the day of



    My Liberty in Florida uses JTH FINANCIAL. But they say that they haven’t received any mone from the IRS. Not sure I believe that.



    Do diff liberty taxes in diff states use diff banks? I think mine uses JTH Financial and they have no funding for me yet :(


    Sher B

    That # ABOVE (800 966-0868) not working fot me. C O U L D Y O U
    P O S T B A N K I N F O F O R L I B E R T Y T A X ???


    Sher B

    The republic bank # not correct? Any other ways we could chk to see if our Dep IS coming in?


    Sher B

    Yes, i use Liberty. Louisville KY, for years now.

    I had small EIC. On feb 16–state was approved. Got the “will be mailing soon” msg.

    Today, IRS approved. Got the Feb 22 deposit msg.

    Fees coming out of check—will pick up at Liberty when ready. Fees deducted then. By Feb 22nd — deposit date


    Any info about Liberty Tax . LOUISVILLE, KY appreciated!!!! Dont see ANY Liberty customers posting anywhere here!!??? Why???



    Liberty uses republic bank & trust co. In louisville kentucky P# 1-800-966-0868

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