Ddd of 2/10 post if u receive your deposit early

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    So to all of us the finally got a date I’m interested to see when you receive your money.I will post when I get mine. Anxiously awaiting mine for vehicle repair! To anyone still waiting I hope it comes soon!

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    Filed 2/1/16 DDD 2/10/16 still on 2 bars and not it sbbt got 5/3 bank



    Accepted 1/28 Approved 2/6 DDD 2/10 Just hit my netspend – TT fees.



    I remember republic bank from last year also e-file be new it also no money n account anybody use TaxAct got refund before 2:10



    I have NFCU and I called them today about my refund. I have no pending deposit and she said they don’t release tax refunds early. They release it the day WMR says we will have it. They only release payroll deposits early and our tax refund does not fall in that category. I should see a pending deposit tomorrow for posting on the 10th.



    @dinah & @amanda I sure hope they release it overnight!!




    I seen your post about republic bank, how did you find that out? So will we see deposits during the middle of the night



    @ jj … We received that same generic message from HR Block last year at 12:17am. but before 4:00pm. the funds were in our account.



    for any one who using republic bank they just informed that they will be releasing funds for 2/10 deposits tomorrow



    SBBT will update for almost everyone tomorrow morning, I have been using them for 15yrs. Then if you have a pre paid most likely you will get your refund shortly after that. “Real” banks typically will hold your funds and release them at midnight tomorrow or at 6am on the tenth. This year there seemed to some glitches in the beginning that the “shut down” fixed. All the stuff that is going on right now goes on every year its just that when it happens to you for the first time it seems horrifying and scary, and it is but most of it is pretty normal. People getting there refunds today most likely are using a netspend card and did not have any fee’s taken out. I have never ever received my refund early and like I said I have used SBBT for a very long time, I always used a real bank, this year I have a pre paid, kinda curious about that.



    Hey guys! Other forums weren’t directly related so this is close enough anyway, seeing conflicting information. My DD is 2/10/16, filed and accepted on 1/26, HR Block is were I went and they are taking (RAC and filing) fees out, now I see some people saying I could still see my refund 2/9 or 2/10 and some people saying there is another delay….does anyone know more info? I’ve never experienced delays in prior years.

    Thanks so much!




    Thank u for all ur help. I’ve been worried about them holding the funds….
    Do u think we should see a deposit through the middle of the night?



    Lol the deposit wasn’t my taxes.. My brother deposited the same amount as an advance for me… So ya still waiting I guess for the refund deposit
    DDD 2/10 with turbo tax fees removed.



    @Happy so jealous!! Just checked mine & still nothing. What time zone are you in?? Or what time when you received it :/



    @jess feel free to email me if u get anything tonight or tomorrow incase
    I’m not on here since we both have mn.
    [email protected] only if u want.

    Everyone I have a question. Do u have alerts set up for deposits and if so have they let u know or was it just there?



    @joe – you’re real name is Richard isn’t it? 8==)



    I’m happy for you! I checked my card and nothing on there yet. I’ll check again soon..



    @happy did you see a change on sbbtg website before you got your refund



    HR Block is saying the 3-5 day wait thing, call emerald card hotline they say not to listen to them that there is no hold. so not sure what’s going on.



    Just got my refund deposited to my Walmart Moneycard!

    DDD 2/10
    Using turbotax with fees removed from the refund!

    Happy Tax Season!




    You just put in a useless reply? You need a hug?



    @jess yeah I remember last I was done in 9 days, come Wednesday it will be day 20. And last year I got a pending deposit Friday night for Monday. So far nothing. Matter of fact for some
    Reason I haven’t been getting any alerts the past 2 days idk y.

    I called and they said I have no pending deposits so I guess I just gotta wait til the day of



    Has anyone received a direct deposit yet that filed through taxact and has fees coming out of refund????



    Read the title of this thread:
    Ddd of 2/10 post if u receive your deposit early
    It’s not Ddd of 2/10 post to ask where your refund is or complain that others got it early.

    Make a new thread if you want to complain or ask where your refund is.. Oh wait there is threads for that! Stop filling this thread with worthless replies



    @andrew my details are the same as yours money network w/ TT and fees through sbbt. I’m hopeful for tomorrow…



    Now I have a ddd of 2/10 and I have money network and I used turbo tax to
    File. I had the fees taken out so I’m assuming it will be going through sbtpg. So u think that most of us except unfortunate h+r block customers will receive there money atleast by Wednesday as




    That’s upsetting though because I was told definitively that yes there is a 3 to 5 day wait but I was not subject to the 3 to 5 day wait even though I did have the fees waived. It makes me wonder what their process is and if it is just one random or subjective tool to make sure they get their fees. Because obviously its not across the board or the chick I spoke to was lying to me lol



    @bmat145 yep hrblock is holding for 3-5 days on people who are having fee’s taken out, its all over their facebook page and their community manger on their forums have verified it. A lot of mad people on facebook and hrblock forums today finding out they are going to have to wait another 3-5 days after the irs ddd.



    Used TurboTax for the past 3 years , deposited to Wells Fargo account. Never gotten an early deposit, always the exact day the IRS says. Apparently doesn’t matter if I have fees taken out or pay them up front.
    Filed 1/27 , accepted a few minutes later, DD date of 2/10.
    Usually it’s in the morning too, not at midnight. Just my personal experience.




    Nothing yet. Called HR Block and they verified what someone else was saying about the 3 to 5 day wait. Yet for some reason mine wasn’t subject to that wait, which is good for me I guess but doesn’t explain how that works because I had my fees waived too. She was able to tell me though that their bank (BofI) hasn’t received anything for me yet. So idk, hopefully I get it before my ddd, working for a non profit, I kinda needed the money yesterday :p



    I filed the 29th
    DDD 2/10/2016
    TurboTax no Fees
    Direct Deposit to Ace Elite Netspend Card

    Still no money…not even state(Nebraska)



    I’m so over this tax season… Next year I will be sure to file 2-3 days after opening day and I will definitely be paying my filing fees upfront!
    So I don’t have to deal with a damn 3rd party bank!



    Deposit pending in account has yet to post though



    Anyone using HR Block emerald card get theirs yet?



    It’s amazing that that is the “excuse” they are giving. So many other people who did NOT have to have their fees taken out, have received their refunds on their cards. SBBT is the ONLY one with this issue!! Just amazes me! I have a DDD of 2/10. Filed with TT, as I have for 6 yrs, and chose to have my fees taken out. The IRS released the funds today, SBBT is just not processing or they are having the issue. Guessing will not be early for us!



    It’s amazing that that is the “excuse” they are giving. So many other people who did NOT have to have their fees taken out, have received their refunds on their cards. SBBT is the ONLY one with this issue!! Just amazes me! I have a DDD of 2/10. Filed with TT, as I have for 6 yrs, and chise to have my few was taken out. The IRS released the funds today, SBBT is just not processing or they are having the issue. Guessing will not be early for us!



    So even if sbbt does not update do you think we will get our money? I have a bank account not a card or whatever you all have…



    I called the department of treasury and they said that if we have netspend and not received anything it will most likely be tomorrow either tonight at midnight and anytime before 6pm tomorrow they release funds anytime of the day and night so don’t listen to ppl.

    1866-581-1040 pick option this is the number for theTreasury department and ask them if the IRS released your funds



    Filed jan 22nd
    approved 02/06/2016
    ddd 02/10/2016
    called sbbt bank and the rep told me that because the irs went down that day they are behind on sending out funds and funds are not being sent to the bank until tomorrow she told me to call back tomorrow and see if sbbt has received the funds. :/ I have netspend card and fees are being taken out so i hope it does come tmrw and then goes straight to netspend.



    @Natalie – Let me know when you receive your deposit. I’m still waiting as well. I also have the WalMart Money card. I have the black card. I filed and was approved 1/30 with DDD of 2/10.



    TurboTax, Walmart Money card, Date Accepted 1/28, Date Approved 2/6, DDD 2/10
    I haven’t recieved any money yet. I guess it’ll be Wednesday for me. Still hoping it’ll get deposited this evening but I high



    Oh an wmr still just shows 2 bars an saying approved not sent yet but didn’t update last year til two days after I received my money



    Filed an accepted 1/28. Friday ordered return transcripts. Woke up Saturday 2/6 with a DDD of 2/10. Today refund advantage received my money from IRS took out my fees an it hit my bank at 2:00 pm today 2/8. IRS released my funds around noon today.



    I got my ddd for 2/10 and obviously i know its still early but i noticed alot of people are getting there refunds already with there netspend cards. As for I dont even have anything in the sbbt account yet. should i be worried?



    Congrats ANN! I shouold open one of those for next year:)



    No Updates for me.. Still waiting… Hopefully this won’t be like the 2/3 deposits when some were still waiting after the 3rd.. I understand some people don’t have a DDD yet but this is almost as bad…. just because you have a DDD you always sweat until it’s actually in YOUR ACCOUNT… I have some going to my north dallas account my chase and my bluebird so i’ll update when any of them hit!


    ashley i

    hi i filed with TT for the first time i usually do liberty tax. had fees and using my personal wells fargo acct for deposit…so im wondering i filed 1/30 accepted 1/31 approved 2/6 with ddd 2/10/16. i never have gotten mine early but i always get THE day tha irs says. but it would be nice to get early as its really needed… is it possible to see deposits during the day or i should just hold off till tonight???



    Thats really weird. I have never gotten a deposit after 6 AM Eastern Time (where I am.) They always make me wait until the next day for it and i’ve been banking with them for over 8 years.


    still waiting

    Everyone with netspend that didnt have fees are getting theirs ,is anyone with net spend fees taken out getting returns today?



    @ninjasherrie they deposit more often then that because I get my unemployment around 3pm my time but I used to get my paycheck around 10am my time, and ach withdrawals come out at 10pm my time (all Pacific). Maybe it will come with my UK later today (hopefully).



    Yeah it’s a bit high but my man files as self employed and we do not wanna mess up as easy as it is the thought of making a mistake scares the shit outta me lol



    what is sbgt and what is there website? tia



    Filed & accepted: 1/28
    Approved: 02/06
    DDD: 2/10

    I’m having my refund sent to my NetSpend card but nothing deposited as of yet. A friend of mine has the same situation but received his last night.



    $600 to do your taxes??? Unless you have a crazy complicated return, you got seriously robbed. I think people think that its much harder to do taxes than it really is. IF you use any of the major sites like TurboTax or H&R Block, they make it so easy. Don’t give $600 bucks away that you worked hard for.



    To the person asking about USAA –
    I’m a long time USAA member. I can tell you from experience that they do not hold funds. However, they only update once a day around 6 AM. Since they don’t operate on weekends, that means that even if the IRS sent the funds, they wont even see it until today. So i’m not looking for any deposit until tomorrow. If USAA sees the request today, then it should post at 6 AM or so tomorrow.



    Just got off phone with JTH my deposit is going to them to take Liberty taxes 600$ fee! They told me that my deposit has not been sent to them yet. Does this make sense I thought the deposits got sent out to everyone’s banks at the same time. They also said they hold for 24hrs so I highly doubt I will see anything before wed :(



    @tila i used efile.com too if u saw that your fees were taken out. it shows at the bottom funds release date. go to efile.com home scroll dwn then click on wmr then click the eps e-collect tax link and go from there.



    My DDD date was Feb. 10 mine is on my net spend card now :)



    Filed 1/22/16 DDD 2/10 through TT fees to come out deposit to my credit union acct as of 20 mins ago nothing pending and I’m still at bar #2 it has not moved to bar #3 yet refund sent on WMR IRS Site.

    I imagine once it moves to that hopefully it will be pending tomorrow. IDK it’s never been this hectic before. Same info, same kids, same job last 10 yrs…lol IDK


    Steph C.

    Filed and accepted on 1/29, got approved on 2/6, ddd of 2/10. Bing direct deposited in our joint Woodforest account. We filed with freetaxusa like we do each year. Does anyone else on here file with freetaxusa or have their refund going into their woodforest account??????????



    I filed on 1/25. Got accepted on 1/26. WMR updated on 2/6 with direct deposit date of 2/10. As of 2/8 I have not received it yet. Coincidentally, I’m awaiting my deposit for vehicle repair as well.



    Has anyone else received their money on a walmart green dot card today?



    Use Tax Act, no fees, and going directly to my bank. I called my bank today to see if there was a deposit pending and they said yes. I asked them if it was for the X amount of dollars and they say yes. The good thing is it’s there pending, and ready to be deposit. So I’ll just have to wait until the 10th.



    Mi e hasn’t hit republic bank yet



    Acceppte: 01/14/16
    I’ve used T.T. For years & I always have it put on a card. I can’t believe it still isn’t there. I have talked to the IRS, turbotax, & SBTPG….CAN’T GET ANYONE TO SAY WHAT’S GOUNG ON!!! I need the money like now…being a signal mom of 2…..I needed days ago. Yes I know everyone feels this way. JUST VENTING!!



    Filed: 1/19
    DDD: 2/10

    Filed with turbotax, fee’s taken out with a direct deposit to my local bank. Is there anyway to tell if TT has gotten their fee’s yet?



    File 1/18
    Accepted 1/19
    DDD 2/10

    Filed TT – fees taken by Santa Barbara – nothing yet



    filed 1/12/2016
    accepted 1/19/2016
    DDD 2-10-16

    I have a NETSPEND card , i cannot order a transcript , nor can i see where they have taken out anything on the sbtpg website , any help ?



    I filed and was accepted on 01-26-16 and I have a DDD of 02-10-16.
    I am getting direct deposit through my local credit union. I keep checking my bank, but nothing yet. I will post when I receive, hopefully I will get it early like most others!!!

    Good Luck to Everybody! I hope we all get them early!!!



    Forgot to mention , I filed through HrB.



    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/24
    DDD 2/10

    I see my refund pending deposit for tonight with NFCU. ( navel federal credit union) . This is about the same time I received my refund last year.



    I used EFile.com & have fees deducted from refund. It shows that my offset has been taken as well as them getting their fees. Anybody have an estimate on when they will send it to NetSpend?



    @MandyC – do they do deposits on our cards during the middle of the day?



    I have a ddd of 2/10 I have the serve card but no activity yet. Hopefully something soon. Anyone with server receive there deposit?



    No DD yet. No fees and supposed to be deposited into my personal Capital One account. Capital One texts me when i receive a deposit but every now and then it doesn’t happen so I’ve been checking my account…..ya know…. just in case, lol I need to calm down.



    @Sharah – Oops…typo! ? SBTPG. Yes, under “expected” amount should have your $$$ on there. Right next to it is “received” & “date”. It will show the amount in the “received” area along with you “expected amount”. If you have both, then your money is in.



    @SHARAH it’s saying the same thing for mines. I’m very confused if they’ve received my refund or not.



    Has anyone with USAA gotten their deposit yet?



    I went through liberty Tax and got an direct deposit date of 2/10.. I also have a Netspend card.. No money yet… Do I have to wait till fees taking out? And maybe later today it would hit?



    Filed H&r block on January 16
    Accepted on 19th ddd of 2/10 Have emerald card still nothing was so hoping to get it before the 10th. still at two bars and nothing on my card. Never took this long this is crazy!




    I think you have the banks confused. SBTPG is the bank. Under expected amount it says my amount again. Still confused!!!



    @jay thanks for the info. I thought they meant faster than if you used your own bank. I’ll be discarding the emerald card after this year. No real advantages of it. I’m gunna go back to sleep and wake up Wednesday. Lmao



    @aaron they mean faster then mail which can take 6 weeks. We have used hrblock for over 10 years and have only recieved or refund early maybe twice, its almost always on the ddd given by irs. @travis they have their own bank.



    What bank does HR Block use to take fees out? I heard they don’t use sbgt


    I have Netspend

    Nothing yet Has anybody money hit Republic Bank



    DDD of 2/10 and using the emerald card. No deposit as of now. Get it faster by using the emerald card! Yeah. Right.



    Yes i was wondering if anyone banks with bbva and has ddd of 2/10/16 if you have already receive you direct deposit into your acct? Thank you for any answer you may provide.



    anybody with a 2/10 DD with rushcard with SBBT fees get their refund yet?



    What other site can we get information from were we check our state check at



    @shara – I looked at sbbt, what you’re talking about is “expected amount received” and it shows how much. Right next to that is “received” and it shows 0, meaning they don’t have the money yet.






    @MandyC – Thank you for that. We filed our taxes separate, but as I said, both names are on the account and we each have a card with each of our names on it. We didn’t have any offsets. We each filed with 1 w2 and 1 dependant each. Hopefully we will see a deposit tomorrow. I have my paycheck direct deposited and I usually receive it a day early.



    Okay I’m a little confused can anyone help?
    I FILED and was ACCEPTED ON 1/29.
    Have a DDD of 2/10.
    I went to sbtpg website to check if they received my deposit. It said no deposits were received, then I scrolled down and it had my federal deposit listed as received. I’m super confused. Did they receive it or not.
    Anyone else have this problem?



    @Shona – no, you should not have any issues – we filed together and both names are on our account. I did make sure my husbands name was the primary name on the tax return as his is the primary name on our card. I have seen just a few other WMC cardholders have deposits today and it seems the commonality between us all is we had offsets for various reasons.



    I filed with TaxAct, so I’m going through Republic Bank. I got a DDD of 02/10. So far as of today 02/08, it does not even show on Republic Bank that my deposit has been received, so I doubt anyone that is waiting on Republic will get it earlier than date provided. Hoping for tomorrow thought, fingers crossed.



    I have a green dot card, still no deposit…. :/



    Ddd of 2/10 no deposit as of now and no text from republic bank :( i got a text from them the day before with my state refund



    I have the black card as well, but no deposit this morning. I have a card on the account as well as my fiance, but neither of us received the deposit this morning. Hopefully it hits soon and there are no issues. Since both of us have our names on the cards, there shouldn’t be an issue right?



    filed and accepted 1/29
    approved 2/5
    DDD 2/10
    received dd 2/8 between 2am and 6am
    Walmart Money Card Preferred Cardholder (black card)
    Married filing jointly, Free file with TT, Had an offset, 1 Education and 3 child credits, state of MD.

    Hang in their guys. I know it is frustrating for those that have not had a DD hit yet.



    I am having mine deposited to a wal mart green dot card. I have a DDD of 2/10. Anyone received their money early?



    Still waiting on my ddd 2/10 it is 10:39 pacific time. Anyone get bank direct deposits before 2/10?



    Anyone have the insight card and have a deposit yet?



    Anyone got a deposit from republic bank



    Netspend didnt send deposit alert for me, just happened to check the app and deposit was there. No text, and I’ve made sure text alerts were turned on..in fact, I got text alerts for other things that have been paid this morning, so they are working fine. Just didn’t do text for deposit.

    No pending either. It was a $0 balance, then it was a $tax balance.



    Any body got they $ that had to go through republic bank



    Just to let everyone know ..I got my refund on my netspend card last night and checked wmr this morning and still only had 2 bars and i signed up for netspend to notify me when funds are deposited into my account and they have still yet to notify me. Just sayin don’t rely on those two things just call ! ?



    @andrew same here i wonder what the hold up is, lol i don’t see a pending deposit either.



    Filed 1.23
    Accepted 1.23
    DDD 2.10

    Just checked my rush card and my money was deposited somewhere between 630-8 am cst. As I checked it last @ 630. No fees. 2 days early. Good luck!



    @jay do you know if emerald card has 2 days faster direct deposit? All these years with them I never cared to ask until now?



    Last year I got my refund on 2/5 on emerald card at 3pm so hopefully I get it mid day today ugh! Good luck emerald card holders I guess we should get netspend next year lol



    My ddd is 2/10. Have a netspend card. Is it possible if I have to pay fees to my tax preparer I could still get mine today? Got it last year at 345 pm on a Tuesday.



    Sbbt is a greendot company as of 2014, I wonder if walmart MC users will see DDs today or tomorrow as a result. I certainly hope so!



    Only reason I need to know is my car broke down and its 45 mins away driving so walking there would suck and I was just wondering if anyone knew anything because then maybe I can find a friend to give me a ride



    Emerald card waiting here. Filed Feb 1 and excepted before 11 am same day. Paid hr block tons to do my taxes and still waiting, it better show up today sometime. DD date is 10th like most of u all but not much word about emerald deposit I see.



    Has anyone ever used liberty tax and got a paper check from the office they say they don’t hold the money at all it deposits and they get a email and they print the check for the amount they owe me did anyone do this last year and know if you got it early?



    @stacie c im waitin for rebulic bank also..and nothing so far. Keep me updated and ill do the same



    Does anyone use 5/3 Bank?



    @stacia I have money network aswell. Last year I got my refund in 9 days and this year is just forever. I dont even have a pending deposit yet smh



    I still don’t have mine. Filed DDD is 2/10 and filed through TT to be deposited on Walmart Green Dot however no fees being taken out.




    Woodforest not workforces. Lol Damn autocorrect.




    I have workforces and mine has not posted yet. I got mine last year on a Monday around 3pm. Fingers crossed it happens again this year!



    Still no refund for me! I got a DDD of 2/10 filed & accepted on 1/23, I’m using my money network card to get my funds deposited, it’s through MetaBank. I used turbo tax to file, I wonder how long will it take to be deposited after they take out the fees. this is the LONGEST I’ve ever waited.



    I have had it deposited onto a Walmart greendot card for the last 3 years and the past years I seen the money deposit between 3-6pm on Monday prior to my ddd. Filling with tt with fees taken out of refund every time.

    My ddd is 2/10


    Stacie C

    Anyone get their refund through Republic Bank yet for a 2/10 dd?



    Well I use the emerald card DDD 2/10. Wake up no money. Anyone else with emerald card get theirs



    I have a green dot walmart card. Still no deposit yet. Ddd of 2-10. Had same card last year and got my deposit 2-2. On a monday. So maybe when can still get it today.



    I finally got a DDD of 2/10, with offsets. Used TT and had fees taken out of my refund. Will WMR update to a 3rd bar once they send the refund. I see people that have gotten their refund. Let me know. My refund is going into my personal checking account



    I have accountnow, have had this account for 9 years, if it says it will be sent by Wednesday, hopefully I will get sometime today or tomorrow!!! Hoping, Hoping


    Wells Fargo gal

    DDD of 2/10…. Nothing in my Wells Fargo account… Filed with H&R Block…praying it shows up sometime today



    I usually put it on Netspend, but this year I need to pay something with a check so I sent it to my USAA checking account which usually drops early as well. Don’t ya know I got nothing this morning?!?! Arrgh. Never fails.


    Amy R.

    DDD of 2/10. Has anyone with Green Dot and are having fees being taken out got their direct deposit?



    DD of 2/10, no refund yet at SBBT



    File way to early accepted 1/19 ddd of 2/10 actual ddd 2/8 says it deposited 2/7 but it must have come late last night I was checking all ll day yesterday. Finally! I wonder if anyone still waiting woke up to a surprise this am. I use a bluebird card by amex.



    I efiled on jan 24
    Approved jan 24
    Dd 2/10
    I recieved my refund at midnight on 2/8 sunday state and federal on my netspend cardd
    Woooool woooopp gl everybody


    wells fargo

    anyone use wells fargo and get their DDD today? for 2/10 deposit



    If you’re having fees taken out then chances are you will be waiting until afternoon. I use netspend and have always gotten paid early even my tax refund. So those of us with a ddd of 2/10 who haven’t received our dd yet trust me its coming as soon as those fees are taken just be a little more patient.



    Filed 1/15
    Accepted 1/19
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10
    Fees paid in advance
    DD 2/8

    Woke up to $ on my card. That’s my time folks. I’m out til next year. Good luck everyone. and God speed.



    Good morning everyone,

    I have onevanilla for a prepaid card the guy told me the date that the deposit show will be the only date it would load to my card. He said if it comes early with that date it will load otherwise he told me to wait and Wednesday it will be on my card.

    God bless everyone hopefully we all have it asap!!!



    I have netspend & got mine about 1:30 EST.



    I haven’t received mine yet and I have a netspend card. I’m hoping it comes before 2/10



    Have a ddd by 2/10/16. No funds added to my account. It seems if you have a Netspend or other prepaid card, you get your money earlier.. Does anyone know about Emerald card or Higher One accounts?


    nick densmore

    what time tomorrow you think we could see a deposit? or is it just a random type thing?



    Congrats to everyone who had received their ddd. I filed 1/28 and have a ddd for 2/10 as well however im still stalking my account and haven’t received my dd yet. I wonder whats taking so long. I used TurboTax to file and my amex serve for my ddd. Guess I’m stuck waiting til tomorrow




    I also have an adp aline card and I am expecting my refund 2/10
    Have you already received your refund? If so did you have fee taken out of your refund or did you pay upfront?



    I have a DDD for 2/10/16.

    I am using the ADP Aline card and was already approved to receive deposits.

    I am wondering if anyone else using the ADP card got an early refund?



    Deposited at 935 pm on Sunday
    No fees
    I think anyone with fees will wait till tomorrow cause SBBT,I might b wrong.not sure.I hope all goes well for everyone! Gn sweet dreams!!



    Mine posted at 935 pm Sunday night with netspend!
    Happy spending all,I’ll be back next year to wine about the IRS,again.lol



    Has anyone with emerald card get theirs yet? This is driving me crazy! Filed 1/20 accepted 1/22 ddd 2/10 but nothing yet



    Filed 1/20
    Accepted 1/20
    DDD 2/10
    Just had my refund deposited into my amercian express serve card….2/8

    Good luck everybody



    @KaMelia sure hope so cause I have nothing yet nd I’m tired lol



    @ty well it looks as if it will tomorrow ☺️



    Anyone with woodforest get their money yet?



    Anyone with Walmart money card get their DD yet?!?



    @KaMelia I will cause I’m not going to sleep till 1:00 I’m trynna see what the hype about lol



    @ty damn small world lol I owe turbo tax like $151 lol but shit keep me updated tho;)



    guess I have to wait till 12 like normal people , did anyone with netspend receive a notification ?



    Anyone have BOA with fee deduction deposit early?



    Filed through JH had fees taken out. JUST recieved my refund at 12:37! Thank gawd walmarts open 24/7!!! Bye y’all
    Thanks @texasgirl for awesome posts’






    Got my refund on my netspend card ! DD of 2/10 as well. Been a long almost 3 weeks !!! See y’all nexy year ! Happy spending $!



    @KaMelia I’m in Baton Rouge too lol & I didn’t do mine threw turbo tax I did mine threw a tax preparer but I know the company charged 350 to do so but idk if that has anything to do with it either



    Did anybody have fees taking out who got their DD



    @ragnar lol no can’t smoke I’m 5 months pregnant just got to pay up bills was in a bad car wreck lost our vehicle an now have a broke pelvis this year I have been stalking my tax money lol cuz I actually need it

    @ty I’m in Baton Rouge lol did u have fees takin off from turbo tax? Idk if that has anything to do with it but I seen on another forum that may be y so yea I have fees they gotta take out through sbbt



    got my refund 12:01 netspend with dd 2/10
    see ya next year :)



    proof…not period…gotta love autocorrect….

    I’m wondering where the folks who swore DD wouldnt happen on Sunday are also.
    Can’t say I’m lying because I took a screenshot and cropped it on the dollar amount..

    But the proof is there..can’t fake that!




    It’s Monday you dip not sunday, just be quiet and go blow your tax money



    @KaMelia im in Louisiana too guess that’s why we still looking crazy lol



    @kemila.. You will, it’s just a matter of time. You should have it by the time you get up in the morning. So unless you are like me an needed it to go get a few Os of bud then you’ll be iight haha. Best of luck to you all!



    @ty keep me updated if u get urs I’m in Louisiana it’s 11:16pm here



    :( aw man. I have a Walmart preferred card. I need my deposit to happen early too! Lol. Lucky guys and gals.



    What about emerald card users any early 2/10 deposits!!!



    And just as I said, I am posting period of deposit.







    So am I the only one freakin out I haven’t received anything on my netspend account or card;(



    My posted to net spend about hour an a half ago… Where’s all the haters sayin no Sunday deposits now?



    I have an netspend card
    filed 1/12/16
    accepted 1/19/16
    ddd 2/10/16
    I’m seeing everyone saying they received they refunds already but I have yet to receive mine hopefully Monday it will post .



    Filed 1/13 accepted 1/19..DDD 2/10 and received my DD @12am a few minutes a go on my amex serve card!!! DD do come early! Good luck everyone



    Ddd of 2/10 dd posted today on my bluebird card



    Just got mine on my Serve Amex. No notification, scheduled DDD of 2/10



    Deposits are also dropping on Bluebird cards now.



    Ddd 2/10

    At 10:14 cst I received my refund on my netspend card.
    No fees taken out, did not receive any alerts, checked it and it was there.

    Good luck everybody!!!



    Just received my money on my Netspend card!! Direct Deposit date 2/10! No fees taken out! Check your account NOW! Happy Spending to Everyone!!



    We have a thread going for the ones with tt fees .. And no they say they haven’t received funds.



    Anyone getting TT fees taking out had their refund deposited to sbtgp yet for 2/10/16 ddd



    Did anybody receive their refund yet that does not have a netspend card?



    Is it wrong to be happy for you guys but still kinda envious?!? ? NDB will be pending forever in my neck of the woods? Happy tAxmas to all????



    Well, look at that people actually got money tonight….. How cool and exciting is that?!? ????? congrats ladies and gents….. I guess people don’t always know everything they claim???



    Guess I am getting a netspend card next year !! LOL



    Just got mine! 8:30pm pacific time!



    Any hope for a Walmart money card holder? Lol. I see all the net spend peeps getting there’s!


    Crystal V

    Mine just hit!



    I had a DDD of 2/10, just got deposited on my netspend card yay!



    To all the Netspend non believers I filed and was approved on 01/28. Got a DDD of 02/10 and my refund was just posted to my card.


    Filed 1/20/2016, DDD 2/10

    I’ve been a Netspend since 2008 and I RECEIVED A SUNDAY NIGHT DEPOSIT IN 2014 FOR MY 2013 REFUND. Last year’s hit on Monday



    Ive had netspend for 10 years. Also sold Netspend cards when i worked at Advance America for 5 years. You can get a DD on a sunday. I faithfully get a dd every sunday from my part time job. I normally would get paid tuesday but with netspend i get paid sunday. So yes its possible to get a dd on sunday.



    Filed: 20th
    Accepted : 20th
    DDD: 2/10

    Hoping to see a DD early Monday morning.



    I have gotten deposits from irs on a sunday in prior years to net spend.. Just sayin



    im just saying what i saw on another thread is all. I myself have a card just like netspend and i am not expecting anything there until tomorrow. i am sure people get on here to get everyone hyped up about getting their money. Honestly i am just glad i have a date, lol



    I don’t know why people choose to get on here and lie about their Deposit I’ve been had Netspend for over 6 years I have never ever gotten a deposit on a Saturday or a Sunday if it Deposit is coming it will come about 3 o’clock on Monday in the morning but if I’m wrong I’m a big girl I will apologize but I’ve never seen it and I get my Social Security check on Netspend MI Uber paycheck on Netspend



    If my sister gets her netspend card deposit today, I’ll post a screenshot showing proof so it’s not just someone on this site saying they got it.

    I was wondering if it might go in today, just out of curiosity.



    Guy on another thread got his today w a 2/10 dd on his netspend card

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