Ddd 2/23/17 Please let us know if you receive your funds earlier and with what i

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    Hello I called the IRS this morning because the suspense was driving me crazy I filed 1/27 and accepted shortly after I have all credits eic, education,HOH I am a weekly I updated to path last week Friday 12am was updated again on the 16th from path to being processed the rep at IRS said I am scheduled for ddd 2/23 I don’t know if I will get it before then I paid my fees upfront anybody with this ddd received notification of funds yet?

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    I used turbo tax with a ddd of 2/23. I opted to have fees taken out of my refund. I am using Chime banking which is Bancorp Bank. Anyone else using the same???

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    I just got my refund…woooooohooooo… DDD 2/23 at 1149 deposited on Netspend.
    I just checked my balance and it was there. My text alert didn’t even go off.

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    @walker… me too! Lol awww but I’m glad everyone is getting thier refunds. Ours is coming. Congrats every one! Happy spending. 😆

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    I’m salty😬😬😬😬

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    I’m salty😬😬😬😬

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    Yayyyyyyyy drinks for everyone 🍸🍹🍺🍻🍷🍼

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    Just got my dd netspend filed with taxact ddd feb 23

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    Tax year was supposed to say but page keeps freezing. Anywho another tax year… bites the dust..😎😉 if I can answer any questions please feel free to post I can only go by my own experience I don’t have any tax training ijs but I have filled for just over 9 or 10 years good and bad no audits just reveiws and resequenced

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    Friendly Federal Employee

    Just received my refund on my netspend at 10:45pm. I filed using turbotax on 2/12 accepted 2/12/17 received update on WMR with DDD of 2/23 & refund just deposited into my netspend card!!!! Yay! So everyone it should be hitting ANYTIME!

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    Mina Chan

    It seems that people who paid fees upfront and getting refund deposited in a prepaid card are getting theirs. Anyone in CA/West Coast received theirs? DDD 2/23 still nothing :(

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    My Bluebird just hit 11:35 yayy

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    Starting off with HalluYah….All praise to the father. I just received half my refund with bluebird amex fee’s paid upfront hit at 10:30pm I say half because I split between two prepaid cards the other is green dot visa and nothing yet from the green dot I can’t believe blue bird beat green dot but I am blessed to have survived a

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    @tiffany no, for me the WMR bars don’t update until after the “real” DDD.
    Hope you get yours sometime tonight or tomorrow!

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    @pj no fees TT.

    Now I’m gone! Peace out everybody

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    9:00pm central @D

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    11:34 PM EST federal refund received on Netspend! 😊 Best of wishes to everyone who is still waiting on their refund. Let the bill payments begin! 😒

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    Filed with TaxAct and opted for bank deposit with Wells Fargo. DDD 2/23…nothing as of 11:00pm
    I opted to have fees deducted,also.

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    I have green dot and nothing pending. I used hr block. My dad is 2-22, I’m getting so sick of waiting one yes there are bills to paid but 2 to make sure it’s all set and correct and the account info etc is correct.

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    Renita Hinson

    I just checked and my deposit is pending with Rushcard. Yaaaaassssss!

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    ddd 2/23 us bank no deposit in Ca

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    Netspend posted at 10pm…yay

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    I just checked my Bank and is say is pending(credit union)

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    Just curious… Those who have received theirs that was expected on the 23rd is the wmr tool updated the last bar??

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    self employed


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    self employed

    Think these are for the ones who I’d upfront :-( waiting on Sbtpg is killing me

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    My sister had ddd of 2/23 and money was just deposited she has netspend. I will be using that next year instead of this Walmart money card

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    Kelly Flynn

    Lmao who ever it is…..They are goneeeeeeee…

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    @yasssss did this just happen

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    Congrats @yaaasss did u pay fees?

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    Jasmine Sanders

    I got accepted 1/26 and filed the same day
    Approved 2/18/17 DDD 2/23/17 and still waiting. I filed with turbo tax and using a money network Walmart card.

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    NETSPEND DEPOSIT!! 23rd DD 0605 process

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    Chase bank here with ddd 2/23 nothing yet

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    have ddd of 2/23, supposed to dd into my credit union, as of right now nothing posted or pending….ugh!

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    The wmr site says refund due to be sent By the 23rd, does that mean it could be before?

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    Nicole A

    I also have DDD 2/23 no deposit as of yet. Using Emerald Card

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    I still believe people will begin to see money tomorrow

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    I have BlueBird with ddd 2/23 and no fees. I have not gotten a deposit

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    I also have DDD of 2/23. Nothing on Bluebird as of yet.

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    John b

    Im using emrald card but did taxes myself. Ddd 2/23. Will my money be up there that day.

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    I also have a DDD of 2/23/17. My return was accepted on 1/31/17. I do not show any pending deposits in my bank account as of now. I will post once I have a deposit! Fingers crossed that it goes through tonight and I wake up a happy girl in the AM!!! Also, a single mama here trying to make ends meet! :)

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    I have a Deposit date of 2/23. File with Turbo tax. My bank always give me my paycheck deposit from work a day ahead so I’m wondering if I’ll receive my tax refund at least a day ahead as well. It’d be great if I could get it by the 22nd at best.

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    Bertha Valles

    @sabrina oh, ok. Yea I had them take it out from the taxes. Thank you!!!

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    @Bertha like if you had a tax company do your taxes. They let you opt to take their fee out of your refund.

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    I have a ddd 2/23 and still nothing I have the Amex from Jackson Hewitt. No notification no emails nothing

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    Bertha Valles

    What fees are you guys talking about?

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    it would normally dbe possible to see a depsoit late sunday night, thats whne banking biz usually begins again. but monday is a holiday so it wont restart the ach and things like that till late monday night

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    I’ve got a deposit date of 2/22 and I have yet to receive my money. I had fees taken out too. It’s just a waiting game right now.

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    received ddd of 2/23 also, is it possible it can be deposited on Sunday??? or even monday, but its a holiday. don’t want to wait for Tuesday =[

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    I have a DDD of 2/23 . I have a emerald card . Does anyone know when the refuse might hit?

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    So does the its release on weekends?
    Republic bank is open on weekends.. So if they send notice today or overnight will we see pending deposits?

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    I am thinking amex will do on Monday or Tuesday prob if not later just checked republic bank and nothing posted so the wait is real but at least we have ddd which is not all that bad *I think* lmao

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    michelle r majak

    I was updated at 1am dd 2-23 when would I see my money I have american express serv


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    Jackson Hewitt DDD 2/23 republic bank still hasn’t got anything :(

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    I have a DDD of 2/23 . I have a emerald card through H&R Block . I don’t here nothing just that it’s Zero dollars w. When does these stupid cards update.

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    WMR Updated for me this morning

    Filed 2/2 w/ TT Free
    DDD 2/23
    card.com Debit Card

    No deposit yet as of 0727

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    i had fees taken out – money pending in my account today!! DDD WAS 2/23! CYCLE code 20170605

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    I filed 1/20
    Accepted 1/23
    Had Path Act
    Changed on 2/16 to saying it’s being processed still no bars.
    Called IRS today and the Rep looked my info up and said that I have a DDD so 2/23.

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    What time does WMR update? I’m central time.

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    Walter commented on another post stating that his deposited posted at 929 or something like that. Two deposits?

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    @ Walter

    Congrats…. that’s good news!!!! what does your WMR say?

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    Have ddd of 2/23/17 with fees taken out have netspend deposit posted to card at 9:43pm tnite

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    Will the irs be sending info to banks tomorrow?

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    I am thinking maybe tonight we should see the 23 do pending hopefully fingers crossed

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    Submitted my return 1/17
    Accepted 1/18
    Path message around 2/1
    WMR showing no bars and just received and processing message.
    Finally called IRS earlier and got a DDD of 2/23
    Will update when it hits my account. So far no pending deposits yet.

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    When calling the IRS I used the 1800-829-0582 I dialed ext. 652 if it’s been 21 days they should be able to help you and if not just act like it has been…warming you should note that if it hasn’t been or even close to it some Reps just may slip you some misinformation imjs if you know what I mean

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    I have rushcard. I was given 2/23 ddd by my tax advocate. hoping to see a deposit tonight (wishful thinking). will update if anything changes. my state taxes had ddd of 2/9 and i got it around 11pm 2/7. so idk will keep everyone posted.

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    I have fee’s being taken out as well but I have a rush card so I am expected mine to be there by wednesday.

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    I am currently on the phone with the irs and am being told they cannot give me an information about when I will get my refund. If you have called what number did you call and what options did you use to get a rep to give you your ddd.
    Because all they would/could tell me is they are processing

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    Called an IRS back customer service number and finally got a DD Date of 02/23 filed on 01/23. Still doesn’t show in Where’s my refund but the lady advised it should with the mass updates on 02/18!!!! Wow so happy I’m done with this headache of locating my date! lol single mama here….ugh

    Good luck everyone!

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    I got a DDD of 2/23 as well, bank notifications will be sent out tonight/tomorrow and they probably wont receive them until Tuesday 2/21 because of the holiday, so that is the earliest you could see it. I know this because I asked the REP because I have my fees being taken out. He said they send out the notices today/tonight for 2/23 DDD’s and they are received no later than Tuesday, which gives SBBT, etc. time to take their fees out and transfer it on to your bank. So the bank notices will be sent out tonight/tomorrow, if you don’t have your fees taken out, your bank could receive it as early as tomorrow or as late as Tuesday. Depending on if your bank fronts the pending deposits or not is what will determine when you will see it in your account.

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