Ddd 2/23/17 Please let us know if you receive your funds earlier and with what i

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    Hello I called the IRS this morning because the suspense was driving me crazy I filed 1/27 and accepted shortly after I have all credits eic, education,HOH I am a weekly I updated to path last week Friday 12am was updated again on the 16th from path to being processed the rep at IRS said I am scheduled for ddd 2/23 I don’t know if I will get it before then I paid my fees upfront anybody with this ddd received notification of funds yet?

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    used Turbotax, no fees taken out because i selected the free option, and the funds still arent deposited with a ddd of 2/23. im hoping there isnt any issues since im using a prepaid card this year (accountnow). does anyone who also has account now entered in “the green dot bank” in the bank name section? i spoke with the rep who told me to write green dot bank but what if he was wrong and thats why it isnt in yet. im pissed, ive never had to wait, id always get it sooner and i got bills to pay.



    For those you of you not sure how to check Sbtpg you must go to Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) (google it you will find it) then hit taxpayer. You need to know the ss#, exact amount of refund (whole dollar only) and your filing status. After entering that info your results should pop up.



    Hello Malcolm,

    Yes, SBTPG is the bank Turbo Tax works with. Only people that are having fees paid for services will have their tax refund sent to SBTPG. After fees have been deducted the remaining portion will go to the bank, prepaid card, credit union, or whatever financial institution you requested the return to go to.

    If you did not have feed being deducted from your tax refund the. WMR and your financial institution would be the best place to check status.

    Bests wishes to you.



    Malcolm, I am having the EXACT same problem as you.



    DDD 2/23, SBBT has received my refund but it is not in my account yet. They claim it was sent to my bank but i have not yet received it. I use a prepaid ACE elite card and have used one for years. My DD from work hits 2 days early every single pay period without fail. Was really hoping this would hit early as well but it isn’t looking like that will happen. I hate that i can SEE the money was sent to my account but i can’t access it yet! At least i know for sure it’s on it’s way i guess.



    Is sbtpg only for people who got fees took out their refund? I filled with TT no fees and the sbtpg saying they cant locate my account.



    hi everyone! I have a DDD date of 02/23/17
    I filed with Jackson Hewitt and will receive my funds on American express serve card.
    Checked SBPT and nothing yet. Anyone with the same issue? Should I get it tomorrow?
    The sbpt website hasn’t received my funds yet. Damn it. Its driving me nuts, Any info is helpful!!!!!!!



    Hello all 😊, I filled my taxes on 1/24, with both credits. I have a DDD of 2/24/17. I bank with Higher One. I called my bank and was informed that they had no pending deposits for me at the moment but that they do make funds available as soon as they hit the bank. SBTPG is showing my refund as being received and the fees deducted. The remaining balance has been “sent” to my bank , yet they are not showing anything. I hope we all see our refunds soon. Best of luck to you all.



    I used TT, and have a 2/23 DDD with Bank of America
    SBTPG Rec’vd and Paid on 2/22 minus fees.
    Hoping to have funds sometime today, but realistically will be waking up with funds in my account on the 23rd.



    Filled 2/26
    Both credits
    PATH act participant
    Ddd 2/23
    Crédit union bank

    Thanks for telling me how to check the sbtpg site! I checked and it showed they had recieved my money and took out there fees, I couldn’t find where it says anything about them sending the $ to my bank. I bank threw a credit union and called to ask if anything is pending, nooooooo ahhh can anybody give me a reason to believe I might still get my dd tomarrow?



    @jes Wells Fargo told me the same thing. They will deposit as soon as irs sends it. so hopefully tonight they do and we get it by tomorrow morning.



    I’m in the same boat, DDD 2/23, just called my bank and they have nothing. I bank at United Bank in NC. Wish I knew when they send it! Good news is they said they pass it directly thru to me so hopefully it’ll be there come midnight if nothing else.



    just got off the phone with a wells fargo rep and she said as soon as they receive the refund they will release it so if irs dose send it over today it will be there today if they send it tomorrow it will be there tomorrow wells usually updates deposits around 10 am and 2 pm



    My refund has been pending since Monday evening. Set to be released tonight after midnight. I paid fees upfront. Filed 2/2 went through the whole PATH BS got a DDD of 2/23.
    I bank with a local Credit Union.



    I bank with the credit union and have DDD of 2/23. The bank states they see it pending for the 23rd. I can see it pending also but wont have access to the funds until the 23rd




    Go to taxpayer.sbtpg.com then type in your info



    Sbptg is showing my refund has been received and sent out to netspend. Netspend is saying nothing pending yet :/



    Filed 2/26/17 acptd same day
    TT fees withheld
    Ddd 2-23
    Both credits
    PATH act
    How do I check my sbtpg that I see so many people being able to check and see if there funds have been taken out yet?



    DDD 2/23/13, Bank says nothing is pending, I double checked acct and routing number…everything good! This is driving me nuts!!!! Does anyone know what time the IRS sends out refunds and do they do it in batches throughout the day?



    I just received a text from Republic Bank saying that my Federal tax return has been sent to my account and should be available within 1-5 days!

    Filed on 1/23/17
    DDD 2/23/17
    I used taxact and had the fees taken from my refund.

    American Express Serve card.

    (Amex serve only charges you a maintenance fee if you have money in your account. They wave the fee if you have a zero balance. Nets pend charges you for every transaction you make! It’s like $1 for debit uses and $2 for credit use! I will never use Netspend again. They are crooks in my opinion)


    danielle sullivan

    i have wells fargo, deposit says its scheduled to be sent by 2/23. anyone have any updates? anyone have wells fargo


    Waitingfor $$

    So I called TPG, they have my refund and should be sending it in 1-2 Business days, then rep said money could be in my account in an hour so just waiting to see..

    Tt filed with fees
    Approved eitc 2/17
    Did 2/23/2017


    Waitingfor $$

    So I called TPG, they have my refund and should be sending it in 1-2 Business days, then rep said money could be in my account in an hour so just waiting to see..

    Tt filed with fees
    Approved eitc 2/17
    Did 2/23/2017



    I am supposed to have $$ sent to bank DD 2/23. IRS has not sent yet and Woodforest shows nothing.



    My return was accepted on 1/27 irs website was updated to a DDD of 2/23

    I checked SBPTG they have the money. So i should see it in my account tomorrow. It shows as already being sent. Good luck everyone.



    Ddd of 2/23 fees have been taken out by republic bank and transferred, waiting on Amex serve card to show my refund! :)


    Waiting 2

    Anyone who filed with Jackson Hewitt with a serve card with DDD of 2/23 fees taken out. Is anyone showing sbtpg has received funds?? Mine is still showing not received 😥


    Joss Geigel

    I have Suncoast Credit Union
    DDD 2/23
    Just checked SBTG they took the fees and they have my money
    But haven’t received nothing on my credit union so idkw what’s going on



    I have a ddd of 2/23 and I checked sbgt and they have already taken thier fees out, also have netspend card and it’s not showing pending deposit nor have I gotten my refund. 😩



    GM. DDD of 02\23 rcvd status from SBTPG that fees were taken out. Have netspend /waiting for funds to deposited. Hopefully just another couple hrs and not later tonight. ( fingers crossed )



    Filed and accepted 1/26 TT
    DDD of 2/23
    SBBT is showing they received and sent my deposit to my bank this morning.
    Bank may not release until tomorrow but at least I can track things



    Attempting to log into both HRblock.com this morning and emerald card app and the servers were flooded that I kept getting a connect drop or no connection at all. Finally get tap for balance to work and nothing! Was half hopeful that because the servers were so busy that it meant we had gotten it! sucks.


    That girl

    Filed on 1/23
    Accepted same
    DDD 2/23.

    Filed with tax act, elected split deposit. Woke up to my first deposit from Woodforest Bank. Nothing for Bank of America.



    I have Wells Fargo DD for 2/23 and nothing yet. This is killing me !!



    filed 2/5 Jackson Hewitt EITC/CTC
    2/10 Path act
    2/18 updated to 2/23
    Republic Bank shows they got my refund ten minutes ago and sent to my bank but funds are not yet showing in my account



    Good Morning .. I have ddd2/23. Just checked sbtpg and they have recevied and released my funds. Just waiting on it to hit my paypal prepaid card. Hope that helps.. Good luck everyone!


    Bertha Valles

    I checked SBTPG and The say they sent my refund already but my bank account doesn’t show it yet. My DDD 2/23 with TT



    Most everyone I know here in FL has a DDD of 2/23. Mind is with BofA so I know I have to wait until tomorrow. The waiting game is no joke. Hopefully everyone’s accounts look nice tomorrow!



    Has anyone with a ddd of 2/23 received a dd yet to a bank of america acct?



    Anyone with wellsfargo DDD 2/23 receive their refund yet



    Update: I had a ddd of 2/22 being deposited into BoA. I got the notification at 4am today, my money is there. Good Luck everyone.



    SBTG received my refund just waiting on my bank (Regions) to let me know I have a deposit via a text message. DD 2/23/17. Good luck everyone



    HI folks, just an update for folks sbtpg updated. my ddd was 2 23 used turbotax and walmart moneycard. nothing on the card yet but not expecting it to show up till morning. will update if it shows



    My refund dated for 2/23 just posted to my bank account around 4am! Finally the wait is over!



    I am so upset I mean where’s the money? My niece, my cousin, best friend and I call or text each other daily to see if anybody received theres’ they have prepaid cards and i have BOA. I checked the website so much they told me to check tomorrow lol really people we just moved and i want this platform bed before it sells out lol



    DDD of 2/23, files with TaxAct. Both credits, no fees, and being deposited in a regular bank account. This is the first year that it hasn’t been deposited at least 3 days early. My mom was set for deposit on 2/21 and received it 2/18!!!



    Anyone with EITC recieved their refund yet?



    @ Rachel, I called the bank that holder of the emerald card. Of course, I got transferred to H&R Block. They said that if it say DDD by 23. We should get it on the 23 . ” Cause emerald card doesn’t take day ps to process, like regular banks do.” Lol!!! I find it hilarious but; I believe we wAnt see nothing till Thursday. I wish it was not so. You never know though. Anna ! Louisiana!



    I have a message that my refund will be sent to my bank by 2-23-17. That is a Thursday. What are the chances that I will receive my funds tomorrow on 2-22-17? I filed through H&R Block and am using the emerald card. I am just curious because it says by the 23rd and everything I have read said that they are only releasing funds on Wednesdays and Fridays. Can anyone offer an idea?



    My ddd was the 23rd and i got my refund with fees taken out at 2:40pm on serve card

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