Ddd 2/23/17 Please let us know if you receive your funds earlier and with what i

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    Hello I called the IRS this morning because the suspense was driving me crazy I filed 1/27 and accepted shortly after I have all credits eic, education,HOH I am a weekly I updated to path last week Friday 12am was updated again on the 16th from path to being processed the rep at IRS said I am scheduled for ddd 2/23 I don’t know if I will get it before then I paid my fees upfront anybody with this ddd received notification of funds yet?

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    Decided to use my AccountNow because it seems prepaid get dd faster then banks. Im seeing a few people are experiencing issues getting their refund via AccountNow. My ddd is 3/1….Also alot of people on here are having their dd rejected because 1 number is off. I call hog wash. Last year same thing happened to me. I reviewed all of my paperwork before it was submitted. How could my account number change during transmital. I think Dept of Treasury does not have the funds & thet try to stall. Or the processors are making errors inputting the numbers. This is government at work here. Always “over worked & underpaid” yet they receive better insurance, pay, & benefits then the average tax payer….end rant lol

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    Just an update…DDD 2-23 on 2-25 no deposit NOR any info other than sent for deposit on IRS website on 2 -25….until about midday. Then it said the dreaded words….Offset :( Thays for another thread but got that covered and in process of a review and getting our return refunded but wanted to update it wasn’t any issue with H&R Block or the Emerald Card.

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    Well called my bank and they told me that my funds had not been deposited as of now. She was a lady from India kinda hard to understand but she says I should call the IRS tomorrow as that is the day the IRS specified to call if I had not received my funds by FEB 28 and yes it is the 27th and nothing. I will be calling the IRS first thing in the morning if my funds are not sent, I will keep you guys updated

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    Yes!!! Mine got returned to sbbt also on the 23rd from my netspend deposit my account number was one digit missing. They mailed my paper check on Saturday and it comes from San Diego because I had fees taken out. I should get it by Wednesday latest. Call Abby to verify they don’t need you to I’d verify I had to do it over the phone to check address and info before they sent it out. Hope this helps those of you that had returned item fees.

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    Ddd 2/23 account now card and no deposit as of yet

    This is the longest I’ve waited for a tax refund and I do not really trust these delays as to they are delaying our tax money. On the Irs site it says the fund has been sent and contact your financial institution then check with your bank to find out if it has been received…@#$%i call them and they say it is the irs. I think they are just collecting the interest on our tax dollars or something..lol I’ve heard of the government doing stranger things. All joke aside I am in Que with my bank again to see what they have to say, I will give update

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    Candice Massengale

    Ddd 2/23 account now card and no deposit as of yet

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    Me and Hubby didn’t get EIC but did take the actual. Filed 2-6 and accepted 2-6..Luckily not held up but had a DDD Date of 2-23. Federal notes it was sent for deposit on the 23rd but here its the 25th and still not on our Emerald card. Crossing my fingers that it hits a bit later.

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    Received funds this morning at 3 am bank with Suntrust. Good luck to all who haven’t received their deposits today as of yet :)

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    Just to pile on, mine came in around the same time my normal paycheck does on Thursday nights — at 10PM. Interesting.

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    Filed H&R Block on 1/23
    DDD 2/23
    Received 2/22 @ 6:30 pm into local bank checking account with fees taken out of refund


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    DDD of 2/23 to be put on a netspend card
    Still no money???? What is going on??

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    Hi Rebecca Collins,

    I’m sorry to hear that your refund did not go through to your Higher One account. I also bank with Higher One, and just finished checking my account to see that my tax refund had been finally deposited into my account. I had a DDD of 2/24. I filed with TT and had fees deducted from refund, yesterday I could see in the SBTPG website that my refund had been received and fees had been deducted before being sent to my Higher One account.

    The wait has been longer this year, so many bills to catch up on. I really hope things work out well for everyone.

    Rebecca, I am not sure why they would just decide to mail you a check… Give customer service a call. Hope they can shed some light on your situation.

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    Rebecca Collins

    DDD 2/23/17

    Was supposed to be direct deposited to my HigherOne account. Checked TPG to find a 20.00 returned item fee and a note saying my refund will be mailed! Has this happened to anyone else using HigherOne?

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    Finally got mine just after midnight! Good luck!

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    DDD 2/23 – Got it this morning – Good luck to all.

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    DDD of 2/23, nothing as of yet. Everyone with Wal-Mart and dot cards seem to have no issues but those of us with bank accounts are having issues it seems. Bank with Pacific Marine Credit Union.

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    Received DDD 2/22 @ 5:04p! Used TT went through sbtp, original ddd was for today 2/23. Thanks for all the support this tax season till next year!! Be blessed!

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    DDD of 2/23 With BoA – No deposit yet, called BOA and they said it should have hit last night and there is nothing pending! WTF!

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    2/23 DDD Jackson Hewitt. Republic Bank got their money yesterday and my portion hit my bank this morning

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    Alexander Baez

    My return was accepted and approved for release on 02/23/2017, i have BofA, but have yet to receive my refund. Any one have Bofa and still didnt get the refund?

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    Filed 1/25
    error messages cant locate your return till 2/16
    2/16 generic process
    2/17 ddd 2/23
    2/23 445. am depositt
    Thanks guys for ur help see ya next year

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    2/1 filed 2/23 ddd directly into bank TT wit no fees got dropped right now!!!

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    Just updating everyone
    My money was there when I checked at 5am!
    See y’all next year!

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    Just updating everyone
    My money was there when I checked at 5am!
    See y’all next year!

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    benjamin washburn

    yes hey everyone the IRS says on there (website wheres my refund ) date 02-23-2017 will be sent to your bank. i have account now and was wondering what time i could expect it ? i just checked about 5 mins ago and still nothing just wanted to see what i should tell my landlord.

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    Filed with TT on 2/04/17 accepted same day.
    Irs to go changed to path message on 2/06/17.
    Changed to toapproved on 2/18/17.
    Had a ddd of 2/23/17.
    Money hit bank at 3am on the dot est with WF..
    Hope everyone else had good luck too..

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    Had DDD of 2/23 was deposited in my account tonight. I wish you all well, see you next year.

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    Just checked, got my refund. PNC bank, no fees, Turbo Tax. Good luck everyone!

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    All the people that have H&R BLOCK. Or have emerald card with the DDD of 2/23/17 . I believe your deposit has hit. Check it now !!!

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    Leslie Casillas

    I had a ddd of 2 23, got my deposit today at 5pm with Netspend

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    @ Debra , you are welcome!!!!!

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    Bertha Valles

    Anyone with WF bank have their refund yet???

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    Debra Gutierrez

    @anna thanks so much!

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    Ohio redneck

    Update my netspend hit at 5pm today sbbt final released it.I hope you all gets yours as well…

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    @ Debra, No HRB banks with Bofi federal bank. They say when it hit from the IRS we can access it immediately

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    HEY Guys giving update for netspend users, jus checked my card and it’s loaded 🤗 Safe spending y’all 🙌🏾

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    Hey all so I’ve been posting a bunch today. I use Walmart MoneyCard and filed 1-14 went from path to processing and then approved on 2-18 with a ddd of 2-23 my refund went to Santa Barbara this morning and my refund was just posted on my account 15min ago. So it’s coming all and soon or in morning if u have a ddd of 2-23
    All Walmart money card users check your balance now!!!

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    My refund just hit my Netspend account at 5:30pm central time. It’s coming y’all!

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    DDD 2/23




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    LadyBug I bank with Higher One as well. DDD 2/23, nothing pending, but I suspect it will kinda be like the student loan surpluses where you don’t see anything pending but goes through pretty fast, at least I hope!

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    Happy to report I just got a text saying my refund is avbl.

    Ddd of 2/23 refund cleared sbbt at 3am.

    Filed with taxslayer. Bank with USAA.

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    @Smokey McPot you must have a boring life if you find that funny. LMAO.

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    Danielle Sullivan

    did you recieve your refund yet? lmk my date is for 2/23 as well im counting down the hours

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    I just received a text from netspend got my deposit at 509pm from sbtpg and my state tax refund as well I wasn’t expecting to see both!!!!filed 1/27 accepted same day and ddd2/23. Good luck everyone it’s coming in little by little but it’ll get there

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    DDD 2/23
    Republic released @ 730am
    Netspend nor metabank sees it
    I know it goes thru federal reserve first almost 5pm here in Texas looks like tomorrow hopefully 😠😠

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    @smokey mcpot.

    the only thing better is the people who are calling banks and the irs. I also love the people checking online sites at 3 o clock in the morning.

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    Ok I called NFCU and my deposit is pending (finally) but they won’t release the funds. I will call back shortly to try again. Anyways here’s my scenario
    Filed TT 2/2
    IRS Accepted 2/4
    IRS Approved 2/4
    EITC also updated 2/18
    DDD 2/23
    DDD pending 2/22

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    Ohio redneck

    I’m having same problem they got my funds but there holding for 1-2 days what a joke . Never again will I not pay for fees up front . This is a joke tho this bank got there money but holding ours wow what a joke.

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    Debra Gutierrez

    I filed with HRB with fees taken out, do they also go through sbtpg?

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    Smokey McPot

    I love scrolling through tons of messages on a thread about receiving your DD and all it consist of is people saying “nothing”, “not yet”, LMAO

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    used Turbotax, no fees taken out because i selected the free option, and the funds still arent deposited with a ddd of 2/23. im hoping there isnt any issues since im using a prepaid card this year (accountnow). does anyone who also has account now entered in “the green dot bank” in the bank name section? i spoke with the rep who told me to write green dot bank but what if he was wrong and thats why it isnt in yet. im pissed, ive never had to wait, id always get it sooner and i got bills to pay.

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    For those you of you not sure how to check Sbtpg you must go to Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) (google it you will find it) then hit taxpayer. You need to know the ss#, exact amount of refund (whole dollar only) and your filing status. After entering that info your results should pop up.

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    Hello Malcolm,

    Yes, SBTPG is the bank Turbo Tax works with. Only people that are having fees paid for services will have their tax refund sent to SBTPG. After fees have been deducted the remaining portion will go to the bank, prepaid card, credit union, or whatever financial institution you requested the return to go to.

    If you did not have feed being deducted from your tax refund the. WMR and your financial institution would be the best place to check status.

    Bests wishes to you.

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    Malcolm, I am having the EXACT same problem as you.

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    DDD 2/23, SBBT has received my refund but it is not in my account yet. They claim it was sent to my bank but i have not yet received it. I use a prepaid ACE elite card and have used one for years. My DD from work hits 2 days early every single pay period without fail. Was really hoping this would hit early as well but it isn’t looking like that will happen. I hate that i can SEE the money was sent to my account but i can’t access it yet! At least i know for sure it’s on it’s way i guess.

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    Is sbtpg only for people who got fees took out their refund? I filled with TT no fees and the sbtpg saying they cant locate my account.

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    hi everyone! I have a DDD date of 02/23/17
    I filed with Jackson Hewitt and will receive my funds on American express serve card.
    Checked SBPT and nothing yet. Anyone with the same issue? Should I get it tomorrow?
    The sbpt website hasn’t received my funds yet. Damn it. Its driving me nuts, Any info is helpful!!!!!!!

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    Hello all 😊, I filled my taxes on 1/24, with both credits. I have a DDD of 2/24/17. I bank with Higher One. I called my bank and was informed that they had no pending deposits for me at the moment but that they do make funds available as soon as they hit the bank. SBTPG is showing my refund as being received and the fees deducted. The remaining balance has been “sent” to my bank , yet they are not showing anything. I hope we all see our refunds soon. Best of luck to you all.

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    I used TT, and have a 2/23 DDD with Bank of America
    SBTPG Rec’vd and Paid on 2/22 minus fees.
    Hoping to have funds sometime today, but realistically will be waking up with funds in my account on the 23rd.

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    Filled 2/26
    Both credits
    PATH act participant
    Ddd 2/23
    Crédit union bank

    Thanks for telling me how to check the sbtpg site! I checked and it showed they had recieved my money and took out there fees, I couldn’t find where it says anything about them sending the $ to my bank. I bank threw a credit union and called to ask if anything is pending, nooooooo ahhh can anybody give me a reason to believe I might still get my dd tomarrow?

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    @jes Wells Fargo told me the same thing. They will deposit as soon as irs sends it. so hopefully tonight they do and we get it by tomorrow morning.

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    I’m in the same boat, DDD 2/23, just called my bank and they have nothing. I bank at United Bank in NC. Wish I knew when they send it! Good news is they said they pass it directly thru to me so hopefully it’ll be there come midnight if nothing else.

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    just got off the phone with a wells fargo rep and she said as soon as they receive the refund they will release it so if irs dose send it over today it will be there today if they send it tomorrow it will be there tomorrow wells usually updates deposits around 10 am and 2 pm

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    My refund has been pending since Monday evening. Set to be released tonight after midnight. I paid fees upfront. Filed 2/2 went through the whole PATH BS got a DDD of 2/23.
    I bank with a local Credit Union.

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    I bank with the credit union and have DDD of 2/23. The bank states they see it pending for the 23rd. I can see it pending also but wont have access to the funds until the 23rd

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    Go to taxpayer.sbtpg.com then type in your info

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    Sbptg is showing my refund has been received and sent out to netspend. Netspend is saying nothing pending yet :/

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    Filed 2/26/17 acptd same day
    TT fees withheld
    Ddd 2-23
    Both credits
    PATH act
    How do I check my sbtpg that I see so many people being able to check and see if there funds have been taken out yet?

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    DDD 2/23/13, Bank says nothing is pending, I double checked acct and routing number…everything good! This is driving me nuts!!!! Does anyone know what time the IRS sends out refunds and do they do it in batches throughout the day?

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    I just received a text from Republic Bank saying that my Federal tax return has been sent to my account and should be available within 1-5 days!

    Filed on 1/23/17
    DDD 2/23/17
    I used taxact and had the fees taken from my refund.

    American Express Serve card.

    (Amex serve only charges you a maintenance fee if you have money in your account. They wave the fee if you have a zero balance. Nets pend charges you for every transaction you make! It’s like $1 for debit uses and $2 for credit use! I will never use Netspend again. They are crooks in my opinion)

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    danielle sullivan

    i have wells fargo, deposit says its scheduled to be sent by 2/23. anyone have any updates? anyone have wells fargo

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    Waitingfor $$

    So I called TPG, they have my refund and should be sending it in 1-2 Business days, then rep said money could be in my account in an hour so just waiting to see..

    Tt filed with fees
    Approved eitc 2/17
    Did 2/23/2017

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    Waitingfor $$

    So I called TPG, they have my refund and should be sending it in 1-2 Business days, then rep said money could be in my account in an hour so just waiting to see..

    Tt filed with fees
    Approved eitc 2/17
    Did 2/23/2017

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    I am supposed to have $$ sent to bank DD 2/23. IRS has not sent yet and Woodforest shows nothing.

    #4183422 Reply


    My return was accepted on 1/27 irs website was updated to a DDD of 2/23

    I checked SBPTG they have the money. So i should see it in my account tomorrow. It shows as already being sent. Good luck everyone.

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    Ddd of 2/23 fees have been taken out by republic bank and transferred, waiting on Amex serve card to show my refund! :)

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    Waiting 2

    Anyone who filed with Jackson Hewitt with a serve card with DDD of 2/23 fees taken out. Is anyone showing sbtpg has received funds?? Mine is still showing not received 😥

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    Joss Geigel

    I have Suncoast Credit Union
    DDD 2/23
    Just checked SBTG they took the fees and they have my money
    But haven’t received nothing on my credit union so idkw what’s going on

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    I have a ddd of 2/23 and I checked sbgt and they have already taken thier fees out, also have netspend card and it’s not showing pending deposit nor have I gotten my refund. 😩

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    GM. DDD of 02\23 rcvd status from SBTPG that fees were taken out. Have netspend /waiting for funds to deposited. Hopefully just another couple hrs and not later tonight. ( fingers crossed )

    #4183268 Reply


    Filed and accepted 1/26 TT
    DDD of 2/23
    SBBT is showing they received and sent my deposit to my bank this morning.
    Bank may not release until tomorrow but at least I can track things

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    Attempting to log into both HRblock.com this morning and emerald card app and the servers were flooded that I kept getting a connect drop or no connection at all. Finally get tap for balance to work and nothing! Was half hopeful that because the servers were so busy that it meant we had gotten it! sucks.

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    That girl

    Filed on 1/23
    Accepted same
    DDD 2/23.

    Filed with tax act, elected split deposit. Woke up to my first deposit from Woodforest Bank. Nothing for Bank of America.

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    I have Wells Fargo DD for 2/23 and nothing yet. This is killing me !!

    #4183209 Reply


    filed 2/5 Jackson Hewitt EITC/CTC
    2/10 Path act
    2/18 updated to 2/23
    Republic Bank shows they got my refund ten minutes ago and sent to my bank but funds are not yet showing in my account

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    Good Morning .. I have ddd2/23. Just checked sbtpg and they have recevied and released my funds. Just waiting on it to hit my paypal prepaid card. Hope that helps.. Good luck everyone!

    #4183195 Reply

    Bertha Valles

    I checked SBTPG and The say they sent my refund already but my bank account doesn’t show it yet. My DDD 2/23 with TT

    #4183188 Reply


    Most everyone I know here in FL has a DDD of 2/23. Mind is with BofA so I know I have to wait until tomorrow. The waiting game is no joke. Hopefully everyone’s accounts look nice tomorrow!

    #4183117 Reply


    Has anyone with a ddd of 2/23 received a dd yet to a bank of america acct?

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    Anyone with wellsfargo DDD 2/23 receive their refund yet

    #4183034 Reply


    Update: I had a ddd of 2/22 being deposited into BoA. I got the notification at 4am today, my money is there. Good Luck everyone.

    #4182986 Reply


    SBTG received my refund just waiting on my bank (Regions) to let me know I have a deposit via a text message. DD 2/23/17. Good luck everyone

    #4182976 Reply


    HI folks, just an update for folks sbtpg updated. my ddd was 2 23 used turbotax and walmart moneycard. nothing on the card yet but not expecting it to show up till morning. will update if it shows

    #4182974 Reply


    My refund dated for 2/23 just posted to my bank account around 4am! Finally the wait is over!

    #4182968 Reply


    I am so upset I mean where’s the money? My niece, my cousin, best friend and I call or text each other daily to see if anybody received theres’ they have prepaid cards and i have BOA. I checked the website so much they told me to check tomorrow lol really people we just moved and i want this platform bed before it sells out lol

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    DDD of 2/23, files with TaxAct. Both credits, no fees, and being deposited in a regular bank account. This is the first year that it hasn’t been deposited at least 3 days early. My mom was set for deposit on 2/21 and received it 2/18!!!

    #4182892 Reply


    Anyone with EITC recieved their refund yet?

    #4182787 Reply


    @ Rachel, I called the bank that holder of the emerald card. Of course, I got transferred to H&R Block. They said that if it say DDD by 23. We should get it on the 23 . ” Cause emerald card doesn’t take day ps to process, like regular banks do.” Lol!!! I find it hilarious but; I believe we wAnt see nothing till Thursday. I wish it was not so. You never know though. Anna ! Louisiana!

    #4182674 Reply


    I have a message that my refund will be sent to my bank by 2-23-17. That is a Thursday. What are the chances that I will receive my funds tomorrow on 2-22-17? I filed through H&R Block and am using the emerald card. I am just curious because it says by the 23rd and everything I have read said that they are only releasing funds on Wednesdays and Fridays. Can anyone offer an idea?

    #4182614 Reply


    My ddd was the 23rd and i got my refund with fees taken out at 2:40pm on serve card

    #4182579 Reply


    @joyl Ah ok yeah no fees here I paid those when I filed upfront

    #4182522 Reply


    Thanks Jennifer my bank dosent even show a pending deposit. Maybe tomorrow

    #4182503 Reply

    Kianna P

    I have BOA and my ddd is 2/23 I checked the site turbo tax goes threw and i see nothing

    #4182485 Reply


    ddday of 2/22 republic bank sent me a message at 1030 my money was sent to my bank hopefully see it in a.m filed with turbo tax 1/26 they took my fees out my state which i recieved saturday

    #4182477 Reply


    How often is SBTPG updated? I filed with TT and have a DDD 2/23/17. As of 7:44 nothing is showing up on SBTPG automated line 😡

    #4182472 Reply


    DDD of 2/23 went thru tax act replublic bank and netspend still sees no refund

    #4182431 Reply

    Bertha Valles

    I also checked with SBTPG and they haven’t received my refund. If you are just joining. I’m with Wells Fargo and filed with Turbo Tax and I also have a DDD 2/23

    #4182405 Reply

    Kdigg going crazy

    How is that ppl are getting there money for 2/23 and I can’t get a pending for 2/22 I’m Usbank and Walmart card…….

    #4182402 Reply

    Bertha Valles

    @casi and @jes I have Wells Fargo and I have nothing…

    #4182398 Reply



    If you used turbo tax and had fees taken out, it goes through sbptg first before it goes to your bank/prepaid card.

    #4182388 Reply


    TurboTax uses SBTPG to take out their fees. It is where the IRS sends your refund and SBTPG will release the refund to your desired account.

    #4182386 Reply


    I didn’t use sbtg, I used Turbo tax, A lot of ppl who used the same method as me got their refunds hours ago on netspend just strange

    #4182318 Reply


    @bill you are not alone. Most netspenders (via sbptg) are on the same boat.

    #4182315 Reply


    I have a ddd of 2/23 I took my return via a netspend card using turbo tax, I received nothing thus far, Nothing is pending either just got off the phone with netspend.

    #4182303 Reply


    Got mine today ddd 2 23 accepted 2 9 filed same day used jh had both credits and fees held out on serve card was a temp card never sent for personalized one.Had both credits.

    #4182280 Reply


    Like i said. Everyone with netspend who did NOT go through sbptg already got theirs. Us who have netspend and went through sbptg are out of luck :(

    #4182271 Reply


    Anyone have Kaiku? It’s issued through Bancorp. First year having it put on this card. Their email said this:

    “Thanks for reaching out to us. Your deposit will be funded on the date specified by the originating bank. If they do not specify a specific day then they will be available as soon as we have received them. With tax refunds there is processing time between when the IRS issues the refund and when we receive it. This can typically be 3-5 business days.”

    Another user said she usually gets it early. DDD is the 23rd, no fees. Paychecks are usually posted between 5 and 6 am Eastern time. I’m worried about the couple of freezes I read about when I Googled Kaiku tax refund.

    #4182247 Reply


    I have a DDD of 2/23 and took the netspend prepaid card, i have nothing pending, Seems everyone else with netspend got theirs yesterday, IRS website still on 3 bars refund hasn’t been sent yet

    #4182238 Reply


    I just spoke with TPG, the first person i spoke to said those expecting on the 23rd are the ones processing now, he transfered me to a lady who told me they haven’t received anything yet, but the guy said they are the ones processing now, if i dont see my refund by tomorrow i will go bananas…

    #4182190 Reply


    have a stupid accountnow prepaid card, nothing yet ddd 2/23. i spoke with one of the reps and he said you normally won’t see it until the day of. seems like bs to me, hoping it comes tomorrow!

    #4182163 Reply


    anyone banking with wellsfargo with a DDD of 2/23 please post as soon as u see in ur account or receive your refund

    #4182145 Reply


    Anybody with Wellsfargo seeing any pending deposits or refund in there account with the irs showing dd 2/23?

    #4182143 Reply


    Just checked SBTPG – 4:10pm Eastern. They have not received my refund yet but do have the expected amount (they had nothing at all for me yesterday) so that is a plus. Hopefully tonight they receive it! I have DDD 2/23

    #4182136 Reply


    It’s not just sbptg. Some prepaid cards do not offer early DD. Some prepaid cards are slower or later to the game. For example, my paycheck from the fed Gov is DD’d 28-36 hours in advance.

    Also, for anyone who had H&R Block take out fees…I just had a chat with them. They are not showing my fees paid by the IRS as of yet. My DD is scheduled to go out on 2/23 to my PayPal prepaid card which does advertise early DD by 2 days.

    I think my next step is to call Bofl which is supposed to be the bank set to receive fees from my refund.

    #4182132 Reply


    To Jessica

    I also have First National Bank and they aren’t releasing until my DDD tmrw. It’s been there since the 18th! They confirmed the pending deposit and said no luck until the 22nd. Hope you have better luck!

    #4182121 Reply


    @Randy I also have mine going to an accountnow prepaid. So far no deposit. Hopefully we will see ours by tomorrow. Although today would be better LOL

    #4182112 Reply


    Anyone bank with first national bank get a deposit today w a ddd of 2/23. Arkansas

    #4182086 Reply


    I think its sbptg who has the issues. Everyone else who doesnt go through them is saying they got their refund (2/23 ddd) already.

    #4182083 Reply


    I am confused. I have a DDD of 2/23/17., I called the IRS today and they state that they will release my refund on the 23rd. So how can they release my funds on the same day I’m scheduled to see my refund in my account. Can someone help with this please. Thanks !

    #4182053 Reply


    I got my ddd of 2/23/2017 on sat. I’ve been literally checking my account and I just now got a pending status for the IRS funds. my bank hasn’t released them but I”m just glad to see them. Maybe they’ll release them tomorrow! hope this is helpful!

    #4182049 Reply


    I got mine on serve card today at 1

    #4182045 Reply


    Does anyone bank with premier federal credit union and have a ddd on 2/23

    #4182042 Reply


    As of noon 2/21 nothing in my account.
    BofA DDD 2/23

    #4182006 Reply


    Filed with TT and having fees taken out. SBTPG is finally working for me but it doesnt show they received my refund yet nor does my bank account (TD Bank) show anything.

    MY DDD is 2/23 – This is getting a bit frustrating but it is what it is. Next time i will have it sent to cash card/prepaid

    #4181974 Reply


    I have an account now prepaid card and used turbo tax, filing my return was free (no fees) and i have a ddd of 2/23 but I haven’t seen anything yet and the only way for me to check is to watch my account

    #4181965 Reply



    #4181956 Reply


    2/23 deposit available today 2 pm central

    Amex fees go out Jackson Hewitt

    #4181945 Reply


    I filed on the Jan 23rd with Turbo tax the same company I file with every year and had my DD sent through rushcard as I always do all the other years my DD was like 3 days early. This year my DDD 2/23 and still nothing yet any one with rushcard receieve there DD yet? It looks like Net spend was the company to go with this year! You live and you learn at least I know its coming

    #4181939 Reply


    Well mine is pending in my CU….at least I can see it.

    Dated 02/23

    #4181837 Reply

    Shawn A Nichols

    The website is still down.

    #4181825 Reply


    Dd date of 2/23, filed with hrb with emerald card. Still no deposit

    #4181736 Reply


    GD usually uploads first thing in the AM or at least by 6pm. Remember they are 3 hours behind, so this may account for the lag in timing.

    #4181711 Reply


    Filed: 1/23/17
    Accepted: 1/23/17 ( same day )
    DDD: 2/23/17 ( Did not appear in WMR irs.gov until 2/16/17 )

    Filed w/: TT and requested fees be taken from my federal. I am also using a prepaid card ( GD ). I was able to log into the SBTPG site yesterday and today until about 10am EST. Since they are West Coast I would assume it was 7am there. Hopefully as previously stated we will see today if they are updating the system and releasing money.
    S/N: I receive my bi monthly pay ( which is hourly, so it’s not predictable ) and like clock work I receive my DD 2 days early. The time DOES tend to vary each payday, but I always get it 2 days prior. I hope this helps and good luck to us all!!

    #4181262 Reply

    Terri Hellard

    My husband and I used TurboTax with EIC and got a ddd of 2/23. Last night about 9 our time, CDT, we got a notification that our IRS deposit was now a pending transaction and that it would be deposited into our account no later than 12 UTC 2/23. So using that information we concluded that we’ll be getting the refund no later than 8 wednesday night. We used direct deposit to his walmart pay card and I believe that is GE Capital bank.

    #4181814 Reply


    Ugh… SBTPG.COM still down???

    #4181766 Reply


    Filed using taxact online, had an EIC credit and due refund. Received a Refund date of 2/23/17. We bank with a credit union, and just received the refund today at noon (2/21). Hope that helps.

    #4181731 Reply


    does anyone with wellsfargo show received? my dd is 2/23 nothing showing deposited or pending.

    #4181686 Reply


    @joyl no I’m hoping we cant see it cause they’re updating ours right now !

    #4181669 Reply


    Thank you. Whew. I thought they were just denying ME access. LOL.

    #4181646 Reply


    SBTPG website is down , hopefully they are updating today and sending out funds :-)

    #4181639 Reply


    @joyl yes i’m having problems logging into SBTPG.com I was able to log in fine yesterday but today it says that the page can not be loaded. I tried calling them and it also gives me an error message when entering my info.

    #4181628 Reply


    Anyone else having problems logging in to sbbt?

    #4181545 Reply


    I think the prepaid cardholders who did not go through sbbt are the ones seeing their deposits. The ones who went through sbbt are out of luck (like me) lol. I cant even go to their website and check. It wont load.

    #4181496 Reply


    seems as if people with prepaid cards are getting theirs bc 1 of the perks are that you get deposits 2 days in advance and anyone with bank accounts ie. wellsfargo deposits are posted but wont go through until 2/23 correct me if im wrong anyone who has received their refund with a bank account please let me know what state you are in and if you are banking with wells with date of 2/23 for DDD

    #4181474 Reply

    Bertha Valles

    I’m with Wells Fargo my DDD is 2/23 and have not received anything I’m in Nevada

    #4181472 Reply



    Do you have fees being taken out?

    #4181446 Reply


    what states have received their refunds with DDD of 2/23

    #4181314 Reply


    DDD 2/23/17 I am using a Ruscard, I still have not received anything yet. I wish I had used my netspend card like I always do. I can guarantee I would have gotten it two days early. Have anyone got they money that used a rushcard?

    #4181229 Reply

    Julia Branche

    I have Bank of America…Filed with Turbo Tax, with, eic and ctc…Wheres My Refund shows ddd of 2/23. Hopefully will see the deposit thursay morning, and not next week like all the tax info sites keep saying smh. Dont see why a bank would take from the 23rd until the 27th to process a dd…. and bank of America is normally pretty fast.

    #4181215 Reply


    @Maurice I have BoA and DDD of 2/22 I still have not received mine. I don’t expect it until tomorrow am. Good Luck

    #4181099 Reply


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    #4181087 Reply

    KATHERINE Lindenberg

    File 1/30 recieved same day
    Feb 18th got update
    DDD 2/23
    Wells fargo says as soon as they recieve direct deposits it willl be posted tired of waiting on irs and the bank its our money we want it now.

    #4181082 Reply


    Santa Barbara bank is really tearing me.. my ddd is 2/23 An people already got there’s.. while they still haven’t received mine… Smh normally Jackson Hewitt is fast but this year ughhhhhh regardless of the path act

    #4181072 Reply


    I can see mine on hold in my bank with a settlement date of 2/23/17. I can see it just not deposited yet.

    #4181051 Reply


    Has anyone that banks with bank of america received their money. My ddd was 2/23

    #4180963 Reply


    @Will-I-Am I am still waiting as well. Used TT with fees taken out with DDD 2/23. So far nothing on my prepaid card yet. Hopefully we will see ours tonight.

    #4180936 Reply


    I got my money!!!!! 💰 😁 💰 Happy Tuesday everyone who got it!! Anyway, my DDD is 2/23 And I’m using Netspend. My mom is same and she got hers too. I read on WMR Facebook some guy posted all NetSpend and rush cards with DDD of 2/22 & 2/23 will be posted last night at 10pm till 2pm this afternoon. This doesn’t count fees and anything else. Just straight deposits he said. And so far from what I read he right! Good luck 🍀 everyone!!!

    If you want to check Facebook WMR under post for people with DDD 2/22 & 2/23. His name Cory. HTH!

    #4180926 Reply


    Oh yes, I used TT free. It was accepted Feb. 5th. Also, I owed my state $300 from last year, which has already been deducted. Wmr never said I was getting garnished but I already knew. Hope this help someoñe, but really hope all of get good news today!

    #4180924 Reply


    If those with NetSpend with no fees taken out got their money on last night who had DDD 2/23, I would speculate that SBTPG should get the refunds today. If they say they didn’t receive it today, I definitely think they will be lying!

    #4180921 Reply


    Yes yes it’s here! DDD date of 2/23. Wmr is still on approved (not sent yet). I have Walmart money card.

    #4180909 Reply


    Nothing here yet . Anyone use bluebird amex…i used tt and haves fees being deducted

    #4180896 Reply


    Hi ddd of 2/23 fees taken out going to chase, it’s 5:45 AM on the eastern side of these American states and I got NOTHING

    #4180889 Reply

    Paula Cooley

    Anyone have the Ecard?? DDD for2/23 but still waiting on my card to come via USPS…

    #4180873 Reply

    Happy lady

    I had a DDD of 2/23 woke up with a deposit this morning. I had no fees taken out and used NetSpend! Good luck to others!!

    #4180863 Reply


    DDD 2/23 thru TurboTax. DD to BofA Acct. I’m in CA, still nothing, but they normally don’t hit until at the earliest 2am for me.

    #4180857 Reply


    DDD by 2/23 emerald card nothing!!! As of 3:09 am 2/21. Congrats to everyone that already received theirs tonight,

    #4180855 Reply


    Filed with Turbo Tax for free
    Still waiting for my deposit in PNC bank :(

    #4180851 Reply


    Mine hasn’t hit yet. With Wells Fargo. DD 2/23. Fees taken out.

    #4180846 Reply


    I just woke and I my deposit hit at 10.38 p.m central time .aldo I had 02/23 deposit date

    #4180789 Reply


    @marissa I filed tax act it was free

    #4180787 Reply


    @mtass11 did you file tt with fees taken out? If so you are with me waiting for the deposits

    #4180782 Reply

    mr tax refun

    i need my money to buy cigs and i wud like to have a beer i dont have anymore cigs and if i dont get it soon im going to have to go up to sunoco and dig butts from the ashtray as bad as i hate to do that i need my dam money

    #4180779 Reply


    Is anyone with fees being taken out getting their refunds now? It hasnt eveen shoed in SBTPG yet. So Im not sure that the people getting the refund tonight has fees being taken out

    #4180775 Reply


    It is after midnight in Minnesota now..And nothing from Green Dot visa about my deposit..I’m calling first thing in the morning funny bluebird gave me my deposit with no problems or delays today but that green dot got me on edge they certainly can’t say that the Treasury didn’t send notification bluebird has taken care of that so I know that greedot hits my money maybe I will have it when I get up? Green dot.

    #4180772 Reply


    ddd 2/23 nothing yet :[ i have an account now prepaid card UGH

    #4180761 Reply


    @marrisa no I filed with freetax I have used chime for about 9 months always get paychecks 2 days early

    #4180759 Reply

    mr danberry

    According to HR Block you wont see a pending deposit on the emerald card. When it is posted to your account it will become available. Well this is what they told me anyhow and i don’t buy the BS they are lazy crooks

    #4180752 Reply


    DDD 2/23 emerald card shows nothing pending

    #4180750 Reply


    Sorry for the double post, Netspend dropped at 8:43 pm PT, DDD 2/23. LOVE Netspend!!!

    #4180748 Reply


    @marissa I have CARD.com which is Bancorp Bank as well. Nada yet!

    #4180746 Reply


    I had ddd of 2/23/17 DD to netspend no fees Hit my acct tonight at 11:45 pm

    #4180742 Reply


    2/23 on bluebird. Thank you Jesus. I am so happy!! $$

    #4180739 Reply


    @nikki @marissa I’m using chime also. I will say , I always get my paychecks around 12 noon EST 2 days prior. So I get paid wednesdays at noon instead of Friday like everyone else. But I know my job doesn’t send our payroll until 3-4am. So it may be different with the IRS. They may do it a bit earlier. But I ALWAYS have gotten my direct deposits at a minimum , 2 days before the DDD. I’m 2/23 DDD but expecting it any hour/minute !

    #4180732 Reply

    Joss Geigel

    I have have a credit union is anyone with DDD 2/23 gotten their refund yet? Btw im in Colorado ?

    #4180724 Reply


    DDD Set for 2/23 got it today at 8:21pm

    #4180722 Reply

    mr danberry

    NO hr block are full of shit i know damn good and well they have our refunds but they sit on them until they get ready to post them this is the last time i will use their POS service they are lazy crooks

    #4180718 Reply


    @nikki did you use tt also? And opt to have fees taken out as well. This is my first time using Chime so im nervous.

    #4180716 Reply


    I filed with H&R Block Funds going to emerald card I have ddd 2/23 nothing yet… anyone get there refund with emerald card?

    #4180714 Reply


    @marissa I use chime 2/23 DDD. Nothing yet

    #4180711 Reply


    @jerseygirl02 thanks for the info 😉

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