DDD 2/10!!!

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    Congrats to all the DDD 2/10ers! Anyone think we’ll see a deposit Monday for those of us using Netspend/Walmart Money Card?!

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    It’s DDD 02/10
    All Bars Blings .. Deposit send yesterday from the tool bar but didn’t. Complete third bar till 12am
    No Funds in Acc. # Tax preparation ” No Fees Awarded to them..
    What is going on.



    Filed/accepted 1/30
    Approved 2/6
    DD date 2/10

    As of 8am EST, nothing in my account. I’m seriously about to bust into tears.



    Guys you probably wont get 3 bars on your WMR. I got my refund today, fee’s taken out filed with TT. My bars haven’t gone to 3 yet either.



    Just wanted to let everyone know that I got my refund today on the ddd of 2/10!! Its coming if you haven’t already got it. I filed on 1/30 thru Turbo Tax, got accepted that day and was given a ddd on 2/6 of 2/10 which was received early this morning!! Until next year!



    Filed/accepted 1/25
    Approved 2/6
    DD date 2/10
    No fees or offsets

    Refund was in my bank account shortly after midnight.



    Filed 1/20/16 approved 1/21/15 ddd 2/10 check is sitting at preparer’s office check was sent from republic Bank lastnight around 9 the website said.



    I filed with Libery tax office am suppose to have a ddd of 2/10. I don’t have direct deposit liberty prints it out in the office. Where’s my refund still on 2bars is my refund at liberty ????



    Just woke up and the money is in my account. I bank with Regions. May the force be with you all!



    Filed w/: H&R Block
    Filed Date: 1/24
    Filed Accepted: 1/24
    Approved: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10
    DD: 2/10 (Wells Fargo)
    I have an offset and they didn’t take anything.

    My advice to to the IRS stop making tax season so difficult ur phone lines won’t be flooded. Every year u say I have to cut down on staff. Well stop using the staff member that just sit in those call centers to say we can’t help u u have to wait 21 days. People wouldn’t have to worry if they didn’t feel they were going to be audited for nonsense.

    H&R Block really time to update one Turbo Tax updated their system to be more modernized and they use banks where is taxpayers can verify our deposits.

    Advise to tax payers never count on ur income tax money. The IRS is crazy a few years back I had Ideniry Theft they said they were sending me the money. I called and nothing no one so call knew nothing. Till I received a letter from the IRS it took 9 months to prove who o was to them for me to get my funds.

    Last year my sister had an offset. Yes her fault but she didn’t get any information until after her DDD date.

    I just don’t trust the IRS to depend on my hard earned money being returned.



    Filed 1.22
    Accepted 1.22
    DDD 2.10

    Woke up this morning at 5 am to my money baby. Thank you Jesus. Hope others are happy with fat bank accounts!



    DDD 2/10 – received at 2 AM PST;Wells Fargo.



    Got mine around 12am !!!



    DDD 2/10 and as of 2/10 12:20 am money in my account!!!! Yay.

    Filed through TT 1/16
    Accepted 1/19
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10
    DD 2/10 12:20 am

    It’s been fun you guys! Everyone else hang in there’s it coming :)



    DDD: 2/10
    WMR: 2 bars
    JH w/ fees: not recieved yet
    DD: nothing

    I’m mentally exhausted lol



    I got a DD of 2/10. Filed through TurboTax. As of 2:30 am EST, still no deposit.



    Got a DDD of 02.10.16 on WMR as of 2.21am still nothing on my Emrald Card from HR Block I’m beyond irritated anyone else in same boat?



    Don’t know wats going on as of 12:29am the 10th in Dallas,Tx I have no pending deposit and sbbt not showing anything about my refund,wats going on today is my ddd I’m using Ace Elite Netspend card.




    No info available on any of irs bank sites filed through tt refund going to emerald card. No pending deposits. Anyone else the same?


    Tommy Farris

    $$$$$$$ finally woohoo taxact


    Tommy Farris

    Ok republic says they sent my funds but my bank says that I have no pending deposits is that normal ?



    So I have a ddd of 2/10 I just checked my Southlandcreditunion online account and I see the money as ach pending under pending transactions. I called bank and they stated since it has a date of 2/10 they can release it because they normally do not hold anything unless it specifically says so. So I guess today right before midnight . Sucks I wanted to go out and buy my 55in tv today! Lol


    Tommy Farris

    Ok just checked with republic and they have my funds and just waiting on them I guess lol



    Filed & Accepted by IRS: 1/22
    Ordered Transcripts: 2/6 (2nd bar on WMR too)
    DDD: 2/10
    DD Pending: 2/9

    H&R Block (DD to PNC SmartAccess Prepaid Visa)
    no offsets
    PA/eastern time zone.

    This year took 19 days.

    Good Luck Everyone! It will be there in the morning!



    Tommy Harris. You can check republictaxpayers.com
    Put your info in and it should tell you if you’ve paid them and if there’ s $$ coming to you.
    Looking good for tomorrow, as mine’s already there :)



    I just got my direct deposit, filed with hrblock, fees taken out and beenw aiting since 1/21 with a,DDD of 2/10. I have a netspend card and MST5:25. You will get your deposits soon every one!! FINALLY!!!!


    Aracely martinez

    Dose anyone bank with BOA? DD 02/10/16 – I called them and they told me , no pending deposit and that it may not be available to me until the 15th


    Tommy Farris

    Used taxact and still nothing I think they use republic bank. How do I see if they have my funds?



    I’m est.


    TN efile.com

    I filed 1/30, accepted on 1/30, IRS approved 2/6 with DDD of 2/10. I chose to have my fees taken out through Eps Financial. Eps is showing that they have received my refund and that the Disbursement status is Processing. Has anybody else had this?



    netspend texas!! money is there!!
    ddd 2/10/2016



    What time zone are y’all in that getting it with netspend



    My money was released this mornin but I still don’t see anything filed in Texas central time so maybe it’s going by time zone?!? Not worried just noticing a trend… Last name starts with h… Not sure if has to do with anything…



    Netspend card, in eastern time zone, sbbt took fees early this morning, still no refund :( ugh



    im in central and i have to worrie my daughter only has two bottles left of formula and im freaking i always have extra ugh. thank you



    Central. Try not to worry, it’s coming!



    what time zone are all of you that are getting your refunds on your netspend cards i havent recieved anything



    I had my fees taken out w/ SBBT & I just had my refund deposited onto my Netspend acct.!



    I just got my deposit in my usaa account! Good luck everyone!



    I’m in ks been sweating my return but just checked my account and its there and will be available tomo morning like it said hope everyone else is getting the good news too




    Yes, sbbt updated this morning for me. I put all my details on the 2/10 early deposits thread!



    Does anyone know if the IRS send funds directly to H&R Block? DDD is 2/10



    alexis what time zone you in?



    @nichole that’s awesome! Did you have fees taken out with Sbtpg?



    Ddd 2/10
    Just had mine deposited from republic bank to netspend! Thank god! I can breathe now!



    My Federal refund just posted to my bank account a few minutes ago! I bank with Sefcu and they do their second round of deposits/debits between 3-4pm. I didn’t expect to see it until tomorrow!!!

    Good luck all…and keep checking your accounts.



    @monica, LahLah from another feed posted that she just got off the phone with sbtpg and they said that they will release the funds to our accounts at 3pm Pacific (5 Central). I spoke with Netspend and they told me that deposits are made available within an hour of getting them. So I honestly expect Netspend holders (central) to receive their refunds in the 5-6 o’clock hours.



    Filed 1/12
    Accepted 1/14
    Approved for DDD 2/10
    Sbtg said that they released my money but nothing from netspend….nothing pending


    Masked Dildo

    I’m a fuckin asshole, I’m sorry y’all.


    The masked dildo

    You’re dumb as hell lmao. I hope some makes a DD of warm man sauce into your anus



    Funny I just spoke with sbbt an everything is find everyone’s money is in route an those that don’t pend such as prepaid accounts should see there’s before midnight an tomorrow an other bank accounts will start pendin soon!!

    Discouraging ppl isn’t really a nice thing an ur screen name says it all, immaturity has became u lol????



    @IRS, you know nothing, you’re just trolling here.



    @IRS Agent, that time has passed???


    The Masked IRS Agent

    netspend will have a memo to share by 12:30 east


    The Masked IRS Agent

    Unfortunately All Deposits made to the Preparer fund banks were recalled because of the earlier error. you wont see a refund for of any kind if your DDD is 2/10 for at least 2 weeks now.



    I am in Louisiana still waiting for my money to be deposited to netspend ughhhh sbbt sent it but ain’t shit been there an they sent it early this morning!!



    my deposit from sbbt hit my netspend at 3:41 last year. come on time!!



    I have checked my bank this morning, they usually credit my account the minute they have a pending deposit (usually my paycheck) as soon as they get it. There is nothing pending. In past years, on the day I was supposed to get the direct deposit, it would be deposited after 2 pm on that day. So maybe this afternoon some of us will see something.



    I’m in Alabama not sure about the time diff. If any but lord knows I wish it would get there soon. I KNOW EVERYONE ELSE FEELS THE SAMEWAY! HECK WE DO WORK ALL YEAR AND THE IRS GETS THEIR MONEY FAST SO WHY THE HOLD UP !!!



    Okay sooo SBBT has supposedly sent my refund to my Netspend account, but I too am still waiting. I did go through SBBT last year & Netspend made it available at 4:51pm. *Just hopeful it comes in by then!* That would be nice.



    Is anyone else not being able to log into either of the IRS banks I’ve tried sbbt and the republic one neither let me log in at all



    jessica mine is the same. been in SBTPG since 8:00 a.m. and nothing in my netspend account no pending nothing. What in the world is the hold up? SBTPG says it was issued to me already.



    Fees have been taking out by SBTPG but Netspend saying NO PENDING FUNDS.
    Accepted: 01/14/16
    DDD: 02/10/16
    It has NEVER TAKING THIS LONG & I have always gotten refund back early!! This is so crazy…..STRESS…..I HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING BETTER LUCK THAN I AM !!!



    filed 1/12/2016
    Accepted 1/19/2016
    DDD 1/10/2016

    I filed threw one of the tax preparers here in Baton Rouge , LA . I have been with NETSPEND since 2014 but this is my first year having to threw SBBT , this morning i checked and fees have been sent to my bank , called NETSPEND have no pending transactions. so idk of money will come today or tomorrow :(



    @Brandon- Well then you have nothing to worry about with us … Just stalk your bank accounts then!



    I used turbotax , the free version so I’m pretty sure they’re not taking fees but I’m not 100% sure



    @Brandon- If you opted to have your fees taken out of your return then, depending on the software you used they would be the ones that you authorized to process your refund, this means it goes to them first. Then they send it to your bank.



    And what are these other banks you are all talking about the sbpg and republic banks why would you be checking those ! ??



    Accepted-January 20th
    Approved 2/6/16
    DDD-feb 10th have it being direct deposit to Wells Fargo account called bank and no pending deposits are showing wtf is going on ?? I’ve never had to wait this long



    I filed 2/2 through taxact accepted the same day and received a ddd of 2/10 on 2/6. Republic updated for me this morning and they have taken there fees out and sent the deposit to my netspend checking account. Hopefully it comes through by about 4pm cst as that is the time I’m used to getting my deposits. I believe they’re updating a lot this morning so those who haven’t updated just keep checking as they update all day.



    The message I got when I check sbtpg.com Your expected IRS funding date of 1/1/0001 has passed, and the IRS has delayed the processing of your tax return. Check the status of your refund by calling the IRS at 800.829.1040. If we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions.




    @sage who have you a ddd of 2/10 when you filed 2/2 the irs or the site you used. I’m in Florida filed 2/2 accepted the same day still on the first bar used tax slayer. Did my brother in laws on 1/22 accepted same day estimated ddd of 2/3 got his on 2/2.



    Well I’ve checked everywhere I can…checked my account with nothing pending….check bout the websites the IRS uses for refunds neither recognize me…..I know my ddd is tomo and there’s still plenty of time for it to happen but just would put my mind at ease if I knew where it was



    I checked SBBT this morning on my phone and it said the fees were taken out, and the refund was sent to my bank today. I think… well anyway, fast forward 30 minutes later, I log back on to my laptop to SBBT and it’s not there anymore! It has no record of me? I just got done reading horror stories of SBBT so now I’m freaking.



    I filed and was accepted via taxact on 1/20. Received ddd of 2/10. I’ve also checked the sbtpg website and it doesn’t recognize me. From previous posts I learned there’s another bank the irs uses: republic bank and trust. Checked there and it recognizes me and notes the fees that will be deducted from my refund (filing/ processing fees), but still no refund amount. Those who chose to pay the filing fee and have it deducted from their refund should check one (both, if you’re not sure which)..



    I’m with rush card and me and my husband have a DDD of 02/10 . we still haven’t seen any thing I call rush card and its saying they see nothing pending any one knows what’s up with that…



    On the h&r block site, it says my estimated refund date is 2/12, but the wmr site says my DDD is 2/10. Which one is it??
    I’ve heard some with the DDD of 2/10 say that h&r site estimated theirs for 2/9. Is it just that, an estimate, with no real meaning on when I’m getting my refund?



    I honestly believe this is like at random . I filed 14 days before my cousin and she received her refund at 5am. And it can’t be ABC order because her sister filed 3weeks ahead of her and they have the same last name. Maybe its at random which sucks because I never ever waited more than like 5 days for me refund. I’m annoyed but all I can do is wait.
    Filed 1/29 Accepted 1/29 DDD 2/10 RUSHCARD…$0.00 :(



    Got a ddd of 2/10 to my rushcard but when i call they say no pending deposits..smh am i the only rushcard holder with this problem



    There was something going on in the beginning of the season, for sure, I have never seen it take so long for the first big batch of refunds to come out. I am willing to bet that outage was to catch up with themselves, because things smoothed out from there, not a coincidence!! Its just scary the first time a delay happens to you, my first time was traumatizing lol, pretty sure I needed therapy!! But stuff like this happens every year and believe it or not this is not that bad.



    I have used HRBlock for years, Usually always get my return fast, I filed on the 12th and accepted on the 14th. I finally got a refund date of the 10th on Saturday. Hoping it comes in Tomorrow or on that day




    @shelly that was such a nice and respectful way to tell everyone to chill out :) thanks for your wisdom.. Let’s all go finish our laundry, feed the kids, etc… And come back tomorrow



    Still waiting on EPS to release funds. Filed on efile.com for the first and last time because it was cheaper than Turbo Tax. They have the money but claim they can’t release it till Wednesday. The whole purpose in getting it put on netspend was so I could pay bills earlier smh



    Thanks for the reply shelly, your response made me feel a lot better. Now I can relax and wait until tomorrow without freaking out all night lol. Usually I don’t even worry about my taxes they usually just pop up in my account 2-2 1/2 weeks later and I don’t think twice about it. This year has been the first time I filed super early so I’ve been stressing out a lot. Moving feb 20th really need this money to make a smooth transition heh. Thanks again :P



    I have been using SBBT to take out my fees for TT since they first started this years and years ago. They ALWAYS, ALWAYS post your refunds the day before your DDD, then they release them immediately. IF you use a “real” bank they will usually hold your funds until your actual DDD the “new” pre-paid cards like net spend tend to release funds immediately. The reason some people got there funds today on net spend cards is because they did not have fee’s taken out. I have been doing all of this for a long time, Ive known about SBBT since the beginning and figured out the transcript thing years ago, every year this stuff happens but if you’ve never been affected by it, it seems insane. Good luck, look for SBBT updates beginning around 8 or 9am tomorrow!!!



    Turbo Tax No Fees
    2/10/2016 DDD
    Netspend Ace Elite Card/Bank

    No deposit yet, not even State(Nebraska)



    I finally got a DDD of 2/’10 after not having bars for a whole week! I was so happy to see that Saturday morning update! Good luck all!



    I’ve been reading other places SBBT gets your refund a day before your DDD and releases it the same day so you have your refund on your DDD. Lets hope that’s the case , not the way the customer service rep said. Crossing fingers D:.



    I have a ddd of 2/10 going into my personal checking account. How does it work when the funds have to go through SBBT? I have been seeing that some people had a ddd of 2/3 and SBBT still has not received their funds. I am a little confused because this is my first year having fees take out.



    I just saw on another thread on here that if u filed through hrb and had ur fees deducted from ur refund it would be 3 to 5 days after the wmr ddd…..idk how much of that is actually true my gf filed 1/27 accepted the same day her fees was takin out of her refund and her wmr went approved 2/3 with a ddd of 2/5 and hers was there the morning of 2/5 on her emerald card idk how its gonna be with mine though since mine is goin straight into my bank account we both used hrb both had fees takin out of our refunds just different dd types


    Dana Huff

    DDD 2/10
    Chase bank
    No deposit or pending deposit yet.



    Still waiting. I called SBTPG the company turbotax uses to process tax fees from your refund, they said it will probably get to them on the 10th then another 1-2 business days for you to get your money. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Never using TT again, just going to stick with free software this is bull shit. This tax season has been a living nightmare I swear.



    Still waiting nothing on any accounts yet and republic has no deposit as of yet… I wonder if they go in alphabetical order or something based on your filing pool….




    Nope just used the bank card they have me at my old job for them to dd my paychecks on lol still nothing lol



    @KSboy13 Quiktrip employee? :))

    Same boat as you mate. No pending on Skylight paycard.



    I have accountnow, it says you get paid earlier too, it’s almost the same as NetSpend.. when should I see my deposit? Nothing on SBBT yet, but I know they won’t update until 2 PM eastern time. I am trying to be patient, but I really need my truck fixed..



    Got my ddd Saturday morning for 2/10 I bank with bofi and use the skylight bank card to have my deposit…in ks its 11:31 here have nothing showing in my account pending or nothing know its still early just hoping it comes sooner



    I’m in Florida I bank with PNC and nothing yet.
    Filed 2/2 accepted the same day
    2/6 received ddd of 2/10
    Being patient



    got a rush card wondering when will my money depoist also got a ddd 2-10-16



    anybody with a 2/10 DD with rushcard with SBBT fees get their refund yet?



    I submitted my taxes through tt on 01/08
    Irs accepted 01/11
    Able to Ordered transcripts 02/01
    DDD 02/10
    Fustrating cause I filed early . But I am glad I now have a ddd



    Filed H R Block Deposit to Emerald Card
    Account Transcripts: 01/29
    Return Transcripts: 02/05
    WMR Refund update: 02/06
    DDD: 02/10
    Refund to account: N/A


    Real info


    Login in at taxpayer.sbtpg.com

    Santa Barbara is in California, thus they are on Pacific Time.

    They update ACH at 11am PACIFIC TIME
    (That’s an hour behind the old west, two hours behind the Midwest, and three whole hours earlier than you fellers and ladies back east!

    Yes, with net spend you’ll see it drop around 4 this afternoon. No, if you have an ugly old fashioned bank account, you will not receive until (midnight/8am/noon/2/4/8pm) depending on the ways your individual BRANCH handles ach transactions. Some are better than others but it’s all automated, no human can help you at this point. Patience is a virtue.

    In space nobody can hear you deposit…


    Houston 713

    I think if you have fee taken out through SBBTPG we might see the mone y coming in later today. They are on EST if you have a netspend or Walmart Card or any prepaid debit card you will see the money as soon as SBBTPG sends it. For others with a regular checking account you won’t see it until your bank process the DDD and that is usually the next day. Since SBBTPG doesn’t work on weekends like other money cards the funds probably won’t show on SBBT until they open this morning.



    DDD 02/20/16 fee taken out by SBBTPG looks like anybody that paid gets their early. SBBTPG doesnt post early I guess I see a trend I always have the fees taken out next year I will just pay and get it the day the IRS send to the bank earlier the what they post as the DDD.



    Filed: 1/26

    Accepted: 1/27

    Approved: 2/6 for DDD of 2/10

    Funds are pending in my credit union account right now. Someone on another thread said when he asked to release the funds they did it for him. Gonna see if they’ll do the same for me today..

    Good luck to everyone else!



    Filed 1.23
    Accepted 1.23
    DDD 2.10

    Money in rushcard account as of 8 am CST. No fees.



    Still nothing pending with emerald card but fingers crossed hoping not to miss out on a vehicle I found for a good price but even getting it tomorrow would make tomorrow a great birthday present.



    Does anyone in this thread use 5/3 Bank? I’m on the east coast (Georgia) and just wondering



    My refund is pending in my account. My credit union won’t release the funds until tomorrow. Good luck everyone!! :)



    Anyone that got your deposit today….does irs website show it as deposit sent???



    @keep hope thanks for the FYI lol(Has your WMR updated?) !!!! So hope mine comes soon Patients is a virtue and I have totally learned to have them this tax season!!!!



    Pacific TZ. 2/10 – capital one 360… here is to hoping. Anyone know if they DDD early?


    keep hope

    FYI I’m in eastern time zone and got my refund at 11:00 pm on my serve card


    Tommy Farris

    Nothing on my serve card yet 1:18am in alabama



    I haven’t recieved my refund either, but I’m noticing everyone who has got one isn’t in eastern time zone! Maybe idk just a thought!! Super excited can’t wait to get mine:)!



    Filed 1/20
    Accepted 1/20
    DDD 2/10
    Just had my refund deposited into my amercian express serve card….2/8

    Good luck everybody



    DDD 2/10. Still nothing on my Walmart Green Dot.



    Almost 2 am and nothing. I guess I am of the ones that will receive them on the actual deposit date.



    Filed & accepted 1/26
    Approve 2/5
    Ddd 2/10

    Refund deposited spend 2/8 @ 12am



    Just hit my BluebIrd Card.


    keep hope

    Filed 1/27
    Ordered transcripts 2/5 account and return
    Approved 2/6
    Ddd 2/10
    Received my DD 2/7 @ 11:00pm on my American Express serve card



    You think those of us with a Wells Fargo accnt and 2/10 ddd will see an early deposit?



    I keep checking SBBT to see if they have received my refund and they haven’t. I think I’m just going to call it a night and check in the morning :l



    I have money network card, my sbtpg says no funds received also



    SBTPG says they have not received funds yet. I’m not understanding how some people are getting their deposits for the DDD of 2/10, with netspend. I have netspend as well and still nothing.



    I just checked my netspend card had my deposit sitting there.



    Filed 2/2/16 accepted 10 mins later on 2/2/16 approved 2/6/16 of a ddd of 2/10/16!!
    Refund option: netspend card

    Wondering tho how this works heard u get ur money two days earlier? Can anyone help explain how netspend works thanks in advance ;) an I also chose option to have fees taken out with my return through turbo tax ;)

    Fiancé filed 1/9/16 accepted 1/12/16
    Lost bars on 1/29/16 with “your tax return is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available” no tax topic!! Praying his comes soon!!



    Accepted 1/19/16, approved 2/5/16 for ddd 2/10/16. Used tt having fees taken out. When will irs release refund to sbtpg?



    what time netspend do direct deposit? got a DDD of 2/10 been hearing we get it 2 days faster if so what time do the deposit the refunds?



    It would be nice to get an early DD but……. I’m just happy for the time being to have that glorious second bar???


    Danielle S.

    @cara you can check sbtg.com website to see if the fees have been taken out. That’s Santa Barbara tax products group website. They’re the ones that take the fees out for Turbo tax



    So, I filed 2/1, accepted 2/2. Was able to order transcripts the night of the 5th. Approved 2/6 which was earlier than I expected, with a ddd of 2/10. SOOO hoping to get it early, but since I’m going through SBBT I highly doubt I will see anything earlier than Wednesday.

    One can wish though!! lol!

    And can I just say how happy I am that this site is here again this year. It helps so much with the waiting!


    Smarty Pants

    Filed: 1/21 Turbo Tax, Free
    Accepted: 1/21
    Account transcripts: Able to order 1/29/16
    Return transcripts: Able to order 2/5/16
    WMR: updated to 2nd bar (approved) on 2/6/16 with a DDD of 2/10/16
    Refund Option: Wells Fargo Direct Deposit



    not hurt. Lol



    Any updates on money in anyone’s account yet? I have the DDD of “by February 10th”, as well (updated on the 5th) and I elected to get the Netspend card through Turbotax. Just wondering if it will hurt before or on that day. I also had to pay turbotax fees is their any way to check if they took their money yet?



    Filed and accepted 1/26/2016. Got Ddd of 2/10 when I checked this morning. I borrowed from hr block for Christmas and had a balance that was owed this morning. Checked a little bit ago and the amount owed now is 0 so hr block has already received my refund. My bank is open on Sunday so just maybe there will be money in the morning but if not I am sure we will see it monday. My bank does not hold money so I am a pretty happy girl right now. Good luck everyone.


    Johnny who

    Received DDD of when hell freezes over. Wtf is wrong with WMR. Lol



    Filed my taxes on 2/2/16 woke up this morning to a ddd of 2/10/16! Much quicker than I anticipated. My fiance filed 1/25/16 and still has one bar.


    I filed on 1/28 and accepted on 1/28. I checked wmr and I got my ddd for 2/10 at 8 am this morning and my mother as well who filed on 1/30. I’m sooooo happy right now!!! I will check Monday for early deposit!



    Filled 1/21
    Ordered return trans 2/4
    Update 2/5
    DDD 2/10
    It’s about time lol



    I saw someone with a ddd 2/10 say they got theirs today… anyone think its possible?



    Well finally got a DDD date of 2/10/16…but I was wondering…it says they will deposit it “by 2/10/16″….so that means it could go in anytime before right??…



    Accepted 1/21 ddd 2/10…did the direct 2 cash Walmart option this year…has anyone tried that and received a quicker DD?



    I have a DDD date for 2/10 as well! I was able to order my transcripts yesterday night! Happy for everyone and for those still waiting, remain patient it’s coming!



    Hey everyone,

    I just checked I filed on the 1/30/16
    Approved same day
    This morning 2/6 DDD by 2/10 I did mines through a prepaid card myvanila account

    God bless everyone hopefully everyone else is excited as we are this morning!!!!



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Order transcript 2/5
    Approved 2/6 for ddd2/10

    Husband filed 1/19 and no progress lol
    I told him don’t do it ..



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Order transcript 2/5
    Approved 2/6 for ddd2/6

    Husband filed 1/19 and no progress lol
    I told him don’t do it ..



    Got a DDD for 2/10 but my card(American Express serve) says I can access my refund 2 days before a normal deposit hits ….does anybody know exactly when the irs releases funds to your bank or card provider?



    Filed 1/13/16 accepted 1/14/16.
    Bars went missing on Tuesday.
    Ordered refund and account transcript last night.
    WMR showing bars again this morning, rerurn accepted DDD 2/10/16!!!!!!!



    Filed on 2/1, just updated from 1 bar to DDD on 2/10 on my IRS2Go app.

    As ridiculous as it sounds, I’ve ALWAYS gotten my money a week to 10 days after filing for the last 6 years now. My returns are pretty straight forward every year.



    Files z1/21 and now my ddd is 2/10 :) uber excited



    Filed 1/22..bars missing since 1/29 tt152..2/6 ddd for 2/10



    Yah! DDD 2/10/16
    Filed 1/30/16



    Just checked mine dd of 2/10



    Once it’s up its done. It does not update again.



    Finally Ddd 2/10



    FINALLY!!! Just got a ddd of 2/10. Thanks to all who provided helpful info i really needed it since this is my first time doing taxes. Hope all my early filers get good news by the end of the day



    I just got my two bars and a ddd for the 10th.Hope everyone else gets theirs too.



    Does it update until 6 am or is it done now that wmr is back up? Anybody know?



    FILED 1/21 been stuck on 1 bar since then ordered my return transcript yesterday 2/5 just got my DDD 2/10 today WOOOOHOOOO!!!! LOVING IT!!!! FINALLY



    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/2 approved 2/6 DDD 2/10



    Just checked wmr and have a DDD of 2/10. So excited! The return transcript thingy worked.
    Filed & Accepted 1/22
    Return transcript ordered 2/5
    2/6 DDD of 2/10
    Hopefully it hits my account sooner!

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