DDD 2/10!!!

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    Congrats to all the DDD 2/10ers! Anyone think we’ll see a deposit Monday for those of us using Netspend/Walmart Money Card?!

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    It’s DDD 02/10
    All Bars Blings .. Deposit send yesterday from the tool bar but didn’t. Complete third bar till 12am
    No Funds in Acc. # Tax preparation ” No Fees Awarded to them..
    What is going on.



    Filed/accepted 1/30
    Approved 2/6
    DD date 2/10

    As of 8am EST, nothing in my account. I’m seriously about to bust into tears.



    Guys you probably wont get 3 bars on your WMR. I got my refund today, fee’s taken out filed with TT. My bars haven’t gone to 3 yet either.



    Just wanted to let everyone know that I got my refund today on the ddd of 2/10!! Its coming if you haven’t already got it. I filed on 1/30 thru Turbo Tax, got accepted that day and was given a ddd on 2/6 of 2/10 which was received early this morning!! Until next year!



    Filed/accepted 1/25
    Approved 2/6
    DD date 2/10
    No fees or offsets

    Refund was in my bank account shortly after midnight.



    Filed 1/20/16 approved 1/21/15 ddd 2/10 check is sitting at preparer’s office check was sent from republic Bank lastnight around 9 the website said.



    I filed with Libery tax office am suppose to have a ddd of 2/10. I don’t have direct deposit liberty prints it out in the office. Where’s my refund still on 2bars is my refund at liberty ????



    Just woke up and the money is in my account. I bank with Regions. May the force be with you all!



    Filed w/: H&R Block
    Filed Date: 1/24
    Filed Accepted: 1/24
    Approved: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10
    DD: 2/10 (Wells Fargo)
    I have an offset and they didn’t take anything.

    My advice to to the IRS stop making tax season so difficult ur phone lines won’t be flooded. Every year u say I have to cut down on staff. Well stop using the staff member that just sit in those call centers to say we can’t help u u have to wait 21 days. People wouldn’t have to worry if they didn’t feel they were going to be audited for nonsense.

    H&R Block really time to update one Turbo Tax updated their system to be more modernized and they use banks where is taxpayers can verify our deposits.

    Advise to tax payers never count on ur income tax money. The IRS is crazy a few years back I had Ideniry Theft they said they were sending me the money. I called and nothing no one so call knew nothing. Till I received a letter from the IRS it took 9 months to prove who o was to them for me to get my funds.

    Last year my sister had an offset. Yes her fault but she didn’t get any information until after her DDD date.

    I just don’t trust the IRS to depend on my hard earned money being returned.



    Filed 1.22
    Accepted 1.22
    DDD 2.10

    Woke up this morning at 5 am to my money baby. Thank you Jesus. Hope others are happy with fat bank accounts!



    DDD 2/10 – received at 2 AM PST;Wells Fargo.



    Got mine around 12am !!!



    DDD 2/10 and as of 2/10 12:20 am money in my account!!!! Yay.

    Filed through TT 1/16
    Accepted 1/19
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10
    DD 2/10 12:20 am

    It’s been fun you guys! Everyone else hang in there’s it coming :)



    DDD: 2/10
    WMR: 2 bars
    JH w/ fees: not recieved yet
    DD: nothing

    I’m mentally exhausted lol



    I got a DD of 2/10. Filed through TurboTax. As of 2:30 am EST, still no deposit.



    Got a DDD of 02.10.16 on WMR as of 2.21am still nothing on my Emrald Card from HR Block I’m beyond irritated anyone else in same boat?



    Don’t know wats going on as of 12:29am the 10th in Dallas,Tx I have no pending deposit and sbbt not showing anything about my refund,wats going on today is my ddd I’m using Ace Elite Netspend card.




    No info available on any of irs bank sites filed through tt refund going to emerald card. No pending deposits. Anyone else the same?



    $$$$$$$ finally woohoo taxact



    Ok republic says they sent my funds but my bank says that I have no pending deposits is that normal ?



    So I have a ddd of 2/10 I just checked my Southlandcreditunion online account and I see the money as ach pending under pending transactions. I called bank and they stated since it has a date of 2/10 they can release it because they normally do not hold anything unless it specifically says so. So I guess today right before midnight . Sucks I wanted to go out and buy my 55in tv today! Lol



    Ok just checked with republic and they have my funds and just waiting on them I guess lol



    Filed & Accepted by IRS: 1/22
    Ordered Transcripts: 2/6 (2nd bar on WMR too)
    DDD: 2/10
    DD Pending: 2/9

    H&R Block (DD to PNC SmartAccess Prepaid Visa)
    no offsets
    PA/eastern time zone.

    This year took 19 days.

    Good Luck Everyone! It will be there in the morning!



    Tommy Harris. You can check republictaxpayers.com
    Put your info in and it should tell you if you’ve paid them and if there’ s $$ coming to you.
    Looking good for tomorrow, as mine’s already there :)



    I just got my direct deposit, filed with hrblock, fees taken out and beenw aiting since 1/21 with a,DDD of 2/10. I have a netspend card and MST5:25. You will get your deposits soon every one!! FINALLY!!!!



    Dose anyone bank with BOA? DD 02/10/16 – I called them and they told me , no pending deposit and that it may not be available to me until the 15th



    Used taxact and still nothing I think they use republic bank. How do I see if they have my funds?



    I’m est.


    TN efile.com

    I filed 1/30, accepted on 1/30, IRS approved 2/6 with DDD of 2/10. I chose to have my fees taken out through Eps Financial. Eps is showing that they have received my refund and that the Disbursement status is Processing. Has anybody else had this?



    netspend texas!! money is there!!
    ddd 2/10/2016



    What time zone are y’all in that getting it with netspend



    My money was released this mornin but I still don’t see anything filed in Texas central time so maybe it’s going by time zone?!? Not worried just noticing a trend… Last name starts with h… Not sure if has to do with anything…



    Netspend card, in eastern time zone, sbbt took fees early this morning, still no refund :( ugh



    im in central and i have to worrie my daughter only has two bottles left of formula and im freaking i always have extra ugh. thank you



    Central. Try not to worry, it’s coming!



    what time zone are all of you that are getting your refunds on your netspend cards i havent recieved anything



    I had my fees taken out w/ SBBT & I just had my refund deposited onto my Netspend acct.!



    I just got my deposit in my usaa account! Good luck everyone!



    I’m in ks been sweating my return but just checked my account and its there and will be available tomo morning like it said hope everyone else is getting the good news too




    Yes, sbbt updated this morning for me. I put all my details on the 2/10 early deposits thread!



    Does anyone know if the IRS send funds directly to H&R Block? DDD is 2/10



    alexis what time zone you in?



    @Nichole that’s awesome! Did you have fees taken out with Sbtpg?



    Ddd 2/10
    Just had mine deposited from republic bank to netspend! Thank god! I can breathe now!



    My Federal refund just posted to my bank account a few minutes ago! I bank with Sefcu and they do their second round of deposits/debits between 3-4pm. I didn’t expect to see it until tomorrow!!!

    Good luck all…and keep checking your accounts.



    @monica, LahLah from another feed posted that she just got off the phone with sbtpg and they said that they will release the funds to our accounts at 3pm Pacific (5 Central). I spoke with Netspend and they told me that deposits are made available within an hour of getting them. So I honestly expect Netspend holders (central) to receive their refunds in the 5-6 o’clock hours.



    Filed 1/12
    Accepted 1/14
    Approved for DDD 2/10
    Sbtg said that they released my money but nothing from netspend….nothing pending


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    Funny I just spoke with sbbt an everything is find everyone’s money is in route an those that don’t pend such as prepaid accounts should see there’s before midnight an tomorrow an other bank accounts will start pendin soon!!

    Discouraging ppl isn’t really a nice thing an ur screen name says it all, immaturity has became u lol????

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