DD 2/12 post when recieved please

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    Just wondering if I will recieve my money before 2/12. paid upfront hoping my bank does not hold til the 12th (Great Western Bank)

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    Okay Officially got my refund,

    Filed 1/29 with HRBlock Deluxe Software + State (using free code in december)
    Accepted 1/30
    Approved 2/7 WMR DDD 2/12/2014
    2/10 My Bank emailed me to say I have a pending deposit, 2/12 my refund was deposited.
    currently if I check WMR it stills shows 2 bars with the 3rd bar (PAID) is still grey

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    got my ddd of 2-12 at 12:01 at PNC no fees filed with tt freedom edition thru the irs which was free for fed and state took awhile but irs had many glitches will be using the same tt version next year too

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    My money is in SBBT now also. Should get it by in the morning. I think next year I will pay my fees up front.

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    My $ has been sent from Sbbt. Waiting patiently until 2:00 to check my account. And by patiently I mean pasing back and forth crazily! Last year my money hit my Netspend card the day before, which happened to be 2/12, at 5:00pm. Weird dates are the same as last year! Ill let y’all know when I hear sumtin……..

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    Filed with TurboTax 1/30
    Accepted 1/31
    1 Bar and topic 152 until last nights update.
    Wasn’t able to order transcripts electronically only by mail.
    No money in my SBBT account yet. Nothing in my credit union either. If it posts to SBBT this weekend I might get it monday in my credit union. They only post deposits at about 9 am M-F.

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    My sister also had a direct deposit date for today and her money was there this morning.

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    I had a 2/12 DD. Was in my bank this morning. Good luck to all.

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    Got My money today!!!

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    still nothing showing in my bank, hope they are just holding it til irs date. paid fees up front

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    I use Woodforest Bank. They saw mine pending yesterday and it posted at about 8 this morning.

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    ALERT ALERT….2/12 ddd sbbt has my money!!!! I told you guys!!! woot…think we could see it in a few hours???? come on netspend!!!!

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    me too will keep you posted…sbbt open till 3est and 12pm pct…..we could see pending tonight!!! hope to sooooo bad 2/12s got cash yesterday….woot least we have dates and waiting on SS only not the damn irs f**ers

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    Hoping for Monday!!!

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    filed 28
    resequenced to 2/4…got ddd on 2/7 for dd on 2/12…USED TT AND MEANS WILL BE TO SBBT FIRST YOU CAN CHECK ALL YOUR INFO ON THERE WEBSITE INCLUDING PENDING TRANSACTIONS…hopin it comes early too!!! will let you guys know…email if need [email protected]….and here are sbbt hours..OPEN ON SUNDAYS WOOT!!! HERE ARE THERE HOURS
    Hours of Operation for Consumer Tax Filers (Self Prepared Online)
    Peak Season – Mid January to End of February 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, Pacific, M-F
    7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Pacific, Sat
    8:00 am to 12:00 pm, Pacific, Sun
    Off Peak Season – March to Mid April 6:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific, M-F
    7:00 am to 12:00 pm, Pacific, Sat
    Off Season – Mid April to Mid January 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Pacific, M-F
    also there website to check your account….https://cisc.sbtpg.com
    good luck to all keep us posted

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    The offset line NEVER said I had any debt and they still offset my refund. Crazy thing is, I ALREADY PAID THEM! I checked WMR today and have a ddd of 2/13 with a lowered refund amount and this is the first I’ve heard that they were going to offset. No letter, no debts found — even as of TODAY — on the offset hotline.


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    2/12 DD TT/Netspend hoping to atleast see it show up in SBBT soon!

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    Offset line is now giving me amount that has been deducted. Yesterday it just said you may have an offset. I would assume my money will be here soon!

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