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    Just wanted to create somewhere for those of us with 2/12 DD’s to be able to post if you get your refund early just to give hope to the rest of us. Thanks so much to those of you who come and update us with your progress. Hope to hear from you guys soon, (like midnight LOL).

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    I see a trace number now. Didn’t have one an hour ago. Hope that’s a good sign!!!!

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    thanks cnizzle :)
    Going to manhattan to meet my girlfriend, subway from my apartment takes an hour, so hopefully when I get there I’ll be able to take her to dinner.

    Thanks for all the support guys! I wont be able to post at 5pm but when I get home tonight hopefully Ill have good news for you guys

    Good luck!

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    1 hr and 15 min Danny

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    I have no updates on IRS Wheres my refund page other than “Approved” with a DDD of 2/12 but according to republic banks webpage they have received the deposit, taken their fees and forwarded it on to my bank, BB&T. Nothing is showing as pending on that account but they do their processing nightly and the time stamp on republics website was 4:52 AM so I’m thinking it’ll be showing up tomorrow morning hopefully.

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    Still nothing for me. I use green dot and they have nothing pending. A few people I know with 2/12 DDD have received theirs today.

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    anybody with SBBT you will NOT see your funds until tommorow. I wouldnt even expect them to come through today. Next time pay your fees upfront and quit using them shady companies.

    SBBT is the middle man so your refund take slonger

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    So happy that there is light at the end of the tunnel… sbbt website states that my refund has been sent to emerald card but it hasn’t posted yet, so i’m expecting to see it tomorrow morning. Thank God!!

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    what is sbbt? i did mine online hrblock and went to the sbbt site which had nothing for my refund at all it didnt even show i had did them, so i called hr block’s bank, which i didnt know they have one and they said they have it and are taking the fees and should be sent to my usaa tom morning.

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    Woo hoo!! I have a trace number! Hoping USAA works their early release majic :)

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    Still nothing in my netspend account…

    How long from the trace number to netspend post? I have read that the trace number means it was sent and that netspend updates instantly so why isnt it there yet??

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    Still nothing for me in my usaa at 2 cst

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    I just checked SBBT again and I still don’t have a trace number. I can’t remember if I ever got one in the years past because some years I pay up front and some years I don’t. I’m hoping it shows up while we are all sleeping tonight.

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    Just got a trace number too! Hopefully any second now!

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    SBBT just issued me a trace (tracking) number at noon pacific time, still nothing in my USAA account but fingers crossed!!

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    Is it true that SBBT is LYING to us about the fact that they disbursed our money already? So they can get a whole days worth of interest on a huge lump sum??

    If thats true Im furious. If not then I look stupid in my email to SBBT :)

    I just heard that some people are getting tracking numbers from SBBT within the past 30 mins. Still nothing for me but Im assuming that when my tracking number posts Netspend will have my money.

    Keep posting guys!

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    anyone with chase for 2/12? I still dont see any update but last year was 2 days early

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    DDD: 2/14 Bank: USAA Filed with H&R Block, but paid prep. fees up front. I like many of you expected to wake up this morning to a nice refund in my account. Called my bank, no help………. Called H&R Block, no help……….. Called the IRS, no help and was scolded for calling before the No Later Than Date of 2/17……. My experience with situations like this tells me, if it seems to be taking longer than usual, it usually means something has messed up. I hope everyone on here gets their refund later today or overnight, but even those of us that tried to avoid third party hang ups, are still waiting.

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    tllove 34

    I have bofa and is waiting to ddd 2/12/14

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    @dimples1 I’m just waiting for it to hit my NetSpend card it’s already been transferred I got a text message this morning from republic bank. Its5 just taking all day when there is the ice storm coming to Atlanta and I really want to go to the grocery store

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    Did u pay up front 8213 fees hsp?

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    Got refund this morning. Filed 01/31, ddd 02/12, used turbo tax and bank with USAA.

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    Mike Tebow

    Next year pre pay your taxes and get them days faster and much cheaper. Put piece of crap companies like SBBT out of business! They are liars!

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    Mike Tebow

    We’d all be getting paid right now but SBBT is illegally holding our cash and has been doing this for years. They even lie and state on your account that the refund has been sent to your bank but sadly they can not provide a tracking number so just sit and wait while they collect cash on your interest. topclassactions.com is a website that sues piece of trash companies like Netspend and SBBT for illegal practices. Check them out and watch out for a lawsuit against these companies coming soon!!!

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    im curious i am also a 2/12er and i filed with h and r block in the office and my refund suppose to be deposited to my emerald card. Is H and R block filers having to go through sbbt first because when i went on the website it isnt showing any info for me.

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    I got through EPS financial and Sunday night they had no info on me then I checked Monday morningand it said I had funds waiting that will be released on wed feb12th. I asked if they had the money already they told me no but they rrcieved an email from the irs that it will be there on the 12th….

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    My girlfriend has the same ddd. How about BOA, any word?

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    Hope all of us 2/12’s have our money by this time tomorrow!!!!

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    Any body with d d d 2-12-14 have it put on a h&r emerald card recieved refund yet?

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    It was 5pm est, was in cuffs by 5:30!! Lol

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    @cnizzle Thank you! I haven’t been able to get a definitive answer. Is that 5pm EST? I’m very excited to pay all my bills and get my girlfriend a dress for valentines day :)

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    Just got off the phone with HR Block Bank and my money is sitting there just waiting for someone to take out the fees!!!she said they process them from 8am to 2pm to release to emerald card and ill have mine either tonight or definately tomorrow!

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    @LovelyladyLeo go on republic bank.com website and check to see if they received it from the irs. On wmr mine only has 2 bars but RB already sent.it to my account. I’m a 2/12er

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    Danny…….I know u have it around 5:00. I know the time for sure cause I got pulled over while checking my account and have my ticket in front of me now! SBBT transferred technically yesterday, because it was before open of business today. And it takes 1 business day to go into that specific account. Trust me I called Netspend about 10 times last year!

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    No netspend yet for me, SBBT says mine is being sent today too

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    Still nothing in my netspend. Anyone get netspend deposit yet? SBBT says it sent it

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    I was given the deposit date of 2/12 it’s 12:47est time and still no money. Did anyone recievce DD to banking account?

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    i pulled my transcripts and theyre all good and i got accepted on the 3rd and approved on the 7th with a ddd of the 12th! and last year had my refund 36 hrs after irs started accepting!Still no refund!!!!!

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    I was just told by Wells that there is no transfer showing from SBBT and that even if they sent it this morning, it may take 1-3 business days! I sure hope not!

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    My DDD is 2/12 and I bank with USAA, SBBT shows my refund was rcvd, fees were taken out, and the money was sent to my acct 2/11 but I still have nothing pending. USAA deposits payroll checks a day early so I was hoping it would be deposited today but nothing yet…

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    @slickrick.. Trust me I won’t anymore.. I’ve had nothing but great things to say about hrb for the last few years, but pretty much I’m done with them for good.. I’m in the army too, I’m making sure ALL AND EVERYONE I KNOW does not deal with them any further!!

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    Anyone out there have citizens?

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    So Wells Fargo, who usually deposits early, says they have no pending deposits. Sbbt says they sent 2/11/14. Last year, using Netspend, it came in the evening so I’m sure well all see something after 2:00……

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    @[email protected]

    its called stop using hr block. i dont see why people even use them when certified cpa is cheaper

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    I see thru sbbt that they sent to usaa but nothig is available yet!!! Maybe soon!!!

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    Republic bank has received my refund and removed their fees, but chemical bank is not seeing a pending. They then told me that their bank only pulls deposits at night and the following day they are made available. So that means that I wont even get it at midnight I will have to actually wait until the bank opens tomorrow and processes it before it is available to me. But its coming. YAAAAAAAYYY!!!

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    Update: SBBT shows my refund was disbursed to my bank acct today 2/11. Called USAA this morning to check for pending deposits. She said she didn’t see it as of now, but to check back around 2. She said they usually disburse deposits twice a day, at midnight and at 2 p.m. Hopefully we’ll see something soon!

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    I am with usaa dd of 2-12 and nothing this morning!!!! This sucks usaa usually is a day early.

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    Awesome…mine is on SBBT also.

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    Filed with TT. Ddd 2/12. Shows on sbbt now but still waiting on actual deposit into my account. Hoping it posts after midnight.

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    I’m with you Sherri. Problem is, talking on a large company like h&r block.. We can’t even get our returned that we paid extra for earlier, let alone have anything good come outbid a lawsuit.. We will all get our money, then only difference is that h&r block will have lost a WHOLE BUNCH of customers this year, and hopefully take a massive hit next year.. I’m steering everyone I know away from that company now!!!

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    @bamagirl Top left of this page click Republic Bank

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    I have emerald card and dd 2/12 and nothing yet. I’m so upset with hr block. I paid extra for what is called a arc. Refund anticipation check. I was told that meant when the IRS accepted my return I would get my refund deposited to my emerald card. Not true. The rac is so I didn’t have to pay for my filing fees out of pocket that hr block would take them out of my refund. My thing is why is it called a refund anticipation check? And why would anyone want to pay extra to pay hr block. I could have paid for my filing fees if I had known that’s what it was. But I was mislead and I’m very upset. If this happened to anyone eles email me. [email protected]. I’m planning on trying to get a class action lawsuit against hr block if enough people where told the same thing. The prepares shouldn’t be allowed to lie like that. I mean basically they are working for the government. If I lied on my return I would be in jail they lie and nothing happens. We should all get that rac fee back and further more I’m pushing for refund of filing fees because I was lied to.

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    What is sbbt?? I have the emerald card so do I even need to bother learning about sbbt??

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    How do i check to see if republic bank has my refund?

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    Sbbt finally updated and they have my refund. :) Will they send it to my bank today since my ddd is Feb 2/12?

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    Sbbt updated for me. ACH direct deposit to go out the next business day. Disbursement date: 02/11/2014

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    My funds are at sbbt this morning wit a disbursemrnt of 02/11/2014 but no funds in my acct which is woodforest also i called sbbt number and its a diffrent message that say disbursement on 02/12/2014 i called my bank and now pending deposits so i guess sbbt just holding ppl money..smh my bank do early deposits si i kno they are

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    02/12 here. Republic Bank processed mine this morning (11th), I am just waiting for it to hit my bank (Netspend)

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    Have a ddd of 2/12/2014 with 5/3 bank still no deposit yet :(

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    Sorry SBBT funds

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    I have a shit update of funds received and sent to bank but nothing at Wells yet. Keep y’all posted

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    Money in Santa Barbara bank, now waiting on my bank, not showing anything yet. Hopefully Regions will post it sometime today

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    Nope.. Dd 2/12 with emerald card and nothing!!!!! H&r block did a horrible job this year. I have used them for the last 7 years and no longer going to continue with them. Hopefully it will hit the emeralds later but I doubt it.

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    Jut checked SBBT again and everything is there! Woo hoo! Hopefully in the bank tomorrow.

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    Nothing on SBBT or my bank this morning. I have fees coming out, hoping this doesn’t cause too much of a delay. It never has in the past. Fingers crossed that we all start seeing updates today.

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    Jamie Hamilton

    DDD of 2/12 with emerald card from HRB and still no money. Called and they said there is no holding period for the emerald card but no money has been sent by the IRS. Everyone else seems to be getting theirs through there bank…anyone with an emerald card got theirs?

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    Haha keep ur chin up rick. It will come.. It’s probably at bank on hold cause usaa doesn’t hold deposits. Try calling and see if they can release it for you. Just be polite and you’d be surprised what bankers will do for you

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    2/12 USAA girlfriend Refund Received

    2/12 Capital One Bank ME/ Still Nothing Refund/ NOT Received :(

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    Again, USAA bank with 2/12 DDD recieved return this morning at 0620. Let me know how you guys made out!

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    Can those of you who got your refund and used turbo tax check and see if the sbbt website ever updated for your account?

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    I got my deposit. Hopefully everyone else will get theirs from the banks today also. Good luck.

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    Just got mine!!!

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    All 2/12/14 check your card the wmr site has me still on two bars , but my money is on my card . Came on this morning . So that wmr haven’t even updated .

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    I have a direct deposit date of 2/12 too and the sbbt website still doesn’t have. any info and it’s after 6 am here.Getting worried. Should I be?

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    Mrs Mendez let me know if you get urs today, I’m in the same boat as you

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    No!! I’m praying it comes in today. DDD 12/12 with usaa.. I hate sitting here waiting on the cash. So frustrating

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    Katrina Dyer

    Any one get there’s yet??

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    DDD 2/12 nothing on SBBT as of yet. Looks like its going to be a 2/12 + DD. Guess its luck of the draw for the early DD. :)

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    DDD 2/12, bank with USAA. Used Taxslayer for free. Anybody with USAA get deposits yet? Wondering if it is going to be a day early like with military pay.. I will give details when nine hits if you can do the same!

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    Well I hope I get mine 1 day early also Slickrick..

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    usaa somebody got one day early for a 2/11 dd

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    i don’t know

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    I have a DD of 12 Feb and bank with USAA. So far I haven’t received anything. Its 1:02am CST so I’m hoping by 6-7am it’ll be in there. USAA usually deposits checks 1 day early.

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    2/12 here..use my vanilla prepaid….nothing yet : (

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    USAA still have not updated yet. i still have pending transactions from yesterday and the weekend

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    Nothing here yet. TurboTax efile with netspend DD. Hoping that I’ll wake up in 8 hours and at least see that SBBT has it.

    Keep updating guys, I’m checking this page more than anything!


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    Anything yet anybody?

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    o yea I see that now , now i want to see my money lol

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    @SlickRick.. i think i found another way..when u come to this page it says, “This topic contains 118 replies, has 14 voices, and was last updated by, whoever and it will have a time on there that u can click on to go to the second page or 3rd or 4th when it gets that far..this might help, however, i dunno’ : )

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    thanks..will give it a try : )

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    @JG.Wentworth Me too. What i did is go to the main part of thread then scroll down and search for thread and click on page 2

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    Anyone have any luck yet? or any new info on sbbt?

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    Anybody with bank of america?

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    I am so impatiently waiting… Hurry up and post for us 2/12’ers… I gotta pay some bills!!

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    i can only view 100 posts..there are 112 and there is no way to c the rest! any1 else have this problem?

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    @kim What is wrong with the people who were approved on the 7th? My sisters was approved on 7th with a 12th dd and she got her refund netspend premier card today

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    @marrissa Yea that does make sense, actually some of my transactions over the weekend just settle within past 30 min and USAA does their big update at around 4-5am cst

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    i got approved 2-05 and have a ddd of the 12th so wasnt only ppl who were approved the7th ,,, im tired of waiting been long enough i filed janruary 22nd

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    any updates?

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    I can confirm what @SlickRick says, my bank has the funds pending but cannot release until the 12th. I am sure that is the case for most people

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    Just received email..funds sent to bank.i have DDD 2/12

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    THATS great I hope its there cause if urs is pending then that means everyone else will have theirs tomorrow **fingers crossed***

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    Thanks! We just called again and usaa said they haven’t even updated their systems since Friday night. They’ll do it again tonight so she said there’s a good possibility that it will be there :)

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    Any updates NOT shown on SBBT and u received your $?

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    I used Netspend last year and hot my $ the evening before at like 5:00. I am using my Wells this year and am hoping that it’s the same story. 2/12er filed 1/30 accepted 2/2.

    I’m curious to see if there are any early deposits as of 5:00 today??

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    Called my bank (first national bank texas) and my dep is pending supposedly until 2/12 which is odd because they generally post earlier, but I can go with that:)

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    [email protected] IRS already sent it. The reps will lie to you for the 20th time, they are only low level reps. They go off what WMR says. WMR says 12th so a rep will say 12th

    Your bank probably have it but they didnt process it. Most reps cant see that deep in the system

    By law they including your employer have to send dd 48 hours in advance to allow time for processing

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    my cousin got her approval on 2/7 (after 9pm PST)

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    2/12er, talked to Republic and they havent even received my refund yet. My bars updated friday night. I also talked to IRS and the lady told me that it hadnt been sent yet and they will send it on wednesday. I have fees being taken out so I know my bank account probably wont release it to me until after the 12th. I dont care when it comes I just want the IRS to release it so I know for sure that it is on its way. I’ll update u guys if there are any changes. TTYL

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    @marissa My girlfriend has USAA as well and she do not have any pending deposits. She was approved 2/07 2/12 dd date

    Usually USAA is day before deposit so I think we will see it tommorow. They update around5:30 cst my way and another in the evening

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    I say we will all get it tomorrow. My friend recived hers on the 6th. which at the time there was a delay and sbbt said that ppl would receive theirs on the 7th but sbbt sent out the deposit and netspend had it on her card at 4pm. so im guess (hoping) we will receive netspend deposits by 4pm tomorrow 1 day early

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    What was the approval date for your cousin

    #20072 Reply


    I also have a DDD of 2/12 and bank with USAA. Hubby called them around 9:30 this morning and the rep said there was no pending deposit at that time. Kind of surprised because USAA always deposits a day early. I’m hoping we’ll get our refund tomorrow because we’re moving but I don’t know how likely that will be since they told us this a.m. they didn’t see a pending deposit :-/ Keep us updated USSA-ers!

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    Last year I was lucky enough to rec’v my refund 2 days b4 my DDD. So now I am going to quit checking, and watching comments just like I did last year and it will come early. Good luck to you all, I will be back when I get my DD.

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    Matt Arnold

    I always hope, but it’s probably not going in until the night of the 11th .

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    My ddd is the 12th I am having the fees taken out I filed with turbo tax. I have checked and SBBT has NOT received my refund yet, so I say I will get it tomorrow.. Congrats to all those that have already received theirs

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    anybody have any luck yet? my cousin had a 2/12 DDD and just got hers, via emerald card (HRB)

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    I have a DDD of 2/12 going directly into my credit union account, at 6am I got an email from my CU saying that they have a pending deposit. They never put money in my account early though, so they wont put it in my account until 7:30am wednesday, but I can tell its actually coming

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    There was one night they gave out the DDD of 2/12.

    #20057 Reply


    like i said, the only ppl who were 2/12 that already got a dd were approved on the 7th.. and yes they do approve on the weekends as i was saturday as were many many others : )

    #20056 Reply


    You can call HRB 866-353-1266 to see if they see your refund received. I did this morning and they haven’t rec’d it yet

    #20054 Reply


    What about the ppl who got approved 2/6 with a DDD of 2/12, they are also still waiting, so i dont think the approval date has anything to do with it, I think there is no rhyme or reason as to how the IRS sends out returns except they do it in batches. I believe some of will get today, tomorrow and on the 12th, hopefully everything will go smoothly and we wont have to wait longer that Wednesday.

    #20053 Reply


    ^ They dont approved on the 8th, that was the weekend

    #20052 Reply

    Tiger girl

    I filed HRB and have fees coming out. Can we check online somewhere to see if those have been paid yet?

    #20051 Reply


    im sure not every1 did get it early, but all the 2/12 ppl i did c get it early were approved on the 7th..none approved on the 8th.

    #20049 Reply


    Republic Bank has four “windows” or transmission times: 6:00 AM, Noon, 4:00 PM, and 7:30 PM. (Eastern Time)

    #20046 Reply


    I’m a 2/12er getting my refund on my HRB emerald card. Last year got it 2 days earlier that the DDD, i called hrb bank today, not to see if they saw anything pending but because there online banking was not working but the rep was able to see that there nothing was pending to be released into my account at this time. If you are using the emerald card and having HRB fees taken out of your refund it will happen immediately and have your money at the speed of lighting after they have taken out their fees.

    #20045 Reply


    @JG i was approved on the 6th with a 2/12

    #20042 Reply


    I was approved on 2/6 with ddd 2/12

    #20039 Reply


    I agree @JG.Wentworth

    #20034 Reply


    I was approved on 2/7 but had my fees taken out my return so that may make a difference.

    #20028 Reply


    Has anyone with Republic Bank with a DDD of 12 had any change so far today? I haven’t, maybe it will update later today. Republic bank is on the East Coast. so hoping it will happen before 5pm.

    #20027 Reply


    I think the ppl with 2/12 that got theirs early, were the ones that got approved on friday 7th. i was approved 8th for 2/12 and nothin’ yet .

    #20021 Reply


    I just read on another site that SBBT gets 2 batches a day from the IRS, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, (which is evening for us east coasters). I do not know how true that is, but it does make sense as some 2/12ers have seen their refunds on the SBBT site and some have not. I am one who has not.

    #20020 Reply


    Just checked SBBT again and nothing yet. Hoping it updates tonight and we will have some info tomorrow to ease our anxiety. I bank with Suntrust, anyone else?

    #20018 Reply


    HRB fees taken out then NFCU. Anyone else? I do not see a pending dep.

    #20015 Reply


    Hello fellow 2/12ers, I too just checked the sbbt website and it states that the irs has not yet sent funds so im just anxiously waiting. In past years I have never received a dd early always on the exact date. So i’m not expecting anything until Wednesday morning but it would be nice to receive it before then. I’ll continue to check

    #20010 Reply


    i wish we would know exactly when the irs will send out deposits to sbbt ( for those of us that it will go there first). i know last year i received dd two days earlier and that was going through sbbt. sbbt is showing they haven’t received it yet. i am not expecting anything until the morning, if then.

    #20009 Reply


    prepaid cards like netspend do not hold like a B&M bank does….they like to collect interest as long as they can.

    #20008 Reply


    I talked to my bank they have it….but will not post it until 2/12….

    #20007 Reply


    I am a 2/12 as well and have seen nothing through SBBT or my USAA account. Like others have said, USAA deposits a day in advance so I’m hoping for a nice alert in the morning! I’ve seen so many negative comments about refunds that go through SBBT first and not showing up on the DDD, but hoping that has been fixed. Does anyone know someone who went through SBBT and received a successful deposit early or even the day of?

    #20004 Reply


    @mommy your 2012 transcripts will show it

    #20002 Reply


    Is there any way to check what my irs ddd was from last year so I can see.if I got.it earlier?

    #20001 Reply


    I think banks release money early to people who have good history and some money already in the bank

    #20000 Reply


    I checked last years return on sbbt site. Was deposited to them on the ddd, 2/12/13 sent to my bank 2/13/13 so I just can’t remember what my irs did was from last year. Not.sure if.I can check that but I do believe.it was Friday 2/15/13

    #19999 Reply


    @sean usually it will show in your transactions

    #19998 Reply


    Anyone know how to check pending deposits or reach WF to ask?

    I have a 2/12 DDD and havent received any notice yet

    #19996 Reply


    ddd 2/12….. tt going through sbbt….. sbbt is not showing that the irs sent it yet.

    #19994 Reply


    This is depressing

    #19988 Reply


    Just checked and still nothing…netspend California

    #19987 Reply


    ^ Danny the bank has it for sure especially if netspend users and some other users are getting their deposits, sometimes the customer rep wont be able to see it because they are lowlevel reps and dont have access that deep

    Captialone 360 I got nothing’
    USAA nothing

    Im using a prepaid netspend next year. Freak banks!

    #19983 Reply


    still waiting here .. mine is going through SBBT then to netspend

    #19978 Reply


    2/12er here no dd yet. It says the bank doesnt even have it yet, let alone me having it. I’m guessing tomorrow at midnight we’ll be getting deposits guys. Keep updating if you get it b4 then!

    #19974 Reply


    I am also a 2/12er. Filed with TT and am having fees taken out. Nothing in my account so far. I am in PA and bank with a local credit union. I will follow up when I do get my dd.

    #19971 Reply


    Nothing this morning. It could still come in over the day, but I’m not going to get overly excited, because even if it does hit early, most likely we’ll be iced in… :/ so 2/12 is just fine for me I suppose…

    #19969 Reply


    USAA as of 740am cst no find for 2/12 DDD

    #19965 Reply


    I have a ddd of 2/12 and bank with Suntrust. Nothing yet and nothing on SBBT either. I will keep checking throughout the day.

    #19963 Reply


    I have a ddd of 2/12 and bank with pnc as of 7:45 am on mon nothing yet no fees or anything just a straight deposit,how hard is that lol

    #19961 Reply


    I’m a 2/12, Republic Bank, nothing yet!
    Question though, does anyone know if the WMR has said refund sent to everyone who DID already get their DD? I know it has had issues updating, but just want to know if anyone knows. I’m thinking last year that mine never showed it had been sent.

    #19958 Reply


    I have a local bank and nothing so far….last year it was sitting there 2 days early but my bank won’t put it in until the 12th….they hold it as long as they can…..jerks.

    #19956 Reply


    2/12, and nothing yet… But it could very well come rolling in at 8am, so I’m checking again then. I bank with NCSECU…

    #19955 Reply


    2/12.. use my vanilla debit card..nothing yet

    #19953 Reply


    DDD 2/12 No change as of this morning. I have Republic Bank/Tax Act, still 2 bars.

    #19951 Reply


    DDD of 2/12/14 in NC, nothing yet in my accounts. SBTPGs magic number is 8am to 8pm

    #19948 Reply


    I have a ddd of 2/12 and bank with usaa. have not gotten a deposit yet. last year I got it a day early and it was around 730 CST that morning, so I am hoping it comes in around that time today or tomorrow since usaa does early deposits.

    #19946 Reply


    Nothing yet with my bank 2/12

    #19945 Reply


    Checking my bank soon 2/12

    #19944 Reply


    DDD of 2/12. I received my refund last night 02/09 at 10:22pm. I bank with netspend.

    #19943 Reply


    Anyone with good news?!?!

    #19939 Reply


    You log into their website.

    What are TPG hours during tax season?

    Peak Season – Mid January to End of February 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, Pacific, Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Pacific, Saturday Off Peak Season – March to Mid-April 6:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific, Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 12:00 pm, Pacific, Saturday

    So for me, being in EST, it would be 8am when they open.

    #19934 Reply


    2/12 , paypal prepaid card (which I’m pretty sure is considered a bancorp/netspend card as well) will update when i get any good news!

    #19933 Reply


    How do u check with sbbt?

    #19930 Reply


    2/12er netspend with fees deducted….nothing yet

    #19929 Reply


    I saw it on FB. Gonna have to wait until SBBT opens their doors to see :) Good luck everyone. Don’t lose too much sleep :) WIll post as soon as I see that beautiful transaction!

    #19917 Reply


    On facebook people are posting pic proof of checking account that shows IRS deposit

    #19916 Reply


    IKR, they could be on bs though cuz alot of them were anonymous and I dont trust noone anonymous. I been on this site for 4 years and its terrible how people do just to get reactions out of people.

    #19913 Reply


    Main page, about 4 people said they already got posted on netspend. They must be the lucky four. I have wells fargo with fees thru SBTPG, My brother and sister both are 2/12ers with netspend and dont have a single thing pending yet. I dont to much stock into what random people post on the main page.

    #19910 Reply


    Who said netspenders were getting deposits

    #19908 Reply


    Charlotte, Nc! NC is really weird with deposits, it can literally be anytime or day. I find it odd so many 2/12ers with Netspend getting deposits on Sunday evening. Metabank is out of California and does ach sweeps at 4am western time, not at 9pm.

    #19903 Reply


    I dont think anyone got their money now

    #19900 Reply


    there’s hope, I saw a few posts saying 2/12ers got their money tonight.

    #19899 Reply


    Hey y’all I am a 2/12er and bank with wellsfargo hoping early!! Do any of y’all know if any of the people that got there’s early had the fees take out of there refund? Also anyone from nc know when nc is do ddd?

    #19894 Reply


    SBTPG which process fees for Turbo Tax, post all deposits between 8am thru 8pm depending on processing speeds. IRS releases all deposits 48 hours before due date, so that the banks have time to process, deduct or transfer. Most 2/12ers that paid fees upfront will see deposits pending in the morning depending on there particular banks protocols. Every year seems to be much of the same, I never expect a refund before 14 days from accepted. Good night and good luck in the morning.

    #19883 Reply


    By the morning we should all know

    #19879 Reply


    DDD of 2/12. Netspend, SBBT will take fees. I read that SBBT updates overnight, and not in real time. Hoping for an early deposit. Will let you guys know as soon as it hits the card :)

    #19877 Reply

    AJ D’Alessandro

    2-12-14 ddd and bank at Fifth Third Bank. Need the money like next breath! Can any one else give experience with 2-12-24 ddd ?

    #19876 Reply


    we have wells fargo what are the chances we will get it early

    #19875 Reply


    jerrycurl is pulling your leg. He just filed on 2/6 with no wmr update.

    #19873 Reply


    Jerrycurl said he had a ddd of 2/12 and got it tonight my mom had a 2/10 ddd and got hers 2/7 i am hoping for tomorrow as well i filed with liberty

    #19872 Reply


    My DDD is 2/12 too, and I bank with NCSECU… I’m crossing my fingers that we will get ours early… It would be such a blessing to get it tomorrow…

    #19868 Reply


    I just saw a post that someone received theirs tonight.

    #19864 Reply


    my ddd is the 12th bank with navy fed

    #19860 Reply


    I hope we get ours tommorow. But USAA do deposits a day in advance

    #19859 Reply


    @Twerk_Her Sorry 2/12

    #19858 Reply


    Anyone with BOA?

    #19857 Reply


    2/10 or 2/12?

    #19856 Reply


    @Twerk_Her Thanks I do also, 2/10 and USAA here I will update as soon as I get info.

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