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    Just wanted to create somewhere for those of us with 2/12 DD’s to be able to post if you get your refund early just to give hope to the rest of us. Thanks so much to those of you who come and update us with your progress. Hope to hear from you guys soon, (like midnight LOL).

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    Why does everyone say they are 2/12 when the Chart shows the 13th as being the date? on the WMR Website it says “You will receive BY 2/20” does that mean im a “2/19er”

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    2/12 dd i have netspend and today is 2-15 and no refund yet. i have full bars on WMR site said it was sent to my bank on 2-12 but wait until 2-17 to check back. anyone else?

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    I still haven’t received my refund either. WMR says DD 2/12. I filed online and am going through Republic. Received my state return on 2/11. What is going on?!

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    I’m actually in the same boat. DDD 2/12, wmr says sent, but I did not use SBBT. Mine is going straight to a walmart moneycard (that makes me nervous-I should have used regular bank account…don’t trust them!) and customer service said this morning nothing has been sent by IRS yet. I’m super frustrated as all of us are. I wish there was some kind of explanation. I’ve never had a delay like this.

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    It’s not only SBBT. My DDD was 2/12. Woodforest National Bank has no record of it pending. WMR says that it was deposited. Used hrb to file. Will try to get in toouch with someone on Monday.

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    I filed on 2/2 via TurboTax and got a date quickly that I should expect to receive funds on 2/12. Well 2/12 has come and gone and still nothing. Of course I didn’t have the funds upfront so I have the fees being taken out of my refund. I check the irs site WMR and it says that funds were sent 2/12 and if I don’t have by 2/17 I should check back. I checked SBBT (as it seems many of you have) and they have absolutely no info. All it says is that refund has not been received. Seems a bit puzzling. Now this is not the first time I’ve gone this route but trust me it will be my last. I hope the rest of you waiting get your funds soon. I am giving it until Monday before I start calling IRS & SBBT.

    I still don’t understand how some people I know that used TurboTax and had a date of 2/6 acutally received it on 2/7 with no problem. Will keep you all updated.

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    I have a dd of 2/12 the irs website said it was sent to my bank on the 12th talked to hr block bank and they said they they haven’t received no money from irs and I should have my refund no later then the 25th

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    Also, SBBT brought up “the estimated 21 day timeframe to get the money from the IRS”. Leads me to believe that they are holding the money until that 21 days is up (from the time the return was accepted).

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    Wow, it is funny that this appears to only be a problem with people using SBBT. I just spoke to their customer service and they claim that they have not received it and that basically the IRS is lying. Hmmm, so the IRS is only lying to the people who used SBBT? I will NEVER use that service again.

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    WMR says that my deposit was sent on 02/12 but SBBT is saying that they have not received it yet. I want to know what the issue is. Any answers can help.

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    I have a BB&T money accout (prepaidcard) DD 2/12/14 and it has not posted yet…Anybody else with this type os account

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    @ Sharon, incorrect, if you owe federal agencies, it would be taken from your return by the IRS and they will send you a notice in the mail explaining which and what agencies it was. But if you were given a DDD, then that part has already happened (or been deducted if you owed it). The DDD means, we have sent the FINAL BALANCE to your account.
    And obviously SBBT has it in a pile because they have half the workers they needed to make it happen successfully.

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    filed Jan 21st.. Accepted Jan 27th. Processed Feb 8, DDD sent Feb 12. Was showing DDD sent 2/12 on the WMR on 2/10.
    SBBT doesn’t have it yet “IRS hasn’t sent to us yet.” as of today. They told me they update all day long, and to keep checking up until midnight tonight EST. This is obviously a lie, Federal Reserve guarantees a deposit in 48 hours from sending, and IRS sent it 2/12 at the latest.
    SBBT definitely is behind, they probably have recvd way more than they have the staff available for to process. So they are probably waiting somewhere in a pile (not in teh system yet) to be put into the system. That is why they all say “we don’t have it yet” because they actually think they don’t.
    VERY FED UP THIS YEAR THE WORST. I will def file turbotax next year again and pay upfront!! no SBBT! everyone that paid upfront 100% have their funds from 2/12.

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    Today is the 14th, 8:22am CST and still nothing. I was a 2/12er as well. WMR updated around 12:30am on the 13th to show that the deposit was sent to the bank on the 12th. There is no pending deposit and the bank hasn’t seen it. I double checked my direct deposit information on my return to make sure the info was correct and it is. I don’t think I owe any money to any federal agencies, if I do I haven’t been informed of such anyway. The WMR site says to wait until the 17th and then contact your bank but I don’t understand why it would take 5 days from the day they claim to have sent it to when the bank would see it. Are they sending it via carrier pigeon? I guess I’ll keep checking and if it isn’t there Monday the 17th I’ll contact the bank again. After that I don’t know who to contact. The IRS seems like they don’t want to be bothered with inquiries about tax returns. You know if I owed them money and I didn’t pay it by a date they set I would owe late fees and interest. Wonder if I can charge them the same fees? I also wonder if it’s because I’m not a registered democrat and obama is using the IRS against non-liberals again? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Patience is a virtue right? Right?

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    So today is now the 14th, WMR still shows refund sent on 2/12, still no deposit. Now the SBBT says didn’t receive your refund as expected check back in a week from now. I don’t think it is coming. If you owe any Federal agencies it may have been taken as an offset.

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    Hey there. So I filed with turbo tax, the refund was approved and I received a DDD of 2/12/14. (Which was wednesday) The IRS website WMR tool finally changed from accepted to sent (your refund was sent to your bank on 2/12/14) and this was last wednesday night like 10 pm. Now today (Thursday 2/13) I checked my bank online to see if anything was in there. NOTHING. Two questions. There was a state of emergency for today because chris cristie is fat and we got like 3 inches of snow so I’m guessing my horrible bank (Santander aka Sovereign bank) was closed due to the lousy 3-4 inches of snow we got. You think it will be in there tomorrow? One more question. I used to have a checking account with that bank but since I was locked up last year I couldn’t keep up with paying for my car insurance so due to returned item fees, insufficient fund fees, ect., they just closed my checking account but my savings account is still there on the website and has a positive balance. I had my return deposited in my savings account. Will they just take my entire refund due to owing fees from my checking account that I had no control over? If it is not there in the morning I will storm over to the bank and demand to speak with a supervisor or a manager. If anyone has any advice from personal experience I would greatly appreciate it, thanks so much.

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    I bank with Bank of America. DD 2-12, WMR says was sent to bank yesterday. Bank has nothing and doesn’t see anything processing through ach either. Very very frustrating

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    Anyone else out there still waiting for their DDD 2/12 to hit their accounts? WMR shows the refund has been deposited but when I called my credit union, they said that it still hasn’t been sent as of now and they show nothing pending.

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    I’m a 2/12er and the “wheres my refund”says that the IRS sent on 2/12 but it’s not posted on Republics page!?

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    FINALLY! Deposit is pending on my acct. Came sometime between 1:30 pm and 3pm est. CS says funds should be available in the morning. I can live with that. Best of luck guys see you next year.

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    The WMR today shows it was sent yesterday 2/12/14 and SBBT has not gotten the deposit and neither has my bank, so I don’t know.

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    At the very least SBBT should show something received yesterday 2/12 but not yet deposited. geesh

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    I have DD date on the WMR of 2/12, and it is orange all the way through (says refund sent) as of the 11th it was all the way orange saying DD 2/12.
    SBBT does not have it yet. They tell me the IRS hasn’t sent yet. I don’t believe that, in past when it says sent, it was sent. Then the bank would show it pending, then released. The bank shows NOTHING. SBBT shows nothing. They say “waiting on the IRS.” whatever that is BS.
    Its the 13th (past the DD date now), why give a date if its not correct. Why not just give the standard message then, “within 21 days” to everyone. Don’t give a date if its not going to happen. Better have the deposit tomorrow. My bank said they release immediately upon receipt –no waiting like SBBT

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    @BryanG in the same boat as you. Said it was sent to my bank yesterday but nothing in my account, and when talking to CS at my bank, they don’t see a deposit anywhere for me. I read somewhere that some banks require 2 business days to process ACH transactions like our refunds, so I’m hoping that come tomorrow morning I will have some answers. I really don’t want to wait until after the holiday on Monday to get answers. I can deal with waiting for the money, but I at least would like to know where it is.

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    IRS “Where’s My Refund” tracker said sent to bank 2/12 still no sign off it on my banking…Anyone else with the same problem??

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    I had a ddd of today but no deposit…this stinks

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    Well it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I didn’t have fees, but my bank has no sign of my deposit, and I’m not gonna waste my time calling the IRS for them to tell me to call back Monday. Blah. :[

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    Chelsea, yep I haven’t got mine yet either. WMR says sent, but TPG (SBBT) says not yet received. I elected to have my fees deducted from the refund, so that may be causing my delay.

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    Has anyone else still not received their 2/12 deposit? Wanted to ask before I call my bank in a panic.

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    Tina Martin

    I filed mine on 1-27-14 and was accepted on feb 4 then approved on feb 6 with ddd for feb 12 and I bank with national city and I checked wmr this morning nothing but I called my bank yesterday and they told me no pending deposits but on the other hand I got my refund around 12 noon today and the wmr is still saying not sent so just wanted to let everyone know that it came on the day it said

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    Kenyetta Terry

    I bank with PNC and had a did of 2/12/2014, and nothing as of yet. I usually opt for the check but did direct deposit this year. I think I will go back to the check cause I would have had it by now. My brother and his wife filed after me, got the same dd and both got checks today.

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    As per the Where is my refund website the Irs deposited mine on the DD given Feb 10 but I do not have it yet.
    I used my Accountnow prepaid card for DD and it is not even showing as pending.
    This is the first time ever that I did not receive my refund by the date given and I have no idea what’s the holdup.
    I called Accountnow today and they said nothing is pending and that it won’t show up till the Irs releases it.
    I was under the impression if the says it’s been deposited then that means it has been released.
    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    I am in GA, it is now 6:06 pm and still nothing, check back tomorrow. We are in a state of emergency here in GA due to the winter storms and most businesses are closed, I wonder if this has anything to do with the delay in refunds.

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    Still Nothing on this end either. WMR still hadn’t updated (as expected) nothing to the SBBT site. (could be behind as well, unknown). Definitely nothing in my bank :). Probably like last year. Where it gave me a DDD and changed it on the DDD.

    Sometimes things happen. But updating as a 2/12. –Good Luck–

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    Mine showed with Suntrust around 3 am this morning. Still pending but available to use. I have already paid a bunch of debts. Phew, such a relief.

    PS My WMR still shows approved not sent. I don’t think it will update for a few days.

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    i was very upset that mine came so late..started to think something happened and it wouldn’t show up, but it did.. i really hope that everyone else who has a ddd of 2/12 that hasnt got theirs yet, gets it asap..it does take a toll on one’s mind not knowing, especially when you really need that money ! good luck everyone : )

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    have cycle 20140605 and funds haven’t even been sent to SBBT. Anyone know whats going on?

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    i filed on 2/3, accepted on 2/4 and approved on 2/8 with a ddd of 2/12. most of the other 2/12 ppl was receiving their refunds between 12am and 4am..i was one of the later ones i guess, but mine FINALLY came sometime between 6:30am and 1:30pm est. I use a MyVanilla prepaid visa debit card.

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    Frustrated because I have a DD 2/12/14 and STILL nothing in my bmo harris bank acct. as of 1:15pm. WTF I have heard a lot of ppl getting theres early or on that day. I thought direct deposit was meaning as soon as the IRS sends it it automatically hits my acct. That is what the teller advised me that as soon as it was posted to my accct. it would be available. Has anyone else not received there refund for today and do you bank with harris??? THANKS <3

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    Everyone with the Emerald card CALL ON YOUR CARD!!! I just called and it says funds are on the card but on the Where’s my Refund website it is still at 2 bars!

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    I would say that if it isn’t there yet it’s not coming today. It’s 12:50pm where I am now and it isn’t in the bank or on hold at the bank. I can’t check the status on WMR because I’ve apparently hit my limit for the day. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll update again when it’s finally deposited.

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    I have DDD of 2/12/14 and it has not come into my account. It has to go through the bank TurboTax uses to deduct my fees but it has not been sent to them yet either. The WMR still says approved not sent. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Still nothing, 11:30am CST. This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if they didn’t send it to the wrong place. I don’t understand why the WMR website can’t update in real time. They can spend $600 million on a broken healthcare website but can’t spend a few dollars to put real time tracking on the IRS website? Well, more waiting.

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    I received my refund at 3 this morning, I bank with Wells Fargo. WMR still hasn’t been updated to say refund sent. But I’m just happy my refund came on the actually date it was suppose to ! (:

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    I have a 2/12 date on WMR and it’s 10:30am CST and no deposit yet. Checked with the bank and it’s not in a Pending Deposit status. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day, or whenever they get around to it.

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    Okay Officially got my refund,

    Filed 1/29 with HRBlock Deluxe Software + State
    Accepted 1/30
    Approved 2/7 WMR DDD 2/12/2014
    2/10 My Bank emailed me to say I have a pending deposit, 2/12 my refund was deposited.
    currently if I check WMR it stills shows 2 bars with the 3rd bar (PAID) is still grey

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    I have DD with a prepaid Speedy cash card. It says Urban Bank on the back of card. WMR says dd 2/12 but nothing as of 8:45 this morning.

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    Its just ridiculous that I haven’t gotten the card as of today. Will my funds just be transfered over to the new card at the office? Can they actually do that for me?

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    I got mine as of 3:45am. It’s still says approved with only 2 lines. If it was me, I would go to H&R block, ask for a replacement card, and tell them u are not coming back and will tell EVERYONE you know not to use them either! Make sure u are loud! I BET they AT LEAST give u a voucher for free filing next year, if u wanna go thru the same headache next year………

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    I’m still waiting for my emerald card from hrblock. Have a did date of 2/12

    #20511 Reply


    It posted 5 minutes ago. Good luck everyone.

    #20510 Reply


    When I checked irs it was updating around 3 am. It only updates once a day so it may not show sent until tomorrow.

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    IRS said it was suppose to be sent to my bank 2/12 but the tracker just shows approved?

    #20506 Reply


    Woke up to an nice notification on my phone saying my federal deposited! Finally! Filed 1/27 accepted 1/29 refund approved 2/7 deposited 2/12. This has been so crazy. I’ve never waited this long after filing to get my refund! Hopefully next year will be better!

    #20505 Reply


    But IRS.gov doesn’t show sent.

    #20504 Reply


    @stacy B of A got my return about 12:20 am. Hope you did too!

    #20503 Reply


    I was approved on the 7th of Feb with a DDD of 2/12. Nothing as of 7:55 est. :[

    #20501 Reply


    Mine was approved around the 7th of Feb , my DDD is for today the 12th and I still haven’t gotten as if 6:50 am. Anyone else having this problem

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    I have the h and r block emerald card. Just checked and my funds are up there. Yay the wait is over

    #20497 Reply


    I’m starting to get concerned. It was said to be sent.

    #20496 Reply


    Still nothing for me. Getting highly stressed.

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    melissa nieves

    Olivia how did u know the money was on ur emerald card do u get some type, of email or did u just call?

    #20492 Reply

    melissa nieves

    Mikeroy me to I have the emerald card and nothing

    #20491 Reply

    melissa nieves

    7am sorry

    #20489 Reply

    melissa nieves

    Its almost 6am and nothin I live in boston filed with hrblock emerald card wth what time do refunds deposit my set dates today 2-12-14 ??

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    Ddd 2/12 TD bank maine. Mine came between 4-6am

    #20484 Reply


    Still nothing with h&r block emerald card.. Now I’m pissed!!!!

    #20483 Reply


    I just received mine at 3:00am. I filed with hr block and used emerald card. I had a dd of 2/12. Good luck everyone! Happy spending!!

    #20482 Reply


    I received my refund t 1:30 am I bank with chase good luck to all and see you next year.

    #20481 Reply


    i got mine refund

    #20480 Reply


    with suntrust at 3a est time

    #20479 Reply


    i did

    #20477 Reply

    Tina Martin

    Was u using h&r r or….

    #20476 Reply


    So my ddd was 2/12 and sure enough its here, it was deposited at 1:00am. Good luck to everyone else.

    #20475 Reply


    Has anybody gotten their refund that filed with h and r block using the emerald card?

    #20474 Reply


    and IRS site info is way behind!

    #20473 Reply


    I filed with Turbotax Military, no charges for filing. Seems like having fee’s deducted slows some things down :(

    #20472 Reply


    just woke up to check and yup its there it hit account after midnight central time,thank god now i can sleep,maybe!!!dd 2/12

    #20471 Reply


    Still haven’t received refund DDD of 2/12/14

    #20470 Reply

    Tina Martin

    I filed on 1-27-2014 and accepted on 2-4-14 and approved on2-6-14 with ddd of 2-12-2014 ie-filed. With h&r block so I checked wmr around 1230am this morning and still isn’t saying sent I’m gonna check my bank hopefully it’s there today but as if yesterday no pending deposits and I bank with national city

    #20469 Reply


    Anybody with a Suntrust account received thiers

    #20468 Reply


    Oh and we efiled with HRBlock

    #20467 Reply


    My husband has wells fargo. We e filed on 2-1. Got a DDD of 2-12. Its 1:08 am im in phoenix az and still no refund!! Checked the account via wells fargo app and it doesnt show any pending deposita.

    #20466 Reply


    H & R is the most ridiculous tax company ever, I can’t believe I wasted so much money having then do what can do for free plus find deductions they refuse to even get into saves me about $250/yr

    #20465 Reply


    H and r* anybody use h and r not getting there refund?

    #20464 Reply


    I have Wells Fargo and still do not see my deposit that is scheduled for 2/12. I am in central time zone.

    #20463 Reply


    I use h and e block and no refund as of 3am ddd 2/12

    #20462 Reply


    And relax, I have heard of NO ONE who has gotten theirs either late or not at all! Good luck, it’ll be there today……

    #20461 Reply


    Any 2/12ers with SunTrust see any deposits?

    #20460 Reply


    Yaaaayyy I refreshed as u did @Joseph &mine was there too – Bank of America in CA

    #20459 Reply


    If I can help out in any way it’s this……I am a bartender, do and have done my own taxes with TT for the last 10 years or so, I can get so much more from my deductions and my fees come out of my return, not that it ever even hurts, which goes through sbbt and then to my bank. Not only do I get my $ the same time as people who pay this “fast refund deposit” thing, but I can follow the path of my money as it leaves the government. Yes I am an impatient jerk but that’s just me! My return has NEVER come after my ddd. Hope this helps, good nite to all!

    #20458 Reply


    Just wanted to let all 2/12 people got mine at 12am eastern time

    #20457 Reply


    Holy crap, just refreshed my account and it was there. DD of 2/12, website still shows 2 bars. West Coast Bank of America!

    #20455 Reply


    I bank with BOA, and still nothing. :(. BOA is always the last to deposit anyway so im not sweating it. Just hoping it’s today

    #20454 Reply


    Hr block doesn’t go through sbbt

    #20453 Reply


    It will NEVER show as a pending, they just straight deposit it.

    #20452 Reply


    Still waiting -_-
    No signs of anything soon,
    West coast – bank of America

    #20451 Reply


    I’m in B-more. EST. Did u check Sbbt?

    #20450 Reply


    @cnizzle ohhhh just saw eST haha

    #20449 Reply


    @cnizzle what time zone are you in? I’m in central time zone in Florida and my Wells Fargo account isn’t showing any deposits or even pending deposits :[

    #20448 Reply


    Oh yeah, filed through TurboTax and paid for fees upfront as well. Hope all the fellow 2/12ers see their refunds really soon!

    #20447 Reply


    ,and Sbbt sent mine yesterday morning

    #20446 Reply


    Just received my refund. it’s 11:47 PM – West Coast – PST. Bank through Chase. Good luck everyone!

    #20445 Reply


    Eh thanks, ugh come on already

    #20444 Reply


    1/29 filed, 2/2 accepted, 2/12 ddd, Wells Fargo JUST deposited! EST try now rayray

    #20442 Reply


    @rell nope!

    #20441 Reply


    Any one get their deposits yet?

    #20440 Reply


    @stacey…Central actually

    #20437 Reply


    Filed through hr block. Ddd of 2/12, and I bank with Wells Fargo. Still no refund yet. I will post when I get it.

    #20436 Reply


    Yay are u eastern time or Pacific

    #20434 Reply


    Just got my refund

    Capital one 360

    Even though it is all going on back rent :(

    #20432 Reply


    Mine was accepted feb4th with DDD of 2/12 and mine showed up on ny card at 10:30 tonight. I have a Skylight Financial paycard through work. Filed for free on freetaxusa

    #20431 Reply


    Mrs Daley my refund was released a day early but I did the free military version of Turbo Tax so it went straight into my account. I didn’t have to deal with SBBT.

    #20426 Reply


    I bank with usaa and have a dd 2/12/14. Checked sbbt this a.m and it said the fees were taken out and funds forwarded to my bank. It DID say it may take 1-2 days to go from there to the bank :( I called usaa and she didn’t see any pending deposits. I’m hoping it’ll be there tomorrow… I hope we all get our refunds tomorrow!

    **Usaa does release funds a day early on recurring deposits (payroll, military pay) tax refunds are a one-time deposit so they are only going to release them when they’re supposed to.

    More later…

    #20421 Reply


    @Tam I got capital 360 too, keep us updated

    #20420 Reply


    Oh thank you! @MrsMendez30 that gives me a little hope lol

    #20419 Reply


    BTW my WMR status still has not moved to sent..

    #20418 Reply


    UPDATE: Its a little late but…. My DD was 2/12 and received my refund on 2/11 at 7 am through USAA. Hope everyone else got theres too.

    #20417 Reply


    UPDATE: Sorry Im so late posting this but….. My DD was 12 Feb.. I got my refund in my USAA acct on 11 Feb at 7am. Thank God the wait is over. I hope you all get yours soon!

    #20416 Reply


    Yes but I have my banking app, I’m sure that would tell me just as fast and show the same thing as calling in wouldn’t it?
    @Bobbie glad I’m not the only one ugh this sucks

    I wanna be sick tomorrow tooo =( lol

    #20414 Reply


    damn that sucks Bobbie

    #20413 Reply


    Mine says approved only…..

    #20412 Reply


    call your card if its there then it should reflect on there, to hell with checking online or calling the irs

    #20411 Reply


    Ugh hopefully updating wmr is just one more thing the gvt is slacking on at this point and it really has sent already

    #20410 Reply


    to* not on

    #20409 Reply


    yep couldnt agree more, its just gonna get worse too unless the govt decides on do a complete 180 on all of its stands and viewpoints, ehh oh well it is what it is, maybe with this money i should move to canada LMAO

    #20408 Reply


    @nick, in that sense we are truly one screwed up country too bad ppl let it get to this

    #20407 Reply


    i used the turbotax app and then called my card to see i never used the irs.gov so idk what it shows @stacy sorry

    #20406 Reply


    So to the ppl that r getting their refund, is your status on wmr showing as refund sent? Mine is still saying approved only

    #20405 Reply


    you aint lying our gvt sucks

    #20404 Reply


    I will. A friend of mine has B of A and had ddd of 2/6 and didn’t get her deposit until early 2/7. I’m hoping that’s not the case for me.

    #20403 Reply


    It is indeed but doesn’t surprise me that’s our gvt for u

    #20402 Reply


    @Bobbie keep me posted

    #20401 Reply


    i filed with turbotax on the 28th got approved on the 4th and got money tonight

    #20400 Reply

    Danielle stuart

    The anticipation is freaking killing ugh

    #20399 Reply

    Danielle stuart

    O ok

    #20398 Reply


    Ugh sucks! @nick funny that’s usually my excuse about this time of year hahaha

    #20397 Reply

    Danielle stuart

    Nick who’d u file with

    #20396 Reply


    forgot to mention im in ohio and have CSBank money hit about 15 minutes ago

    #20395 Reply


    I’m in CA and have B of A. Waiting patiently……

    #20394 Reply


    I also have a dddd of 02/12 /2014 I’ve checked since yesterday nothing as of yet .hopefully it’ll be there by midnight nothing pending as well.

    #20391 Reply


    had a ddd date of 2/12 and have been calling all day to no avail ,however i just called my card and the funds were there which is weird cause its 1130 and my bank is closed and its not even after midnight for it to be seen on my account so not sure if the bank had an error earlier when i called but i can assure you this money wasnt in my account at 330pm when i got home from work but it is now ,time to go spend,think i feel a cold coming on might not be able to make it to work tomorrow lol

    #20390 Reply


    Anyone in CA who banks with Bank of America??

    #20389 Reply


    @saerbo is only 830 here so let us know ur status come midnight

    #20384 Reply


    Hey big kc thats only if you use hr block bank, I called that is for customers of that bank only.

    #20383 Reply


    My bank claims they only pull deposits at midnight and post them to accounts when they open in the morning. Republic bank took fees out and sent today before noon but they still dont see it pending in my bank account. Here’s to a long night.

    #20382 Reply


    if you going through hr block heres how to check,call the hr block bank 1-888-687-4722 do option 3 then option 1 on your 1040a second page put your account number in,thenit will ask you to change your pin.do it then next options pick four,money has been in my account since yesterday so i will have it tomorrow,hope this helps!DD 2/12

    #20380 Reply


    Yay I got mine on Netspend today at 5:45!

    Filed 1/14 with turbotax
    Accepted 1/24
    DDD of 2/12 with offset for back taxes and prep fees taken out by sbbt
    My deposit was rec’d by sbbt this morning (the 11th)
    and hit netspend this evening! yay

    #20378 Reply


    I have a DD of 2/12. Its now 2/11. Almost 11 at night, hopefully at midnight, it will be in my bank account!

    #20376 Reply


    I have a DD of 2/12 accepted on2/3 email notifications we delayed from irs regarding all info about pending return. I bank with Capital 360 nothing pending as of yet! :( not like last year when it was 2days early. Will post if and updates at midnight!!! Good luck to all of you!

    #20373 Reply



    #20372 Reply


    Hmm BofA and nothing, back phone lines are experiencing high volume of calls

    #20371 Reply


    ya 8 mnt usaa nothing for a dd of 12 feb

    #20370 Reply


    Still nothing at 9 cst into my usaa. Hopefully tmr!

    #20367 Reply


    Oh its been so long since I let h&r block rape me in fee’s but I’m pretty sure it’s early morning, I think the latest I’ve gotten it was like 11 am usually around 8 or 9

    #20366 Reply


    Ya no kidding funny how when the irs wants their money from us there’s no waiting they take their money immediately but when it’s our turn they do it on their time when they decide anyhow I pray ur right I could use a Christmas miracle right about now lol

    #20365 Reply

    Danielle stuart

    So Stacy should I get my refund at midnight with emerald card or.am on the 12th

    #20364 Reply


    It is so frustrating to see how many refunds are deposited differently. Every bank and the IRS and the tax professionals need to be on the same page if the deposit date is the 12th they should all co-operate together to ensure the deposit is made on the day given. I still have nothing in my usaa not pending either and wmr doesnt show it as sent only approved so im hoping tom morning is like christmas.

    #20363 Reply


    Ugh, lucky! Lol are u eastern time or Pacific Danny?

    #20362 Reply


    Yes u get ur funds usually same day with the emerald card, same day as ur deposit is scheduled for that is, used the emerald card for like 8 years

    #20361 Reply


    I also have a DDD for 2/12/14 but nothing yet =/ I’m glad I’m not the only anxious one here, I’ve checked irs where’s my refund and it says it hadn’t been sent yet =( no pending deposits showing on my bank account either, I bank with BofA

    #20360 Reply

    melissa nieves

    My refund was set to get deposited tomorrow 2/12 on my emerald card I hope. Does anyone know how the hrblock card works?

    #20359 Reply


    oh ok so if you used tt it goes thorugh ssbt and if hr it goes through their bank i assume!? I know usaa is usually awesome depositing a day early and I was bummed out this morning and no refund, my dd was the 12th so I am praying it is there in the morning.

    #20358 Reply


    got it!

    #20357 Reply


    I have DDD of 2/12 as well. I bank with Wells Fargo. Do y’all think it’s going to be available tomorrow ?

    #20355 Reply


    I checked SBBT this morning and it said that the funds were sent to my bank this morning. USAA still has not posted my refund. My return was accepted the 31st with the ddd of 2/12 as well. Getting annoyed that we still haven’t gotten it since USAA ALWAYS gives us our return by now (at least the past 6 years)

    #20353 Reply


    @joe.. im not 100% sure, but i think if u paid TT to do ur’s..i filed free with them so mine wont

    #20352 Reply


    How do you know if your refund has to go through sbbt?

    #20351 Reply


    I just check SBBT they recieved and sent my refund 2/11/14.I dont see any pending deposits on my account only my state refund so I most likely will receive mines in tha AM sometime. :(

    #20342 Reply


    im usaa filed hrblock online got a dd of by 12 feb and nothing yet usaa says nothing pending as of now i called hr blocks bank they say irs has my funds pending to them for their fee removal so im hoping overnight the magic happens. any usaa people do the same as me?

    #20341 Reply


    Just hit my Netspend, I had Republic Bank 2/12er. Headed to grocery store Ice storm headed my way!
    Take care all

    #20336 Reply

    Cece Mitch

    I have 2/12 deposit date and mine is pending and wont be avaliable until tomorrow. Just keep checking they send checks out everyday at 5pm. Good luck to all and just keep checking pending deposits.

    #20335 Reply


    i am using green dot… do u know how they work with dd? ive only ever put money on myself!!

    #20334 Reply


    ddd of 12/12 i am getting it deposited thru green dot! hoping to see it on there after 12 but sure with my luck… no luck!! anyone else using green dot?

    #20331 Reply


    HR Block are scam artists I was lied to by 2 seperate workers. My money has been sitting there since 2/10, the guy today lied to me twice during our conversation. I am PISSED!!!!!. I paid them a lot of money when I should have just done my own taxes. The other guy Sunday night told me AS SOON as the money comes in they deduct the fees and deposit it on the Emerald card. LIARS I honestly wanna file a complaint.

    #20330 Reply


    I am not sure why I am getting so nervous ha ddd date 2/12, I keep checking where is my refund and it says that my funds have not been send yet. My refund was approved on 1/31, so I am not sure why it is taking so long for me! Other people have only had to wait 4 days. I am hoping that I will wake up tomorrow and everything will be great!

    #20329 Reply


    Anyone using a greendot got their refund early?

    #20327 Reply


    To stressful. You all take care. I’m going to go cook some dinner.

    #20326 Reply


    Call me a liar! Nothing at all in mine either!

    #20321 Reply


    @ann USA wont post again until tomorow morning

    #20320 Reply


    @JG yes diff banks work different then others. I just called cap one they said the transaction usually dont come through until right after midnight then they post it to my account

    #20319 Reply


    Nothing yet. Still waiting on usaa to post! Hurryyyyyyyyy up

    #20318 Reply


    My trace number has been sitting w/ SBBT for hours and I still do not have anything in my netspend acct either. I have had my account in great standings for 7 years. Anyone else receive?

    #20316 Reply


    @DH I hope so I’m holding my phone waiting for the anytime alert!

    #20310 Reply


    i hear everyone talking about pending transactions..i have used debit cards straight from a bank and prepaid debit cards and have never one showed a pending transaction. it always just showed up on my balance

    #20308 Reply


    Ok 2nd batch of refunds are starting to flow in now. many people are reporting pending minutes ago

    #20307 Reply


    Even though I use green dot?

    #20306 Reply


    Hey Netspend card user here. I had a DD date of 2/12…just got mine in this second!

    #20304 Reply


    We wont get it until tommorow. Only people with 2/12 that got deposits was USAA credit union members. so we have it but banks arent releasing until 2/12

    #20303 Reply


    My girlfriend did. I used a free tax service. I’ve used it before and never had the waiting trouble like this. I was approved 2/7

    #20299 Reply


    i watched the main forum on this site (IGMR) on sunday 9th and 99% of ppl with ddd of 2/10 had nothing on the 9th..i watched it until the early morning hours of 2/10. the page lit up with posts that they were receiving their dd and ready for use : )

    #20298 Reply


    Love this! Republic Bank sent it to Netspend, and Netspend still hasn’t posted, so it’s pretty much floating around.

    #20296 Reply


    @Tedsley Did you have to go through SBBT or whatever?

    #20295 Reply


    i was approved on 2/8 with a ddd of 2/12..i have a MyVanilla prepaid visa debit card; still nothing. filed free with TT.. oh, and i am on the east coast.

    #20294 Reply


    Just checked SBBT and I now have a trace #. I am expecting it at 5:00 again like last year!

    #20292 Reply


    All us netspend users with trace numbers should have our funds in an hour at 5pm!

    #20291 Reply


    Same. got my trace #, nothing on netspend.

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