Cycle 20180605 Processing date 2/26/18

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    Transcripts online today with EITC and CTC
    Cycle 20180605 and Processing date lf 2/26/18.

    Clearly I know I wont see an update till saturday BUT anyone have an idea of WHEN i may recieve DDD?

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    @LadyT Same position as you, but I also have the 570 code. 20180605 Processing date 2/26/18

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    What do it mean when you have a cycle date of 20180605 and processing date of 2/26/18.

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    I file on 1/19/2018 accepted the next day, cycle 20180605 processing date 2/26/18, so hoping to see and update this Saturday too. being under review for 45 days with the 570 code

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    @CJC did you get a refund date or find out any information

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    Accepted 1/29
    Cycle code 20180605 with processing date 2/26
    846 2/22

    I had my transcripts faxed to me and I’m so happy 😁

    Good luck and positive vibes everyone

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    Transcript says 846 issued on 2/22/18

    Cycle code is 20180704

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    Filed – 2/4
    Accepted 2/4
    cycle number ending in 605
    both credits
    Path message until 2/16
    updated to processing
    Transcripts as of 2/16 have a 846 code and a date of 2/22/18.

    Hope this helps

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    Did anybody’s transcripts update?

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    Correction * refund issued

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    code 846 means code issued

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    No it hasnt been done until u see code 846

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    @kash do you know if you’re completely done processing?

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    @cantwait…Well our cycle code last digit is 5 which means thursday but apparently so far no updates on the transcripts today…So i could be wrong.

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    When they faxed my transcripts yesterday I didn’t have any of the holding codes.. maybe because I’m not done processing. I’m on the phone waiting for Ssa to ask about my self employment earnings to see if the irs has reported my self employment

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    Hey @kash I just noticed your other post referring to Thursday is weekly review.. could you tell me what that is too?😅

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    @Harvey Williams Cushion…Normally tax returns are processed thru a computer but if there are any large amounts due or any lifestyle changes it requires another pair of eyes..I am going based on the research thus far…I could be wrong…

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    @cantwait…If you look at your transcript, Our refunds should have 846 code last week but if you didnt have code 846 then they delay it with a code like 971 or 570…This is my theory..

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    Last year my cycle code was 20170602….I got my refund on the 21st last year, which was on a Tuesday. Not sure what I am this year; should I have the same code???

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    @kash what do you mean ‘manual review’

    Does anyone how long it usually takes weeklys to process if there aren’t any issues? I’m still processing..

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    I have the same codes but the chart explains it as to when you’ve been processed and 20180605 = 2/8/18
    But the nice elderly man I got today who faxed me my transcripts told me my taxes were done and would update tonight and I will have my funds real soon. I was accepted on 1/29 so 2/19 is 21 days I really don’t see it being held any longer when they say 21 days or less if no issues and I show no issues with all credits to the account….. so hopefully we’ll update tonight for tomorrow if not for sure as we all know Saturday with Wednesday deposit but personally it would take me pass my 21 days🤷🏾‍♀️

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    Friday= 02
    Monday= 03

    Cycle date: 20180505
    Year: 2018. Week: 05 Day: 05
    Wednesday of the 4th week of 2018
    Actual date: February 7, 2018

    In the example above is for anyone who doesn’t have the credits. If you do you’ll be pushed back to after the 15th

    Thursday is day one

    I’ve had 03 almost every year which is a Monday. Got my dd on Saturday with a Monday date. This year I’m 20180704. Which is 2/20. So again if the credits don’t screw anything up I’ll have them on Saturday as Monday is a holiday

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    Harvey Williams Cushion


    What’s the difference between manual review and audit?

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    Just got my transcript faxed and I have the same thing. My ‘as of’ date is also feb 26. Really hoping for some good news Saturday.

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    Same boat gang, We are up for manual review, not audit…Thursday is weekly review…SO i hope for some good news

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    I would expect an 846 code on transcripts Friday and wmr updating saturday, given there are no issues with your return

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    I think all of our ddd will be for next week updated on this coming Saturday. Myou cycle is 0604 with the same processing date but from what I read alot of Pathers had this and they received refund the 21 22 and 23. Since u guys are weekly you will update Saturday morning for sure if not Friday morning. Your transcripts will update Friday

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    I am not sure when the DDD will be but I have the same exact cycle code and processing date

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    I have the same. From my research, it looks like March 1 ddd.

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    Mine updated to the exact same thing last Friday and WMR updated to Path last Saturday. I am wondering the same thing. I know, WMR will not update again for me until this coming Saturday the 17th.

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